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  • 1. Digital Shoreditch : 21st May -1st JuneDIGITALSHOREDITCHDigital Shoreditch Ogilvy London Labs findings By Will Harvey @WilliamEdHarveyDigital Shoreditch is a festival celebrating all manner of talents : creative, technical and entrepreneurial, as part of the East London start-up movement. Taking place across 2 weeks, the event caters to all needs but also features specic focused days : Inspire, Innovate, Career, Capital, Identity, Growth, Next, Brands, Play and Summit. Only in its 2nd year, it is an emerging and growing event with 2000 attendees in 2011 which rose to 8000 this year. It brings together a cornucopia of participants from small start-ups, through venture capitalists, to agencies. Its a melting pot of ideas, vision and passion for whats next for London ( and the world!). With over 300 speakers across 350 sessions it was a vast undertaking for the 8-strong Production team. The content of Digital Shoreditch was completely crowd sourced, allowing people to put themselves forward to talk on their areas of knowledge or expertise. The list of participants was then voted on by the general public, and depending on the number of votes each received, determined the time slot you were given, ranging from quick 5 minute Pecha Kucha to a 30 minute, full on case study.1major sponsor of the event, recently labelled The SXSW of London. With a number of Ogilvy staff speaking at the event : Patou Nuytemans, Brian Jensen, Nicole Yershon and Alex Barclay, we covered and shared a vast range of subjects & knowledge. Ogilvy also used Digital Shoreditch as a platform to launch our new partnership with Etecture with an Ogilvy Pop-up ideas shop. It featured a mix of Ogilvy and Etecture staff offering ideas and advice free to attendees. Delegates were exposed to a mix of small start-ups to major clients across 10 sessions, and the new partnership was given a great reception. I was lucky enough to represent Ogilvy across the 2 weeks, soaking up trends, company info. and speakers. My brief was to break down all that I discovered into bite size chunks and to form those into a report to share across the Group. Here are my ndings and what stood out for me.This year Ogilvy and Mather was keen to get involved with the growing environment of this initiative, and through the Digital Labs became a @WilliamEdHarvey

2. Digital Shoreditch : 21st May -1st JuneTrends of DS 12 Top things to watch in 2012Data is the new Oil... That could equal 35 Zettabytes by 2020.TRENDS OF DS 12 The vast diversity of content over the days of Digital Shoreditch presented a number of interesting insights into trends emerging from the mixed audiences and speakers, potentially relevant for agencies going forward. Big Data, Small Coverage Vast amounts of data are generated. But is it being aggregated enough? This was a common thread through a number of the talks. The digital landscape is growing with the increased data that is generated (e.g.. sites I visit, how long I spend on Facebook, click on videos, tweets per min) What happening to it, who understands it, who is spending time analysing it, are we making the best of it? This snowballing of digital interaction in our lives, is it being put to good use? For example, is it being used by clients to rene their communication and to deliver a more personalized experience to consumers? An example might be the data from viewers comments and reactions on twitter in play during a match, might be gathered by Kronenberg fed into a app. and then used to facilitate live conversations with consumers. As data is becoming the new oil in this super-evolving digital world, the importance of our digital nger printsfrom the information we generate as consumers, could help prole users more precisely, providing brands with more effective and efcient targeting. Who is responsible for facilitating conversations is it sales, Marketing department, Agencies or all ?Reid Homan - LinkedIn80% of the 10 million UK Twitter users, access by Mobile . Kam Star - Digital ShoreditchData is growing by 50% each month which could see it exploding by 800% over the next 5 years. HP Data analyticsBranded Entertainment Ogilvys own Patou Nuytemans spoke about the power of branded entertainment, the value it can bring to a campaign engaging consumers better. Patou gave examples of work from Ogilvy clients such as IBM, Louis Vuitton, Amex and Perrier, all featuring branded entertainment at the heart of their communication. Another great branded entertainment example I spotted was the Jay-Z book, using the BING search engine. Pages of Jay-zs new decoded book were issued every day for a month in locations relevant to the content of each page. These ranged from huge iconic billboards to tiny, unique, collectable items. Using an integrated online game on BING, users then had to piece the book together digitally, by discovering the locations through daily released clues. This lead to the campaign getting 1.1bn. global media impressions and took BING into the top10 visited sites for the rst time ever. This shows the power of branded entertainment treating consumers intelligently, engaging with them, rather than just pushing content at them and hoping for the best. Now beam is a great branded entertainment measurement tool Start-up Scene in London Growth of start-ups in London was obviously a hot topic across the board of DS over the 2 weeks. There is a boom happening in East London, its the 3rd largest start-up scene in the world. Tech City is the organisation pulling this all together through collaboration with Government, Investment and Venture capitalists, Large comms. organisations and SMEs.2Weve had : Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley and now london has it own with Silicon Roundabout - a reference to the Old Street roundabout at the very heart of the London start-up scene. Serendipity has played a part in the momentum of the start-up movement. Collaborations with other disciplines and other knowledge bases are key, the products of those collaborations offer more complete solutions for our clients and their needs. So we need to get out there and share and collaborate with as many people as possible. Brand Touch Points Brands now have to interact with consumers using multiple channels. A campaign cannot any longer be limited to just one channel if a brand wants to get across its message. We know that consumers now engage with content across multiple devices and so the possibilities of a broad range of exposure channels for a brand mean it is more important than ever that your message to be consistent from Facebook page through to TV commercials, and print material. These touch points between consumers and brands are growing and need dedicated people to manage and understand them. Selecting the right, relevant channel for a brand message and TOV is key to its success, so its vital to understand the strength of each means of distribution and how your consumers use each medium. A good example is the Adidas D Rose campaign launching a new shoe range. Using Facebook likes users were able to unlock the TV Ad. before the ofcial launch date, so its Facebook fans were involved early, being invited to play 3 on 3 basketball with Derrick Rose at a secret location in Chicago that was discovered by fans working together. 2.5m. people heard about it with a 286% increase in engagement.@WilliamEdHarvey 3. Digital Shoreditch : 21st May -1st JuneInteresting Companies Who you should check out Table Tops To break up the speaker session, a number of Table top sessions were held. Established and startups would take smaller break out groups for discussions /debates around certain subject matter.INTERESTING COMPANIES Across the 2 weeks of Digital Shoreditch we saw a number of companies present from 1 min Patcher Kucher to full on presentations. Their levels of development varied, from some still seeking nancial backing or expertise, through to companies sharing existing case studies already under their belts. Here is just a small selection of the some of the best in show from the Labs perspective: Wirewax have been on the Labs radar for over 2 years, right from their infancy. Theyve grown and showed and told audiences about a number of fantastic recent work examples at DS. Wirewax is a targetable video tool that allows a Client to tag moving people and products in videos, which can then be linked to additional information about the product or service and allows consumers to purchase direct. This might be a great t for a fashion brand like TKMaxx with the opportunity to display additional information on what kind of brands of clothing that you can nd that week. Intro was one of the recommend partner apps of Digital Shoreditch. It is a powerful networking tool that makes sure you meet the right people at events. It looks through your contacts via your social networks and makes connections with people you know or even should know cross referencing your interests and previous likes etc.,Social media is the one area where you don't have to out-spend your competitors to make it effective... it understands the bigger picture and position of the channel and can harness it - with a great ideaChatterbox is an interesting company that stood out to me. They are bridging the gap between brands and their online communities. With their conversation platform, you can streamline engagement time, nd valuable brand advocates and manage brand reputation. I felt that what they could potentially offer by helping brands follow conversations being had about them, takes a pro-active approach to using that info. and data to best effect. Skimm is a start-up over from France as part of an International exchange programme of startups for DS2012. It is an entirely software-based mobile payment system that allows peer to peer payments as well as in-store and on-the-go payments. A stores device running the app. displays the price, a QR code is generated on screen, the consumer scans the QR code on the merchant screen, adds a 4 digit pin to make payment. What is great is that is needs no physical infrastructure to be installed across a wide range of stores, no NFC, no Google wallet no card reader, true mobile payment. enables individuals, groups or organisations to easily combine online presentations with video embeds, to make them more engaging and effective. Presenting ideas or concepts using traditional presentation tools: keynote, powerpoint can be very same-y and pretty dull.... Present me feels like if Youtube and Slideshare were to join forces. It allows you to record talking head style videos as if you were presenting in person. This has great practical benets for a global agency with dozens of accounts, all of whom need communication to be a uid and natural process when delivering work. Its a great solution for our own and clients comms.Jeremy Waite - TBG Digital3@WilliamEdHarvey 4. Digital Shoreditch : 21st May -1st JuneThe Number of Smart phones will surpass the number of installed PCs in 2013! That means that the mobile device will be the worlds Primary connection tool to the internet by 2020..... If not sooner Ben Scott Robinson - We Love MobileThere are over 200 Million Blogs online, 34% of them post opinions about products and brands, 90% on consumers trust these opinions Nicole Yershon - OgilvyInteresting speakers People that stood out Across 2 weeks there were 300 speakers across 350 sessions. All were completely crowed-sourced, which resulted in some interesting sessions (some stronger than others..) here is a handful who stood out for me. Lauren Dyer - Superglue A (fellow) Ex Ravensbourne student who now heads up New business for Superglue. She spoke about different disciplines that would have not traditionally been expected to work together within Companies & how they must collaborate on creative briefs. This will bring completely new insights and directions through that collaboration of knowledge, thoughts and ideas. Almost all Superglues development processes now adopt this melting pot principle, with diverse skills and knowledge round a table leading to more innovative solutions. Clifford Boobyer - Firedog A very compelling talk. He spoke about how brands need to start acting more like real people through their interaction and communication on social platforms, not just as visitors to the social network world. Illustrating how you relate as a brand, having a more approachable digital approach and presence, not so much a brand but a friend!4James Allsopp - Playgen He delivered a very unexpected talk, as part of the DS team. Playgen focus on behavioral economics, a huge relevant topic right now for Marketers. He spoke about brands and retailers needing to engage with consumers through understanding their unconscious thinking better. Using knowledge and information about context and emotion and how they affect our decisions and judgement is crucial. If a brand can embrace that understanding, using real insight into its consumers desires, then that will surely create a more effective relationship between the two. Greg Williams - Wired Today brands see storytelling as a more powerful tool than traditional advertising, and individuals are seizing on new methods and technologies to express themselves and interact directly with readers in telling those stories. Technology is making storytelling richer, more interactive, more improvised and social and is transforming audiences into active participants. Looking at how multiple platforms and media affect the way that we tell stories should be on the agenda for any agency representing a brand in the digital space.@WilliamEdHarvey 5. Digital Shoreditch : 21st May -1st JuneScriberia Capturing the event To ensure we would get something tangible from the Digital Shoreditch event, Ogilvy Digital Labs sponsored Scriberia to capture the entire happenings of the 2nd week in the form of a 3 x 6 metre canvas. In the spirit of data capture and use - and better understanding, we needed to know what people were talking about most, and their thoughts. Ogilvy New York had recently captured their talks on the Ogilvy stage at SXSW for the 2nd year using a similar company, capturing the Ogilvy notes. For SXSW there were a number of individual boards with notes, drawings and scribbles being contributed by visitors, based on the speakers and content from each session. Over the week the boards were displayed outside the Ogilvy stage and were an incredibly big talking point and place to meet at SXSW. For the Digital Shoreditch event, each day the team took notes and sketches of what was being discussed on stage as it happened that felt like a theatrical performance. A number of blocked out sections around the border of the canvas were set to represent the individual days, Eg Brand, Inspire and Growth. There was also a mural at the centre, each day color coded and which grew over the week. The nished piece of artwork created a map of DS2012, it...