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Protect your home with High Security Locks Take advantage of our special offer Call Mr Locksmith Northshore at 604 239 2111 today!


  • 1. Welcome atGet The Details of Our Best Security Locks

2. We provide professional locksmithing & security services inNorth Vancouver and West Vancouver. we have afleet trucks ready to assist you when you need us. You cantalk to any of the locksmiths about your problem at anyhour of the day or night.Mr. Locksmith technicians carry a wide rangeof locks, from low cost high grade door locks all the way upto high security exclusive keyways. Here we are trying topresent some exclusive and best security locks and someservices for them to provide full security to your house,office etc. 3. High security locks are heavy duty door locks thatrequire professional skill and tools to install. Theyare designed to be especially resilient to physicalattacks. Furthermore, all high-security locks arepick resistant, drill resistant and bump proof. It isquick and easy to upgrade your current deadboltto our high-security variant, and installing a high-securitysystem is as easy as installing a regulardeadbolt.Features :Bump Proof,Pick Resistant, Drill Resistant 4. Rekeying Locks:If you have recently moved into a new apartment,house or office, we would highlyrecommend rekeying or changing all your door locks.The reason is very simple; many people might havethe key to your new home or business: tradesmen,friends of the previous owner, previous tenants, etc.Get the peace of mind you deserve! Call MrLocksmith Northshore on (604) 239-2111Mr Locksmith North shore can Rekey the following types of LocksDeadboltCylinder lockHigh Security Cylinder Block 5. Changing Locks:If the locks are old and rusty, stiff and hard to use, ormaybe lower security grade than you would wish, youshould consider upgrading your locks. Mr LocksmithNorthshore will remove your old lock and install abrand new one. This might be more expensive thansimply rekeying locks but it gives you the chance tohave the locks you choose and upgrade by usingstronger and safer locks such as high securitydeadbolts.Whichever you choose, Mr Locksmith Northshore is here to help. We haveover 30 years and four generations of locksmith experience. So we canprovide the best service possible 6. To get more detail, please visit:Or Call at:(604) 239-2111