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Daily Iowan (Iowa City, Iowa), 1928-05-15

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Text of Daily Iowan (Iowa City, Iowa), 1928-05-15


TIiE WEA1HER !'i!IOlvrrll, IIOmewhat coooler In C'enlral

(Illtl .. 1L~t pm1.klll T_dar; mOlltly 1·luud,· \Vedne~day, s how!'".

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0_11, N .w.p""", Iowa City. Iowa. Tuesday. May 15. 1928 ...u J.eaM Wino ...... rt • _f Tile £M .... at"" P .... FIVE CENTS

enate Lowden Claims $60,000 Expense in 1928 Campaign

Denies Plan to Throw Votes to Dawes in

Case of Tie WABHrNO'l'ON, lIlay H (AP) -

Plnclng ex pe nditures on hIs behalf at leS8 than $60,000 Frank O. ~w­den of illinois, candidate for the re­publican presidential nomination ~mphatlcaJly declared today betore the senate cam))aign InvesllglltJon the.t there was no basis for the widespread opinion that he would throw hl8 support to Vice President Dawes In the event he could nOt be nominated at Kansas Cit,..

Arter Que8t1onl ng Lowden for an hour during the morning the «m~c­ial committee concluded the h~arlng of the presid!>n tla l candidates by r eo celvlng t rom Sen. James Ill. Watson oC Indiana the statement that his own personal expenses In the cam­paign in hI. s ta te which culminated in his defeat ot Herbert Hoover in the preferential p rimary had been '2,780.90.

Like former Governor Lowden, Watson could not give details ot campaign financing. Lowden refer­red the Inquisitors to Clarence F . Buck, former lilinois state senator who Is the directing head of his national organlaatlon while 'Watson IlQtd th treasurer of his organIza­tion , ArchIe Bobbitt oC Indlanapo· lis, could gtve detal\s of r~celpt8 and expenditures. Both of these men will be called later.

Accidents Delay Help for Bremen

HJ,.LlFAX. N. S .. May 14 (AP)­Mlsforlune contlnut'd todoy to lIelaY the progrfrl" of two UnltE'd States army amphibian planes flying to th~ O~.{8tn neo ('f I t.~ O .. rrn.an 1Il0r''''

ne Ur,/,1l1en In Ul1.n·ador. v!n~ Rt, J nns, N. n., thlA

11\0,· Inl-:: thp plnn!\'! wp,'(1 8eparat. .., t( night. one haying been caught IMt 11\ the rIver mUd n~ar Malt­\nnd, N. S., and the other !la.vlng Innd~ (ueltesi! In a nasture outBlde 01 Tatlamagouche, N. S.

1If18!ortune tlrst came to thE> ex­pedition 800n aCter It reaChed Can­a.da. wilen LIeut. Muir H. Fairchild lIU!fered an attnck of appendleltiH snturday after piloting one ot the plan\!8 to St. John. Another pilot Wt\JI &ent bY plane trom H.'~ Unlled States to replace him and he was resting at 0. hotel today wi til a n ,-,rillY plane waiting to calTY him home as 800n as his condition war' ranted removal.

The two rellet planes left St. J oh n fo .. Plclou this mornIng piloted by ul~ut. Quesada, FaIrChild's s ubsti­tute who had Brig. Gen, Fechet, chille Of the United States army olr ~O l'l) 8, a.s IlMsenger. a.nd Cn Pt. Ii'll :E.'\~e'·. carrying Fred Melcholr, Junkel'O e><lle,-t. ~It planes landed at tl>e m buth

lie 1\\6 Shubllll.l.ctldle river In Sbbe· quid bay nea,· Mallland. Only Capt. Eukt".'e ship was able to take to the air aguin . The Illa ne carrying Oelle .... l Fechet slllCk In tho lnud at lIlack Rock so firmly tllat Lhe"8 WIl.' no hope O! gettlng fl'~ until the 8 o'clpclt tide should float the ])lane. \Vlth thIs prospect In view it w.;u, decldell not to a ttemPt the J emalnlng 50·mlles to Pictou until rnOrhln~.

After leavln!; It!: sIster ship be­\'!lnd LIeut. Quesada's pi ne rll n out Of gO>lltlme aVe'!' 'fattamu.gouehe lhlrty mile!! ("0111 Pictou, a.nd lund· cd In Middleton Pasture.

Two Iowa Alumni Win Awarda for

Study in France Rcllolarshlp8 ontltllng .(Item to

"tudy In a lr l'ellch unlve!'sl ty have heen won 'by WillIam G. Crane and George S. 4'lne, UniversI ty of Iowa l(,dcluates.

The aW8.,·<l s were made by the In.tltute oC lllte rna tionai Eduea' 11011. Crane, now on the t aculty. of the U nlvel'B Uy of Cl ncl nna,tI , will a\uay Englhrh II le rature, While Lane Will OCCUpy him elf with tile study IJl compa,'ative phllology_ Both men '#on the bachelor of arte a nd mllster of llrt8 de8'l'ee!l a t the Univerelty. They wlI ~luay ot 'the UniverSity of llOlilleB.

.F1yeR Arrive at Norway OSLO, Norway, May 15 (Tueeday)

(A;P)-Cnpt. Oeorge U . Wilkins and Cotl B. E lclson, who new trom north rn A laska to 8Dlt~)el'gen ar­.. Ivell a t Troml!Oe, Norway' at 2:30 this morning on the ,teamer Hobby. 'l:he r"8ldentH turned out In torce to IIlva them aa enthu81astlc weloome.

LielleDdt Bue liUed WASHINOTON, Mny. 14 (AP)

LI~"'t. F. Il. lJuHQ of tile flaval IIII' ~1I"n8 WII" killed here tOdny while "'klng a. practice tllght In prepar­'ltlon (or tile coming SchneIder cup l'IICca. HI. home was at Ridley l'In-k, l'a.

Storm Threaten. Dirigible ltalia

ROl\lE, May 13 (8W1..,) (AP) -A violent BOOW BIOma 18 ~­Ing at. Kings Bay, Splhbercen, !Ie,)'11 .. late w\rete. ..patch 'rom th6 baBe ehlp Clita III MIl-811. ereW& 01 both the ship and Ihe dirigible ltaiia were reported to be wortUng ~as1n.rJ,y to .,....nnt tbe d\rlglble tl'om lIehl&, snowed in.

General Nobile, leader of the expedition, baa _wned penon. aI c:Ouce of th6 elearln& oper­adon ..

Heflin Alarmed by Smith's Expenses

Fiery Senator Berates Spending Money

for Office WASHINGTON. May 14 (AP) -

(.<\galn aSRolling the campaign ot Governor SmIth oc New York tor thp democratic preSidential nomina­tion. Senator HeWn, democrat, Alabama, said In the senate tOday thaL " the oWce Is being put On nn 'tt1~tlon block a nd bartered to the highest bidder."

"Governor Smith wnA picked out as a man with more power than n.ny one e lse In New York to coJlect hili campolgn funds," Hetlln said. "He has leCt bls headquarters In Albany with the utilities commission nnd gone to New York el ty to toke »e". sonal charge at the Smith cam palgn. H~ has appointed Kenney, n. con­tractor. to go out nnd get the money and It Is easy cor him to go to the big concerns and get f unds."

ReCUn characterlZ('d the IIta te­ment thnt the Smith organizatlo'l hnd spent $103.000 In the campalg,1 as "::uotoundlng."

"It's n,,/lre,' $10.000,000 than the Clgure they gave," he .houted. "I'm bringing It to the attention or t h" ~~nnte IIgain I~ny a'"d I'~ .r;>D­tng to continue [0 !;IrIng It Ul' ,ery­,lay.

"I wnnt the comm l tt~e to call Jesse Jonl's of Texae and flak him what be knows about campaign funds; I want Thomas F. Ryan of New York and WillIam G. McAdoo called a nd let them tell wha t they know and I want Van Nnmes (Smith manager) and Kenney ~alled back to gIve US a list of the big COI1-tmctor!! In New yo,'k 80 that we might ca il them a nel find out wha t they know. "

Doctor Dean Gets Missouri Position

ST. LOUIS, May 14 (AP)-Dr. Lee Wallace Dean, former dealt of the' UnIversity of Iowa college of medl· cine, has been aPllolnted professor of ota-Iaryngology In the 'Vashlng. ton university school of medlclne, It was a nnounced here today.

Dr. Dean, one oC the pioneers In the field Of ear, noee nnd throat reo sellrch, wl11 be In Charge of thM work here.

Doctor Dean was associated with the college of med icine he"e to,' more than thirty years. He acted as dean ot the college from early In 1914 Urlt!l hili resignation, May 6, 1927. He had been II prof_or of opthah;nology, oto·lal-yngology and oral surgery before his deanship.

He wl1s graduated trom the Unl· verslly of Iowa wIth a B.S. degree In 1894, and an M.D, delrree two yenrA later , after whIch he s tudied It year In Vienna .

He was chief laryngoioglst of the 'Oak dole BIInlatorlum tor tuberculOSis o t one time. He Is a Fellow of t he American College of Surgeons a nd a member ot the Amerlonn Medlcnl association.

Kiwanilllll to Hold Service for Baldwin

A memorial service tor Dr. Bird T. BaldwIn will be held this noon at the regular weekly meeting of the KiwanIs club o.t Red Ball Inn. Dr. Baldwjn was a member of the local chapter of the oraantzatlon, and \vB8

InrtuenUlI1 In tile department oC child welfllre which Is one ot the major activities ot the KiwanIs club.

Presle'ent Wolter A. Jessup will glvo the .prlnclpal talk at the meet· InlT. Prot. ForeRt C, Ensign will 1I1so speak. LIeutenant Gov. Cyril G. Co ussens of Dee Moines will be a gue8t ot the club.

ICoUe,e Record. Shock DENVER, May 14 (AP)-An earth·

quake described WI ot unusual In· tenelty was recorded today on the seismograph of Regis college. The dlstuliJanee was noted at 8;28 p.m., and .reached a maximum Intenslt, at 8:85 p.m., after a group of minor tremol'll had been recorded tor more than two bouR.

otes • Ion

Junior Men Elected to Honorary Fraternity

Top row, left to rlght-Hal'ry Boyd, John Fulv~y, Forrest TWOgOO(l'I . Bottom ,·C;W, left to right-Lowell l'h(>lp8, AICr d lIess, Ralph Young, John McCUntock, Drew MacDougal, Don Hines. D:1.n Dutcher, Ilel'schel Langdon, 1"'Ilnk 1{ora~k.


Eight Graduat" of CIa" of 1878 Will

Meet for Reunion Fifty years otter graduo.tlon, eight

members of tbe Unl vel'slty of Iowa class oC 1878 will return Cor are· union at commpncement June 3 to .June 4, acco"dlng to noUncatlon sent to Professor F. O. TlI gbee, gen­ernl chairma n.

A.F.I. Elects Twelve Men to Membership

'fhese alumni, from three stotes, are: G. 'M. Patrick, 1',,10 Alto , Colic':

Key on Old Capitol Steps IBears Names Representative Students Chosen to

Honorary Senior Group


O. C. Scoto, Berwyn, Ill.; L. L. CUs­sldy, Del Moines; S. A. Oren. Lewis­ton , Ill.; W. D. Evans, Des MoInes; p , ."'. Aslakson"Carl\'Jn Fl\U8. Mlnn,;

Named on n 18q~e kl'Y ]lllle('d ()l~ Old Capitol step~. II key which WIIS the ~'eplicl\ of th/lt WOl'P I,,: .1)('mb.;orfl of A.F.!., twelve ml'n

• D . .ftrsdalftt uttLh11 vn; AoI1C.\ 1. "" . vi. 1<11 .. I' UfiO rr' II j (.11l~ at' rnoon 1\: t hO"I' who 1111

Clarke, Adel. b('('n ehOHl'1l IlS next YCllr's A.F. l. mpll. A (eMure ot th e commencement

will be the reunions of ten e los~e~

whose numerals end In three and eIgh t .

Arctic Explorer to Lecture Here

'fhe new A .li'J . m'en U\,l': Harry Hoyd, Ja of iOllx City; Dan Dutcher', A3 of 10l\'a lily; John l<'/llwy, Ail of Albia; AIt'I'Pc\ 1. Hess, E~ of Charl(':> City; Don Hin ~, L2 of' Cedar Rllpi<l!l; ji'ranl, E. Hornck, .il'., L2 of Iowa City; lIerRebrl LallgtlGJl, A:l or Oil­more ity; John Me Jintoek, 1113 of Iowa City i Drew D, 1\lc­Dougal, E:-J of '\!icholR; rJowell PhelpR, L2 of l owu City; }i'ot'!'l'sl 'l'wogood, A:J of Wl'stl'ield; Ralph Young, J:l of l.Jalll'el.

'fhe 111('11 11'11-1 w!'I'e chosen for mell1b(,t'~hiJ1 in the organizlltion WhOSl' Olotto Is "A ll 1.'01' lowa. ... are ----.

Stefansson, Alumnus of Iowa, Appears

in November Arra ngements have been complpt·

ed ,by the senate board on university lectures to bring Vllhjalmur Stet­an880n to Iowa CIty next November to aPRl!ar 'before the students of the UnIversIty of Iowa.

StefanlR!on , who hds been acclaIm­ed by many as tbe foremOst living explorer, will retu!'n io rowa Ill' as an alumnus. H e Wll8 g"adllatad from the co llege oC llbel'~i arts In 1903 and was given the degree or LL.D by the university In 1922.

A message of the lite- lind th In­habitan ts ot the AI'ctlc wl1J be brought here by Stef;nu;lIon. The varIed experiences galnt'd 'by spend­Ing ten wInters nnd ~hi ,-teen s um­mers In the poln)' regIons Ola ke UP his lec tures .

In 1906, the ~owa grOdllll.le first joined the staff or thll Leflngwell ­Mikkelsen expedItion a nd tra velecl north thl'ough Canada to the Arc­tic ocean. '1'h .. wlntet· ot 1906-1901, hH lived nmohg the Esklm06 of the MackenzIe rIver, studyIng tb pll­la ng uage and adopting their mode ot life.

Arne. Engin~ring Faculty Eqtertaina

Iowa profea~oJ'8

"epreselltatlve Of every major IINlv­Ily on the campll". Three or the mcn are ijtullents In the collegs or law; one In medicIne; Iwo In engln­eel'lng: two In journalism; and [OUt' In the college or Jlb("'a1 arts.

The gl'ad(' a vC"llge of the group Is 2.76, the hlght'st Indlvldunl o.ver­agc beIng thnt of Har,'y Boyd, with 3,89.

Old and new nl mb rs or A.F.r. will meet for a dInner at Iowa Unl')D tonight. At tllIll lime, the new men will l.Je Initiated, r eceive theil' keys. and elect office,'. tOl' next year.

A.F.r. had Its origin In an ol'gan­lzatlon called Schnltu,' a nd 'Fez In 1915. Through rln(ln~lal (llfflcu ltiell, the o"ganlzntlon had d~tel'l"I'tHed

Into a men's club, but In that year the nBwly-e lecteu membe,·s "eO/'gnn­lzed thc socIety and detennJned to make It "cally rep!' sentatlv ...

'With the ussistance of ProCessor F{)s ter, they 1)la nned to make the spciety .. epl'es ntatlve ot acholarshlp, activities, and every phase of stu­dent liCe. It Ilurllo~(ld to wipe out the petty factionalism flnd to wO"k tor LL more un Ified studen t body. L;cclus lve student ma nagelllc nt Is one of Its a lms.

'fhe p,cture or Old Ca pitol wh ich Is placed on each key Is symbolic of the pu r pose of the g ,·oup, " '1'0 "e,'ve Iowa best. we serve Iowa fl,'st."

A.P.I. Js ' seJr·jJe,·pc tuating. The gI'OUI) sponsors the a nnua l Dud's d [LY ~elebratlon a nd the !-blnnl,ct hOIl nnd takes an Impo,·tanl 1)0111-tlon In compus aCtah·s.

't'he activities of tho twelve men who will mnke up next yeal"s A.F,!. are as follows :-

- - , Harry Boyd: Editor, F "ivol; edItor, lIrembel's or the taC'Uit~ of !he Da.IY , Iowl1n; nig ht edi tol-, D~ily

college oC englneerlng\ were Ihe Iowan; student co uncil ; unlvel's h y the g uests of t he englnel!rln &, tncul- social com.rnlllee; president, Sigma ty or Iowa State college at Ames Delta dpl; Sigma Alpllo. Epsilon, Sltt\lrday. Almost tbe entire facilIty Dan D utcher: P "esldent, unIversity trom both colleges Il'tte"ded. players; parta In ' ''rh~ Romantlc

The firs! eve~t on til e program Age," "Merton of the Movies," "The was fhe Illepectibn ot the eng lneer- Poor Nut," "The Detoll l'," and "The IlIg buildIngs tlnd labOI'atorles ot PrescrIption"; Scabbllrd and Blade; the state college. At ' the h~hcheon <'hi Ka pllu. Pal ; union boa rd . which tollowed, P~el!ldent Hughes J ohn l"a!vey: Phi J(u.ppa, presl. of Ames. Deon ~1lf1!ton ot ~(le lA mos tie nt, student .councll; (o"enslc COlln­engineering oolleg~ and Dea"': C.C. ~Il ; low(\. Men s Pan· helle nlc council ; Williams ot th«\ Unl ftfll{Y oC 1I0"'a )0111'(1 or Ilubllclltto ns; .Junior prom, college gave Ihort >talks. ' h ail'm'lM; PI E psilon PI; Ol'dc)' or

VlsLts were m(lde to the new ' II . Al'lus; Newman club, 1)I'Csldpnt; Zet­Ibrary and to the home economics agathlan; Phi Delta Gamma; fresh· b IIdln d ' t a lthlblt f I I man Intersoclely debate; sophomore

u g, lin , 0 n e , 0 an ma jntHsoclety debMe; debllte 8Q uad. husbandry, )Vhlch Deon William. be· AICrcd Hess: 't'heta 'rau ; edItor, Iie,ves to be ol1e ot the tlneat In Transit 1928.20; (l.880cl<lte editor, America. • 'l'1'(\II8It, 1927-28; IJl'eRldent, A.S. of

The vIsiting e ngineers were thon E.; Mecca. show committee; student tllken by aulo to, Inspect 80me rleld council. experiments Which are being ClOn- Don HInes; Delta Tau Delw., pres­ducted by the Ames students a nd to Idellt; footbllll , three I's; cOIIClllng - the remainder or tile I'grlcultul'lll start; Phi Delta PhI; presIdent, buildIngs, freshman laws : Pl'esltlcm, I-club;

The vl8lt was planned with the t"oosu"er, Iowa Men's .Pun.hellenlc; Intention of building up a closer 1'0-

latlon between the facilities of the (CONTINUJilO, PAGEl 8, COLUMN 2) two acboo!.,

Iowa Plans for Academic Meet

High School Students to Compete 10

Study Tilt An ncad mlc tl Id n\~et, In which

high school ~tudent. wltl COIIIMte In th~11' reg\IIII,· subJecls of study In· _tena Of In ~OIllP eXU'p·cu"rICllllr [IC­

t1vity, Is to be helt\ by the UnlvP'" sity oC IoWa sometime next spring, accOl'lIlng to o.n nounc~menL mode yesterday bY E. II , l"nuer, dlr etor of l he extension diviSion.

W ith the purpo"e oC loring em­phasIs ot! the slt'lctly scholl.U!tlc ac­tivitIes or IQwn hlgl' schools, l·Un· tcsts ..... Ill be h ch] In Iowa City test­Ing the attni nment or high <1chool 8Chool stuclconta, In 'Elngl:sh. hlstol'v. mA.rh~mntlc., Latin, commerCiA l sub­jecLs. etc.

Winnei'll Get Prizes PrIzes. meelllis and certiflcat a

will be given to the IncUvldual stu· 'INlts who win places in the differ· ent eVl'nts. PlnreA wlU carry points, (lS In nthletlc confests. nnel a Qult­able trophy \\'111 be p"esenteel to the school, which on tile point OOHls , wins l he "meeL"

A tenta tlye elate for lhe vent hOs been S t (0" early In June next year, prob bly betwPen the u nl ver­slty commencement onel the open­'nil' of the summer eesslon. At that 'Ime the whol e unl'!erslly, buildings and dormitories. will be ot the (Us­posal of the high school youngsters who attetl(l the "meet."

Plan~ Read,· by Fall Details ql the meet will b~ worked

out dUring the summer. a na thfO In­'o"maUon about tll s planH wi ll be 'en t out to th .. /111:'11 se/lOols Of the state Ilt the beginning of the ra il lerm.

De tulled IIltenlion will he given to s uch points 08 the ijuhJects to be covered. cha.raoler (It the exa mIna­tions, e ligibility ot stulllmt, prizes, time. e tc,

No suell nieot hal! ... ver bE'en tried !ll Iowa. A (pw statcs. tncludlng Kansas " a nd Nebrl1llka : sponsor II.

s imilar m~t, l)ut 1\ Is expected tMt the Iowa. meet will be on a larger 1!CIl1o. • •

The new contest Is ~lng s pon­I!Ored by the college of educallon u nd the eJttaQIIIQ,ll . dJvls lon. It \8 possible that t"e detailS of the con· tests may be wOl-ked out upon some. lhlng ot the llame plan as those for the milalc fes tival, which ' WII& nt­tcnded by 3,000 muslcla.ns lhlll year. , .

Phi 'Beta Kappa to Reveal Candidate.

Aspirants to Phi Dl'ta KliPP(\' na­Uontll hono,'o ,'y fraternity (Ire 10 be kt'pt In RU~pen.e until tomo "rolY nco cording to MIs9 Ethyl Mal"lIn. Sl'C,'P­

tary of the. local chapter. H WIlS

Mcldt'd, followIng a me tlng Yest"l'­<lay Ilttp"noon, to withhOld the nam('8 until " 'eel nesday morning.

Players Appear in Original Play

Gives "Prescription" by Mrs. Graham

Tonight A first night perCo"manCI! oC the

original play, "P"escrlption," by Manla S. Graham of Ottumwa, wlli he gl"~n tonight hy the universIty lhentJ't' under the direction ot Prof. E. C. Moble In the natural IIClence auditorium at 8:15 o'clock. The PIIlY wlli be repeat d Wedn &day and Thursday nights.

TIl(- play 18 a contrast of I>hl1olo­I)hl('8 oC lite. It ro lses \he funda­mental Questlon or t he relative 8UC­c s8.nehl ved by the ">back slapper," who Is Immensely popular and that attained by the man who works sIn· rerely and quI tly with II. small fOl­lOwing.

It Is del!Cl'lbed by Profes80r Mable lUI a contrast ot protesslonlll ethics and standards, unlversol In applica­tion, d lthough It daIs s (leclCtcally with ·IWO ,.oung phYSicians In the eurly perIod ot t heIr practice,

Manta S. Graham. author ot th", p lay 19 [\ prominent Iowa club wom­an and the a uthor of It numner of one-act plllys. 'She r(>celved l1er education lit Cedar Falls lind Co­lumbia universi ty. She 18 the wIfe ot an Iowa. alumnus, D\". Dell Orall· am. '02 . of Ottumwa_

Mrs. G"aham has been working with the CMt (luring reheal'88.18 and the play bas been developing through I'ewrltlng for several weeks.

The players who will appear In 'thIs play are:

Boyd Preston-Dan Dutch er, A3 or Iowa City; Alfred Wa.yne-Morris Bal}nlster, A2 of Iowa City; Mono.

urtiR-MyrUe Oulman, A4 or Mas-011 bty; Mrs. Curtls-Mr... Edna North. A. of 10"'Il CIty; 'ohn Ole­son-Ge.arge Jone8, AS at rowa Ity ; Mr~ . 'Fuller-Isabel Hueppel, A2 ot Clinton; Flora Fuller, ElIza~th

J a nse, A4 ot L u verne; Margaret 'Wllkln8--Edra Dahlin, A4 of Chero· kep; M..... Dunlap--l\farle Vander­hurg, A3 of Hospers; 1\(1'. MOrgan­F'oN11.. Clifton, ca ot Sutherland, Ind .: Mrs. Bronson-Mrs. Nana. FO"bes, A4 of Iowa CIty.

Wind Change Fail. to Break Drought

The drought pcl'loll which st.Rrt· c{l h ere more than three weeks ago, continued yesterday although c loudy 1Ikl .. " and R "outh :!al!t wind gave lll'omlse of rain.

Prof. J ohn F. Reilly, United !lta tl.'S weather observer, rend the follow!ng temperatures here Sunday and yesterday: mInImum Raturday night, 39 degrees; 7 0. m . Sunqay, 53 degreeR; mulmum, 70 degrees: 7 p.m" U degrees; minimum Sunday nig ht, 49 degrees; 7 a.m. YUl-l'rda)'. 55 degree~; maximum 79 dea-rCt's; 7 p.m., 71 degrees. /

Llnc1aa7 VIIlts H,.-e E~wln Llnday ot Davenport vis­

Ited In Iowa CRy Sunday. Mr. LIndsay I. & member ot the 'Vellt­minister toundatlon commIttee, whlcb wtll meet here Wednesday aCternoon.

ax Pallenger Plane

Stop. Here Today The "Northern Plune" of the

thl'ee bIg passenger airships n route to California, stopped In Chicago last Illght, Assoclat Press reports jjtlld yesterdny.

It 18 scheduled to pa through Iowa City l!OOn after I o'cl~k

this a.Cternoon and will land at th local field.

The plane lind Its good-will p083Cngl'rs will make stops at 0(>8 Moln(>s, MllwIlUkE'l', Moline. lind Omaha totlay, th e rel}ort8 ea.Jd.

St. Louis Greets Crew of Bremen

2,000 Throng Airport to Welcome Trans·

Atlantic Flyers ST. LOurs. lIfa)' 14 (AP)-Thou,

somIs ot St. Louianns. at J .... ml>l'rt­st. LouIs tl~ld nnd f1'ore t pl\,'k, cheered the arrival Ia.te tooay ot t.he trnns-A tlnnUc Bremen tlyers-Baron ~~hrcnfrled Gupnther Von JIeuene· Celli, Cnpt. Herman Koehl, nnd :'o1ajor Jllmes Fllzmaurlcl'. They will be lhe city's gUl'8l11 two doy".

In the> ,Tunkl'rs monoplon" le-13 , 818te~ ship or thl' Br('ml'n, thl' rlye,.,. covered the 8!i0 mlll'II from )I!llwou· k('p In 3 hours anti 31 minute., I~r­riving at T..nmbel't fl('ld lit 4:38 p.m.

Although the dty'R fOI'mal wel­rome> a military l)amt1~, fA R~t tor tomorrow mo,·nlny. mOllY ~ould not walt 80 long (01' Ih plr flrAt vlpw of the vlHltOI'S ApJ)roxlmntl'ly ~,OOO pCrHons werp nt Lambert fIeld.

A ATOUI) repr('lenting (lprmf\n or· lfanl1.nllunB was at tht' field to <'x­t(Ond th'" Clrst w('loonl!, to th Ir coun­trymen.

ACt('" a fp\v mlnut('" lIvfly ~In­hillty, with th~ ('onv('rAAtlon larg('ly In Gcrmn 11. the flyerM WI'I' taken In biplanes to f1'or"st ]X "k.

A crow(\ Of n~arly 10.000 WIIB nt the l)ork wh~r(' the flY('rII WN' (':Ie· t ndl'll all orflolal Wt'ICOIlIIl by }Jr. Oeorgo A hrenR, n rl1'1on ~"nAu\, ~rllYOr VIc'tur M III~r alit! oth"I' "ltI ofrleln lR.

The f\ye,'s were t<tk~n hy autolllo­bll to th ... lr quarter" In J [otN J('r· re''IIon. They weI''' gUt'stH at a p rl· vnte <llnn~r glv('n by Dr. Ahrens at tho UniverSity club,

Post Office Plans , "Air Mail Week"

ThIs week, 1\IIIY II to 20, has b(o~n ~e8lgnoted os "nattonnl all' nidI(

we~k" by (edp!'al l)Ostal tl uthorllieR to Inc!'e se lhe us ge oC air m,llI .

The amount or all' mnll en,'rlNl during April, a('col'(lIng to flgur('H made publlc by the Roping AI! Transport comp:\IlY whkh cnrrl", the air mlln bctwt'en Chicago nil ' San 1;'rancI8co, ontl between Statl~e'

l nd Los Angples, was Mid to h.' con818t~nt with the omount cllfl'le!l In March. The numl>l'r of pu Ben gel's In crl'ased Crom 197 In Mllrch ~o 269 COl' :\\llY. .

Slnc(1 the beglnnin of opl'rntlon. JUly 1, to!'i . ull 10 Mny I , 1925, tht' BoeIng company planel! have Clo" 11

1.800,000 miles over the hlcago·Snn Francisco line; hove carded 500,000 pounds or mall and ] ,100 pA.IlI!(>nger" who traveled an aggregute oC 7 0,000 miles.

Arterial Highway Indicate. Re.ped

for U.S. Road, 32 Automobile drivers of Iowa City

may have given sco nt h eed Whl"l the " River to RIve r" rond through rowa City waR established !IS U. S. highway No. 32. bu t with lhl' cree· tion ot arU,,·lal stop s:gns on :'Ill :n· t~r8ectlng streets or t h Is hl!:h way the police department has Incllcnt d tha t It wUl claim more attention.

The hlg hwO)' en ters 1h~ cl l on west city limits from 'VoiCe aven uo east on Iowa a venue to Ma diaon street. The highway continues on Washi ngton 9lr~et east to L!nn street. then south to College street. Ind E'~l~t to ~1usc"tlne avenu e wherl} it reaches the eatil city limitS.

The establishment Of this highway as an arterial route (urther compll·

tes trartlc problpm8 fo,· til e .,\1110' 'Tlobile d"lver as U. S. hIg hway No. 161 enteres the north c ity limits continuing south C\n Duhuque street to Burlington Htrel!t.

Pollee are extendi ng war nings to motorists preparatory to a strict en­forcement oC arterial stop rules.

Rebels Abase WOIllD MANAGUA, NIcaragua, Mo)' 14

(AP)-A rebel band terrIbly rolH­trented the wife ot lin American named MllJer at hlB plantation on t he rIver Coco, near the eMt COllSt, in revenge tor InConnaUon he hlld given the marlM forces, It "'IUI learned from belated dispatches rea.cblnll' bere t~. ~ .... u .l..a.l.l..&.

Spurns Attempt to Effect Reduction on Past Incomes

House Must Accept Proposal Before

Final Vote WASIIINOTON, May 14 lAP) -

IndlvLdual Income tax J>8yera were given a prospective '2 •. 000,000 Mile ot the pending $200,0 0,000 tax re­duction melon today wh('n the aen­ate voted a downwllrd revision oC Ihe aurtas rail' applylnc- on Incomes ~tw n '20.000 !lna S 0.000.

.An att mpt by lhe repubUco ns, however, to h VfO the r!'<luellon np· ply relroactlvely on Incomes ot last year on which taXPlI 1lT(l paid l hls year waa rejected 54 to : . lUI Hie western republic n Inlh I)pndentll brok from the ranks to Join the 801ld democratic IIn~up In ·'llllOMltlolI.

lIoUlle MUit ArC'",,-Bolh propoaa18 ILre Rubject to

Clnal vote on pa II: nnll the changes must be ar.,epil'~ hy I he houllll.

Republleans and delll~rat8 fa­vored a downward r(\vlalol\ Of the Bur·tax rat , whloh wa. Ignored by the house, but 011 dllY WAS spent In arguing &8 to hO"' It wa, to be "f· e cted. Senator Simmons Of Norl h Carollnll, ran kIn, democra t on I he finance committee, propos~d to nc­compllsh the rl'VlillolI of th HurtlUC ratps beglnnlnlr wllh $10.000 Incomell and going up to $70,000 but r<,publl­cans lined UP olldly to,' tll'~ nro­I}OAIlI or S~nator Smoot Of Utnh. chairman of the commltlef', which would hn ve the lower rntpM begin with thp 120.000 cloll8. 'l'hl' vole tor thl" propoRltlon WOR 43 to 39. only Brucr;> or _lal'yland hu\'ln~ the Ilemocrntl.

To F"qllal\1~ "al S('nator Simona and Sen. to,' Har­

rll!On ot MI 18KIPlli anti WlIlsh ot ~1(\t\l4IlchuK tt8. led th'l d('mocratlc Clght, InRlstlng thnt I:rl'tll~r " tt~n­lion he j{lv('n tu tax 1"1)'1" H with Rmlll1pr InrOIll(,8. !-Ienn I n" HDloot nn(l Senutor R~ .. l, .. (\pl1l) .. ··un, of Pennsylvanlu, anA\\' ,,('(1 lh t this C'lM8 11 \',... " In neCIt. of pIIst rPdu~t1nns ,1 I' ~)ense of 11Il' tux I)n)'~r. In tllp u "" t-nrkete of Incollll·. 'Jlhey i!pdflr".1 Ihat thl' nnly PII"POSp Of an)' HUI'I " ','vlllion \\'118 to equ liz .. th .. 1'1I~· ')')lylng on the Intermediate InN,n ... :'hov .. '20,000 with culll glVl'n othp,' .. las8e8 In the paat.

TodaY'1 action virtually rompletNI ronRI((l'l'Otlon Of th .. (hllnj;'p" ;n·ul .. by the flnanc ~omlll\tt.. In til hOu/le 11111 but a hatch Of 1\.111 nd­men\s proposl'd by Indll'ldllnl :nem· bel'S to varlOU8 lIeetiODM ot the bl! t .. emaln to b acted u(lon.

American Legion Names Committee

for Memorial Day A eommlttee to arrange plans for

n lI! morlnl dny program ana 11180 a. 'ommlllee to flx It do te> n na make

r>1!tnH tor the Illying oC H)" eo,'ne"· Alon£' Cor the now legion hu lldlng, wc,'e oppolnted last nlghl at the reg· ular mon thly mpetlng oC the Roy L. Chop k post, Amel'lclln legiOn.

The committee con I til Of George Zelthemmel, Will Hyak, R . J . Camll­bell, and L. J. Olpple. Tho"" liP' pointed to the cOlllm llte~ for the program at the loylng of the corn~r­

stone were: J. E . Oatens, L . E. lark, W. R. H art lind the Rl'v.

'Inrry R. Longley. J. C. ~'ountaln Of th~ Keokuk '''Nt

.Terry O'Neil oC :\101lne, " 'd Bruno Lederer Of the Salvntlon 'rmv were presen t at Inst nlght 's meeting.

A rehearsal and Important .... .. Pt­Ing of the legion band Wa ,,~ ­

nounccd ror 10rught a t 7:30 o'clork.

Stadeab Visit Keokuk Uncler the direction of Floyd A.

Nagler. professor ot hydra ullCli In the coll ege oC engIneering, lhe elnM" oC hydraulic power, which h ilS llbout twenty·flve members, went to Keo­kuk Saturday to see the power plant of the Miselsslppi Power company, and the dam acrOA" the river.

Wyomiar Eadones SmitJI CASPER, W)'o., May H (,AP)

Oov. Alfred. E. Smltll of New York was endorsed for the presidency and 'Wyomlng's delegation WIIS In8\.ruct­pd to cast Its sIll votes Cor him at the national convention In Hou.i.oD. by the 'Vyomlng state democratic convention late toda)'.

EUIIlUaen Meet Jue 12, 13 DES MOINES, ?tray H (AP)-The

state board ot phannacy ells,mlneTII today set June 5 a nd 6 In De. MoInes and JUM .12 lind 13 In Iowa City Cor examination of applicanta tor reglstrntlon_ Appllcatlona to take the examination. muat be flied tlf. teen days prior to examination date ••

PlaanuciIU to Elect 'rhe election for the repreaentatlvd

trom tbe college of pharmacy to the board ot Iowa. Union will be beld lila), 16, to an announce-ment Student Phumao ceuUclLl yeatenla),.

Page 2 The Daily Iowan, Iowa City - Tuesday, May IS, 1928 e

Sororities a Fraternities a Women's Clubs a Social Events 1\1188 Groh Hostess to IIrltlJ:8 Club HamUnGarla1td

Holds Founder's Day Ceie'bration

Myra Oroh , 12 'V. Cu l1e~1' sll·ee t. en tertain u the momhet'l$ of the A.O.C. club at a Ill'lclgo IJal·ty al her hUllIe I l\~t eve ning.

'SOUND -AUCTION BRIDGE 'rhe memb(, I'S WCI'(' e nterlainccl al

three tablcs O( bridge. Sl}rlng (low· erH were u~~c1 In de omling.


. 'I'M Worlcl'. ~ Audwrie, lIa mllll Garla nd II tcl'lu'y society

h eld a founder's day bU t;lquet In commemo\'fllion o f t he e ls hlh )'Cill'

of the fo unding of the Hoel ty, yeH' tl'rday a t 6:30 p.m. a t thel H otel J ef· ferso n.

MOI'o t ha n fif ty a ttended tho llano 'quet. T he tabl('s were i1 eco m tl'd wl lh 'Yellow· taper" :l.11(\ Wfl'~, j)~~ .

to! d wiih bouquelH Of m a rjl'oldR. AllUolnlmenls were carried ou t in

Guests n.t tho a tru lr won' :.\lrB. H UITY 1~l' 1I~ ot 'hlcu/i:o and )1rs . G. R. Ho ll Of Iowa Ci ty.

+ + + Forty Members

of D:A.R. Elect Year's Officers

yellow. , !If 01'0 tha n for t y m~m bC I'B of th e The ton.~t program l'a.r ried out th e Da ughters of the Amcrlcan Hevolu·

idea "The '1'1'0 11 lIlakel'lI ." The tlon met at the h omo of E. Belle ))rcaldent, Grace .fl teacll·Y, A4 ?f Du ran t a t Ot 7 Howet·y strcllt SRtur' I, I ' r lnceton, 111.. acted 11 S t OPR tIl1IS', clay fit 3 p.m. , tros8. "B lazing the T ra il ," was pic· Tho houso was decol'ated wlt)1 'I turcd by L ucl1lo Colony of No~~h s pring flo wers wi th prem( l' rOBOS Llbpr l.v. It ~hart~ I' mem ber. ",\,rou nd. pred om inat ing. 1\11'8. Bertha. Boller ,\... _____________ ..J t he CampIlre." was descrlbecl by presided at tile tea table. Soutlt. ill t/&e decal.r. Wbe" eA. J~onlta Brown, AS Of Illw a Ity. Hepor ts were given by the retir. proper bidding aM pUr." Edith Cobeen , J4 oC J\'lal) lh . t old at Ing offi cers (or ,l he past year In . "NA\V Fi61d" " ,R eoord tl'6 bkls that -ch player ~ '0· ,ch,lc1lng t hose of past, meetings. 1IIrs. ~ -

'rile progr" nl ' V.," concluded by . should ma k e. a811"mlng that he doee ~ .~ Bolle r gave a. b rief rel)orl of lh l' '" EvelY'l Nees , A2 of D~8 Moines a nd ,D.A.R . mentln" at ' Vashln"ton, D. not see any at the other hands.

Id t f t h k ' " " '1' /,ese ha nds must not be bid or p t'es en 0 1' nex yeur, w 0 epo e -C., which a ll aitended \'cccntl y. on "TI' e Harvest " Iplayed "Double Dummy," I. e .• lUI


w." North East

13 T-'Trick. WOD

W on by


(Br"d:" 1M cord I. d I. ,oc/; Imk7 Decluu ()ppoaeDIa ......5_ ............... .

tt-Sc.on .......... .. .. . . Mt·8. MUI'y Veble n gave I. talk 0 11 Ithough all tour .hands were exposed., + + + ' ''The Birth Month of Lafayette." THE BIDDING

111,'1'. V('l'ry t" COtJ,luct H 1 G WI I I I d Soa'~ Bids w ... Did. NOrlh Did, Ea .. D,ds l\lissillnary Meethlg e e ll . 1 te Wll.8 ec e rege n I NOTE-In recordIng the Auotlon '" fO t' ~he com ins real', wi t h E . Belle lo r the play u~e "s" tor Spade_. "H': 11'11's. Thomas Ver ry will have

c harge of the devotions at :1 m eet · Ing of tho Missionary sociely at t he Uni ted Presbyteria n chu rch tom or· row at 2:30 p .m. a t the home or 1\11'8. C. S. Willia ms, Bloom terra co.

Durant a vJce·rcg n l. '1'he rccord · If or H earls. "D " tor Diamond", and Ing sect'e tu t'y Is MI·8. l\l8.ry Vehlen ; ~ " C" fo r Clubs. Use "N.T." for No cOl'responllln i\' secretary" Sal'ah ITrump. "DBL" tor ' double. "RED P a ine H alfma n ; h 'easurcr, L ulu Old· jBL" tor r edouble. , FIMI Bid ........... ~ ..,. .......... .. a ker; registrar. E lizabeth I ri9h; h is· _

';.11'11. Lee Moor wi lt lead t he ills­ussion Of home mIss ion study

while the q uestion of for Ign mis· slons wil l be ullOer the HU llet'v ls lon

torian, Mrs. Grace D. Clearman; au· ~y t d 'H d PI d b M Who h d dltor, St&lIa C. SwanBon ~ Chal}lallj. es er ay s . an as aye y r. Ite ea P hilura H. OifCord ; cUHlodlan, Ab· f iAND NO. .. tehace po~itlon In Dummy with re·

of MI·s. Hob Coch ran .

ble R. Bickett, a nd directors, Mrs. South .KJS75 1;7 _ OJ966 ",ASn (erence to the Qucpn, nuw Iwown Cora A. W alker, Mrs. Ella P. Van We~t .1093 ~ AJIOn 0 AQ "'Q91 to be In North's hand. l Bpps, a nd Bertha noll r. :North .6 I;7 Q86 OKI074Z ",1105, Trlcle 6. Wpst decline>; to rinC"RC "+ +. ~;

Horse-Shoo Tournamc nt Cnillmences Today

+ + + Eost • AQ42 1;7 K9543 0 83 '" Kl th e Que n of Diamonds, ror. C\'en 'CI b Ch N · The C t BIoIdID and PIa)' though It shoulcl win, he cannot

T he horse·shoe tournament which begins today Is t he las t event of the Intramural contests tor t his ear.

U ooses ew orr~HE pu'v gain a t rick , and should the fille~Me Officers at Meeting (8. racko"" ,"rd ,hOWl I. ad /(1 'lICit Imk: fa ll , game must be I 8t, since wjth

'fhe IlI'ouPS en tered In the tourna­m nt will compete within their groups until the two champIon Ilitchel's are ohosen then the grou ps wlll compete at a. later dale.

+ + + h 'Cnt heheon·Alexander

E llgage ment Anlloullcm1 Tho engagement of MutT Jean

McCutcheon of Cot'nell college 10 Charles Alexander , G of Mount Vel" nOn was announced at a brea~fast at the home of MJss McCulcheon in Mount Vernon.

The wedding is to take place June 6, in )lount Vernon.

+ + + 1I[,·s. Yalllht Hostess to 1'0 t Office Clerks

The women's auxlllat'Y of pOSt of­fice clerks will be enlertalned at the home of Mrs. George Yanfla, 730 Muscatine avenue, thlB aflernoon at 2:30 o·clock.

+ + + A lumuae ('an Helleni\' A~soeiation

Thel'e will be a meeting Of t he Alumnae Pan-hellenic association In thC' Y.'V.C.A. reeelltioll t'ooms at Iowa Union tomorrow at 4 p.m.

This will be the last rE'gular meet· Ing of the club year and lI1l's. Robert CaI'Bon. 219 S. Summit street, will pr~side_ Mrs. Cutson is prcsiden t at tho club.

+ + + Si~nU\ Ha pPl}

'I'he following mothers were guc~ls at the chapter house th is week·end; Mr~. J. ' V. Long of Dlls ]\folnps; Mrs. C. B. Cation of Chicago and MI·s. need of \Vauconm.

Oth ,. guests ilt dinner Su nday W 1'0 Mr. a\\l\ J.1rs. I1fll1l·Y. Durst and ]\frs. John Kelleher or l owu City.

Huth Tl u fty, A4 of Dca Moines spent tho week·end with I\er pal" .. ntH In Des 1\Iolnes. Ccnlvlcve BUl'ge, A2 of Sibley spent the week- · nd in AmCA.

T + + Phi lCa plla

Dilll1IJr guests a.t tho chapter hou.:;(> Sunday noon wer e; M r·EI. Brun· son, ;Vim. Bauer u no M1'8. Sheridan of lawn City, MI·s. Stet'lIng and [:rl' nd"(l n o· ]';aglc C I'OV , 1111'S. ]o'nl· v el' of Alb!a, amI Mr. 1I/1d Mrs. Ka · linn and daugh ter of 13ello P laine.

'fhOlm's Loyden, of Davenport, WOf! a Hucs t a t tho c ha pter Il 0USCl nV"I' I h" week·end. Bray, Colcrlck ,,11(1 \\"nlsh of Notro Dame were g uc"tA ot t he hOllsc Saturday.


T he members ot the nook und Basket club met at the homc of Mrs. Cnnle L. Chapman, 508 Brown strwt, yest rday afternoon for the e lectio n of oalcers.

T ho"e who were elecled for the coming year were: president, Mrs. Carrie L. Chapman; vice-president, Mrs. Milton Remley, and secrelary and treasuret" Mrs. L. C. Jones.

Mrs. A. O. Ingram, Mrs. J. W. Tenner and 1\11"8. Ashby were a9Slsl­unt hostesses at the social hout· which followed the business meet· Ing.<'. Will "(eet Tuesday

+ + +

Members of Eurcka lodge, No. 44. I.O.O.F. , will meet In r('gular ses· sion tomorrow, at 7:30 p.m.

+ + + Zeta TOll Alpha.

Mothers who sJ)('nt the week· end at the c!lllpter house were: Mrs. ~. A. Ye gel', Mrs. i:l. JiJ. l'res· ton. 1Il1'~. 1"I'onk OIV~n anc1 1111'S. L. C'. Smith. nil of ('eclal' Rapids; JIll's. E. G. RlttJ~r or \\'.\~'Iand, Mrs. F . ~lorsl' of BUl'lln..-lon and Mrs. John KlrJcPiltrlrk of NichOl •. Hel~n Pltchet· of Dubuque was a

week·end p;ue~t Of Pers is Schauer· hauser, A4 Of Oulluflue. ;\It'R. Sam· 1l~1 Gaston of Crda l' Ravlc1s :1 11(1 Thl' lma \Vlllmplry, '26, Hpcnt the wceJc-enll at the rhnptel' house.

+ + + Xi 1'8i PhI

Xi Psi P hi drnta l fraternity cn· tCl'wlned Itt a Mothel"s (!t,y hanquet at the c1IJptl' I' house Sunday. I~ol.

low/ml' the dinner a tour of thc cam· pus and lin iJlspection of the d2ntal building war; ~onduet('(1.

T he guC'sts Included: 1\11'8. T. H. Connell of Dep[1 RiveI'. JlI)'. nnd :tol l'S. Kreln~r of Ottumwa; ~h"ll. II. A. Scott and MI-H II. A. Buhman ot Iowa. City. " '. b'. Cole~ of Mount Plea"nnt, 1\1I·s. 1>'. Nalhel'l of Ced'" Rapids, n nd .\1 rs . C. H. Umndt ')f Council B lu HM.

+ + + AlIlha Silllll\~ PI

W ck·end guestR n I the rhapt"t· house were, MI·s. H. Tn.i(!;c of Dnv. e nport. MI·8. O. 1. J~IKher (If /{nox· " iIIe, Mr~. O. O. Hpcli's of Sllcars· vi1ll'. Kan .,· MI'. nnd 1\11'8. W. J. Bt'!lndllO t'~t of Manni ng, and MI'. ltnd Ml'o_ 1;. JJ. J ICHSI' of 1"01'1 Mllcli· 8011 .


Thil Bank Advise. TRA VEI:.ERS CHECKS

THE woman who travels with a carofrl!e s~i:rit, is usually one who

curries Travelers Cheques. 11'01' ,she does not have to worry

about tho safety of her funds, nor that she will be faced with the em­l>~rra ssment of having her personal checl. r~lused .

Accepted everywhere, insured against loss or theft, Travelers Cheques are the ideal financial pr()­tect [on f6~ women traveling alone, whether II) this country or abroad.

Beforo starting on a trip, these Chequefoi can be procured at this B!lnk, at a ioe 01 only

75~ pel' $100

fiRSt ".ATIONAL #0I11U.,,\ MIh4'~l ftD""L '11 ...... IVln",

fAiMERs bolM & Dust Co~\ ~

Js~is Ibrj~,. ': tOWA CIT" ... t(~


6 7 8 -


1 I 12


. Decl.~ •• Poi.tSc ... .. : .. ,1ZO .: .. ~ ..... ......... . Honor Scot. ·· ·· ,1/.0 .. . ~ .. I .. ... ......... .


the Diamond trick he must also lose two Spades and has already lost on Club. By declining tho fl· nesse. he Is in position to so )liltY t h e hand as to lOSe only on~ Rpad~ and one Diamond In ad(li llon 10 lhe Club.

Trick 10. Any Icad NOI'tli makes must now give the Declarer a ruff and discard, Rssuring the loss oC Ibut one mOre trick. lIad South Instead of North heW lhe King or Dlaruonds and wOn Trick 9, Soulh would have been el']ually helpless, as thc only trlcle he could havp made would have been with the King of Spades.

(Copyright, ]927, Republic Synldcate, Inc.)

Medical Fraternity Initiates Three Men

The ) owa chA pteI' of A Iphn A Iphn , national honorary

medicol fratl'rnlty, annoanr" 'A'(\ Inith<tlon Of Joseph R. VandN' V(,pr,

~.a"):;4~;i-'~+,~Iol...3-~~o..;>-l l ~[3 of C dar Falls; Car'l .'<op. ~r3 of

l'il!tirllt Polnls of the BIdding L"ckln~ the rC'QulMlte two quick

tri~ks tOI' tlll ot'lglnal bId, Soulh passcs, to 11 void dece[)tlon at purt· ner, and hills his Spades on the second rou nd.

Sa li~ nt 1'011118 of tlte Play Trick 2. West reads North's silt:

Of Spades aa a. s ingleton, since South would hard ly venture a sec· ondal'Y bid of SpadeH with. but four to lh Klng·Jack. Wllh a single· ton Spade, North would be most unlikely 10 be e nti rely void of liearts. 'fo gunr(1 \lgaln~t the on· tlngency of Nodh's h olding a ll tilrpe of the ou tstanding H eArts (which In clu clr, th o Qu een) West I mla a low lIelll·t trom lhe King In D ummy t o hi" ~Cf'. W lnn l/lg this with the Aoe, W est secureS It

Amann, and E. D. ·Warner, ;113 o[ Towa Cll~'. '1 he ceremony 1'0110\\ cd a dlnnet· at the Phi Rho Si~ma

house. John II. TIandfill. 1\U of Iowa

Cily. was elected )l1'l':<Ic1enl rur nl'xt yrar. lIe will be nn Interne in unl­v('\,slty hospital. JosC'ph B. Vantlcr VOCl" was hcos()n ~ecrctary·treasur('l'.

+ + + Delta Thel!~ Phi

Deltn. 'I'hl'la PhI. law rratcrnlly, has electcd tho following offiert·" for the £;om Ing YPlIl': HurdNtC' f •. JIJIU(u'cl, L2 of Ottumwa, delln ; John S. Sears, L2 of Sioux City, \'I r(' c1E'an; Thomas Shearer. L2 of 'umberland. t ri llu ne; Leroy Johnson , L2 of E.,· sex, clerk oC exchcqu('r; Harold Swift , Ll of NOI·th English, rIel-ie ot rolls; Chal'les .roy, ]Jl of l'crry, moster of ritual; Uiehard Wolfc, Ll o r Mount Vcrnon , bailiff and Dean Th omas, L1 o( T1'tler, st('ward.




Coming , •

In ' A Blue Sale"


Phi l\IlI E llt{ll'lalliS 1",11' Yisllln~ ~lotltcl's

1\ Moth~I"H Day dlnlWI' will ho 111'111 III tho 1'111 M u Ii vu~e tidN ll O()i1

with tho following l11othel'M lUI

guesls: !II rH. I [~It anti MI'''',. Cl:u" nc Artz of HlIl'llnglon; NlI·S .. John­

.on of 'unllb~lI, NC'bl'.; .MI·H. JkUWil' I~o of J OWll Ci t y; Mt'M. 1 [. J . 1'1I.a~ch of low,. Clly; Mr. an,1 MrH. Budell I'

of ' Ittt'cnce; MI·s. W. IV'U· IWt· 0/ low" City; MrH. n ""II'nel' oC Norlh l~nJ.(lI~h. JIll'S. Kilnllie of Iowa \ ' Ity anu .M I·M. J lood of Scq.(Ctlnt murr.

+ + + Women's Forensic

Council to Sponsor Tea at Iowa Union

'Wolllen's [OI'I'I1Rlc council will RI,onSOI' 0. tC'1l. frOI11 4 to G p.m. '1'hursclay. May 17 In the SUn JJIll"

lors of 10IVIL U niol1. l'1'lzCH fot· th'st nnd Recond places will be awarclNl to tho winncl'" of the arlistlo read­Ing; lh poet ry; the short story; and the> cxtemllOl'llnCOlis contcsts of tn c vul'lous forensic or!;an lzalion8.

A Illnqu(' "ill ,he !;Iven to thc groop having the hlghcsl SCOI·O fot· literary activltlc". Marlon J\1are~h, A3 of Iow(\. City nnd lIarrl ett Mahn· kr, J 2 of Sioux Ity at·C' In ehal'ge oC arrangcments tOt· the lea.

+ + + Two Teams Play

m Class Baseball Hc!;lnnlng lhe dasR baseball

tournam('nt two gnm('H W('I'O plllyCll yC'stcrday, :It 4 and a p.nl.

In lhc first gnmC' hctwccn thl' Rl'ninr.l nn<l the f1'cghnwn, liw up­I)C'I' c101'''~mrn wcn' defeah'(] 26 to O.

'I'he junior olnss sueccNINI In hold­Ing tho larger scarp in the gnme at 5 p.m. 'rhe score "'IIR 1 G to O.

Class l erlm captains werr chosnn nnel (\1'1': JIarrl tte McDowell. A4 of Grundy ('6ntrr; Eloisc Douglass. A~ of \\'eRt Branch; Zplla Clapl), A2 of Long Crove, and Rlanche N01'rls, A l or Trac),.

+ + + Sig ma 1"1

Guests "I lhe r.!othprs' doy ,I'nn,'r at the ehaptct' hou~r Huntlay noon were: 1\Irs. H. A. ll echt of ll&.wle· cye; 1\11'. and Mrs. O. J. nobcrt~ of Knoxville; Mr. ILnd 1\11'8 •• J. B. Siem· crlng of Kankakee, III.; ]\frs. F . . r. Carpenlel' or SIlenceI'; 1\[1'. anel 1111'S.

If. JJ. Kading of Knoxvlllc; 1\1 rs. II. B. SrnncH, Ruth Scnnert and Evelyn Spellman of Chadwicl<, 111.; a nd Mr. and MI's. Andl'rson of Thompson.

+ + + .\lph :l. Delta l ' i

Alpha Delta. PI announces the plec1<;lng oC 1,'lorence Peterson. AI o( Panama. Canal zonp.

I .

We Bought


at a

Big Reduction!

Mathematics Club Honors Ruth Davis

. In honol' of R uth Davis, dough tel' .\ea, 'I .. or MI'. and M t·~. B. J I. DllVIH, 40» I:l. Dodgo Ntt'('el.

Alumni Jlt'~H"nt Itt tli" (vlln,lfltion ,lilY IIlnnl' t' I;llnt1!1Y IIll;'hl Il1l'1ud~d

~ I IA3 J)avl" I" Il'fLvln/i: fol' Ellt'OIIO 1·1·"t, J~ . C, NnMI>(Il, l'I'('f. C. IV. \V ll~.

'['h0 Malhcmutic" C'luh of Iowa City hlloh school ~ntl'rtalnpd at a picniC' Sunday 1100n nt the city 111l1'k

}'rl(lay wllh her g l'andl11oth~I', ~ I I·H.

Sfll'llh Ilu nlcy of 314 S. l)uiJ u'l ue 6trC'Ot. 'l'hl'Y plan t o ~all tl'OI11 New l'O~k 1If~y 25.

Ifflm, I'1'0f. A. (J. 'l'homnA. 1'l'pf. C.

'. W.vll~, ('01. MOlton C. Mumm~, O. A . K(,i1dPrdltl~, /'11111 C'li"L('I' , a. IV . Kel""I' Ilnci Llo),(1 I low('lI. .. == ::::

May Sale of

LINGERIEI t~ Our Lingerie Sales during t he month of May is planned fO l' It most op- +1 ~ pOI·t une time when the new brides and girl graduates can take advantage +

of the savings in plljLnning their outfit of lovely intimate things. We in-t vite them to share i.n the values ! i i : i Envelopo chc-,m.i;ie of crepe de chine trimmed f ~+ with val lace prove how significant are the if :t values in the May Sale! Colors, pink and

peach ._._ ... _ .. _ .... _. __ .. __ .. _ .. __ ... __ .. ____ . __ $2.98, $3.98

i A t ailored crepe de chine gown is piped in i :t contrast ing color . .. another , not sketched, ~ :t has scalloped bottom, and hemsti tched de- '" :t sign, unusual .. ____ ... ___ .. _. _ .... _. __ .. _$1.98 to 8.00

i Costume slips of crepe de chine, lovely gar­:t ments, are here in abundance 52.98 to $5.98 :t + ... ... + o!o

t :t

C~tume cotton slips, h ip hem, bodice top and built shoulder ...... -.---.--... __ .$1.25 to $3.39

Pajama suits for traveling Ot' lounging are practic21 and stylish _ .......... _ 6.98 to $12.50

i COI'liets and BI'AI;si{'l'f'H for ('\'l'ry figul'c al'C I'('U- ~ ~ sOl1~bly priced for the 1I1ay Sl'lliDg- + i Corsets .............................. --.......... 3.50 to f. .... Brassieres . __ , __ .. --.-.-.. _. __ .. _. __ .... __ ._ .. _ .. _._._50c to , :t Crepe de chine Dancettes _ ............... 4.50 to ;

i Choose Now for Graduation Gifts I· i and Your Own Personal Use ; + '" :t See Display Center Window ;

~++oJ+f++H·+++f ++++H·++++++++++++++++++·Jo++++++·W+++++++++++H·+++++i40f0fofof..J: =

Many New Additions Have Arrived for our


Sample Dresses

These S\ylish, Quali\Y Dresses

nro 11,,\ c 'a l)pd fi r flol'll l ~" fJ l 'j:"t'Hr utld ('hl rroll , 1I'1I~ 1t 'lh/c sllll cr('11C. Ilcltlljne I{,tj[lli a 1111 YO,Stlll sHl's a llll RIlOI'I, ~ I/J.s. Th~y II 'P"" Jl lJul r to sell i n thll I' g ular "'3)' from SIR.M to. :19.50. Tlt cy ('III IlC 111 ItHIl slz('s. H 1·2 til 2~ 1·2, a llll S·C!:"",,· sizes JG to 48. ('ltoo, fl'lllll Ule cnt im gron;t of 17r. IIn's'le ut $~1.75, , l l.7r" ~9.75. •

Evel'Y OIlC of 'rhCH\' UI'CS'Cs (s Il Copy or I~ (llch 1II141iel' 1'1';~('d Mo,lel

I)rp~scH ~ ult alJh' I .. wra l' 0 11 Ill(' ('l lIlIPIl~ , down towlI or II I hOl1lt·­in Iud 011 aJJIH,,1 ullY otcuslOll , Ures",'s for flay fit · Ids ll" t~O Ui llllY IIl1l1M" IlUl l , ,,,~,rly every 11'0 1111111 will filld j u~ ' th o righ t thlllg. Uy all 1U(,IHtS hlty ono, t \vo or t1t1'ec l ornorl'oll'.

l\lRy Sale 01 Fine COI\TI'I, ~UlTS ANn ENSEl\IIIU~R

Valllcs tu ,30.00, Nnw

$6.08. ,9.7(1, ,l4.7B, ,Z4.7B, $:l1.7R

I'I<'~ \VII"low OI"plnr

You get the

,benefit of this



S, 1928 ---..


;uesday, May 15, 1928

Final Registration for Mother's Day Hits Total of 488

I Athena Presents t

·...,.(-CO-~...,.·P-NU-E-. D-F-R-OM-"'''''-O-l'f-2-' f estirf;ll T o»igbtl


Sunday Tea Given by .' President 'Ends , I Festivities 1'he rln'll r~III~lrll Lion or the moU,'

cr~ who WCl'e In lown City for t ho MoUle" 's dllY C('I('llI'oLion tutall'd 488, silout Hurty ,.e"lstering ut Iowu Union Sunday.

Mem\x'l'S ur !\lotar noard. ('88IsL­,d by l11elllhr"K nr AY. 1. an(l the Un(on IXJIlJ'(I, !1('lIvl" 'CcI ,'0"1'8 to every IUUU).p1' who \VIIs I' "IHtN'~<1 Rundny roornlng, ),'Iyo hu",li'NI flowc ~ wel'o OI'tIN'cct u,'I!;lnnlly. hut nnother hundred waR "lI<1p(] III tlntt num!)" ,' ilCror rIow" " ~ hnil heen given to overy mothel',

Il tIYcrn 400 nnll r.QO pel'RonH weI) dOwn the reception Ihw Ilt the ten given at the home or j'l'rHld nt Ilncl Mrs. ,Vulter A. JpS>lUP Sunday Mt­e1f\oon. M<:'ml)crs of Morta r Ronrt! nnd Uwll' mothers a'><Hlstcd as 110s,l·

'l'he rooms lIr th l)I'eshl nt's hom n

were decorated \VIU, spring f lowcrs .. 'TIW rnotherH wer ~hown about the groUndK and garclens. Refrcshmcnts were servl'(1 hy memhCI'9 of the hOl11O economies 11c)lllrtml'llt_

"~ I othcl''' was th theme of t hc t'('rvlce In prllctlcnlly every 1011'11. ,city church :sunday Inol·nlng.

Mothel'" find !lads were tho guests ot hOnor at t he various fraLernlty amI so~orlty hou~cs and at uI'I-1 r hall Sunlln.y noon. From ten to Ihlrty mothers were guc~ts at every house.

Lutheran Church Chooses Knowlton

Council President

M(o(Hlehcal'\I ..ej(lon Tonigh t At 7:30 o·c1ock. memhers

or the Mooseheart leg-Ion wil l hOld a ,'egu lol' meetl nj!' u,t t he MooHe hall .

+ -+ + E t [I, "11.1:111:1. 1)1

Eta Hign II. Fhi, l"onol'[lI 'y clll881cal r"at~rnlty w ill hQIII !\ hUHlne8s meet ­lug tomo rrow n.l. 4 p.ll , . In I'oom J 16, III/cl'al arts!

+ + + 1.'/11 Hho I'I lglIIlI

PI I Rho Slgll11l In itia ted three Illrn Saturday aftcrnoo n. They W!'I'C O"ant Bu llock, M I ot C.u~h i n g;

'(.J 1 \l1I·lc~ Hwlf t, lI1~ or I'ofton , N~b; tlncl ,L. WestoD. Mt 0( Newton.

\ + + -I-('hi ('hi

Dln ne,· gue~t" :It the rh l ('hi hotm Sunduy were : Dr. a nd lit rs. 11. A_ li:lmq ulHt n nd Cha l'lott!) anc.l lI UI'l'Y l~iln~uI8t of DeB Moines; lIil'>I.

~. 'f.,. ~1 1).1') le Of L,llIcomb~c, Mrs· Evely,) v~ij Dyko or Iowa ity. nnd Lena Sca.J·cy of Oskaloosa.

-+ + + J)e!J1\ j)(>ltu Ueltll ~oLhe r~ !who were f(UeBts H t tile

chapt()r ~ l lJl,Ise fo,' the wepk-encl were: Mrs. J . C_ MI..'G ulre. Mason (,lty; Mrs . . J. E. ~~acDonaJd, Mason

Ity; ,1\1"8. F. E. Steussy. Boone: MI'H_ l.Ankr. Nevada: M,·s. Ca"1 Dakel'. lawn. }<'o " ,; Mrs. J enkins, Moelrld: Ml's. K uhlman. Des Moines; M,' •. Scott. Vinton ; M,' •. J ohn ston, Sigou rney; Mrs. E d Haggcrty. Ot­tUn)wa; A.n(l Mrs. <;I lles, ·Wavcr ly.

Trl-pelts f,-om Coo college WJlO

spent tile wet'k -el)d a t t he chap te)' house were E lsie Ji'l.J1scomb, H elen McDonRld. a nd R utll Barth .

Luci lle Ik'l. lIu ft and Marjorie An­dm'son spen t tho week-end wi th (I'I nds at Simpson college at I n­dianola.

+ + + Theta XI

Dinnel' guests at the Thetn X I bOuse Sunday were 1\1 r. and Mrs. 1". W. Tomasek ot ·WlIli(l.maburg. Mrs. W. C. Leik of D ubuqv.e. Mr. a nd 1I1 ,·s. D. ·W. Armslrong oC Dy-

O. C. I(l\Owilon was elected pl'cRI- ers \·lIIe, Mrs. G. Henn and Mrs. L. ."nt of the church council ot St. A. WestenIJerger of Hawkeye. Mrs. Paul's Luthera n university ch ul·c.!) Malsed of Hampton. MI'l and M,·s. at a meeting or the congl' gatlon MD rtln of Cedar Rapids, 1\11'8. Sehln­Sunday. • nlng of Decorah. and Ma.rga,-ct

Othcr oftlccr~ electNl wpre: n . II. 'Westl'nbcrger 0' Hawkeye/' Pundt, vice president; the Ill'v, J. Theta XI held a n annuat tound­A. I'rledr!eh, permanent aecl'el!U'Y; er's day dinner at Youde's In n Sat­E(lwar(\ UrbanH, tJ'ea~uI' I'. Ur,lllY !ll 6:30 p. m. The followi ng Stlld~nt m~ml)p"8 O[ th" ~ou nrll were the out-ot-town guests: Carl

eleeted wel'e: N'ornmn DC.'letzke, Al Corteen Anel Chllrles Altflllesch of o( (,harlotte. ('halrJ11an of ]lubllclty Decol-ah. Louis Houth of Hawkeye, wmmltlee; RalPh ClaM~en, El of I. Nesbitt of Ml. Pleasant, A. J . Pomeroy. ch!lirmnn of Concordia Keyes. L. Sabath. and L Knolk. n.ntl ~Iub; Wlllt('r :Meyel', E3 Of ""ehstor Cadton Owens. a ll of Cedal' Rap­City, ch,lIrman of church commlt- id.~. tce: ann I1llrdet 1. Mahnke. J2 or Sioux City.. chairman of member­ship c'lmmitteo.

Equipment Complete to Install Vitaphone

Iowa Westminster Men to Meet Here

Tho ,Vestmlnlster foundation com. mlttee of Iowa will meet In Dean George F. Kay's oWce tomo,'row at-

Although the ('nglneel's repre~cnt- ternoon. ror a regular session. Ing the Vlt:,vhone eOl'porallon hflve I Those of tho committee who will not \let arrived to InRt:lll the 'ita- be present are Dean Kay. ,\111118 phone In the' .F:n'l'I''I'l thNar!', (hO Mercer, the Rev_ John G. Rhlnd, all COml)lota 'qulpnwnt Is In r,·,,(]in'·f~ to oC Iowa City; M". James8arld\V OC be I\,scmh\ed. .1\1 D:tvl~, mana,A'er cdal' Rapids: J:.:dwln Lindsay of or the E\\P;lert theatre. H'l.td yeHter' Davenpol't. the Rev_ George Fulton day thilt th(' ('n~ln('('r's 1VOU)(J /lrob- of De8 Moines, and the Hev. Curtis ably arrive today. R Douglass. director of student

Announe"mrnl "'fl" made last work in the university. nl~ht by :Ill'. D,,,-15 that ~ contrac t for the InRtnllntlon of '. 1""'mll11l' l1t "cntil'ltl"n ~yst~m ha(1 jUKt 1)O('n cloentl anel that work 1I'0ul<1<1 hegln In tho nOil" future with It \'Iew tn· ward ('ompl(·tlon wlthtn three wcck~.

Seven Scouts Earn Community Bad~es

Give Origi~al Greek Play ~t J\nnual Celebr~ion

Pa.nAthena.e. a nnua l spring tesU­val celebrated hy the Athena. liter­ary SOCiety, Will be given th is eve­ni ng at 8 o'clock on the deck of lh e Iowa Union. I

'l'he festiva l this year will tak e We fprm of an dl'lglha l Greek I""Y written ,by Millicen t ' B ush. A3 ot'

I own City, and j)ol'othy Boege. A2 of I.e Clalrc. T,IO play Is cen tered about the Greek myth of Thesues and the Ml nalor.

1>1 embers of t he jJlay cast are hc.-alels. Edith Wharton. anI! J OII{'. r h ine Holstcen. A4 ot De'n mal'k : Na ''I'ato r. Marjo"le Decker. A 4 Of Rockwell C ity; ", sus. H azet Chlll­m el's. Al of Ster ling, 111. : ~Inol!. Sarah Libby, Al of Sibley.

You th , Dorothea \,\Ioods. Al of George; Old Man. lin FOlC • .A4 Of Pella; LaJs, H elen Slngcly, A 4 ot Moulton; youths n.nd maidens. :Mary McL\lujthllll, A3 of DaveJl Port: I rma Pelznlck, A2 of .fnn/ey; Blanche Lyford, A2 of Port Byron. , 111.; Aileen MeW'I1Ilnm. A3 ot ' Menn. Ark.; H lIah Chatterton. A2 of Cllln-' Lon.

" !Musleians are, Velma Joh n~on , Ai of H utlwcn; VelnJa. Tobhl, A~ o f Jowa c.'ty; Mae P le tLe. A3 of Pella; Dor1s E ddy • .A2 of Sibley; ,Theressn T~s8Inl, A2 ot Si'bl y; and Martha

. I G,·otewoll i. A4 of BU,l'I lngton. .

The goddess Ath~na wil l be 1)01'­

lrayed by llildegard Jl1urousek. A4 ot Iowa City.

Preceedlng tho playa banquet will be held in the private dining 1'00111

at Iowa Union. Committees working on the featl­

val are. The,-essa Tosslnl. A2 of Sib­ley chairman of music committee: Mil licent Bush, chalt'man of ' play committee: Marjorie Deck",1', At of Rockwell City. ' chairman at banqu et committee; and Helen Singely cdl­tor oC Gavel.

The play is open to the publlo.

Fraternity Installs Eight New Officers

Alpha Sigma Phi announces the Instat1atlon Of the !ollowlnt; oftlcers for the coming year:

Preslelent, Arno R. Taggc. 03 of Davenport; vice president. Ca~ 1 },'. DisUehorst. C4 of Burlington. Rob­ert T_ ·Wrlght. 1'2 Of Algona, stew­ard-treasurer: recording secretary, Metvln L_ Bakel', A2 Of What Che<!r; COrreSIJondlng secretarY. Mil­ton O. Riepe. Al ot Burlington; mar­shal, Lorton R. Carson, A2 of What Cheer: custoeUan. Hay V. FI~her. Al ot Knoxville; and rushing chairman. Charles T_ Akre. Al of Algonll.

A. T. BergeI', Al of Dav nport: R. E. Speirs. Al 01 Spearsvlllo, Kiln.; And V. V. Holmes, E2 0[, Sioux City wore loltlated iolo the tratcl'J)lly Sunday morning.

Theta Phi Al pha. Guests at ihe chaple,· house for

Mother's day were : 1111'S. Speidel, IMrs. clenn, Mrs. McMahan and MI·s. Daly. all of Iowa City; l>fre. Hunter of Eldora. Mr!\'. A nderson of Cedar Rapids. Mrs. Meade or Os­Cord and ~lr, and Mrs_ Busler of Ce(la.· Rapids.

Suit Against ~eta8 Goes Before Court

Reven Boy Scouts qualified fol' Other guests at lhe ehapLer house community serviCe badges during during the waek-end were: Betty the music festival. 'fo 1,oSSCHS the Moeller and Roth Ballurr. WhO III badge a scout must have complctea teaching In Tipton.

TI.I· suit or .\Irs. ~ac1:(' "',,Itel's " .~. }:~ta 'rIll'I '! 1'1 em tom It)', .,sl:lnli [0 .. n Ju<l<{IMnt or $1.3;;7.,,0. was IIlc'llled h('«we Ju(lge Hluo!d .0. 1';van9 In til(' (lIst"lct court yester' day morning. i'1,·s. " -,,Iter.' .,lIrges that th frat!'Cnlty broke ~ ('ontract under whlrh Bhe was ' mpll)~ed.

l1t'M. "'H Iler~ was l'fl]lreK('llt(lotl by AUy. ·f. :If. Fall'Chiid. A. II. 'a,'­SellnL or ('c(lll I' l!al,ld" uppcar('u for Ihe uelcnllnnL.

WSUI Program a_m.-Market reports.

10:30 a.m,-New8 hour. 12:25 noon-News r('view· Tl!no"

aoioR. 'Wllilrun G_ EclmondHQn. of Chicago. I

6 Jl.m.-"Rol11(' A~p('Cts of J)lwl h Thou~ht," Maurkc H. Farbrldge.

Ii p.m.- Wllnor music. Uolel Jer­!~r~on _

T Qke tpe ~ho~test WAY. and the fasteet ~hlp •• Sail f rom Varu:ouv/=r on one ofour3 greo tWhlte Empresses, Larl;e, well aired cabins. P lenty of deck. apace. Good food. Second CIa .. fa~. betiln at $ 185. Flut aDd third cl . .. aho. Only 10 daya to YoIr.oharu . • • then Kobe. Napaaki, Sh.n,. J>al , HODI Konll. ~nll". ~ak your .t~l!'.blp Jlllcn& !'bout it. QC WFlte FO j(, 1>. EqvOB'rfJ\', SteD',,' r hip Gen. i\l(t_ 7~ ,..:. Jllclj:, sun O'''d_ Chlc'4:'1 Ilr 011)'

IlnCKI ~h~"' IIHI,I" ,,~ellt . JI' 'Ir rrt' lght 111'1)1)' /0 p_ 11.

, Jf~fty , D_1.r.A. W.O.lV-1J1IIld/I'I;, Onl ?l.ft .

Canadian WQrhf'· Pacl~f.t ICe Oreateat 1'J"avel Sy.te.m

fifty hoUl's Of service free to th~ Fea Hanson, Al ot Idaho FaIlR, communlty_ I?our scouts ha.ve p ,-e' Idaho, spent lhe week-end In WIn­vlously eUl'ned the hQnor_ lamsburg. Morlan (Powers, A4 of

The boys to ho presen ted with the Clinton, !>pent the week-end at her hac1ge 'lre:Etdon Schnoebelen , Wil- home. Marie McMahan, A4 of Cam­liam Smith. Dwight Hughes, and bridge, III.. a nd Eleanor D unn. Al Dlel< Woods of T,·oop 9: Joo Scannell of I owa City, atlended It\1e 1I1ay l\nd J<tck MQulton of Troop 10: and m usic festival at Cornell last weetc-

~:"y ),othon1 orT~r~00~p~5~.========~;e~nd~.~======~==~==========~

Whi~b wm You Cho@,@ i"Bq~ID~IS-

Guesswork or Knowledge?

Will YQu take the fi~t job ~~at i. qlfered yop­"uQ8il)g lqat h is the best one for you and that yop have the qualifications to sueceed?

Or will you enter busi­nesll with a thorough knowl· edge of business fiindamen· tals an~ a knowledge of your own ability that will ep_ble you to select the position for which you are 'better qualified? ,. ,

The business training at Babson Inltitqte serves all an excellent Pleans of tran· sition from college to the busine81 world. Here you would be tau~ht the funda· mental laws of Firanee, ProductionandPi.tribut~n, and would be IIhown how these laws Ire applied in actual bu~ineSs fife. You would lie in a small con· rerence ,,!'pup. \forking in a business environment, and under the peflOnal direction of bbsine8~ men.

You may enter at the be­ginninl of any quarter term and cotnp~.fe the work in 9 ~naecptiv~ moqth~.

Send for Booklet Every colleg. man who i. ambl·

tioul to lucc •• d In bulin'N eboyfd r.ad our booklet "T,ralnl,n,' fO,r Business Leadership." It '''litaln­in detail the work given and the unique f •• turel of tbl. cou'" 'Ill' bualneas fundamerlt.I._ If .bo .... bow, by rollowin, bualn_ In.tb·' ode, our etud.ntli ar. tborouchly trained for leadership. A copy will b. sent fr.e,

Mail this C~U/?9'! ~O'W /

r.---.... ------... ' Ptb\~J.~.~!~t'!',,~.tVl~ l.

Send me, Without obll,.U<fn "Tra,1!' _ In, (or Bu.lne.. Le.d .... hJp.,. .nC! I co,"pl," p.ntcul.,. lboul ' BablOA I 1011)' .. ,".

I !'!~!'J'!........... . .. . .................. r ~tt4;L .................... _ ....... 1 -.... _................................. f

B b I ~~:;!.. t . a son n$titute ...... _,-............................... I Or,~nJ.."."", Ibr ,roIlt. -_.'ho Cit, I "'~...w ",w. D'.,·.~'1.-11·· .. --. ----..... --....................... I

iiiBiiaiiibso~~ni!p!iiariiiiikiiiii' ijiii~iiiiMiiiassiiiiiii' '".!!:::~-;;~.;,;.;;,;,: . .:.:.::.:::;;. . .;.-.;,;" '. ,.. _ .- .... ~.--,~... :L:~. .,1

Our Annual Bargain

Starting to­day you may suscribe to the Iowan for One YEAR

For the year for four dollars. In other words - you may have


For the summer

Iowa City's morning news­paper delivered at your door each day for one and two-thirds cents

Whether you will be away for the summer

or plan to • remaln • in

Iowa City makes no difference - the Iowan will reach you eac~ day. This

rate is the same by mail or • carner.

You wUl find it a pleasure

to follow the news- of the

cCjlmpus ...... ,city ...... state ...... and

nation in the columns of the

IOWAN during the coming

v~ar. A morning n~wspaper

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The Daily Iowan "First with the News"

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Published ev ry monllns: except Monday the entire year by Student Publlc .. tlOll8 Incol'poraled, at 126-130 Iowa avenue, Iowa City, IOWa.

Entered as seoond elllB' matter at the po,tottloe al r';lVa City, lown..

.;ubBcrlption rates: by carrier, '5.00 tor 12 montbs; by '111,11, ~. 80 tor 12 months. Single copies 6 cont.,

lUElIlBER OF THE ASSOOIATED PRESS Tho Auoclated Press 18 e"eluslvely entitled to use tbe

r. IJll hllcatl",1 of all news dispatches credited to It or nOI "d'd'wl~e credited In this paper, and 0.1.0 the local news :,uullehed herein.

ADVERTISING RIllPRESEN'l'ATIVES Roy Barnhill, Ino., ~o E. 34th St., New York; 410 North

~lIchlgan Ave., Chicago, Ill.; Collegiate Special Advert!e­,nlo: Agency, Inc., 503 Fifth Ave" New York; 612 N. Mlch­'l'UU Blvd., Chicago, 1lI.

BOARD OF TRUSTEES Frank 1.. Mott, chairman; Ewen MacEwen; Raymond

U. Kittredge; Sidney G. Winter; Alnslee Ill, Hickerson; J~'m Falvey; Frederlc A. Schneller; Carl Kirwin i John r~ McGuire,

HARRY S, BUNKER, General Manager.

EDITORIA.L STAFF 'I' heodore F. Koop .............................................................. Edltor .• llen Wortman_ ... _ ..... ____ ... _ ............. Managlng Editor llazel W8J'ren ............ " ............ __ ............................ Clty Edllor Jiarold J . Claassen.._ .. __ ... _ .... _ ...................... SporLs Editor ldu May Converee. ........ _ ...... _ ......................... Soclety Editor IlUlph P. young .... _ .... _ .......... " ............. , .... " .... Campus Editor

. ",,"0S M. Long ............ _ ... _ ................................ .AIumnl Editor U.ulah J . Wlckard ................ _ ............. ..................... Columnl.t

};(lllh CObeeD __ ............................................ _ .... Lllerary Editor Nll'ilt New. Edllor.

T{arrT Ill. Boyd, Marvin Logan, J ames BelUe, Uartzell Silence, Edwin B. Grecn.

nUSINESS STAFF \VlllIam T. Hageboeck_ .... _ ... _ ................. B".lness Manager W. lIarry Harper .... __ ...... _ .... _ ............. Clrculation Manager Il:dwln B. Green .... __ .. _ ......... .:: ...... Classlflud Ad v. Manager Agnes SehmldL .......... _ ...... .", ........................ _ ........ Accountunt l," 'oderlc A. Schneller ___ ._ .. __ ........... Advertlslng A.slstant Itobert v. Slbert. ................. ~.:: .......... Advc,1.lslng As.lstant James J. Dolley_._._ .. _ ................. .A.dverUslng Assistant '"olli. M. Rlch ... _ .. _ ..... __ .::-............ Advcrtlslng Assistant It'JI"nd lllvan ................. ____ .... _ .......... Adverti.lng Assl.tant 'I'hollla. H. Mii.rnette. __ -= ................ AdvertlBlng As.lstant

Tuesday, May 15, 1928 $. -----------------------------------------

NIGHT NEWS EDITon Ralph S. Lannln&:

A ir Mail Week

MA Y 15th being thc tenth anniversary of the regular transportation of mail

hy air, the postmaster general has desig· nated the week beginning May 14th as " Ai l' Mail Week." In order to show our loyalty to the ail' mail service and our in-1l'l'cst in the local airport, citizens of Iowa Cily as well as the students in the univer­~;ity, are asked to co-operatc by sending at h'ast one letter by air mail during the com­ill~ weck.

The la t decade has seen many remark­nhle developments in aviation, chief of which has been the establishment of daily airmail routes throughout the United ::ltates. Ten years ago, the post office de­pUl'tment first began to fly the ail' mail on a regular daily schedule. The first route lI'as between New York and Washington. Within the first year, 128,037 miles were l'Iown, 7,720,840 letters were eaniee!.

]n 1919, the line went west to Cleveland I'l'om New York. The following year, it was extended to Omaha by way of Chi,. r:\g'O. The sllme year, planes went to San Francisco. In December of the same year "Rpm feeder" lines went into operation connecting commercial centers with the I runk lines,

TO night flights were made. Service was Oil a sort of stop, skip basis; ponches of let tel' mail being advanced in flight by day amI by train during the night, to be flown IIl('l\in the next day toward their destina­tion. The charge remained the same for I his "double transportation."

On Feb. 21, U)21, the post office depart­ment tried its first trans-continental air mail flight and made the trip in thirty­Lilt· e hours and twenty-one lninutes, in­('lUlling stops and transfers, This required ::I night flight between Cheyenne and Chi­('lIgo. Beacon lights wel'e then installed be­lll't'e n these cities. .At that time, the post­age rate on air mail was 24 cents per ounce 1'0l' the entire trip. Today it has been cut to tell cents pel' half ounce,

1 n 1925, congrcss passed the Air Mail • \d, authorizing the postmaster general to contract with responsible individuals and ('()rpomtions to transport the mails in air­el'aft betwecn such cities and under such t'oJl(litions liS he might stipulate. (rhus in 1!l26, contract air mail was established on se yeral spur lilies. In 1~27 the trans·con-1 inental was changed to contract service.

• ew and additional air mail routes have ue(,1l put ill o]leration under contract until touay the couutry is well covered with a nctwork of air mail lines touching most of 1li e larglll' commercial centers, operating OW L' 9,916 miles of airways with a daily l\ i l' travel of 22,110 miles.

'rhe air mail is here, use it liberally. Wben you do, you not only help the air lU,ul, but you help the city of Iowa City,


AMERICA is ecrtainly making a brave attempt to be as cheery and bright 8S

it is prORporOllS for we seem to have ad­\'aJ 1CCU from til steam ago to the eolor age, '0101' d cars, colorcd slickcrs, colored kit-

111]('11 wa]'!', and colored clothes. Whatever it is, it's bright, The blacks and tans and I-:I'Uy8 just uou't lit in with jazz and radios Ilnd cars.

'rhe latest thing being perfectod is colored toP!; for eaJ's-color~ that will not fade in tho sun and rain, 0 now when you buy t hut new cel'i~c rOfldster or that apple grccn i,<:dn n you CRn g t thc top in eOl'l'espondil1g or, bctt.er yct contrasting brillill ncl'.

'J'heu thc road will be ~ivalling the cam­pm s lickers on a rainy day. .And the trop­jC1I1 birds will bo hiding their plumage in I>hum wh n Ihey view tbis new burst of '010 I' from the ent crpl'ising auto dealers.

Cheers for Rockefeller

EVERVWTlERJ<J people nre commending tbe llctiol) of John D. Rockpfellcr, Jr.,

ill l'cqnl'stin~ Ihe tC, ignation of Col. Robert W. Stcwllt't !HI ~' hairlllnn of the board of di­l'CctOrs or Uill Stanuard Oil comllany be-

cause "11[\ no longer had COD rid once in his leadership. "

inee the beginning of the oil conb'ov!'rsy, 1\11'. Rockefell l' has aeted in such a mallner as to bring the highest credit to his lendcr­~hip, Prom tb first he offcrcd coopcration to the Se1)ntc ingestigntion committee in cvcry possible way, and it was thl'ollgh his efforts that mueh of the deplomblc situation was ex posed,

In the mORt r ecent acLion h is csp cially to bo commended for his feadeRs uUitmlQ and disregard of consequenccs. It is easi ly scen that to publically admit that he had lost faith in the chail'lnan of the board of directors i~ to subject his com pany to con­~iderable criticism. ]\filch tile easicl' method would havc been 1.0 111'ivateiy request the r esignation of Uolonel Siewilrt, but MI'. Rockefeller has given proof 01' his good faith by making public his demand. It is action of that sort that lJHlkC's I1S Htill have faith in the integrit.y of American indu!itry.

An Intelligent Author

THE tlisclOSt1l'c that S. S. Van Dillt', an­thOl' of the cxtl'cmely popular cll'tt'ctivo

sLorieR, is id entical with Willard HUIlt.ing­ton Wl'ight, [amollR 1'01' his highly intellect­ual "'l'hc Cl'eativc Will," Hnd ot hCl' books of cr'iticislIl lllls emlsl'll Il slighlly !liffl'l'l'nt outlook lIpon the COlli mOil u<, lief that pOpll­llll'ity and intellcctuality lIrc not compatible in this day fmel age. Because of thl' avid­ness ",ith which rca l(,l'S d 'VOlll' the detectivc stories slIch as thc' " l'a1HlI'Y" Illlll'tlpr cast', the intelligentsia was inc I inNI to talto il fo], gra.nted that th('y wel'e the typicu I, cheap, worthl s, stories that como out every day from the penR of unknoll'll wJ'iterx.

Mr. Wright docs not belittle tlil' l]Ph'cl i vc story by wri ting his llnd('r a psellilonym, He pointed out th" fact thut. n 1l0vl'l 1I1lder his real name would have b!'cn shunned by the average AmeJ'ican. J~OI' 11 long timc his identity has remained a mystery, but any C!'itieal reader assumed thut It chal'llett'I' uS

intellectual and philosophical aH Phiiox Vance, who sat down and reasoned out a mystery case beeans~ of his ver~atilit.v in all fields of knowledge could not have come fl'om the pen of any an'rage writ('l'.

.1\11', Wright has elevated the <ll'trctive story to a place whcre it can truthfully be called a worthwhile piece of fiction, "'orthy of th(' notice and study of lhe educated as well as of the entertainment oC the uvel'Ug

Heywood Broun's Conscience

HEYWoOD BROUN believes with Shakes­peare that it is better to "take 11]) al'ms

against a sea of h'Ollbl('s and by opposin~, end them" tban to h(,flitatc', or Hllti'<'l' si­lently. So h(' made pcaC(' with his ('onsril'ncc by writing an expose in the Na/ion, of' ~olUC uuimpeaehing scandal in the N('w Yol'lc World, the paprr which eT);lploYI,tl him.

'1'hcre WIlH llothi ug treacherously two­faced about his action, lOr Ill! lwei prl'viollsl.v submitted the material to t he IV ol'ld itsclf, which, of COllrse, refused to print it.

.As columnist, Bronn is oue or the most influential and widely l'ead write I" of the day, Uis thought and ~Iyl e arc original and he represents onc of thc highesl types of .American journalists.

The newspaper field, long nccusccl of hc· ing conscil:neeless would do well 10 hesitate before parting with slich as Bl'onn, who have the powel' to give the ]lap!'1' I he son I which Broun hints tllC'y do not HOW haw. The Nation Ilcc('ptcLI Broull \ article with­out hesitation, It would be intel'esting to see whether they would print an article at­tacking their own policies, if Brouu decm­ed it fit to write Ruch an artielc.

It seems . absurd that newspapers try to maintain antI fo;;t('1' the belief that they are reproach less at all times, and it is alHo absurd for the public to expect nCWllpapPI'S to be above board in everything'. .1 f: the papers a1'l' human, they arc fallible, Ilud if they fll'e not human, they are papers without soulfl-merc chronicles oC fact.

By dismissing BJ'olln, the lV orlrl vCl'jfied to some extent B ['otm's comment I hat it has neither courage nor t('nnci ty.

WHh Other Editors I

Teachers Must Be Fit (From The Miilvnul(ell ,JOln'/lItl)

The new rule of the normal regents re­quiring studeIJts to pass a physical exmnina­tion as a preliminary to fml'olimeut is sound and in the intel'cst of the state '8 ducational system. It i based on un understanding of the purpose of the state teaehel' coil ge.'!. The same rille, passed by the university, for instance, unlC~H it Hpplied only to I he school of education, woulll be ohjectionable. 'I'he same reasons £0 1' its nc 'd would llot app ly.

'['he teach('t, co ll eges arc 110t school!; of; general edueatioll_ 'I'hcy are, or should be, operated tt'ictly for the training of teach­ers. Theil' gonl is an outpnt of YOllng women and men who !U'O train d flnd fit Lo conduct the public Rchool ~YAt('m. 'l'hC1'0f'01' thcy have a rjght, Ilnd n duty, to sdect tho C

candidates who p;ive promis of bing abl , mentally Hll tl physically, to do thai work. 'I'bat is just commOn sense.

Why shollid tit nOl'nutls acc<,pl the train­ing of a. candidate who shows I hat he 01' sho may nevel' he IIble to AI anel 111(' Rtl'uin or teaching' It may be just III k of 8tr' 'l1gth, it may bat 'ndcncy to llcrVOUSIl!'SH, it may be a predilection to some cOllstillltiol1ll1 di s­ease, such as tubel'culosis, 'I'hllt cIl,ndidll1e ought not nspil'c to tcuclling Rnd tile school ought IIOt to aid him to RlIch Ilspirntions if. be does hllve tb m, '

'reaching is hard wOl'k [111(1 rlrllw II 'aviiy on the teacher's vita lity. 'l'hat physiclll qualifications have not be n insiHted npon in the post llos t)l'ohably been Ii factor in the numerous breakdowns that hllVO oe­cUl'red in the schoolroom, Th n \V normal rule, thercfore, will be a protcctioll both to the teacher and the school.

The Daily Iowan. Iowa CJf1, TuesClay, May n, "f92~ Real Folks at Home (A Taxi Driver) ByBr.igal

Chills and Fe\'er

llARDLY EVER ITe (1!'lves a ijPO,'ty CIlbrlolet It sUI'ely Is a hummel'


TOD"", ~ \.-oT SA .5f40\!lT HA<VL.S 0""; ACCOW"-JT OF A DR.I Z:l. I-E -

-... Af'lD T ... e; T,PS wi:iRE< FAI~ Tau

I H"J) ONG> l.o""r. AROU"'P 1i~B PARK BUT 1i-i~ GuY 1(PP6D M G PR6TT'!' Swt;'l-L. • THAT:.s A GaOl' STAND oVER 0"-' OAK AV'NEI-\

But though I live a thuBand years I'll never date a dl'ummel',

I'll bet He haR 0. gil' I In very town And sometimes three 0/' tOUI' A living wife, at least ono wife­Alld Il o.ybo dozens mOl·e.

Thel'e'. just on!' vow I'll nEW r bl'calc In winter Or In summel'; Although ho plays In symphOnlcs I'll never date a drummer.

• • • F''01ll f he Jr:JII( RuUeUn

Baldwin reports that "Foley wrote him from ChlCllgo: "Speak.lng Of crlme waves-Chlcago se~ms to hlwe gOt herself 0. permant'nt."

Landlady-You olways Si ng while taking a bath, Doctor. 'Why do you do lIml"!

t SEe,.. MIKE PeTROLI STANOIN' 'R.O(,!tJO ""sR. HOVR-oS WITHOUT GE"TT,,,-, A FAt:! E - ,-I6 ·.s .sOR e ON Mc Be.C."tJ-56. I Gal:


FRO""" 0'" A,,-,'<'BoDY­.soME J)A'r" '(au'Lt.

HEY MAY ~ '.I>IO.U'T gR,,,,,G,

"Doc" O'T\rJ"I"I-'I'ho \)nth room doot, won't stay locked .

Some wise mnn said that h~rn"e

h!' and his wlf.e were ma rrlpd, he ('aught hpr In his arms; now he catches her In his )Jocketa.


MY UPHOLS'TRY IS WHAT 067'.s ,,-Is' 'PV.BL'C· • H6 STILL /--lAS T .... AT ot..D


uP MY KID To BE A JAY­wAl.Ke>t '" I SeEN A ><1 D

1.1t<6- J' ..... MI$ G'T BUMP6:0 oFf' ToDA .... FER "-lOT WATCH I,..,' ouT WI1ERc.. I-Is' WAS He,o.D'N' TO

• • • A Rhymed RI<'IIlle

Some one /18k Chllz this aile Chllz Is nsking you. How flU' cnn a Quad·mun tum his

neck A nil not oVCl'turn his ennoe?

• • • ,Ye APe thnl nn Towa Womnn,

Leone Hulsizer set II- wOI'ld record In (lt'lvlng thr other day. She drove 100 boul's. We saw a man who Irled tha t once. His body wn. RlI'oll - n and purple from exhaustion. He risked his 11(" fOI' puullrlLy.

• • • \Vh lc h I('oos on£' to think t hai ' his

wodd Is full Of a number of thlngR -<lmong them, idlot~. Yet It ppotl l(' n('ver did nbsurd things what wouJc1 ('olumnlsts razz'l If the"e was nolh· Ing to razz, how cou1(1 co1umnlHt~ !'xlst? It columnists did nol exls t­hut thnt's too saIl -to tnlk ahout.

• • • A headline reads:

:-inllOleon's Hat Will Go 1n

Pnr:s .<\ uf·tiOn PAyche Says sh,,' 1! plaCe her bill

when they put UP the whILe )lOr>:e.

• • • Over the lelel>hone: • H!'-What do you have

tomorrow? She--N')thlng. Ile--Chlils a.nd Fevel'!

• • •

On for

C'levp1allll' says:"Thl' whi t~ 1I0u,p is 100 ]lcr cent Greek lett~r" 1'1'( 'II· dent Coolidge is 0. Pill Oarn; l\fI'A. ('oolidge Is a PI PhI. We mil;-ht "d I tha.t lhe pet racoon was n Phi Bpl!l but he broke his IJledge.

• • •

LEAT'"'SR .:iTVFI'='

@,9.iA N."'.


Official Daily Bulletin The University of Iowa

Dullelins nlld nllllouncemeJJts tor the Official Daily ButlNln column must be in the hrurds of Lole Ran(JalI, 101 Journalism buildmg, by 4 p.m" or 11:30 a.m., Oil Satur'day, to apl>ear ill the followln!: mornlng's Daily Iowan. Volume Ill, No. 177

F acu)ty Notices I'UBLJC LECTURE

May 15, 1928

Pl'of. Thomlls Frederick frout, oC the University of London, will speak In the Benate Clllllllhpl' of Old Cupltol FI'lday, May 18, a t 4 p.m. on "The Unity of Mpdlcvul Civilization." W. 1. BRANDT.

U~IVEn .. 'Wl'Y TlLEATllE DINNER 'rhe annual all Unlvl'rslly (heal!'!' dinner will b ... held Friday, Ma.y ·18,

at G Jl.m. In the HIVeI' rOOUl, lowa Union. All who have been !lssO('lo.ted with lhe thealre in !lny capacity UJ'e urge<1 to attend a nd make theh' res· ervatlon bMol'e 'l'h lIt'sday noon. Ro 0111 ·10 libel'Ul arts. Tickets 70c.


TO GR,\ntWfE fo\~rl;UEXTs \\,110 l\tA,IOR OR l\tINOIt I)oJ PSrrnOLOGY

(}'he Book World WJNTERSl\IOO)oJ by Hugh Walpole

Doubleday Horan. $2.00 Aj;aJllst a background typical of

English society of todny a ount,-y hOllse saturated \\1th the history and tradiitlon ot g'('nel"cttions of titled! English families, move the chief characters and events In "Winters· moon," Ilugh 'Valpole's Io.tcst novcl.

One JlUle Quad·ltltllL Two litlle Qua,l ' lIIell Tho IVI·[tlen examinations for all eo.nuidateg for de);I"(>t's In psychololh l'addllllj( II <'anoe will be given In roOm 21 a 1i1)('I'al (!.rt~, £;aLu,'day, May 13, at 8 n .m. Ap·

To " 'lntel'8moon, the anceslral home uf the Poole famJly, ('omeH Janet Grandison lUter she marl'lcs Wildherne, young Lord Poole. Against this Ul'lstu('ratic bnckground aPI>eal' the family and friends of tho Pooles. l"il'sl Hosallnd, the beautiful, IJeloved, yet ijelfIsh slster or Janet. ,[,h"n for a ~hort enchant· ed time, Humphrey, the Infant "on of Janet and Wlldhcl'n(). And tragi· call)" Sir '1'llomas Seddon, the un· (ol'llIn"te hust:mnd of llosaland. One loves John 'Benmlnster, Lhe door Uncle John to " Poor Tom Selldon," antl "Ven th .. oltl Duke lIllll Du('h· ... ss [n lh h' hnpos.~lble Victorian home at 3 Ihtlklns Streot, London, 'Vouldn'! yoU be elated, llointmenls fOr this t'lI.lllllination musl be )nade In ndvanc .

A 11.1 somewhat ;lInlltedt 1 c. E. SEASJ!OIUJ. '''alpole .ilys In Ills preface that "Wintersrnoon" may Indeed be read wlLhout tllought of Its allcestors or Intended IU'ogeny, merely as charac· t(.'t·s who II PI''':\!' to be alive for an 1I0uI' 01' two. Hut Lhere 111'0 aneC8· tOI'S to "Wlntcrsmoon," chl~f ot which Is the "Duchess of '\'rexe," and the IC->l"cr lights which came aC· lel', "'I'he Green lHil'ror," and ·'11'13 Young Enchanled."

If they tipiled over looldng" nt

you? ••• I Undergraduate Notice. D{,8r C'hllz-R.lI.L of Ow ChlcAAO RPANJ~II (,LUll

Tribune w nt to I,'eland to con val· 1'11.1'1'0 will he. a m£'£'Lln,:: o[ the Spanish ('Iub \VNlnesday, Ma)' 1 G, at S escI'. We didn't know Ireland wall" p.m. In the llhcrrt1 III ttl dl\IWlng room. Margaret l\1ulrony wlll be the a health resort. ':Vh o \'er heal'll Of spenker oC tile el'enlng. C. L. CLARK, 11I'esldent.

1 nnybody recovering from anything W. A. COUNCIL '! In II'eland? - Ignatz There wiU he Instnllnlion of OrrtC!'I'S Into W. A. Council In lhe Iib<'rnl

'V(,'ve heal'll of peopl(' I'('('ovet'lng arls drawln~ 1'00/11 TU('"(\ay, M'ty 15, at 5 p.m. AU new nnd old memo 1 n tlll:HIl foul' books, ,Vlllpole cn· deavors to gIve his Idea or 80me o( I~ngllllltl Crolll 1900 to 1927, In J anet al'andlsOIl, he present Uw best "l J~ngllsh IIro as be sees It loday, and with cho.rnctel·~ such M her. nn,1 the frlencls she dl1l"! about Ill'r, \\'(llpolo ~('ellls to (,'el EnglRnd wHl bllJld fo,' Cutul'e pel'lnl,lnence.

fl'om thell' thll'st-In Il'clnnd. 1)('l's plensl' bc I,"esent. DOnOTHY GILLIS.

• • • A British ol'nlthologlst saYS the

('al'e It the eagle hILd teet like Char· tluck feet. Romp 105 IlPr cenL Amerlcan~ 11/'0 rlghleous[y Indl);· nant.

It we had n Quarl('r 11'(' wouldn't ca,'!, If thp agle hll<1 fOOL lige Chn 1"

lip Ch3plln. • • •

If all the SI18nlRh Tnlal1tns lire <18

dUIll!} as AIf.'nso loolts, and 118 rlllhl n.q he nets, It's ,L finch the Sp'lnlsh tlt"OIlO needs D, new heir •

• • • Denny Neal suggcsts the adoI"

tlon of 0. school flower that is sult· able because It Is 0. nallvc 10IVa pro. duct eaMlly cultivated. It's the only pOSy of whiCh we have a decent ('rop on this campus.

In connectiOil with his ('hole!' of tlte dandelion as an "Old Oold" em· bl m, I am wondering whethl'r to get my mothel' a corsage or lhem rOl' SatuI·day. But that would ~e too much like startillg something, a.nd the medieval days saw th las t of the "sllie·settet'S" In our family . In fnct, the only point I IHI\'e In common with the Prince ot 'Vales Is my horsemanship.

Anyhow, when I entertaIn mother this week·end that's one less thing she'll have to pay for.

Somc one sugS-C&ls that we co li the Field JIOUSB lunch stancl "Fall J nn." Let's do; we can hi'" the slogon "At the sign of the ~'eopot." 011, lVe know our all, no klddln'.

• • • I'octr)' In UII~:m's8

We 8US'S'e!!t this aesthetic sIgn tor the modern of(1ee :

Plense don't SI)lt on the otrloe tlOOl',

CU8pldllte In tho CII81lldor,

EXTRAI • • •

Jfll"llf8r~ Prefer )'sychuloglsts


NOlv hanc!ctu's havo Il VOl' lJ"ell known to hav a fling for ). se:ll·ch . nut 0110 hl/ndca. made 11 nol"worlhy contdbutlon to P8ychology-al~0 to sprcch lmUlology last week, wh n, by pel'lIlltling Itself to b rUIl 11110 by Lei) E. 'I'ravis' Hud son, It stllnu· IRled ph~nOmenlll ''''rvo clIl'rpnl!'; and equa lly phenomenal 51> ec h In thc oc.cut)ant8 of Ye )[ud~oll.

'1'ho thousant! 01' odd spllntcl's of 8al(1 hundcar will 11e lond(lI'ly 111'0' Bel'ved In the unlvel's lty muaoum br. side tho core oC th famous 'llll)1 that launchod the IILws of gl'uvlta.· tlon.

• • • FJddJ' Neumnn I\.ild ,Johnny Taylor We'll bet Urey had II, ch1l1

When hung eo hlah WlulI1 hllllg eo ill')'

0;1 1l c1oth\lll line In Conlvllle" -B,J,W,

Y,\RNJTY FOOTS,\LL C:\NDJDi\TES An Important meeting of nil var~ity football cnndJdate8 will be held On

Iowll fil.'ld Tuesday, May l5, <ll 4:~5 p.m. It Is n cesSary thn t ('very man who will try {o ,' (he J ~2S team be present.


('h\SSIC,\L CLl'B '1'he annunl picnic of Cla8slelll clUb will be Ileld 'rhurs(\ny, Mal' 17, nt

Poller's. OfClcers fo,' n(''<t year will be elected. Everybody cOme. llease sIgn up In Classl!'a1 library. CLl~LA GA RRET1', pre~ldent.

I,U'fHER LlUGUE TRIP The Luther I.;(>ngue of the ~'h'st I~ngllsh chuI'eh will \lislt the dar

Ruplds Ipngue Sunday, May 20. Ali membl'l's nnd friends who 1V18h to mnke the trip must r~glster their Intention before },Tlda.y noon with Ted Taylor, phone 122 , or with C. S. Carlson at 24 physiCS building, so that s ufficient transJ!urta.lIon mllY be ]lrovldec!. 'rhos going '\vlll !lIeet Itt tbe church Sunday afternoon at 3 p.lll. '. S. CARLSON.

l'i\NATJlEKi\F, FlI'R1NG FESTIVAL Everyone Is cOl'dlally hlvlted to o.ttend Panathenae 8 111'ln~ feRtlvnl glv('n

by lIle Atlleno. Iitprary sOciety Tuesday, May 15, at 8 p .m, on the d k u.l Iowa. Union. A Ol'ef'k plllY with mu~lc anti danCing wlli be given .


Th o I\ulhol' knolVS his ~oclal Eng· 1"11,1 1;0 well th:~t one teels this ~tol'y I" a Ilel'manent contribution to the UtOl'ature or the present time, UI' It IllI a uOpth, power, and clisllnc.

tlon. 'Wnlllole love8 London, but /!lost he loves EngUsh country lire with Its ellnl'mlng gracious estatcs :\1111 bc<\ullful g,\l'deos, Its fields, Sll'eams a.nd moo I,/:<. lIe d lights In Lhe Jlghts and ShlLdoWB of the at· luosphcl'e, lllld even the cUnglng C01l8 bec'lllso they belong to "dear 01(1 J,1nglo.nd."-Nel'a Culler,

SORRELl, ANn ON, Warwltk J)Cellillg, HIIOpl, New Yurl(, '2.00 J) eplng hRa written u. story of a

tIL lhel' who devotes hili life to mak· JlESPERrA ing his Bon a.I1 that Is good and

A "ery Important llwetlng will be h leI at 7:30 Tuesday, May 15, on wOl'thwhlle, much M a. sculptor the SUll POI'cl l of til Iowa Union. 'l'1l I'C will be elecLion of o(f\cel'~ and gh'cs his lito to lIlold[ng a. piece o( 0. program In Chlll'gC Qr I~ea Hanson. lI1AROAREl'l' Ii: llLlN, marble Into a mastel·plece. Dut

__ while In t.he end the finished pro· NOTICE TO CANOln.\TES FOU 10WA LlTERARY M,\Gt\ZI~fJ ROAnn' duct wns wha.t SOI'l" Ii longed and

All students Intending to b come u.ndldales fOI' th edltol'laJ boaI'd of slaved fOl', he did not do It nll . the Iowa Lltero.l'y Mngo.zlne for the yeur 1928·'29, are asked to s ubmit their From t~e ooglnnlng, hie 80n'8 qual· mimes and 'VI'ltten qllllllllcllUons to The Editors, Iowa Lltol'al'y Magnzlne, Itle!! made theDlselv 8 l(IIown and It In carc of 'tudent :Publlcntlons In ol'pol'ated by Wednesday May 1 G. took only guIdance, bol'll of ambl· Election wll1 be h(,l([ "FI'lday, 1I1;IY 18, (It 7 p.m.' In the journalls~ bull(ling. Lion, and rxpcl'lence, nnd love, to

THE EDITORS. Clnlijh the work. Dcsorlcd by his wlto following hl~

OI~ltl\lA~ CI"UB Thel'(' will hc a Illl'etllli-( or the Garman club ThuI'8dny, May 17, at 7:30

p.m. [n the women's loungo of the Iowa Union. A II those Int rested 0.1'0 cordially Invited, AL},'RED p, J(l!JU1.oENl;IE: K.

OC1'i\VE THANET Octo.ve Thanet 1I1emry society wI][ meot tLt the Iowa Union Tuesday,

May 15, ILt 6 p .nt , Phone I'cHcrvalions to ·Wondo. Johnson, 2388 bl'tol'e MOllelny Iloon. WANDA JACKSON,

]{AI'I'A I'HI 1'he rc~ula.1' Knl)lla Phi me ling has b n postl)oMd from Wedne!dny,

May 0, to Wo(lnesdny, II1I1Y 16. 'rhl~ will be tho lllst mectlng ot the YOlll', alld will bo held Ilt 7 p.m. All III rnber8 0.1'0 urged to orne,


l ' IMID UMlT von LAW SOnOOL SCHOLARSlI1PS ,]\fay 15 has b(>Nl ~('t 118 Lho I[tst day on which o.ppllcalions for the Law

Schoo.! 'cholal'sbll)8 will be reccivod, • One scholul'lIhlll of $800 Ilnd Lwo of *150 cQ,oh will be uvallable tor Lltw

Sohohlrshlps llcxl: ~·NII·. 'rho first Is to be granted to one who hill! the bl\chelol"K d gl"<', 11.11(1 the oth('(' two to those who have completed thell' junlo(' wOl'le in th(l J"lbel'lLi AI·ts COllI'OC. It Is iurLllCr re'lulr d that tho holdel's .lull! mnk In lho top quartol' of the clas8 alld thM they be at lellHt In .part 8 It SUPllOl'llng.

For furthpl' Infol'nllllioll, ('oDlIJtlona ant! advice on thesc Bcholarshlps, It Is I'cQu sted th t til 1lIJIJllcnntK ()nHuiL elthel' Professor l'clzer, In I'oom 226 L.A., or 1"'O[CRROI' J>O I't (. In 1'0001 301 L.A., be(OI'O May 16.


TilE RommT T. RWATN IOWA Ilt\RVARD SCHOLARSHIP MI'. Rubol·t '1'. HWllln hllS cKtabllshe(\ a echolarshp or $260 to bo awarded

to 0. m mbo)' uf lhr nlOt' ('lllSI! In thIs unlv relty for graduate or protes' slonal lu(\y In any Mpal'un0nt III lIlIl'vard ulllver·slty. The aWf),r" will be mods by a commit I!' from the gradlllltc council on 0. competitive bMls. All applloaLlons shOUld bo hI tho oWce of the iraduo.te collrie beto", May 10,

dlHClllU'ge C"um lho army Ilft"I' th" 'Vorl(j wal', Sorrcll ]lushI'd th\' idelt or mnk Rnd cluss Into th back· g l'ound 11I1d b~caDle a hotN port r, fOl'gctLIng himSelf, lJvlnll" only tor hi. boy's sake. (')ood luck tolioWNl hlll1, huw ve,,, Flnllnc[ully, he was ravol·ed. And III hla 80n, h was ono hundl'el!Cold Cavol'cd, Kit, lho 80n, grew up and bee am SlICh u. mlln that on the Cathel·'. death b d SOl" I'ell could 8ay, "1 Imvo jU8t done a llltrllculltr 80rt of Job !lnil lov!.'d It. M)! jol.l Is th"ough , I'm a. IItl1 Vroutl oC It, uld ha))."

Deepl nil' hils don a lI1a8t~rrul Uling In this lJook. 11e hus dJ'!Lwn life klzcd pi tUI'eM, Plctu"es or Ho\,· roll, th tighter, SOI'I'ell tho gcnLl~, 1:;0"1' 11 th I)rave, 0 net wi nnll 8ynllllllhpt!c. 11" hl\H 8hoWI\ KWH llitclllg nee, hIs 8Up r mInd. uta 81JCOP8H ns 0. Burgeoll 18 lold In surh a way thltL tlven his Ions:, tap~l'illg

UI'g on's tlng~r8 ILl'e I' !lllti s. A lid yet, IVIl thank J leu.ven th(Lt DCl'plng mntl KIL hurllan, 11 0 hM enough Of lho mllll In him not fo be 11. gotl. Anll Ir he had b 11 u. Ifod, HUrI'UUllil· d by hie 8uccr~s he would haVe

becn 0. VI·lg. J)eeplng know" his UlnMland. 'rho gJl!!USh bablle of llvlng and thInkIng, VOl'ythlng troln lhelr tYlllrally Brltleh plU'asculoiY to theIr 11ft l'l\oon lea, (\1'0 w II POl" trayed,

Philosophy, 11. practicQ.J kind, ilvOI

tho bool< I)ackbon~. When the ques. tlon ot marriage became Increasing. Iy Iml)ortant as IOU grew up, lhe kernel ot Sor'l'ell's advice to his Sflh In llll8Wel' to the question, "You don't beil~\I(, In mnrl'lal(l.', \later?" WILS "No, not til! tho job Is launched. A ftCI' thnt, a comrade. But the other thinA', like one's lIlornlng tub, Not a sort o[ cem('nt pool In ,. Zoo with t\\'o Ilored animals swimming arouml. It you must take 0. plunge, be AUl'e you can get out. Some day you'll know whclhol' you want to gPt 011 t. ./1 f~w of Ull do, or think WI' do. Not mUJIY."-Louise E. Wolk.

Wet Neil'S For DrY! ) [enry C. Shelley, the noted Eng·

lish authol', who Is vls[tng in Bos· ton, calls our attention to the [act that one of London's Imlllortal lav· ('I'n'- the King's Head to be Qxact­{enIUrN\ In hrR highly Interesting l.look, JNNS AND TAVERNS OF' OLJ.) fAl:-iDON, published by PAGE, HOHton, uspu to be frcquented by .John Winthrop (ludng hls visits to T.JOn,11l1\ just bt'fore he came here In IG30 .

"'rhe Kln:;'s Head etood at the w ~t eorn!.'l· of Cllnncl'ry Lane nnd I~ believed by anllquarles to bave bel'll hullt In the reign oC Edward VI," says Mr. Shelley. A beautiful color IJI'ln t o{ lhe famous hostelry I~ 1" d a~ lhc frontlsplece to lIIr, Sh~lh'Y'8 book. PAaE, .by Ihe WHY, nnllounces IL llew printing cf INNS AND TAVERNS OF OLD LONDO~.

('Olllllgsby Dawson SaUs Coning-shy DILw8on, "lIo.e new

lJOok, "Pllgrhns of tbe Impossible," Is On the sprilltS' list of Doubleday, Doran, has just sal led for a secluded corner u! Ii'l'aneo where he will do ~"v ral monlhs oC unlnterrupted wOl'k on hie next novel. Mr, Daw­~OJl avoids cities.

'\\! Ilcn In Amf'l'lca, ho lives I'8l' enough from New York to escape tho CrOwlIs. )lilt when there Is a special rush or work, he and Mrs, Dnw~on IlJld the "wee :MacGregor" ~,ut th& ocean between themselve.

The Low·Down on "The Lo ... Dow"" by Some Noted Reo

viewers Few bOoks or the current season '

haVe roused more favorable com· ment thllJl Charles G, Sha.w'. col· I etlon of In formal biographical ~kctchc8, "The Low·Down," pub· IIshed recently by Henry Holt and COlllPany. lIenry Hazlltt or the Now York SUII called It "AlwnYI l\Il).uslng ILnd otten cruelly enlltrbt­cnl ng." Harry liansen of the World Bald It ""ItS "easy and profJtable to read," Bruce GOUld ot thO Eveollll I'>o~t dellCrlbed It tbus: "It b • tlUval!ng volume, as Intlnur.te u a bou,loir, as amusing as a peephOle, and as suggestive 0.8 a. blll·of·tare .. , thero could hardly bo 0. more am uI­In &' volul1l/) to chuck In a week·end bllll'."

"Ora.vr" Foxhall nnl~rflel(l, whose my ..

tory talc, "That Gay Nineties loIu!" der," 18 One of tho first three ohollen tor publication ,by "The Crlm. Clllb," I. a Virginian of a long lID. of horsemen, Ills grandfather, Major Foxhall Alexander Dam",!" ft~ld, was a noted her.eman &114 bl'c (Irr and Ills aunt, :Elizabeth Dnlngertlel(I, is the toremoet Amer­Ican WOntnn breed r ~t race hol'ML '1'0 this aunt lhe boy owed hl8 trreat ikltcr.t In talllll of mY8teT1 tor "J]lggl ," Il!I 11Re Daingerfield WII

CUlled bccau8e ehe was the bl«iI!fl of five o.unte, whether she eat up wllh a .Iok colt all night or not \Vl\s nov r too 'busy to tell him a IItOI'Y· l3081008 Man·of·War, an4 many horse" of finest bloo", Mill , l)(llng I'fiel(1 wa-ll concerne/!. wllIl many rrlontlloS8 lam cats and dOlI Mt quIte 80 fine, Ono dog ot doUlJl· ful lin It \I no.ll1 1I "Gravy" for rea-80ns bOat known to the tlable KI'(Iom8, WM dlrecliy Influential ID DaIngerfield'" IItct'll.ry career,

OlIO ovolnl\' "Blggle" uked hlr ]101111 w to got her raincoat from Po

nt·, "Oravy" who wu guard In, It bit th Intrlld r, ThAt nltrht. " wuy of comfort, 8ho told tilt bo1 n llly.t~ry stol'y which he Imme4J. ntely wrote !lnd !Old, It w .. tWt nco ural! mont Whloh laun~

hll\l on i1. )J lerary cor.,

Tuesday, May n, 1925 ..

\ Two Stolen Idols IIl1ve. The treallurc's tllere 11.\1 right -I'd bank anyth ing on It."

For an Instant Captain Bcarrace WIIS sUent, then he drove II tlst Into the palm or his other hand with a resounding smash.

Corn Starts to Decline Senators Ramble

By Frank L. Packard "That's good enough, lad!" he ex· cll1lmed. "That's good enough Cor mel" V.e'll up anchor right now, you with the Alita and me wllh the

CHAPTER 4G Il'o-"but you sllid your dllJ told lola, and go atter It!" And Bob Klnglsey laughed his you'/" Bob Klng!lley shook his head.

plensure as he 9tl'etchcd out his "Ycs; Ile {ohl me." Bob ICings. "No," he said quietly; "you Will ." hnn~. It wns th s,une old ~Ilr· Icy's voice I'nsped unplellllnntly. "Eh?" Inquired Captain ~carrllce . (lice thlll he hadn't seNl since he "'l'hlrtY'[lve years!" r peated Cap· 'What d 'ye melln-I wlH?" WII! n kid- the same old cnp wltb ttlln SCIII'Cace In th~ samo hoarse "Just this," said Bob Kingsley . ItS balte l'e~ black viROr; lh(} 80.mo tonos, "But he got Tom ill the end , "I've been trying to make up my sJ'lZ!led holl' o.nd keen g"ay oyeH; Flesh !lnll blOod of the devil, thnt 's 1II1nd nIl day what to do-and you 're Ihe same honest unhan<lHorne fnce Wlllit Bsl Yan \\ns! Lnd, I'll tell llke a God·given answer to the prob­dt.rtgU,·ed by the whit, sentlch'cu· yon something. Once [ had 0. cho.nce lem. 1 didn't want to leave nerO \IIr 8c~.'-n 8car lhat, In tho llght of of selll!ng o.ccountg With him, when unUI Chen·shu and I had fought out tlte story he. J300 Ktllg~l~y, lmd, didn't know I WlIS within 0. thou· the Io.st round. R a's not rar from hfarrl not 90 many days ago 111 I'IIt1 d miles. r wish 1 had! It makes being us craCty and cunning a8 Hsi un, now posscssoo an entirely neW feel llke [ was guilty now. IJ y~ Yun htmselr, and l'm nOl under.estl· slgnlrtcanco. '! 'I'om'll be alive If I hnd. But matiug him. He knowa, and I

Two huge lind hairy pnwII Camo Ihollglll lhl Yan IUlll forgotten, know. tha.t It's a finish tight now. down wllh a hearty bang on Dob Wo u.1I did , J never tlald a nything nnd If the count went against me It I(\ngsley's shOuldcrs, Ie lho ,, 'her llVO about 11." would help a lot to know that dad

"Lad, Itld, but I 'm gla(\ 10 8~e Uub Klng.ley nodded-but mnde had that treasu~e tuck.ed away be. yoU!II gl'lnned Captain Senrruc. 110 other t\ nswcr. cause tbings aren't any too rosy "lIolv long Is It now_lght }'~ars 01' l'llptnll1 Scarface got up trom tho with him tlnanclally, and I'm arrald Ion-since ['ve clapped eyes On you1 ~kl'l !ghl. walked to the rail, and It's a question of that wheelchair You were only a bit of a nipper then, with his back tu rned, stood there tor with him, too, tor the rest of his hul now you'r& as ,big lUI I am-o.rl(l n long time In silence; then, ab,·upt· lite. Thal's why I Wall templed to Illaybe blggerl Ell? What'! AuJ II', ho came back and halted betore go after the treasure tlrst, and then h w s the Old Man? Bow's Ro\Jer1.? Hob Klngaley, But now, though the come back and reckon with Chen· I heard he wl18n't any Iloo well." "my eyes were stili hnrd and tllnty, shu and his crowd afterwards. But

"He Isn't," sa.ld Bob Kingsley, his his votce was quiet and contained. I don't know where things stand lace suddenly sobered. "I'll tell "Well, lad," he saId, "Hsl Yan's here now, 1 don't know whether you about hlm-and a lot of other !(or.e, and sO's Tom-nothIng can al· MindaI' Singh Ie In with the gang Or lhlngs too. But wnlt a. minute til l tel' tllat. What's to be done now?" workIng on his own. I! Chen-shu I hnve Nanu fetch up a cha.!", U's "There's the !Jreed IIsl Yan left belIeves I've stilI got one of the lOO hot In the cabin," buhln(l-Chen·shu and the rest of Idols, I could n't lose track or him

lIWII, who Wl'I'e lhe actual murder· ~ven!! I wanted to; but Ir. on the "Never lnlnd the chaIr," s.'\I!l eL'9," Uob ](lnJ;~lcY answered grim. other ha.nd, he knows thllt Mlndo.r

CJptal n Scarface, planting 1l"T1~~lf II', "That-lind ,this treasure that SIngh has both the Idols, and ~own on the edge at the caLm ~ky· 1f.1 1'un found. It's really yours (Ioean't know that I have trans· light; "this suits me, I f,wcy all (1 ,'aJ's you know-It wus Hsi lated the Cipher, the logIcal thIng we've both got tales to lell. Tllat lan's unholy legacy to the .thrce of [or him to dO would be to vanish 80

wfiS II bad business at ](a.lawn. 1,1d! you, as It werc though he never fa.' as J um concerned-If he could. II'hO'8 goIng to spin his yal'l1 rll'lj l "" ftgured any of you would get it. And If I went to I ... uala, he'd have

Bob 'Kingsley seated himself iJc' You nnd dad"-he laughed shol'lIy- all the more chance of dotng So, side the other, "are the remainIng legatees." und by the time I got ,back I might

"Perhaps It would I.e belter If I "We' ll find It rtl'5t beforc we talk nev~r bo able to pick UP his trail c:J," he nnswerea, "COl' l'w l.eclI about tlw ownc"shlp," s..'1.Id Captain agaIn. Do you understand?" ""mewhnt In tbe thick of tt oC lale, Hcal'fac~ gruffly. "How d'ye know "Yes, 1 under~tand thaU" There ond there's 0. good deal l'd Ilko to It ain't nil a fake, ciphers Ilnd all, was a sudden and savage growl In iJave you know," jus( to egg on thos~ 1I11'0a t.sllttlng Captain Scarface's voice. "Blast

Caplaln Scar race took out Ills pipe hellions of his to do his dIrty h[l1I. and blast a ll ot 'em to the Pit! nnd began to till It. work1" Hut I llon't ltnderstand why I nln't

"All right," h& nodded. "I"lre "1 tlon't know, of CO\JI 'R~," Hoh lhe one as much as yoU, my lad. to nh~'l(l, son!" Kingsley rCJllled sobel'll'; "but I'm 'brlng 'em to a I'eckonlng , and make

"There's rather a lot of Il, but 1'1! dead su rQ In lilY olVn mind. after 'em pay to.' old Tom's life! Wasn·t try to make It as brier a9 I c~n," llUtllns in t110 dnY thInking about It, It me, and Tom, and your dad that ",d Bob Klngsley_nd, beginning lhat the trea"uro'S there. Part oC was on Hst Yan's stinking junk with the nIght that the Monotah hod Mlnd"I' Singh's slory was a lie, that night?" A1'I'lved In Patua, he rehearsed th,- there's no question about that; but Again Bob Kingsley shook his oeourrences of the days that ha(J PMl of It. 011 the othel' hand, was head. followed, teillng ot Chen·shu and the unquestionably !I·ue. H e certnlnly "If numbers counted tor anything. roul' Chinamen, the murder at Colo· was In lhc house a.t Kalawa. thnt I'd Say yes," he answered. "aut lIel l,yle, ot wblah Verno. hall ac' nIght, he certainly knew a.bout tho they don't! You and I can't c rry rllsed him. the wreck ot the Mono· secret pa.ssagp, and he CHtalnly on a. small war of OUr own In the Illh. his "kidnaping" oC Verno. and heard nsl Yan cxplnln tho key to stl'eets and house In Singapore. lhe escape trom Aoru, his vistt to the cipher. But whtLt I bell eve most Tlwre were, I'd say. tleteen 01" twen. Jal'n Dick's with th& spurious clph· of all in his story-for, knowing ty men on that junk at Kalawa. l'd ,r, the treachery of MindaI' Slngb, nothing of what ha.ppenrd thirty. like lO bet my hands on Chen'shu "lid the theft ot the two Ivory gods, five years ago, he could not have ~nd settle accounts with hIm per· "And," he concluded, "that brIngs made It up-was what look place at ~onaHy, and I'm going to It I ca.n; II. J'lght down to the present mo· the end when H si Yan was mocking bu t the one thing I'm after Is '0 ment. when. as yo~ !tee, I'm IItlH n. and jeering at Uncle 'rom, and find out where their common Inlr Is LIt wobbly frol11 that spot oC chiaro· g loating over hi" revenge, I ga.ve before I bring In the police. J don't

Heavy Selling of Grains Influences

Break in Prices CHICAGO, lIIny 14 (JP)-Heavy

!el\lng of COrn and oats became an outstanding featur In grain tOOa,. toward the Inst. and brought about 80m sharp breaks In price. Un· expc<:ted slimness of a reduction to· day In tbe corn visible supply total gaVE! sl>OOlni Impetus to the se\l!ng. 'Vheat averaged lOWer, largely ow· Ing to rains aelual lind pr08pectlv ....

Closing quotation/< on corn were unsettled, 21c to 2~c off. oats lIc to a~c down, wheat at the' same 118

E!:tlul'day's rtnlsh to lie decline, and provisions unchanged to a selback or 17c.

Surprise WIl3 general that tbe corn Visible supply today showed a decrease or only 188,000 bushel. This left the total Btock ~t corn In sight 31,127,000 bushel just 2,230,000 busb· el within equaling the o.ggregate a year ago, Under 8uch circum· stances, holders ot future delJverlee or corn displayed tlagemess to let go or ownership, and the market at times was about baro or ordet·s to bu Y.

AccordIng to ROml' trade a.uthorl· ties hOll ev!:'r. the bl'('(lkS In price today ror co,'n and oats were mainly a retlectlon of wheat weakness In whIch heretOfore of 1,1le Corll 1111(1

oats had no l fully shared. On the other hand, wheat today finished with a fair ratly, whereas llquldat· Ing sales we re Ihe rule buth In COrn and 09 ts. Elultern CMh (Ielllllnd for corn today ' Willi only fall' , and the cash corn trading 1);'S18 was Ie low· er for poor gnl(1ps, Illthough Ie high· et· for choice.

\Vheat decllnl's todn~' wer~ due n01: only to ''lllm. bolh In the "PI" ng and winter belts but also to IIbernl deliverIes of wh .. "t on hlc['go May contracts, ProvisIons worked lower wttl, cO"n, cotton and hogs.


26 lnd's 20RRS. lIfonday .......................... 209.40 J56,l~1

Friday .................. 208.13 150.04 Week ago ...................... 207,30 155.lIij Yenr ago ........................ 153·84 140.56 High 1928 .................... 2009.04 157.03 Low 1928 ............. . ..... 178.84 138.36

Totol slock snleR. 4.470,400 !lhares.

CHlCAGO s'ro(.'I{S CrnCAOO, lI1l\Y 14 (Ap)-oWclal

close ChlclIgo 8to~k cxchanl:c; Ar· mOur Prefened, 85; DalnlJlln Ilntl Kutz, 731; 1I11ddiewest UllllUcos. 1 GO; PInes 'Vtnte"(ront, 90; Hwlft & en., 1356 ; Swlth Internnllonul, 30~; U . S. GYllsUm, 74 ;\Vllhl. 13,

form the blighter soaked me IVllh." you, as nearly as I could, lIsl Yan's want to run the risk of them scat· ",0 ot hel' brothN"S murder. I had CAptain Scarface'S tcplh were exact wOl'6s, just as IIllndtlr Singh tOl'lng a nd going to cover al1 over to reckon OIL thnt, of cour~e, wlnn

rlamped Ilke a vise on the mouth· repeated them-and TRay ag'\in Iho Archipelago as theY would do If I leCt her With the Cruwleys. !Jut I Ilieee ot his pipe. The plpp hnd J\{lndar Singh could not Mve made It leaked out through some stool· alwaYR tlgu,.~d thal 1'(1 Ilfwe a goO(\ gOlle out. And now, the recltu.1 l'm1· them up. Do you rcmernber what pigeon that the pollee were In this felY dnys of leewal' -<- nough tlmo I'~, the blood 'Was hot In hl~ cl1Pp ks, Mlndar Singh }'epol·ted Hsi Yan to at all-lhat Is, I don't want them to anywtly-becausc at best tM oppor· rnhanclng bY contrast the white· have said about the treas ure sweet· get an Inkling thnt anything of .(na.t, tu.llt\es of Hendlng' moll from Knla· n~SII or the gCar that semlclrclcd his enlng his revenge? 'The treasure Is SOl't 19 even In the wind until It 18 \Va nre few Bn(l far between." cheek Crom mouth to eye; and hi" true and greater even than r have too late to do them any good. Once "A queer smile twitched at Cap· h:lnd., Which he raised suddenly told you, Captain 1'orn; but It Is one l've round out what I want to know. taln Scarrnce's IIp9. f\'Om hIs knees, were clenched un· you will never have! And beca.use I 'JI bring the lIut\lorllles dOlVn on " WeJl, Iud. It YUll want It thot 'I I t11~y looked like gnarled lumps It has brought about this hour. It Is them without warning '!Je~Jre way, I'll go." he said; "though I 'd IIf lIlahogany. of gl'eatel' wOI'th to me, who 11'111 they've time to make a move. Also. rather stay here with ~'ou. '1'hat's

"1'hlrty·tlve years-my Gorll" he nol have it either, thnn If I had there's another reason why I want seUled! J'Jl slIn beCcre !lundo",n rrled hoarsely. "Me and Tom, lind carrl~d It away from Its hiding to go that tar, Ir possible, and as 'and what I find I'll hrlng back 11.11(1 your old dad! I can see that :llght Illace!' He could have no possible quJckly as I can, before handing s hove Inlo a. bank 11('ro ill Sln!(a.· I,n !l si Yan's junk like \~ was yes· objcct In saying Ulat unless It were over to the police. I ralher expect pore whet'e It'll be ~uro until this l~r(lay. That's where I got tIlts"- true, tor he n ever expected that Ihat Verna- I mean MIss Lyte- whole business is clean('{1 up. 'But

_~~IO~,~,c~hied~t=h~e~s~e;a~r='=~~tIl~I~'I~S~k;n~'~~;k~'=\~';n~~~a~T~o;m~,~~;u;l:d~~~a~v~e~tl;W~h~o~u;s;c~"~~;I=\~v~r~";e~tIl~e~tl~u;t~ho;r~l~tI;~~a~C~C~U;8~~g th~ ~" tIl~~ ~u mW ~nd or brIngs u~ IIl'ound to my story, You needn't wOI'ry none o.bout 1\1 Iss J~yle writing n ny letle.·s tram Kalltwa, She's here now In Singupore." Copyt·lght. 1927, Ceo. It. Doran Co. Arrangement wIth King Feature.

Syndlca.te. Inc. ....... ---~--.

Markets at a Glance

New York StOCk: Strong; airplane and other

leading eharea at record prIces. Bonds: Quiet; coppers and some

N, Y. tractions acll ,'e. ForeIgn exchang s: Firm; StE'r.

Ung, Francs and Lire higher; Yen rilleS 10 pOints.

Cotton: Lower; })ea. Ish April con· sumptlon statistics.

Sugar: Steady: trade support. Coff e: Firm; Elurop an buyIng.

<.'llWag'O 'Wheat : Easy; good rain In sllrlng

II heat belt. ('orn: "'<'Ilk ; large receIpts. Cattle: I,·regular. I!ogs : Steady to lower.

New York Bond Market Steady;

Traders Patient NEW YORK, May 14 .A.P~e

bond market WIl3 quiet today, wltll prices finn, Tile tendency ot trad· ers to a.walt developments In the monel' market. apllarently In the beUer that lnc"eased rat s are 1m· mlnent, o.p pea red to carryover from lu st "'e~k. Mo_t of tht' actlv· Ity centered around the cOlYper lind ~ome New York traction Issues·

Ra.lls W(>fe ''!lther Irregular and tor the most part neglected.

The 21 pOint gain of Anaconda ('opper 7·~. appar .. nlly In refleclton of Improved condItions In the cop· !ler Industry, was outstanding In the Ind ustrlal group, but Irregularities hl're a lso w .. rc In evIdence, for A nilI'M Copper 7's Sllgged.

L'\sky O's touchl'(l the yenr's to]) at 101. but sugged towaro the closp,

The Corclgn list was stE'o.dy. .Tal)' a.nE'Se government llnd munl~lpol IR' BUPS continued to regaIn g l'ound los t laRt week. Clly oC Yokohnmo. C'" lind City of Tokyo .'s advllnclng a. point each.

U. S. gov"rnmpnl obllgnllons showed lillie cha.nge,

NEW YORK STOOl{ A merlclln Can. . ....... 95 2 93 i Am. Locomotlvp '. 109 10 II Am. Smelt & ner. .. 200~ 192 Am rlctln Sugo l' .... 73 72, Am, ~'el. & Tpl. ...... 197~ 196 Am. 'J'obacco B .... lG3! lGla Anaconda Copper .. 73~ 714 Alch To]) & S. F, .. 196 194 lll\ldlvln Loco, ........ 26311 2G3U BNhl~hem Steel .... 621 61 R Ch"YMI"r Motor ........ 811 78~ Consolldatetl Ons .. 169 1 G6~ Dodge D"oa, .............. 182 18~ DUllont de Nem ..... 395 ~ 3% Erie Rallrond .......... 62~ 61 Gen ral Electric ...... 171' 169 o ncral J\fotoNJ ...... 207\ 204 Hudson 1\1olora ...... 921 90~ J nt~r. H :lrveRl er 250~ 25.6 New York Central 1891 188l North Am, eo ....... 78~ 7S1 PennsylvanIa .......... 086 67!1 flln~I(\lr Con, 011 ...... 29~ 28, Houthern PaCific .... 128~ 127. Southern Ry .......... 1G21 1611 Sludebaker COr)) .. G8 67i 'r<'XD. {'OI'P ........... G51 ()39 Union PacIfic .......... 86j 80j U. S. Rullb~r ........ 431 43 u. S. Stpel .............. 1499 1471 Woolworth & Co. 193! 192

931 108~ 1981

73 19G! ]Ga

73R 195 \ 263, Gl~ 8q

lGG~ lSi

3!15 61

lU91 204

92 250. lRSA 77 671 281

127. 1611

671 65 866 43~

147B 193~

Brunson Given Appointment WASIUNCTON. D. c., Mny 12

(AP)-{Ilenn A, BrunllOn has been appOinted deputy prohibition ad· mlnlstra.tor tor Iowa, , vlth head· quarters In Des Moines. it was an· nounced a.t the national prohibition he~dq uurte.'S her& todllY. He hlis lle .. n acting deputy there.

Starting Today

I When Dad was _ a ~'Modem Youth"

~rG7)rCYCLEs'StereOPtiConle~es; street lighting sheds - its friendly JJ and the "gilded" youths with glow over the campus.'-'.f, ~ ~ " h ' h ... ~

t elt orses and carts; at night the I Without electricity " we would midnight oil burning in student I have none of thesej improve­

\ lamps while the gas lights glared and' I ments. To-day's marvel of elearical flickered across the camJ?llS--the gay} invention becomes to-morrow's I nineties when Dad was in college I, accepted utility. In the cotning l seem p.rimitive to us to-day. _ ~ years, by taking advantage of new I ,- Now it's sport roadsters. the uses . of electricity you will be

llimOVies, and radios. At night ~ -' .:l able to go so much farther



the MAZDA lamp replaces I • that the "tearing twenties" the midnight oil in dotmi- ~ ~ will seem JUSt as primitive I tory rooms, while modern' ~ as the "gay nineties". __ J

~ ~'4f'(h Id/'Cr4lcritr of Iht Gm".,,/ EINfrir Comp"ny kltp G.B, " /,dd" in Iht /itJd of ,Itarirdl progrw, Skillrd G-E ,ngin",J dtll,lop tllrh laltsl i"_lio,,. Tht C·B jattorit! rd"y oul th, "'gil/Ms' dt!igllJ fIIilh

high'fJUIllif) mat".ial and IXPhI f/lQrkmanship,

for 4 Days

The Supreme Effort of the Screen' a Most Glorious Lover ••



GILBERT ROLAND in a lavish picture

Never a Love So Sweet! N~er a Romance So Daring!

, also showing, Ben Turpin's Comed:v-- 'DADDY BOY" PATHE NEWS-SCnEEN SNAP SHOTS

Over Questions WASHI:-;GTON. lIfny H (AP) -

The 1I1e lory of the late }'r .. nk H. WIUIs, ot Ohio. wall recuunted by his senal.. cOlleugU~9 toUa)' 'when that bOdy laid aside its duties to pay homnge to the memory of .1 m mber stricken by dea th on tbe e,'e of hIB greatest political Ild\'enture.

The special se"vlces required tbat the word bultered but olh rwll!e un· ulllhoo republlenn tax reduction

1)lnn be Inld a.slde until tomorrow. Up to date It hU8 8ucceS8(ulll' reo pelled democratic bo rdprtf In every engagement and It looked to<l y as though the moel'at. thl'mh .. lv,lI were 0. IItlie tired or trying. At least thQy talked about many othel' th\.ngs than was most of the time tho I.IIIt Wl18 up for cOnsIderation.

Debt.te Retiremeut mu On the house elde, the emergt'nry

oCflcers retln'ment !Jill Dcter vlull!llt but se mtngly Increasing limited 0» position was pushed toward lile lin I vote, even Its most ardent (1)'

ponents admitting towanl the I""l It was a hopei 8 llgh t.

The campaign expendIture InveM' Ugatlon w~nt a;.:aln Into the Hoo"l'r I>ha"<, of tl\~ In"ulry with lln~ oC 111. CO mpalgn dlre<'tor8. Jum('s ,,'. Guod. rl'l(lth,g that to d·lt" at lell8t $2~:;,OO(l hOIl \x'en Silent In severnl slate ... Contt'lbuUon. to tht' \\'allhlngton hendquartenl, he expJlll n~d , tuluUeJ $87,0(10, lidding that other l\lon~Y

hnd been tUl'1le<l Intu various ~tl\l"

oWCCK. In tht' senate Prior to th" Willi

m~morl>ll """vIN', Hp{tln Of \ la· bama sturr,,(1 In dual C. 11n('lty, In fnet he might be !!a III to have led the \\.'1 v In thrre rt'RP"Clt'.

nem" Gels mil 'I' 1tr(lll l;'h H" .m·,·,uok hl~ Ion:; tall,'(1 hluck

coat of wInter toclllY. to pxhlhlt the first Khowl ng ot H~JlatorlA I HUIllII,,-r "artorlnl e{('l'cl", ,\ dark .. hol"I coat and crenm ~OhlJ'hl trOl1~l"'H

TO-DAY -and-


Arthur Stringer's Famous and Thrilling Melodrama

of a Yellow Weakling's Regeneration if! tho Gre.'\t

North Wood!]


Wit~ a Merchants' Tjcket!

Man Riled by Rivals' Time


LII1'WJ & Bro. Co. Richmond, Va. Gentlemen:

Rutherford, N. J. March 9, 1927

I 8ure get some riled when I see where some fellow is crowing over the fnct that being older, and having run into Edgeworth sooner than his less fortunate compatriots, he challenges the world as the champion long-time member of the Edgeworth Club.

He doesn't deserve any medals. He got his reward in the enjoyment of his smoking fortheadded number of years. He was just lucky in starting sooner, that's all.

However, if you care to delve into ancient history, look up when they 1irst atarted to pull down the old Grand Central Station in New York,· then add at least six months to that, and you will arrive at the approximate time when 1 first joined the club.

I have smoked at least one pipeful of every other tobacco I have ~n adVertised, sometimes through neces­sity. but moet of the time to \>rove to myself that I have been right m stick­ing to the old blue tin.

Yours truly, H. M. Wittridge

• April, 1907

Edgeworth Extra High GraJo

1!!:!!A::!!ft!!!!:er~n::!!oo!!!!:n~, ~30!!:C:!.1~O!!:C ~~~::!!!!!!:~!!:::!E~v!!:en::!in!:g:!:, ::!4!::!OC~'1:::!O!::c~11 Smo~ To_bacco

11111(11" up the Henln summer ('n· • 'mule with. oC cOllr , th~ U ual cr am colored ve~t.

Bel!ldes that fiemn got throu~h , 64 to 10. a bUI I vying penn.ltJ s at to Slli,OOO or fiVe )" arB Imprl8on· ment, on an)' go,'prnment official dealing out colton price f(lr . ts. and he Iso pi ded with both par. Ll~ to sal'e the coUlIlry trom ha\'lng to choo betw n Hoo"('r IUld Smith wben It plckll a new pre . dent next November, Be added a. demand that the l!enate campaIgn Inv aUglltol'll cnJI ev ry • 'ew York contractor In convention with the Smith campaign Clnanclng. and ask Watson and 'VIlIIs men In OhIo and rndlnna to furnish clew" to the Hoov I' 'war chI", t there.

Trade Commiasion Delay. Operations

WASHlNGTON. fay 14 (AI') -Arter loeklng into the publicity ae· l!yltlps Of utiUty orgllnlr.atlons In Ohio. Florido. and Georgia, CO(' tht'('6 day", tho fed eral trnd commission today rec:e d Its utility !lnanl'lng Inveslh;atlon unUI Tueadoy When \\ It n, s I'\-om loW!\. and Nl"brlUlka utility ot·ganlza.lIons are to tesllty.

Willard )Ope, or Atlanta. execu· tlve ,,<'C"etary oC thl' uUlItle. Infor· illatiOn (·ommltt or C orgla, w!lS thp unly \\'ttne.. tod;lY, HI" l""tI· ''''"lY dev lOlled ihat although t.he G!'Ol·glo. committee hat! oppo d I:(}v· ernl1wnt ownN'ShlJl ot ulUltl(:<J, M u"de shoals and Boulll r dll rn and ohtaJnei) us much IJu!JlIclty us 110 I· ble III GeorgIa. n w t "~ ., 11(' re· j(Ill'{led a. Io.rge amount of the work don.. nM ror the onomlc g<>otl " Opo'll'I:l.

In the caul'. oC hI" lrsUmony ('olle charged that th" utility In 1'1'8'

ligation was ('mphastzlnl: only a small part or the work or hi cum·


NOW! Perhaps Never


The World'. Greatest Show

Back fer the First Time nt "Garden Popular

Price ..

From the Immortal No\, .. 1 by Oell. Lew Walllll'e

nlrcrtNI by FRED NIBLO

With 1\ Cost 01 ThOll IInds Ueu.d d by


i\f,\Y l('AVOY C,\R"EL MYERS


Pope Pius Issues Second Documen'

ROM 1':. l'fay 14 (AP}-Pope Plus chose th t ast at his OWD patro" 8Illnt, Achilles th& fartyr, nItu wh(lm be WIla named, as lhe dale rot' the 11 ua nee at hls second DCYcl.!· cal of the ),par.

The appearance or the long awalt· ed document coincIded wltb tbe ""It today of all the cnrdlnal. In Rome to tbe pontlIC on the oocaalon o r bls "fel&" to wi h him long Ilfe and happlne5!t-patron saints da1 being con!lldered of more Importance than the blrthday annlver8ll1')' Jt.sel! In Latln counlrles.

mitten and that the Inquiry WllS dl· rected toward pbases • hat distorted the whole work oC his commJttee. He uked that all the tltl II oC a. ... tlcle priat In the committee'" pubUcaUon, "The 'Wt'E'k," be re d Into the rt'Cord In order to present the list to the press "",bero till" 18 hl>lng trll>d." n e m d th c:harg& \\'h n not>f'rt E, Hrol)'. chIef co un· sel tor the comml lon, read tltll'tf or articl ... " whleh appeared In the publiCAtion olll>0<4lng I uIICI(> shoals and Bould"r dam,

II aI, Inforlll('a Cope that the comml8alon woulll mllke Its own flndln/: lind rE'1)()li on .he Invesll lion \\!thou! r('gard to tho ().'t' ,

-JU T-

TO-DAY -and-


All Iowa City is Cheering the Heroe3 of This Mighty Air



Who, c Only Honorable Discharge Was a Death

Certificate I





Thl' Coull'(lr­"}'ANIl/\N(IO"


Any Time 2$C __


Coming-3 Days Oply 3-


Stage Attraction

"Singer's Midget Jazz Band"

1 0 Tiny Muaician..-Men and Women

~ Most NO'Vel Stage Attraction

£i Mirth and Melody


NORMA Shearer in The Ac:tre •• -No Advance in Prices-

~ADVERTIS E- _ 'tOU R . WA'ii':I

.~~ .. ,

Page l) r uesday, ,May 15, 1928

Ruth Cracks Cincinnati First Place Bambino Gets Hit in Ninth as Yanks Lead Tigers, 6 .. 5

pipgras Twirls Sixth I Win for Hugmen

by 7~5 Count NE;W YOH/\:, May 14 (AP)-Uabe

R'Ith'~ ninth homQ t' un of the season w~s ,l pvr Iy decomtivc ndju/lct a~ tile Y,l/lkces trimmed t)je 'l'lge1'8 10 1' tIle thlnl consecutivo afternoon. Tho sco re wila 7 to 5. Ruth '~ 110m,e), \',c,lJ)l'eeentl l)g t"e soventh run. GeOl'ge Plpgl'as won his sixth s.tI·alg llt ga.mo ot the season.

I'\eoro : PET1WIT- A.H. R. Npu)l . 1 b .................. 4 0 Gtt lloway. ss .......... 4 1 Hlce . cf ................... . 3 2 H ellmann. rf .......... 3 ] Oehringol'. 2b ..... .. . 4 0 l!'othergili. If .......... 3 0 W o.nlel'. 3b .............. 4 0 Woodall. c .............. 4 0 Sulliva n. 11 ... ........... 0 0 yanglldor. p .. : ....... 3 0

" lIat'g I'UVC ........ ........ 1 0 'Sweeney .............. 0 1

H.PO.A.E . 1 10 0 0 3 Q 4 0 2 2 0 0 1 ] 0 0 2 3 4 0 o 1 0 0 o 2 4 0 Q 5 1 0 o 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 Q o 0 0 0

Tota ls .................... 33 5 11 24 13 0 ·Batted (o r VangJlder In ninth. "Ra n for ;Hargrave in nin th.

NEW YOHK~ A.D, R. II,PO.A.E. Combs, cf ............... 2 1 0 4 0 0 K oenig. S8 .............. 4 0 1 2 4 0 ~{uth. rf ................... 2 2 1 2 0 0 Gehri ng. Ib ............ 3 1 0 8 2 9 ;Meusel, If ................ 4 1 2 1 0 0 j.,azzeri, 2b .............. 4 2 2 4 2 V ltOb !'tson. 3b .......... 4 0 3 0 1 9 ~engo ug h. c ............ 4 0 0 5 0 0 rlpgras. p ................ 4 0 0 1 4 0

Totals .................... 31 7 9 27 13 0 Score by in nin gs:

Delt'o lt .. ............... ..... 2 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 1-5 New York ............... .4 () 1 0 1 0 1 0 ·-7 Summary-Run~ batted In. Hell·

man 3, Meusel 2. Lazzeri 2, Robel·t· RO n 2, Ruth, Rice; two base hll". Calloway. Meusel . Robertson; three huse hits, Rice. LH.zzeri 2. Galloway; p ome runs, Hellmann. Ruth ; sacri. pees, Heilmann, double plays. Laz· /lCl'1 to Koenig to Gehrig 2. " 'arnel' to Gehringer tl} Neun; left on bases. "ew York 5, Detroit 7; base on balls. off Pipgras 5. otf Sullivan 3, off yangllder 2; struck out. by Pil1gras Ii. by Vanglldel' 4; hits. off Sullivan 2 in 1·3. Vangilder 7 in 7 2·3; wild pitch, PJpgras; losing pitchCI·. Sulli· van.

Swimm,ers Try for Certificates

American Red Gross life saving tests lru'C l)elng gh'cn thlij weck by ,cOllcn Dave A. Armbru~ter to forty· one Unlver;;!ty of Iowa stUdents who are candid~ltes for the lire g.'wing cerUfleRte which Is !l.wurdccl th m l lrovi~ed thcy jJuss the given re· quirements.

Of lh" /)uml)l!r that arc t,,-klng It thlrty.two have alJ'('!l~ly tln l.IW<.1 illl(1 the others will bc judged l>eforc the cnll of the week. 'ril e hardest ob· stncle which confl'on(s U,e candl· dates I~ lho swimming of the 440· fal'd dl~l.n ncf' unMr right minutes,

J,oIJPli Swims Quartet' Of tho~e that hu ve tI'l~d the even t

eovel'(tl Have come close (0 the ,mal'1<8 which \\,~l'e registered by the v al'Hlty swimming men this year. lC A. Jo ne~ of Clinton covered lhe l1istance In the remorlWble lime of G;04.5; R. L, Lllrson, For t Dod>: ... ,Inlshed In 6:24; al1,(l :vrllo Mltvolsky. ~<l<lal' Rallids. WaS c1ocl<ea In 0:25. .Tones Is n sOl,homol'e and will hr :t caJldl<l"lc fOI' tl1 H awkeye team next year. A II three of ti\('HO men \l-rc new at tho "wlmmlng g-::t.mc I,I.nd the lattCl' two were a.warded numel·· a ls for sCl'vlce on th o fros h team thi s year.

1 ncl udeel in th tests are nlnetecn dlffel'cn t pal·ts. Among these nre dlsl'obln!:' and swhnmlnl;' som dis· ~un c In deep wute r. sUI'race diving. variou~ styles ot currIes. bre\ll<lnl;'

four dlrferent holds of drowning while In wale l·. ,:tnd resusl·

The awards which the candidp.tes t providing they [laRS til(' exam l·

aro Red Cross cerU fi a tel! whl h th ey can ge t a lire sa v·

(nff em blem f a I' t heh' bathiol5' RUj t., The emblem Is a rou nd pjece at telt w ith th o colOl's of th e Rcd Cross on It a nel the WOl'ds "Life Saving" In· scl'\bed on it. '

Lust ycnr"s test \\'flS ta llen ' hy It

lUt'gO nurnbN' of stLlcI"nts of which hlt'!y pll sard with th reQuired rat·

11)1:8. The passIng or th e oXlullltm, ~ !ons e ntltJ 8 one to It JOb as u, li fe /(UIlI'11 on a ny bench a nd fit s him tor RUmmel' co Illil work,

Ingwer~ to Tal}c ,I Eleven Miscues to Grid Candidat~ . Cuban Wins in Bout for Hawkeyes

An Import~eetlng of all Aid Davenporters th e football oandltla tes tur next ' '

at Davenport AmateQr Boxing Tilts Held by T ri--City American Legion yellr's nlvel'ally of l own IlI'iel" t S bd La I

II'0n 8C(Ufl d will be h e ld on Iowa 0 U ue ca s ficici, W ednesday IlCtcl'I1oon at 4 :15 o·clock . 'oach Durton A. Ingwersen said yesterday.

A l the !lrescnt tim e. only il. few ca ndidates a rc working out on (h o fi e ld. )\fost of thoso as· III rants (I,L'o yackrlcld (\I- I Il,t and a l'o hclng g ive n instl'uc~n I,n ha ndling the ball. passing . kick· lng, blockin g, a nd running wIth the ball, It Is n ec.essary that a ll cundldtues bc pl'e¥cnt at the J)leetlng Wea ne~Q~y afte},!}o.Q)l, CQach ~n¥wcl'8,Cn saId.

152 Entrants in Postal Track Tilt

'l'h e ent ry l ist for the PQs tnl track competition closed 1,18 t Saturday

and wh~n th o final card haa bell regis tered th ere were twenty·slx

schools and 152 entra nts fo), tbe bl'oa\1 jUlnl> a nd the j.avel.ln throw. whlc~ comprise lIle eomp.eUllon.

Grundy Center has the most ath· letes en~erec1 In the cQntcst . having

nominated "Ixtoe n for the com net!· lion. Dubuquc (01Jow8 with four" tee n 'I n(\ 'V.'lahlns- ton wi th ;:h lt'lee,l is third,

W8ul<OJI Entered

T rypkosh Allow,s But Tibbetts Earns Draw; Five Hits in Tilt Ny~trom Defeated as T e,am ~ose$ by Mason

for a cQun t of five In the fi rst round,"but failed to kcep his adva n· tnlt\!. N ystrorn ll1!ldo a "leady comQ· buck In lhc latter half of the firs! and In th o foro part of the Hl'cond . but the points gained by tho lmock·

J1:II'Ycn crl'Ql'6 0.)1.(1 a basebCliJ III;' DAVENPOR'r, May 14 (SI)O Illl to down "'cl'e too great a disadvantage to overcome-.

g regatLon trom PaveDI/Or( ,8'oJng by The Dllily Jowan)-Mcmbel's of the tl),e IWOlO of the )'l,OlC Inde.es was Ill! University of Jo\\,(\ boxing team. Jk>ut Ji'clICurecl Canf that waH n.eCeh·sM'y 1.0 .def()l.1t ~h,e cO!lcil ed by R OSCoe J la ll won 011e Thl' bou t between lhe t\Vo lig ht IOwa Clly Tlldellen.dent.iJ b el'c S un · bout . tied a nother onll lost one. The heavywell-(hts wos the fealur of clay oft r]l.OQn by u !\COI'O Of 8 tu 2. r emaining- members of lhe lI awkeye tho ev nlng'" card. a nD :was char·

The locals were good 1'1'.0,ug b wj ljle aggregatIon did not ente r the ring, ncterJ~ed hy terrlne punchIng. 'L'h() o t bat but wilen it ,clj.1l1.e t o tlel<1lng as th eir OPjlP/l e/lts foi led to oppear. CI'OW':\' was on Its feet the greater th.oy lac)<ed tbe (lunch to pllj.y nit·· The bright light of the vhtltlng $I1ar of the time dUI'lng thIs m/tle/l. tl;;llt '11(1.11 Numel'O UB fUJ)lbies /llld Haw/ley.es W lj.l! Charles Meneses. a fJ'h o 11I'omolel's o r the carda wero ml~cul'~ fi t th e ,e rltJeol n.,pm ent gf.lv~ ltG.pound Cuban, Th e spcedy little unable lo find opponents for the reo the vis itors theh' opportunity to co.»i· fQr,cigl}el' £llle(,l t/le air wHh gloves. l11 a inlng member, of tho jJnlyerslty. taUze on runs a/ld they made \1-"1' of a nd lhe ret ol'ee gave /lim the de" but Iwv~ Rrhedoled bouls teor t hem tlle m In a fa shion tllat gavo them cls lon OVe t· Billy Co ulter of tho 'l'rl. tOI' ,/,l1uJ'~(!ay evenln /(. their eight mal'kers. .:::Ity Y.M.C.A. The deci~lon mot Moeo Casey. )as~ ye~r's universIty

SlIllllCll't !!<'ztlls with lhe a pproval of the CI'owd. chumplOn In the h~avywelgh t sec· ~ H erb 1'rypkosh. who has becn Trlbbelts va. Vlencrs lion , has been mutched to figh l Ted

nltchln/( brjlllfllj,t ball all this sea· Artel' fo ul' fu r ious rounds '0J' fJf(ht. Sag-er. 1'rj·Ci ty ] 85 pounder. who 8011. was In the best of form nn,1 inS' ,the referee ane" j udges were un" won his bout this evening by a. allowed but five hits to the TI'I. o.l)le to a nnounce the winnm' of the knockout. 'l'he other mem bers or 'City a!:grrga tlo~, »ut hi !! ... ea~mates bout In l'1e Il ghtweight dIviSion. tile sextet Rre Ernest Tw'a l of Hono· failed to back him and UR !l. result Donnld Tibbetts tra ded bloWS ",.lIh lulu and 'I'rue Englehart of Daven· th o unfavora ble score, Th O') t\~h·l . Bus Vleg ers In this exhibit. The I)ort. The H awaiia n fighter per" tnl;' star not on1.y trlell to w! n by his un)verlty lad hail Vieners in a Ilocl forms in the featherweight cla~s. hur'llng. but he dId enouf\"h "vork . way In the early part of thc fight. while I:lnglphart works in the light with th e b[\t ~o merit hllll winn ing but the TI'i·Clty fig hter came )Jack hca vywelght division. his own bal! gn.me. Out of ~our to earn a dt·uw with the ' visitor. 'rho fls-hts are Rponsored bf the times to the plnJ,e he knqcl' ed ~h o A 11 extra I'ound of mixing failed to Trl·Clty AmerIcan Legion, '.rhl) J;1all safely three times. \le.clde th e wJnner and the otriclals winners of the various divisIon will

Other IOWtt CltJans that we l'~ do· declared the bout a draw. be sent to Chicago to battle the win· ing well with the stick were ]\fa ,nil' Th e ;Hawkeye candidate In th l' ners of the Golden Glove aJl1a t eut' g-e l' Ct·aw1'OI·d. HO!l''l- n , a nd Scott. 148.pound ,class, Carl Nystl·om. fal l. contes t there. rt i I)osslble that each of them .I\'e tt;ln ll' two no(pties ed to weathel' the blows or BUill' lhe champions mILY a lso be sent to Ollt of fOIlI ' tim eR at ba~. FOI' 'Lhe -Mason, a student in lh e Davenport the Pacific coast for a series of visitors. lIeckman n playmg in the high SCl1001. T he Davenport school. bouts with ringmasters of the -fnr out gal'dens made the best Impres·

Cubs Give Giants Third Consecutive Defeat by 8~2 Total

Webb Sends Out Two Extra Base Hits

to Clinch Tilt IlICAOO, :Mny (AP)-

J ohn l\lcO I·UW. manl).ger of tho

New Yotlc Giants bnsohn ll club. woa Slig htly inj u rerl In lh l'l gh t 1 'g after the Cubs·Glants gamo loday when he was graz cI by a .11 avtolllobile.

McGraw wa9 crossing tho str oet in front of tho , Vl'lgley flcld park tQ enter a taxicab when th o autQmobi le c lipped hIm on the leg. gxal)linutlon revenl· cd no bQncs wenl broken . ne was confined to h iS h oLeI room tonight a nd It was probl matlcal whet her he would be on the field for tomorrow's game.

ClIICAGO, May 14 (A P) - Earl We bb. with a tl"lplo a nd a dou blc which drove In fO Ul' rlJns, lecl the Cubs to an 8 10 2 victory over the Olants her e today in the third gr<l11 e of the serics. Ch lcug'o mode It nine s lralgh t victories,

Cburlle RQot fanned six and gave s ix "Its 10 regis let· h is fourth straight victory.

Score: NEW YORK- A B. R. H. PO.A.E. Roush , ef .............. 3 0 1 1 1 0 Ott. rf ...................... 3 1 1 2 0 0 Reese. 31) ................ 4 1 1 1 G 0 Tern' . lb ................ 4 0 1 8 0 0

Frank Smith Wins Final Practice Tilt

Irmnk Smith mad" lito hl f.(ll esl Hror!' in the [lnal p l'aetic shoot lit tlw bhootl ng t t'lIll ot the i owa 'Ity Gun clUb Sunday aCtet'noon \\'h ~n

hp bl'Olle 48 out 0 1' u l1oH~lblc 50 bl l·c1s. H . " RUl11melhul't led the s hooters In lho douhle~ with a scor of 2] o ut of 24 blt·cJ~.

Tho IlI·OJ.(lflm for the l'ef.(l~tc]'{·d shOQt 11 xt t;u nduy will IlIr lu (lo s ix rvpn l ij of 26 IJit'dll acll, The s hoot wlll sta l'l lit 10 n .m . wi th two WrM·

lern t rll llS th l'owln/( the ClllY pigeons out to l he ma rk smen. I ~x t l'" l'vC'nts anci l!oublcJ will be helel If tim e j)CI'·

mil • .

1 ' I)C followin/( al'o tllel scorcs malic in Slln[hlY'~ shoo t: SlnJ,(lcs-li'rn nk SIl1I1 h ....................................... ,48 Hoy CQx ............... ~ .............................. A6 1"l'llnl, JllotlgJr ................................. ..45 Ilal'ry Meil inget· ........ __ .............. ...... Ali H. C. ltullI/l1('lh'lI'l ......................... .44

hnr lc8 Mo ugl/l ............................... 44 lJennls O·T.A'nl·y ...... __ ....... __ ............. 44 M ·I·t S u 18el' ...................................... .41 Clydo ('ox ... .. ...... _ ............... 30 Stewal·t WIJ.-on .................................. 39 Jtllrvey Secor ......................... ..... .. ... 37 Or. H. It. Jenkitmon ........................ 35 J)o (l h lc~-

R. C, Rummelhnr( ........ __ ...... : ............ 21 Clyde Cox .................... ____ ............. ... .17 lerank Mou g-In ..................................... .13 ("hal'lcM M OUglt, .......... ____ ... __ ........... 12 Roy Cox ............................ 1., __ ............. 11 lir, Jenllinson ........ ...... __ .. __ .... __ ....... 9

Reigh Count Wins LOUI~ ILLE. K y .• May 14-Pil·

lcd agaln"t five othel' Derby colts, R elgh ount won th(' Mammoth Cave pur"~ thlg llfternoon. leadlnr; h'1.wley and Colonel Shalv to the wire by lhree lengths.

Timely Hits Aid Reds to Trounce Philadelphia, 8·-4

CTNC'INN A'rr. 0. . May 14 (11')-.

TjJ11l'ly hilling- III thl'C'e Innlngl I(ltvO th Clnclnnall n('IIR an 8 t~ 4 vlrl.ol'y ovel' Phllauclllhia. todoy

whllc J .. uque helil th vlaltol'~ at boy after thry lwei ('lou ted him [01' four runs In lhe Ollrn lng Inning.

Srol'e: Pl llI/g['P[HA A ,B.11. 11. PO. A,E, f'louthrr n , cC ........ 4 0 0 5 0 Th olTIfltiO J1, 21) ...... 5 0 B 2 0 Ilul ·sl. JI) ............. 3 1 GOO T.r.oilCh. If ................ 2 1 3 1 U Whllney. 31) ........ 4 ] 1 2 4 0 NIxon. l'f .................. 3 1 1 0 0 0 Williams, rt .......... 1 0 0 0 0 0 Sand. ss .................... 4 0 3 9 1 0 DnviR. c ................ 3 0 0 0 0 'ORchlutc, ................ 1 0 0 0 0 0 L<>raln. c ................ .o 0 0 0 0 0 I~ rgu~on, P .......... 2 0 0 .2 0 0 'WI')g hRlo/le .......... I 0 0 0 0 0 Heng-el'. p ............... 0 0 Q 0 0 0 ••• SweC' l!tlncl .... .. 0 0 0 0 0 0

fJ'ot!,l.ls .................. 33 1 IJ ~4 10 D • BaUp(\ fOI' I"l'rgu~on In sevenll). .. nalled for pavia In elghtll. "'Balted to), B J)gC In nll1('lh,

CINCINNATr- AD. R. H. PO,A.E. rrltz. ~h.. . ......... 3 2 3 ("a llaf.(h.~n. If .... .. . 4 2 3 0 0 Kelly, II> .. __ ........... 4 I 2 0 0 Wnlker. l'f .............. 4 0 2 1 0 AlIl'll . cf ............. __ 4 0 ] 2 0 0 Dr s~e n . 3b __ ......... 2 0 2 J 0 0 Ha rgmve. c .......... 3 1 0 6 0 0 Ford. BM ............ __ .... 4 1 1 LUQuP. P ............... 3 1 0

Foll owing Is a IlI>t of the schools !lncl the names of the competi tor. from each school:WnuI<Qn-BroOlI jump: Paul E lliker, O'lcar: E ns-el. hol'l1. Robert Ewing, Nalhan Hager. f l'ed lJ ehn lng. ~iol) wltb his it!,c)< , H:e /lit on oe ou t boy had the vlaltor on the canvas west.

of lhl'ee UQ'es at bat. -------

Jackson. "R ............ 4 0 1 5 0 1 .::: Mann, Jr ................ 3 0 1 0 0 0 Root. I} .... --........... 4 0 0 0 2 0 T otals .................. 31 8 13 27 10 1

Cohen. 2b .... : ......... 4 0 0 1 4 2 - - - - - - Philadelphia ...... 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-4 Senior hl!!"h . D ubuque--Broad jump: Jules L evendahl. John Me· Carfrl~, A If,·e<.1 Carroll. Wendell Russell. Richard Smith. John Schauer. Donald Duggan. Javelin thl'ow: JI1 e rville Plotness, Kar l Ken· line. Bud Crawford. J oe Born. D. Dawson, D. Vance. ,V. Russell .

Ploy COnrQY I,lnda!' EXTRA' U. High Track~ters The game vl th COl)r'QY \.lext S un· . <loy w ill ~~e a r~vlso\l III)ell» 31)l)ea,.· • Prepare for Meet

H ogan. c ................ 4 0 0 6 2 0 Total. .. ............... 33 8 10 27 9 1 Cincinnati ......... 0 4 0 lOa 0 0 '-8 Fitz Immons. I) .... 1 0 0 0 0 0 Score by innin gs: Summal'Y-I'UnS batted In Nixon 'Walk el', ]1 .............. 1 0 0 0 0 Il New York ....... 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0-2 2. Whltn~y. Sand, Kelly 3. Luqll~.

Hawarden- Broad j ump: Norman Knutson. Lyte Stickel. JClve!ln throw- Vi'aYne Rich.

Alta-Droad jump! Oliver Sansen. Javelin throw: Oliver RanRen.

nock HUI)W.-J3roac1 jump: Don Dougla~ F . i\1eKlskick. J avelin throw: L ewis H(lw)<lns, Norman Payton.

J effersoT)-Broad jump: Dean

Jng In action fOt· th e locals. Tryp. kosh . Meyers a nd Scott wlll b~ mILk. Ing theIr last a llPearJj.ncc \lI1der t he lnrlependents col orR a nd "Skimmer" .MilleI'. tOt'mel' I owa basketball 'lnd baseball star,' a nd M Ills will put in theit· first ILI)peO ran ee with the 10' cals, '

MiII" I' will do the backstopping a nd 1I1111s wiJI be heavi ng the b orse· 11 Ide. TrYllkosh will take core ot fln

Iowans Beat Chicago, 7 to '.!

CHI.CAGO. May l4 (.\PJ -Iowa's tennis team defeated ('hl(,8go, 7 to 2 tolla)·. l o\\'a. won six or the sCl'en s ingles 1)lateltl.'S und bl'oh,e C\'en In the dOllble~ .

A.cacia~ Capture Title The Acacia. baseball team cinch ed

Llndse)' , Walt I' DelaneY. W ayne Hnsbro uck. J ClveUn throw: Dean Lindsey, Wal(er Delaney. Wayne Hasbrouck.

outfleld berth and Meyers will be stationed at some InrlelcJ 110sltion for their final appearance before th ey retire in fa val' Or their bome aggre· gatlon down a t Solon . fi l'st place In thelt· M,ctlon of the ill'

Orunrl3' ('enter .JJllllpr rs GI' un,ly Cenlcr- !l.l'oad jump: II.

Knock, n, Brockway. ' U. pric,e. " '. Newton. .Javelln throw : D. Smith, D. Thomrut. L. Lynch. H. Dunbam. E. }o'rprieks. \\', )!eyer. D. Elln\te.

,Yashinglon-Broad jump: J •. Ruth .. r. ) ,{cAvoy. M. McDaniel, O. Karf, S . ne~on. In veil n throw: n. Pratt. O. Layton, D, K eiser. S. l'lImnson, O. Knl'f, H. Snydct·. J . Dn.vldson .. W . I:.'lles ..

'1VIlliam~l)urg~Drood j ump: Louis Clpmmem'. L land D\llnn, Winston '-Q nr". ,,'aiter !'tochrkassc. llyru n L''lI'lz.

Grant 111<;h, C'~dor Rallids-God· rr~y """viiI. Melforel CavIn ess. Ev· f'rC'tt Finch. Lu nil' Havel. 11arold \Va ltel·meyer. J ,avelln lhrow: Ver·,

on John"lln, OO<1rl'CY $eayik. Fred ' Jllcksqn.

IIclmond-n"oa,1 jU11111: Emory Galloway, J aveli n throw: Emory Galloway.

EIII:land Cumpetes rl'pslon - iJrouc1 jump: Harold

l~nf.(land, Javelin throw: H a rold Ho,rnC'.

Usceo!n-Dl"ODel jump: fI , Ops. C. Nor·ton. n. \l'fcQl,I,el' n , n. GUJ"npss, J. 1'lJlIs ton. JavC' lI n throw: G . Hart'IR, l~ . Zikn. A. Rhine. O. ~1cQuc l'll . 11. OtIH. •

I( noxvlllc-Brond Jump: Edward LOY1lnchan.

East Dcs Mo1ncs- Bro..'1.d jump: Ray Gilhert. GeOI'ge J [ol l11 l1 n, A Ibcrl \l .lll . .Javell)l UlI'OW: Hay Gilhert. J\I t>ert Hall.

Bloomfield-Broad JUOlll : ,V. \'a l' · n 1'. A, Ca mel·o n. D. Mltchen . p . Dltson , R Col1in~. R. Mitchell , •

'van M ter-Javelln thr,Ow: VI\U1e Lin t, Alfred Llencm on. Carl Radk,e. Ru ~eli 1'awneY,

Guthrie Center'-hl'oad jump: Cllf· Ion Montl;omery. Harold Foreslan. .;ravclln throw~Cilfton Montgomery,

DavenpOrt-Broad jump: W. Will· I smi th. W . Balzer. F. H emlling. 0 , Preston. !If, ,Quchwalter,

'olfax-Broac1 jump: 'Wayne OI'OSS, Joe Choll el<. JaveJin throw: J oe Cholick , L. LlpJlIJ1C.Ott. •

Score: REX I NDEES- AR. Rll. PO.A.B. Noltskel', 813 ........... . Ii 2 1 2 ~ EIcksteadt, cf ........ ii 2 1 Q 0 2 Thl('feld. c ................ 6 1 1 11 0 0 W estpha l, Ib ........ 5 0 0 5 0 0 Pe~er$. [l .................. 4 0 <J 1 a 0 Sh'olul1, 2b ........ __ ._. 4 ~ I a 1 0 SchuulT. 3b ............ 3 0 0 3 I 0 Beckman. ~f ............ 3 2 1 I I 0 )telnel't, J'f ............. 5 0 0 1 0 0

Totals ................. .41 8 5 27 8 5

IOWA CITY- A~.l'I. . :H. PO.A.E, TrOjJtow. 2b ...... 4 0 1 3 I J tfo~en. 3b .............. 4 0 2 0 3 2 Meyers, c ..... ......... 4 0 (I 12 0 1 Crawfor<l. It .......... 4 I 2 0 0 0 Seem'll\l . )b .......... S 0, 0 9 0 0 Scott. rf .................. 4 1 2 2 0 0 11all. S8 .................... 4 0 0 0 2 4 Tr'ypkQ~h. II .......... 4 0 3 0 0 E astwood. C;f .......... 2 0 0 0 0 3 l{t·litZ. c( .................. 2 0 0 0 0

1'1)Ull~ ____ ........... 95 2 10 27 .8 11 Score by Innings:

Rex I ndees .............. 0 0 0 4 0 3 0 1 Q-R [owa CIty ................ 0000.0 Q 002-2

Alexander', Javelin U)row: WI)I Is Qmws.

Rlcevlllc-UI'Q d jvmp! Harold Crain , :Wult~I' Rivers .. Tohn Witte,,' brccl" , William 1108". Ral[ll~ Wlikes. Javelin tJlI'OW : F ,'ank ,Evans. Ernest Evans, Wa ltpr Rivel's, John Wltte", bl'eer. W~llla01 H,ose.

lea n~lgut-Bt·Qll.d junllJ: RoJ) 1'1 Coy.

Esthervilie-lkoad jump: n. Cox, R. TOI'rencc, C,. H emmingson . J ava· lin throw: R . Cox. R. Torrence.

Clarinda-Broad jump: Evet'ett Tl a ndor!, Dale 4-shm ore. John n ck' ma l), Lloyd BU,bbard.

tertraternlty contest" lUSt night when thpy defea ted the Phi Dp\ta Theta nine 11'0 in a five Inning game, 'rhe Phi D~llti took the lead in the first two Innin:o:s hut Acaciu c linched the game In th e fourth when KIrwin, pilcher, knockecl a home l'un with the bailes loadpd. Huugen. catcblng for the los.ers I·eg· Istered two home "un~ and a slrlke· out in tln-ee tri lls to the ]llate, Hick. ertlO n fo l' Acacia hit :t thl'ce bagger 1n the third Inning- with one on.


Sure! I Sel)d my clothes to

T. DELL KELLEY Iowa City's Oldest Cleaner


Tahor Tram Listed 1'abor- Broatl jumll: Lee P enney. Iyde P atlan. Vet'l Downes, L a wson ,

HOllsel. Hal'olO Rhoc1l's. ja.velln thrQw: Dona ld Doug l ~s. r ... ee Pen M)' , Veri Bownes. LawflOn Housel, L~on I

pOlYne •. a l'lnnell - Broad lum I)! IIarold

I And here is the ' equip~

ment for your favorite spo~:

As Coach M. 1". Carpenter was at Davenport yeRterday on busine~l!. the U, hig-h track team hael only a light workout at the u~ua l noon·

'Cummlngft ............ 1 0 0 0 0 0 ,.~hlcago .......... __ .. 1 0 2 3 0 0 2 0 · -8 Critz. 'allaA"han, "·a.lker; tW!) baso .'O'Doul __ .............. __ 1 0 0 0 0 0 Summary-runs balted in Webb 4. hit" Whltnf'Y. Nixon. Sand 2. I·'onl.

_ _ _ _ _ _ Hteilhen~on. 'V1I80n. Gon?nl~g 2. ('allaghnn, Dre~8en; lhrt'e base III!~

Totuls __ .... ____ ........ 33 2 6 24 l~ 3 Terry 2; two bas,," hits W ebb. Oon· Critz. Kelly ; sarl'lflces DI·es"en. K~I· .Batted for 1~ltz8lmmons In flfth. zalrs. Te rry; three base hlL W ebb; Iy. \\"alker. Callaghan; double plays "Batted for !\la nn in ninth. double plays Maguire to GrImm. no· Walker to leaI'd. Pon1 to Critz to

hour prac tice pel·;od. The session gem to J acktlOn' left on ba..es New K~lIy , Lench 10 Davis. Luque to "erved mostly as limberi ng up excr' ClITCAGO- AD. R. II. PO.A,E. YOI'k 6, Chlcago 7; base on ball· oct Ford 10 J{~lIy. '''hltnl'), to Thornl)' clse following Sa lurday 's meet. Beck. sa ........... __ .... 4 1 1 2 2 0 noot 2. Fitzsimmons 3, \\'all<l'r 3; SOIl to HUI·st. Ford to Kelly ; left 011

The university high elnde l' men Maguire. 2b ____ ...... Q 2 1 3 2 1 ~truck out by Root 6, Fitzsimmons bAses PhiJadelphht 7. Cincinnati 8; 11'111 have their work directed ',0· "-ebb. rf ____ ............ 4 1 2 1 0 0 3. Walker 3; hltl! otf pitz~·lmmons ha"~ on bAIIM orr Fel'guson 2, Benge ward pr!'pumlion for th~ district Wilson, cf __ ........ __ . 2 0 2 3 0 0 i In 4! 'Yalker 3 in 4; 1081ng I1ltch· 1. T.uttue 0: struck out by Ferguson meet nt Davenport thIs week. COach Stel)henson. If ...... 4 1 1 6 0 0 er F'ilzslmmons. 1, LU<lue 5: hlls uft Ferguson 12 III

enst a haIr dozen Of his proteges Gonznles. c ............ 3 1 2 7 0 0 Quigley, grave. Luque (hy Ferguson); losing ~'ar()enter is expectecl to ent er il.t I Grimm. lh .............. 3 1 1 6 1 0 j Umpires-Pflrman. Starlc and a. Ii!'nge 1 In 2; hit 'by pitcher Hal"

t==h=e=r=e~s=a=tU=I='d=a~~~"======~========~~B~ut~l~e;r.~3~b~.~ ... ~ .. ~ .. ~ ... ~ .. ~.~4==1~~0~O~~2~~O~=~T~lm~e~o~f~tgh~e~g~a~m~e--~~1;:5~1~.========~P~lt~c~h~e~r~F~e;I~·ggu~s~0~n~'===

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5, 192a ~

Tuesday, May 15, 1928 n.e Daily lowao, Iowa CiIJ - Page 7 ~~------------------~----------------~------------------------------------------------------------------~~------------- ,~-~----------------------~--------------------------,

6;e Hawkeyes' Open Week Against~onmouth Here TomorrQw id Vogelmen to Play TILLIE THE TOILER Iowan Gblfer in ' nee a,8-4

14 (IP}-

Inning, [Ln 8 t~ {

la to(lay I'S at bny

1 fOI' four Ig.

. PO. A.B , 5 0 0 I 3 2 0 t GOO

3 2 4 o 0 0 o 0 0 3 1 0 2 o o

, 2 , 0

o o

o 0 o 0 o 0 o o o o ._- -

, 24 10 0 seven Ill .

bth. nlneth.

I. PO.A.E. 1 3 0 2 0 0 8 0 0

1 0 2 0 0 1 0 0 6 0 0 5 I


27 10 1 o 00-4 o 0 '-8

n Nixon • Luqu~. Lwu base 2, l"i'ortl,

lase lIl t, sen. /(el. lIe plan Critz to

.uque to Thoml)'

; left 011 . nnnll 8; 2, Benge i"erguson on 12 In 'leI' liar. ); losing

Double Header af ~\.v~~,~; British Tide Play Urbana Saturday \ ~~;~

Iowa Batting Average.s Drop as Result of

Michigan Tilt Monmou h ('ollcg{\ oC Illi nois wi ll

1>1.' the (irst II1In olH t~am met by lh o JJllwks thlij week. TomorrolV neter· noon at <I o'~I()('k til Monmou th nille amI the Vogelmen will tangle In the only hom gnme or lhe week. Monmouth Is repor led Lo have a vet· eran team. . 'l'he Unlvorslty of Illlnol !t will be the other J11l nolij team to cross bats with the Vogelmen. Two games will be Illayed on the Illinois dla· mond. Thl' F:nm(! which was rained out her!:' will be 'Played off In Lhe doubl hender.

A\'''rll ~''.H Slump In the selhlt('k lit tho han(b or

Michigan mO"1 or tile lIawkR drop· ped In t1wll' batLin!{ averages. Thompson. who wns leading a week ago with the grand avel'age <;>r .471. passed t1w lead over to Cnptuln Terr)·. "'11110 Thompson go t two doubles In the ,\'olve l'lnc game . h e wns up rive tim('" 80 his n verllJi'C slipped to a .45~. Terry has only lour 1Il01'e pOints. getting thl'\le hits out or fll'e chancrs. 11ls avel'age Is .458.

Sllhs al"o took a Alight tumhle. Hi. Inst week'" o,'el'n!{e of .421 rlrop· ped to .409 n,. a I'csull of the tangle with McAfee 's curves. The little lelthnnder scored the only Hawll marker a~Qlnst the 'Volvel'ines.

Ria rkl iii ts .300 Black!ol'd dropped out of the tour

hundred c la.s and now h as an even .300 mark In th e BI", Ten games. G1asa;ow 10llR his teammate by (ourleen IlOlnts, SPOl'tlr'lg a .311 mark.

The I1awkeye averages were not the only ones to sufCer In the cn· co un ter ]Cr ldny. All the hfts the Wolverln". could count on or Two· ~ood's lerl·handed s lants were Lhree Ie •• than the Vogclmen got off of McAfe •. "Twogle" a llowec1 only sev· en hit. while the JIawks got ten . A. a result the FIshermen arc reo \ \sing their nvcl"ages. ~llchlgn.n was out·hlt In the Illinois ~ame9 a lso.

Victors at Sandwich for British Title

For the seventh time tn el~ht 1 Ish open Litle This YC~r It was I Am ertcnn followed Hugen. In tills years. nn American golfer has ('ap· " )tIter H agen. who WO,I the Hame plctul'e, I~ft to 1'11'\1ll :11". "'aile I' tured the prize o[ nil EU I'opPan tro· cup over the snme cour~c ,t ·~()uple lJltgcn. (It·ne H,u"l~en. 1ml )[elhOI'n phleM the CU I> l'mblemaLic of the B,·lt· Of years ago. Sa l'Men, nnothe r and To III 111), Armour.


F rosh Gymnasts Compete Friday

Next Fl'iday afternoon freshman gyrn nilH ls wlll compete In a novice meet as II cllmn" to the year's t,·a ln· Ing'. Sinct' !''-it Scptemb",' these men have ocen r eporLlng to oach Albert Daumgl1l·tnel' (01' dally ell·llI .

Each yenr such a. meet Is he ld near the c lose or the seconel aemes· te,' fo r the I)UI'poso or determining the me n to receh'e numel'lll IlIVal'ds.

~'rhls year '~ f"cshmo ll HCl uad II< mnde up or 80m ' unusunll)' pl·omls· InS' ma tel'lal with A. C. Nehring, A. I". Del'g!,l'. and ne Tlostlck SUlI1d, Ing out as the most COl'mldnbt:l. " 'hlle L. C. Bo~scn, G . ,,' . " ·ngno/·. n. E. Speir's. F . E. Swls he/·. and H . I t. Boden arc a ll !rood prospects .

it Is from thIs ':;I'OUP lhat men must be picked fOI' next year'" vu.I'· slly to fill the vacancies left by the fOlll' men. J{ . M. P e terson. F. W . gowal'ds. n. ' V. Swlrt. and P . e. Houaer. who havo complot d thell' comp~ Utlon for Iowa.

The member's of tho j 928 gym teum who will be ll"allable fol' the 1n9 season ur : Ctll)!. IV. H. 1Ien· Mr"on. Capt.· Elect H . C. a e. H. A. No180n. L . Ung lenk. and v.'. J. Tem·


Athletics Overcome Indians in Tenth

Baseball Standings ! Hawkeyes Rest '--. 1l-t10-1I~II-Lc-HI(-U' -- for Track Trials

W. L . :Pet. Incl nnatl .................... 19 11 .633

ChlCllll'o ...... ~ ................ 18 12 .GOO St. Louis ...................... 16 12 .571 N~w YOI'k ................. 13 10 .565 nlt Lsbul',:;h .................. 13 13 .500 Brooklyn .......... ~ ........... 13 1:1 .500 Boston .......................... 9 Hi .360 Philadelphia .. ......... 5 20 .200

Cames yest~rday: B"ooklyn 7. Pittsburgh 6: New York 2. Chlca!{o 8; PhlladelJlhla. 4. Cincinnati 8; St. Louis 4. Boston 3.

Cla m s today: jJo~ton nt St. LoulR; New YOI'k Ilt hlca~o : Phlln.c1el (lhla a ~ 'Incl nnatl; Urooklyn Ilt P illil' burgh.

A Ill(.'j ·lc:t1l J..clll; ue

W. L. Pet. ;-;-.ew 'I' ork ................. .. 20 (j .800 Philadel phia ................ 14 7 .667 (,lev(' land ..................... 18 11 .621 St. Louis .................... 14 l G .407 WII8hlng ton ................ II ]4 .~ 10 BOHton .. ...'_ .. 10 Hi .400 De trol t.. ..... ...... 12 20 .375 Chicago ....... ,_.... .... 9 ~O .310

On.mcs y('slel'day: 8t. Loul, 2. Bo~ton 3; ))ctl'olt 6. Nf>1\' York 7; PhlindPlphhl 6. C'levflllnd 3 (10 In· nlngR); WlIs hlllgton 4. Chlcngo 2.

Games lodn~': Sl. T..oulH III BOR· lon ; le\'l'lnml at Philadelphia: De· trolt lit ~e\V YOr k; ChlclIgo at Wash. Ington .

WESTEtlN I,F.J\ Gl'E Pueilio. 9: Okillhoma City 2.

An r ttl!' at re nUOU8 trne k meet \dth the Ullnl IlU!t S,ltUrdllY, the Hawk track8t~I'S today went lhrough Il compa l'OtI" Oly olUly workout. The n xt COm l) ' tilton fot' the Vlll'lltLy and lho Cr Rhmen will be somrtlm In th la tter part ot the week when tho vurglty nl\d the fr hmen ngage In n dual on rowa neW.

CuhCl lind the /·C'~t of th ~ hurd le/'s took H veral gun IIta/'Us over three ana foul' hurdl .. Stam. 18 a nd SLev· PMon took 8evel'01 stArts. LlOyd J In.le, who Is Inollglhl .. fo ,' varsity com ll('tltlon. 18 wOI'klng out with the hurdh'rs In llrepurallon COl' the com· Ing /': . . A.A . m('('t In hlcago. This m,' t I Itl~o II llt'Ctionnl t/'yout for tho bnWlc games "nil all amni~UI'8 nl~ I'll Ihle for compNltion. fl ail' wa~ " VtllUllble man on tho fr('sh · I11lln R'l"n.d In t yen!".

Th e hroad jumllcrs took "oml' trial Jumps. Va na, who caplured "~oon(j In th(' dU 11 1 with the 11\1nt It,"t Saturday \\'1\8 gctting 80m good distan ce to his trlala.

Rotary Javelin Cup Throw Set May 18

Clinton Woman Enters Secortd Round at

Hunstanton II NSTANTON. Eng.. May H

(AP}-Mlas Glenna ollett, (ormN' woman 's golr champion or the Unlred Stat.,.., swept through two rounds of th British woman's tItle e,'('nt today. The merlcan girl. one or the g m("g lon).;'(' t hltter~.

used h('l" ability Lo drive th lJall through the wind to good ad\'(\nLa~e In defeating Mlle. Imone Thlon dl' III. haume. the French gtrl \\ ho holds the British Iitle. nnd )tl" Shh' ley Lamplough. 18·y~ur·old Eng· lIsh pla)·er.

The first round match which brought the sttll' Am erican and French e ntries toguther was a se{'· sa w arralr. fina lly 1\"on at 1hc hr\,· .. nt~enth. th ree Ull lind one Lo Ilia)'. In the aftet'noon. Il very tired Gle ll' no. played excell n t golr to win from her you nf{er a nd Ie .... o"l>ertenred op· ponent \\'Ith little .. «orl. ~ .. von tltl and Htx to play. The English girl won only on hole.

l.a t In EtU'ly , tBges

The AlJlcrlc(ln h lld to con,t' f l'om behind to win In the m orning. thl' ehlUl).ulon walt ore In front with 1\ blrdl(> lhrt'e III th .. flr8t hole. go In!'d through a. 40·[00t chip from the dge or tho g ree n, Through rain u nd a 1:>IUng wind

the Btar women play!!r , VIQddt'd thl'oug h tht' first nJn ho l ~. nlll

nd tuck. Glennn. equal' d lhe mulch at the eventh hut On the eighth ivent (lown ngn.ln only to ngoln mnke thC' uf! It' ewn III tbe ninth.

l11ss oUetL's uncanny ahlllty Lo Uti" th wind 8tO d In 11l'r ,:;ood at ad on th finish In!\' hol,,1<. nnd the tltlp, holder could \\ ·I n onll" two of the eIght hole8 played on the home·corn· In journl'Y.

T IllIe I .e d lit TeJllh M I.~ olll'tl 10 k the I a d a t th

tenth and never 10sL It. While the h rt\.hlltlng (I I('n no.

In prellarlng for the game with Monmouth tomorrow and the double bill with Illinois Saturday. the Hawkeyes put dust In the eyes of the yea ding nine In a n eight inning Braves Relinquish Lead

in Ninth as Cards Score Four Fraternities

Win in Golf Joust

Fi nals will In'ohahly dll~' n.l't('I·noon.

hr' nlnyed Sun· PHlT,A DI':JJPH I A. Mny 14 (AP)- Denver. 2; TuIM. 3. Tho Athletics tleal Cleveland In 10 Olllnha, 7: Amll r lllo, U.

'rh spring competition for the Ro· tary club j av lin th,'ow will take pinel.' Friday. May 18. according to Coach H enry Dalne who ts In charge of the v nt. This I~ the fourt h y~ill' which the ('omprUtion hU8 been helt! unrl the traveling lrophy haH rhllnged hllnds ('ach "pring nnd (all s in ce th e orIgin ot the ~la"slc.

W/Lq killing of[ Lhe title holdM. three other Am~rlcan8 advanced with her. (Inti two m t elefl'llt. MI'lI. Dorothy CllmptJeli 11 urd . Philadelphia. Mr". Stewart lIanle)', De troit. a nd 1\I1~.

ElI7.nbnth Curtis. Cli nton , Iowa, won their WilY InLo the third rO\lnd . MI~H MildII' Miller. Detroit. anti I\f1RH Maude llunnew 11. tormerly or Bos· Ion but now 1I\'lng In gnglllnll. were ellmlnn led.

(;llme yesterday. "}Iul" lIm'ls FOUl' FrI\IllC~

WI'. LOUIS. Nay 14 (AP) - A Mulroney pitched fOUl' In nings for lile v.lI'.ity. li e ~'Ie\()c(l one run. Clark took UI) the du ty here anc1 (l. tour run parade of sCOI'i ng In the

PIny III 1\11 of the mat('h~s this Y~llr hus l)t'('n ('Iosu. IlI1d It 11'111 Luleo n'ul ,:;ulr tf> win th' flnlll rou nds. The cal-Iy HP:\son ravol·tll·" to win W(>l't' th !" UcLaH uoo th It .. Chili, In/t the ~howln); ut tho Xu Hlg t('am hus m/lnO thc Illl'fiks 'l [orOl' to be I'('el<one(\ with . XC"C'l' flllShy. the Ph i Uell'l Theta hOYa h,,\'c succ~eded In ,,-Innl n«' tht'lt' way Into the finals the Inst thl'''o yea"H and have l1ope~ of annexlnK til l' uHltch tn their third atLempt.

although lo.uchj<1l fat' mOI'e hits n inth inning I·nll)'. which cllmaxNl than wu~ Mulroney he was hard to last t111'l'C i nnings bl'ought the st. louch when lhe hits meant puns. I' 'Louis Curdina ls out oC th e holo

ir:~~~'.:nadn;~~:~~:ett~~=e:a:~t';/~~ today to beat U,e Boston Bt'llves 4

score sJx mOJ·kerR. to 3.

Deta 'l'heta Pi, N u Rig mn. NU l .Ph1 Dulta The tu, and Delut 'hi elll~I'~'(] th(\ wlnnel's from th e s('conc1 rounel ot th e:> Interfraternity golt tourney Ilnd will f1.,ht It out In the semi· final ['ouncl this w ee l"

The Vo~chnen ulso i\'ot In a short Doulhft cra~hed out a homer In The Bptas [ound the Phi P si team uncxpected opposilion. but pmel'gNI the winn cJ"R In un ovcrUm till. 'rht.' Nu Rigs cleaned th e Slgm:L Nu boy" for the I' ight to meN the DctitM III the Ullllet· bracket. In tho lower hal[ of lhe scramille. the PhI K'lPP'l i:llg IInksmen rell !K'foro Ihe:> Phi D c:> lt l·cpl·escnlatlvcs. 'lnel lhe Delt'l I'hi athletes took the Pht G(tms Into comp.

hitting drill a od InUe\(l practlco. The the seventh to o(lcn the Card sco ,·' outfielders took an extended WOl'll' In;;. In the eh,hth Hafey WIlS scor. out ehn,lng loni\' f1ie~ (rolll lhe bal

The 1)[\lrlllH~ for Lhe ~(·Jnl·nnal ~ ,\L"P:

or Conch Otto Vogel. Th~ hut ling avernll'es (Ol' the D1i:

~'en games of the llnwks up to dalt:' Rre: 'ferry, .458; Thompson , .454; Sal... .409; Gln'"l\ow. .314; Dlack· rord . .300; Nelson. .250; Twogooc\. .222; Mulron ey. 166 : Jl ei n t<-I .. 143: Hath •. 138; Brown •. 000; COl·oln •. 000; David •. 000.

Brooklyn Takes Long Encounter

rITTSBLJHGH, I\l ay l4 (Ar) -1'h~ llrdOkl yn Huhlns IllUci{\ It lwo .tl'nlght ovrl' the Ph',ur~ h(>I'o loday by wlnninJ.: 7 lo 6 in II. game whl"h lasted mol'o than two and one·llllU 1I0ul·s. Thlr·ty·(jVl' playel's WI'I'C usod. Pltt"iJun(h had tho Uctng a nd win· ning runs on base In the ninth, bul Dazzy Vance, called Into th o hox In the eighth stl'uck alit Wl'ight and Glnnthnm. onilln>; th 'lame . Botll batters walchee) the thh'd stl'll<e.

Score hy Innings : Brooklyn ............ 0 2 0 1 0 2 0 2 0- 7 I'lttsbll l'1"h ........ 0 0 0 4 0 0 2 0 0- 6

White Sox Take Usual Drubbing ,

WASIlINGTON. lIl ny 14 (AI') Ga~ton htt li the cd!,:c OVOI' 1lIA11hn· .hill llnd Conlllly In 11 I1ltchln l: cluol todny nnd 'Vashl ng-ton took the Ihil'c\ gnme of t hl' se l·les. 4 to 2. Thte knocked In Lwo of the Sen· mOI's' runs a na jllls he(l anoth N' aCI'ORR when he eh'e w n pass wllh th o bl\"~A IOl\ded .

Srol'e: Chlcal(o .................. 010 000 1QO-2 6 3 WashIngton 102 0 I 0 00°- 4 7 1

Battedrs: B lanken"hltl, Conna lly. llna Crouse: Onston and 'I'nte.

Boston Red Sox Increase Victory String

BO STON. ~lay 14 (AP)- Boston 1K'01'C(] It s thlnl s trnlghL vlctol')' hore tOUIlY hy Hottlng bock St. Louis. 3·2. It IHIS MOITls' t ltlr'd consecutive nl (ch lng victory.

Scol'r : I. Louis ................ 002 000 000-2 5 1

BORton .................... 010 200 00 0 - 3 U 0 130 tl el'hls: Orn y a nd Scha" ,,;

Morris an~ H ev lng.

Mandell SlIJpend. Training NEW YORK •. Ma y ~4 (AP)-'rl'l\ln.

eel to the minute. Sam my Mandell. the "Rockford ' hhi k," put on the gloves for Lho ILlst Hme today bQ' 101'e he entol's tho ring at the 010 IiI'o undA '£hul'sda y to (]cremd hl~ IIgltt" 'l'lll; llt 11L1~ n!':nl~At thl' dynA' illit e cn nrN\INl In til l' fi . lo nr .IilYIlllY ~1c1."I · /rI" : I'ul'ific ooa~ l . IU IIIj'C I'.

cd on '\'lIson's sln,:;le after tloubl· (ng'. Douth it nnd Mar Un scored In the nlnlh "Ilh lh c winnin~ I'un. dl'iV<'n in by Ihfcy's [Ou"~:, hit o[ lhe game.

Score: 110"ton ... 102 000 000-3 8 1

Beta Th{'ta Pi VS . .Nu Slg-mll Nu. Pht /Jelta 'I'het" '-S. IJdtlt ChI.

Ht. Louis .............. 000 uQO 112-4 12 1 l· ·tttc rl('s : Dl'laneY. Hobel'tson and

'fayl')I': LittleJohn. Hold. R clnha rt " 11(1 Wilson.

S ml·fina l I'ound mMehos mus t bl' Illaycd by l~r1d"y e vening. May 1 R. >lecol'dlng to ou C' h Ch:1rles ]{ennett who 1M in chat'ge of the tourney.

pIUNc wrON. N. ,T. , May 11 (:\1 ') -Culurnhla's Intcr·('olll·).;'lntc oln",· pions ~-tng-cd a conw·h:wk todny 10

hcat ] > nnsylvania anll Princeton In th e \,;H'Mily Cl·"'W l'3.CO [Ol' lhe Child's cup on Lake Carne!{le. Penn was secon(1 and Pdncelun, 1927 winners. third.


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PHONE 111 J~~ E. Colle ..

Wllb l'elluw (lab


RODgDer French Dry Cleanbt,.

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Latest City, Sport., ClDlpU •• and Wire New. Repon.

Telephone. {Business 290, Z91 EaUorlll1 2829

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World's Smallest j ~ •

Complete Circus Arrives in City

Elks Sponsor Exhibit of Carved Wood

Performers Thir ty·three klddles In t he

r hihll'en's hospital will be glvell a ('blln t'e to see the ('lrens at 9 o'c1ocl, this mOI'lL)1" th rough the ronr tesy or the local E lks 81111 01 jim ti reu!! management.

F irieen mi nia ture circus cars were relieved of lhelr load or woodell men and a nlmals, tents, wagons, stakes, ~I()ctrlcal equipment a nd accessol'les for tile world 's smallest three t'ing cirCuB at the old S. & K market yes· terda)' morning. 'rhey are bei ng dis­played under t he auspices of the locul E lkw.

'I' he clrcus Is the result oC fOUl­years whlttllng by Harry 1\1. Car­michael of Red Oak who carved pvel'y piece used In the cntlre dis­,play dU"lng his spare hours after work. The blades or the doll a,' k nife which Carmichael used In his work have been worn to stubs. From trapeze performances to Wagon Wheels each piece was carved from hard wood. Some or the wagons In dlspiay have twenty-five Indiv id­ual carvings On their sides.

Twenty-seven Actlt The "'blg top" with lts twenty­

H~ven dif(eren.t actIO is contl'oled by 1t Ringle m<>tor. The mechanism was constr ucted with wooden blocks, st~el rods, and two sewing machine whf';'ls wlth belts ot corll and old Hit'l ng.

A t," elve piece bNl.SS band at the rcnr of the 'big tent furnished the rntl~lo for the performers. Trapeze artists hang by ,their t eeth, tight , '01)0 wa.lkers balance themselves a long 1t cord, bare-back riders whirl aroun d the ring. E)'om the an­nlJuncer to t,h e clowns the main allOW is complete In eve,'y detail, wllh all three rings working s imul­taneously .

Nothing which is used in a ch'­CllS has been left out. There Is the cook shack a.nd company wagon, the power plant and repair shOll, even the "walt while they dry" laundry :w(1 sleeping hoboes which round U~\t every circus, are present In lII inH, t ul'e.

Wanwd to Own CircU5 JII1 his lJ (e Carm Ichael wan ted to

I", a cirQus owner. Several years :11;0 I,e conceived the Idea of bu ild· ing a. circus for himself. W ith the pUI'I'hane of a dollar knife began the wonder of hundreds of small boys today.

A workman In the calendar print­ing plant at Red Oak, Carmichael WllS forced to limit his clrcus pro­jert to !lpare hours In the evenings. I lis wOl'kshol) consisted or seven HIU'lre feet of space In his garuge. H e had no work bench nor vice l )ut held each piece In his hand whlli> he patiently carved the seven· ty wagon wheels and thousands oC small pieces of wood.

Ttn hats were cut from tobacco cans. Two old tomato cans fo,m the tank of water wagon. Odds and endR picked up and accumulated around the house were slowl)'(orm­ell Into the world's smallest circus.

With the Lodges Woman 's Catholic Order of For­

este,·, held their monthly busIness meeting last night In the St. Wen­cesla us chul'ch.

Ladles Auxlllal'Y, Pa triarch MlIl­tant, Old capitol fortress, No. 12, met last night In regular session at the Odd Fellows' ha.ll.

Palestine Commll.ndel·y, No.2, met ln regular concla ve In the Masonic t rmJlle last nigh t.

Iowa City Canton No. 29, of the 1 .0.0.17'. met in the Odd Fellow'e ha ll last night. Routine bus iness was d ls~ussed.

Pyth la n Sisters held their f ir st month ly meeting las t night In old 'fl'io ngle club rooms. - - ---

Junior Men Elected to Honorary Order


diSCipline committee; student ijpeak­el', Union d,·lve.

Frank E. HOl'ELck, jr.: Phi Kappa Pal; Delta Sigma Rho; Phi Gamma Delta; Irving Institute, president ; deba.tes, Cambridge, Illinois, M Inne­sota , 'Wlsconsln, Knox, South Da­kota; Intersoclety debllle; C!'eahman, 801)homorc. champion deba~e; ri fle team, captain, 1920; Phi Beta Kappa; Law Review; Scabbm'd and Blade; cadet major, R.O.T. '.; Phi Delta Phi ; forensic council.

Herschel Ltlngdon: Acacia; debates, CambrIage, Jlllools, eastern tour; winner, university oratorical con· tes t; winner, No,·thern O"ato,-Ical contesl; sophomore intersociely de· bate; Interf,·at "nlty (iebllte; Phi Delta Gamma; Delta Si~'ma Rho ' Zetagathlan; fOI'ensle counCil; publl· cations board.

J ohn Mcc.:llntoclc .sigma Alpha Epsilon ; swi mming, th"ce 1'9, nu m· e"al, ca.ptaln, 1926; Nu Slgmll Nu; Dolphins club, president; Hawk·l club. vice-president.

D"ew MacDouga l: 'l'l'iangle; 4.S. Of E., vice president, executive com· mlttee; chairman, 'f"linslt board; chairman, Mecca show; American in­stitute oC B.B.; 'l'au Beta P I; Union board; Un iversity pla.yel'8; cast, "St. Joan."

Lowell Phelps: Delta Upsilon ; track, th l'ee 1's; captaln. fresh man t1'llck; Ph ilo; intel'soelety deba.te; Hawk-l c lub.

Forrest 'fwogood: Basketball I , 1926·27, captain, 1927·28; baseball numeral, J ; prcsldent, Phi Delta Theta ; Iowa Men's ,Pan-hellenic coun· cn; vice-president, freshm a n class; Hawk·I c lub.

Ralph Young: Chi Kappa PI; busl­ness manager, Hawkeye; campus editor, Iowan; vice· presldent, Sigma Delta Chi; p" esident, junior class , lIheral at·ts; chairman, Pica baJJ ; vice·presIaent, associated students of jOU "l1aliR",; Scabbard and Blude.


Veronlctl. Uanson, tl. "eglHtered nu rse who ha s been in Iowa Ity on ll l'ivate duty for 80me time, left Sunday evening fot· Chicago where she will have a position a8 sU"glcal floor superviSOr In the Cook county hOBilltal.

William ;\[('Oar,'y or Vieto" paid tl. buslnes Cllli in Iowa elly Sun llay evening.

C. e. RejA, "late depuiy oC Knights oC Columbus; ,1<'. n. Han, Jistrict depuly; D. I". ;\[euzli, gmnd knight; C. A. I ,oyle, K J\f. Hogan, and J. M. Drndlpy. relurn d Monday from Dn venpOl't whp,'p I h~y hud partlcl­Jlated In a KnighlS oC Columbus lnl­tiallon.

G. D. F"en "h of Davenport, depu­lY commandcl' 01 the Am:H'ican 10-"Ion Of o j \\'0: a nd R. 1'. Laird of Des Moines, departmental adjutant; .vere In Iowa Cily Monday. They consulted with Donald McClain, Prof. Ilenj. F. Shambllugh a nd J . 11.. Hwi.her of the Iowa Sta te histori­cal society, concerni ng publlcutlon Of the histo,'y of th e American le­gion of Iowu; a nd R. J . Laird of wl'iting, under the direction of MI'. 1IcClaln.

Milo Hanzlik a nd Ft'ank Beyel'~,

Ceda1- Rapids Iia wyers, spent yeste," day here trying 0 case In the district court. The tria I was held before .~udge R. G. Popham who came ~I'om Marengo especially for i t.

Juclge Ma,·tln J . \Va de retul'n f'd Monday after a short stay in Min· 'leopolis.

Maurice Shanl~y and WllIiam Car­lln , both Of Davenport, spent Satu,.­day and Sunday In Iowa City.

Mrs. 17'. G. Carlso n of ~InsoJ1 City returned to her home Sunday evening. She had been spending ',be week·end at the home of her. sls­te l', Mrs. C. C. Shrader.

Mrs. E. C. McKibben Of RQclj: Is· land, II I., was in Iowa City for t he Mother's day celebration. .

Bess Fenton, Des MOines, spent the week-end with her Cather and mother a t the home of her b"other , Dr. R. A. Fenton, E. College s treet.

MI'. and Mrs. A. B. Sidwell lind family, Mrs. Em ma Randall and Miss Lole Randa ll , Of Iowa City, and DeBell. Reynolds or Orlnnell, motored to Manchester to spend the day with (l'iends.

Ray Bash nagel, C4 of Iowa Clty, underwent an operation for a ppendi­citis at Mercy hospital Monday mlll'lli ng. It is repo rted t ha t he III doln,.- well.


Secn. ,0.10.1 AUI. Hl,h .... y 10 MI., c. .. ,., 20 Mil" from Coil,., C . .. ,.", .. Oold,.

... ·M ..... ' __ 1' ........ til.

"'k~""'taIa"'" Basic engineerine COUfiei in Mathemati~ , Chemistry, Phy. ica, English

and De.ign. "Iso courlCs in " naylng, Oeology, "nalytical Meehania, Graphic StatiCl, Strength of Material. and Surveying. Pr~paratory Subject. of Chemiatry, Physics, "dvanced "Igebra and SoUd Geometry olrered (or . tudcnu de6c1ent in entrance requirementa.

J"~ a te A .... as. I", 7hb Summer Session Is given e. pecially for students who wish to

make up work or to ficc ure additional credits. "11 work i. conducted by the regular Faculty of the School of Minu_ Por cataloi of the Summer Session, write to the Reai. trar, Box Z' 1f, .............

Aged Pioneer of Iowa City Dies

Hold Funeral Service for J, E, Switzer

Tomorrow J. E. Swl tze,·, 73 years old, who

has lived in a nd nco,- Iowa City nea"ly all his life, died at 6:35 p .m. yes terday at his home at 220 S. Du­buq ue street. He had been an In­valld for more than fo ul' years and rO I' the last elgh t 'mon ths h ad been conrtned to hl$ bed.

The Cu neral wi ll be held tomorrow at 2:30 p. m. at lhe Unitarian chu rch .lel'e.

Mr. Switzer Is survlyed by b ls wife, two brothers, ,Tames Switzer of CartervlJle, M.o., a nd Abram Swlt­:er of Bellingham, Wush., and two nieces, Nancy and Cla"a COl'lett, th e latter being a sophomore in the unl· versl ty liberal a,·ts class.

Until being confined to his home with Illness tou" >'oars ago, Mr. Switzer had be()n deD uty J oh\l~On county treasurer. He had h Id tha.l <.>ftice elgh t years.

P revious to being tl·ell.8U"Cr, Mr. Switzer had been engA.ged In banlc­Ing a nd was intel'fIIIled in several local commercial enterprises.

He was born In Union Bridge, Md. , 'tnd came to Iowa whon n boy, set­tling with h is parents on a fm'lll fi ve miles south of Iowa. City.

He attended the u niversity llnd later took up h is btinldng and fl · nanclal work which he was actively engaged In un til fou ,' yea,'s ago.

MI'. Swilzer was " m mlX',- or the locltl Masonic order, the l. O. O. F., a nd the Unitarian chu ,·ch.

Salvation Army Opens Campaign

The Salvation Army will appeal to the citizens of Iowa City and Joh nson county thIs week In the Interest of their sta~e wide work, with their base at Des Moin es.

The local commIttee in charge of the campaign consIsts of Rufus Mc­Knight, chairman; E.B. Raymond,

Iowa City,Iowa, Tuesday, May 15, 1928

City Briefs I Coolidge to Veto Rllnnlng Boara Rldor Filled I F ann Bill ..... Porter

M. L. K elch, 128 N. Cli nton street, waB fi ned $1 a.nd costs by POlice Judge Paul B. Custer yesterday mor­ning for riding on the "unnlng board of a n automobile.

JlIs tttll Studellt Olfleera Officers of the Methodist · s tudent

gro ups met at the student center yesterday a t 5 p.m. After a Dicnlc supper the recently elected officers or the Methodis t student council were Installed. They were: Charles r. JOY, A1 oC P erry, Pl-caldent; Lu­cllle Jolliffe, A3 of Iowa City, sec­retary; a nd Herma n M. Ol~on, D3 Of Iowa City treasurer. l'lans \\Iere made for the fin a.l meeting Of the yea" at 7 a.m., May 27.

Autos Collide Satul'(lay A collision "'atu rt1l1y night between

a.n automobllc tll'ivon by Ma"ion Mllresh and n Ford cOUPe dl'i ven by W. E . Potter of 'l'l ffln, ,·csu Ited In tbe radiatOr of the Potte,· cu,' b~ing smashecJ. 'rhe I'unn lng bou,'u of th ~

CUI' dl'i ven by MI~~ Mlll'c~h wa~ damaged slightly.

. Gyros Meet Toduy The regulat wee kly meeting of

the Iown City Oy,-O club will be held this afternoon at the J efferson hotel.

Dysinger in Wnte"loo '1'he Hev. W . S. Dysinger, pastor

of the First Lutheran chUrch will be In \Vnte"loo until Thu"sday where he Is attending tl. s tnte Illeet­Ing of the Uni ted Lu thc"an chu,·ch.

F h'c ~t N 1)11:011 11111116 Fil'e originating- froln chimney

SllU"ks was "esponslble 1'0l' the des­t"ucllon of the l'ooC on til" resid~nce of Mrs. M. S. Norton, 22 N. Gilbert st"eet, S undity a t 3 (J.m. 'fhe fil'o department wus not SUlll1110ned until t he flames Illld gained considcrable hcadwny. I"orty-f1ve minutes were required to put the fire under con­U·oJ. One ho,o line and the chem­ical h 'uck were used .

Scouts to Give Pngeant Oi"1 Scouts win present 1I pageant,

"The Pioneers," by Bruce Mahan of the history department, tonigh t at 7:30 o'clock In the univel's lty high

Professor Speaks on Campaign Issues

at Luncheon That the McNary-Haugen bill fOr

farm rellet will be vetoed by P resl­dent Coolidge is t he belief of P I·of. Kirk H. Porter , of the political 8cl­enee department, expressed in a apeech before the chamber of com­merce luncheon yesterday noon. P ro­fessor Porter believes thnt unless a reilef bill Is made a law be Core the presidential campaign , (8 1'm reJler will be one oC t he l)a,·ty )A8ues.

"Tho question Of pnrtlal nullifica­tion of the prohibition laws wlJl be of utmost Impo,·tance In the cam­paign," naser ted Professor Porte,-.

He expluincd this would not come In th e form of attemnt lng a direct "cpeal 0( th e eighteenth amendment, bill th rough the refusa l Of t he statee to cooperato In enforcing t he (h'y law.

That Al Smith wil l receive t he democratic nomination for president Is the opl nion ot ProCelIsol' Po,·te r.

JIe believes that Governor Smith favors partial n ullification or the dry laws, althollgh a stalement to that effect hus not been Issued_

"The parties won't be able to make much political capital oC the oil scandals," n vow d the speaker , who cloes not rega.rd republica n cor­ruption as nn important lSBue.

Intervention In Latin-American politiCS by th e gov~mment , ;lnd gO v­cmment husineRs Il"ojects, Buch <lS

111 uscle Shoals, wi II fcatu"e in the eamDwgn, the pollllca l scientist said.

FlOOd control, whcther by federal assessment or local \:ontrlbution, wlll loom large In l)arty strite, he opined.

Professor Porter was introduced by Prof. Holiln M. Perkins, who pre­s ided in the absence of PresIdent C. A. Phillips.

The Rev. Oeorge Bennett spoke on the Norbeck bird bill.

Policeman Wins Clash With Bull

treasurer; Ingalls Swisher, Donald And they shot the bull. McClain, Francis Doyle, Fred C. Parent-Teacher Meet Poat\lOne"- Thls time it wasn't a case of :In-

school gym nasium.

Huebner, Robert Lo"enz, T. Dell 'fhe high school parent-t~ach(!r as- olher f"atern ity "session," but the Kelley, George Moore, n. R . Mengel, soclalion meeting which was schell- re ponsr to a hurry ('all which the George Nagle, W .B. GIpple, Judge uled for this evening hfw been post- Iowa City PQlice forco "ecalved Sat-Paul Custer, Edward O'Connor, W. poned until next T uesday eVel)ing. urday afternoon. . O. Kohl. At Oukdale n wild bull went on n

A women's dlvlslon of the cam- Selliol' Day TOIIIOI'I'OW rampage, and since th ere was no paign committee Is being organized Tomor,'ow IS senlo,' day nt IowlL lll'mament in the vicinity large under the chalrmanshll) of Mr8. M. City high schOol. Aft",. the u'"al enouKh to kill the animal, the po­A. Russell, secretary oC the Ameri- 10 o'clock a"semblY th" Arnio'-" wi ll liCe station here was asked to senel can JAlglon Auxiliary. go to the elly park for their cla>!s out a .44 Cl\lIber rlfle.

Johnson county is served by the dny exercises. The reques t was complied wlt.h , rescue home and maternlly hospital and the bull was buried with simple operated by the Salvation Army In Srouts Pral'tit't' "'onight honors. Des Moines. Another state-wide ac- The Boy Scout drum ~o"JI~ wm It on ly took one shot, aCCOrdi ng to tlvlty of the Salvation Army i~ Its practice tonight nt 6:30 o'clock at Police Officer Joseph Dole?.al, who llrison work. - tbe scout headquarte'·R. ol~'n<,<l th., /l'un after the rite.


There are doors to open, still

Trade followed Commodore Perry' 9

flag into Japan. Today, as Bell System pioneers develop their service, trade follows the telephone.

In advancing the art of telephony, there are still plenty of doors to open, plenty of neW steps to take,

What apparatus will meet some new­ly-ari&cn condition in serving the ,ub-

F.~ till 6lUi"m ",a'J alltil d'J~, "1·"ldisla1lU' , D/nII thl d.Drllao w;4tl)l J(alUml marktll_

scriber? What are the machines and methods to make it?

How can the value of long distance telephony be best presented to in­dustry, and the great potentialities of this service developed?

These questions and many likt' them point the way to fields which still leave ample room for the explorer.


® -

.. - ..

"0 U R P ION E E R I N G W 0 R K HAS J tT S T BEG U N"

May Court Term Opens With Cale

of Oliva VI. Dodd The first case of the May term ot

court. which wil l Come uP at 0 o'clock today Is t hat of F"ank OUVll against T. R Dodd . olJectlon of a promissory note Is the bSsis of tho case.

W. J . Baldw in is representlng the plaintltt wh ile E. L . O'Connor is at­tor ney for the defendan~.

The jUI'Or~ fo" the caso, wh o were Impanneled yesterday, are: Louis Linderman, W. F. Shaker, George T_ Mtl.loney, W il liam Pelt'ak, J oe Vereraka, F rank Droll, Nell Gill, ClI fCord L. Fry, Pete,' Rourke, O . H. Pell , F. A. Oerllt8, and Hurry L . Gra ham.

Speech Classes of City High School

Give Three Plays Three one·act plaYs were pr~5~nt·

ed last n ight In the Iowa Ci ty high "'~ hool aUdltot'ium to n crOw(1 of about 250 persons bY two r loHseR In speech a nd one In Intel'l .... etotion . The plays were dh'ectcd Ill' Lola H ughes. T hey wer ... : "An nee fo,' the Gosllngs," by Elgina Vva" ,'en; "The I nterview." by iIIo1"l( Twnln, adapted; and "The Boob," by J. C. McM ullen.

The rh'st play given, "Sauce ior the Oosllngs." had the following cast: Ollver Bmwn, Richard T:tylor: Owen Nagle, Margaret Taylor; Mllry Rhea, Mal'tha Lee; l\la"jOl'ie Love, F.I1zaheth Taylo,'; i\fnul'ire T'n""onS, ~bel·t Taylor; IIarold BreN'e. James \ynrd; Gladys P"yhll, tM maid.

For "The Intervlwe" the ca~t WM: Burnell HO''I'tl.bin, Benny Bnldwln: Lester Olick , Am os Ramuel Apple­by: Ida Ak ers, Mary Bl'own.

The cast cor "The Boob" was: Ulnden Haln, Clayton; T.yle Harer. Martin; Shakespeare nyron Long· fellow Young, or the boob, Merrell Foot; Grace Donovan, Madge Clay· ton ; Paul Colony, Ha,·tman.

Now is the time to send in your rugs



Phone 68

Court Impanels Jurors for May

Thirty~F our Members to Serve During

Second Term The petit jurors for the May tl"'m

of court were lml)Oneled ypsterllaY in the court room III th~ ~ollnty eourl house. ThOSe se"vlng' ilR members or the :'.lRY ju ry an:-.

Anton Vincent, Newpo"l township: Fred M. Buke,', Fr~mont townshill; Fred S. :Rarnes, Bast Lurns; .r. j~. Bea"dgley, fourlh ward; Llhbt~ CllI'l­son, fifth wnrcJ; J ohn ('u8nri< , Hal"

Publiahed Every MorDiJa,,, Except Monday, ItJ Student PublicatioDi



din: l~. C. Doyton, thl''tl ward; l''''"nk 1)1'001, tl!'Mt ward.

lIffOl'tl L. Fry, llrth ward; F. A. (le"lIts, mth wal'd Nell o Ill , Penn towns hip; H . J.. Graham, second wa.rd; J . U . Ouzemtl.n, seco nd ward; U l'!lre C. J lomck, fourth ward; Luke II IIgheH, fi fth wurt!; Lelo nd Hurd, fott,·th wanl; Lewis Llndema n, Scott townshi p; A. K McCab , first wlml; Goorg.- R Maion<>y, first ward.

'rlwoIlOl'e Manning, Monroe town. ship; }<JU,l Ma ttheR" West Lucas LOwnshlp; Anna PHlzck, fo urth ward; Alb rt neha, Dou,·th wlIrd; Petel' Rourke , OxCorll township; (leo,·g.- ~,\'. R eese, West Luoas town_ ship; S teven Schissler, Scott tOWII' ship ..

W F. Shukat·, ruth word; H. \\'. Sievers, J~remon t townllh ll); Ra) . mond Hlavatu, third ward; J oh n ~',

Hueppel, firth ward; a nd JosePh V~rN'kn, .Jefferson townsh ip.


Since electric refrigeration was essentially IlQ

electrical problem, it was natural to expect from the General Electric engineers and scientists an outstanding development. The General Blectric Refrigerator is revolutionary in its simplicity. in its quietness and in its economy of operation.

Come hz and see the various models.

~ Light & Power Cont~ A United Light Property

AN ADDITION TO CAMEL SMOKE.LORE WE SUBMIT the sad case of the freshman in zoology, ...".ho, when alked to

dellcribe a camel, said, "A camel is what you wish you were smoking whUe

you try to tMnk of the right anewers." De flunked zoology-but he knew hi.

tigarettes. for,in time of trial or time of joy, there's no friend like Camel'

• o 1m R.

The .u",te ~nfluence. 0/ choice tobacco. upon the . moke.8pot. 0/ mankind laoo been. carefully .tudied, identified, on.cl blended smoothlyi nto Came" -4he line" 0/ cigtJl'eu6I, A.nd we'll bet on olko!litch on thi! : Camel. hatJfJ ju.t the tlUte Gnd aromlJ to paclc your .mokcollpot wi,h 'he "fill-/uUmen,"

4Wf!ry e~perieraced .moker lee"'. Go, em olkaflitch )'ou wom '0 ioN? ~

. ~ ..... I, REYNOLDS l'OBACCO COMPANY, "!oulla-Salet! .. .-