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Professional Data Recovery Service in PuneQuickdatarecovery.in

Contact us: +91-8087927845Email: qdrpune@gmail.com Visit: www.quickdatarecovery.inPortable Hard Drive Recovery

Are you suffering from Data Loss ? Don't Panic! We canhelp!Get your Data Recovered in Quickest time.We're theleading Data Recovery Service provider in PunePortable Hard Drive RecoveryLogical problems withPortable / ExternalHard drives:File systemfailure, for example external hard drive file system turned to RAW, which can be caused by suddenly unplugging the drive. When trying to open a drive, system asks you to format it dont.Accidentally formattingthe external hard drive. It is important to never write anything onto an external hard drive you need to recover data from.Deleting wrong filesby mistake. It is important to stop using the drive immediately once you discover a data loss.

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A hard drive can fail in many ways, caused by various reasons.Most common failure modesare:Logic board (controller) failures.Broken power/data connectors (requires fine soldering).Spindle/arm driver chip failure (requires replacement of either a logic board, or a chip; additional repairs may be needed depending on the true cause of the problem).Head block pre-amplification failure (platter box must be opened).Moving parts failures.Firmware corruption(requires special software and sometimes special connection arrangement).Head crash.Spindle bearing seizure or spindle motor failure. etc.

Physical Hard drive Problems

The hard drive is most likely physically damaged, if any of the following symptoms is evident :There is a problem apparent on the exterior of the drive, likevisible damage to the chips and/or connectors.The driveis not listed in Widows Disk Management, Windows Device Manager, and in the system BIOS.The drive remainssilent(no spin-up sound, no movement/vibration felt) when powered up.The drive emitsloud clicking noisewhen accessed. Typical pattern would be repetition of click-pause-click-pause-click, followed by the sound of the drive stopping and then spinning up again. Windows typically locks up or feels sluggish for the entire duration of the sequence.

Visit : http://quickdatarecovery.in/portable-hard-drive-recovery/

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Tel. +91-8087927845Email: qdrpune@gmail.com

About UsQuick Data Recovery Pune is a Professional Data Recovery Service.We are leading solution provider for logicaland physical crash of Hard drives or any other storage media.Obviously, you need professionals who can recover all lost data. Our mission is to Recover Data safely within minimum turnaround time.Get you Data back or Pay Nothing!Thats a very strict condition our data recovery team is bonded by, and thats why they struggle for each byte of data to be successfully recovered.Let us work! Thats why you can rest you mind through the whole process of data retrieving and delivering it back to you

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