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Monday was returned to In J'corla, lB" yc~terday day~ conflnelllcnt In u..

Open Evenings


$1 .. 69 I 79c

$IAS ................ $1.40

7Sc 29c

I ........... .............. 20c

......................... 25c ................ ~ .... $2 . ..75

$4.99 29c 59c

................... 14c .................. $1.38


25c '63


30e 26c -25c

WESTERN AMATEUR 0- to 8emt-FlnaJ Round. Hea.

Account of ThJ8 Tourne, on Page 8.



BEHIND THE SCENES In Jjnllywooti. Inlimote GllmpM!. 01

l\lovie Life - Appearing on I'age 5.




Hurricane Adds to Damage Eleven Stage Battle Royal/or Favors

Two Killed in Omaha Roller Coaster Crash

PRESIDENT HOOVER SIGNS NAY AL TREA.TY Will Abandon -I in Earthquake-Ruined Italy;

12 Meet Death Near Venice Accurate Check on Death List Unavailable,

Estimates Place Number at 2,013;

j' King to Tour Area


ROllIE, July 24 (AP)-On top of lin eltrthfJunke that devas­tated 8 wide al'ea in ~Ollt hel'n I ta ly, taking 2,000 Ii I'es, yesterday, northeastern Italy tonight suffered from the violence o[ 8 hurri­cane that killed 12 p(,I'~01J~ in the region of 'I'reviRo, neal' Venice.

Tho Corces of lIatme seemed to be at IVaI' witll the populace at both extremities of thf.' kingdom.

The hurricane tore down many buildings at Barco Di Sc~c~ana, Bervesa, Selva and Yolpago. Heavy damage was caused over II stretch of 25 mileR.

The authorities in the north immediately conc ntraled at the place of the di9ast~r, and o,·ganl1.°d tlrsl aId as had thelt· colleague3 in tha 10Ulh.

Check ImpOssible

0/ Red·Headed Girl

J[A~IMONI), Ind., July 24 (A P)-11I,,"I.-y (01' tloe favors OC Charlotte ::;~ Iden~topp, 18 years old and rea · l,c,l(led, took on whol sole propor· lions todl\Y. Pollee IlR a result ,'hul'I:;ed Churlotle and 11 eager awnins with rioting.

Captain Carles Co,·lson. who /In · .w~rp'l l\ rlot·call WILh a couple of

Seventeen Injured When Four Car Train

Gets Spill

R'luad., said lhat Chal"lotle hall ~ot· OMAIIA, NCb., July 24 (AP)- Two 1 n he,' dates mIxed Iwd lhul 11 jler~o,," we,'e killed und 11 w~re In. HflOwed liP 10 p~cort her home from JUl'ed hcr(\ lonh~' ht Whl'U a I'oll(lr work. Faced wllh lhe IJroblem of phnoslng whfllhf\r to go home Uli & rorl!1tf:'I' tl':drl ut I{rug J)fU'}( plunged Ilarade or quIetly wIth one of the off til!' Inti k and d,oPJlC11 35 feet lo "ang. harlotle decided to have a lM grou'H]. I "hatlle royal." The tl'll ln. roml'OR~O 01 fOllr cu,'s,

'''1"ho I". l one to g() dowlI I. lhp h,,~ jll"t I~n the slarllng "lallon !tllcJ \\'11111('1'/' she crlcrl Rull th e It w('nL I WUg he-Jug pulled un the flrsl Incline 10 work. hy tJl cog chain, Den Melfiter. a.n

Hl1o,·tly lhe"cart"r the pollcc nr· eye willi ". ~ald. dv o'l. clllle,i by the nelghhors nn1 ,' s the heavIly loalkd ca"~ " c'lch~d IIPf'r m~'Y1(' ~ l1lal'l WQf'k with nl~ht· the InlrhvlI Y {lolnt In Ihl l pull, the xlh k", "II 12 coolM off In cell.. hll!:" tlmi)or~ lhal RUI'jlO''l lho I rllck

began to creak and snap ulltle,' lhe


Leadership of G.O.P. Party

Makes Announcement After Conference

With Hoover '1 WASHINOTON, July 24 (AlP)

Announcement was made on bebalf

of Claudlu8 Huston as he lert a can· terence late tonight with Preside t. Hoover thal he would submit hi. re •• Ignatlon as chairman of the republl· can natIonal committee to th •• "ecu. live commlltee next month.

.. The elalement of Mr. Huston whlcb

was gIven out through James Frao· cis Burke, counsel at the national com­mlltee, read:

Confpl"1'I With Hoover

The lask of cophlg wllh thIs new catastrophe made a def inIte labula· tlon or killed and InjUl'ed In lho eoulh oulof the Question Co,, the night. The

mlnlslrles affected announced just be· toro mIdnIght Ihe"e would be 110 re· cllpltulalion unU) lomol'l'ow nth.' I'· noon of the lotis or IIrt' and Pl'OPCl'tl',

Watkins May Get His Babv if He Finds'It

Bambergers Disappear When Likely to

Lose Child

Investigations Progress in

Lingle Case

. I,·,illI. M~hl1r,. ",, 1(1 h~ he: .... 1 lhe ' "IlI,,,llg "o'''Hh on(1 It IlPpral'ed to 111m tlw t nH'K "'Uti ,::lvll1g' way.

Oel'" JIllllt s Frigh 1"11,,,1 "'"!Ill" Jt1('O , WOmf'fl Hno °ehlldt'en

' Inr~<1 wllh while Caces In voiceless roar, tho ellr movcd Htoadlly on unlll I hCl cog <"h"ln pulle,1 It OVer the t rllck edgo and piling-Nt It to 1 he "rollntl.

Prcsident.-Uoovrl' i~ shown in thi~ AMsocilltC'd P I'(''-M telephoto as he signcd the London naval trealy following its ratification by the senate, Left to right, ~tanding: Senator Robinson, 'l'c rctal'y Stirn. son, Vice President 'urtis, i:lenalol' Borah, .'clllltor Borah, i:lenatol" Swanson, :::;ecretary Adams, en­ator Swanson, '('nator Reed. Seated: President H oo\'('r.

"J hav just had II. satisto.cto ry con­ference with the presIdent and we nre In entire accord on our program. Th pr sldent has approved my decl. sian lo c[,11 a meeting ot the executive commIttee on Aug. 7 a.t whIch time I Inlend to submIt my reHlgllfltlon CLII cltalrman of the republican n .. tlonal commJUcc."

At the mlnlsU'y oC the Interlo,' Ih" lolal of known dead thus .lootl fo,' Ihe night at 2,013.

Unofrtclal reports said that 3,025 bodIes I",d nlt'oady been found. OW· cl.I., while retIcent, obvlollsl)" be lIe.cd lhal hundreds of bodIes were .UII burled unde,· till' <lel"'ls of homes In remoter comm u n I ties ,

King VIctor Emmanuel lert tonIght for lh •• trlcken south beCo,·. lea"nll//: of the dlsastor In the I/orlh. HI. movements were ]Jrudently veiled, but hi. special traIn I. expecled to al·· rive florncllme tomorrow In Avelllno prOVince, where the IYo,·.l conditions WCI·. reporled.

IUllg to See Damage AccompanIed by the mInIster of pub·

Jlc wOl'k!J Crollnla.nza, htf1 maj ''\Aty will make an automobile tau,' throu!;h the area. " ' hen the C'QI'thquakc ot'curl'NI, he was away III Hanlanna I)( Voldlerl In Ihe north. Ho awalled tho ,ul"lc~ of hIs ",Inlslers a. to the s~!"l',usnes. of the co nsequences, but ('0.1'11' today manlfoAted an u"gent desh'e lo vl.IL Ihe counlry.

Such was the Qxtent or the lIa voc caused by lho earthquake t1Hlt olf!· cial. could comparo It only to Ihe ills. •• lroll. Quake of 1008 at MeRslna whIch ral'aged Calabl'hl HfI.1 caslcl'l\ Sicily. ~'rom 7&,000 to 100,000 PN·· Islled then . A mllilo/\ were mude homelrsa and 100,000 Injured.

In tho present CMe lhe totals are Inr hclow those at Mes"lna, but lhe malerlal damage may bn nearly ". great, tor the regIon afrecled Is rich In source. and In history,

~lonUJl1ent. Wrecked Among the hl.torlc monuments

wrecked was the famous "Palazzo Reale',' or former Royal Palace, llt Caserta, whIch is known 8.8 the "Ver· .. lIl1e. oC Naples." 1t Is ono or the moat sumptuous prIncely buildings in all Italy, and was built by Cha des lII, or Bourbon.

At Nallle. tOrloy, a gale that ap· proached IlUl'rieane fO"ce, lVaKhlng lVave. ovor the sea wall, added to the le ... ·or oC the InhabItants, who"" nerves were on E'dgp from it n l':~:h t 01 anguIsh. Many slight strueture~ "'ere bloWII down,

Cardillal I'"Itnll CrowlI To calm tile fatthrui, massl-\11 In

front of the catho(h-al, Cardlnnl A.· calesl. (lrchblahop or Naples, hl'ought out a . lIvel· (I!lu"e at SainI G-nnaro, the city's palt'Qn ~alnt. StandIng on Ihe slops, he held UP the th~ InIRge ot tho sain t and blessed the crowd.

MallY AmerIcans wel'O In tho earthquake zone but the head of a big lourls t agency at Naples "1\1,1 thn.t nollO hUd been "epo"led ki lled or Injur d. No mention o( AmerIcan vlctlllls has 80 Cal' been malle III govel'flme"t dispatches.

Prince Boncompagnl Ludovls l, govcmor oC Rom, .. Iso lert (or Av. elllno. He will brIng hack wtlh hIm the largest possIble numbel' of chll · dren left homeless 01' ol'phaned by I~ e disasler, and lhe cIty of Rome will holp to care for thrm.

Ht' was llccompanierl by a. lan;l' delarhm, nl at ROJlllln [lremen. with flre·rlghUng al'pa"uLuB, Ilnd by a sanlt.~ry section Rnd nU"slng stafl.

The Milanese aeollon oC t he Red Cro •• sent nn emergency medlcaJ lIQuadron, headed by two docto ... and plollty 01 supplies.

Burning of Business Buildings Discloses

Tunnel Under Bank

MATTOON, m., July 24 (AP) -A lhree Coot tunnel, 65 feet long, Mlnnlng to a cavIty undel' the vaull ot tbe "I"il'.l Nll.tlonal bank 01 ~'Inds· bora, 20 mlle8 nO/·theast of hel'e, Wlt~ lound today atter fire had destl'oyca l..-o buolnes8 buildings.

The Cll'e i.olosed the tunnel leod· Ing tram th e Roy Olll stOl'e, ono ot lhose bU"nrd, to on undel'gl'ound room, 10 teet sq uo"e, undel' the bauk vllult, 'rhe condillon 01 burgla,' tools and 8. lantern IoU! d In the room In· dlcaled that the tUlllnpl h'Ld I)('en dug for so'ne time. N nnr". have been made, W. C. 'Vntklns, hnllk cn~hICl' IIIld. }Jow lhe nnrl dll'( was dl.· ,,~of W81 ~

HI AOO, .Jul y 24 (Al')-Tbe bi" ~u~sllO Il I" hlcngo's mIxed In(anl

Three Newspapermen Give Accounts of

Insinuations rnyslel'Y tonJ~hl was not who IR

b,,\}y W"tklns, hut where 18 he. The 1 II'pek. olcl Clll1d had dls"ppear.,l 'oc-ethr" wtlh Mr. and Mrs. Chu'rleo

CllICAOO, July 24 (AP)-A g"and Jury manIfestly delel'mlned to thresh tho chart ot [ulse gossIp Crom the am·

flllrnb(' I'fH'!', when H ealth Commls 11ic hUTvcsl of rumor gleaned lrom

lone,' Arnold lI . K egel went to the the underworld sInCe Jake LlnglO Oamb,'rge,' home lonlght lo lldvls~ wa. IIl!s!l.8slnalcd sl>rang Into acllon ~ hem that hIs commillee of sclenllsls today. 'lad round they had the ofCspt"ing oC ~1r. und Mrs. 'VllllaJll Walkins.

Slorics in the evening papers

~uollng Bnmbo"g"r as Sflylllg h[

Tht"co nc\V~papOl'mcn werQ tak.en beCore the jury to render theIr ac· counls at published charges and In· slnuatlons ot rackoteerlng among

would <lory tile h,'allh (,am mIssIoner ChIcago repo,·lers. 'Ten other Wlt· h loke the bahy 111 hh~ home hafl ncHScs, two ot: them tho former heads Ltl .. acted a c"owd ot neighbors and at the police departmenl and anotber

strf'('t. tll 'thlns uround the r('sldence the mayor'a ob1et ndvJaor, wero a-akcd hy t he time Dl". I«('grl llrrlved, 'Vhen to testify tomorrow. the lomml"slone .. found lhllt 111 ... and Ha'TY Reutllnger, a86IMulnt city

cdltor of the Chicago Eventng Amen· ~Irs. Bu:nb q;er hod tuken tho buby can, WIl.8 the tlrst wllness tooay. und left, he expressed "egret, ex· ' Emerging aftel' n arly an hour 's plalnlllg that he hlld not come to Ilearing fle said ho had tOld the 10 ke I h~ bahy bul to advise the grand jury all he knew Ilnd added lJ.l ,"b~l"~r'·H to " bide bY the deCision that he belloved HarTY '1'. !:I"unOldge,

St. LouIs sta,· ,o(l llOrler, was .. the In which they had as;reed prIor to vIctim at a hoax. Everytblng I tOld tI , tetil,·.

1'.gl' l J{rg,'elS Afflllr Brundidge was a joke." It was the publication ot !:Irun·

"J. Ccel vel'Y bad al)oul thla," ho dldge's storl"s of alleged rackoteer. Inlo. "Holh {"",llIo" agreecl lo llblde Ing by ChIcago ropOl·ters and IUS by the d('cislon or I hO'ie in ve~tI~a.t- totiLlmony before the jurol'S '!'ues. 11 ~ the Cllse. The WatkIns (amlly Is dlly that started the parade or Wit.

willing 10 excI1llnge." nosseM to tho grand jury Chamber. DecisIon thal I he bllbles hud OOcn The jurol's lVent over the head oC

mIxed hcfore Ihey Idt tho I~ngle lhe ~tato'8 allorney to Invite lhe :St. w~od hospital whel'e both we"o born Loul. man's testimony a,nd to sum· was I'ca~h d hy the 13 model'll Solo mon the 13 Chicago witnesses. .No mOns Loday wllh one dIssenting vote [ormal subpoenacs havo been ISSUe<!. Rnd llVO nol vollng. Each witness was called by telephone

Whll" Watkin" WRS sallsflcd wllh and asked 10 orter evidence tOday Lho "ullng, Bamhergc,' IVll. dc[JAnt and tomOl·row. as soon as he heal'd It. Roth m()lh R eutlingel' was followed on tho rrs were In a. stale of col lapse, ~ll'" etand by Hobert M. Lee, city editor or Bamberger beIng 100 shaken to at tho Tribune and for ten years "bo8S ' '~nd the ronferpnce, while Mrs. Wal of the 81aln TrIbune reporter. Harry klns walked ahout ner"ously, "lop Read, city edItor of the AmerIcan, ping occasionally to .It huddled III who has conrtrmed Brundidge's story Il. chall" near lhc room where the doc. tbal Head was a visItor at Al t; .... 101'8, lawYf'rs anel HciE'nLl sts Wf'I'O clo pne's Miami estate, was tho third

wI tness or the day. haling. When tnfOl'med that Ihe Tomorrow the juro,'S will PUt In b1.by she held w"", not hers she bo another (ull day diggIng dOwn to rame scml·hyslel"ical. tho bottom of the charges. Hamuel

Father. Attend .Ettelson, corporatlon counsel or ChI. Both father8 ottendNI the couft"" cago, Is to appear In the mornrng,

·e nce. Toward lho nd AS lh evl as well as William F . RUssell, [or· denc~ showed wh"t lhe' outcome mer poltce commissioner, and Johl\ would he Baml)(",,,c,·. pale, tl'cmbllnA" Slege, el'stwhUe detective chle(, loft the room. lie did nol relu"n COl TheIr evldenco may relate more lll' vote. Closely to the unsolved murder or

When the poll was taken Walkln" Lingle, tor he was Intimate with a U found hlm"elC adjudo;cd the falhm three, held a joInt brokerage acco unt of a baby he had seen only a foil' with Russell and was l'eported to Umes Instead oC the boy he halt have bOl"L'owed $6,000 from Ettol80/\ thought was hIs own. Dr. A 1"11 old ][ --a tra.nsact.ion the corporation COU h· Kegd, health commissIoner A.kell: 8el denied.

" ' VIII you occepl t h decIsIon?" Newapa!,crmen will be witnesses Aecellt8 Decision agaIn at the artel"noon session. 'l'ne

"Yes, T hnvo rclt " II along lhal lhl) jU"ors aske<i to see Walter A. Strong, bahies were mixed." publlsho,' Of the Dally News, and

Il was Walkins , who, when help LelRnd II. Reese, crlmo reporter tor lhe paper. Reese has admItted l·e·

in", 10 hathe th o bab), he And hi. eolvlng thl'eats agaJnst hI. life. wIre had brought home from the Robort R. McCormick, publisher h08pltal. had dIscovered a(lheslve of the T"lbulle, may be called It t he tnne labeled "Bamberger" 0/\ tt~ grand ju,'y nnds evidence warrant. I)tlck. Tape tound t() ha"e b~cn 011 Ing hIs appearance, 11m InfAnt in tho Barnbel'gcr'ij cl'lb read .. \Vatkln ....

"I' ll roree thn Hflmhc'·!lrr. 10 !-rIve us OUI' baby," '\o\1n.lklng ~ntJd Wi the ",Wanl8 flier! nut.

On6 NpJ:'at\"o Votr, Tho dIssenting volrn 0 11 th~ j"I'''

was i hot of Dr. Jo'erdlnand \Vatzck nr VIO""f1. e,·lmlnologl.t. Ifo "n~

rl\pt. 1IlIrha~1 Evans or the Chi f"AI""n Ilollc(' rtf\llRT'trncnt Jno(1e flllJ.!C'l' Ilrlnt eXAmInations and Cailrd lo (l V'rpo'lo on their rlndln~M,

The expe,'l. gave major holler to the leat. cOllductpd by Dr. HRmlllon R. l~l"hhnek . I'I"0f"",,0I' Of pRlholo!O:y or Nflrthw(''it.f'I'n tlnl"pr~lty, ]n hl~

,-('nOt't ht" l'Ifat('d thnt It WAH ilnJ)oli " Ihl~ rOl'~lr. Rnll Mr •. 'WolklnK Wh Ol'lA hlood t("sl1'4 wC'r(, 1,I AC("c1 In """'O UIl rOil"" to "Iv~ hlrth to a hn.h) IVhoH~ ilIon(] would tPHt oth~,· I han In aTOIIH r011l' ,

0" , O('I'hAI"lt ,'on nonin, nnt h,'o polo«l.t .nil " " Rlom l.1 or the 11->1 "·"·11 1' or lll1nol •. "{' 110l'I_rI thnl thp heRO InrrUHlrt'mpnht ron vlnc..'pt1 hln. lj'p bfl.J>Je~ \\'~re In 11\9 II" t'onl\" hom~K

Court Says Slayer of Husband Insane

nOCKWELL ClTY, July 24 (AP)­hlt·s. Joe l;lwanson of }'arnhllmvHlo, \I ho co.nressed she shot and kIlled her husband, \\'11.8 adjudged InSRne today !lnd commItted to the ward for erlm· Inal losano at the Anamosa peni· lentlary.

Judge AI. E. Hutchinson held the SlI nlty hearIng after 111 r8. Swan80n'. attorneys enlered a plea oC not gull· ~y to a Clret degree murder charge.

. THE WEAT.HER IOWA-Mostly falr Frid.y, pl·

Ihough JJM81bly acutered thun. denhowen, MllltlnllPd wann; partly cloudy Saturday. probably IIICIIl .h"wtr~ III' thundf .... wrnl8,

Slowly, 0,," hy Oll~, Ihe olher three f'al'R were pulJcfl o,,{'!' tho rdg-Q rUI

Ihc-Jr IJn~8('ngC'I's M("'cClffirci jn horrol' flnil fought in fullle fu,'y fo,' u ch!lllce lo INlP rrom the ea,·s.

Some of tho Cllrs oVI'l'lul'nod llnd theJr pasHC'IlR'CrS Wf'I'(, Ilinned t1ll(l(ll" ncnth U"4 Ih(\y NtnlC'k Ihl'" J::I'OIlIHI.

Tho c]f'atl arC': C, 11, ~tout. 50 y(·at'8 old, Dnd nuth Farr~II , 14 :vearK old, both of Omaha. nOI h dl~d III th hos· plt,,\.

('orR Go o "el' Antis U?r1nwlnls, who WUH rldfllt.:

In tho thll'd rltr, "atrl lhat thr ro).: chaIn IlUIl"(1 lhelr rill' over lhe edge oC Iho ralls nlld oVOl' the lruck l'<Igl'.

Begin Cleanup After Death of

Radio Orator

Detroit Police Ordered to Sma h Liquor,

Vice Resorts

DElTROlT, July 24 (AP)- The mur· der or Gerald (JcrJ'Y) Buckle)', fIery

"Thern wo. no lIm~ to jump nnd radIo orato,', had far"'eachlng efCects we C'ould do nothing hut MC'r{'nm {lnd tug at the snfdy OOIt8 thai h~11I us tOdlty In lho city where he mlnc"d no firmly In our Hoat~," Anltts said from wOl'ds In denouncing the underworld hI" hO'lplll,1 hed. before the mIcrophone.

Of Lhe 17 p~r"ons tnken to hospil· In tile bU1"!lt of police acllvity " I. by ambulnl1('es, polle(> ~IHPI'~ency which followed the killIng of Buck. CO". und pl'ivate cnr •. two "el'o re' I'orterl III ~erlou. ron,lItlon nnrl ho •. Icy by three gunmen as be sat ill a pltal "lInehp" "(lId IIt1l0 hopc wusj hotcl 1000y ea "I), yeAlel'day, lh~ cen· hpl,l lor lheh' rocovory. trail zed vice .'Iund was swept out of

'Wlthln It f~w second o.ftct the existence and tho precInct Squads crash th~ cl'owd wn~ 811"gln", mo'lly whIch were sll!>sllluletl Cor It were nhout. tho R('("n(' of thf' wreck seck. ordered to usmash up" every liquor Ing rela.tlves a.nd Cdends. and vice resort in the cily.

The park waR paclced an~ all avRIl. News lilt. 'Vlleo~ nille pollee were rushed thero to bat. A Cew hours aIler police comm ls· lie tho crowd. slonel' Thomas C. Wilcox had Issued

orders creating the squads and stort· Tho ·d rlvew1l.y lenllln!;" to the rront Ing lhe raids, a h~rd blow was slruek

of the coaRlcr Mtallon wn. 80 j1l\rk· at the commisslone," himselt by a 011 thal nollce WHe ror('M 10 tNtr Ilto,'y In the Detroit News. down scctlons ot lhe r~nce 8ur'·OUlld· Tho News stated thn.t WII ox ad.. Ing the park in Ol"(kr to get ambu· mlttca lhat his statemont last nIght I,,,,ces anrl olh"r rll/', t hroU!;h t~ that he possessed an attldavlt in transpo,t the Injured flWOY. whICh a whiskey racketeer accu"ed

CountyG.O.P. Decides Issue in Card Game

HERKIMER, N. Y., July 24 (AP)­Fortuno lay In the cards tonIght fo" Daniel F. Strobel. U o IVon not only the right to enler the primarIes as a cLndldate for the republican noml· nalton for sherlc( or HerkLmer coun· ty, bul lhe good will and support at the man he beat In 0. gnmo 01 pilch, otherwlso known as hlgh·low·jack.

'ro a little tavern oulslde this "II· lage they went, Strobel, Fred Sauer, llgalnst whom he was to play pitch with the prlnclplIl place on the reo publican ticket at stake, and a ret· Illue or followers at both. They have bten frI ends tor a quarter century, and neither would enter a political rIght against the other. So they de· cided to leave II to the cards.

While self·appoi nted sergeant at anns promptly aquelched the klblt· zers who could not retrain tram of· fering advice at intervals, Strobel and Sauer taced each other as gri m· Iy us any duellists . '1'he cards were dealt and p lay began. Slrohel took some friendly jeering when his malch hund shook as he attempted to light a cigar et. Sauer was twllted be· CRuse he COUldn't decldo whether to leave his hat oCC or on. The goal was 11 poInts. Strobel got there first.

At an adjoIning tuble three olher repUblicans played pInochle to ae· clde who next would hold the ap· JloinUve ottlce 01 county purchasing u,;on t. Maurice Kraus, with 1,000 iloints, emerged the victor over M. I,. Hyde, Who had 490, a nd John l!'lnnk, whose lotal was 380.

Thero will be seven other repub. lleans running against Strobel In tbe primaries, but most Hel'klmel' coun· Iy voten believe Strobel, wIth Sau· er's backIng, will wIn. The I·epub· lican candidate 1s a lmost c~rlaln to win In the general e lectIon.

Gainor Beat8 Bruns WATERBURY, Conn ., July 24 (AP)

- AI Gainor, New Haven Negl'o, to· night beat Chuck Bruns, Sltn Anlonlo, Tex., Ifght heavyweight, by giving the Texan 11 sou nd beating fOI' len .. ounds In the feallll'p bout here. Bruns, who won a. p l'evjou~ contestJ

Wel/l'hed 115; Gnlnor H~,

Buckley of taking $4,000 from him W!l.8 Calse. The commIssIoner, the News said, admlttca that ho has no such aWdavit "a8 yet:'

'l'he paper publish ed an Intervlow wIth Wilcox In whIch the commls· sloner wa.. asked, aCter he had 1'0' pealed that he had the affidavIt, to prove Its existence by showIng It lo a Judge of lhe circuIt court.

Not Signed-Yot "Well, It Isn'l- signed-not ypt,"

\\')Icox was Quoted as saying. The News added lhat Wilcox s[tld that he would show the affidavIt to James El. Chenot, county prosecuto,·. Chan at was quoted Il8 Slating that Wilcox had promised the aIfldavit, bul had not j)roduced It.

The Wilcox statement about the aItldavlt was the only open cha.rge which has been made llgalnst Buck· ley, althoug h police h cadquarlers I1Ild announced today that delectlves we .. e looking tar member. oC ono oC tha city's rIver gangs In connccUon wllh the kllUng. Buckley's frIends polnled out that the announcer had Incu .... ed the enmIty ot many gang· ste,·s through his >lila saver lhe radio and recalled t 10 number threatening letters whIch he would rcad to his IIstenors.

Kidnap Victim Gets Release

After 3 Davs ->

PEORIA, III., July 24 (AP}-Safe at home tonight after havIng been held captive In Chicago fo r thl'ee day., WillIam Urban, wealthy b~8e­bull pOOl and gambli ng hOUse pro· prletor decli ned to conn"m a report thal h" pa.ld $1.00,000 "ansOm ror his freedom.

Urbfln would not discuss the mfin· nerln whICh he obtained hIs freedom , but Il was reported that lho kidnap­jl~"" had demandoll '100,000 I,-om hI. CAmlly, a nd It was learned that R CIlsh wtthdrawal fOl' that amount had been made yesterday at a Paorla bank.

Urban "nd his sIx yeur old son were seized Monday whllo they were ridIng toward town {tom theIr coun· t,·y home. Tho boy Will! released but Urban's five c"ptors bllndCol<ledhlm a nd drove him to a "pot In Chicago, where ho W8.l! kept unde,' heavy gUR"d but not mlstreate<i, according to hIs story.

JUSl betore he was released, Urba n Maid he wa., blindfolded, lhen driven ~om\l dl.lance III hl8 captor'" car

Lindbergh Denies Rumors of Intent

to Move to Tul a

NEW YORK, .July 26 (AP) - In the cou"oe of a day, Col. Charles A. Lindbergh receives a lot ot tele­grams, but today his quota WIU! so augmented h~ WAS Iml)clled to d~ny a groundless ,'umOr he was planning a change In J' .Id nce.

n IlreS('nlalives oC ('hambers at ('ommel'('C in many PUl't" of the caun· l,·y, headn!!" he WM thinking ot mov· Ing to 'fulsa, Okl" ., ha.t~ned to wire him nil .orl8 of In(lucem nts lo locate In thoh' rommunllleR.

'I'onlght Col. Lindbergh said Sl. Loul. 18 hI. I !lal rcaltlence ant! he plans no chanb"C whalever along that line.

School Board Defers Henry Lathrop Plans

Committee Discourages Adding West LUCRS

to City District

British House Okays London

Naval Treaty

Pact Measure Passes Without Protest in


LONDON, July 24 (AP)-The Lon· dOll naval trenty legislation was "l" proved tonight by the houso or com· lnon$, pas81ng the committee stage and third reaillng. It now will gO lo the house of lords.

The treaty bill was pasBod unehal· lenged. It. passage yestorday through the second reading had made Ite acceplance tonight a. ' formality. 'fhe proceeding. were very brIef.

Wlnslon Churchill, Cormer cOn· servatlve chancellor at the excheq· uer, made an Important statement on hie party't policy. Reterrlng to repeated rulJllge from the chair that the treaty ItselC could not be dis· cussed with the bill he sald, that the rnet ot the bill's passage must not he laken as an IndIcation that opln·

(Iowa City New8) ion In tho house was undivided Beclluse a commlltee from the where tbe actual treaty was can·

IOlVa CIty school board meeting wIth I cCl·ned. another commJltce from lh 'Ve t Except tor clause two which abro·

e S sates articlo four o( the Washlnglon Lucas bon"d discovered that lhere treaty, tho treaty bill did not draw are not enough children in lhe unl· any specific prolests In the house. ver81l~ helghls neighbol"l'ood to jus· 'l' ho opposition parlies were content Ufy a new 8chool, the proposed fOL' the moment lo pass It along to Henry LaUU'OI> bullcllng ,'eturlled to the lords. its old .taLUs or a caeUe in the aIr Commander ShouthbY', conserva· last nIght. tlve, saId article Cour should be reo

'Vhe n the board lllot in special ses. talned as a bulwark agaInst unre· slon ttl the adminIstration building slrlclcd submarIno war/are. last night, 'VIII Weeber and Charles Beckman, the committee, reported lhelr fIndIngs and advISed that no ae· Uon be taken on the P"oposal to add a porllon of Weat Luc!l.8 to the In· dependenl schaal dlslrlct.

Thclr decision spe lled further post· ponement or lho new school build· lI,g. The West Lu cas commIttee con­slst~d ot F"ank S. Carson and Will L. Holand.

'1"hero was 110 decIsion oC the com· millee's report. It was accel'ted and 1>laced on file.

In th brief sessIon follOWing thIs action, the board necepled a bid pre· sented by Arthur W. Siders lo Bod t he terrace of the Hellry SabIn school Cl'om the sidewalk to the lOl' at the bank and two patches on the east sIde al $2 pel' squal'e.

Iowa Past Half Way Mark on Paving for Year Officials Report

AMES, July 24 (AP) - Iowa on July 15 h(,d completed well over half of the 1,000 mHos oC paving It plaM lO lay thIs ycar, the sta te hIghway commIssIon I"epol'ted today.

Sixty pavIng crews compleled 108 miles durIng the tlL'St 15 days of July a nd F. R. WhIte, slate engIneer, pre' dIeted that th" month would see tho "ecord of 2\1 miles set In June shat· teredo Up to July 1, he saId, 6S5.78 miles of new paving had been flnlsbed since const"uctlon started In Ap,·n.

At that lime the sta le had in use 2,311 mllek of paving and WhIte pre· dieted that >It the 1)I'esenl rate oC construction close to 3,400 would he available to motorists by Nov. 1. the date when co nstruction is due to ha.lt for the wlnler.

Shoots SeU In )feart

Employment Falls to New,

Low Levels WASHINGTON, July 24 (AP) -

Factory employment and pay rolls In the Unlled States declined to new low level. during June and Induslrlal produclton d creased .

The ferl eral re"erve bonrd added lo· day on Its summary of buslne8s and flnanolal conditions tor June a nd July. that the volume oC building contracts award<><1 WIl.8 large and that p"lces declined sharply while money rates contln ued downward.

W hOlesale commodIty prIceS s howed a mOI'e rapId decline In June than In a ny olhor ""cent month. and we,'o about 10 p r ce nt below too lev· clot a year ago. PrlceM of many 1m· portant agricultural commodIties a nd their mllnutaeturcs also dwindled while those of leading Imported raw nrorlucts such as sUk , rubber, and coff<'e reach d now low lovels.

Thcr<l wero rurther deollnes In Iron, steel a nd copper, but prlce8 of raw wool, hides, a nd raw s ugar in' crea"~d slightly In June.

"'rhe Juno tndustrlal production showed a further substan tial de· rease anrt the boal'd 's Index, which

is adJusled for or,lInn,·y seasonal val" lallons, declined to the lowest lcvel sInCe last December," the rcport saId.

"],'ac to,'y employment a nd PllY' rolls doereased turther In June. 'I'he number emp loyed at steel plants and In t he automobile, agrlculturlll, 1m· plemont, a nd cotton goods Indusu'les declined mOl'O th'," Is usual 'at thIs .eason, and employme nt In WOOlel\ good. and lumber industries contln· ued at unusua lly low levels."

The announcemcn t b.-ought a owl· d n cnd to lhe whIrl oC all'llatloQ whICh ha. raged around Mr. lIuston'. head almo@t !l'Om the day he succeed. orl Dr. Hubert Work a8 repullllclLn chalrmo.n early In the Hoover admln. ISlratlon.

Keeps Leader. lJoublful Unlll hI> taced Pres\l\ent Hl)<>v,,, to.

night, M,·. Huston kept hll. party lea. der" In doubt as to hi. (Ina I dec/illo ,.. His call al th~ whIle house tol'owed 2~ hours or teverlsb activity In the high command oC the relnOUcan party.

Coming lo Wnshlngton lal~ lonlght. Itutjton went immed la.te ly inlo con .. Cerence with Mr. Burke wh o hAs Mled a. go·belween III the n egollatlons be· tween lh~ Ilresidcnt and hIs harn"sM Ilal'ly chnlrman. The whIte hou.e visil was ImmedIately arranged.

Senatol' ~'ess at Ohio, Is slate,l 10 lake ovor the chalrmanshlp or the na· 1I0nnl commIttee upon Huston'. reo tll'ement . The executive committee whIch will be called to recolve Hut· lon's "e~lgnaUon next month has the power lo CIII the vacancy.

Tho ugltatlon agaInst Huston wIth· In lhe party became active aCl.e ,· It Wll. te8urleil before the senMe 10bl:iY' commIttee thtll he had solicited tunds Cor the Tennessee river Improvement 8.880clatlon In behalf of the MU8ele Shoal. lobby and that he had uoed these fund. In his brokerage account be Core turnIng them over to the asao· elation of whIch he was presIdent.

Woman Dies of Starvation;

Family Held CHICAGO, July 24 (AP) - MI ..

Dina Schrelmer, 55 years old, taken slarvlng to a hospItal tOday, dIed IlIIe tonlghl. The woman weIghed as pounds and doclors said she Will 111 jlounds uner normal weIght.

A squad at police fou nd MI .. chrelmer In a small frame co~ta.g.

whIch also was occupIed by Jaco~ PCelffer, 78 years old, relell8ed some· time ago tram an insane asylum, and Joseph Shea, 37 yea.rs old. ProlHer ta a brother·ln·law; Shea a. nephew oC MI.s Schrelmer, It was learned.

The two m on were sIlting allentlr walchlng the. feeble move ments or Miss Schrelrner, pollee said. Botb were arrested. Police declared t~e two had watehed the woman groW' slowly weaker for many weeks and J)l cdleled lhat the paIr would be aent. to a psychopathIc hospital, desplt. their assertion that the woman ha" refused tood tor several months.

Police learned that Miss Schrelmer had a small Ins urance policy. TheY' also were Investigating a report that Pfemer and Shea had spent 12,000 which tho woman had In 0. bank ac­cou nt.

A t Belmont hospl al Mis, Schrel· mer was being fed with a medlcln. dropper conlalnlng a BOlullon of half m ilk and balf water. She W8.8 8peecb. 1.811 and deat, bu t retained her eye­sight. Doctors aald she wa. ll1 pounds under normal weight.

Jackson, O'Brine Up to Set New Record ,

ST . 1.oUIS, July 24 (AP) - Dal. Jackson lind Forest O'Brlne, seek In. to regain lhelr lost endurance flight .. ecord, had Lheh' tlrst trouble todar since laking ofC Monday mornin •• but It IlrOvod nolhlng serious and to­nIght th~y co ntinued to crulfle let· aU"ely over Lambert·St. Louis fIeld.·

At 11:30 a.m . they dropped a not. aaklng the "efuellng plane to lend up nUls a nd boll. for the stahlllzer, th. eq uipment whIch balances the plan .. A note at 4:05 p.m. eald the .tablll&er had boon repaired.

CRESTON (Ab - Irvan Gllbo,·t committed ,ulclde on hIe fal'm ne.,,· Talmage by ,hooting hlmselt I'n the heart. The act wae attributed to tl· flan~lal "9rrle8,

Tonight w"",, the Courth night In tho atr tor Jackson and O'Brlne. Thep dl'oPped .. me_ge saylnll "We &J:e

Man Gored to Death . just gettl!tJf U800 to thing •. " A year CRESCO, July 24 (AP) - C. E.!llg0 they rematned alort more than

Taylor, 65 years old, tarmer, was 420 hOUM!, the reCord standing until gored to denth by a bull today. Hi, recently, when the Hunter brother. wIdow an" 81" ('hlld"e/l s tl rl' lI'p. 8tll.,red up 154 hours at Chlcafl'o,

, '


Three Local ~ Women Stay ,k

in Gol£Meet


For Today a,m,-Alr edit/on of The Dn.11y

Iowan, Frank JaUe.

Death of Old Time "Medic" RecaDs Memories of 70's

Inspired by Visit to Campus

miles [rom ~l ou810n. llI'I'I" cd here to· night Qnd 831u he would r~e nter Ihe ru~e tomorrow.

A plane w~nt out trom Hou~ ton

to flruner's ntd 8nll h .. "'"~ able to brltll; hI. own ~hiJ) 10 the municipal ulrpol't hel'(', li e set to work on It l"nlgh t , p,'eporlng It ror 10morrow'I llonoton·Han Angelo. Tex .• lap,

Daughter of Nohle British Family Asks Permission . ~ .' t(;" ~farry Italian Servant I

Siourton '. fnmlly couns~ led against till' nl ute·h . She llf;I'PNI to r(>turn. to EllgJ:uul tu LIUe it OVl\1" but matn. 1/,IIIl'1I til th,> <lay"h HIlJled thot she wa' ,:olll P; ollly to mal,e u filial plea Cor ,"'1'1111 ,, '11111. 1"lol'\'alllf Is walttD~ fnr iH'l' Iwrt" .

'. ,.... Trio Attains Semifinal

Pairings of State Tournament

9:30 n.m . - Markets, ·Weather. llu8lc. Dally omlle.

11 a .m, - Organ program, 1 p ,m. - CllLaaroom exercise, Impression . of early university I Pllllen!, or n,q Ollvel' "'endelf Holmes

"American literature." Prot George mI'. r('vh'eu by hl8 return after 50 pl~ture<l him. cnl'l'ylng wat('1' rmm the W. Spohn. Db tr 1 Cit sprlng to balhe him. or cheel'lng him

2 p,m .-Cla8flrDOm t>xerelst>. "Class. years sence om owa y, are with "ncoUI'aglng WOI'(\". AI,,", the lenl !DU Ic." Prof. Pblllp G. Clapp. r(-calfed by the dpath of Dr, P. K . doctor now 8l"ep~ In his downy betJ,

It p .m.~Dlnner ho~r program, "atters. '79 oC WaCllom' lJIe. Cn l .. at nnd give. his order to the tralned 'WSUl 1110, hi. home Ihere, Ju ne ~4. nurst> who (,an do It much better.

And now L want to thn. nk yOU nil lI.m;-l1u8Ical prosrom, Dr. Walters wlI8 a nallve of We8t for the klm1 word~ nnd sweel Bmll e,~

G.O.P. Names Liberty. and g rnduated from the col· Ihnt [ I'ecel"e<l 0, the Old Cllpltol lEge ot medicine In 1879. He pmc. bull<:lInlfs when r registered nnd reo tlced In Towll a nd NehrasklL untn celvl,'d by badge, alld realize<! ,,,hat 1

Michael Tells Committee of Frpl1,d Papers

Thr I' lown City women ore sUlI rotnpetlng In the women· ... state golf tournament at CedD.r Rapids today.

Mr •. Tlenry C, Walke..- Is playl\lS III the counlry club f1lghl. and Mrs. George Koser anu Mrs, J, Hubert

lost In my ab""nce of lhe othol' 49 lUg \Vb.e 0 he fwd bill lo,W1y IjlQv~tl years Ihat I ha "e missed."

Scott ore compl't1 n&, In tlle country 3 Candidates !.D EIl&I'Qe CIty. Ore. SOQ1) ~rter that clu'b consolation rught.. The match· h" went to WalsonvJllc where he I M L

Declares , Grammatjcal t:~or PI,"Q~I of

StJ'eJl)~"11 ef are In the semHlnal round . SP nl lhe r~st ot his IfIe. I any eave

In y ~1(,I'dIl.Y·. round . Mrs. 'Walker M B __ AR-- Gr' .... A year ago Dr. Watters vt~l t~d <lereale(1 _ Ir~ . Ann Smith ot Ind... 01'_, ~",. Iowa Ci ty on tho ClCtieth unnlvel'811.I'Y I t fI Chi pen,' nce. on(, up; :\(1'8 . .i,):oser WOrl ~ ~ pMtIJ ' Qr hi . gradllatlon fro m t he unlv Tslt)' n e:rlOr na HI/~ llt l;1'n mtn ll tl cnl el'rOI' WOS PII

by de(ault, :\\rs, PaUl lloore wll8 de· and atter his 1'.hu·1I home. Wl'Ole tho f~I ' '''nl'll f odoy "" ~vldonce of th" tetlte<.! by MI'., J. R John80n ot Sioux ~lIpR .. e ee..r. following lHter which lVas pointed fl'au~ul('llc(> or th" oq'call('d 'Vhalen (,Ity; Mr., Kay WAS derellted by In 1Jhe pnlly l ownn. Ml- ' . Ft U;IIt ,10" II"" ' nt", whleh \lurport to ~hO\Y GlBdys Yeaman or SIoux City. and DES MOI~mS. JulY 24 (A PI-JuS' "I dreamed n dl'eruu, tha.t a(tcr 50 .,JlllooarJeS fee . Prer I !I<l' IlIlt "o,oj"l~lh , ... ' I.... cOlllm ulllst Mra, cot! d('teatM ~rK, R. L7 Read yenrs I weQt bn.cll ol'er the road I ~ H ... ·v ...... Va'lT_y w 'li,'llil" WN'(' b~ln" cOlldU('tNl III tlcell E. A. Morllng Of Emmetsburg, n_... """' lit: r vI Des Moines, trnoveledJ In np' boybOO!l (jays. The .. ~M United fltllte. through the Am'

p,tirl ngH In tollay's mntclU'.s Ilre: E, O. Alberl at Jef(eraon, and John 01U! scbo!,l ltou flj!. mO~I!(l to Its fires. in .. a Dch 1,,1',-( ,~, ,,'ItJ '" ('Otl)'I .'Jl ltp". Mrs. "{nlker anll M1'8, H. E. Hunte r M, Grimm Of Cedar RapldJl were reo eot location In 1 Gp. Ii! ~tlll used too .10"oph ~lIrhnrl. ~n Amtol'!, fl tlor· of "dar Rapl~s; Mr8. K08 I' and JIIrs. 110mlna;l('d to the Iowa. sup\'('D1e court the OOucat;ion ot )louth or the qOllJ' SlifANOH A r, JUly 2~ (AP) _ OncA 1I~.1·, Jlol nt~.1 Qut It) a specia l Ca';, }o'. C. Chrlstlan"on of Eugle Orove beUcll tOOuy without QpJ)osltlon at mU'nlty , bl!,t th "lllIdell grove" tor ngaln Corelgn mlsslonnl'lpq al'l;' nee. 1(1'0""1"1111 1 rOIl)ll1jlle.e Inv"slh;nlll1l; Informutlon concerning .Mt's. !:Icotd. the repllbllclln judlcJ,a1 Co nvent/o~ which the cJJstrl t WlUl n.runed, bad l'ol l)Jnlllllstic MUvllir. In AnH' I' lcfl opponent was nOI ava.llable. The tII""e Judges bec.nllle tlie Butte red trom t'he woodman's a.xe and! In&, trom Interlo" China a~ It re.ul~ or 11,"t iiI 011" or the INLI'rs whl It

Details C\lnc.rolng (h <;> chamPIOf\ ' 1 J)/J1·t)"S <;il n.lfdates for six yeur terms the beautlrul linden tl'ees with t h e bandlta·y nnd communist outlllwry. 1'01'll1el' I'olle~ Comml"sionel' (1"o\,,>r shill fllgh l . or the tournament will wilen Ih. convention unulllmou. ly wild 1l1um8, tbe wild chert'l 8, the AecOmJlani~d by Amerl~an a nd I \\'II "h' " 1I111l1 .. public Inat JIIay. nll(l ~e fou nel on the sport pages. .ulb[lt~iJ 0. ~ellolutlon by .J. C. Mabl'y blaok ha wli. nnd ernbapilies. hlld But· Qvltl.1I co nsu lar otrldol~ rorly·rour I w!lli ·h \\'11" olltenHlbly " l.tter to

of AIIJIIl Lo s uspend the ru l~& and to Cered [rom the eff,eet or advandl1!f mlsRlon"rl~" Ion", mOl'oonpd III the lir";",), Onfpen of An.tol 'g. th~ :Su.nl-Dr Arti.'i~es "enomlhalc tlie gl·QUI' . c1vlllmtlon, The prnll'le chi kens, UI'I).'· Jlnn rlWI' vall.y nenl' Shno\vu 04111'11111 1; oC the wo)'(l "1)l'e~cnt" \VU,

••• " y " ., Aatae CJiQUI tll~ I«')'note a ddress of Wltti !.hetr cnokle Ill)tl cla,tter of nnd YenulJlg. Jl'uklen pl'()vlnce. were l1"'OITI'I't IIrcol'tling 10 the new Hu,," lor University Club Geor.., l!l, Nille of Des Moines. pl·e.· v:lns:a Oll tvosty mornlnSR. along with taken to safoty l",t "Ighl at Foo· Nf:I" :; .... mma:.

Idcnr o~ the 10wflI lIa\' aSI\O~lfltlS'n. the coyot<) nlld deer. IlOd' all dll>!W ' l chQw, capital and metrol>olls. neal' C{)ntinq.~ With Dinner; the only otb.er blJ"ln~"" du~lng u\~ )lea~. the l'mmt. \Vita . C1 ~ n:

45 millute ~ 8sIoll w06 the adoption ' ''1 h ~ old school hOU8e h1l8 Its lIlace Others wer~ expoct .. l at ,Foochow "Whnt of It?·, asked Repl·esenta·

Summer a Uvltl " fOl' the Un Iv t · Ily club will ontlnu(' with a uln·

n r·bt"]ge party at the lown Union, t.oltlorl·owevenlng. Aftel' Ih~ dll)n~~, 'Which 18 10 be served at 6, brldg wJII b VIUYNI In the club "ooms.

Arrongfllnll UlS fOl' theo Jlfrn lr t11'(" 1h chlll'ge or M I·S. R B, Re uter. HeBer· vnUons for lhp 11Inlll'I' IIhould bo mnd by tomol' I'ow noun at tho Union desk.

It j §

PERSO]SAL rr~ 14 4 ,

Mr. anu Mrs. John Roben of Lonlr Bt 'h nl'rIV~(1 thl$ 'yeek [or n ["w ds visa with their so n. W. A. Ro ~, I and his tamlly, 421 )1elr08e court. They exp..,ct to Il'9 "I} Iowa

tty Monday Ly mOlor for Foreston, III,. whM tlwy will vlillt r 1!l.llve8. From tlwre U)ey will go to Lake Ok· obojl whcl'. they wll\ " I)end the reo mlllJlder Of tllP Sl,Immer.

HpipII ' .... "'·d at hleago ls vl-Itlng at the hOml\~ of h{ol' cousi n", l"~r . nd dr8. John W, B.·rry, 419 S, Johnson 81,·cet. 1I11U MI', nnd Mrs. Jnmes Berry. 1113 R. Joh llKon street.

Dr, nn,l MI'., Orn Miller nnd chll· dr n or Loul"vllie. Ky .. nre visiting Mre, .Mlllel"s molher. Mr., M!lI'y j'urnlps,'eU. 432 H. J ohn son 8tre~t .

Mr. nnel 1\f1'8, Eyron A nen nnl,l. fa· mlly or lllcugo (ll'e ~ue8t8 at lhe John A , ulony hOIlI~. lQL4 ShCrldlln av,nue.

Mr. al)d MI'8. NoPel ('ada. of Chi· ca 0 nre vL~llflll: nt the harpe of the

11)"r's pnrPII\,tj, Mr, an" JlII·S. J . J . ",Lne. 6H 8 . S<,Immlt Htre.'It.

lIr. and :lft'H, Amos Pletcher and ughter, )1111'y of I;;ugl~ Cl'ove. spent ew days wlt1. ,C, Q, Mullulex and

mlly, K B. l3loolIl/,J\AIOQ sll-eet, ,

o( lilt} re&olutlona commlttee's reo In th e . nnlll~ of hlstory 3.9 9,( one SOOI1 and some. notably li:eI\\'ln K(ll· I lvl' .I"hll Jo:. Ndeoll ot ~ltIlne . "A I'. 1)01't. , tlm~. allut 1808 Or 1809, being pr~' logIC. ot FOI·Uond. Ore .• had arrived )'OU 1!'IUnl; 1I ~ thnt Il Husslan eon't

'11he J'e801uVon8 filjJted l loWo con· slcl(>u over by Dr, J ohn MJnthQrn . n... at ShanglluJ, Whetl",. (ou. 11)1.· 111"110,, ml"li.ko?" g re 8m~n 10 ClOmllT\lll1l ~e Il'lll ndJukt I achel'. flf\ lInal~ ot our t>l'esldell~ .lofl[~T'le. held 01 PQc).ow. Anh wel ":-lOt nt 1<11," ~lIchaol I'polled, "'rh~ "off p[fl'ly dlrrel'enc II wlt'hl n tbe Hoover who art~r tho deatll ot lll ~ 1)f'0v.nl'P W<:I'o I'elpn~cu when nation· 11111""'1,,,,"1' of this I" !lUll III "nolher pnrty roVler \)j1l,1J, by ullJ/Wce wall Tor~Jjt; wa~' tal~~11 h him to Oro, nl1slM l'ce'lJ)tul'NI Lhat Htl'onghold "r till' Whlll'>11 uOcIIlllPntK, o.n nil"!\,'

I , Y rrorn north I'n rebel. had not beon -d leher ,"rltten by Ora/pAn .X" - t. Ihos not or lho rulth," gon < ,. , --

, Walked Tru.-·s to 8c1~L determined, I,· I h~ "lime ~I'I'or O,'CU I'S. 'J:h In, F'alt h W8. Teatrlrm~d In the ju· _K ~ T t A' w~n Y'Qne 1II~ 1'ICIlII~ f"I'~IH'" I" 11m! hoth Ih" leUpl' f,.on1 dlclul convention method Of select· An(J J.n my drefllll 1 con, r eme/nber Of the 4'1 LaJ<ell to Puo('how 21 WCl'e Ing JuJ.lg~". removing th~1J1 (J'o/)) " the thl' mo,ny tlm~. ~ ~<il,lnted ~he mil· Americans nll,1 the ro01!llnd"" a l·lt. bano l some of Intrigue. emba,.as8lng road ties froJ)) Downey to Iowa I\y 18h. The Am('I'leLln,. w .. ro 1I10~t1y allJance8 Iltld ruLnous CXI) D~J;>." to anv 45 cents. the Ilrlce of the AI"thodl"ts all(l (;ong''('gallonllli"ts ,

SUP1)Ort to pre.ent lIoove l' anel the mil road tllre. · S vel'Dl othe.· lIIethodlsts nnd Can · republlcon POl'ly Was e"pressed an.,. 1 dreaWil that I WaS ognln I).t Mr' g l'cgnllonnll"ts ""mainI'd In the UI)' the .r.ondon uaval treaty l)ralsed , 'l'be Leltn's acudemy at lo,vl\ Ity whel'~ I) I' Mit) vnllpy, Dr. aot! Mrs, J . E, Iowa supreme court WitS commelldedj Pl'p,l;(>~so r ~1n(h"w., M1"" 1:!lu~r and Sl<h~ner or TOI.~kn, Knn" and Miss and tile nec<lsslty o[ a "teal·j('~ •• In. J e/1n le Shrader (Mrs. J . \Vl/son) W~re Moome GfaMbul·nel·. Woodbine. Towa. dependent. unu unfetl.,·ed" juulclary the Inkl ructors, Time hns not e~ ren)aln«l Ilt Y~nlllnl; whpl'p u ]'tleth · wlla urged. Location of InaUStrles I ~ taced Ihe m emory or this. odl"1 mIH"lon ·ho~'lt"l wus Cl1fed with 10wR WfUl en our9,ge<,l, 'rhen ~ dl'ell"'.u that In 187G T wouruled Holdl I'S.

Hille W(LfI malle permanent chait" w~nt to IoWIl City 10 ;tI t tend th,. metl. l 'se J.4IUllcI) Illan IlCtCI' his uddre"., WI/II. L . len! 0. PIlI·tm~jlt 9t tl)e l,lnlvcr~lty of The mlsslona"'"s were tnken to Slern or Logan. former chairman ot ·Iowl).. Dr. Peck. Dr. nOIl~rl.on. DI'. Foochow In n launch flying British th,. r~publlcllll ~lat"c ce/llrol ~ommlli- 'ClallP. Dr, Mhj.llletoll . Dr. Fal'llworth\ and Amcl'icnn tlog9. They were not lee. p resided In the abHPnce of l- Dr. nObby, Dr. Uelnrl h . flQd Dr, moleAI~d In the h'lp down th MI)1. I'l, Spangler Of Cedul' Rapids, hi. suc. Shrader wpre th Instructors 01' Ilro. Kellogg Raid rQvlng b3.ndlts nnd

('omlJ1t1l\r"t.~ ("ontl'ollo(( Fuklen nnt! t""Sors, with Billy Oreen u, jp.nltol', Klnngsl province" and wel'(' killing. ceSsor,

About half of the 1.684 dblcgnte8 ntlende.], Guest. oC the convention were 1" J , Dlcll.lns<1n ad Dan 1'ur· nct. c/lu<,\ftlo,tes Cor Bl.'natol' anf,l gov­~r "or. r.~l/w:tl'i~lY.

MOI'/ln/f I. chler jusUce oC the 811' premp Murt. succeeding Albert to thllt post, rlmm w al.l1lolntell las t yenl' by Go,v, J01)/1 lll).'Il')mjll wl<cn ~h", IrUiIJlol,u,'e provlil('9, tor II.

nlnl~ JusUce. J---

Arre~t Three SU8pe~tli in aan~ lIQldup

Tholl6 . I.edl .. s l'obl>lng an(l burning l'ulhlpHsly. H ,' In those dOYH Ihe medical stu· .ald tho)' wpr!' \t·ylng to destroy

~ents were In Llltl repute: so m\lch so every pvlllence or "C!lpftallsrn Llnll that on meeting an old IICIIUlllntanc~ to"elgn ImJ)QI'laIiRm," nnd the gQv, 0' my ncnllemy days, she (>xprpssed 'rlllpcnt wn.. powerleRs, ],fisslon'lI" ~ rijelt as horrW d thllt I waul\! I S wCl'e unllbl~ to live tlle1'e, he Rllid \hlJ1k Qf such Il thing, a" there werQ 111111 wor"" l'olHlItions nre OlCpecLed. 80 many honorable W!Lys of mllktng lQ the Rll l'lng of 1927 tI1~re wile Il Il living, The medical s tulle "L of thO gpnel'OI exodu~ or mJsslqnnl'lee f1'ol)1 '70's did not get Il 8quUI'e denl Ilt tho th" Intol'Jot' due. tfWY declared. to ga me In lowa Ily . communl.t ond !)nndlt outlawry. Ln·

"On one oc,'uslon, a <lrnyman (Ie· t('I' m3.ny l·clurncU.

Lee Gehlbach Retains Lead

in Ail: Derby

livered II. 10lld or expre8S to the pres· Ident·s (Dr. PI kOfd) room, rparked "~ol\." wl)en It should. lllitv been d~llver~<l to .. the 1118Aecti ng rOom. Upon op~nlng the box, h e call d for tl\c po)! e, The <lrnyman. arter tnk· Ing one look at the open box. hoi, Ipred "murdoI''' and "etv"~(l to movo tltem rnrlher. Old Billy Oreen was .1'.Dt for nnd wllh the hell) of eom" ot the lll,l'd1cal stu!)e!)t •• tlJ~ ml8tnkq

V1NTON. Nly ~4. (AP)-Off~llll. was correctpu. fir th W~I~Ol'd ~VJI)!;8 bunk. whleJI We .0nw~ll)1es hlUl . II', walt for w'W ~o"b~~ ot 1?, tweel) 'l,Oq.Q onO monlhs tor our dl8ljeCUng m!llerlnl ,

(:I 'stf)iPIl ul1,l the It.lttPI" t o him w~re '''''I'l1ll'll hy t1\ ~wnl e nerson,1I

tlmtl)(,11 hlm' elf toul( the ~tanil

flU' Il few mllllltf>9, testJfyJnlr thul )w

110<1 n"v~t b,>(>n n. communis t Ilnd ho'l 1I~"el' 8~ell the letters In Ow \ \' hlll(\11 d O(,lImf'uL!i (llJe~edly \vl'll1el' by and to 1.lm ,

Olhers T~stlfy Rpvprn l oth~r AmtorK oftlclnls

le'tlflpu, ~R well a" II fll'lnter wi", "01.1 he hilI! 1ll'Inte(l oom~ Amtorg 10ltN'hpntlR tOI' n man nam~d Vosorf IIl1d Identlfl",1 nhotostal1c copl,," or IIH~ 'Vhnlpil dO('\tm~ntR Ofi copfE'R or '.'tt~I·8 wrltl n on hl~ le ttPO·hol1.1. ,

1'he htgh ~llloUonal 1)01nt6 at Ule dny'" ~':""Ion ClI.lJIe with Ih~ t~"tI, 11I0:lv of fI (orm(>l" czur lHl off1cer and ,. fOl'mel' mcmbel' of Iho sovl('\, sec' r~1 pOlloe.

rl'ho fm'mttl ' orflC'pr wOs O('orge lll:tlllA'arorr, who 1(1 I1tlfled Feodal ~1J\"ltlll , Arntot-,.:' r,'('l}C' !'n] ma,n u.g .r, IIi.; n. fOJ'IllPI' m(\!1'lI)r'I' of th Ogllu. H"CI'Pt IloJllll'al police ot 1'1'0 HllS' . In, Up Rnld 1hnt In the laRt duy~

or thf' I'Pvolul1oll l1P, an ofNcer In tt.e witH" )umy on " aperla l ",18slon. WIIJl fU'l'rst~II hy the I'~d army ullt'l nn""Uon",1 Ity tho hOfin or Ihe OgpU'A flylnl.": ~\('p t llfl , who Alapppd hlk fnl"'(' .

Although I'll avkln (jpnl~d all COil' nrctlon, IwoAr.)t 01' puRl, with the Kfl(' I'Pt polLrp nnoLhcl' wlhlt'SB. MI('h · a.1 ll:uldlel', ncknowlNlged thl).t he was once all Impol'l,,,,,t mel1lllar or Ihe OgplI and. hnd h~d Illm aelt "I'n uggled Into Amel'lca lI11'ough eliDa when he telt that Amel'lca W"~ the safest place tor him to be,

,Mr,s, Newcomb Returns From East

, "'ASI11N(1TON, J '"ly 24 (.~Pl­

lITl"" CyUla f\tourlon. M~utlful nl](1 tal,,"te,1 ,Ia ug hlea' or fkltall1'" 1I0hlll· ty , I" 011 her ,"::IY hOr)1c to nankp a final Illell ror hor fumlly's cO lj~el)t b<'rore mnl'rYlnf' 1'· IOI·.u,\1 1 ])~ I 'A~' IW:{A, n. hllndMol1la ltrdht l1 lJut 1<-1',

'rI,e socla"y 1' 1~~t ot tlltR CRlll tHI, UJHI~r who"'(' v pY nb~rf4 UtP MPC1'e l uLt.!l('hm£"nt blo..t<1o'tnl?q, w ..... r(," 111 01'(, l!'Jan mlldl.1' s llor kM ",l.en lIeW~ 0/ It I ""l<~(l nut !a.loy.

' Rut In n,'en l Udl nh,'. ~ul'ltal

tlwre I~ n. woman wl10 11U~ kllOWII 1111 IIboul It obl[,,1 for a l'~n.,.. Lnd.,' J.nbel)a Tl oW~ I" l , wife o~ thl{ /ol'rpel' St!, E~I'n ('. TlOw florll lIoWllJ',l or P~nJ'jtf). r e tir<'d DIi)bH"adQ)' til Ihe ~rl1lt"<l Slule~. \VllI! th e tll'<t In i\'o.hll1p tnn to rpce!\'c lll~" I;tnur· tOI) 's cOnrliJe f)"~. ·11lJ.e 11J 'iI1 IJPl'OVNI. 14 I. b<;>CDuRe or /lPr Jllell. JllltlP<j with tip! rtf: Ihe SJQ\lrldll fu ml1y, thol ~t1"" flt'ourlon I. nllw pnrol1te to 1-:"!" iwd , QI1 th~ lm"r Aomnl'ln.

The :Htory I" I'oljl(lnll~ . G.v\~n Stoul'ton. <:rpnt .J'rnn<l ·

'lllugh~.Ilr of Ow rQ\lrleeIlO! Dq)<<, or Norroll< \ll1d a cOllstn or ~Ir t::.m", J l o\~n~ Cl\llle to Wnshil]ll ton In 1924 to :b~ Hocl",1 II,PCl'~tory 10 Lady H'ubella, Ono o[ 'tl)ll {trst lJ.r"on~ ~{hc ~;}:~1 it) th£' ~mbluu;,y h~rl\ wali I"lorvllntl, 0) bUj'1J>I',_

;\"Ilflllf:~r or lI,(IlSehllld r (~hoUttlj Ql}Jy 30 ~~{'n.1'!i old, h~ h iHl

bPJ) long If} ~PI'v lop o n t hI' Tl owlI l'fl fomlly. Th@y ho,l brought h1m frop1 flor;nl'. SIl' 'Ji;limf;\'H ; Ilr('viou, IlO$t, and hll\) mod~ him II. ,'ort of I1lIl11 agqa- or the itol1H('iloltl. Ottrol1 In thp kl'pnt rooms or the PlribH qRY hi> 1V0ijiu fl llve II. cup of ten with the anllln~"ftUQI' anll Lally l eabclla,

Oyll111 WI)}I 22 W1H'11 R l~e cn 'pe to 'Vnd,lngton. !'lhe b~cnnl~ frlpn,l1y with '1~lot'vuntl Iml11Ntlotply III the fOl'mnf- o.tmo~nhpl'PI ot 1 hI' embn,!iY.

A yPlj.l' :1 ' 0 th tl'h'lld!lhfp d(w(l lol)~ ~" , Illto m ore "Cf<!cllonllte r~go r"', \II RS stiou1'l0n" 1 <onrJdanlp IVIIR Lolly l "al\~ll lt. ,,'ILII wlloUl ~h hll" n L11'ell h 'I.,III. h lp.

Thp nmba.ssa:dor'R wife was fl hock· ~ L She "lI !fgeat~O UII).! J\!H." Ht our· Ion gO 10 Hv#\OI(h 1\ frlenu whllp "rlvln ~ the I:0I1;II11)CO ru.rtlwl' conshJ .. eraUon, This wn. AIP'C('q upon, alld

I fOl' the Il"',,t y IH' the ElIgll~h 1:.11') h"" lived with MIR" Clo,lyS !;t, 001" ing, " fl'l"'l1l,.l or the HO'V8I'ds who COIu1uctlf a "('hoot hpre.

Throughout the yea r the romanc~ perRI.te,1. Thoug h .hp II"toned to "Ollnsel ,wallisl It: hN' determination 10 marry Florvanll l·cmRfllol1.

Slo ys II/ Wull,lril't.,,... W\je). the lIo\\'I1"ls reIUI'?!,11 to

1':ullllllld IU,I leebrunl'y, ;l1I9~ fllo\lr·

Senior De.nts Spe~d Leas~ :

Saya J;)~a~ pr~ehe , After S,"~vey 01

' Exp~n~cs

It Is mOBt economlc.1J tor a Uillver' , alty ot Iowll dental stullelU to be U ,,<'n lor 8.nd 0 1'(!8lden~ ot Iowa, aceol'ol' Int;' to a report on estimated expenJ!(;s jlubllsh!l<1 by thp college ot c,lentls tl'Y WIder tbe tUrecUon of De:..n ]j'rllnJ< T, Breene.

The seniol' year J. the chenpest and the )unlor yeaI' tile most pl<PeMlve for both the Iowa residentJlrid Ih e slu· d~nt from -another ~ta teo .•

A fO'lr year dental e(lucllUon at the ani)' oollege be Its klntl In t be

'"tnte can be obtoln.(\ fOI' $1,333.60-~~r8. Wilbur lLeUger ot Sh~lelon t8 vIsitin g her bu.bllnd nt the unlver· slly l. ospilltl. ,M.I·. lI~lIg .1' l/l tnklng 'tri:!ll tnH'nls COl' n SeNf'-l'P burn he 1'6..

eelved (, 0111 b. gag ~tov" px plos lon.

l,il,oV \Qduy, fnllcf,l 10 {delltffy Tom In my dream I can 8ee a lot mOl'e ~9.glr~,lt an!) Ouy ,Page of .Llool)e awl U nt would nOt look good In prlnl, all~~rt Joebg~n or Carroll, 'l ,~~", as b\lt It It ever become. possible tor mol ~u.J,lect •• 08 the '/W" who ~lUgec,l t he to ha.ve (I hen rt to hellrt t~fk to the ~~yllg},,~ robb~ry. Illl'lllca.l cI,l"8, I cQutd ofi (1/ much 10

;'.llT:-I(CIP,\L J\1 RPORT, Houston 'r~x .• July 24 ("P)-EI~ven of J2 1)lu nell In the all·Ame"'cnn air der· by which RPNI (l.way frOm Little Hock, Ark .• this mornlog chpckedln bere I{He tOdLlY, paced by Lieut. L eo Dl'hlbnch of Liltfo Rock.

;\fr •. n , H, Npwoom1J. 31-1 S, Sum ' excluslvp 01 ,'oom, !)oard, and pel'son·

'\'h~ trl9 W!\s hely 11) JIlII, hQw~ver. tl).~ early hJat9ry of the clo.'\Is ot the Ll eutonnnt Oehlbach wa.. far

Ethel Illlts, 622 S. ~tI'e t. Is H/,en,llng her the ~Inck J [ lit •.

n," ch ~rg~~ 91 cal'Tyln" ¢o.n, ceal~" '70's, nhefld of th~ f1~ld wit h ell).psell time V B T'f .. N "s .. - of 3:0 1:94 f"om 1_IUle Rocl<. Ilnd <i nn uren w~~y.Q,n s, Thc mel) wer~ 'lTI'o~t~1,1. at 0 urgeryu.e l1 vacation In CheJ~~a this arlvrnoon and claim d Att<>r a n absence Of SIlVer .. 1 y l;'al's totnl unorflclal elapsed tlme of 15:22:·

they weI' on their way tl'QQ1 6 hj. 1 b/lgan to think thai m~ medlcnl e<)u- 32 .

, Mr, and ~h'A . O. 11 , Bro.lnerd, 1229 E. BUrllng'ton . 1 ...... 1. hIlNe relurned from Il tlVO WP~I'H' vllcatlon In ])e. ttblt Lak 8. :Mlnll , 'rhey ulso vlslte(l tllelr 80n. 1", 0, BI'III,'erd III Furgo, Jlf.'D.

. 'MrS/i q, EJ Brainerd, cJa.ught~t'. Barbara. ancl ~on. Edward, ot North· ampton , ),IIUIH., are vls[U ng nt the 'bonte oC ~It·. and Mr~. O. H , Brain­el'd. 1229 E . HUl'lington street.

Leona HQwe. A 2 or Ottumwa., vl.ll­ed frlenti . at the Alpha Della 1'1 b'ouse ye.terany. She motol'eO lt ~ro

with hPl' pnrenta.

Louis Paisley, '30 ot Fnrmlngton. and VOI'oc/,y Klfne: '30, of WaUlI'Too, slopped he rp yesterday for a 81)0r~ vllll,t with frl (' nd~. ' Accompanied b)( M,1S. KlIM'. IJll re"t" tlley are un roiae to !\! cPherson, K a n., wher~ they will spend 0. two weeks' VIlCU'

t l1) n.

' Mrs. Chnodl8r Woodbridge and MI'. aUf! Mrs, Paol Pierce or Pes ;M'olne, url'lv~d Yt'8t~"by by motor to be tlt~ lfUests ot Mr':'aod Mra. E , tI. Kflnl(r a nll<n. 927 MUfjCn.t1ne ll.lenul!. Mr. a))d Mrs, Pierce wlR r eturn to tllelr home today but "Mrs, 'Woodbridge '~III remnln 'bver tbe ,"veek e nd.

~IWO to Hoone. atlon, ),~ boon sadly I gl,ect~d. 1 Oehlbach wOn $500 o[ the $).000 ~Ior~hnl William RIl!lmn!\~en tlJ)d ,c'l-'J,·t t'f1.membel' ot s~el~g one capital IjlV 11I'Izc ortrrNI hCI'~ , Rtub Quillby

1;!n~ S.tod,~ ~(1 cq.lltYl'ed tl)e l)'Iel) a~ operation during my entire college or ~ I ollne. III., took second l)1oneY they rode Ill9n): ' ~be Lincoln bll, l.. co "Sf). nlor one c~a'l ot appendicJtls, or S300 a Ill] ,J. R. Wedell of Ne lv "ay. The ortlce l's "aid they (ound no It. ~a,1J be prc·nlll?endlclUs period, Ol'le~'1Q the $200 third nwnrd, mon ey but aeverlll guns. blJt it \Va. Ihe JlIlI'I~'1"II~rt. tYlli)lltl .i 1'110 ~I'art whl~h foliNI to arrive

De\)ylng knowledge oC Ihe rohbery perltYl?hfftis period. wilen wo WCI'Q wn.a that of llprm<lll l;Ia,01e r of c hfl I t I .old' I" \\ I 1 • tau~hl that the nttack wou lll most a,~o, whQ was (orced down. the 0['

IIC r Q..., ' f Y 'ere go nil r m Ukely be followed' by nnoth r. Irklnls w,'re nuvlMd, at JIt'l}knmer, Chlcllgo to Boone. OWc rs at fll'st. r otten wonder whnt l'rofes.qor Peck L II'''''ly county, TeXllll, It 'wns be. however. "'11Xi lhn,~ at lea~t oR lIf would think were he permitted to so /l~ved lo ck or eu I b rought hltn to lh,~ ~.." Whl? ha~ 3 ~o~ 9ft his race. some ot his old s tudents of the '70 '~ N,1'lh 'IS he S~llt \vOl'/I tbat he needJ Ilnswered the desc1'lption g iven by enterlhg the abdomen with til at os· eLI II ';'cChO lYle alld some gasoline, witnesses at Waltord, surllnce or s uccess wlueh has d vel, 'Cb .. WU"plsh .LIttle Rockel, [IHolM

Th rQbbe~y k IIlace about 9:30 oped thrOugh lhe leachin g a nU prac· t,y Lteutl!nant Gehlbach, Clll'ru\ tenr. n.m . Three men. wllh I;'UI1" but no tlce ot flSCepllc s urge,'»'. They would IlIg over tlle [lnJ h line so rapidly ma..ks. SCOOI)eO up all the cash arte~ sometimes wash their hllnds a nd reo lhnct the number on the Bide hnrdly Ih@y (o~ced ¥, C· Eruahn.. cnShler. move UlelJ' coats be(orelOOmm nclng cO uld be reau. It was checkeu In at 1lI1d Willi . )ru",er. a!Uj1 tunt ca,h· 1I",1J' wO(k. I?flI'<W1J m e. do not t)llnk 1~:06:34 p.m. fer. Into the V&u}t, The two em· tor one moment that 1 \Vl).ujdi caSL Il I Qulnby's IIWe shill WIIS next In. ployees were tlfe OQ ly p.~r~OIll! In the . Iur OQ U.eU: .n,<;>movy, nQr lesloen th ~ Less thun th l'ee mInutes IMet h e WIIS bank, bdllJ.a.ncy o( tlte light they r~tlpcted .

An atlempt WIl8 rrul!le to lock the ypon thel~ clUBS ot the '70's, It Is . \'joclcpd ot os o l'rlvnl at J2:08:0lJ. I vllult. but the locl< did not ca.tch. olll.v my Il\U'PO~e 10 m ak e 0. r es,!mp ot W e.lell a;t'l' lvCQ "orne five mlnu~es Erushll and MusSer plllnncd to com~ tl)e P'!4t , Onl,Y l1y rCSQgnl~,n}: OUl' IJehlnd Quinby a.t 12:13 :55. here to try to Ide ntity the s uspects, lI .... t mI8 1a.ke~. 'laq we deal wJth tlte '~l1 e pla nes w1ll tl).I<e ull tho race

rulure , ngol ll hcg/nl)lllg ul 9 a.m. tomorrQw,

Native lowa,D Title Chtim of

Medical ToWet Great Sa n A ngelo. Tex .• Is Ihe nex t control As I .t:i'ted· 'betore: afte'r being o llt point.

ror a few yf,'llI:s a,,<I, h~ vlfljJ scen Bome at oui; Calltornla hospita ls. I s tili th,ou/fbt ./,own. was a bncj< numb I'. but since my recelll Visit I havo

Two ~ qqang""' ,my ",Ind'. 1he ~OI!J)ltpl. OUl· aus hospllal. I am proud lo fillY. as every

~ member at Old Oold should be. Is the !lcme Of pe_fec:tlon. While not the ~Iargest nnd hav ing a. lew mistakes In

Th,e tttle ~ na,tlv~ ~wan III held! Ill'Cbll>ectlire it Ls a m odel or modcl' lI by two at the Unlvl!fsity at Ipwa's ' efficiency. a~d lhat old diploma of th~ nln:e college ,~aJl!l, rl~e wer~ bol'O In state ot ,~wa that hangs on tlte wall otber IlIlddle we~tern etate<!. &114 two ' ollJlY den. like lle owner. hilS done II" nre of torel.-n birth. ,,·ork.

:PaUl C. Packer. eol1ege Of educa· [~ gtante4 1)l8 t1\e right to p~netle,

Hermall, Ht;lm.er F arcea Down.

HOUSTON. Tex .• July 24 (AP) lferlllllll Hamer of Chicago. one of Ihe entrants In the Illl·Amerlcan Air derby fo,'cOO dOWIl today about 50

Mr •. A, F . SUIlQn a,et ~er "?PI John. of In(lIanllpoff •• are, 6l1elldl"g ,evel'"l days at the hOUle ·ot MI" allli MI'M. 0, LI. CarpenJ.e.·. Bloom Tel" ~ace, !iii r~. sutlon. nnd ~rt. Carpenr tH a re sls te.i'\!. ~iore ' Nl\AA'IUIlg to thph' home ilb·8. ,sUtt .. , awl be~ II'!" " ' 111 vJs lt relatlvcs" III Molin. and I Wck I s lanel.

tfon. tbe youngest d.eu:n. "'lUI born In 1IleiN£11),e ami ~u.rgery. anJ,ll took U/e Rlllem In 1888. whlie Durant 18 the oath 'Ie 1IlIpp~ra!fl8 lI,ke qJl of ollr old hlrthl'ln<!(' o[ "F1'ank ,'1:. Breene. col· prore~~8 ~(ore ~~, 1 clm not I'e· lege Of d4jnUatry. "¥I1Il,be~ I.t all, b~t80me o~ Its runs lI.ke

The 8enlor executive, Carl F, Sea.. Ib.l/l: "to J;6Cl1on hho whp' ~gllt tips ; Caroline Bos twick. ' ,wtio has bee" s hore 01 th~ graduate college. 18 a no. axt. e<JI.IJI.IIY dejU: to ~ !l,!i my par·

itMhlllg In lhe ' urrlver~lty eJemon· ' U'(e Of ~~ol'lundt\. Sweden. Deal) ent~," I\nd the ~lf)OtY o~ eaclJ In(ll. 1 " ". school will 1~31'e Saturday tor ElpRshore wo'! 04 yMra old lMt Jan. vl<llla) I?rqte~sor that WIIS Dhoto· *CI hOr)1e I;' ,lInrtford. Conn" whcre ' ' uar)'" ~I)~ ,?Iher CQre lgn 'born dean Ifr llflhed ulH'n my braJns In the '7Q's "r". vl11 SI)ellll tlle . re malllclerottMI~oeprge.F~Yllberalort!!.wboae~U1L.N".s 1?r-ec;~e/1ce ovet' t h at &l.nlln~r. • 'r... !lt8t hQI'/ofl ~ns VirginIa Opt. Can whlcl;t transplfed In latl!r Y,qax. I!Jltl If

nd • " 'tHolIe old profesaora were livIng 10' SWQf TOllA,Y ~"wJWa~

J n h nor 'It the ir ia~"Cp~.ll;ld.m,t. J;J,ellrl,eUa ~\eV~n8, w~o ~ ':lillie 2.7 tI. e IOWa., Ity Re!>'ililtbJ' d~ped tbelr charte~ In .C;om~lllJl}ttA,V'!n. c",· emo nle~ at Ille reg~ 19~~nJ of file Iod&e 18Qt nifht.' lWa: Cor~ Anth· ony pt~I<.Wd,

• t

a. I day. with all Of the advanceinent that B!r,tllJ1lac,el/ o~ ~ o,I.he~ u/llvIITel1y has laJ«m plne'e since their time, they

col/ege ch}eta I/o e: Clel)len:t C. Wilir would sUIJ hfI ~hlnlllir 1~lIts of the PI·O. Jam •• englnA!ermg, UrYIJ,IlJ. 111,; EUr t088lon, • gene -'I. Ollmo",. Jaw. Ik'Ownvl/le. ......,.y. PoetOI ~ N~.; .Henry 8 . H'l9Cllt~". 1Il.~~lne. T~ Is ol)e tl)l1)1J t.hAt thll ravogfj3

(£ole.do. 0 . : ClIeator 4 · MlJllfpa. com. ot Ulpe I!lI,IIlett I", LIIe 41acard-tqe 110' ,Il].en;e. Sell/Io. 1114.. I.Iljl WIJ/)e,I: ;1. ~ old t.a.mllr tloct,or. 'lfho SJl'l/1 t Tee~, plj"r"ljI.CY. 4fUI'Me. 0, the night hold1nlJ \U. balJdo 91 ~

Ilt the

Big Dipp,el' For Inlorriumo"

Call 602-J1f


I11lt "tI'Oet, ha . I'e\urnp<l fl 'dIn an ex· '01 expenses. . tenslve 'vncatlon sflent 111 the east. But' It the sludent co~e" from !In' ) II '~ . Newc\lmll rh'Ht went to De~rolt o~her ~"'oJ\;veQltl),-1l18 trllt{Jlng WIll i where Hlle vl" ltel) hpl' dllll~hl~". J\e~e""ll1t.te!t1l oelluy of, tl.G89,60. So ~I"',th n. Len norll. a n Insll'uelor' ln t he the nlltlvelowan learns tile pl'ofesslon D Irolt schools, MilS N~wcoml' II~ I). s,,¥lrll' of $26~ , I J;'rna~otl'<l fron) tile !tome e¢onqrn les omcfn l C»iHlllllles. yM'r. by Ye3r"

. ! I " fo)' the reSld ~l)t ot Iowa. {lJ'e: tlrst llopal'lnlPllt or he lIl1 ver~ l ty in J92,. $3'64 .50'; second. ~37 1 ; lhlTtI>, ' ~ 81l; and

Frolll lilerp Mrs. NewcQ':'~ and her ' (onrth. $218, During eMh, :year t " ~ Qnu~hter wen;. to N w ~Qlk where tulll n t~e of $192 III the chl"r Item ot th e l[llter so iled ror n. s ummer's tour '01<pen8e, ' , _ , of l~Urope. j\1'J'~. Newcomb Sl,pn t ., tnstru'1',~nt8 'Yil~ cO'!t "bbut $480 , f01.lr w<,'eks vl.ltlt'l> with ~rlend. nnll 'the amo unt beln" d1s/rl\lJlted over t he ,,(,Iallv ~ In P~nnI!Ylvllnlll. h er nntly.; !lrst Ihree YearS', 'll~w"'vefl these In. slate. an4 the/1 rlltlj rned to Iowd sirnm'<!ltts . ... f1 I", 111~~d In. the tuLllte City, qrllct!c~ Of tbe rel!iJlorl,

with a' cJose,tfuLoi fl1eShlx \!lean-

ed aDd pI1e8~ .appaf 1. • A f~: ., .. I .II t • - "

dollal'8 JlII)n~hly) iuvested1bere keeps your wudrobe'

ill' 8Ple~ cori(jltioD. ' . \' '

everY~hiDg- froln hat to I, ! f


tOil staye~ on III ' Vnshlngton, Shp told her 11'lendll she waH ~ontel1ll)lut· Ing toklng another diplomatic 1'0"" lJQn h~re, FJorvuntf f'pnlllJlu'd tel J)nck the Howal'd,,' turnlllll'('.

:\h·.. L('o Cal'OIoay, 517 Rundell "I I'~et, WOII high score In the third IIl1d Clnal \)rldg(' toul'nament of lhe ."I'le •• polIsol'ed by tlte Elk Illdle •.

Once nlote ] ""b<'II" alld )frs. E.·lIng T!Jo('n hUH had cbol"ge

~I i" 01 the al' l',,-ngcmrnts tor the contetl •.


Our fl,'ices Are Lowered to Meet All Rc.

adjustments in the Wholesale Markets in

Hosiery • Silks Cottons You'll Find Exceptional Values Today

and Saturday

TOILETRIES $1.00 CotY '8 Face Powder at .... , ................... .... . , ... ........ ......... , .. , ...... ....... .... ... .. I}Oc Heck ( Deodot'ant) checks perspiration ....... .. ..... ........ , .. .. , ..... .. .... " .......... . 50c 1 pana, Pebeco, Pepsodl'ut ')'ooth Paste ............ , .. ......... " ....... , .. .. , .. ... . ,' ........ , .... , ....... .. 45~ Oiilllt Size Uol~atc's Dental Crellin , ... ' ..... . ,', ....... ' ...... , ... ...... '. , .. . , ...... .... , ... ........ ,


CaPlIJY, Lux, Palmolive, Ivory 3 for


Eiffel Full Fashioned Silk liosicl'y, a rsvecial pUl'cllase, pI! il' ................... ..


69c 39c 29c 2ge


Italian F lorentin Leather Handbags, values to $5.00 ....... ... .. .................... ..... .......... . 'fupestr'y and Shantung Handbags, sport co lol's, $2,95 va lues ........... ... .

$2.95 $1.95

JEWELRY Necklaces, Chokers, Pins, $1,00 values .... ................. : ....... .. .... ....... ... ..... ........ ....... .. 49c

NOTIONS AND ACCESSORIES Qooch-icll Satin LtlRtl'c Bathing Cap., helm et styles, $1 valLles ............. ............ ..... ...... .. ..

KOTEX Special Oller

2 Boxes at 45c, tolal 1 Box of Kleenex ••


.90 ,50

Total value ... . _ . ,$1.40 All For

,Se Add lOc for Mail Order

H ickory Gi rdles, va~llcs to 79c \. at ...... ,.,', ......................................... ...... .. ........ , ...... . Rubber San Soap Disbes, in eolori!, 50c values ..... ... ..... ......... ''' ........ ... l' .... : .... ... ,,.. .. , ... ..

SOc 2Sc-

"SUNBONNET SUE" WASH FROCKS . $l.95 Va]ues-~ach- '

$1.39 3 for $3.$1'

TURKISH TqWELS Large Size, eolOl'ed border, each

Printed Beverly Tub Silks, yard ........................................... , ." ................. , .... . Printed or Plain COI01'cLl Shon rngs Iwd Tub S ilks, values to $2.25, yard ....... , ................. , ...... .. J a p Silk p~)I1gee, natUl'a 1 color. yard ............................................................ ........ .. 1;'la;/1 Colored Honan Wash Silks)

49c /,' 9.8~ 219c 8ge, $2,50, yard ..... ............................................... ..

Printed Silk Flat Crepes, values to yard, ...................................................... , ... .... .. SJ.29




~Cj)rty·J OCCUl

o{SI ~ I

" , Wgb Sch(

Studen I Fir I


rrom Vlll'JOUM p

(lltlUlt 1'1uuC'nt~ i

th rpe In~tl"l)(·tOl'

ment un" lJ1('lul

tho all otllt. I)UI .lon ot Chari,," musIc leC1Urt'l' J

Tentatl Vl:' ilia (,prt to be give: lhl. sUmlllN' h S~lIdn)', Au~,

]oufu Union at ' l'h£" ))('I°fiOIUW

Clnrln~t: H. 8h'uctOI' In th! )Iorgllntown. " durnnl, \\'nt~

Thompson. DCI DenlAon: J en n glnl" Sidwell, 1 \"0·11 'Y;lH\l'I', A ./lockReen, Deg 1\' Columbia, ~1 0.;.1

AriZ.; ~l elvJn h an McCol'ma, und A, 1" , Rt~ 1

K [lII.

$nxnphoIlP: R 100; Sldl\'eli Sml

Flule: (,Jah·. J ElIwln Albl'lg ht. nor Gt'eft, Faid

Obo,': Mnrv~1 and LpstN' )[1\1.

Bn.""n: C. I, BhlllltOWIl, and C Iwh.

C01'nrt: l1pn ChnrloR U old lh w, ukI I~'re (' s (" Do \\ ned Oak, und He klnton.

1;rQmhonC'; P n riOJ\. "Ind .; \VII , Bt"lplI, 111.. al W~"hln~ton,

l~l'Ilone : '.Va wobd, nnd ];'Ol'l nelf,

HOI'n: Orville COl lton FuIlN" Sa ,'IOI" Wash h.! Iowa City, and A O(lI18rtml"'ut in f" Clty,

·t' .b!l: WIfUalll 1011: Jay FI.het'. Ihur C, Hel'dn h Fall., K D •• n 11(1 , 1101,111 •.

Ol'urns: Fl'ancl Jimmie I".llrh, J: 8lo~, Towa City. 0 perlor, Wls,

'rh ~ (u1111t nH'n IUll1011 nre partie as I)ad of thQI! ' HI

ods. 'I'he r"cult) nrp Inso'uctol'$i Sludelit. OR pal' ell1fl:~ work. }\of t'. I ne~ and WOod wil In,; )h', Treat Is Pft nnd Fl'enCh

1Ip111 teache" hom

Woman Re, First

SC'i(1nCB, ahout \\":1:1 J'('J{:..I r c1 Cf l fiR

rll·l11. ),,'1 It w,l.~ t. IJ III\'(ll'~lty or 10\' hncll('lol' of scJ('n

Graef' nnymolll rinlj;';t)iI III llrllfts po.rt1l1rllt -or f'ngirl .1<l(I'Oe III 1882. I fh~L 01 such <legr rover ,I In tile uni f1qo., ~ll'kL" ,lmrtsw'

nH'tlt I;urv('ylng ( WyO" and In SUI Flly or ' Vyornlng­and nol\' head of political economy 8t",)8 in the> pro )11.8 lIcbill ·d.

• A~etylene ·r. CR8S1'ON (AI'

.cel~lcrye . IOl'ch I lIu lomobll ~ shOll I tor and cauHNl d~l


' . .,!lUr , co+in . ~ ' ~". I' . ,(,t ,

sale, ineludir -I",

'I~~K STRA\\ i,

$i •

.... . ' ,

JLY 25, 1930 -~

lmlly couns~I~C1 ngalnst ~Iw all'l','~e l to rebrn 10 ,ull, It Ov~r ~ut main. ,h,y _he "Hllrd that Bho

11)' 10 mlllce a tinUI Illea un. 1"lol'valll! '" "'nltln~

C'el'moay. 517 ltundelJ high score In the thll'<l IOgr tOUl'nllmcnl oC the o,'ed by the Elk ItI4lea. TI,ocn hM ht14 cha'le ~empnt8 ror the contest ..

r • " feet All Re.

• Markets in n ~ottons

llues Today



69c 39c 29c 29c


..... ... $2.95

... ..... $1.95

.............. 49c ORIES

.... ......... 69c



. 90

.50 --_. .. $1.40

............. SOC ·r· ...... · 25c -[FRO(;KS


s ISc

............. 49c/ ~~. :~:.~.~ .. 98c ............ 2,9.c

Sgc ll.2,9


~yrty·fiv~ tQ .

Occupy .C~airs of State Band

• ------------------~----~r_----------------------. I GOLDEN J)A XS by Claire Dwiggin I ~ ~ . , .

at I ~ " t I til" 'f

Wgh. School, Dlliver lty SLudents Plan for

First Concert

Twp.ntr-rour 1111="11 R('hoo l atudpnt~ from vnrlous pal'll'l or the sta te, ] 8 aault slullf'lltH jl1 tl1(' tln(Yi' t·Nlly. tlll(t

lhrl'f' In.!-ltl'urlol·~!n Ih(' mU!lIi(' dpp{I1't­

ment m'p IJlc]ud('ll on the l'o!ite[" o r

th~ nil Mat. blind under the ~1I1\~t\' 1· ion of Cha.rlf'!i ]1. ){lehtcl', vi$ittng

mu.le leelll"N' ("om Lincoln ~h. Tentnth'c plun~ foJ' the fil's t ('OU­

cfrt to b(> given by tllp ha.ncl g l'OUP thlH SUITIIIWI' ha,'(' :l-et the dnle fOl' S""day. Aug. 3. In the lounge or Iowa Union at 4 p.m.

1'he J)('rf'ollilel of (he hond (ollows: elcu'lnot: H . Ch,,!'Ieg Htump, In·

.1I·ucto,· In the mu~lc dep"l'lm~nt.

llorganlown. W. Vu.; Dorothy Bon· durant, \Val("rloo; Clura l\luy~

TbOlnl)~on. Dcnl~on; J 1 ~ lcn Pullz. nenl.on; Jenn Ryan, Ol'illlwll; VII" glnla Sidwell, 101V0 rlty; Knthe"lhe ' 0'11 ' ''oJ!,!'!', Ah(\rdppn, S. D.; 11. l1eck!l~OI1. Dc. Molnos; O. O. Ca ldwell, Columbia. ?tlo .; J. Pllul Jon(,H, 'rC'nlpe. /\I'lz,; hlelvin Dean, ];"'ul ton. 111. : 1\ an McCormack, Hnginttw, Mkh., un<l A. 1~\ Hteli~l\ rw,lld, Nt. :\1:ll'Y8, ~an.

&""Ilhono: Ralph !'ronk, Water· IOQ; SlUw~11 ~rntth. 10W,1. City.

J,'llIto: Clail'e 11 flin, Lincoln, Neb.; Etlwln AIIJI'i~ht. Iowil Cill', and glea­nor Gl'Ce-f, Pnil'(i('ld.

Obot': M:trve! J O{111I1 k, ]ow .. t City ; and LpstN' ~laIA. Neenah. WI".

Bnsaon: C. K ei th Richter, Mar· shalllown, ond Cnrl Nelson, :n. Mad· I~un,

Corn~t: Drn OOHslrk, Po Irfield; Cltarles Goldlhwalte. Sigoul'I1ey : litH" uld FI'Cl' :-I(', DOWN; Lplnnll J\ n(h'(\WN,

ned Oalc, ane! Be"II'"lIn(' I:l'ocl<, 1101'­klnlon.

1;rQlIIlJune: PUlIl C. Dawson, Mn· J'lori, I lltl.; \\,1111001 It. 1'Inl,e-t' t on, JlfnlO l1, Ill., a nd MaUrice Mayo, Wn; hlll){ton .

BarItone: 'W ai ter Phelps, Glpn· WOOd, and " 'O l'l'cs t Hlmool<c, Grin· nell.

1I00'n: Orville ~m lth, Tda Crave; CarJton I-'olle,', Dul""" ,e; 'Wllllam Sanor, WllslJinglon; lJ:1vlrl Plshel', Iowa Clly, and , \ 81: ,. JO:. Tront, music de)lartment inrI , uC"lO)', New York C'ly.

Et;\\\«:,a\~~lJ;\~l S.~~viCft (;r~\lp. .: I

J)~liy~rs 638,5~ rrest~ • r

urtl uuJ\lcr~lty on n let\ve of nbfienc(> trom hf~ urmy post, J tiM l'Ps~nl'rh

t'he ro wns c1 on~ n. port or hiM arm)' wo,'l<. Cnptn.in nand ley had man)' frIClIH]A' 011 the (,U I"I11>\1 :-1 ftn(l omon~ 10wn (;ity rpsltlents, [lccor<1lng 10 f Bruce Jo:. ) lnllOn of the unlvprslty

,c"renNlon (lI"I~lon.

Tuba: William Masson, ,\VIlRhlng· Ion; Jay P I , I]!' I" flll )lc"lor, Wis.; AI'· Uml' C. Bo,'<1ahl, instructo,', Sioux ,'all., S. n., lind Arthur 1I1oyer, Cedar HOI,lel •.

D"ullls: Prancix Coffoy, WI'lIman; Jimmie Filch. Venison; TIobrl'l ,Tes· 8W, Iowa (,lIy, and JJ. A. ;I [ele", SUo perlor. Wis.

'I'h~ ndu lt mrml1 I'x of lhe organ· l211tion <Ire Jllu'tlrlp[\Un~ In the band os f)llrl of theil' st lldl ('~ j l1 band meth-008. 'l'he f:trulty memhol'" incllldPd 0'. Instl'uclor. of Ih e hig h 80hool ~\udell t" PH pari or IMII' r ogtl)n r c1n~~ work, Mr, HlulllP t(>n,ch(,M clnrl· npt. and wood wind inslrumf'nt play· 1nl:; Mr, T reat iR tn!'ltl'lIctor of tl'um· pel Dnd P"ellch hO l'n :tnd )'11'. Bel" dphl t.nchc~ hm'n ond luba.


Woman Receives First B. S. Degree

I ,

Science, abolll a half CClllU"y (IllO, IT:'" 1'01:111'11 " (lR dilHlnc tly a m on'" ti4i}~1, }It't It wa!-l to n woman that ti ll' l)'tlvr~'Hlty of 10wII g'l'allte" lis flt'Ht bllcll('lOl' of scirnC'(' (legree,

Grace Haymond JIchaI'd, who AP~' rluU"cli 111 uL'Iltts l11CLnHhlp I.n lhe ,Ie" Ilul~mrnt ot (lngJnpprlnA', (,lLrn C(] thfLL ,1"I\"'e'o in 1882. li e,' 1'.1nldn(: fI" the tlt'llt of such cl o"ree wlllnN'H was dis· ro~",' v In l he l1nIV~I'sl t~"il alumn i of· Ii<;e.,

]"jI'8t ~I ~ll'uftsWOI~lln.n in thp g'oVel'll· n1"lIl 8uI'vry ing olfice n..t Che,\'cnllC', Wyo" .'lnd In succP~Blon, (l. U nlver· Rlly of Wyoming' tl'uslee, IIbl'a rllm, alld now hNtcl of the deparlment el£ polltlc~1 oconomy and sociology ""e stPI)s . 111 t lw pl'o frss follal cureel' of )11 .. IIchlll·d.

A~efylelle 'I'OI'eh Expllwle$ eRESTON (AP)-J~:<plo.lon of an

aeet~lel1e ., torcll III Tony ~'Jel' ben'" liutomoblb shOll burned the pro lll'i~·

lor and c:tIlHe" tlumH<;,e of $ ~OO.

The University of Iowa'" <I~pa ,·t·

mont of educational I'e"~al'ch nnd R{\l'v ice hns sent oUl a tolnl of 638,·

rJna cop Ie. of edllcatlonal testA fo" l(Wt year. The volume or business or this clepA l'tment ha" shown an ln~rea~c

nix limes g "ealer th"n in 1922. The fiUlests wpre p" epared by present anel former memi.lers of t he un lvN·Rlly.

AIMlc", Austrtlli<l, H awaII, India, Turkey, J apa n. C rmnny, POl'to nlco, P,obnd. l~ l'I gJnnd. and Cpnrulu. have lIRod copieR of the tests. InqulL'lvs concerning them hav€, come rec@ntly from JC'l'lIRruem and Brussels. A db"! play or Ihe department's puhllc:tlion~ wa. "ent 10 B"us""l~ to be placed h \ the "~rusee Rcholaire" to Rcqu::Linl 1 hei r vl"lIol's with the educallonol or. gan izatlon" of the UnHM Stlltes.

Evel'y slate In the unIon but ono has used theee tests. Iowa lead" In thp g l'(lfltpst number U!;('d fi nd I~ foP lowed In ordel' by New Yorl<, Ohio. Illinois, P ennsylvania, and Call· fOI'nlct,

The leRts ,lL'e millIe for colleges and both elementary and secondal')' ~chool!; . Two t ests al'e In the fleld of mu.~lc, two In home economic", ancl OI'lC' in (]J't, 101' n il oC whIch ('orll)nll'U lively few iestR h:tve been pllhll>'ll~d.

Among UnlvC'l"sity of Iowa u-ulhm'l'! a,'e c: eorg~ D. Stoddard, dlr('clol' of til" chflu wClhtJ"o rC'tie:n'ch stution: PI'of. O"tl E. Seosllore. dean of tho g,·nuu· nte coll ege: ]'1'0'. Ill.ud~ J . L[(pp, of the ph ysics clel)nrlment: p,·or. Milling. ton F. Ciu'pentcl", hC'ad of lho ]i;ng-li l"4h Mpnl'tment In the university a lec-Mn· tit,'y schools.

P,·of. .Ja.cob COI'nog of the chemlg. t,'y deplll'tme nt; Pvof. NOl'nlfll1 C. Melel', of the psychology depo.rlllwnt; PI'of. Jlurry A. G,'eene. hend 01 the N"lue::t,t1onnl reseal'eh bUI'~au ~ .Prof. CL'lw,'ence "Y. Miller, of the l\aychoJog~ depart me-nt: P l'o f. ' ''~homas J , Kll'hy. of the college Of Nlu~lltipn; ana P"of, Edwo.'·d W . 'hittenclen, of the m:tll1e· mllticll. deJlIlL'lm~nt, I

'rhe IJUI'C'Otl wns organize-d ar;c n sc hool sevvlce cente ,· lor l awn !<Chools. It I. n nanced jol n tly by lh ~oll~ge of eelucnt/on and thp ul1l\'el'­sity ex lQn Rlo n dlvlsk>n. Ocrl oe and

I Dove Sistert1 .. rio .t , ')y '\ ., ~

With Helen Donovan •

Sale ' f" ~ • '"


· ;iPU.~. £\,~ir.~ ,stock of summer midinery goes into this ~ . " t I, t' ,

sale, inc1uding-, .J ' ~' l

·rSlJ.J{S " >

shipping room a re located In east ho II under til<' su pervl..lon of <Prof. H a rry A.Oreene.

Instl'uctlona l surveys In Iowa R~hool" al'e mJ.de by the bll1'~au, and ~lIggp~lIon. for teetlng programs may be obta ined upon r~que.t.

HQadley Ge~s Milita~~ ~it~s a~ W ashi~gt~n A ml,lltary tUnerol with probable

fnlol'ment In Arlinglon cemeterY

1\'111 be he'" todo y tor rOIlt. ChM(' 1 [03elley. t;nlvN'slty Of l own nhlm· nu_, In Wll,hlngIOn. Capt,iln IIOlld, If'Y ~ lI("('um l)('cl 'ru f'H(lny (rom an at~ III,el, of dotlhl. p"N,monl:! tollowlns <In 1l11PNHUclti. opel·aUon.

Graduatlll;;' from the univers it y In 1!11 fi, th (' ':-;o mt> 'YPllT Os hlH wlr<"" rOlmrt'll' ;lllI y OulJas oC Iowa City 'lI"f ;\ tlnlltk. lToa(\loy nttO'nded tlle r olle!,:e of In I\' hero fo ,' three ye" I'S.

If" }'("('(lrv('<1 nn :l))pointmont to thp chrmka l \\,I,,·fnl'. e1pporlmont ot the

fils {flt Iwr. who l'PsJ(l(l~ In Dps Moines, hn" I)('eo 811porlnlcndPnt of seho"l. In 8.""1'01 [own ancl Wyom· in~ .cllle.. ncsldes his \\'i'low nnd parenl s, h P I" sU I'vlved by threp chl1· ' (Iren.

, . Commerce Teachers

Make Third Oilling at Palisades Park I

I nclor Ihe otl~plpeR Of Ihe PI ! ~J Omega PI, th~ ~olnrne l'~lt\l trochers II Plljoyed th!'''' tI,l"'l RUmmel' oUllng , nt P~II"adeH pnrk on \VNlne.<lo)' ('\'e·

nlng. About 40 molOl'o<l tn the pell·k. leaVing here at 4 n.m.

A baseball game an(\ hike_ Jll'e· I Illl''ecl eve ,'yon~ for thp chick· e!! dinner served In Bohcmlnn style. l llCte-1' which the WOfl'1('n enh·l·tnhl(111 Lh r men by 11lhYln~ b:tRehal)'

l'he g,'oup will hav~ one more 60' cla1 ~r98Ion. Commltlp~R in ~harge or tho o (fult· W~I'C: IrnnRportnUon, ~It·. CurtiR. onl1 enlel·taJnl11 0nt, sam Wunous,

l JllltNl ~1tat s o"my ~tnlloll"d in ~ul'ses Till,s Exit"'" I Wn,hlngloll :.ftrr I", lind ait.lllcd I Dl;:S l\IOINNfl (}\P)- 8Ight·one c:tn· 0 .. [,Illlk of rlillet cnlonrl In th!' fLO.' dldafes fOr Qorllfloll tes or rCl\'lstt.reel ,,1,C. at. th~ lInlVN"sitY, 11Hu'l:ie bega n two tl lt y ~X~ rninllliuns 'll

IrO!' t\\'o ~'elll'~ hI' 'jj:u(Ur.d Ilt. l.fa.v- thr call1li>!. ,.,

Or , . r "'~, t .. Plan to Hear This-. . I. ~ .,,, ...

The , " ~ ,,{ f t I

:. ' J "" ~ ,J. ~ '; . ..

· "~~ll~!'~~,~, d~D' '\.,.,,::~ . :t", t',. rw ";t~ I "

with Princess Agteneva Slaviansky. conductor t· ." 'I , J- .. .).. " , .

'. , f


r $l-

Cl.l~~~~, FELTS

'ti~lfets: .~ ~~~ a~; c~~lN:en 5QF . t( . "J' 1 , . , I I

9~ ~ at, Spent r:8 ~a!:~on,Y Hall an~ The . ; ~~8tores"



_I : II -

D~na'Van · tV __ _ I

Six South Clinton Street 1" ( ..


O«r Bntire SiQtk GOes Into. O~r

~A~.( .~t. f ... '"' . , J. ; •

, . ' I .,.1. oM )} lL!


1\ S.ta::r\s l'l\is ~rn.i~ " • I •• , ~

: I , t

·.D ·n ... ,

J;Jrie~~, here is our ",tory-Nothing has been laid away--• '" (. ,,, ,~ \' l'f t f '~ j j " r •

~verythi:ng in our shop goes 011 the raclfs for quick sale at , I I ~ J ~\. ~J; . ; ). ~' ''' ' I •• Jft .. t j • t t ,. ,.

prices th"t will please every woman who "ll)ves a good" buy (' ,. ' i " f , ... . '

in high qual,ity merchandise! . ! ' .


400 Dresses • r, j' t T II r r" . ,. \'

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I ~ , •



l>Ubllahed evuy mornlOIf except Monday by Studenl PubhcaUona Inoorporuted. at 1.26-130 Iowa avenue. JOW& City. Jowa. F-red..rt. PO\\llaU. Dir ector.

Board 01 Tru •• ..,.: Frank L.. Motl, E. M. MacEwen, R. B. Klllridge. t;ldney I.l. Winter. Shirley A. Webeler, Bailey ..:. Webber. B.yth. C. Conn, Leonard Peter..,.., Clayton 1:1. 1'bompaon.

Harry S. Bunker, General Manqer WilHam T. Hageboec:k. M1J11ILu.nt General Kan .... er

Entered 8JI seeond cla .. mall matter at the post otflee at Iowa City, Iowa, under the aet oC Congre .. ot March :, 187'.

The Asooelated Pre .. Is " .. elusively entitled to use for republication or IlU new. dl~patch •• credited to It Or not orner",l.., credited In thl. plliler .. nd also the local n .... publl.h('d herein.

All rlghl> 01 republication oC apeclal <1lapatdlea henln are alltO r eserved.

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TELFl' n OXE 110 Branch exchange rOll11 ~CUnl' all department.

FRIDAY, JULY 25, 1930

College Editorial Writer.

RECENTLY The Daily Wini, University of Illinois paper corrcsponding to THE

DAILY IOWAN, outlined this situation under which its editorials are 'prepared, in response to II faculty letter marveling that I/li'li editorial' held up as well as he discov­ered they did .

TilE DAIJ,Y IOWAN has received no such letter, does not claim to print two columns of dh' in ly inspired editorialR six days a week­but it does without he itation uphold the validity of editorials written by college stu­dents.

Yes, it does seem presumptuous for a youth ju t past 21 to tell his elders how they should run world, nation, stllte, community, or uni­versity-if that is what he attempts to do. H is also unfortllnllle if he tries to rely on whllt hall come to him in classroom lectures anrl rl'ading without making sure that the opinions he expresses have become his OWD, tested and si neere.

.But it is not I)ecessa ry to write books to crilicize them fairly and compctently, nor to typewritc in orrler to di~cover that a ste­nographer has made ao error. So, if the col­lege senior at 21 capnot hllve experienced much within a grcnt D'lany of the fields about which he comments, he certllinly is not much more haudieapped io that respect thao the vet rail editorial writer. To the extent that he studies a situatioll nlld givcs it careful at· tention he is 1118 -ter of it beyond the layman 8ud is comp.etcnt by hi ll research and reflec­tion to inform the layman. And, if he does not know ubout. this or that, he can go to someone who does fOl' reliable foundations of or.ioion on the subject.

LIke any editorial writer , he wbo is in col­I!'ge mllst remember that he should not be too stubbornly dogmatic, too "right makes might" in his statemcnt of convictions. He mllst remember that otbers have a right to conflicting opinious, that the opinions he states must consider that no que tion worth 8erioll!~ dis ussioll in editorial columns is without two Rides. And, most of all, he must realize hi. own limitations as a little greater than lhosc of mOl'e cxpcrienaed commentators on curt'cnt life, for he is unscasoned,

'I'he college ed itorial writer has not had time to develop the sureness of technique hjs "etpl'8 n rival possesses, His judgment is apt to be los;; mlltUl'e, more impulsive. He usual­ly hH8 had lcllS acquaintance with the particu­Jill' community.

Yet youth brings to work of tbis kind quali­ti~H often lost in the mechanical grin"d of rou­tiue production: II c('rtain fresh sensitive rngernellS j II vigor or opinion not tempered by thc freell'lI11 of one whose wings are not yet c1ippl'd j lind 8 close contact with methods 01 lellrning and fields of knowledge in studies and classroom work.

I!'or examples there are the five mgh school students who wrote occasional editorials for 'f ilE DAI LY IOWAN this 8Ullllli r. Some of their work wOllld hove spruced up the du ll st

f )JII/l't::! supervised by grown men. Olher ~p(,CJll\l'nS showed a clearness of thinking lind NnfEicicncy of re!,fu rch worthy of any pro­fl''lSional newspap .. r instead of the high school IJublications into which tbis ~alent will go lIext year.

Tbese five were exceptional, it is true, but only the exceptional should be permitted the handling of a power with 80fgreat potentiali­ties for inflllencing public opinion as that wielded by the press.

This editorial is not a brief for any par­ticular editor or any (larticular editorial writers. Its the~is is that if a youth at 21 lacks most of the qualities and habits expected of II man at 45 in similar work it is less hi, youth than his incompetence that is at fault.

Wise men who listened to the boy JesU8, tht'n 12 years old: would pay attention today jJ there were such a youth giving his opinions even in a junior high school paper.

After all, intelligent readers of newspapers are discerning enough to smoke out what is not genuine fn. their reading. They do not determine whether he who writes the edi­torials they scan is 20 or 50. What they do find out is whether he makes any attempt to get at tbe exact tnlth and then to reason it through to sensible conclusions without try­ing to force readymade opinions on them,

In an age of youth standards in all Jines must not be based on how old one is but on what he can do, and how well, It is on that basis that college editorial writers every­where should be judged.

Chicago'. Baby Trouble.

MANY people who read of the EnglewoOd hospital mixup, in which two mothers,

Mrs. William Watkins and Mrs, Charles Bam­berger, tearfully wonder whether they reo ce.i ved their own or the other', baby, un­doubtedly have been surprised to learn that not all modern hospitals take foot printa of new-born infants.

l4very chil~ born in a re~utabl~ hospitJl

has a piece of tape, bearing the SIlllle number as that given the mother, tied to the wrist. The identification is safeguarded furthcr, as a rule, by the attachment to the baby's back of a small patch of surgeon's plaster, marked in the same way.

Those precautions were taken at thc Engle­wood hospital, and yet-perhaps through tile carelessness of a nurse-lI[r. and ~'[rs. Wat­k.ins found the name Bamberger glued to the baby given them, and the name Watkins was on the tape which had been removed from the infant taken home by the Bambergers.

Twelve years ago a Chicago lying in bos· pital and a ew York hospital were pioneers in taking prints of a foot of each new born baby there in order to provide ccrtain means of identification. Seeing the impracticabil­ity of obtaining legible prints from fingers or even the palms, those hosptals printed the friction-skin configurations of thc soles, which remain fairly flat under all the ac­tions of the infant and which can not be cov­ered by the toes, a8 the palms easily can be covered by clenched fingers.

Other hospitals since have adopted the sole print system, although the maternity divi­sion of the University of Iowa hospital is in­cluded among the many which has not.

Had foot prints of the Watkins and Bam­berger babies been taken when they were born an hour and a half apart on Junc 30, the Chicago health commi ioner would not have been required to call in ncurologists, dermatologists, anthropologists and otbcr kinds of .1 ologists" to determine who is ~Iike and who is Ike because they look alike.

No one knows how often the mother is given the wrong cmld, but nurses state that it is a

• frequent source of worry on the part of a maternity home patient. No matter what the decision is in the Watkins-Bamberger problem, doubt will linger in the minds of the parents until the racial characteristics of each boy becomes pronounced-for one is of a nordic strain and the other semitic.

Not only do sole prints serve to prevent mistakes or to allay suspicion of error, but they CBn serve in other ways. 'rhose whose memory goes back to the famolls Charlie Ross kidna ping, rem ember the numerulls candidates for his inheritance, some put for­ward seriously and some with intent to de­fraud. If there hael becn a record of the boy, either of thc fingers, the palms or the soles, taken either at the institution whcre he was born, by the attending physician at his birth, by some central bureall in his town or county, or, finally, by his parcnts and kcpt among the family papcrs, all thesc ycars oC anxicty and annoyance could have been silared.

Adult Learning (From The Dee Molne8 Tribune·Capllll!)

President Walter Jessup ot the University ot Iowa. ha.o round, h wrlles In a. magazine article, that adult education Ie responsible tor much ot the 1030 genera.'

tlon's advancement over that at 1990. It that I. true, eaeh coming generation ought to ad vance more rapidly than as prcdeces80r, tal' adult oduca.· tlon 18 coming Into Its own.

The fundamental excuse tor learning Is lhal It enable. us to enjoy lire more tully. The person, then, who ta.lls to con· tlnually Hook new In(ormatlon Is morely limiting his own fllLt· Istactlon In living.

There are no bounds defining the normal mind's pos.lble expansion. There Is no .kllI 80 great It cannot be IncreaSed. The time has PlUlsed when the knowledge glean~ through tormol ed~catlon s uttlced, Today the man who clollCa hI. ears to now Intonnatlon Cor a single year, whether he be a farmer or <1octor or a mechanIc, becomes sadly old· fashioned.

Doing a Fine Work (From The Burlington Oazette)

The University at Iowa hospital treated 1,198 Indl· gent pallents during May, at IL cost ot $84,305.36, Robert Netr, administrator, reported to the state auditor's ottlce.

ExpenBes were listed as follows: Board and room, $69,563; special fees, $10,320.38. and It'anspo rtatlon, $14,421.98.

Thts 18 a recorn that the state may well be prou<1 of. Among the ... Indigent patients were m a ny de­forme<l a.nd crippled children, whose 11mb. were Itralghtened and who had other ailments remedied that .. III make them ua tul citizens Instead ot going through life physIcally hampered and a burden on themselves and others.

Of the vast amounts ot money that the atate of Iowa. apend. each year there ts none mONl worthily employe<l tha.n In the work being pertormed In the UnIversity ho.pltal. There are plenty ot olher de­serving people In the slate who could be helped by these treatment. were the funds ani! beds avail· able. TW. would be a good place to spend the money recelve<l trom the tax on clgarets.

The penny is king again, according to a Chicago candy manufacturer, who says that $190,000,000 worth of penny confections was sold 188t year. Thjs should be encotlraging to p'reacheJ'l!.

If, as an expert claims, beautiful music ill aD antidote for nerve wrecking noises, that saxophone player down the haH might for hum.anitarian reasons attempt a little music now and then for variety.

Says a dispatch {rom Washington, D, C.: "The average man eats 20 times his weight in fats between the ages of 18 and 58. So does the average woman." Which sounds like Lucky Strike propaganda , -

The most noticeable cbest di 'case seems to be 8uperinflation. -

Now that Newport, replltcdly America's wealthiest viUage, has retllrned to antique autos and horse drawn carriages, it seems pos­sible that the rich may some day find it fash­ionablo tei join in transportation practice those of us who have to walk to W'ork,

A golfer's season isn't to be measured by his stroke improvement, if any. It has been a

8ucce. if he has be<:ome a little tanner,


1 BEUEJ'E IT OR NOT me.. In 0, 8. Patent om_ By Ripleylj OFFICIAL DAILY BULLETIN


LAYS 80pOO tGCiS A 'DAY 1-----\ - 6I\d. 1& \.he hIOl!lel'

0\ -the ~,,\ort colony


SIoux tiT>'


nle6~ My So .. an,l Oarters! EI Mono. my dear:

And all thla limo we'd been think· Ing you were dJrrerenl, and here you arc. jllst like all the other !;raduate Htudcnl~-soon "8 you do a. lillie 1'("

8earch In any field, you needs Inll"t \\'I'lte a lhc@l. thereon. However, Iyou will pardon any seeming Impu· dellce on ou,' Ilnl', pi ase; It 18 In· herent in us and we can't do any·

thln¥ abqIIJ- It) \\'0 have two dlstlilct f"~lln"8 to),ar.lJng tid. (1I"8CI·tll.tlun. til wit:

(1) thflt same has not received the oftlclal approval oC lho colle.:e o[ education.

(2) Ihal Mm. wru; cut cOlloldcl'ahly by the publish r •.

Moreover. there s"ema to have o~·

('l1l'1'ed n HUght but ,·rtlhel' perll"(',,1 rllscr~pancy In name. toward the rnll nf I.<8.lll the~ls, tho nuthor'. minI) apparenllv having \tll(lrrg'nn(\ n COli' fUKion of vow('ls IHhl consonant!'! b~· yond the Inltltll lettor. Furthc ,·more. th~rc w"re no graphs. ttlbles or other 8tall~tks Included 10 prove ellher the rLCf'Ul'tLcy or salc1 ('I'rm' , or Innpt',l lhe accu.-acy o[ said th,,"I • . (Porh,,)" they were a part ot tho cen.ore<l m"t~rl(\I? 1

Remember, mon chel', that corl·(·et· ness I. the tlrst prlnclpl., of Ilny aCAdemic Illerature. Crcrllt I(OC' wht're credit. 's due, and thr lown. lnws Oil Jlbel nre fah 'ly slt'ln!<en1. lI'hc actual collnbol'alrr In Raid 1'1" "earch may dem,uld apo l o!<I~" ~houlll

foIl lllc1 IIrgUgcnce colne to het~ ktlow, ledg~.

- Pandora, • • •

lint r'31\r, l'Rndor", how ('0,,1,1 I be & graduat.e student IlIld not ,.ear orartel'S! You didn't know th,," Well, thero's th .. nllltter (If " hrier CRse, ''''(I demount.hl" rims on YOllr shirt rollars, lind horn rimmed 8IM!ctftclcs. , , , •

• •• A lI ll there may not hn.ve heen

1(,·"-ph9. PandOl'n, but you'll l"IVe to admIt there were ~ut've~. The Rta­tiotlcs. or courso, wel'e censored. by .l'equest rrom Um Ilean of ·women .

• •• AND E' U R T 1J E R M 0 n E. l't'


\V.r.T.t!. l'lou" Nole Dean 'Wllber .T. Teel~r8 ot the ~ol·

lege of pharmacy I. reported to h .. ve d'lcovered In his sludy at pols· on. thal there Is a clgflrct made chiefly f.-om a If" Ifa . That's 80me· Ihtng the hllnclfold te.t didn't dis· close-that one branll was made Cor somethlnl( beller I hon a weed.

Thinking at ha y fever , maybe tlle,'c \\'a~n't a Cf)ugh in a carloa.d.

• • • And then there'. the fl'811 who fe~l.

you ,' I1n!;~r nulls to IntOI'm you It Ihey'l'e 101l!f ,wd Hlendol' nn" lhat vou are nrUstlc, when all the lime she's If)'lnl( to see Ir you've bc~n

keeping thorn trimmed. • • •

Ron-Ierl HoomRh During- the first two days In mill·

tary camp at Ft. Crook, Lowls was lhe vIctim of so many jokes thal he dQubted nil m~n and Ihelr maUves. One IIJ~ht whUp h e W9H on gUArd the lal\ figure of one ot tho offlrers loomed uP In the (larknCM8 before him.

"Who goes there?" he .hallenged. "MnJor i\fo.~s." repllcd th orrlc~r.

"Glnd to meet you. Moscs," he SAid chc.r'tully. "Advan.e and .:Ivc

• • • To nn n rmy officer nr~n 't tlw

tpn commandments something like this: Plnh·t.oooon A·ten·HUT! r·t·g·h .t FACE! FORw·a·r·d MARCH! S'()·U· A·D·S RIGHT! Column lett, HUT! /To the R·El·a·r. HUT! Right front Into IIn@. MARCH! Ll'tt br squads,





&\1" ---___ .......... _" ......

... -....: Oto .. BrH.111/~"""'"


Tt\E MIDDLE Of TH.£. ~O .. ~ W<l/J<ee.lcIWA


C1l1 NA: Eggs in an advanccd .·tate of decomposition arc consid­ered a grrat delicacy in Coch in-China. Dllring my short sojOUl'J] ill Aunam it \1'!1~ that item on the Dative menu which startled me most. '['her!' is no quarrelling about gustatory peculial'ities.


Journey's End by R. C. Sherriff and Vernon Bartlett

Raleigh is Hit Hard By German Shell

"Como on, man. Buck up!" "Thcro's ''0 appalling hurry, Is


"No hurry! Why d'you think lhe athol's hllvo 1sQ..,e up?"

"W'hat? Trottel' lind Raleigh?" He spoke all though he were talking In his sleep , 80 nlUeh so that Stanhope took hlm by the shoulder a nd shook 111m.

"Wake up, man!" he said .ho.rl'ly. "What the dovll'lt the mllller with you'!"

Hibbert put th mug down slowly, but he did not mOve.

"Tho longer you .tay here," Rtsn' hol'o laId him, " the harder It'll be to go UI)."

That stll'l'ed him. "Good Lot'd!" he protested. "You

don't think J'm- " " I don't think. 1 know! You're

JUSt wru;tlng liS much llme as you can."

"WcU, dumn It all, It's no good go. Ing up 1111 I t~el m. That cham· »agn 's made my mouth (eel IIko II.

bit ot blotting paper. Let's ha.ve another spot o( water.

Stanhope waited Impatiently while Hibbert took up the earthenw[[I'C bot· lie and pOUl'Cd hlmsel( out another drink. The poor miserable devU's hand trembled 80 thM much o( the liquid missed lhe mug altogether, and spl .... hed on 10 the ltlble.

Drink Thls "Hero, drink this too, and then clear

out. I've no mOI'e time to waate." Stanhopo Qdd~ somo whisky to Htb·

be,·t·s mug and thrust It Into the othel's' hand. Jus t then Mason ap· peared, his gray llannel shirt a,nd braces hlddc n by his tunic and equip. ment. lie looked 80 unusually splck and span tha.t one might have lhou ' ht he was going on leave,

"I've made up the fire to laot' a good three hours," ho announced, "it you don' t mind mo poppIng down about nine o'clock jest to 'ave [[ look at It."

"All right, Mason." Stanhope glanced from Hibbert to MIlSon and back. again. "Ono second," he 0"· de red the latter. " Just give this mes· sage to the slgnalors. H their tele­phone wire'. cut they'd beller ""nd It down by runnero. Then jl)llI your l)lAtoon . Afr. Hibbert and I are go' ing ul) now. U

lie 8(' r lbbled out n situation report In his FI~ld MC88Hge Book, and gave It to Mason, who dl .... ppearcd Into the sIgnalers' dugout with It.

"Thltt gives us nearly a minute," he said to I-Ubbert, as he buckled on his belt and slipped hIs revolver Ian· yard over hIs neCk. "You heard what I saId to Mason. Are yOU coming up wllh me, or do you want him-and the other8-to know?"

Hibbert looked at hi. company com. mander for a moment, and then, with a Slight smile, he turned towaros the dugout entrance.

"Right, I'm ready," he said. Silence In Trenches

In the trenchea there WIlS .lIence again. The shelling and nervous, un. easy bursts at rlfle·flre had died away.

HUT! It·I·g·h·t DRESS! In·SPEC· tlol1 HRMS!

•• To SUy nothing of

DIs·MISSED! _I mQno,

And yet Stanhope thought, even had he not. been warned a big German at· tn.ck ,vas expected, he would not lI'eat this sll~nce as ol1e treated thosc other pauses In the uBual desultory tiring known as the "morning hate." In evel~Y mun'" raco thero was a tense look. Sometime" It was dtWcult to .... ou.e men to satlatu.cto,·y alertnes. aurlng tho "stan<l.to"; today It soomed a. though they were 0 Il on tiptoe. People talked of the lull betore the storm-It WR. a hnckneyed sort ot phrase, but one which kept rocurrlng to thQ mind this llIornlng. Th~ sky was heavy with rain, but

Ihe all' wne not so COld US It hnd been, and a clammy mist was rIsing. As soon as he had been his round ot the trenches, Stanhope warmed up, and his headu.che lessened. He resolute· Iy refused to think oC that vile busl· ness last night, of that lonoly. convl· vial dinner wIth Hibbert and old Trot· tel'. ',But at every traverse he e>:pect· ed to meet Osborne-tall, gray·halred, serIous, a.nd quiet, but alwaY8 toler­ant nnd understanding. It wasn't possible lo think of him lying dead near the German parapet, and Yet It was also not posslblo to avoid think· Ing o( him. His body could not be seen oven when Very lights went up. Perhaps the Germans hail taken him In to bury him . • Perhlt'). he had not boen killed atter all-no, thel'e was no hope In that dlrecUon, 10r Corporal Crooks had seen the damage the gre' nade had done to him. Perhaps his useleas, empty body had s lid down Into some shel1·hole to decay with all the o~her corruption and tilth of No Man'. Land, God! how could one be expected to keep sane out here? He walked a tew yards down a commun· leatlon trenCh, and took a long drink oC whIBky from his pocket.tlask.

IIIen Against Machines Ralelgh's platoon was ns smal·t as

any. The fl .. lng pla tfo"m had been rOP!llred dter the devaslntlon left by Ha,'(ly'. company, and the trench was decently clean. Stanhope telt an ab· surd Warm feeling that Barlord fel· lows did not le.t one down. Hibbert'. men, on the other hand, looked cowed and sullen. tor they knew they had no leader In the event 01 an attack. Ser· geant RU8hoime had done his be.t with Osborne's scctlon, but Osborne had gone .0 quletIy about hIs buSlne •• that nobody had realized his value to the full unUl his death. In Trotter's sector. on lhe other hand, there was a general atmosphere of ehoertulne"s. Somehow thl. news that he had been made second In command had reached the men, and they were almost as proud about It as If they had been pro· moted themselves. It was odd, I hought Stanhope how wIde a tleld at Influence each afrlccr had . Odd, nnd a lillie pathetic, tor what could a young tellow .tralght out from school -a tellow like Jimmy Raleigh, tor cxample-<lo against metal that hurtled through the air with the speed ot an express train ? The whole thing was so damned untalr-men against machlnc., liquid tire, poloon gM. And all these men, with childlike slmpllcl. ty, I~ked to their offIcer, thelt· lieI" gea.nt, or to one at themselves, to give tholm the e .. ample how to die. There was heroIsm, all right, but what w8.8 Ihe good at herol.m In a slaughter· house?

Damn this waiting about! Why dldn 't ' the attack begIn?

A.long the tren~h Raleigh atood gaz· Ing InJtl No MAn's Land with a perl· scope. 'tt wa.. all rantaatlc and weIrd. The whole .ky Wal turnIng pale gray, !Iond he ,.-fshed Denlllll were with 111m

-:-- The University of Iowa BIIJletJlI.II and announcements for tbe Olficlal DIU,

BulieUn column must be In Ule Sommer Se8sion olnc.. ]]1 uDlverslty hall, by 4 p.m., or 11:30 a.m. Saturdq Ie appear in tbe foUowlu" Ulurnlug'. Dolly Iowan, Vol. IV, Np. 40 July Z5, 11M

Weekly Calend~ 't

Saturday, July 26 6:00 a .m. Excursion 10 .tate penitentia ry lit 1"t. MadIson and MississIppi

river dam and power plant at Keukuk: Automobiles from lOutn enlrance ot liberal nrts building; !'oun<1 trip $6.00. Lee W. Cochran will be In charge of the tOUl·. HeglslraUon at main of rice at extension divisIon 0,· college ot education, east haD, before Friday noon Is ,·cqulrcd.

General Notices "', Bioche,nislry in Second Term

1'hls Is lhe first year lhat work I. being offered In biochemistry In the .econd 8ummer tel·m. 1'he courses oCfercd are:

166 82 Food A.nalysls. 261 S2 Advanced Biochemistry (thIs yeil!' the courSe will deal wllh chem·

Istry and melabollsm of proteins and amlno·aclds). 291 82 Graduate reaearch.

DR. C. P . BERG, tn charge.

RccreatiollBl Swillllning There will be recreational swimming at the women'. gymnasium, Tuesday

an<1 Thurs<lny at 7:30 p.m. for faculty women, faCIlity Wive., wives or. gradu· ate studenlB and administrative staft. ELIZABETH HALSEY,

Archery at \Vomen'" G~'"IUSiul1l All laculty women Interested In archel'y come lo lhe I(ymnaslum at 7

o'cloc k Tuesday and Thursday evcnlngs, ]:;LIZAHETll JIA LSEY.

Examillft.tloll8 In French for Cun.lidules ror rh.D, CandIdates tor Ihe de.:rce of {,h.D. who mus t show a readIng ablUty In

French may consult Protessor Young II1W1" a t 11 01' or 't'h at 2::10 In L.A., 120. CllAHL]:;S E. YOUNO .

French ColIl'se 1268 French 126S will rncel1l11' W' Th a.t .:30-9 a.m. In liberal nrls, room Ilt.


Unh'cr8ify Churus Tho university cho.·us will rehearse ' I'ue.day a nd Thursda.y at 7 p.m. ID

liberal arls !l.sembly. MILO/um B. PADDOCK, conductor. HAURY 'l'lIATCHER, accompanLot,

UnIversity Orchestra The unlverslly oreheslra wHll'ehenrRe MondllY antl 'VellncH(1ay al 7 p.m.

In the band hall. JOHN M. KUYPEHS, con~uclor.

To All Studeuls Who EXIIecl 10 Gl'Ildnatc lIL tho Ctose 01 Ihe Second 'l'erm of the SUIIIIIIC" Sossion, Augllst 21, 19;10

Every studenl who expects to "(' eelvo n d CiO'c,', or a e('rUflcale. 81 Ihl university convocation to bo h('lcl 'I' hur""ay, Aug. 21. I!HfO, should make his tormal ulmllcollon on It card provided for the purposc, al the regl.lrar·, ortlce, on 0,' before Sa.turday, July 20 1~3 0.

It 18 oC Ih e utmost ImporltulCe Ihal ea.ch stud~nt eoncerncd COml>ly wUh this request Immediately for othcnvlsc It Is " c"y IIkcly Iha t a student who may be In other reap ct. qualified w1l1 not be r ecommended for g raduation at the close of tho I>resont term.

Making application lor Ihe deg,·ce. or eN·Urical .. , Invulvcs lhe ptlyrnent or tho graduation tee ($16.00) al tho time th tlllpllcalion iH made- the payment of ths fee bolng a. noccssary part ot the appllcallon . Call Ilt lhe regis trar', oWce tor the caros. 11. C. DORCAS, registrar.

A Iccturo, "The permanent problem." will b given by Mis!! E. 'Vebb Sam. uel ot Bristol, England Thursday July 31 a t 4 I>.m . in tho senate chamber oC Old Capitol. ' .

Royal Russian eho,'uS ('once," The ROYIlI Russlun ca.orus, Agreneva '1Ilvla nsky, c00<1uctOl', compose<]

of B2 VOices, '1'111 present a coneOl·t In the Ame rican Legloll aucUtorlunl Mon· day and Tuesday evening., July 28 nnd 2n 0.1 8 o ·clock. Tiekels arc now on f sale at Spencer's Harmony Hall and local I>ool(s tol'os. COM au TTE.E.

Student Unltee , Tho I<"Jre.We club, slmlent OI'gnnl " lli on of tho l;'nltarlall church, will

sponsor a dance a t the church. Saturday, July 26, at U Jl .m. Admission 26 cents. Eve"ybooy \veleome. The church I. 10l'atcll three bIfid,s ~a"l of thl caml>US on Iowa avenue and Gilbert str eN.

lCORBST LINL/]:;R, j)I·csldent.

Luthcl' fA'aglle Jl'rancl. Bowman will speak to the En!;IJ" /1 Lutheran /eagu~, Sunday,

July 27. Luncheon tit 6:30, meeLlng .~t G :30 }l.rn. l'HOCrUlH COMlIflTTEEl .

CllIssiclll Leell1"o W~dnesday. July 30, at 4:30 p.m., Hes"le 1';. Richardson will (lc/lvor an 1/.

lustrated lecture on "An ancient hlstol'l"n In Egypt," In IIbel'lll arts 116. CI""slclll .tudents and all othel's Intel'es tL>d nrc Inv/led to attend.

so that they coultl "cmember togeth· er a week·end at Frcshwater, tn the Isle ot Wight, when they had gone out betore dawn with a local flsherman 10 pull up tho lobster·pots. They'd thought that an adventure. What kids they must have been! There hM been excitement and advonturo abont yestru'day's mid-if only It hadn't been for that awtul business about Osborne. Dodging across No Man's Land with his clear obJectivo of one German prlsone,', he hfld felt like a kId at school pla:.;lng "French and English." But this walling about was boastly. Osbome had said some· thing about war being aJways waiting (or something to happen until It did happen, and then s tarting to wall again. What a topping schoolmasler Osbome must have made. He under· .tood 80 well what a fellow was thInk· lng, that there wasn't anY need to try and e .. plaln Ihlng.. Surely the Gel" mans eouldn't be g-6lng to attack now. U DennIs wasn't such a kecn oefleCt· he'd have let the men stand down ever .0 10llg ago.

Botnbwmellt Suddenly, without any warning, lho I

bombardm~nt began again. l'ho men pressed themselvcs ns hu rd as lhoy could agolnst the cold, damp sand· bags ot the paPRl·cl. Each quartol' of an Inch o( p"olectlon became"" valu. able. It was terl'ltylng and yet tllI·lU· tng. It did not seem cred ible that .. nythlng made by man could pro· duce such an Internnl 1I01se. Tho dawn was put 10 shame by tho Very lights lbat went up (rom the British trenches. and the shells that wem tired from the Ge"man guns. In a few seconds the British artillery be· gan to reply and the air was tilled with .trange, 'mysterlous whistlings oC fly. Ing pieces at hot melal. l'ho men crouched lower and loweI', pressed themselves tlghtcl' und tighter agalnst the parapet. Down the trench came that omlnou. cry tor "Strecher·bcar· ers."

Slanhopo, hurryi ng- a long the fronl lI'le to urgo the men to keep LL shttnl lookout fur any movement In tho Ger· man trenchelJ, met t he serge.::L1lt. major. "Who's hit?" he shouted.

"Co"pol'lll Hos •• sir," the sel'geun t· mnJor told him. "Mlnnle drol>J)ed In the trench at the corner. Whuillbout cBBualtJes, sl.·? The shelling'. prelly thick over Laneer's Alley."

"No. wo e.m·1 get lhem down therp. And It's just as bad over the 1"os8& way. Hetter not Il'y, then. Tuke any One bndly hlt down Into the Ilig dug· out on the right. Lot the s!l·etcher· bearCl's do what they can there."

"Very good, 8Ir." And the sergeant. major busUed oCt with his ol'ders, While Stanhope went on his wa,Y to 1100 how Trotter and hi. mcn wel'u larlng on the extreme lett. In one place a .hell had blown a hole In th parapet, and he stoo<1 near It, super·



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Sunday A thrilling underworld pic·

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11 ~. Gangland's Guns Roar_

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FRIDAY, ' , ;

By hAR , HOLLYWe customary ell around the .1 o[ ",a,' I. tal " 'C'SlcrIl5 nnd ~I.O.M. I.

··Wur NUI'se Just reloased 4'Thr e Ft\.ct' Parttmount ,~

that the 001

Dletl'leh, Is t vehIcle.

The story, f

written Crom Joset von Stc r.cle~ by hlr was Storn bC'I' Dietrich wher Janning. In G Pu",unoun t t. Imcl

While It Is director Is I story of the Oary Cooper Ihe leads,

Ed Tomorrow

Cantol' and I le:nve Ii ollyw Long Is lund It

'l'hell' ab"l('nl ary, howevcr, signed lito co contl'act to a IIcnu .

Cantor ha!:! ~ vHle 10 fill I which \\'111 g lime to prella

II( CUpped III I

!rade PllhllcuU )Ieted Ille SCI'

or '1ItIlemle," will direct for

'rllO~'C who t

.. It '5 a (t1. 1c(lo 4

I"IIVC til£' lh l':1 IIlgllway" wll they htt\'o wit Uoat Is m.lly •

W'UI'II (, I'~ hu t.rack off a mal ('ompll'tc tJ'i tJn Jl t' tin g' f how~

),Ielely Cl~" •. I oncomIng pn s~

fl own lil(' true rC8 .' Cllrtl.

Two wrC'cks Doctor Wllliull Htunl. The !'(

night and liglt mJl0 011 olthe" ftound (,flllip'1 crtlJih , with tl


1 MissiSlJ


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all sta

RL'REF.N i\ Trip Till'()


A VIlAphone I\r

· JULY 25, 1930 '., 5

.... ~ULLETIN ly of Iowa II for tbe OlliclaJ o.n, e Summer Session oflkle, It 11:30 a.' n. S.lurclat M ,g'. Daily JOWlln ,

July 25, 1'31

-I .... ~ ; til ' . , &. \ ~. ; t I

, Uadison and MloalsslPPI Automobiles from lIOut~

uod trip $5.00. Lee W. Jr. RegIstration al maiD o of educaUon, eaat baU,

nn lered In biochemIstry In '6:

,urSe will deal with chem·

I'. BERO. In charg •.

['n's gymll1l8lum, Tuesday Ity wives. wives at gradu· I,IZAHETII HALSEY.

iiu-ru , to the gynmaslum at 7 LIZAHETllllALl:;EY.

IfS for Ph.D. show a reading ability In "'r Th ut 2:aO In L.A .. lZO, :JlAII LES E, YOUNG,

, In 1I1""'al arts. room 119, ;llAfiLl!:S E, YOUNG,

lid Thursday at 7 p,m. In l'ADDO K. conductor, j .TCllER. accompanist, 1 anll l,Vc l1ncHc1ay III 7 p "o, Ii.UYPEHS, conuuctor,

10 Close of the Second '121, .1930 ", Ol' a c~l'ttrlc:~t., at Ihe g. 21 1930. shou ld make lurpo'se, at tho reglslrar',

,t concerned comply wUh likely tha t " studrnt who ,mended (or graduation at

'. Involves the payment ot Ion is mado-the payment n. all at th registrar', C. DORCAS, reglstmr,

'ell by Miss I ~. 'Yl'bb Bam· nl. In lho senale chamoor

ert ~ky, conductor, composed , Legion auditorium Mon· loci" Tickots are now dn s, COMM1'rTEE.

o Unllarlan church. will · at 0 p.m. Admission 2i (I lhreo blQcks cast ot tho

T L1NDl!JH, Pl·esldenl.


hnl'dHon will deliver an II· ·), I't." In IIberlll arts 116. Illed to atlend, OY C, ],'LICKINCER.

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Inday ng underworld pic. . Lh plenty of action

l1e love story.

RET ,~ ld 's Guns Roar­

,lie r ushes to Aid

· Friend.



FRIDAY, JULY 25,1930 THE DAlLY IOWAN. IOWA CITY PAGE FIV!t • E , right when we picked 'Im up."

/ ~I Behind the Scenes I / in Hollywood

• _____________ • Ings to arrIve totaled 128,000 bUBh . • _____________ j Ra(llo Corp .............. 454 44 44~

Chicago Livestock els and shipping &ales were 16.000 1 IV .. "lor. Sloe" Rwllo K,·O ............... 341 S3! sat bushels, There were 75.000 bushels Ray, Tob. B .............. SOl 50! 50i

• ------------. delivered on contracts, Eastern meso • Sears Hoebuck ........ 68 . 661 661 CHICAGO. July 24 (AP) (U.S.D.A.) "ages claimed liberal export business (0, the Auoclated I'nal) Shell Un. .. ................ 193 19 191

-HOGS-lll,OOO; m cluding 5,000 dl. by Rusola, 80me estimates running High Low Clo.o Sinclair Oil .............. 25 24! 2H rect; closed with part oC early 10 to to a 4,000,000 bushel total tor the A.lr Red, .................... 118 115, 1181 Skelly 011 .... _ ............ 311 30j 31£

~!ra~;~.~~:.i0:~O~~l~ul~~~r:~.~~p ~~6~~ ~:·~br::~ ~~~;O.o~~e b:es~~~r~/I~!~ AI. Chern ................... 270 268 268 ~~~~~: ::::!~~ ::::::::1~:: 1~~: 1!:!

Journey's End


Visi ng the ha.sty fJlUng at new BUnd· bags a nd the peri lous Job at putting them In place despite German snipers.

"Have tbey dressed the wound?'\ "They've just put a pad on It, air,

Can't do no more." Stanhope nodded to the two me",

"All right. You can go, Thank.," Thon he turned to tbo sergeant.

major, "00 a.t ollee and bl'log two men with a stratcher,"

~------------------------------------------B1 " "RRISON CARIWLI. man and engineer , were carried In 230.310 Ib8,. ,8.7. 9.40 ; shippers 5" winters and Mllnlloi>a3 tn all posl· A m . enn .................... 132j 1291 130~ Stand. 011 Cal. ........ 621 62, 626

000, cstlmated holdover 7,000, Light, tiona Am. P . " Lgt ......... 90 Stand. 011 N. J ..... .. 14t 73 731 87 89

"But we'JI never get '1m down, sir. wllh thorn sbella falling on Lancer'. Alley," , HOLL1'WOOD. C"I .. -)lovlng the a. Pullman coupled onto the passen·

customary circle ot story pr()(llIcllon go: train, light. good &: choice 140.160 Ibs" The recent IIbel'sl to ahlve pur, Am. Smelt ' . Ref . .. 681 Studebakcr Corp ..... 32& 3U 3t! ~9.l.tfI3.G.; light weight, 160.200 lb •.• rhlllles showed up In tho dally run In Am. Tel .• Tel. "" .. 218 .Texas Corp, ....... " ... 531 53 53

651 66 2161 2161 SuaaenJY eo man eame

rount! the traverse, "it's e lgh. s Ir," he panted,


hurrying Mr. Ral·

Didn't the fool reaJlzc that for eo wounded man up here thore was no chanco? That the stretcher· bearers going down the communication trench might get through with hlm'/ "Old you bear what I said'! 00 and get two men with a stretcher."

arounll the 8tudlo" tho femllline "lUo of lUI' I. taklns Its 1>lac. with the ,,'O'Hterns and UlldCl'WOl'ld films.

Writer )!' roo-i,ancing

At Boasberg has obta.lned h is reo

~9.35f[i'9.70: m~rllum weIght, 200.2MI lhe sample corn marKet with about Anaconda Cop ......... 501 U. S. Rubber ............ 24l 231 23' Ibs" SO,OOr.; D. G5; heavyweight, 250. 238 cars on track. Poor types Mold Aubul'D Auto .... " .... 128 U, S, Steel ................ 1671 165 165,

49. 494 122. 126

6l 6A 350 Ib,,, $S ,1.tfi 9.20; packing sow~, on a 6c ensler bas is with the ordln· Avlat, Cor p. .............. 8t Wal'ner Pictures .... 4H 43 43t 275.~OO 11'8" .$7.001!i18.00: slaughter nry and choice grades uncha.nged. Bethlehem Stool ...... 8St W . U ,'1'el , ............... 169i ISH 169;j Raleig h Hit . pigs, 100.130 )bs .• [email protected]. Spot prIces, reflecting t he early Canada Dry ............ 68 Woolworth & Co ..... 60 586 58~ "Mr, Raleigh, sIr, Sergeant·major

M.O.M. Ig titlll'ting produclloH 011 '-lw ar Nurse," and " rnrnCl'a ha.vp Jt:'ati~ Crom '?t.l.O.M., having b('on 821 82~

just rcleascc.1 a. womUIl SIlY slo l'Yt "1'hrce }'ac('~ l~ast .'· :Now comeS paramount with tho announcoment. that the Gcrman actre"", Marlene Dietrich, Is to he sta!'l'Nl III a spy •• blele.

The .tory, as yet untitled, Is Leing ,vritlen trom ILn ol'Ip;lIlIll Ide:.l. 01 Josef von Stcl'ni)('I'g"s, nnd wl11 hr' <li~

recled by him early In the rnll. It was Sternberg- who c1IMCOVC'l'Cd ~lh:lH

DietriCh when he WIlS <1ll'eetlnl: Ernll JannlngN in CCl'1I1UIlY, und pt'rslIade'J r~.U.'111nOunt to put her under con· trAct.

While It Is being prepru'<,11 thr dl· director Is filllli"G "Morocco." l\

story ot the Fo!'('I!;,n 1..,.;luII, wit h Gary Cooper 0.1111 )Uss Dietrich In Ibe leads ,

Eddio Leavin!,: Tomorrow 1\11', :.Lilli l\In:l. g(ltllo

Cantot· 0.11(1 the little Canto'·tl will 1 ave lIollywoo" buund for thclr Long 1.I(lIl<l home,

Their ah"{(,llcc will only he t mpOI'· ary, however, us &Utl GohJU'YIl has signed tho comedian to a flv(>'Y('lIr contract to appcul' In hiH Il"ouue, Uontl.

Can lor has l;icverRI \\-'cck~ or VCtuuc, ville to fill beforc he rnn return, which will glvu tho studio nmpl time to prepu,'o his first stol'Y ,

H e)" CIt""lic! ClInpPll In Il'tl'l [r'um n Iueal film

trudo IJllbllcalJon, "lIe Ins Ju·,1 com 1)Ir.tcrl the screen pla.y nnd rlhllog'U< or 'lJJllC?rnle,'" whlf'll AI'Chll' ~layOl will (Ured (or WllrIlN·s.

('I'u~ h

TllOR('l who n 1'(-' ac('ustOll1l"fl t 0 ~ny,

HIt's n Mlt{, or :l lllilli:1lufC'/' rnn~'

1I'18" C Ih (' tll(lnt(~1' nfter scc-i ll}:!" "~t(' C'l

Jl b:Io\\'tly" willi the l{IIowl<-<1.;e lhHt Ihey lIl:tVC witncssrtl rt tl'lIin wl'C'el' that Is I'~ally on 1I1~ Uti tlnd up.

" Turners built a h'llf',mil(' Sl)f~l't a.l

1rack oCC a lntllnlinc dnrl {,I1!-;'1.t.;::-cll two c'omlliHC' tt'uinK (01' til!' ("I'i'Mh. Thc' "~ tln .; "haws n (rdA'ht (all to com· Illeh'ly c~cal' the main Une UM th(J oncoming pa~M('ng('r train thl1ndcr~

down LIIe tracks. ('ril~hi:tg iuto the rca.: CIll', .

Two wre(,ks were nf'c('ssftry lwforo l)Qclol' WIlliam "' ~ltman 01<" ,' ,,,1 till' fitunt, 'I'ho ~("f'nt':-; \\"('1'''' m'\ 111" at night and IIghtH Wl'T{.- Hlruu,;, u hair, milo on cl thel' side or lIw tralliM. The fIOuntl ('('luipmCllt 1'~tllt'(lJn~ tho ern.h, with the voir"s or tne tir·e·


Fresh Mississippi River

Catfish 55e


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SCRE"~N SNAI>SHOT~ A Trll' T h rough Hol lyWOOd


A Vll llphon Cl J\c~"On Ihe i\l lIl'ch "

under contract thoro rOl' I-he past fOUl' years. Rellevln~ It Im possible 10 wrlto comedy 52 w e('k li out or lhf"

yt"'al', h e . ,skeel rHI' 1 iJ" rf'>tnlllnd"'l' or his ('ontr'ac-t ill ord r'I' to (I'f'e hl~cc

Uls tlo'st IIew as"l::n",o"t I~ fl''''11'I1' JII~ tho C'omedy dmlo:;up on "Jf-'Jft\' 1\1I11Ion FI'f'ochmon," (01' Olsen and

67 67 ~ .\ '1"I'r,E-~,OOO; ,calves 2.000; gen. s trength Of the futures, were .. teady Can .. dlan Pacific .... 188 told me to tell you 'e'd been 'It. Bit

crally 25 to SOc towel' on .Iowest 10 ic higher. Shipping 8ale~ tot_le4 C. R. I . A P ............. 105 r 1 Of.~:~;yS f.?t '1m In the back." kIf t I' t $1065 67.000 bushels; to Mrlve bookln/t8 prysler Motors ...... 311 Ch' S.- 1_-"1\' ~ 0 80llsOO 0 da e; 01) . 4&.000 bushels: cancellations 40,457 Coca Cola .................. 1791 Icago ...,C_ "'Frald It'/! broke 'Is aplne, sir,

IlU;(1 for "It'letiy choice 1,396·lb, bu.hels; and July contract deliveries Cant. "Molor. ............ 4' • --- ----------. Cnn't move 'Is legs." .'e",·s. Slnw;,htc,' cattle and vealers: 26 ,000 bushels. Corn Prod, ....... " ....... 981 (By the ASIIOCIated I'retla) "Where Is he'!" .' C""'. good «< choice. 600·900 Ibs.. "They're just brlnglrllf him along ~ 001', 10.75; 900.1,100 Ibs" $9.00@ CaSh oats salcs were <Inchanged DUllonl de Nem ..... 1126 HIg h Low Close the trenCh, ~Ir. "

187 lM7 105 105

30. SO! 178 1791

41 4b 961 9G ~

1091 1I0i 2. n ]0.7[,: lb." [email protected]; I ,. wIth the tra tllng basis firm to te FIsk :ubber ........... . 2l Bulle l' B,'08, ............ I sa 8i "Tell the sergeant·major to take him

__ . 1300. 1.500 lb •. , $R.501!1I I 0.6.5; com mon ~~tter, Sh~~lng .a.lM amounted to:X \I~I .. ·t .. i· .... · .... ~:! ChI. Corp ................. 116 111 llD down to my dugout." L ulw [Ie/urns & medium, 600.1,300 lb •.• $5,70@ ,000 bu~ e s: July contract dcllv· G nera

l ~ ~ r c ...... " Cl ub Alum ............... 4 4 4 "Your dugout, sir?"

About once IL 1'~"1' tI,l . dopart . . R,7:i; holf"rp, ;:ooa & choice, 550.8lI0 ~rles 75 .000 bushels: cancellations enera a ora " .... 461 Cornwah . Ed .......... 304 300 300 "Yes. my dugout-q'uICkly!"

Johnson, 47 47 701 71A 451 45'

I I I f 11 .7 7lilli 10" •. dl 117.416 bushels: and sales to atore Ooodyear Rub .... " ... 651 r t Cbl I'" )5 lIe ran along the trench to the du v • JTIl'Ul rece veR a P"'I'.'~OrlN \' Ai' ronl ltS .. ,~. I .... lJ~ common .....:: roe . 6 H h 97 on . . ................ 153 ~I ~ Luke Cosgrove. Torlay th~ old chal" urn. $4.25(1J'R.2{i; cows. good & c hoice. 0.000 buohels, Arrivals were cst!· ers ey .................... 1;;1 , Res. Lab .. "....... 1 1 1 out entranoe and leapt down the steps, "cler actor dl'opprcl In and ~xplalned S5 .0!lflJ7.50; com mOn & medium. lnated a.t 48 cars. Hudson Moton ........ 35 Crt. r""ke~ Alrc. .... 5~ 41 4, Hurriedly be orossed to his bed, and lois long nh,"",'.. lie I" .. been In S3.2r,@5.25: low ('utt~I' & cutter, $2 ,50 K upp Motors ........... 151 In. ull UIIi. lnv. .. .. 601 591 60 swept a book, some papers, a muWer, Utah, where he pIAYP(j :-;hake,pe'lI'e;ln @3.50; bu lls (yearlings excl uded), STOCK MARKET AVERAGE8 !~~~o~a~:~~:~1 .. :::::: l!:, J(ell . Switch ............ 4, 4' 42 and one or two odds and ends to the role8 t hrou l"h the ontll'o "I'lip. Ho,, · good & choice (bee C), ,&[email protected]: cut· (Cpyrt" 1930, StUd. Statisticl Co.) Int. Tel. '" Tel. ..... ". 474 Nat· t Stand . .... " ...... 32 311 3~ floor with an Impatient gestur e, Then ever. one night s tands and the lure ter to medium, '4.75~6.75: vpalprs N, «< S. Am. Corp . .. 16 16 16 he smoothed out his , blanket, and of ll ollywood pro\'~d loo much , SI> (milk red), gOOd & choIce, $10 ,50@ 50 Ind, 20 Rlllis . 20 UUI. Johns Manville ,." .... 851 Pines Wlntn ........... 256 25 25 rolled up his BrlUsh warm to make a. Iw IS back to try his luCI, In pictures 11.15; medIum , $~ . 75@10 .50: cull " !est~rday M .... · .... l ::': 1~3 . 9 ~~~ . ! ~;e.ge, S. S, ............ 291 Stelnlte ...................... H a H pillow,

65 63 97 97 36 35 15 15

117\ 117t 811 821 45, 45' B3t 84' 28i 2RI 95 95

(To Be Concluded Tomorrow)

Roof Repairs Made at Local City Hall

Repairs to facilitate roof drainage In ra.lny weather are being mwle on th o city hall thl. week. Old gutler$ aJ'e being r eplaced with new one8 and dOlVnspouts are being connected. wJth the stann sewer Inltead at a,I. Jowing tbem to drain In the stroet,

The work made necessary the tear· Ing up ot slde·walks In tront of the city haJl In order to make connec· tiona with the stann sewer, New concrete was poured where neces, sary. and the walk will be open to pedeltrlan traWc In a Cew days. again. common. $6.00iIV9.75; stoc ker & reed. revous y .... 1. 1. 4.4 . ggett It Meyers .... 95 Swift & Co ............... 291 29, 29l The men laid Rale igh gently on

0 1' ('attle: s ter s, go(){l & choice. 500. 'Veek ago .......... 187,8 124 ,9 226. ~ lIlaytag 2B ................ lU U S Gyp"um 441 43 4~ the bed. and stood there awkward ly , I'l'h""1 n,,," 1.050 111M., 57 .70m 7.75; common &: m e· ~~eoantha ngo ........ 124298.64 111567,10 2a0


~Milamt I WCOP'd .............. !87• rr: R: R. ,:.. T. ::·:::: 21 t 20' 218 tWhondelrinkg dWhCat ttlo dlO next, I One or One CII .. ,Bought .

131 . 131 1st 161

dl $4 76(1j)7 00 ~ . r go ............. . . on . ar ............ . Z 91 9' em 00 e ur ve y at h s palms, Only one car purchase WII.8 regis' Rc .•• le I,ove'. Iirrssl ng: !'OOIl1 Is b~· urn,. .. 2 yrs. ago ........ 162.0 110,8 148.6 Nat'l BI.cult ............ 87 enlth Railio ...... ..... 91 • and wiped the blood on the sldea of tered with Allen RarJck. superintend.

36 36 841 846

Ing tmn .fOl·mc" Into" school room 3 y rs . ago Nat'l Caeh R , A ...... 51l his trousers, Stanhope eareCully ent of the county automobile de-ovory morning: wh en !\.lory Doran, . ------------- . weekly av . ...... 126.7 118.9 1l~ , 9 N. Y. Central .......... 167t Wire In jure. l\fu. "pread hIs second bla.nket over the partment yesterday. It Willi a Hup,

471 48 1656 1651

DOl'othy Jorda n Rlld Anita Page I Chicago Crain I Hi gh. 1930 .......... 202.4 141.6 281.3 Penney, J , C ............. 58. CRESTON (AP}-Whlle InvesUgat. wounded boy, and looked Intently at mobile sedan bought by H , J, Lonr, 'join the blonde star to tako (III • • LoW, 1930 .......... 149.6 116,4 204 .9 Pennsylvania. .......... 76, Ing damage caused by Il $5.000 Clr(' In him . Melrose avenue and Grand avenue

58 58 75; 751

italian lesson. High, 1929 .......... 263,8 167.8 353.1 Ph llllp6 Pet, .: ......... 33! hi s store. Ed Fredericks was serious· "'E's fainted illr," one of tbe men court, The total purchases tor the 33 836 Not ollly a,'e they learning tho CHICA.GO, July 24 (AP}-Wlth Low, 1929 ....... 14\.3 117.7 156.& Pullmon ............... 681 ly Injured. He touchert a live wire. volunteered."·E was conscious all year 19 now 9.254.

~nguago but theya~d~nglt at r~ about 6n ~a~ on ~ack ~da~ ~e -------------------~------------.---~- ------------------------------------~ 671 671

Illcell l)I'ke8. The In s tructor m a kes tradi ng basis for' cash wheat was tho fou.' " nomln,,1 ch"l'!;c lJy hold· steady to !c lowe.'. Sales In IIl1e with Inf" " class InHtra.d of In.truc tln g the declhle in September futurell, oach one .~Ilarat Iy. "We're no wel'e unchunged l.? ie lowe,'. Book· (ools," "uld Mary Doran In explaIn· "".cr, "lhls Is an ('conomy wllve,"

New "I"~'er. 1'\1~lcd 'I'hrce mOl'£' Imporlnllt mCl'rlberH

Ilave b{'cn 8(lflNl to th!'" (,aRt of " 'Var :">IllI"~," 'rhc)' are Murl~ Prevost , ITrel,l 'l IIoPllel' " lid Z"su Pitts.

:Nr ill'i co , \\'hose uctlv lU r8 huvo heen <'onfi nell to Columbia of late, Is to fl'1V~ the IOlHlII1g como(ly role and Il ell'l" [u1(1 ~[I"" Pills have Imtlort· ',nt supporting ptlrLR.

The Rebecca West story, which Is I !}C'inl; 1l1'odllcC'tl by Cm;nlopolilun, hn B I gone In l o reIH"ar~nl undl"14 the dlr('(', Ion of ]'~(ll;'a.· Sclwyn, AS you a lready

l<n ow, Robe.'! :llont ,:;omel'Y lind Anita Page have the fca.tured Ictld8.

Do you know that E(lmun(l Breese



Eddie Dowling

( The Rainbow Man)

Betty Compson


Blaze 01 Glory

Sta rting

TOMORROW Stepin Fetchit

The Hilariously Funny

Colored Star

Lola Lane (of Independence, Iowa)

Ralph Ince David Belasco's Famous

Stage Play Written for

Jack Dempsey

The Big

Fight Does Gangland Really

Control the Fight (1)

played Edlson's first talking ptcture 11I'oduclion 15 yea"s ago uuder the title or "M oster M IndR ..

Now Playing Ends Today


Saturday For Four Days

He Thrilled You in "Dr, Fu Manchu". Now He's Back to Hold You Spell Bound and Breathless--



Laurel & Hardy Comedy


rGUL!lln Now Playing

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Marie Dressler .. ma Honor Mayor"

"Toys" A Novelty

l\fetrotone News

Et'«CiLERT Opens Sunday

A P icture of LuIU..,.

a "d U na.r l,,1


ESCAPE the present and lose yourself in the days of chivalry


PRIN€n • I.

by Raphael Sabatini

'i?A tale glowing with ex ...

citement-Count Anthony,

heir to the throne ot G~eld ...

ers falls in love with a burgh ...

ers daughter. ~ His love • IS

returned, but the course of

their romance • IS turbulent ,

and bestrewn with countless


Read Their Story Soon in

THE DAIL r IOWAN ? , First With the News


Semi-finals . --Goes Westefll Tournament to .. •


JC)hnny Ileats ' MoeiP~~kins, 1leC~~yW~

Bon Voyage By RUBE GOLDBERG • •

Fish Loses; Ira Couch , . ..,. . S . V' al " ..... nlers enu·.".n

'Roulld 6-5 :BEVl-~ftL1' COUNTY' LUB. Chi·

cjgo. Juh: 24 lA'P!-I)pn l oe ot Port· I land. Ore .• wearied by hIs long ;rolf. , IIlII wltrs In Englond. went down !Ij;htlng todny In his struggle to de· fend biA w~st~rn amnt u r golf cho m· plon. hlp O\'er tho narrow talrWaY8 and pItfalls 01: tbe 13 "erly country club COUrll •

1Io~ \'H.A"i "'TH~'RE ~'NCS -rc .seNt:.

A Roc\~ ""1"0 ~e. Moc~·-n·\EY SHOIJLts. s~~ A LITTLE 11M\: SELs:T-ING Il-IE f>AS.seN~s

FOR TJ..\E FiRST IRI\,>- WE 'sIJGGEST ~\LL.. -.. c:.ol.LEC;ORS, . -s,A)(.-O?Hc}'\E:~ PLA'"(E'RS. L~LbRt:.S I


AFT'CR-t:>'N~~ ~~s, e.ool> .. A-~? s'~CSE"RS>

/<CAt:.-HoCSS. l::.olJPlES 4"t-\~\ FI'GI-\-r AT,. BR\t;::..GE ANt::. .sTo'C~ ,IJ>S IEORS.

, t .. '1 , . '!.Na..p. Spdioaw. I .... N . .. _. --~

HERE, You FORGOT -rOIA~ ALONG A cruy- WI-\o ~s

HIs RAblO ""\.lRN~ QI\:j J"WE;N"T '( - FeU R

I-\o~ A ~y

The s miling chnmplon nnd " 'nlkpr CliP s lnr rllu I>(ofor nnolher fighting }louth, .Johnny Lehman ot Chicago. 011 up ntt r their qu rter-[Inal bal· tle had extended to the thlrty·sev· enth ,r.('n . ·.rh ... r<'8ult rorged nnolh· .,r chaln ot jlnn thal bl18 followed champIons or the western nmateur Os Ilot slnc 19~5 hos II. tItle -holde r reo tnlned hIs erown .

,lohollY DrGpll I'nlt A S:; foolllUll n ornl1l1 he!l the con·

Que t ror U llman. who broug ht tho BIg 1'"n champions hip to old Pur· du~ jllllt th.&, yenr. ago. Going to th thJrty_"elllh gJ"t'en both hp !lnll .Ioe we re equ[llly ,1I.tll.nt from the e1l]). Johnny putted rirst Itn,l dl'or.t-1)(><1 It. The fad ing chnmplon :I1so tried but his ball stopp d tWO f et

Fmx"~Home Uw.iW~s£~r

Athletics., 8-()

l' ANK DAVIS CUP TEAM Lyons Pitches 1 [~ )~L Fif~~I,\~~ Win A' s: ~

t the cup and It was all over. 'J'hre(l o11wr shnrpFlh oot(' I's, T .

l'hllJlp l'l',klns. lotely of K in g C:I'OI'g("s golfi ng (orces: Ira Couch oc Chlcngo. nnd Bob l\(cCI'a ry. t rans­)lls"I"HIPI)1 c"nmplon from Des . Ioln es, a lMa h'ach~d the s~ml·fl nut

l'OIIn<l but It Wa R T . Phillip 11Im.~lf Who guve the gu llel'ylte8 Ihelr n~xt Ullmest Ihrill . I"our down us tile end of th o I hote morning round. till' bt'RI1PC1uC"l(ld Brlton who noW rp· 1!1t.h.~s In Nt'w YOl'k, cnm~ i)oC'k with vur·bre.klllg golf to overtake J ack \V~.tland . ChIcago dlRtrlct chnmillon. and tll en lIerrnt hIm {wo and one.

Tip. ('ourse R4leorc) Ife dldn't hnVr to flnlah Oll t on the

t lnnl gl'e~n at the round but h e k ept 011 I~olng to po~t 11 .turtll ng 00. two ItoIt l 'okp~ l1n(](>r port tor the (lxceJ'>~

tJonnlly rugS'Pd ~our8e . The mnrk tiNI the ourse rerord but It WIlR not ncrPI,tPd lls such b""aUHe or II. rew CO IU'tlded 1,ullA.

III . r matkllble come·bnclc and par tracturlng game WIUI the best or th" day "no mruJ hIm tho on(' bIg tav· <'rho to wIn the chnmlllonMhJp. Jle nleels Lehman tomorrow In th(' upper bl'ncket's 36 holp mntch battle . Mc· Crury nnd Co u h CIUHh In the lower rl~lo .

"Fighting ~ol" lluHles M rary. known among gOiters ns

thp "tlghtlng Rrot" upheld hIs roPII' t~lJon to win to<lny. Tho Rrot fin · f~ llf'd h tH morning round two down ttl the hnrd hIllIn g Gus Novotny or

Comes With Cochrane on Base ; Breaks

Tie Game

CLEVELAND. 0 .. ,Jul)' ~4 (Al'l­Jimmy POL"'(·S l\\If> nlY·\:j \' nth hQmp

r un of (he sell on. d~lIvel'ell 111 Ihe

ninth Inning with onp m nn all hU8e

and the score tl rd. todlly won lhfl

rh·~t !:lIml' of Ihp ~prle" fOi' the Phll· ade lphIa Athldfc H 01''''' Ch·v~lnl1ll. 8 to O. Th drive scored Coch n llle who hud wnlked .

RlmmonH drove out hiM tWf'nly·

third homer or Ihe "",,"on In Ihe IIr"l Inning. scori ng Bishop. and

~Iorr.nn "Iamme.1 hili t wentlNh ~l r ·

e u lt blow In tho rJCth. Hcorlng JamIe· Mon and Poa·((."r.

The hox score:

l ' IIlI_A- A B. H. 1I. PO .A.E. Tl\ohOIl. 2b .............. 4 1 0 3 4 0 li,us. cr ...... . ... _ 4 0 1 2 0 II

ochrune. r .......... 4 1 I 1 0 Hhnmo ll .. It .... .. r, 2 2 3 0 0 I?""x. lb .......... ..' 6 2 11 0 0 MIII",,, 1b ................ 5 1 2 2 0 0

WJlJlams. ss ............ G 1 3 4 I 0 Dykes. 3b ................ 2 0 0 1 3 0 ~Iohnrrey. I' ........... 2 0 0 0 0 0 Hlll!!h'H. • ................ 0 0 0 Q 0 0 Hommell. p .. .......... J 0 0 0

Toiois ................ 37 8 J4 27 Il 0 'Botl" ll to I' l\1nharrpy III Gth.

('L IWg- AU. n . If. Pu.A .F.. J amIeson. It .......... G 1 1 1 0 0 1'0rt~I · . r l ................ 3 2 2 0 II 0 ~Iorgan .Ib ............ 5 2 a IU 1 C [I udl\l' I). 2b ......... 3 I 1 3 3 0 Averill. cC ... .......... 4 0 J 3 1 I

America's Davis Clip t('nnis te>8m once m Ol' e> ha gainrd the Davis cnp chall enge ronnel and will meet (hullce for the historic tl·ophy. Big Bi ll Tild en Ilnd George> j~ott will handle til singles aX] ign· mentR und Wilmer Alli :on and ,TollII Van Hy n will play th oOllbles.


oung Strih" , . Drills for Phil

Yanks Twist Braves Take St. Louis 5·4

Keeps Washington's Blows S~alt~~~~;

'Sox Get 15 , , c nIC'AOO . J u ly 24


Lyons Il'olno<l rrrdit for his ttrteenth "lotOl'Y at tho ~PIIMn toda y a. th Whil e Ro~ poundNl out a 10 to 4 de· ci!'ioll o \'£'r \Va~hJIl a; L on .

,T..Jyo:l!'4. WUR llunchpd for 13 hit s,

h1lt k~rt tllrm c'"'pnl"ut(ld. whJle his

ma!~. (o ll ~ct~'l I j 0 (( LIska . Brown nnd Flohor . (':>r l Re\,no l(~. tOPPf' l tho (,hle~!{o nlt llo k with four hIt • . Tho Rpnn iorr, M Id a 4 to 3 land until Ihe "1~ lh when th~ SOx scored rour tlmep.

'I'he box srore: WMlTl - An. R . H . PO.A .E , l1Ieo. l'r ................. . (; 0 2 0 " .Ju rl"e. 110 ............. & I 8 2 0 ~ l al1l l " ll. It ............ 4" 0 0 1 II I_oe!>p. If ................ 1 0 0 1 0

. ('ron In . H" .............. 5 0 2 1 0 Myer. 2b .................. 4 0 3 6 0

I WPHt. cf .......... " I 0 4 0 Bluege. 3b .............. ~ 0 0 F;p('ncC'r, c ..... •• 1 •••••. 3 1 1 Ri",I. C .................. 1 0 0 0 LI.kn. p ............ ...... 2 0 0 1

. Uurke. p ................ 2 U 1 0 Brown. II ........ ...... 0 0 0 0 1? I"h~ r. p ....... ....... 0 0 0 0 Shires . . .................. 1 0 0 0

o 1 o q 1 U o 0 IJ 0 o 0 o

Total. . .............. .41 14 13 24 1 ~ 2 'HOII~,l rur » rolVn In 8th .

CITH'ACO- AB. R.H. PO.A.E. Wntwood. Ib .......... 6 1 0 6 2 Q ~fullpu.vy. HM ............ 5 3 3 ~ 4 0 Heynoldo, rt ............ Ii 3 4 2 0 0 JOllr~'. Ir ................. 4 0 1 2 0 0 Borl1~". rr ................ 5 1 1 2 0 0 <;' I ""~II . 21> .............. it 1 , 3 4 0 I:yo n. 31l ...... .......... 3 0 1 1 0 0 .T, rrrl.s. 3b ... _ ....... 0 0 0 0 0 0 'I'llt • 0 .................... 2 l 1 8 0 0

NATI'JN.\(, I.K\(:III: \\'. I •.

Rrool{lyn .................... !i :t Chl co~o ..................... "01 New York ................. 4n Rt. Loul. ............... I" Plltsblll'S'h .... ....... 43 Boston ........................ 42 Clncillllnll ................. .4 2 Phllaaelphla .............. 3t

37 :t!J ~2

'II 47 47 4R 5G

Yes te rdIlY·. nr"ult . Clnrlnnl1lt 4·0: RI'Ooltlyn 3·9. (,htrago 19 : PhlJrulplphl'l lEi . l'oston 5' St. LOllIs 4. New York 1: PIttsburgh O.

r.HIHf'S Totlny St. LouIs at Roston. Cincinnati ot RI·ook ll'n. Pittsburg h at New York. ChIcago nt phllnd.lllhla .

AMJ11RJ(' ,\N r.Il:AGl IE W. J.

Philad elphIa .............. r.4 92 Wnshlnr:ton .............. 68 afi New York ................ 64 40 Clov elnnd ................... .49 47 DetroIt .............. .......... 45 52 Chicago ...................... 37 r.:. Sl. LouIs .................... 36 ~R

Boston ........................ 35 fiR

Yfsterdny'. Rp. lIlI ~

PhiladelphIa 8; Clevelund ~ . Chicago 10; Wn s l,ln gton 4. Npw York 6: Dclrolt 2. UO.tOIl 8: S 1..<>010 5.

GUlIlon 'I'oday " 'o •• hlngton at Chicago. Bos ton .t SI. Lolli •. New York ot l)Pt ,·o lt . Philadelphia III Clev('land.

Chariton JUlliors Win

l'rt. .liS !1 .!iSl .r,~~ .!'inii ,47a ,47~



P ct. .007 .017 .[,71 .£i l O .41)4 AO~


.37 6


III ngo and Ilt the end or th thIrd hoI .. or thn urtHlloon he was tO llr down. BlIt ·t,·om that Juncture on h e Mtoged U romebu.ck "'Iun lled only b>' !'(·rklns. nnd sllO~ ~e l1sallon al golt nnd pulled Ull all _qllnre agaIn lit t h e ell tl of th~ l)l lrty·thlrll hole. Jie was ul'tHtoppuhlp .[ter lhot. lI e went on c u\:l on the thlrty·flfth ond for good meos ure caplure()~h !lnnl wIth Iln· tI. r I)O r. For thp arternoon rouncl. h( tot"le" 13. only onc stroko over

>lewoll. ab .............. 4 0 1 1 4 0 'Pa' As~s Phil's Boss AI yall. c ................ 3 0 0 GOO

Tigers" Tails; BaheGets36 Hafey Hits 2 Homers; 2,

Bagger and Single, Lyon •• J> ............. .... 4 0 2 1 0 1 ScorIng tlve rllns In the second In·

Ooldman, "R ............ 3 0 0 4 2 0 to Leave While Fothr'l·jI; lJI. • .. ........ 1 Q 1 0 0 0 nlng Rnd nddlng two more In Inter -' _. -'_.-.

I~nlk. " ..... 1 0 IOU 0 'SOll Boxes DF.TROIT, Ju ly 24 (AP) - Gul' in 4 Trips Total ................ 37 10 15 27 10 1 frames the harlton Am erloan V,·

pRr. ('oll<'h Wins Easily

ouch h nd th~ easiest !I~ht of the day to dereRt Churlle FIsh of Rock· rord. III . lie scorlicl a m edo l total ct 70 In the morlllng to I .. ad Flah two hole. And then mnde his vi tory c~rtaln by sailing oui In the <trier· n OOn In 34 two under par to go six ull. 110 won the matc h four hole. hI ler. 81x and tl., • • wll<'n he made a IJI.tty r ecove ry from among 80me t r es to get Il par rour to Fl8h's rIve.

Lindstrom's ~JUet Beats BUC8 En~ugh;

Rain Stops Contest

~Iolltngu~ . s . ......... 0 0 0 U 1 U ('antr~ lI . who rnm~ to DOlrolt from Brown. I' ................ 3 0 0 0 0 0 TOI'o nto thl. week. mnd~ hI. first Hudlln. r ............... 0 0 0 0 0 0 W INDSOR. Eng .•• Iuly 24 (AP) - Am~rlcnn I~Ag u e .tnl·1 todny 0 1\(\ gave DOSTON. July 24 (AP) - D<"RPItC S ·c d~. • . ................ L 0 0 0 0 0 YOllng Strlbll"1:' of Macon. Ca., In the New York Ynnkecs 0 grent bnt. tlw horolc effort of hlrk Unf~l·. St.

. - - -. - four fast rounds with his Mf'llrl'lng- ti p 1.><'(01'(, succumbing. 5 to 2. Louis Cardinal let't 1'telde-r, who ]llt Totals .. 35 6 IU :!7 I :! pn.rtnerf4 today. wound up h £l'llVy tra.tn. "BlI lI ~cl rol' Gohlmull In Hili . Ing for bls tI ght with Phil Scott Mon . "HOll",1 ror Il u<lllll III 9th. dny nIght fo,· wh(,tl. orflol[l.II)' h.,·a ld. Score by Innill ll'" : cJ ns "thp he:tvywclght chomploll;lhlll

Phllnd 'Iphlll .................. ~OO 110 02~ of th e wo,·lcJ ." Clevpland .................... 000 2~O 0 I U 1'onlgl\I the pride of Georglu slceps

Summnry- Hull s lmlwrj hi . >lhl1- n .. r the btltUerncnl. or old WlnosOl' Jnons 2. Ml\ha Hey. It ul la ... », Xt'Wt 'Il, -cn,BUe, confldpnt that lh pnrou nl(l l' ~IOl'gnn 3. HOlIlIlH·1I 2. 1··allt. )0'0'" 2: ",111 put him on the thresholcl of Il.

Lwo bO-AC hits, J\1ql'ga n, P Ol'l t.l l· , ('(wh· world chnmpl('nshl ll <iu('1 with }'1a.x ,·nl1.; home run.. >I 1111 111011 S. Jo'o.\ x. Schmeling an(! will be> .hol·t 'l11l1 uecl. ~10rgnn : ~ crl(k!·". Il w",. I It'd;! llll. s lvp, In hl8 [llvor. Dykes: (loul>l~ pI y~, H"well I" 110' Slrlbllng'H (lnal heavy worlt ollt was dopp to MOI·gnn. Av .. rlll t l> Ouldn llU1: ~orelnvtted gue~t .. nnd Il nyborly""" lelL on bfI.s('~ . Phtladplphla N, ("h·ye. who wanted to COme' \-'x('Cllt Ch:lI'lP9 Innd G: bn"" Oil bJ.JI ~. orf Bmw II 3. Rose. British managel' or Scott. whom Mnhnfr~>' I. JlU.1J1t1 I. It UI'"I1PJl 1: "P a" StrIbling InvIted to IMV(' t ho

Cnnll'~ 11 'lllo",.d eIght hlt8. one o( I wo homp I·un •• a double nnd n Rl nglp the m by Babe Ruth [or his thirty. In Cour nUempts nt th p. plnte. Bobby

.. Ixth horn. run of the season. )lut. Smith pltchNl Ihe Boston BrnveR to tlng hIm Clve hom ers nnd 17 <lays R 5 to 4 wIn ovrr tho v lsllor. today

III the fl l'st gamp ot the c urrent ae· I'll'S wJlII the westetncl's. nheud or h i. 1927 I·ccol'd. whe n he set

his grcat mark. Roy RH.rld of the Yankees dJd hlo

host pItching wllh men on hases. He received good SUPPOl't whJJc l)j)trolt n Il O\V~tl t.wo Yankee run. to score.

Score by InnIngs: R. JI . E. Ne w YOl'k ........... 001 200 Oll-a 8 2 Dptrolt .............. 000 011 (l00-2 7 2

Battcrlea - Sbcrld and Dickey: Cnntrell 110<1 Hayworth.

1Jaf~y dl'ov In t hr~. of the "lsltol'8' rOl1r runR. 111s two homerR lH'ol1ght hi. foul' ~ oggel' total to 14 ror the Renson. Bergee·. RenBlltlonal Braves' 1·,cl'ult. was a noth er who had Il per· rect duy n t bal.

Score by Innlnl:s: ft . II. E. i'lL Louis ............ 010 200 001-4 8 0 D08ton ............... 201 200 OOx~ 13 0

·Pr-tlr.1 (or Hynn In 'ah. ReOI'" b)' InnIng'"

Wo.hll1t:tton ................ 100 300 000- 4 Chl('~go ....... .. ...... 001 114 21 "-10

t)um mlll'Y- r:un~ hltlrd In. :\fnn· \"h . .TolI.y 2. RI, .. nrpr. Burkp, Rice. 'VntwoOil. ).rul1{11RV~' 2,. Re-yno l (~I4, Fothrrl.\' l1I : two bU'" hit •. .Jolley . Cro· nln, Judl:I'. MIlllenvy: throe bO Re hl(::;. nCYllolc1K 2, :\f ullpavy; s aC'rl· fleeR. lllucge. 'l·ute. JolIC\y : doubl~

1,luy. Rynn io 'Watwood : I"et on I)<L~ •• 'WnHhln fl' tOIl 12. Chlen~o 7: M"e On .bnlls. off Burke 2. Lyons: stl'uck out. hy nurke 2. Lyons B: hlt~. oYt M s ka fj In 2 2·3 Innings. Burke 7 In ~ l·a Inlllng •. IiI-own 0 in 1 Innlng~. Plsher 1 In 1 Innings: los ing pJlcher. Purl(4,l'. ~ I

Umph·~"-Orm"by. Outhrle II.nd Jllldfb l'on,"

Tlmp of ,;n me--2:07. Batteries-Haines. Bell, Orllbow. . 1<1 . BInd ••• nnd WIIRon : Smith and

I'on i ll .

NF.\v VOIlI<. July 24 (AT') - A £\1' 11 ~ oul by !'rown " 11011111,,' 11 Z. rl~g8Ide . home run by Frlicl Undstrom. some HlIdlln 2: 'hltN ~rr J.l oj;~rroy Ii .. ; r. " Yuu Mn lI(otch tho I)oy skl l",llIg J>ru r Injurer! In {'rlls h 8Clxlng Show )'oRtponecl fln~ Illtchlnp by Irt llul,beli "n(l ., In ' 1" I 7 r I ( rope but lI's haraJ)' fait· to gee 111m C I l lF I' I t NE'V YORK I Jbly '2~,. tAP) - A

< D ~ , Inn ng". row II " " lUI II I~H 11011 ' box.:' exp lulnpd th rliler StrllJllng. COUN J _ 13 1, ' I" S (A PI- ,o )pr . thn~ly Rtorm ('nnhll'd the (:Innts to out In eIghth) •• 1l01~ln .. J1 4 III 4 h i .ve hav~n.t beon to Seotl'~ camJl n nd Jone~. JO rc"r. Old. and V~rnon J ohn · ('o mmlssion n ear . Plen8 heavy ral'n tl)nl!ih~ foreed ',llostpone. d. fent th . PlttRbu rg h Pirates. ] to 0 nln go . Hu(U1n " In " 101l' l lIj~.: hll h.' [8 e no l'en80n fol' ybut" pr sence son. 23 year" old. both or D~R MoineH . DES MOINES (AP}-AppJlcnlfon8 ' m('lIt Of th .. '1<>xlng show fe:!.turlng .. In tile . Ix Inning ollenlng game or pitcher. by R0ll1111e ll (pMlt'I'): wh, hpre" w ere 8 .. l'/ou8ly Injured when th .. lr a u· Cor extensio n or electrIc I>owe i' IIne~ ]0 round bout bet'we~n Tommy ?ro. their R('r les. nlng pltchpl'. HOInme)l: 1000ing pl\ h Pr~moter J ete Dixon HeconQed t he ' tomoblle overturned us It round~d a In s ix cou nLles were h.nrd by th .) Il'n n or Omnha and Bruce Flo wera of

LInd s trom clouted his ~omer In the e, .. Hud]Jo. tribJlng' 9uggPBlfon. RollO expressed I CU I' V~ lIe" ,' Ma lvern . Th oy were stll te bollrd or railroad comml"slon· New Rochelle. N . Y. It will be ~eld

fI~tlnn~gfur~p~ma8o~yw~1 U mplr e8~3m~~I. I~O_~ W~I'/.Md~pU~<lWhl~U~yOOq.b .~rojli~~lt~~~a~h~o~s~~~I~n~l~h~.~re~.~~~~~ejriL~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.~.~~~~~a~¥~. ~A~q~.~5j· ~~~~i~~~ Rnd for the next 'flve frumeo. Ray a n,1 OlVen t. GeorgIan went to work on tour SI}ar· II Kr~mer had the Olnnts h elpless. Ho Time of gomc-2 :05. !'Ing partners. " 'pnke ned tn the seventh and had ___ . ___ __ _

gJon junIor bas ball t eam successCul· I>' defended li s eighth d istrict c ham· plon Hh l) here todlly dereatlng Cres· lon. 7 t o 4. Charlton earllel' In the day beat Moulton. 14 to 3. to gai n 1\

iJerth In the dis trIc t flnalo.

. .., . .~ SnirJs,

. '" Cuhs Outshoot . ---Phillies 19-15

, I \

in Wild Game Phil' Late Rally :falls

Short~ Each Club Gets 17 Hits

PHILADELPIl IA . July 24 (AP)-

'rhe IIbs defentp(l the Phil" today 19 to 15 In a wild nno wooly gome. Each tea m ma!le 17 hils. but the

lIb. LOolt ndvrwtngp oC th~ early

Philly pllrhers ·to plio UP a 13 to 3 len<1 III Iho rh·,;t throe Innings. In ti, •• 1I:hth th e Phillie" scor<'(1 seven rUl18 but fe ll three short at tying

Ow ('onnt.

The box "com: (,IflCAGO- A B. R. H . PO.A.E.

nJalr. 2b .......... ........ G 4 3

J;;ngllqh. 31> .............. GOO

uyler, I·t .............. 4 4 4 2 0

WlI"oll. of .............. 5 2 2 2 0

D. Tn)" 101'. lC ..... ..... 6 2 0 0 0 Q

CrImm. I h ............ r, 2 1 1 1 ~

1J "l't ll ~tt. c ..... . 5 2 2 G 0 FIII ... ~II. "q .............. 4 3 2 3 4 O'·bol·ne. 1> ............ 1 0 1 0 0 TI II"h . tl .. .................. 1 1 0 0 0 Toachout. I) ......... 1 0 0 0 :\[aIUllP. p . . ....... 0 0 0 0

' ·otol .................. .42 19 17 27 10 2 P I I tLA- A B . R. H . PO.A.E. AOIl! l1,.rn. rr ....... __ .. _ 2 1:l 0 0 lil,,:"'nn. cf ........... 2 1 1 1 0 0 n·l)olll . If .............. 5 2 3 0 0 0 WIlliam" .rf ............ 0 0 0 0 0 KleIn . rf .................. 4 3] I 1 Rh~llocl'. II> ............ ] 0 0 1 0 0 Hllr.t. 1 h ................ r. 2 I 11 0 0 Whitney. 3b .......... .. 4 1 3 1 I 0 1~ I'llJerp; . 2h .... .......... G 2 3 3 G 0 'l'h f'vt'l"o'.\', F:H .••••••• :{ 2 2 0 1 ('olllnR. " .............. 0 0 0 0 0

..... - r ............. r. 1 2 3 0 Smythe. 1> ................ 0 0 0 0 0 Thompson . .. ........ IOU 0 0 1\ 11I0"l(hlly, P ..... 1 0 0 0 0 Nio hol". p .............. 3 0 0 0 0 '· "( ·'o'l ly .•............ 1 0 0 0 0 Elliott. P ........ ........ 0 0 0 0 0 1 1i-tIl P(\II. Il ...... ..... ,. n 0 0 0 0

Tnt. " " ........ .... 42 15 17 27 12 2 ·Pfillp(] for l\:lcholR in 7th. "Batt"'l ror ~mythe In 8t h. ~ror<" I)y InnIng.:

(,hlo"~o .................... G70 O~O 021-19 1'1ltln, l ~IJllll:1 .............. 300 211 170-15

Summ,u'y-Runs hatter1 In,IVII· Ron. 1~131r 3. nAvis 3. Klpln. HArtnett !'I. ()'nOtl l 3 , 'fh(\vt"TloW 2, Cu~'J('r 2, F':l1' !'pll :1, Ql'fmm 2, 'Vhltn(ly, Fri· 1)(,1'g' :-i: two bll~f\ hlt !1 Dnvl~, Grimm. O'TIon1 2: sacrjfJ(,~R. 'rhevenow, '['pnchollt; hlt~. off WlJloughby 2 In o Inning" (lion. out In first). Oshorne 1 In 0 (n on. oul In fh·.ll. j;;lIloll 7 fn '.I. ~.~ In !lIngS (two oul in Recondl. T.orhout 4 in 4 (none out In !11th). Nkllois r, In 5 1·3 Inning • . Smytho


1 In 1 InnIng. nus h 10 In 3 1·3 In. nlnl\" (OliO out In rIAhth ). Molonf 2 III 1 2·3 Innings, Hnn Fon ] In 0 In·

I nln'~" (pitrhp,l 10 on. bntt.r). Collin, 1 in t lunin g: ,trurk out. I)y Elliott I . TO:1rhout 3. nllRh 1.1\1 ,11000 I : bose on hall •• ore Willoughby :1 . EllIott 3. 'l'PfiC'hout 4, NkholR l, Rmylhe 2. Mruone ~. Osborn. 2: winning plte". PI' . 'I'onrhout : loslflfl' pltrhel" WII· I/ .ughy: len nn I,,"os. PlllJallolphln ' . ('hloo"o G: dOlllll. 1)lays. Klein 1.0 nrovl •• Rlalr to I':l'lmm. F'u .... 11 10 Rlnlr to GrImm. 'I'h wno\\' to I~rl·

bcrg to JIm·Ht . Farr 11 to GrImm. Umfli l'~~-Jol·dnn. M cGrew unfl

Rlglet . Tin .. or go me--2:29.

& fU I.,(J the bit. 8 when the dnrkness ~.It ... 01114' Here pteceedlng the mIn forced a halt In KNOXVILLE (API-Pearl hrls. the ncUon . more. [Mmer . Is III w ith a dlsea.e be·

SCOl'C by InnIngs: R. n. E. lIeved to be mnlta fever. Unlvel'slty Bntterl(·. - Kremer and Hemsley; of lowll medical authorll.les are In ves.

fiubbell Ilnd HQgM. tlgatlng th~ case.

, 1\I0NTlCEI,LO (API-Thre ton8 t fIleel plJ(o(] oulsld. the north Willi

ot the Franklin barn equIpmen t CC)Ill . pany buildIng caused Ihe woll to col· lapse. Damng wo.., estlmuted III $1.1100.

Mothers and Cbil~e~~'j' . Play Golf agetlla.

if Y9u want ':~9! ~'1,mmer c~mfort

-i~-------------~f· l , ..

Do you feel ~ un­

comfortably hot as

your necktie looks?

W e carry a tIne aa·

_ortmeni ot Aummer

neckwear -- prlcec1


Ru •• ell'. I\~ ' ..

Clothing Store . .' l!! E. College St.

l)ot!"t Wa~

The Zero Hout---•

If'" " I' •

When 3 p. ~. comes and the after-·

noon's wearinesfi settles over you­

drOll into Racine's for a. chat 'wi,h { -.. .....

the boys- and your favorite foun-

tain drink.

at the

Washinglon Terrace Links

..... , ........

Today all mothers who accompany their chi~~ren in I!lay~g

the Washington Terrace Links will be admitt~dJ for ten cents . ( . -the same as the special daytime rate for children . • , .

Washington Te GollLinks. •

"A Tom Thumb Golf Cour.e" I I

Twenty-five Cents a Game-Equipm~nl Fur~~ed 712 EAST WASHINGTON STREET.

Shade After 4 p. m.

Ur.'r'\1riI .. • • cue athletic tty.ir . • .~ co keep you fresb when Old Sol wantl it other­wilel Of 10ft, moisture-absorb­iifi cotIIiOt 'Cit 'cool, tOIOrful rayoa. ~ desi$aed lot com-lbtt' ••• for Wear. •

39c~ 49c, 79c

Shom ••• Saring amply fr'Olll the hips • • ~ lid '~li hunching. rIO III1d ';~cr waistbands keep them II~ witii' gentlm pressure. Gayly'~ broadcloths or airy rayoaa ill IOlld pad ,hades. '~

49c; 79c,' 98c

J.C.Pt~N~~·C?9J 118-120 East, College St.

Statelll Le

WASTlIN O'I Secretary Mel 181e t odl\Y sn. Repl'e llelll8UV, rallklng demo proprliltlon. the matler of I

lUll el~ndltl

Oneoult Jmpref BYI'ns had A'

"Juggling" fIg Pl'opl'lllllons n h • .aId had be

"A. a matte "the figure. p dent to the P the budget bu 1 working IIi department.

"A. prevlou! fliUmated po.II go t estimates I )lresent 'fIscal : n. compared ture. for the 094.162.487. or IOJ .970. being I o~ nl. Natural lneJude amOlln lure YeIlrs whl Id durlna the .