Drill pipe,drill bit,DTH hammer

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Drilling Rigs & DTH Rock Tools Leading Supplier in China

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  • 1. Quality Proves Everything China Leading Suppliers for Drilling Rigs & Drill Tools www.drillpangolin.com

2. Introduction China Pangolin Intelligent Machinery Limited ( ) is the China leading supplier of underground drilling jumbo,water well drilling rig,surface blast hole drilling rig,reverse circulation exploration drilling rig,core drilling rig and underwater drilling. Our company is established and invested by several China top drilling rig manufacturers,is a comprehensive enterprise integrating designing, manufacturing, developing, sales and services in drilling equipment. We focus attention on the drilling equipment industry and supply the China made top quality drilling machines to our worldwide customers. Following the international trade practice and owing to a professional cooperation, our entire staff are ready to provide high quality customized machinery along with punctual delivery and all-around service. Pangolin drilling equipment are working well in China,Africa,South America,the whole world. 3. Pangolin 20,000 m2 worldclas warehouse is located in Xuanhua city where is 150 km fromBeijing. 4. Professional Team Makes Top Quality Drilling Rigs & Tools Eng.Zhang / surface drilling rig Worked in Ingersoll Rand (China) factory over 20 years.He was the head of the surface pneumatic drilling rig CM351 (Atlas Copco Air Roc D50)production department.He developed the American drilling technology into Chinese drilling industry Eng.Yuan / water well drilling rig Master degree of Mechnical Automation.He was the chief mechnical consult of the China 1st drilling rig factory.He had reserched the technology and production for water well drilling rig over 25 years in China. Eng.Liu / Quality Control Have studied in Japan for quality control for 3 years.Worked in Ingersoll Rand (China) factory over 20 years.All the quality control standard is following the Japanese standard. 5. Drill Pangolin all series drilling rigs and mining equipment technology with own Independent Intellectual Property Rights and are protected by State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C.We are proud of our good quality of drilling machines because of our strong powerful technology. 6. Drill Tool 7. Pangolin Drill Pipe Key features of a high quality DTH pipe are durability, accuracy and manageability. PANGOLIN pipes are made from cold drawn piping, providing a superior surface finish and tolerance. This drastically reduces the risk of scaling from the pipes entering the hammer, a major cause of premature hammer failure. The joints are friction welded to achieve maximum strength and ensure long thread life. 8. Pangolin Drill Bit Features & benefits Improved steel grade for better fatigue properties Five basic front designs Designs for all rock types 9. Pangolin Drill Hammer PANGOLIN offers the markets most comprehensive range of DTH hammers. There are hammer solutions for water well drillers, miners and quarry drillers as well as for contractors in construction. We even offer environmentally friendly water-lubricated hammers and the reverse circulating RC hammers aimed at Green Field exploration. PANGOLIN DTH hammers are available in holes sizes from 3,5 to 24 inches in diameter. 10. Pangolin Hydraulic Drifter SPEEDER200 11. Pangolin Hydraulic Drifter SPEEDER300 12. The Voice From Customers 13. What our customer have to say? "The quality same with International drilling brand" We have bought Drill Toos from Drill Pangolin over 4 years.The quality is always good.Especially for the quality of DTH hammer,oh my god,its same with International brand. We trust Drill Pangolin. Harish Pillai Purchasing manager Indian Suresh copper Mine 14. Pangolin drilling equipment are working well in China,Africa,South America,the whole world. 15. Contact Us Now info@drillpangolin.com


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