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Daily Iowan (Iowa City, Iowa), 1930-09-30

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PIl(1on. lon'h" '; 7::10, ll. ~l'r'nUII I;y lile HW\ j

" " l lnlllll'llll' ( 'hlll'Ch , ,

W, Hupo,'t J [oltowny. Il.m" church scllOll l,

durIng church hou,,; lO:. topic of .ormon,

tho gngllRh churCh to 1I1J00'al"; 6 p.m " lunch,

club; 7, ~'1re.lde club AtuMnts co"dlally In . Rtlturday nlgllt at 9

l'I,'e8ldo club sponSOl'S S Aludcnts.


• •


oe colors


J'H)811~ry (or men; pair

. . Sport.

'flu·to Filii Pare_ or Sport. No,,"s Wilt De Found on hlft

II, 6, and 1 Tud .. ,



Fascist Tells of Germany in New Book

Sees National Sociulil;t Mifilsion as Better

II Race Builder

BERLIN, SCilt, 20 (AP)-!luch rOil ,

cepte as l\ "super rllee." Il hlgh~r rh" IJJzalion" or "kultUl' and th ncrCij· Ilty fol' Germa.ny to become " It h",· I world power or nothing." Qrr val'l ot file ph11 080plly of AdoU 1II11rr. Germ8.11 fa clftt leuder. I.\S explalnell In hil book "My FI,Ilt."

"While til" Immediato aim. allll III , tentlone of Hiller havobeen oceUI',I'­Ing mucb atlrllUoll here nnt! ub,'", ... 1 01 late, tho ultlmnt(l alms of hI. (h"" mao fnsclat movement nre IlU1" koown even In thill country, 'l'hey are explained at gr at length. hoII" ever. In the book which. he RaYK 111 tbe prefllce. was wrlttrn "not rtlr ~tran~ers but fo,· tho"e adhcrents of the movement who belong lu It hcart aJld soul."

The reason Germany 10$1 th~ '''IT, n.,erts the ra-Cu.t leader, was lhe tact Ihat thc nation'. rtlrill.! homo, genelty hlld bt'<'n Impaired by 11'0 tragle "thirty years' wa.ru in thr· ~eventeenth century after whlcll Ihe nation had not grasped the ne~e8!lty of restoring racial purity, The I'C·

8ult was that the (lermana crulllplct! under the >!tNlln oC conflict,

"_\Ii tre 8 or Globe" "Had Ihe Grrman peopie." h. ",I)·~.

"poqe Bcd Its histOrical dOI'clopmrnl. that herd ullity which has hc~n '0 a~ ' vantageous to other nation e • I h('n the German reich mIght "Nllly lfoUII)' be mlstl'P1I1I of the globe."

German (aBC I m. u ."plall" II 1"

Rooacvelt Quits POBt

Nicholas Roosevelt rC'igned 3S

"ice governor of the Philippine Islands and was promptly ap­pointed by rrc~id('nt lloover as American ministt'r to Hungary, Roosevelt said his many writings on Philippine reform have been distorted" and twisted into one· Hided lH'opaguuda, "

Cooper Chief Speaker for School Head

its leader. 18 mOl'e than Il llOillir 11 party. mort) than II. national 111<II·e· mont-It il a new philosophy of li!", U JIIUer sees the national 8~lnll"t mI.· • slon as nothing les~ than \\'orkln or for

S. Commissioner Gives Talk Here

Friday Night the building up of a Hup"rl" .. hll","n race- "a mnstPr race" Nlpahle or nccompllshmt'ntR III pl'I'~cnt rnr 00, yond the mentoi cal",elty of mlln, WI1Uam Jl)hlll'oQurr, t'lllted Htate.

Suell a ~up~rlor raro ~lIn \'(' d~· ,'ommi.sIOner o( erl'lI'RUOl1, wlll be ... eloped. a,'cordlng to Hiller, onl~' h" I np of tllc rhi .. C spc~k .. ra ut the sev, determlnl'd rurth ring ot the 1>~~t rarlai cl.monts. IIk.",I"c li"eral N', .. nte nIh annual confer.nce on nd, couragement o[ Ihe ClItcst Inrll'l'I' mlni.U'llllon an(1 'Ullrrvision to be ual8 and th" ruthl "8 IImltllllon of I !'rId h~,'e Orl. 2, 3. and 4, 'l'hls con, "Inrerlon," I fl' rence I. 0 1' n to all admllli"t1'uth'e

Rel[ulate S4!tllclU lit t lind 8up~rl'i.o\'y ()ffice,'s In tllc \lub, The pathway 10 Ul~ n.,'"IOlm,."l

cf a 8uIl"riOr mer. ~xplul"~ Hitler, Ik school"UII<I IIlr ' lIlhers of the ""a,'(!" "demtlnds above lilt that the xlale of education, shall not Ira"e the ~Ptt lrrn/,1I1 or Commlssloller Coo!).r wlll delll'er 'lewly won landx to chonro~. but .hail hi. add res" In natural scIence audi. regulate It with definite otanda""I!, to,iul1l IhldllY cvening with J>,'e~l.

"Thu. gradUAlly border colonl,'" o1~nt WIlltpr A, J essuJ) pr<'sldlng at could be c.labllshffl. the inhubltant" 11'0 meeting, of which would ro".lot r:<cclu~h'~lr IIf De Wall appolntel' to the poslUon reprr.entatl.-es oC tho hishest raehl uf cOl1lmlsslol1l'r In "ducatlon In lnn, pUl'lty anrlthrrc[oro of tllB hlG'hcBt rn· f,'om that of .talr RUllrl'lntcn<le"t of clal efflcltncy." he ~ay", \lubllc Ins l1'uetion III (,'ttUforni3. AI

As to the Winning or new lunu_, rummlssionel' he dlrccts adllllnl.l,'"'' tho f . ... I.lo mU8t mnke up thrlr tlon of ljchoOl5 In AI<18ku. survey. mlnda that xpan@lon 18 10 he achi~v, "chooi. recomm"ndlng Improve, ed principally liy the "",ord , 1IIcnts. mal'~s addresses hefore galh,

Funera1 Service'S for John Bischoff

Take' Place Today

Funeral ~~ rvkeH ror Joh.. \I'. Biochort. &8. who dlNI Sahll'day al 10 P,Ol. will be I'elll thl! morning at 0 o'clock at I'll. Plltrl~k'8 chlll'ch, }Juri , 0.1 wlll ll<' In Ill. J().~rpll cemelery.

Mr, Blsrhol[ 1M slIrvll'riJ hy hl~ HI,. ter. M"R. f', A, Murphy of lown City lUlu lilt'., J . K La Pltz Of IJI"UIIlO"C, lid" and 14 nlecrs nn(l two nephew •. For tho Ill'It rou,' YI'It". 'he hM bprn as"oclatrd with his n~l>hp,,'. M , J . Me, Govern In th McGovern [ull eml boma,

Ho was hoI''' In 10wII Cit)" Scpt, 10. 1817, tho Han Of JOlK'ph an!1 A 1111

Dleeitoff, alld WO" a m~llI!)('r of tllO local mk. lotll; IIJId Sl. Jllary'. ~hUl'ch,

Condition of Pustor Reported Imltrovcd

Monsignor A, J . Schulte, jlMlor of St. M,,,'y'8 I)tlrl"h, who u ndpl'lI'p"t II S "iOU8 operation at tho MCI~',Y hOM' )lital at 9:30 r sterday morning. I ~ Improving, Yc~tc1"duy flvenlng M onfdgllor

Schul to '. 1\ ttr ntll ng phy"lcilln MUltOYi that hi. patient IVUS "r1'~t1ng COl\) '

fo,'tahly. "nd 1118 rO<'OW,,1' WII" ex, pected."

MOll81g nor ~chultc hili h('l'n !lUM' tor or St, M'lry·. 1}'ll'l~h for 11III108t 40 YMI' •. Although artivo In th(l Ill· tereHt. of hlH cOnlmunlty III' to the lime of Ill. JIIn 88 he hR .• bc<>n In III hcalth for ~OJll C year •.

One MarTIal!! Llcett .... I",Wi8 J. l'rYlllok. 24. of ,\In.·

Worth. and MII,'I P ·cknllLn. =., ur )OWJl, ClIy. were grnnted It. mu,', rlll8'e lieM. In tho ciork of cou rts orrico at th court houlMI &l.tul'lly y,

THE WEATHER lo,,_" .. lr Tut.dar; WrdIlU­

d., 'air III _I. III~re, .. h'lt cloudlnel8 In w~.t portlvtt; II4Im~."h.t 11'"11111'1' W.dll4'lIday IQ eaft portlou.

''I'ing" ot teachers, hold" .conferences

Ilor specl[le educatlonai purposes. nnd till' ct8 re.carch in several branches

, IJ[ ed Uen tlon. Under his dlreetlon a series of na,

tlonal Investigation. ot varIous phll.li' rs Of education Il,'e bpln" condu cted. Among tho most ImpOl'ltLllt o( the_e ara thll \vhllo IIULJIie conrt'rencQ on l hiJd welfa"e, lind u cumplete su,'vey of s~'Cont1aI'Y education. fOr whleh fund. were opproprluted uy thc last ~,~slon of cOllgr"s~ ,

t:;ducalur. fl'olll oul of the . tote lind member. ot the roiluge of cdu, C/ltion make up thp pe"sollnel of Ihr "Oll(eroncc, R port. of Investigations IlItlde durIng tllo yellr will be glvell I.y tho h~ad" of !lIt coli ge oC Cd u­cution.

Dean PIlul C, 1"acker of the college or education is III churgc of tho con, !c"ence,

Dry Leaders Convene for

Secret Meet NEW YORK. Sept, 29 (AI'J-'rlw

COllrer(,III'O of OrY or~UIlI''{lllon8 or Now York .tatc held a th,·c' hour ao' e"H mectlng toa.y a.t whlcb plnn~ "'l'rO tormll iated (or thc support of P"of. HolJcrl p , Carroll of Syrll,CUHC "nlvorslt)' a. Indolle nde nt c(lI1<1lrlato ( Or governol'.

'I.·ho petillon [or Pro!es80,' Can'oll a lready hilS been clrculllted antI 1" '0' u" bly 11'111 be filM Monilay. mnmlng him a8 gube,'natorlal candidate ot tit " law preservation pllrty.'·

Artor tho meeth'g, whi~h w~ 1I"r' Silled over bY Fred E, Vlctpr, .tole .ul>~rlntcnllent of the antl 'Haloon lea· IlIO; Mrs. D , Leigh Colvin . statr pre~I' dont of tho W.C.'!'. U,. sll l<1 that III !J'leklng /In Indepondent ~anaidatt tile rC)Jul)l1cs.n dl')'S il Ia not t .. ~1 that th oy wo,'o . !llltuni fl'om the republleall pal'ty,

Repre.enlallvc8 or dry organl ... • 1I0no who Ilttena.d tho 8ecret meet· Ing .aJd aftol'ward tbat there had hoen cntlre ha" mon y and Ihat 4 spIrIt or optimism prevailed. Sorne of them fI,'on I,frdlrtotl ,. ('n"roll Voir (If MO,' IIOU,


Darrow Will Strike at City

• Vagrant Law

Believes Call1ilaign to Get City Enemies

Poor Policy

CHICAGO, Sept, 29 (AP)-Chlct~· go's campaign against "public ne· I1lJ~s" by use or the vagrancy law was attacked today by Clarence Dar, '·ow, hOled criminal attorney, who appeared In court for the first tlmo In lwo year8 loday as counMI for Oeorl(c " ned" Barker. business lIgent COl' the teamsters' union,

Barker and William "Three Fin· I:ered Jack" White. both liHtcd 8.8 "I,ubile enemIes" a.nd both chlln;ed with vagl"O-llcy, WOre accompanied by Oa,·,·ow when {hey surrendered In llJunlcltJal court, 'fhey were relea8ed n. few minute. after tllelr 8U1'rende\' on real estate bonds worth UOO,OOO.

" I uroke my reSolve to keep out oC crlmlnlll practice because I feel that Ihls vagrancy campaign 1& outrage. OUtI," oxplalned Darrow. "Tho llLw provlde8 that a mall charged wilh vagrancy shall be released on 0. I·egu · lar bonLl of $100, which Can be ap, proved by an police captain, Yet men are being taken Into munlclplI.l court. charge<l with vag"ancy ag ~ ro:>­quh'e(l to furnish $10,000 bonds. It is unllkcly that any of them .,ver w1ll be tried On vagrllncy cha 1'l[es,

"Close to Union" "If allthorltle. wish to h(lrra~s the

lawless. they nrc gullly, I agreed to rcpre ... nt Barker because I havr' ai, ways been close to unions. I run nOl atlomeY [or While,"

llarker Ilnd White, "l(lte Investl, gators declared. have "muscled" lhGll' way Into the Chicago coal trlUu, sters' and helpers' union,

Chal'l.. E. Lounsbu ry. 1U<~lstnn t slate's attorney, todllJf said lh~rQ ha6 !)eell n Illol to assassinM" Judg(\ John H, Lyle, who 1 •• ueLl va;JI'3,ncy Wat',

,'ants against the 2G "public enemies" and ha~ carrl£'d on a strenuous WUI'·

ru,.,· upon hoodlum". A Neg,·o. who~1dentity was kept

,~cret, aPl>eared at the stllte's attor· ney's oWeo and rclate6 overhoa,'tng ronvo,'satlon. of three men In u. west side r(,stallrant l8.8t ~attlrdu.y. wheD Ihey wcr. diseuselng a IJlan 10 mUr, del' tile Jlldge, tp(lIlsbury said,

Extortloll Charged During the day it was reported thllt

II (1'110 bill. charging extortion, had ueen voted by the grana JUl'y against Hru'lley U,'osHklag_. a clerk of the ull wagon d1'lvers II.nd fllilng statton operato,'s' union, who WlUI charged with attempting to (o"ce the own I' of a Il1l1ng stillion to joIn the union vy usIng th,'eats,

liarry Guslck. b"olhe" o( Jack: and Sam Guslck, Capone sang leaders, wu" a,·""jgned In Judge Lyle's court, !Jut Won a temporary d~lay to allow time (or lln Investlglltion of a uijlek's lJetlUu n for a chan"c of VCIIUC,

City's Paving Nearly Done

Airport Improvements, Sewers, Sidewalks,

ill Program

low" Clly's pavln!r program fo,' lhe ,)'Cnr 1930 will be com pleted within t'he next few work". according to Allen Wallen, CllY engineer,

Al llllll tlmo allPt'ol<lmatcJy 12 city uiol'llij will Illwe beon Jlltvt'U, How· ("VC'I'I IlO uc'cUl'ldc Clgurf:\s In 8qUa.l'C

yu,'''" call bc glvcn ut thl8 tlmo. duc to the filet I hat the 1)(Lvlng beIng luid Is of lIlI'eo ,lI rf,'rent wlullr~,

I" cluucd In tllo yea r 's In,"I'Ovo· menlij 'll'C a $12.000 boundary light Hilullr[llnugc }ll'ogrurn ot the nlullic!· pal flll·po,· t. u $3.000 sld,'walk pro' gram, the laying of 4,k&0 teet of 8 Inch selVc". 1\1IU thc PI,vlng u[ three a lleys.

Funeral Services for Philanthropist

New YOHK. Sep l , 20 (Apr-Fun· ~i services tOl' Daniel Ousgonheim. mining magnllte, phlillnOtl'olllst and dOIlO" ot the $2,&00.000 Guggcnheln' fund for the promolion of acro nau· tlC8, will be held tomorrow IUtClrnoon ot 'I.'emple J~lllanuel.

1111', (luggellhehJl. who hud bCCn JlJ sln co bls rei urn [ro'n EUI'O!JII two weeks ago. diM yeste"day of hea,1: dl~ell8e at hl ~ hOIll nCllr Port WlUlh, Ingloll, L . 1. ri o \Yus 74 yeal'\l oW,

BUI'IIII will ve Ilt l:laicm (teld eeme, t~ry In Brooklyn.

Funeral Services for Mrs. H. Barnes

j"UIIOl'llJ 6cI'vicos for lIlr .. , lllll'rison nal'lIcs, 26. 329 S, Luens street, Who ,1Ic'C! oarly SUlldllY morning at hCI' hom() wC"c held Monduy at a p .m. , at tile Oathuut funoral hom c, with the Rov. C, Rollin Sherqk ofrrc~tlnll'. Burial was In Oakland cemetery.

Mrs. Bal'nes Is lurvlved by her Ilus, band: her father, Eugene Cherry; her uncles, A, E. and W, C. Lanz; a cou· ~In, Allred Cohl; and two aunts, Addle Bhatt And Rertha Lanta, 1411 of fown itr,

Pl'csident Hoover completcd tlll' pcrsonnel of the new fedcral tal'ifj' commission with the se lec­tion of Lincoln Dixon (a.bove), dellJocrat, of Indiana, IlS the sixth member,

League Work Soon Through

Di8annament Question Settled; Battle Over

Tariff Rates

GENEVA. Swltzer1anil. Sel>t. 29 (AP)- lt", thardcs t rUl'en~ ic M ,tt1es

over disannnmcnt a.nd C'l'ol101nic 1'("

Ile( sch('lIIos concluded, lhe eleventh o8~embly Of thc league of natluM tonlghl cntered upon Its closing phase,

In the cl'enlng "osslon th~ assem, bly began to raUfy the worl< or Its sIx cOlllmlttees by' adoptlng reports dealing wIth the lllanlfolLl Rctivltle. of the leasu~.

Among lhe ,'eports wrut tllat ot the disarmament comrnittl'~ which recommended thllt the preparatory comml."on complele In Novem!)e,' the dl'UCtlng or u. pilln for gcnel'fll diSarmament sO tlte councl! rnight coil a world conferenCe fo" redue· tlon !llld limitation o( Ilrlll. "as 800n as pos~lhl<>,"

A final ,,~,'lmm3&"~ orcor~.l today tn th econo'lllc comnlittce between f:uropeans and Ol'ersells delegates Interested In wol"ld tIIurkets for farm products, The Europeans wl.hed to obtuin the bles~lng or tb~ lcaguo for their pia.n to set uJ) IJre(, cl'entlal tari[f rates in )':ul'oPe for tMII" goods, CanadltUl". South A frl, callS. nJld AUstralians insisted the longue couid not activeiy app,'ove Of uny limited group Iletion which might 0vcmt~ a.galn.t the 1ntere.ts or Ilnother stule 0,' group, In. the cou,'se OC the debl'te Pierre Etienne Pla.ndlng. French commerce minis· tel', dcclarffl overseus countries were, by their attitude. obslructing tile lvork Of tho league. Thl" con· troversy was settled I)y pcrmltllng tho IIIlnt,tcs of tho m~rllngs to re· cord the BenUment. of "oth parlte8 10 the arSUluent without any en­dorsement 0 " condemnation III the colnIlllttee'" rcsolutlon.

J. M. Lee Files Suit for Petition in Equity

L. M, Lee. cx!>Cutor ot the estate of ~1r, l>I, S, Sweet. Ileccused. filed sl'i t fo,' a peUtioo In cqulty against Phlliv n eilly, et ai. yestp,'duy, to be tried 1I1 the NovemlJct· term o( dis· trlct cOI,rl.

Plul nt lCf hold~ juuglnclll on fl , ~O,800

1I0to ami 1U!k8 I hM sldd Judgment bo " I ~I II 011 lwope"l), o[ tl ( nilent. Dlltchol'. " ' alkel', und Wcs. uro allor· neYK COl' 1>luJntiC(.

13 Year Old Girl Suffers Broken Skull

Struck by Pipe Falling Frohl ,West Roof of

East Hall

Mary Ann BIlsel, npgel, 1 a yenr old dllughter oC Louis Bnschnngel. 219 N, Van BUren 8trecl, 8 In critical con· dltlon following an operation by Dr, l!", R. Pete rson at uni\'er~lly h08pl, till. to remove pressure of tbe skull from the brain. owing to an accident neOr eaet hall ye8terday ruternoon,

A pl('ce of t "'0 Incb Ip •• G7 Inche" long and weighIng from 10 ~o 15 ]Jounds fpll trom the wcst roof ot the building Infllotlng a skull trac· ttl"". Although her conditIon was still unsatisfactory at 2 a .m .. she was reported "restlnl!' o •• lly.'·

Cl£dlen on Root' A group of grade schOOl children

lI'a8 playing about tl,e rOOf of the building 1'1'101' to the accident, One I of them, Waldo Thomas, 811 Dud· Ron avenue, r er,orted th() incIdent to tbe pollee, Othon, known to have l'eon on the root InClude: Maynnrtl Meacham, 328 S. Clinton; Donald Arn. 613 S_ Duliuque: Wayne Mal'tin, F,'ances Map.s . and two unlUenUfied gIrl •.

The pipe Ilad been Il section of the rail ing around the roof of east hall, Seratclles on the edl:~ of tho roof Indicate that it muet have been \>l1sh· ed to the e<lge, talling Crom there Into Il tree, then to thc ground. [rom where it rebounded to strike the chlld, who wae passIng along thc sl(lewnlk paralleling tile building,

JUl'ellile Action ~Jrs , MubcI Evalt", prohation offi,

cer. stilted la.t nIght thlLl acUolt Olt Ihl' Ca~e would be held until fOl'mtll l,oUllon had heeD tile<l, and the par· <'Ilts of tile childl'cn who were PlllY' Inl: on lhe root had b en notlflcd. 1'he rcgular proeedu,'p or the juvent1e COUl't mU8t be ,gone throush. before any definite Rtep" elln be tnken to Investisate the "'lItte,',

Mrs. Evans 0.180 cOlldcr\,"~d tho laxness oC carctakcrs about tho build· Illg. in allowing IlIC chl1dren to rellcb the roof and play nbov t on It.

M.E. Pastor Transferred

Tho Rev, Harry D, Henry of Gl-and Rapids. Mich,. will s ucceed the Rev. WIICI'e<l C, K eler SH pas' lOr Of }t'It'st Methodl.t BplHeopal ehu"ch Of Iowa CIty. It was an· nounced Sunday I/.t th e close oC the Upper Iowa conferenco oC the J\£, E . church Ilt Davenport, R everend Keeler will aSBume a pnatol·ate at Marloll,

Reverend llenry hll~ be~n plUltor ot tho Burton Heights M1ethodlst ch urch or Gro.nd Rapidti. Mlch , He will p .. ellch his Cirst sermon here nnxt Sunday, TIl{\y have two 80ns, 10 and 11 years old.

Sentenced fOr !IIaD8laughter WASHINGTON (AP)-Curly Cur·

tis of Rubio pleaded guUty to a charge at manslaughter and was scn tence<l to eight yel~s In tho Ft. Madison penl' tentlary by Judge J, 0, Pau ero"n, He was chllrgr(\ with the deu th of Richard Olinger, 14, of AJn8worlh. who died from In ju ries received When struck by a hit an~ rUn motorllt Sept. 20.

Fred W. Hagemann States Main Issues of Election

Proposed State Income Tax Law Described as "Curse to State; Iowa Taxed to

Breaking Point Now"

Fred 'V, llagcl1l(tn'l. \Vaycl'ly at, lo,'ney Ilnd demOCl'a tlc cand ldato [or ~ovcrnQr Or Iowa, WOos tho speaker

vn t ho flrsl fnll mrcting of the Iowa Ity ohn.mbcr or commercc n.t tho

J_cgloH bulldln" ycsterday 1I00n , Mr. Hagc/lu~1l1\ strcssed the proPOs­

r:d ot(i,t~ Illcome lax law as U1e main Issue of his CllIlIpaigl1, He states thllt this Illw. altho uglvlt Is suppos­ed to be a I'cplacement tax, wlil bc a­ct,rso UPOI\ a pcople ah'.udy [uxed lo lhe Itml t. anll a CU "8e to tit f(trlller." eaye Mr. Hagemanll, ·

The cundltlllte believes thltt tho: 1II',·.cnl lal'iff ItLlV. I " 8lit;nt(',1 lind I'ont,'o lletl by a~tcl'll mllllol\llirr •• !llvlpg tho f'lrmc" ulIl'etlMo,wuly low 1,,'I'es for hi ,.; p, ·odllct. and forcIng him to PHY "xcf"HIVl'ly 1'11;11 prlc" S for ILnYlhlng 11C IJ II Y. fo" hi. uw n COli -

8u lllption. ell n only bc chullgNI hy mun Who have the Illtorosts o[ the ftwncr al heart.

He 8l4tes thllt the fact thnt rel>ub­llcans llave con (l'olled Iowll politics

.unlnterruptedly ror the l>a8t 40 yellJ's 1M rO&llon pnough In It""lf fOr a

.chnnge or pollcy and a democra.llo l"!limc. TO!, InrII'II II mOJOI'll r of one

parly In .tale polltlca. truo In lown at the preHent time, cannot I'C8Ult In pcrfect service to the people 18 lInge· mann's 'oplnlon.

The prohibItion Issue. always a.n Important one. Mr, llngcmtllln \}P,

lIeves 8hould bo sollied here [or ollce and (or Il[l by referendtnn . Only i\l til is way. bo BayS. will thIs ,,,'rn t Q ucetlon b!o fInally decided to 'lh e ..... Us[actlon of the peoplo of Iowa.

"I-[r, Hagem'.LI1n wati introduced by bls frlena and (onner classmato in the unlverl\lty. Rllmu~ 1 D, 'Whltlng local attorney and stato rePrescnta· tlve from J ob n,on county, De spoke of hIs rQverenec tor the uni· verslty. and his muny t .. lps uack slnco his graduation thlrly,(jve years ugo, Ho bollcv"" that mlllta,'y tnrlnlng In college I. an admlruble th ing, voth frOIll pl,yslcIlI lind '" Il,'cI'Mcdnell8 s tn.'ldpolnt.

1' he en ndlualo CloseLl hi. l (tlk wttll tile word. of Lincoln: "I don' t have to succeed . I don't havo to win, but 1 must be trutllful. "

]\loro tha n 90 peraons were p~ •. e nt at this first meeti/l&', amonll Illem, 1>1 ... Hagemann's lon, Carl E, HII8'emann, who 18 a seD lor 1n the Ilnlv<lUlly law ool1ello.

Alumni Nero, A Full l'a«e of N... of lUll! 'or C nlvffSlt, of Iowa G rada

ApilUro OD P . .'I.



•.•.. 1 -

The tillwl,v arrival of a freighter l'csulted in the r('l\ClW of Capt. Fred Nelon, 7:), and his crew of 8ix mell from tlw 1111111>1'1' 'choollt,1' OU1' tlon (abovc), \\'hi('h ~ltnk in th t('I'I'ij'jC' "'/lIe orf Sllt'ho)'l:WIl, \vis" rrhltl'~day night. Our Son Will:! tit l a~t ~\lrv iv()l' (If the gr('at sailing fleet ,,!rich onec opcrntctl in the 'I\rt'yillg tl'ndc OIl tilt' Gr('at Lak('s, ---------------------------------------------Post Office to Move During Repair Work

Temporary q~nrt~rM for the lown City post ornec IIllrln~ reeonstruc' tlon OC the p"rHrnt hulldln" will hc at the old Kenyon iaundry, 213 E. Iowa a,,('nllr, TIll' )tlund,'y build, ing I. 1)('lnl: .lIgh tl y remodeled; new floor" (U'e I)('inlo[ pul In Iln(l Un addItiOn wll I", built at lh~ rear . 'l'lle pOMI orner will lw trans(ert od thcl'o 8ulllc·thnt' within the n(,xt. month.

'rhe pres nt \)uHdlng wlU ~ en· larged to aboul twIce Its sIze, Tlte hOtlse no,th ('f it will he torn down to Illlow ext!'lI.lon In thllt dlreeLlon, Another "lor" will be Ildded. In thC cenler of tllP' bll1It11nil \I'm be a lllrSo lobby the full two .tories in Ilelgllt. "ith skylightM at the top, OWc 8 Will open frorn thi~ lobby ,

A. E. Baumer, Lone Tree, Cracks Rib in Automohile Accident

A. I~. Oaullwr of 1.ot,.. Tl'o . 1V1L8 s~ ' rlously Injured in on (lutoll'oblle acci. dent Sunday cvpnlllg II('llt" Lone Tree. One rib waS frarlu"rd and de I) cuts Wl'rc "uCie,'o<l (tbollt the tllCt,

:Mr, nllUIllOl' W"s plckp,] til) hy pas,;, 'ng llIolorlslS /tlld 1'1IHh d 10 Ibc Uni· versity hospital. lIr wll.~ "C\lOl'led a8 getting along M 11','11 <t" could bo ex, pect~-d Monll:tr ' I'venlng.

Olhcr oc tlP:U,tM of tht' car were. Mrs. Baumer. \Vlf" of till' InJu" ed man. and Ma.'·y LOU ~'lcrnlllh\!;. teoch, er of mu s ic In tile I.one 'Tree schooi. both of whom wcre unln)ur d. MI t'S l'iemming is a grautll,l of lhe class of 1930 at the nlvcrsJly of Iowa.

Ce les te Baumer, A~ of Lon Tr Is a daughter or " , l:). I::WlllCI',

Murder Trial Opens For J. Gould Heath,

Former Iowa Man

GRAND RAPID!! . Minn .. Sp pt. 29 (AP)-8ele tion of t~ jll" y to try .Jay GOUld H eath, 4a. former 10"'(1. fal" mer, occupi d the allentlon or 01)))08-ing cou nsel us hi. trial ol,enM today, Heath Is cllarged with first acgl'ce mU"dcr fOr the ~Iaylng Maya of Nor, Ill an D, Filll'bunk., Sr .. of HIbbing, veteran deputy gam. wl.rden,

Uellth. who former ly lived at Qcl. wclll. Ill .• co nressed to l<tl ling Fair, banks, of [I cia Is said, when the d p­uly and other game ornclals sought to arrest hh,' alld hl8 NO n In a cabin In tho Mlnll @OltL norlhwoods, The man was kllle{l by the oWelals,

Coonty DrIve J>ruVefilJeS Reports fl'om th county oWce or

I he farm bureau .lIlte that Ihc mem, IJcrKhip drive. launched IMt woek. 18 progrcsslng rapidly. 10 mel1lbeB be­Ing added to the record kept at the office, Tbl. brlnp the total memo bel'shlp or tlte eounlr ~O 53R ,

Court Seek Evidence' on War Disaster

Tl1l': HAG M. Netherlands, Sept. 2U (AP}-VlgoI'OUM "ttnl'k on the Ger· rnan ronl nUon tbat thp Black Tom and Klng"lund (N , J,) dlsa.tpr~ were tho re.ult or oerldent wns ma.de today by Holle"l 1.I0nynge, Unllpd Stales claims rrprr~cntaUve. bero,'c til(' mlxrd "lahnR comml'slon whl"h 1ft rrmllldering damag 8 don~ to Am~"I' rail prope,'ty and lives by Germany 1)<'(01'0 America. entel'cd the \Vorld war.

Bonynge Mid the HInck Tom rxplo, slon could nol hav bc<>n cuullCd b)' NpolllulICOUS combustion ~aU"(' th,' Iyp" or powder .lores thero WUl not liable to caUBe luch a dll!<'Ultor, All tor Klni.land. it had becn alleged the tire which orl,lnatcd at the workman ,Voznia.k'e b neh was due 10 Iparks flyIng from his 1Ilachln~ . But thrre was evldellc thl . machtne worked l)ertectiy 011 the day ot the tire,

"Wozniak hlmMelt denIed thc rna' rhine wn.. aqueakJng." the Am "ican agent said, "lfIs tank, filled wltl' "llsoliM [0" el(·tllling Nhell., W(ls a lung \Val' Irom Ule machine. As /01' I"lle,'s wrllt 11 by Wozniak to tho HUlI5iun emlm •• y gh'lng warning of con'uptlon III lho Klngsll\J\d plant. they arc looked UPOII willi 8U@I)iclon 110l only In the eye. of RU$5iun an, t hOl'iUes but allIO 1n thol!8 o[ tllO Brit· ish Bccl'et 8en'I('e," '

Editors Try for Divisional 9tampionship l,;cJltor~ of 80me 100 ,,'cckly neWll'

t,allers IIf th state re eking tor tbelr pap rs lhe championshIp In t \1'0 ,livl"lon8 of the conte.t for aU, tll'ound excellence sponsore<l by tbe Iowa Pl'('8~ 3Rsoclution.

Announcement Of the Idlver cUP IlWI\I'ds will cllmllX tile Friday a.nd Satu,'day convention ot the MIIOCla· tlon at the niverally ot Iowa.

The two 1929 champIon., neilber uf which "0'1' Is eUglbl to compete beell.tI8" Of the previous victory. lVere the s,'lC Sun. In the clnss for p:lll<,rs til towns ot more than 1 ,GOO 1'0IlUlaUon and the \ Vell.burg lieI" Uld. titUSt fOr town. under 1.500,

Woman, Sister of Police Officer, Killed

DAVENPORT. Sept, 29 (AP) -LUlJan l~ehrn. sIster of W'Illlam B<>hm, Davenport poUce officer, wlUl killed lat thi. a!tel'noon.

J;J , L , Strove. of Betlcndort: told police s he fell from tbe front bump­Cr of a truck and was run over , lJo wall hela by I)OUCe pending an In , " uUgatJon whlle they sougllt another mlln and woman who were ,,:ud to ',aye been with them ,

Paul Baines Dead From

Bullet Wound

Tom xton Grilled in Effort to Obtain

Confes ion

Tom ltton. l~. I. ~Inll' h .. ,(\ In tilt' county 111.11 Cae"., wIth POs.lbl murder chllrgeJI following th~ (\ ath of his half n phe,,', Paul Baln • also 19, from a bullet wouna In hi. abdomen allp/!!'d to hl\vl\ been in· ClIctt'd by Snton Sunday aItornOOn,

Baln <lIed lit t .15 p ,m,. ypster' dtlY. 27 hour. artrr h .. waa bIt by the bullet. An uutop >. was per­

formed at G:SO p,m , at the unlv('r' .Ity h<l"pltnl und"r direction of or­onpr Ot'Org .. MareKh , ~'lndlnr8 will not \)t' mad .. known unlil the In­(Ill ~t Ihls mornln". Ilccordlng to Dr, Mar .h,

('ull £Id~r BaI~1 S .. xton I. o.lIt·IN\ to hal''' drJv~n

to the r.nlnl'~ flll11l1)' home. 4~1 E , H"lIton Ht .... l'l. RundllY atl r m rn· hrre 1'<'1 urn..,1 from church. ami calJ~li fOr ClMl,'g~ Ilnln III, tath"r Or Puul. )"antlly mrmht>rs Id ex· tUII fired tiller at ih.. Iller Balnl'. und II1I"""fl n1111 th~n 8ltot once at Puul. whu wlllk",1 toward him trom anothl',· ral'.

Mr. HalneN. HI.. "trujt!l'l .. d wUh Scxl'JIl lind lflre th •. 3 I'"lIh r .,.. volvl'r rrum hi", ~raHp, ItrlkJm; SW'(· 1011 OHr th" helld with the pl ltot butt In ",'d .. ,· to hold him unW pollr,' euuld R",·lve. Ortlcpr \\"PIO ~1,tJlvpr had h.'pn Humm(m~d tHO

nelghbo,'s and WII,. on the Ie : e within II f,' " minutpe.

tInder Que~tiol\lnl[ County Altornl'y F. D, 01 en 'lI1d

t;llt'rif( J"\"ullk [" Rmlth tRIke" ,I' h Sexton Rome tlln In bls c. 'l la~'

nlillt but 1I0 'Hllten onte". ~, l ha." yr't bet'lI made hy the youth,

TJo.>flnltc ,..,{\BOI\JI tor Sexton'. a l h·t;etl "IIfIoti "I( or I'll UI w re not IIIMI' knnwn , lit- wM rrle8..'!ed [rom til .. cOtlnly JIIII lo~t I:IR.tur(lny on fl,OO() hon,t I'~n<llng .cntence on rharg s or n.ttcmpll'd criminal IlS'

nult On GOOl'g(' nain.,·_ U y~ar 0'4 d(Wihter. rt. Ir ... ,,1 IllIhl l. schOOl pu' jlit Jurlg!' II , n, t,;vans Ilad Con' tl flu . ~ Sl·xtOI\'R 'le~ tor 8entt'nr • PaUl 11 1·",'ln~ Ilnd K .... 'ten Jpn~n rurnl6hlni bond He willi flrre.te~ Sept, 1 ~ fwd plcllded guilty to tl> no. ault ChllrKr".

Baby mothered in Blanket

Dr, G('Org Mareah. county coro· Ill'r. 11M I'e!l('hpd no deel810n 10at nlghl On an Inquest Into tb. d atb ot Dulo iayton Cohenour. fIve w.'rka old 80n or Mr. Ilnd M:'-., Willis ('oh nour. 417 S, Capitol street, round 8llloth~rriJ to dr4th In hll t.lnnk('t~ SlIndllY p,tenlng, Dr. Mo.· I·~.h ~alll rs('t. had not been dis· do (I to him !lnd he would inve,U· gate thll mornIng ,

'fh' COh@nours removed blankets from nround the baby \1.11 they re, turn d (rom tin auto trip to Aurora, Ill., und found the child dpn.d. The city Inhlllator wa .. um to no a.v .. lI, PhysIcians Id the baby had been dead at Ira..t 30 mlnut a.

Funcral wlli be at B!>Ckrnan'a chaP<'t thIs ,"ornlllg wllh burial In OJ.klllJ1d cemetery_

Demo Convention Adopts Its Platform

/olYRA USE. N. Y .• Sept. 29 (AP) - Its state tick t having been cum· plele<l by tile party lead ere, Ute Nl'W York democratic 8ta.te conveJ/· lion tonight [[stell Cd to an addre .. lty Its permanent rhalrman. J ohn W, Davl., presidential nomine ot the pnrty in 19~4, and adopted th., pluttorm oC party prlncipl\!ll on willell the coming campaig n will be waged,

Th platform. among other tblnp arraigned republicsn admInistratiOn Of nationlll nffalrs; lavlahed pr ..... upon th democrlltlc admintltn.· lions ot (orrnor !lovernor Alfred. E . l:lmitll and Gov, ~Tankltn D, ROOM­volt. and clllled tor the repeal of the eIghteenth llIlIendmcnt,

Batter Up! World Series Broadcast to You Play by Play - First Game Tomorrow at 12 :30 p.m. from

The Daily Iowan

"Fine With the Newa"

;Ministers to Run Training School O.ct. 6

:I'eacliers Will Conduct Classes Each Night

of Week

A trulnlng school raj' church schaal teuch.,·s. 81)On801'cll by th" Iowa. City mlnlate l'lol union, wl1l be held t il e week or Oct. 6 10 lOa t the Chrl8t1an chul'c h. The organizations coope ," atlng In Ih s work are: naptlst, COI\' gregotlonal, Chl'lsrl.an, EIlLecopal , Lu· (hemn, :Vle.hodlst, and Presbyteria n rhurches. antI Ihe school oC "ellglon of the university,

Federa) Judge Martin J . Wade le(( Iowa City for Oouncll Blutte Monday mOl'nlng, He will hold court In that city. Accompanying Ju~go WLtae WO.H his daughter, JUlia, who will re[l ' reioent 'the Lippincott PubliShing com. pany In Council Bluffs.

Debat~ CO,,#cjl ~ . En,Mr16ln tfHUglie

at Forensic 'Mixer

DehntA.·S nnd 0.11 othe.· stud ents III ' tereste(1 In publJc speaking will galh.

fI' Informally In Ih~ "Iver 1'00in at

, Iowa. Union this evening ut 7:30 91 lL

Gene McGuire of Dee Moines, WaR tl,'hate ml"er sponsored by the In· 0. \Ve~k·elld guest ot t 110 Phi D,·!l. tercolleglate debate coullcll. Invl · Theta. IIOUSC, visiting with hi s b1'olh · tatlons havA hpen sellt to lhoHe wlil) er Jack , AS or Dee Molllrs . have all-eady paltlclpfl.ted III unlvPI"

Mr. a.nd 11 .... ·8. L. E. BllllPr an,l Ro n Rlchud of Ma,'shlllllown, were Sun· day 9 (ternoon gupste at the Phi D flltn Th~lo hOllse.

Den n Hel1l'Y S. Houghton n.nd D,·., Mlltord E. IBtl-t'lleB Qf (he uniVersity medical .tarr Rre leaving lomol'row for DQ •• Moines to .o.tlend thA nlltlona l cOllvenllon of the Academy of Sci­ence.

s lty Sil eeh 9cllvilies anll tu new s tu· deJofS who 1III1Ic"I.,1 nil Illlel'e~t In (!.ebo tp 01' 01'010")( on lhplt· ,·Alilsll·O. {Ion clU·ds.

AmoHg lhe "Penkers will t) .. J low· ard Schumltc'h~ t·: A4 ot Stprllng, 111 ., O'IlP 0" I ()w"'~ VfHP"Bn debaH' r. who villi review his d"bate eltperlences and will I II or his )'ecelll world t rui2@.

• • • Alph.. tie l,,, Pi

t . •


Margaret Maxwell, ,E. Kuchel Anoounce

Engagernent SURdtty

The enga gement of Margaret MOl<'

well , A3 Of Mtt~hellvllle, anll J1Jnvln Kuchel, A3 of RoIst~ln, waR an, nounced at th. Della Delta Delta RorOl'lty house tln(l Ihp PI KapPR Alphb. fr"t ~l' nlly house, Runllu.v.

Martin Talks to Philo Club o~ Edu~atioD

"Everyone in frOCe!lR

of Becoming New Indjvidu~I"

M'I"" . Ioxwell , Is 0 member or W , A.A., Y. w.e.II. and the staff of the 1931 Hawlley~ . 1\1,'. Kuchel 18 cil" culatlon rna nagel' of 1"l'lvol , I. n mel11ber of Phi Tau 'rhela, PI I,~[lsllon "EdllcuUon I. rp~~rllng 1m ell 10 PI, Zp,ln .~ n(hln" IItP" 'R I'y soelPly, pa.n oll ltlll'(iI Iralnlng. Today Ihe I.n . hellellic eo 111'1 , and rhe P~rRhlnB' dency Is . to pomhlne 111'1l!' •• "lnnal IlIrle. . ' training willI o. rultuml bn,, ·k~ I ·OUl"1.

'Ev~n 08 YOU nl'A hpfng prej'lnrpd fo,'

Mecca Mei; Plan Mixer

YOUI' tUtllt1P lll'ofpssion yon H" A tIP. \' 10plnS' a new Iclnd or A.If- and II Is thRi npw .elf Ihalwlll demOIlStrote Ihe vulile of your edllcallon." Till.

.me.eage was hrought by Prof. lieI" hpl't :'I ln"Un of the depal'tnwnt or phllO'VPhy 10 BOO old nnd p"ORpeolive ))lAmbs)'. of Ihe Philo cluh mepllnA' Snnday"pv"nlng In ihe rlvpp 1'00111 of Iowa Union.

Coralville News

11'. nnd 1\11'8. Will Munday vl"lled at the horn. or 111,,, fwd M,·", O. P. Conk lin 011 Sundny.

]'e!lrl Suab of O"fol'" vlAlleli (tt th hom" nl' M I' , n nil M) ·~.

cis on Runlln,\'.

M,·. nnd MI'K, O. I". COIII"III nnd (Illllghler Mal'y Lou lH~ "Isltell lit the horne of M,'. tlM M,' •. I,. I. :onklln of IPelln IOWIIShlll.

Mr. oncl ~ I I'". OU" ('onklln 01' low" Oltv VIRIIPIl at the hom" of .1.11'. nnd Mrs. O. 1". e'on l<lln.

nl?on .JonPA ho~ bp('l1 III tll laiR hmnf'l for the laJj, rew dny •.

MI'. on(1 MrA. harleR ({r"sloner nnd Mrs. (;,1I" ' je 1,'a lrdlll(I , nnd Vlvlon ,Jo::I'Pshnp .. vl.llpti In H1"i'r8Id~ Run, dny.

Mrs. 'oVjllhun 00"" has IlPen her home fo,' th .. IMI week.

• r r , .' ) Tt,rr



E(lch evening fro m 7 lo 9 o'~,loe~, clasS~9 will bc conducled. consist· Ing of twu 5n minute lectures Inter · sper.ed with brief talks 01' subjectio reluted to Christian education, Fol· lowing Is the list of 'courses oltered: a one hour COln'~e on primary meti ' ods unde,. the dlo'ecllon ~f 1\II'S, WIl, lIam Ii . lvtOl'gnn, l'ol'mtW m~t:iocJn.te

11l'lncl[l'" of the experimental 8chool

Mary Allc Spensl y of Dubuque. formerly of the unlvt>rsJly. lefr this morning to ent~r the Unlverslly at Ch.lcago.

Alpha Delio. PI nnnoll"ce~ Ihe Inl ' lIatlon of Leona Rowe, A2 ot 01 tum· wa, DO"orhy Slurld6gc, A2 of Val , Ipy Juncrlon, :rea nne MeAI'lhll)', A4 of Storm Lake, ond lIIarjorle Cos(OI' , A2 at La nit ble.

Annual Rpceptioll New Enginep"s

TOlUOI'row p,'otpS"OI' )'Iarlln. who IVns Intro, MI'. IInii Mrs. neorge At(>wn"1 vl.ll ·

()i~n ito !'ips of thl' Oil t holi(l eh 111'(' 11 \\ Ito all t'iHlt'li I h~ sixt h l~ilt ion, 01 (,lIchnl'i~tie cong l'('S~ ot Otnfl It II , l'\eb. !'rft In I'ight: HisllO)J Jo­R~ph P. RllmnH'1 of OmahA, A I'eh bishop Pil't ro Puma.oni-.Riondi, papal dclegntl' to t1tr U11ited Htlltes, find BiRho)l .Joseph ~chl'emb~ or ClpVI'IRn<l,

Allalre Fleming, A3 of Las C"lIceR, N. M" spent last. week,end vlslJlng 11.11'5. Ralph Cooper III lloone.

of religious ~ducatloll III Unlon tI'Qo, EIIZQb~~h Mool'h~ad, A4 of Fa.!r· logical s~llllnoI'Y; 0. t wo-houl' conre~ I field, spent the weeie-end oJ her home. 011 juniOr nlale"lal~ :llId methodS, --under the direction of MrS. EU.d, Dorothy Munger, A2. o_n,l Re.try beth Finn, of th e northern RaptlM DaViS, AS, ~oth oC Ced!l.l' Rallills, vis, convenllon; I~ one Iioul' COUI'Be on Ited thell' Ilunllies !a RI week-end. high Bchool nwll I 0(1,1. Ilrd it one hour courae all Cll",'~ h school o.d ,nlnl ~tra. tlon, conducted by Clyde Daker', ,W·ec· tor of I'ellglou, ed ucatloll In the Methodist ronfprence; tI. olle hour course on I he Ch(lstlllll hOme, con· ducted uy pror. M. Wlllal'oj Lumpe, of ~he Mchool of religion; a one I)our COul'se Oil the lire of (:"l'Ist, cOllduct· ed by Prof. ChadeR A. Rawley, of the school of r~llgloH .

These courses are made to aJlpPOI to all churrh s~hool teuchel's In Lll\l city. ProfeB.o,· I.ampe's a.lld PrOCes· sor HawleY's course" stress tho need

,Iulla Robbin s, A4 of Cedar RI11,ldA, visited neatrlce lIrocl< at VIctOr, last week·end.

DorooJ1Y Dol1arbld , A2 of Daven­port. spent tlle week,end wl(h hel' Camlly.

Regina. Schneider has Tettll'nell 10 her duties 1n the Washington medl, cal school In St. Louis after a two weells' visit wllh lIer parent •. M,·, a.nd Mrs. H. A . flchnelde,', 732 E . Jefferson slreet.

for mO"e h orlle lnlel'"ll t III l'ellglolls Mr. 9(1d ,Mrs. mmll Nelson a"'ll<OlI~. . t co.chJng. Clark and Arthur of Roane, vlslt~d

'rhe Re\'. Elmp,' J>:. Dierks. oC the .Leonard Nelson, CS.lI the Kappa Slg­Bapll~t chul·ch . Is ~hnlrman of the rna house on Sunday. committee III charge. and will act as 1lte dellll of Illp school. Otbe" mem' illors are the Hev. W. S. Dysillge,' , at the English Lulhe"an churCh und the Rev, Richard E. McEvoy, of Trinity Episcopal church.

Donna. Dybbro, Al or Denison, vi.· Ited friends at Grinnell over the week· end.

• • • rhi Ii"j)/'" I';

Ilu('(d by pl'Or, :'I·I".eR ,I lin),;. or the pi! with .·plroUves "" AUlld:lY. "chool at r~lIgloll, s ponsor Of Phil\) "Iuh, emphasized In hi. speerh Ihllr

The o.nnulll t'pceptlon (0" f .. eshmon whi le a Aludent·s Intelleetllol ability englneel'" n lld new membprs of the Is Inherited, hi. capaclly (0 .. learning enlJi ll eel'lng faculty will he held Wed· li nd Ihp knowleilge h. lI,bROI'bs nl'e

Mr. a.nd Mr.. n ny Iruhl.,· Rnd <laughler Dorothy vlsltell al 1 he homp of Mr. o nd ]\\0'" .l>'led 1(1'11-.

Two mpmb.,·" or 1 he Chi KB.ppO 1'1 fraternity Apent the wppk-pnd out Ot lown . lipnry Woll~nberg, C4. went ro his home In Dav?npol.1. and bona It 1 Relmel's, F:~ , VIRlled In Dlls \iolnes.

neRday at 7:30 p.m., fit lown Union . shaped by Innuen ce. ''It may t'A M,". Sara. Naoman or WlllhtmR. The committee In chan:::e Is eompos- asslIllled," hp Mid. "thnt everyone I hurg, l'plul'J1ed 10 her .homc J~rltlay

• • • ed or r.. E. HUlllzOW, E4 of G ,llLen· I. In the procesR or becoming 0 new after a fpw (lays vl~11 0.1 the 110111" or (lam,,,.I, • IIt. 1l .rhi hOl'g, 1"'PRidel1 t 01' the II.RAoeloletl slu, self. Every day e3.l'h of t1A 1M being :\11'8. Tholl18.R J1'Ianne,·y. MIRA .\loon-

.10)'unl1'1. R~h .. nio: . :\11. "r ('pnnl' rlen IAOfPnglneprl ng, lln<lR_R.WhIP'!, nIOldl'd Inio a new Individual." "" ulAn ntlen~ed th~ t~acllerR lIleH' RA[lldr, waR InJti.IPO 1010 r.ommn pie, A. V. O'tll'len, Ii:. L. Wate,·man,.' Following , PrOCeSMI' Martin's a(I, \ng wh lrh Wa" held nlll", rOil 1'1 hOIl"A Thpto. Phi Monday nlghl, nl lh~ ' C .. 1. ({el ler, (Jllll Ji'_ 1'. N:tvIR of the ' dross, Harry Dnlke,', 1,3 of :\Iarshall. JII Iowa City Thlll·sdn.y "lOll 1"I'I,luy, flrst sO "ol'tl y m.e<>t~ng. 0( fhe ye:l!'. ", eulJy. , lown. p,'eslMnl o(the club lo st y(>o,·.

• • • ,~ddl'ep"ps of IVeleom" will hI' given In(ro!lu~pd lhe oihprR on the Pl'o- Chorl~ A Rlo'ivel' h"" Illl "c' lIn 8(>\1 a ~I .. ~au Alpha loy Presldel1t \Val tel' A . .JesslIp, ·Deoll '-' ,·am. :'Ilelvl n Kelhu" g, Alar Iowa npw ro.,·,

Wee l< emf g.U~st8 at the Zeto. 'l':tU C, C. WIIlIamA, and 11 11" 11:1I1t1.0W. 1"ollA, playpoj n. trllll1ppt 8010 IlCrom, .~ I[lho. sorOl'lty hou1';p wp,'p LlJ('W I.,antern "iltles 01 the dlrfel'rnt rarn' Iln nlell by Sydney Rwlck, D2 or :'[1(1- 1I"lon 1{"lz vlMltNI with fl'l('nd . In Cul vPl' of Atlqntlp , ('1"vO ~pll",· or .pus buildings will be shown, there (lietow". N. y, Morl·l. CllfFel'. A3 or ("pdo.l' RUllids Sunday. Denison. "'la1)pl and Betty Rlrkpat. will be cheel'lng nnd gl'oup singi ng. Cedar Rapids. gave RPveral drrllnatie r ick of NlcholR. Light I'e~"eshments wilt be s~rved. I'eadlng., o.c('ompllnled all the Illano

Marian Schruers Clnd L)lclle Wit, Upper classm~n nr~ each pxppcted ny R~I[lI' Regelman, Al ot 1)e", Main, t1Qk ~p~nt the wpek "nd ul Ih.!11' 10 bring one new student, €R. Som Adlemo.n play"d Mvernl hom,," In Mupenllne. Lnrt'pLiIl H;>~ 'rlano Relectlon 10 complete the [lro-nolrls vlslt~d In '~on'o" .... olnl.

• • • Rlgllla Nu

SI(;,ma. Nu f"ntel'lll,y nnnoullr~f: (h. nlpdp;llI~ or r,~01'l::~ Evan s, .~ ~ of Decolul'. III.. and \Var~el1 jl'letcher, A3 or Des :\Io lnes. '

I' hl Rappa

3cout Fratprnity to I!ma.dca~t tOlli~l&t

FrolU Iowa Union

Omicron chapter of Alpha PhI Ome, ga, national sNut (elloW.!IIII[I frateI" nlty, will brooden s l frOm Town. Union this evening al 8 o'clock, during stu· deot activIties honr.

g,·am. NO.tDtl~ Schoen, A3 or Cednr Rap­

Ids, spc .... tary, arranged the program .

Anltual W. C. T. U. Meet Opens Today

at Marshallto1VIt

l'.J,,, and :\[,·s, O. F. Conklin Visited at the horne of "h's. Kelly of Iowa ('tty.

Morrison Club to M.eet Next Sunday

The Rev. allli MI.,.. Richard :'110' Evoy aft> €Jllf'J'lninlng UlPnll)f't'S or 1 he ::\ro,')'fAOn l~ll1b itl !-" lIpnP I' Ijf-lKi Sunday evening ut six ,,'clo~l: ot rhl' I:Jplscopalian ,'ec lory, 212 A. John· SOil ptl'Ppt. J\ JI those Intpres tPd (It'P

asked. '0 nollty C:11 hpl'fJlP Denn)' , H20,J by Saturday_

First Luncheon fo,. Religious JJI' ",.k (It

LJ nion JJI' ed1U·,~da.y

'1'I1ra ff .. ~ 1 ~pnpl'l1l 11ll)rl1f'on for tlw ('::tmllllR aUd f'/Hlllnllillty l' t·lI.,.loltM WfHI{prR will hf' IJ 1(1 tnlIlO I'l'O\\ ,tHO II III luw n. l!lIlon,

'I'l l,.. 1t11l('11I-'011 I~ 10 li(.> f) wi'f'ldv mp<>II1'j: I'()\' " P lll'~AHItI\lll'e" 1'1'01;1 110" vadou" ,Plhduli. qe,·tH, 1I'1I1e1, will Indud~ I'URIO"~ 11'0'" tilt' ('hur('hf'~f aJ) p(,oli::':-; ;~I) l'''4 In t11 (\ ~ .... hnot ~t "elll"lon, WIIII"m II . ,~Iorgnll, oil, VI~OI' tu ( 'n mllliS l'i~H!,lull~ (lI'p,'unlr .. '1

flon9, !:lIlrl Crlw"lpvflo ('l1n~p , r . \v.t' , A. FE~1·fiol:l 1Y.

Radio COllllUjsRioll to IUlt1 rVCl1e in Di!lpnte

\\ A FIJI INOTlI:.I. Sppl. H lAP) -)';ltJI 0 ~ppnl'nllln, I-!t'fll'ral ('OUrlhi'l

or the radJo ('0111 nd:·nt!4.JJl, ... ·N'Ill · rnt'llcl .. lf louny 11ml 1I1t> ('umllli:- ,inti intervE'JH" III tlill C.H:'IHJteo l'l'lwll'n \VLB "lid WnllM, I~"ll ot :\lInne• J1pOII!i. o\'f:lr flJlOf':.UJuJI I,f tillw nil The schOOl Is an experiment !WOIV'

Ing out of a series oC lectures !\,Iven by .Professor Lampe last year, and Ithose In charge hope that It Will become a permanent Institution.

IIII'. and Mt's. L . D. Douglas, gradu­ates at II\e class or '23, spent the week·end with Mr. and Mrs. D , G. Douglas, 6 E . Washington apart· ments. Mr. Dougla~ Is an Instructor In the Burllnglon high schooL

Phi Ka.rlla · fraternIty anpouncos the pledglnA' 01 Clarence Hal'ly. AS of Ft . Dollge, and F)'~derlel< 1I1c· Glnnls, E1 of In Wltl. Sunday guests at the chapter hOUM were Mrs. W . F . Flnefleld or DplI Moines , :'[1'8. 'r. :\to Boyer nn,1 Dorl~ nnyel' of Dixon, TIl. , Ilnd . Jopk Sou thaI d of Ottumwa.

The program, which will be furn· ished by memberR of Ihp group, In· cludes Relectlons hy tile Alpha Phi (l111~ga 11'10, ."ve,·al lalks and read· Ings, and a. dl'um and bUgle corps. Rpeclal men lion will be mide of the Iowa-Oklahoma A. and j I. footoall A'ume lIere Oct. 4. to which Iowa Boy Scouts have been InvUed by the 11th, letlc department of the universitY.

The W .C.T.U. annual slale can­yentlon begins today at Marshall, town. lIIeetlngs will bp held at (he Christian ~hurch, lind ror tour days, "ddres.~. will be given by prominent memb~r" of the OrganlULUon. The convention will c1os~ Friday with on nil dny spulon and a bnnqurt In the ttvpntng.

J(aJ)P~ Dell!, llop \\,.1\" le"rrh jollllll' H~"II'''''<1 I"

Newrnan Clu.b to Initiate Torn(Jr!,'o.w

Evening at Meeting

:'IiI'S. A. 0, Trowbridge, commls· ~Ione,' of the Iowa City council o[ Girl Seouls. and Volo"e B. Davis. la­Qal director will leav .. tor the natloll· a! convention of GIrl SCOUl dlrecto,'s at Indianapolis, Ind., today,

Adam Roth, Jr., E1 of West LIb·

· ~ . <'hi Olflt'ga

Chi "mega tlnnO\lnrps Ing of Gla,l';< ~lll1el'i AI rant.

• • • Si~lt1" Nil

the plpdg or Domlu-

New membol·. of N~wman club, erty. spent the week·end Wit II his Catholic s tUdenL organization, will parents,

Oue~t. o( Sigma Nil n'a rernlty for Iho wepk end w~~p ClIpn Doville of Fairfield, John Hanrock or :'IllIw~u· llee. Wi" .. 'LoniR Itpn of Cllnlon, John Vosmek of Cpa.l· Ra_plctk Iln~

Several broadcast. during the yeat: ilre being planned by (he group, DC,

('ording of Frank SwlRher, chairman of the program commltt~e.

be Initiated wheil (he club meets for ·the flrst time this yea,', tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. In the gymnasium of Rt. Patrick's .~hoot.

Jl!an Beyer, A3 of Carroll, 'Pre81~ent of t11e club, will 1><' In charge ot.the Jnitlatlon. Dancing will complete the . evening's entertainment. Any­one Interes ,eil In joInIng Newman club should cnll MisS Beyer at ' tIle Theta Phi Alpha hOUge,

Two hundred .tudents attended ~he mixer which the club gave at ~t. Patrick'. gymna.lum FrIday eveplng. Betl Bowman'. orch!!,Stra furnished t he music tor dancing. 'l'he Rev. Wm , P. Shannahan, pastor Of St. Patrick', Church. acted as chaperon.

La Va,lln Heyman, 112 of Moville, "PPnt Ihe week'end In Cedar Ra.I)lds.

RIchard ROBS, AI of West Liberty, spent the week-{'od with his parents.

\V. G. Eldridge or \Voshlnglon ha ~ bp!l'un work for thp Boyle insurance ng.>ncy In Iowa. c ity.

!~~~~',;':nr;II'"' T.eonnrd S~lIs of In· Morrison Club Picks

N h • M· °h dis T(mswell us President ort west " et 0_ t Tbe follOWing o((JcerR were ~Iected Confer~llce Ad'journs at Ihe rtr~t meeting or the Morrison

. club Sunday evening at the pariRh ------ 1 hOIlRP: Bert Tanswell, A4 oC Bland, STORM LAKm, R~pl. 29 (Al" - IQrd, Eng .. 'presldrnt: H-ber Loyce,

The , ~orthW~Rt c.lJllf~rehce of tlie Vice-president; John Howe SeQil. G lIIetbodl.( EpIACOpa.1 church a~, jourllPd today ufter announcing of Iown City. .ecre~o.ry-trpasurer; Jerume Walsh and Vlvla.n Kuhl.

eopnomores at the un h'er.s lt y. were w ek end vIsitors In l1u.venporl .

mlnl~tprlal appolnlmenl. tor the "'13ry ~lcLaugI1I1n, A" or Newlon, corning yenr. chairman of the soelo I ~ommlttee;

In~lud"d In Ihe assignment. was CalhMln e Weber, A3 of 10wo City, Helen aalC~y of \Vlltlamsburl\' tha.t Of the Rev. Herbprt Clpgg of l'reakto9t cho.h'man,

spenl Ih. wpel, end wlt.h Vera. lion, Rpence" as ~llPerlnten<lent at the >on, A1, 123 N . DlIbuque "Irc:e!. Ft. DodA'e (URtrlet to surCPpd the Mr. (Iud ]Jlrs. Wlrite;"

-r--- Rev. E. C, McCn<1e of )j'1. Dodge y /';' •• • • Mr, And Mr,. W. D. Cluhlne anrl who rpslgned to ,u;cept the paslor, r lSltln.g In Cfty

. dnughlCl' 1Ia. Belle, nJallche PetPI" !lie of a. HaRtlngA, Nebr., CIILII!c h. Mr. anll ~f' ·8. W. R. Whlle!/l, .Tr , }Irs l' an Epps to . on, and n,nlel rlublne, nil or Dunk, Mr, McDade hall bPen n. JlJet}lodlst of LOR An"el.. Cal om ' p(' ndlnl.\'

G. .D 1 f ... , a P\\' W~f' ~ n _ )t~ IOI11P 0 . l' r . • .,'(on. and MI'. and JIll'S. R.emml~ mlnlatel' In Iowo fOt, ofi years 6 at I r' ~k I' 11 " I . {'I r.ve TraveloDup.. I ,-el111llP 0 Je~.up. lVe,: cn Ilel's at which he served as (llstrlct super· Wldl.h' fnl MI'. Dr. \\'. n. Whll~IR,

e . I.e Eli ~r~ .. e, hOmA. 1-5 N. Dubll' Intend.nt 3" L . Members of Ihe depal'lmpnt OfRO" que ",,'~et, Sunduy. ' _4 eXmgl~1I "VPIIllP. 'fhp roujll~

clal SCle""e of Ihe lowa Cily Wo0 __ • ,mo de Ihe lI'lJ? pn~~ by mOIOl· . mans' club wltl mAIlI OCi. n [01' 0. ,lop. M, M~C~r'y and H,,'o11 .JDmps\ F d 1 A-' f :'III','. WhitelR. 'he fOl'mp,. !{,llhOl'-12130 1l1l1~l1oon at Youde. Inn. Mrs. of Wlltlams burg' ottpl1deo the Iowa, e era Jrcra t I"A .ouren of lhlH rill'. nllellde(l thp Clarence Von F.pps will give " Bradley foolball ~ame here Bawl" Rule Vi 1 to Unlve,.lIy of low. In 19 ~~_~.; "lid ,travelogue ,'plal1ng hel' pxpe"lence~ dn)' . ,0 a rs was arrtIlRI"11 with ilplin C1al1lmo In Europe thIs summ.,..· Held for Grand Jury soro,'lty, whUp :'f,·. WhllplH WD" a

"Iudellt nt thA unlvPI·.II}' In 1921 ·2 :1

Mrs. John Briggs to Entertain Club

Sigmtt Delta Phi to Discuss Debate'

OWE1'lRBOIW, Ky .. Seill. ~~ (A PI -Th"pe men eha~ged with Ilavlng 10M a port In the IitrplanA bombing Of Web.ler county coal mines la"i July wp,·~ b"ought here 10dBY to he taken to Louisville Wbel'fl the grand jury now Is InvestlgrlUllg the clise.

a.nd was n. melllhpJ' or RJgma ~lt fl'(I ..


Reprl'l'enlallvP9 (rant loy;a City are MrA. B: E. )'fanvllle, lIresldent oC the local IInlon. :\I'rs. E. A. Putnam . the county vice-president. and 1\1rs. J. W . Anderson.

Important ",peakeI'. at Ihe conven­tion ore Ida R. Wls4> Sml1h. ~tate 1II'Psidefll, who will gIve her nnnual address (omorrow evening, Earl C1odwln, publlrlly dlrprto!, for \V.C. 'l'.LT., Mro. Mal'gorrl C. Munn, na­(lonal Ire08uI'pr, Agne. llomupl""n , ~tate BUlIel'lntendenl ot publlo In­struction, Mrs. Jean.tte :'I1QJ1n, 0 n3· ~Iohal leclurer from Roelon, ~!" •. Loretta lTa),man , Fanny A. Drum­mond, from Oberlin, OhIo, Ii:. C. Yel­lowley at the llrohtLltlolI comml., klon of C1,lr:\II:O, !lnd 1110's. Houlder from Australia.

Chrill#ttn Scientists to MI'Pt Tornorrow

Tb9 Chri~tlnll f;c1pnce society of th .. "nlvprslty will hold 0. regular meeting at 7:15 p.m . lomor"ow even, Ing In the IIberol Ol'ts drawing roam. JIll sludpllts are Invited.

(;nl1111la. Phi Th-Ia I

r.UPRtS· at Ihe namina Phi nela housp. t hlq In8t wppll,end were ~It·.

nM . . frs . J. T,. Hprl1lan of Peol'i •. III " ;III. an~. ~11·". F. A . Byers, fI 1.0 of peol'ia. WI"na Bowmon IIf Ft . ~loc1lsol1 alld Ol'olehl1n .131 kal or ~Ia<on (,Ity.

J<nppn Up1in ~m'o]'11 \' all 1101 I Uf\ ... 1 llwl1l. the pIPr1.~lng or J)OlvUly HUgt", .\21 'l'he {'onllnls~lon 1'fo('(llvl'41 :1 .,//,,1· ot r dft" Ral)! .ts. plaint fl'oll1 "'LH rlo :1I It w,to 1111-

"hl~ 10 "A'rPe "von n dlvl.lnn whl(' h woul<l ""ahle It (0 bl'o!lucnst 10011",11 110111,,-. :-;0 ,,,,li(1O hos yet 1I(' \'t} if' t~tU\ .

AlI lOltlohile Plunges Inlo Crevic('; Kills

Two, Injures Two

(lfli';I·;L IW , CuI., Keill. 29 (Ai') -~I~wo nwn Wt·t'(l ({lIJ~d and lWO otliN'S Injured IlJI 1 heir aulomobJle plunged Int" II f'r('vil't' I'flllHf-O by t'(-rellt hf'3.­vy lull1. "" II highway \lI'IIiS COli' Alrll e lNI I~ IIlil"" IlOrlh 01' W'celey I'll e I "day

'I'h, tlp,,, I' .1. H. CHII.;IIIt" ~5. 01 \'10, y,·n'h!, IYvo , formel'l)' or ABhtnl'd, Al'lc, tllHl Jolin AI noW, 25, who~{. htSL It llo\\'u I ltltlt'I'R~ i!i t:attl, H I) .• L!v('t'Ptt 1'11" ,1 01' B'lIll, W!" II III11jlll·pd.

IIIJllI'p!l IlIdllrl, '<I ('111'1 M. HI!lit, )loll Lal,~ Clly, .OId l.. \ J onps, Cheyenne, \\' '0.

$16U (;M Nintiull Rollb.ry 1,"1' MAOIKO:-.l (A'P)-A filling Rt(l..

thin atlf'ntl!tut I'P('(- tvptl a. telephone ('ull :-;lInllll)' nll'hl Inllll'ming 111m that a IlI(jHnj~1 w.t~ 11l'lXJous to huy gnso· 1111' nl :,: ~r, II II' .• \1ondnl'. n.OIl"ned thp blnLlon and l\ halldH ,'f'lIf'ved hIm u[ the, I CO hp look In Sunday.

The IIt~I'Orll"e department ot the Jowa City Womall's club wltl meet today a.t tlte horne of Mrs. John Ely Briggs, 013 K Dtoomlngton street. Mrs. Thoma" R . 'RPe"p. Is the leader, ,Each mpmb..- will g ive a three min' ute re~llmp of their Rummpr reading,

Royal Neighbors to Have Booster Meeting

Josephln; Ball. AS of Fairfield, ;>rpgldent of RlglnP Della Phi. hall· Ol'Ory forpnslc ,oro rlty, announced yestprday (hat Ih~rl.' wlll be a lunch · (On of the sorol' lIy at Towo. Union thls noon . Inter<'ollpglatc D.nd In­tersororlly debale 11I'ogl'ams Will bp. dfcldPd upon. It I" the CUstom of the " roup to hold 1>I,monthly lunch· eon!!!.

• • • PHI Om6ga

'rhe lllp.n, Jasper Sigler, canon Vaughn and Elgin Morris, are Web· ste.· county con I mIners. They aI''! charged with a con"plrQ('y lo via­IMe f.i1fl,·a l oloocl'ofl rules In ClOll '

nectlon with Ihe bombl~g. 'I'hey "'''''e 'll'r~.ltd In \Vcbstel' COUI)ty yeRterduy.

·5 Ca,load Po~aJoe. 0J.l Excitingly New!

Roy.! Neighbors of AmerIca will hold a. IlOO"l~I' me,'llllg tomorrow at 7:80 p .lII . In i he Rlltlma.n hall , Camps from Cedar Rapid., Lone rrree, Pal'llell alltl Rhueyville have iIleep Invlt et! to 11.llelld . Mrs. Flol" ence BII'J;e" of "Iaplploll "nr( Mr~. Gl'9.ce Bedtord 01' b .. Moines. , Io.i supel'vlslng del)utles, Ivlll be pres ent. All men\',e"5 arl) tlrged to at· tend.

Dancing Schoo

Have jUHt returned from Chicago with all the latest dances. 1'he "University Drag" is the one dance that took th€.' first prize in New York and Chicago at the: Dancing Masters Conven­tion of which I am a me'm­bel', "The University Drag" is danced to the ' music "If 1 had a Girl Like You." The next dance which went over big is the "College Glide" and the "Strut." danced to the mu­Sic "Swinging in thel Ham­mork,"

Phone 114 Burkley Hotel ' Prol. Rougnfon .

1'. 1 Om~gll, ti,'nla l fl'ote"nlly, 011'

nounres the 1)ledglnf( of Pnlll O·Npli. DI. at' New H alllptoll .

Twelve IlerRonR now are uncle" ttl··

I'e~t In eonn@ction wl'h .he bomb' Ing.


Know the

Thrill of.Onr

Expert noomy CII\ture

Let us sh.b,w yo .... what skiUea QPer~tor8 can

do wi.th hair, with face or 'with s~in.

Waves and .bobbing that reveal 'he fre8~t8~

(ideas are availa~le now to our patro~fs.

Phone 3386 for Appointment •

Hazel"s 'Btanty S,hoppe South of ,PrlneetJ8 Floftr Shop


. \ r

, '

Triumphs-.U. S. No.1 Very _Hlltlflt .Quolity

$2~20 Per Hundred 'Lb. Bag

25 Bag Lots $2.10

Per Hundred Lb. Bag

~arly ,O~ios Genuine Red River

$2.3!l Per HlI~lrlrf\d Lb. Bag

TIWAf' Pri~"8 are f~od lor Today Only. Order Now

Economy Stores 217 S. Dubuque

Phone" 966.986·967·862 :24 ,E. Washlnlton

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Clt>1't'r Ilt>tv f(lS/tioltll '/Ull you'(l ""1)"" SlIlf lJf'ct Ilu'Y cmU only . . $15. 1'lwt's becmu*, tl/flY (/t" slylf'(ll'ig"t ••• fIJ;'" flil"Ollf>itP

li""s, 1~0Ipro8, orllmnt>",,,d slpt>t)Ps,

color' (,01'''·(I.d. Sf'l' '),em. 10(ifIY-

Clevt'r Little 1I0uRe Frocks Ie

$2.95 Values for

11.49 '. ~

(lIId t"t' ilJ/mt/rt...,i(l1J 0/

Limited (~roup of 19.0G . 1\

Sum Rler Frocl./! • $3.98




Officer Tries I to Kill Mate II :, I Shoots SI ~tlcmpts Murder

Suicide, Tbeory 0

Investigators ,. WASlllNO'l'ON, Sept. 29 (i'

The findIng or evidence tllClL Col, Rlclrtll'd n. Croccy of the 11

corps had atto.cllcd his wife " Mtohet In the Mayflower hate

tcrdllY befol'e l<flllng himself " J'evolver was announced today lice.

Ortlclals believed also the t,' was p'·cmedltttted. Tracing thl pons uscd, dctcctlves found Ihe hatchet n.1'(l .38 cullbc,' l'evolve been pUl'chnaed IlY Ihe marin! eel' Inst Sntlll'<!lly.

Inspector William S. Shclhy, of Washington detectlve~. I, nounclng the rcsults or tt 24 ho vestigatlon. In which tt mUl'lnc at Inquest tts wcll us pollee had part, said he bcllevcel It PI'OV(

yond reasonablc noubt the cas. one at "atlCIl111tccl nlUI'UCI' aile elde.

!>Ianwhlle, the wife of thc u­otrleer, wllh three deel) h! wounds In tlte bnck of hel' sl(ull fighting for life at tho em on J.ospltal. Attcndants said silo to regain consciousness once d the day. Pollee ",wulto,l a sto.l< from her beCore announCing tht definitely closed.

Emergency Rey lIsed , The body of tho 49 year old III

ornCer, who was sc.COJ1d 1 n com or the lIaltl constabulttry was ne covered by atlendants at the Clower hotel Sunday UClCI'llOOIl hours atte.· the lrogedY ha.d OCCl When etforts by malds to ope' door with Ol'dlnUI'y pass I'e)'. f an emergency key was used.

Mrs. Creecy, still parlly cons( ",118 round on the f1001' beside a b

A consl<leJ'able slim of money jewels we~e found untouched " room, together wllh railroad I v!llIons to New YOI·k. The C' were to hn.ve departed Sunday 11

Ing tor Haltl, where Colonel (;, was to resume his post.

That tho marine officer purel the two weapons was believed b, spector Shelby to put an end t( theory advo.llced by E . C. C,' father or the lieutenant colonel, his 80n ha.d been l11u,'dered.

ShOW1' Se"eral Halchets Inspector Shelby dlsclo"ed Illl

day, however, that a young cle, one of the largest Washing-ton I ware stores had correctly de""1 the teatures a nd clothing- of the rlne ofticel' a. the purchasel' 01 hatcllet, and had later luenllfl e( body. Creecy had been shOwn ol'al ho.tchets, the clerk testified, had made a ca,'eCul eelectlo".

Another c1el'k In a .po,·Ung g Itore, after definitely Identlcylng dead man, said Creecy had tolel he wanted "to to.ke this l)istol me to the trolllcs."

A box at 50 ca,·tddges wa. cllased at the sume time, th" t ffald, none of which, II'ltlo lhe 0>

lion of the fIve In the revoll'c,' cl bel', have yet been (0 una. Col CreecY, the clerk said, goa vo his n and address befol'c lNlVhlg the 81

Huckins Case Hanging Firt inLinnCoul

CEDAR RAPIDS, Sept. 29 CAl' ]'Il'st testimony In the trial of 1'1 S. Huckins or Hancock, Wla., un tlrst of three charg~s Of ohtni! moncy by (alse pretrnses I. not t1clpated before ItHe Tuesdo.y 0" \, nuday morning, counsol lntlnu tOday. The churges grew out t 26 and 52 per cent tlll!lllclal bonu In which Investo"s arc sltld to II ~Qnk several million dollars .

A pallel of t6 Jurors, eight 01 wI .... ore women, had been eXllll1hleli County Attorn.'y Clu·! He ndl'le~ tonlgbt and R. S. IIflhte,·, olle of derense counsel. hael eX(I.mlnml when court was adjoul'IlCli. S, \Ion ot a. Jury Is not expectcll bel lomorrow noon following which torneYa wllltl]llke their oponlng sl Dlent!.

AI the case opened, WaiteI' J. ill craver, chIef defens~ COU1l81l1, ol!j od to King Thompson, asslstllltt c' ty attorney, being ullowed to :lld the grounds that Thompson Is 11 111

ber of the luw firm which I'elll'e", eel HuckIns' InvclitOI'M In "ecent e' IUItS. Artel' n ~onfe'·ence. ;1 II "go ~ til permitted Thompson lo I'eiliuli

Huckins apI)eared In the cu tuom ttlone and seemed to \Je In Il health and spl rH, lie would lIot I 1\'lth rePQrte"s, relerrlng them to .. ttornCYIi. Neither his wife, ,I'n< hor his SOli, George, wa. In court.

Girls' Sports Year to Start With Play Da An Intt'llmural plr>y day undel'

lusplccs ol the women's physIcal IlcaUon department will bo held n Saturday f,'Ob 9:30 to 11. This ev 'vIII Inn.ugut'ate a p"actlco comn On other' campuscs anti If suece8~ _he depart mont 1)lans to hold st Illeet. ove"y Year.

Four COlOr tcam~ will COI11 I)ete ~ewce golf, 'flsL blIl1, dodgo bull, k 111.11, QBrmll.n but ball , ho,'seehe relaY8, ana volleyball. ]J;ach I IIttendlng wtll be given a color l "Jill Play fo,' lhllt tellll1 In .evel'ul .hlllle activities. Aft. ,· the gUll

refreshments will be sC"ved ""<1 ~hort talk wil l be given by EII?,ab, Hat.e" director of W0l11en's .I)IIYII l14ucatlon,

Girl. not living In 801'0rlty hou II,! dormitories nl'1l ul18ed by the at \tI, partiCipa te l\nd make tho day ,11 ulIlv.relty lY21lla.11', event\

1t·j\dl·cl t he ~ixth iiallon­(0 I'ij!:ht : Bi~l1o)J ,10,

1'0 l<'nlUnsolli-Hiondi. ishoJl .I 08~ph Hchl'embs

" ,lIvlAlon IL 10 11I'0l'uca,t 1,,' llnn llns yet

('01.. HI')l1. 29 (AI') -(,UI"II nn!1 two oth .... r auLomoblle Illunced f·.",,~n by r(lC'en l hprJ·

n hlsl1way ".h'll rOil' nllh'~ nodI! (lj' O"(lfl}flY

.I. It. (·tlll..:ihh~. 35, or • rormel'ly or JlRIII! ... ,I. }\l'IlUI(l. 2;', \\'hO~ll hlHt

i. I::lth. S I)., L:v.rl'tt WlU IlnIJlJIII't·d. 1111,·,1 ('u, I M. 1I"'tt. Halt

alld 1. \ JOII~S. Cheyenne.

(:". Siotion Uol)b~ry )LSON (''''>I-A tilling ktn.. I. lit '~l·l'lv.·tl It telephone

nlJlht Inrorml ng hln. Ihat W;t~ [In'Xinu~ til huy g0!10'

U "I. ~Ion~nl'. Ile oPRned • nol a handll r,·II.vel! him he took In Sundny.

(,Ollt onlv

ll illlOlIf'Iti'

('Iioll oj


Officer Tries ,I to Kill Mate; 'I ,~ , Shoots Self

!\llempts Murdcr and Suicidc, Theory of


WASHINOTON, Sept. 29 (A P) -

The flndlllg o[ evldenco thal J,leut. Col. Richard B. CI'oecy ot tho marIne corps had tllto.cl,cd hIe wl[o with a hatchet In the Mayr!ower IlOtel yes· ie"day before l'llling him "cit with a revolver was ullnounced today by po· J1 c~.

Octlclals believed (llso the U'agcdy " ..... p,·cnlcdltated. Troclng the wea· pons uscd. detectlvcs round the heavy hatchel and .38 call1lo,' revolve,· had been pUl'chnHed by thc marIne offl· ce,' last Salul'<ltw,

In.pecto'· William S. Shelhy. chid ot Washington dctectlves. In an­nouncing the rcsult. or a 24 hou,' In· vestlgatlon . In which a murlnc buard of InqueRt tis w~1I a" I'ollce ha,1 tuken part. sald ho belle"cd It ))I'oved be· yond reasonablc doubt the cU'e was one of "attctnl>tcll nllll'dor anti sui· clde.

Manwlllle. the Wife o( lhe mltrlne oWcer, with three dcell hntchet wounds In the back of her skull. was fighting for lire at the emcl'!l'ency hOspital . Attendants sal,] she tailed to reg .. ln con"clousncss once dU"lng the day. Police "waited a statemcnl rrom her beforo announcing the case de(fnltely closed.

E'oergency R ey l'sed . The body of tho 49 year old marino of(jcer. who was oceond In command of the Halll constabulary was nOl dis· covered by attendanls III the M!LY' flower hotel Sund .. y artemoon unlll hours arte,· the trllgedy had occurred. When etro,·ts by maids to Ol>en the door with ordlna"y pass ke)'S flllied. jln emergOllcy key waS used.

Mrs. Creecy. still partly con8clou8. was found on the tloor beside a bed.

A considerallle slim of mon ey and Jewels were found untouched In the rcem, together with rallroad re"er· vallone lO New YOI·k. Tlw couple were to have departed Sunday mo,·n. Ing for Haltl. where Coloncl CI'eecy was to resumo hi. posl.

That the marhle offlcer purchased the two weapons was believed by In· spector Shelby to put an end to the theory advanced by E. C. Creccy. father of thO Ueutenant colollel, lhat his son had been murdered.

Shown Sel'era l Hatch'l s Inspector Shelby dlsclosNI latl' 10 '

day. however. thai a young cieri' In ono of the IlIrgest Washington hard· ware stores had conecUy described the features and cloth In" of the rna· rlne oWce" as Ihe purch"se.· o( the hatChet. and hnd later IdentIfied his body. Creecy had been shown sev· eral hatchets, the clerk tcsWled. allu had m .. de .. e'1I'eful selectloll.

Anothe,' cl rk In a spo,·tlng AOou. store. after deClnltely IdenllCylng the ~ead man. said Creecy had tulr! him he wanted "to take tbla 1)lslOI with me to the lI·O\llcs."

A box ot .0 cartl'ldges Wa" 11U,·· chased at the Rme time, the clerk l!ald, none of which, with the exce l" tlon of the, five III the re"Ol\'e,' cham· ber. have yet been round. Culon,,1 Creecy. the derk ",llll. gave hla name and ad<.lre •• before leavlllg the store.

Huckins Case Hanging Fire in Linn Court


CEDAR RAPIDS. Sept. 29 (A.P) -First testimony In the trial oC J;;lmc,' S. Huckins ot Hancock. Wis .• Ull the tlrst Of three charges o[ ohtalnlng money by false prelenseH ls not an· tlclpated before late Tllesduy 01' \\'e<1· Maday morning . counsel Intln,aled tOday. The chu"g 8 g"ew Ollt of a 26 and 62 por cent flnanclnJ IJollllnza In whleh Investors ar~ sul(l to huvo Bunk 8everal mllllon tlollnrs.

A panel oC 16 jllrors. eIght of whIch " 'ere women, had been examlllell b)' County Altornt!Y Cal'l lJenul'lck so n tonight and R. S. JIflh'e", onl\ of Ihc defell8& counsel. had eJtamlnctl I~ \\Ihen court was adjourned. Sel-c· tloo or a jury Is not expected bl'CO' .... tomorrow noon followIng which "l· lorneys will make theIr oponlug Hlutc· lI'enlS.

As the case opened. " -'liter J. BIlI' II ' ,rover. chlcf deCense COUIISOI. "llject· cd to KIng Thompson. n88lstll llt <,olin· ty altorney. being allowed to aid on the ground. thUl Thomp.oll I. a melll' ber or tho law firm which repl'e"c llt· @() Huck)ns' Invuto ... In rec"nt ~Ivll lults. Alter n conference • .Judgo ~IOf · ti t permitted Thompson to r Dloln .

Huckins appeared In the cU'"'l t oom alooo and seemed to \Ill In gooLl health and s pIrit , He woult] nol tull< 1I>lth rOPorte '·8. reterrll,g lhell' to I'ls • ttornOYH. Neither his wltc. ,Imella. I\or hi . 80n, Oeorgo. \Va~ III COLII'!.

Girls' Sports Year to Start With Play Day An Intralllural pI,,>, dul' undo" tI,·

IU8PIC<!8 oC the women's physlCtll ell· Ilcatlon dopar lillen t will b() hold nox'l tlaturday frob D:30 to 11. This event "'ill Inaug urate a pl'aetice oommon ~n othel' cantll U ~C8 and If s uceesstul tho dCPIl.'tmcnt plans to hold such Dltet, evory YCal'.

Four color tearnA will compete In Sleewee golr. tiel boll. dodge bull. kIck btLll, German but ball. Jlo'·.e8hoc8. rel.ye. and vollcyball , Each lWI .ttendlng will be given a color and 'Will Play to I- that telllll In "overal or these actlvltlcH. A ftor the glll11~ re(reahmentA will be so"veil lLnd a ~hort t.lk will be given by Elizabeth Italley. director of wOlllen'a physical ~uc .. tlon.

GIrl, not living In 80rorlty 110ueu ., dorm Ito riel are urged by Ihe s taft \II partlolpate and make th day an til IIIIIv.nll¥ l!~ma.n·. event,

Minncsota Trapper on Trial for Murder

Troops Hold Jailed Negro

Against Mob GRAND RAPIDS, Minn .• Sept. 29

(AP)-Juy 00111(1 n ath. northern Minnesota trappCl·. Went on tr'lal III ~18lt'lct court he"e to~ny on a cha"go ot th'st degree mu,·der. 1'ho stllte "I. leges he fl rcult .hot which c"used tho HUNTSVILLE. AI .... Sept. 29 (AP) de .. th ot Norman D. Fal .. banks. S.... -Natlon .. 1 gUa"d"men tonight were ~elluty gome WII,"~OIl ot Hlbbh,g. Illst ut Maulson county jal! where O. E. "lwlng. Hende .. so n, Neg"o, Is held as a sus'

Ha,'vcy Kulnvllr. deputy gamo peCI In the s laying of H. E. Ross, wardon, tho !J"Sl wlules. Co.. the bu"lne"s mun. by a bu '·sl .. r In his stnt • positively h10ntlflcd Hcnth '''' home he"e Sntm'day night. Ihe mun who shot Fuh'balll<" Apt'll The troops were called atter several 24, causing conwUcatlolls trom which hun,I"~d mcn had gllthered auout the the IIlUer died May 3. I jnll a nd some one had shouto~ they

Kulllvar salel he "lid 1",\I .. IJnlll" hnd would "/:'et hIm." gone 10 Heath's cabin In tJr,' WolC TI,. trool'" fh'ed n volley Into tho Litke dlstdct to IlIvc~ 1 I::rw :rlh'~"tll nJr' lI'hen tho .rowd failed to heed or· l1Iegn.l tl'uppillg. ~ lIe.'N to L1lsper~c. but ol'det WUS Boon

5 Iowans Die in WeekEnd Auto Mishaps

(lly The A"s"ciah·tl l'rcs_1 l?ivc I owu.ns wurr' 1<111 (,\1 I n IllIli)nlO'

bile accidents over lh" w('('k·pnd fwd

l\JondAY while two others <lied In oth .

e" mlshal>S. ThuI'mlUl Lal'key . aG, or MaQuo­

kela, was 1<l lI ed Monda)' when hi s au· tomoblle ovel·turned ncar there 11.8 he rounded n curve.

John Kln.sler, 36, :111r1 his sister, Anna Kinsler, 40, of Acldey, wero killed In an automobile collision thcre In which another "1~ler, Ella IOa.ler. was InJUl'ed se,·lously.

Kennelh Kh,cey, 20. of .llarcus, and Betty Mill •. 9. of KIngsley. wcre killed near LeMars wh~n Kineey ·. cal' ovrrtlll'nNI In Il dllch . The glrl's mother, M,·s. 01 n MlIJ •• wu. cut lLnd b"ulsed and hcr b,·other. Max. 4. .cI·lously h u ,.t.

Harvey Hanse n. 13. of No,·thwood. WlI./j killed when ruh ove,' by a wagon. Clessie KInney. of OttUnlwa., WClS

bU"ned fatally when ke,·o.ln e with which she attempted to light a nrc In u .. restaurant slove CXIJlodctl.

Guests Won't Eat, Waullan Shoots Them

S1'E1~LEl. N.D .. S"pf. 20 (AP)-An· ~el'ed becaUse guests at his farm home did not eat enouA'h watel·mel· on to Illease him, Augu Sl "-aullan, 01. shot one man to deaUI und wound· ('d two othel" pcrSOllfi nceu' Tappan Sunday. Waull~n was In Jail lOday while county a uthorlllc. p"epared lo test his sanity.

Edmund G. Motl . 3] . WlUl killed as he was Rtelllling Into hi. ca ,· with 0.

2 yea" old ehlld In h Is arm. \>,·enal'a· tor)' to INlvlllg the Woullan (arm arte,· qual'rcILn~ with his hOHt. lie died from It s hotgun chlLrge which rllerced his chest. The Imh)' wa" In· jurNI.

After shootlo): ~lOtl. "'aullan \\ounden lI enry I'ttpn. 3U. and Cal'l "~nneburg, JO . and then eha"cd thcm :"C ,'O"S the n"lds while :111'.. :'>Iotl lllana,ge <.1 to slurt the car und l't;CRIX'. " 'aullen fled but was arrested when he "eturned to hi. Mme early today.

\Vnullan, it wJdowel" who Jived :done, uuthorHle!!l saId, and became alone. had Invlled the \larty to cat watermelon at hi. home. authe,·lUes Bald. and became nng"y after Ihe ~JaLls declined additional helpings. Ala"med al thell' hot's actlens. thc l'ul'ly WW:! pl'cpartn,; to Icave , .. 'h en II-au llan appetlrcd with a Shotgun and opcncd Ure.

Widow Kills Self in Artist Colony Home

HOCKPOR'J'. Ma8s .. Sept. 2~ (A PI - )11'1'i. 'l'hornuli P . Btu'uett. 54, widow of " prominent St. l.AJuls ar -hltcct anll Ilulnter. and 1\ su mmer vl.ilo,· at Ihe al'tI"t colony al Benl'sl<ln Neck for many year •• chose Ihe first an· nlve"slll'y of he,' husband's bu rIa l 10 commit su lcJde in the t;CnShO l'o col · tage In whiCh she IIve,\ alone.

lIer body was found In ued tollay by Police hlcf John E. Sulllv"n. A bullclt wound plP"re,1 hpr I'I~ht tern· 1)1 .. and 011 lhe flool' the"e IllY lL .a~ caliber pl.tol.

'fhe Iln.t 8Co""n wu" tile flrst In many yenl's that hpl' husband had 110t come to Olou c ster with h er alld ~h·s . Darnctt hlLd plllnned to 1'""5 tho wintel' hel' ruther than to I'P' IUrn 10 St. ),ollis. pollct; alld me<llenl examiner Oeorge O. Bailey of Ip · swlch believed I hltt the PI'osllcct of " lon ely winter Induced despondency lUld l'c8ulted In suicide.

A noto slven to a friend fl'ltl neigh· ho,'. M,'.. ;Io hn S. HIggins. asked I hat a sL,tCJ·. "fr~. A. I •. :l1cC811 of J acl<sollvllle. Ill.. be notl!led . When Mrs. 'Barnett gav~ Mr • . Hlggl". the Kelllcd envelope contalnl"g thc nllte HOltle time ago sho told her ft WIlij l" 'b~ openect "only In casu ~omethlnll

happens to m~.'·

The letter cllrcrtr d that ho,' boay be cremated Il.t ~IL Aul)lll'll ccme· tery. Cl'mlJrlrlse. anll tho M h". "Pllt to SI. Louis.

DANCE Dexters'



Sept. 30 Oakwood Pavilion

Wellman, la.


FIr·.t troollS moblUzCd wel'e ,·cln · fll"ced this nfter noon by n. company from Athens. Ala. Tho guardsmen wcre r e'tuestOO b)' probnto Judge 1'" ,,1 SIJ<!akc and SoUcHor J ames PI 'lde who ~ald they feu red the cruwd IlIlght overpower M .. dlson counlY 0[ ' flee,' •. H('nfl('r~on was n l'r('stcd on II. train

a l Dec"lur yestcrday a nd relul'Il",1 here It~ a .U81>cct. Officers 80 ftlr have not poslUvely Identified "h" as the s layer of nos. and the one who "Iso wounued ~'I r". noss as he rIc~ lIu'ollgh the kitchen. A hat dl'opjJetl by the Intl'lldc,' Clts H"nder80n anti his "hoe. (It the tmeks outsIde thc I Hos" horne.

Mrs. Hoover to Make Gift of Doll House

WASrUNGTON. Sept. 29 (AP) -A unique doll house, the gIft O( Mrs. Il e"ber t Hoover. will p"ecede the fl, ·osldent·. wife to Indlanapolls lO' night for the sixteenth annual con· ventlon or the natIonal Olrl Scouts which open. there Wednesday,

It 18 nn ex .. ct reproduction of the Olrl Scouts' Illtle house ln Washing· ton. It wlll be exhibited thrOUghout the week.

M,· •. Hoover will spend two days :t.t the convention which last. until Sat· u,·d .. y. She 1)I'obably wlll glvo Iln In· fO"mnl talk although she Is not 011 the P'·Og-,·lUll . Th e th'st 1M>' will wear t he cotton 8toc klngs. grey green unl· tm·m. and gl'een felt hat of the CiI'l Scout •.

II 18 lhe first time a. presldent'~ wlfo hae attended such a meeting.

Thc doll hOus~, obOut 24 1I)('he. high. was made al national Olrl Scout I,eadcluarte"s In New yo,'k after a c"nrtsmun had vIsited the IIltle house here. The dolls In It are dl'essed In scout unICoI·m.

Ariel' the Indianapolis convcnllon lIW 110uae will be senl ove,· the coun' try to variOUS Girl Scout call1ps.

The little house Is pattel'lled after t h ~ oW home of John HOWard Paync. a uthol' of "Home Sweet llome." with ItA green shuILe,'s, white woodwork. Ahlnlng bra"s knocl(cr a nd harmonl· ous rUrnlsh lngs.

Hartwick Conducts Prof. MOlt's Classes

Ilal'l'Y JJurtwlck, Insll'uclol' In 8ngllHh, 1m,. been "ppolnted tu con· duct the gngUsh classes Of P,'of. 1"l'A.nk Luthe,' ;-'Iott, dIrector ot thc schOOl of jOurnallsm. during the al>­"~l1ce or the iatter this week and n{"xt.

Amollg the cou,·s.s w1l1 be $hol·t Htory which I. broadcast Tuesdays and Thul'~day" at 2 p.m. . ovor WSUI. '

lIa"lwlck wus fOl'mcrly 1l.S"I~tant edlto,· oC The 1Ilidland and has had " numbel' of stories Jlubllshed In lhat mngazlne and olher publica· tions. He wa. listed 1n 0'D~len'8 lJOOk ot l)Csl short storlcs for 1930.


Officers of Defunct Bank Held for Trial

VAlHl" IELD. l:icpl. 29 (AP..-Tl,o "IIHe' Of l:itanley W. IIllll111ln!;' ' ind .r. A. III·oWII. orClc!>I·. Of 0. Keosatltll'U blink which closed more thUlI t\\' o .'·NIl·. agu, unil 1:1. P . Ketcham: pr~'I· oIl'n L vf the FIU'1l1IngtOIl bank whIch cloHed about the ~n me tllll l' . hav~ heen Ilssl!: lle~ for Irla l in the Jefter . ><on co unty cOllrl Oct. 7 and 8.

EIl0h o( the t hfee cases were I l'lln~fc,.,.ed hel'e on change of ven­ue. 1'he b(l.'· kers aro a lleged to have Ilcccpted delloslts when the)' .knew theh' banks were Insolvent.

F'llClIlty Allonel l\[eet The followIng member" of ti le

che mlst,·y (acuity of the nlve,'slty of JowS, attended the biennial meet· Ing of the Ame,·lc .. n cheollcal scelety held In Cincinnati !'l'0111 S~pt. 8 to 12: Prof. Jllmes N. ['ent·ce. J'ror. L. Char. les Rtllford, P,·of. O. H. Coleman, P,·oC. Stephen p opore. and 1'1'01, J a· cob Cornog,

SlHrts Tn.t8~ Fund LONDON. Sepl . 29 (AP}-J~dwll,.d

S. H arkncsp. Arnel'i',MI c:tpl tail.t tlnd philanthropist. noted for his geneI" oslty to American educational In sH· tullons. has estabUshe(] a lI'ust runll of '10.000.000 fo,· secl .. "nd educa· tlonal work In E ngland.

nent a Typewriter NEW UNDERWOODS


REMINGTONS Specla.l Rates to StudeD ts



Ways to Stay Alive Discussed by Safety

Meet at Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH. Sel>!. 20 (API -\\'UY8 and menn" of 8Ulylng alh'~ In this ern or Industrial eXI)an.lon and rnst moving life wcre emphasiZe(! to­day at the openlng Of the national sarety cong,·e •• and exposition.

Chler executives of two naLions praised 7.000 sUr ty workers a..scm· uled horo rOr (hell' erto,·ts to red ucu the country's Ilccldeotul denth loll Of 97.000 lives and the economlc IUS8 whiCh It reprcsent".

Govel·no,· Lord ome,· Of SI~i1'~y,

AustralIa. opened the conl;rcs~

wIth an addr ••• broodcast by .hort wave radio [,.0", Sidney and later a m.ssage !I'om President Houver was I'end.

The Chicago air J'{LC •• of the \lust s ummer wel'e decla"ed by John Temple Graves 11. publisher Of the Age·Herald. Bh·rnlngham. Ala.. to have advertised the dnnge,.. of fly· Ing.

Cannon Back From Brazil F aces Elders

N.E:W YORI<. S~)lt. Z9 (,\ 1',,-B15h· Oil J ames CAnn,)n, Jr .. of thQ l\lpth· odlijt l~pl"cOflal church. Mouth. reo turned to the, United S l nte~ touny to raee chu"gea [lied again"t him by to UI' :::It.·I ·,,,;ym~n ot hi!:! denominutlon.

lIe a"I'lved with hls brltl~ o[ Ih,·~~ nlollths and formel' secretary. i\ll')o!. nelen McCallum Cannon. on Ih ~ IIlle,' Ame"lcanLeglon from BruZll and lert the pIer In " ta~lcab Lo en· tl'nln fOr lI·asl·lI1r:lon .

.:. t Cll'.t hc d,'cllned tu " c newNlla· l1ermen, but Int")" g1'nlltftl an tnl('I" vle,,- on prohibitiun, rflrtJ~ln~,' bow· ve,·. to discuss the cha",;"" filmln.L

him . On tlmt point, he Allld: "r ",HI ~uy notlllll)! ullill 1 hll"e

hud un oPPol'lun lly 10 read till' or· flclal documents In Ihe (·",e. [ hnv~ already outlined m)' po.ltlon In II

8to.t eml·nt In thp A~ROrillll'd P"NU;c (radioed from the Ame"lell n Legion l"rlday) anti I ha .. e nolhlng to ~ay."

Th e bishop de~llnM to pose fo" photogra l>hero and ~ I "S. Cannoll \,ept to he)' "tMeroom while till' bl.holl Was clend"g Iheh' !)nggur.(Q tlll'Ollgh the custom •.

BI.ho\l Cnnnon. who I. n hl.holl Of Dra.lI. Iwd Iwen In Itw Houth AJ1"I~I'I('nn ct'lutltry for R()\,{'ntl W{ll'!<x

""ling In the formation Of tlw i\lNh vdL't chU""h or Hl'llzlI ."'d gl .. lnl; lemr.erlUlco lectul'e8.

Plans Completed for Pres. Hoover's Trip; 4 Speeches Prepared

W ASIIINOTON, Sept. 20 (AP) -Plans wpro cOI11\lleted lUllllY tor lhp Irll' of Pre.IMnt fl oo"rl' to Clrve· land Thursday for th". rIr~t of th~ fOu,' add"I'sses during the nexl ~Ighl day" In whlrh hp will discuss problems Of his Iltlmlnlstratlon.

Be plans to leave th~ capitol WetlneHdHY In time to "N'ch Phlla· aelphla fOr the oppnlng game Of the ,,"ol'ld se,·les. Sec retm'les Htl[ley. Hyde. "'II bur. ltn,l Davis wIn be among those composIng a Pltl't3' or 1110rc tI,an 50 whiCh wlJl attend the gnmo wllh the rrresident.

lIJr. Hoover plans to lellve Philo.· delphia Immodllttely artcr the game and arl'lve In Clevelnnd betore noon for his add"esB before the American Bankers' associatiOn thnt nIght.

He wIll make .. rapId run 10 Klng's mountain. North CarolInll. to speult Tuesday at the se~'lulccnten· nllll celebration O( the revolutionary battle wl,lch was (ought across the IIno In South Cal·ollna.

Huge Throng Assails Spanish MO~larchy

Demands Republic

~I.\J)HID, ~~pt . 2U (.\P)· -:ltlnl.te,'

Political Men Cross Iowa; Seek Victory

DES MOINES. Sept. 29 (AP..-The fh'St major rumbllngs or the cam­",dgn [0" victory a t the Nov. ~ elec· tlon a,'e spl'eadJng across Iowa this week.

'Vhlle Dun "'V. Turner. republlcah candidate ror governor. addreaeed a [ann bureau conte"cnce at Green· field tOday, Jo'red P. Hagemann of Waverly, his democraLlc opponent. opened a spenk lng tour !Lt Iowa City und Davenport.

Hagemann ",,'al'ned the Iowa City chamber of commel'ce against a state Income tax declarlng It would be an additional burden ,·athe,· than are· p]acment tax, lIe also attacked the new tarl[f rates as aldlng In depress· Ing low .. farmers.

'rhe republican central commIttee wJlJ I3tOl' t a crull»aJgn CU I'fLVnn 1011)01'·

row Into eve ,'y scetlon ot Iowa.. cal" "ylng Us nominees as well W! PIU'IY leade,.s. OskalooHfl. will be vlslt",1 to · mor,.ow fOI' a 81xth district rail)'. and then Ihe GTOUll will go Lo Burlington fo,· a first dlsUlcl meell ng In the eve· nlng.

Congressman L. J. Dickinson. re· pubJlcan candidate (or lhe sena.te. sa Id today that three of his colleagues In the Iowa delegation h .. ve Indlc .. t· ed s U"IJOrt o( hi. 11I'0po~cd bill to place a tarl!! on all grain sold short by tOI·elgne,·s.

Best Traffic Rccord Brings to Baltimore

Reward of Bauner

PIT'rSBUTIGH. Sept. 29 (AP)­Baltlmore was awar(led lhe 1929·30 Inte"clty motor vehicle Barely banner I Or the best traWc record oC a 11

Ame"lcan City at the nineteenth an· "ual safety cong"ess and exposItion here today. l"ltchbugh. Mass .• was n warded second place. and P,·ovl· ,lence. R. I" third.

Baltlmore's best reco"d rOr the year WIU! a pel'lod of 19 days, durIng win· ter monlh •. wlthoul n. moto,· vehicle ratallty. With Its population of 805.· 753 Ihl. !;Ives a. total of ]5 .309.307 "Man·days" without a lmenc death ,

A"kansao had the greatest gaIn In accIdental deaths from all causes lasl year. 20.8 pel' cent: South Ca,·o· Iina.. second. 14.8 pe,· cent. and Wyoming and Nebraska were lied for thh'd with a. gain of 14.4 PCI' cent. DelawQ"e showed lhe greutest 11er· cen taSe of reduction in accidental dealhs. 13.4 per cent and Nonh Da· kota was second wIth 10 pe,' ccnt.

Cattle Ring Member Jailed in Minnesota,

Held on 6 Charge"

FAIRFIELD. Sept. 29 (AP}-D. 1Jl. ~IaxwelJ. one of a group of 17 caWI" men against whom County AltOrn~y n. II. MUIll'U, med an Infol'lnlLU n Ipn days ago cha,·gln.: con"p(racy. ls in Jail at Austin . MInn .• 'lwaltlpg return to Fairfield. Shorlft L. },:. Siansberry said today,

Sherl(f Stallsbe"ry salll ,·e'luisltl~n )lapel's are buln/:, secur~d f,'om the govel'nora of Iowa Bud l'JillneSo(lL ilnd that he would lell ve tornOl'rolV to "eturn Maxwell. a fOI'me,' I'cs ldellt of DeK .. lb, Ill. Six chorges have be~l\ lodged agaln"t hIm In the cattle case •. It Is thought Improbuble thllt • ny or tho case. wllJ be tdell lI,l. term.

Maxwell. wllh the]6 other nrell. Is charged with conspiring In ll'e oper. Q tlon Of a na tlon·wlde caltle I'll./:,. 'l'hey are accused ot ha vlng solt! cull. (rom various mldal westrm stocl< )'o,·ct. which they represenle~ as hIgh grade teedln-g sLock .

Excrcise Classes to Bcgin Mouday

Tho business mcn 's exercise c1 .. se· ot tho l"terlo,' Bn.'lelue to,h,)' 8uld es w1l1 begin Monda.y Oct. 6. at lhe that ho wl'trlli Ilwilil. It. "eport (I'um American Legio n building and wlW the prosectrLlng attomey "'-,v"e tak· Ing action against the leaders or n contInue throughout the winter and throng of 20,000 pel"tSOllS whu laMt Epl' lng months, nl!lht. held "ma"~ m~etlng In CIII.th. The schedule I.: 11 :30 a.m .• to 12:45 eranCe of theh' crusade fOr a SpUII ' p.m., dolly excepL Sunday. 5 p.m" to' isl, r"publlc. ./ p.m .. dally oxcept Satul'day and

" I have hud no oppo,·tul1lty lilli e Sunday. fa,· to 8tudy fully the .pcpeheA de. The main gym na"lum floo,' will Ih· ~I·ed." Hit' minister said tod(l.Y. lJ open except dUI' lng r gular clas.

Plery denun cllltlons of the mon o 1o0urS or during basketball and vol· a"chy reatured the l11a," meeting . leyba ll games. Towel. and locker I"ully ha lC or the demon"II'atol·. had bas kets wlll be available dU"lng reg· flocl<ed Into Madrid from oullyln,," lIlar class hours and a lso at 9 a.m .• lowns. to 10 a.m .• and from 2 p.m .. to 7:30

All Spain tnd;~v .howod Its ~xclte· 1).111 .• dally except Slttu"d"y ltnd Sun· menl over Ih~ ·~ncldent but Ihe,'e lillY. On Salurday afternoon. towels were no funhe .. ll1eellngs a 'HI no I nlld baskets w11l be available unUl 11I~tul'bnnce8, Ii p.nl.


$2~O AND S3?O WITH 6",TH






A. F. I., Mortar Board Make Arrangements for Dad"s Day

Al'l'angement~ fm' til{' annual Dud'K Dn~' (t.'ii lhdU('R \\'(-1'1''' taken un at the lunrhpon lit A.Io'. 1. Yeste,·day. Membe-I's wrrr Cll'Pllillt('{l to the Vllt'l· OU8 ('omrnltt~{>k nJou~ with mrmberA ot Morta,' Boa",l, who wilt B8"I~t III Olakinlt Ol'l'H.Jlgrnwn1 M IH'('(\~:ian' for wc-lcomlnJ: 111(' dad"! prolwl"ly. Earh of th" cOlllmllt~rK will hnvr ., faculty I'cpr Hcntnlh'(' (l'1 it Hc llng in nn ndvl!o,ol'y cap.1("1l>',

1\Ipmb{'l's or the ('ommltte(' un-: dln·)er. Clayton II. :1'110011'"011. L3 or Hawftl'(1cn , chail'nlllll , l1o.rd N . LId · {)l('o, A ~ of DAV(lllporl, .Ann(l E . BI'nd .. field, A~ or Da\'enllt1rt. M. hrl"tIn~ Eubank, AI of CulllMon, K a n .• p,·of. P. , \ . Bond.

Onllce. ,lohl1 D, Sho~mf\k"r, .\ I of Wlnle,·",'I. chllirman. Alfred B. Cummins, J,~t or Htp, ~lIkl:' A. (I'llt"

roh. 1\4 or Mlel'l~tln Ity, Tnll .• U1Ul'tt. G, C('urhUI·t~ A-l or ~ ,)rln~. vlllp. Uptty C. J IU'lt. , \ I o[ Ft, Lenvenwol·th, Kan .. Wlnogel1e Ilo\, ·

Bankers Aim Tariff Blow

Minncsota Farm Brings Oplimi

to Farmer

Note Dl

CLEVl'JLA~D. !:l"llt. ~9 (A!')-An a.ttac k on the tn,'ltr anti Immlgra· tlon laws or the l nltCd States wn... dollvered at the conven tion of the Amel'1cah BnnkC"K nS80clallon to· day by John "'. n",·toll. vlee 11l·~HI. dent or the lIINropolltlln NMlonll1 bank Of MlnnrnpollM find pre~ltl~nt

nr tho notional OIlult <1lvl,lull <Jt lI,e lUIooclaUo n.

..J-fc ",Uti crelltlllg a high , tll"l ff and l''t' the 80111l' tlmt' ralHln~ till' wall flgn.ln"t thl' Immlg"llnt I~ an Incon· slslent 110llcy.

no n, A4 ot LIluI·ens. 'hllrle9 IL ~1J,,·ulh . fa~ult)'.

Publlclly. Jack R. Vollerhen • .'\4 of I)nvenllort. chJlll'lnun. :\Ia"/:,uret 1.. Andel·Hon. A4 of Ft, Dodlfe. Jo" 1In· 010 1. Doak. J4 or WIn tel'S t. I'rof. 1"I'r<krlck M . Pownall, lU,d )jruee 1;:. :,\Iahun, (acuity,

Room. ol1d registration. U rllert F', BI'lIll:;l, £4 or D~\vcnJlol· t. chAir. unan: ~!lke A . Farroh, A4 of MI~hl · I'(an ~ty. Ind .: Prof. Clydn W. Hart • facully ; tour or c"mp"s, Clarence H. Me~Aer. 1>4 or n .v.ort. ellalrman: ]loYcl 1\. Liddle. A4 of DIlvenpor( : Alice C. Hond. A I or Iowa City: CI~I· Jb.n l\]oJ'!.nn , faculty.

Progl'Hrl1 nt Ir\t(l'l'ml"~lon or j{o mt-, ,\1'1I11llm J . LouCek. A4 of Davellpol't, chairman, Bett)· A. Solemon, A4 of I'J'IIllHl; 8"ward If. Lauer and Orl~

F!. V nn DOl'll. faculty: nllUlK m,·~t· II1~. Allolph L. flahs, :\14 ot 10W!1 Cit,·; tJ ~l~n D. IInnHCI1 •• \~ or 1101· ~tclll. ,,,,d p,'or. ORle Yod~r. fMUll)·.

la,·g. ~u"pIU" of I'l'ot!ucls. Ba"lon advle d that gOvernment

stay out Of Industry adding thR.t ... "h~ldleH o[ any kln1 a.rc abao· lutely unsoulld."

The /:'~n rnl condition or h'lnkhlr In the l nltet'! Stllte~ 18 undoubted!)­!trUe" than 1t haR br.n Mlnre 1921, 1)8n V. Stephenft of 1<'rcmont. N b., n nil OUtgOhljr presIdent Of the Atut bunk dlvl.lon or Ihe aRROdnLlon lIIl ld In an addres8 btoforo tbat dh'l, 810n.

An ollthnlsltc nnte callle f"om th!! farm regIon O[ Minnesota. In an 9.<1· "rcoR Ily Chn "1 " F , ColliSIOn. torn> edlto,' of tho M1nn~al>oIl8 T"'hun~.

"'I'he~' Ipll us thai the r .. rmN··" dollar 18 wo,·tl, lesA than the Indus· Ldal <I"lln,'," ho paid. "that Our be.t customer hM 108l his buying )low~r. That·" Ic"" than I\. half truth. 'rhe (JU! Is. the IJI'ooucts oC the rIght kind of /lIYN'slfled livestock fOMn· Ing aI',. nil abOve 0,· right tn linn with th~ !reneral average of relall Pi,r lee8 ot the ~IllI1lOdltlcs tho (al" mel'K buy e,'on In 1930."

I. S. C. Class of Engineer

Stops in City Thl' .... nlor cll·U "ngln rIng cla~.JI

otlo\\1l8tate rollr~ al AmHl lop d fOr a t~\\' min utI'S In Iowa City Sun· <lay noon. Theyar on an InSlX'Cllon t rip In connection ',dlh the ( II mlK't· I nit of th Amet1t'1ln ~oclet)' or .1\·11 engIneers to be h .. ltI Ilt 8t. LouIR. llo.t frOin ·ept !! to ()cot • ••

Tlte "rUUII I ft hy "11 Ial bu. Crom Amt' !lunda) mornIng makln" tops to lruPt'Cl a brld;::" at Tama . and th new water eoftl'nlng Illanl 8l Cedar napl ,

Artcr I(,DYlng Iowa 'Ill' th .. ), \\' -r" 10 top at a brl.lge 0'''' th ... kunk rh'l'r at .\It . PI .,,,,,nl. and aL 1< ..... kuk to , ·Iew the lock nd po" .. r plant. On Mondll), th"y will Inllp~t the Alton, Ill .. bridge». (( uri Port­land Cl'mrnl plant. ~II ourl Paclne , lIroad yard and the Curti. air' port.

Tue da)' th .. y will .top at th nh'@r tI 8 l> r 8<'",{'r ",urks, munlclJl81 bridges and Central mlxln plnn! IIf lit" G neral materl I colnplln),. Thl) remaInder oC th" wt'ek I. 10 be pt'nL I" !It. Louill. wh"r they will alll'nd m<letlnl' of the the tu~ent challters of A, S. C. E.

Geologi t Examines Local Departmcnt

Bawln Kirk, Il ¥eologl.t on tho United Stal •• (loolo Icul !;u"v~y I~ Rpendlng .. rl'W dIl~s In th" d part­mcnt ot lI'eolo y bere, ex mInIng lbe ~oll lion In pIIJeontoIOK)'.

Kirk htul don~ rleld work In Aluka. wcstcrn Unit"" Stnt •• , anti In HOllth America . Willi Il~re he will .peok before th m mber~ ut the /reololrY club.

Prc . Je Up peak to Burlington Rotary

P'·r~. " 'nlt,,r A . J~"""11 "I.oke to the Burlington RoLar), club \ .• Ie,·d .. y on "The t)'plcal mn~ltr rarmcr" 'fhl. tH.JcIlI farmer lit hI. MIJeech Is 52 nu,·" old. Ill'" tour chlldl' n, only lWO or whom remain tamlf1fa, and nn In~om~ of U .201M y.arly.

lie bt'llev • the tal'tn p,'obl m An 00 MOlvcd through .ducatJon Icadlnlr to COCI)~ratlon alllong lhe funner.,

"lr the tn"lft wall tends 10 reduce OUl· (O,·elgn . t,·ndc. as I think It wlll. then we need mO"e peo\lle to rOn' Rume OUr .urplus," Bni·ton said. "1'et we furthel' '~81l'1ct lInmlg,·u· tlon lind al th ",lme time continue to reclaim al'ltl lnnds l nn ~nOI" mous expend)~ure of capital tlnnu· a lly,"

('hlll'gll [1Il1 Ilcadll" Mall easluound al night must be 'I'he body of a young womllll

Into the local posl oWce not lale,' round on u farm l1car Philndel. thun 10:.5 p.nl . due lo a. cMngo ln phln WitS id 'ntified 8M Orn" D'

It Wo are limited by thc tat'l rf In buying fl'OIll (orelgn count,·I"s. hl' said. we can 1I0l eXI)('ct to sell our

Rock Island railway schOOuleH LV ' . whiCh selld. nlghl train No. 6 ullery , cwltnl 30, member through here Ol 11:27 I' .m. abcul of 1\ pl'omiu!'lIt Philadelphia halt an hOU1' ea.rll~r than tOI·m el·ly. fllmily,

~~=-~~--~~~------------------------~ @@@@)'@@@@)@@)@)@)@@)@)@@)®@@)@)@)@)@)@)@)@@)@)@)@)@@)@@)(@ 0 ® 0 IBummer GROCERY ~ COMPANY

Telephone Numbers (298 aud 299

tarload of Potatoes We have just received a carload of Bliss Triumph Potaloes

from Haig, Nebraska. We offcr thesc potatoes in two bush I bags at, })er bushel .... , .................. $1.25

According to the latcst estimate by the United States De­partment of Agricullure, the total potato crop of the United States promises to be, 339,278,O!)O bushels. This compares with a crop last year of 359,796,000. The crop in this tate promi es to be 3,900,000 bushels as compared with 6,695,-000 busbels last year •

A Flour Sale Wheat and Wheat Flour can be purchased at lower prices

than have rulcd for twenty.five years. W c believe thrifty buycrs will realizc in the foU~wiug offerings values that they have seldom if ever known before.

Flour, Gold Medal brand, 49 lb. bag In five ba'g lots

White Loaf brand, 49 lb. bag In five bag lots . . . . . .

Hummer hra~d, 49 lb. bag In five bag lots . . . . . .

"ummer De Luxe brand or Guaranteed, 49 lb. bag In five bag lots . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

White Flyer brand, 49 lb. bag m ~ In five bag lots . . . " . .

~_®_)a-,0_m_m_m_ ' _~_~_ ' _ 'Ji}:_. _ _ _

$1.55 $1.50

$1.30 $1.25

$1.30 $1.25

$1.30 '1.25. $1.25 $1.20

, ,.


' ,II I , ..


~ llni1a ,Jonun hbtlabecl evelT morn(nl except1 Monday by 8,tu4ellt PullUilaUon. 1n00lilora.ti!d, it 126-1.0 lowa .ven .... to,.. City, Iowa. Fred M'. PownlLl~ Director.

Board o( Truatee.: Frank 1.. Matt, lil. M. MaclilW~ R. S. Rltirld&'e, Bldhey 'O. 'V Inter, Sblrle, A. Webster, BaUer C. Webber, Blythe C, Conn. Leonard PeteroOD, Cl&Yloti 1;1. ThomPl!OD.

. BatTY S. Bunker, Oenettl Mana,er William ':\'. Hllgeboeck, A88latant OonerlLl Mana,er

!::Dtered as aecona cia .. mall matter at the poet qfflce .t 10"'0. CIly, Iowa. under the act of Conjp'eaa of Much 2, 1879. . .

The Associated Preu I. exelu.lvely entitled to u.., tor republication or all ne"'. dispatcHes credlled to It or MIt otherwise crodlted In thl. paper and also the !00ll1 Dew • . pubU.hed herelri. ,

AlI'rll(hlH of republication of apedal dl.patch .. h,reln are 0.180 reserved. ,

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H.arrlel Otto ................................... Caml>u. Society EdItor Frank Jatle ........................ ............ .................. Campu8 EalOr

AJvJn Coons ...................................................... j.~ealure Editor Julia. Pelerson .................................................. Literary Editor MargarM Unlerklrcher ......... _ .......... ~ Book Review Editor lf ~l~n Looml . ...................... _ Alumni. FeMur. I;'age EOItor WIOlam F. Weber ...................... ....................... : ...... Librarian

BUSINESS DF.:PART1IENT Bennett B.urke .... ' .. '.h ........... _ .... _ .... _ ...... Business Manager Agnes W. Sclimldt ................................ .. ............ .... Acco\m1ant

TELEPHONlIl ~90 .. Branch exchange oonnec\lng all dOJlnrt .. en\.

T1JESDAY, .sEPTEMB~R 30, 1930

Uawkeye Songs

COl\IMENT by an Old Gold alumnus to the effeot that th e JowQ, 001'?} SOllg shonld

~e ~.~iminlltl'd from 1111 ~ollege lind univcrRity medll'Y. or programs reltCl'ates an of tell men­tioned •• gl'ipe. "

,Last HUmmel' broadcast i ng stat ion K Y W in Chicago 1ll1l10unced in a 'serlcs of colleg~ n'iglits tl1at on the musieal menll for Iowa nigl\'i was tl1C 10w(~ Corn BOlIO. On 1'l'qllest tha.l toe SO\lg be omitted in favor o.t Iowa. Ji'igills, ~he hicago station IlCcepicd loon of ~ nlllnuscl'ipt giving words and m1lsic to the I1l'W Hnwkl>ye SOllg, fnmished by Dirl'ctor 0. E . VOll Doren of the university barid . On I owa was all'eady on the program.

Orchestl'IIS alld l'adio s~ations elsewhere will no dO\lbt be glad t.o make simi lar changes if requested by i OWA students, faculty, alum ­ni, 01' fans. Celtainly the cbange is desit·­able, £01' til!' state ditty no ~ oilly fails of re­presenting the nniversity-it nlso represents t he state somewhat ill the tone or Main Stl'ee t and Babbitt. '

Since tIl(' stately tune of Old GoltZ is not original, it is )10t desirable except for strictly university functions. but both' On J01lJ(~ and lown Ji'ilJltt .~ lIave Vep, lilt, and swing that suggest gl'nuine Hawkeye spirit. . 1£ Carroll Wendt>l Dnd Marcu.s l\fngnnss('n will make it a point to bring this to tb~ atten­t·ion of visiting orchestras at l'U/'s7/y and Shadow/and, if Plll'ty committees wiU c\t;> the same .for lUtiVCl'Sity ami Greek Lette l' dances', mueh CRn b£'llccomplished toward the de. il'ed pncl. Writing to makers of records and the ol'chesli'1is j'ocol'ding them mip:ht IIIAO he of help. I

'l'.his ccrtainly mnst be done if alumni who h'ear pl'op:l'ams or oollege t\lne~ are to flll' ill at nlPluory of days lit Iowa instead of writh­ing ir~wal'dly in disgust_

Gel tile Prize "Fighting"

SINCE the l'etircm ~nt o[ .Tack ])cmpspy, tlw l\fuliassR maulPI', I1ml Oen£' 'l'tmney,

tIle boxing schOOlmaster, sport writers throughout thc cOllntry have voicl'd th e opinions that therc has been a c1!'cline il) heavyweight boxing. 'rhe newspape.l' mcn, however, have done their best to IlU{'II1·th new material. The appearance of .. Primo" CamerlL in tli e ring p:ave the willing writ 1'9 j'hl" mlln tlH'y were sllPposedly looking fOI' , fwd aft!'r bowling OVI'I' a number of setllpH he \\IllS proclaimed to be a seconcl Dempsey.

Camcra was a man mountain, weighing in the proximity of 280 pounds and sl 0 11(1· ing some six feet, seven il\chcs tall. In fact the ne\W;Vllpers of the country were so filled wit h pictures and articleR concerning llil1l 1 hat he WII~ immediAtely regarded liS one of t he most dangPl'Olls contendl'rs for the heavy­wright. title. -

The fact that he had no experience in the ring pl'ior to the. til)1 e h~ f! lltercd this cO~lIlt['y seemed to be of l1Q consequence whatsoever. The fact that he 1V1li! extremely large 811(1 boasted of a few easy knockouts appeared to catch the eye of the pllb1ic. No one, lit that lime, clIl'ed wbeUler be was II genl1ine boxer oj' 1I0t. He WIlS a curiosity and Carnerll reapec\ hllgl' returns by displ.aying h~~ mon­strollS pby iqne while fighting against sec­ond ratcl'S who needed easy money to b\~y shors fo/' theil' childr~~.

A ftrr II tima the pnblic. ?ecnm() til'e(~ of th~ fake Oll'rn/.'l·a invasion and cla~ored rol' him to fight, 'hnrkey or Stribling, bllt the mutch was not lll'l'fillged and IInless the nnexjlected 1t1lPI)ens ('lIl'nel'll will fight no mOl'e ill this country. lJe WOf! ordered by 1talian O~UCiHls to I'etlll'n to hiN native country this fall bllt he hus obtained pnmis.~ion tlll'ough ~ome means to l'cllIHin on AnH'I'icIl11 soil a li!tlp longer.

'J'lw lJ£'xt sensation which bPcamc 11 puLlic topic ovel'lliglit WIIR C8I1S('(1 by tll!' PI'stwhilr' Arthul' Shil'l's, nt 1h/lt timp fil'st. hllselllan ro)' I he Chicligo White 80x. C. A rtllllJ', dubbl'd "1'he Orcfit" Shires by himself', copitoliz('d immediulcly 011. IJi, qntrce ill .flll' l'inq. U if! ('oeky pel'sollulity combined with !TIuch PIIl)­li('il,\' rnlld~ him' II figure ' that the propl" 1'01- ' lowed with llIuch illtl'J'est. A ft(,I' h(' hnd won his fir.'t f(·w f'i!thts' hY kiHicJ.{Oll ts, t(W' l1l1t iOIl ­ol boxing commis$iOI1 illvestigflted his ('nRe, und fOIlI.lll Ollt that he IlIIrl fixed his fight s. He \VIIS imnll'di<ltely slispellded oml l'illuJ.

HolI'l'v(' I' , th ~ Or('~t At;t111~r \Xiggjpd O\lt ur t his difFiculty bllt his (Jure!'r us /I hox('r wos Rud(ll'lIly bl'ollgh~ to' on I'ne! whl'n ,lIUJ~1' Lanr1iR in~ormed him thllt hc could not hox ond ploy bawcball both.

1'h~ It xt l'igul'p ill thl' eye of the public tUl'nl'd Ollt to the Phil Scott, of En·glnnd. Hili promInent pla(\() . wa~ 8 direct result o[ b.ill fajnting 8p('11 during hifj battle with Shilr, ke.v. lie wos nicknamed "FBinting Phil.'" Scott SQon returned to Englond where he ~taged another fainting act which convinced

. .. ..

his followers of bis inability to fight. • oon a tel' the $cott-Sbarkey blJttle, an­

o~h\,r " forei~nl'l', l\(ax Sehmeling o~ Ger­many, follb\ved the e:tample set by ' ~olt. 1'bis time, boW ' Yer, the claill1 for victory viII foul wall allowed '8.11d the Gel'lQon boy.became beavy\yoight champioll of the worl.d .

No wonder boxing ~ritics I\rl' dlsgu. 'ted with pt'esent contelldt'I'S 'for ,the heavy­\"eight crown. '.\'he constallt cry of fonl by t~c defeated oP'Ponent ill tearin~ down in­terest in the game Hllll it ill obvious lhnt theil' only objecth'e is the winner's 1<hot'(' Qf gate I'~ceipt~.

Cab ' anyone picture :Jllck Dempili'y lying on his ~i'de on the flobr witll Olle hund over Iti~ ~tomach , 'whel! he !las 8 f.igbting clulIlce fOl' victOJ'Y 'I ('e~tai)\L)r nQt, blit; lba't i ~ ~llst what t11f so· called 'boxers o( today lire dQi~g. tlntess somethi~g u'nfors('en happens in th(' neal' fliture the term' " pl'lzefigllting II will bl' /I Ibi.ng of .She Pl(st.

L~t' ~ «av~ ~ke£;k. ~OOl"S THE'RE ore certain types of persons at­

tellding sorority "opeJi houses" that. 11\'(' t he most despicable of Jlature 's crcatu1'es; these (Ire the hut thieves. 'l'hey prey on I'Y­eryoT\e' 8Vd'YOl1l: hat is no sa(er thai) millc.

Fr'esillilen 'suffer' most, liS they lack the ex­perience of previous years' knavery. U p­perclassmen either wear no hilts Qr find sHcli places iH whic)1 to hide theirs that they would be dlfficult to find. 'l'he" fl'osh" tl'llstingly pjllc~ their favorite toppers in the guest room lind after enjoying themselves 1'('­

tllrn to find tbat the new "lid " has devel­oped legs lllld depart~(~. Sometimes th;~ 1~lakes them believe Ul .. doing as being dOll{' by" and they, ill tlll'n, appropriate a good looking haL t '1,'he resulting confusion when th pilrty'is ovel' maybo imllgi'nl'd : Whether they take theh" 'lo~Hes cO~'l'ectly 01' othel'wise iR of les.~et' imporlanhe than the ad,verse opin­ion they ,£orm of tllPil' 8cl1001 and its stUdent body. Early impressions 111'(' often difficlllt to change.

I t is tio joke 10 lose a hat ranging £1'Om five to 12 dollars in price and lhere 8l'P few, if any, of liS who can afrOI'd snch maricious practices. 'l'hcre seems to be' only two reme: dli~ ~ither to weat· no hat 01' to let the so­rority giving the func.tion institute n suita · l)te check room with all' at.t elld/lnt' in cha~ge. 'l'his was done at one of th~ ~arlh~r ' " open If 0'11 Re!s: "anc\ p.W'y.~d very: .. !1l1$.~!lssful; t.here was no PllI'loill,lllg of hats, lind ' congestion ill jhe guest i'oom was kept at a minimum.

• A N~f:essary Impro1?ement'

As A MAN is knowl1 hy his accomplisll­ments so n city is known by its improve·

ments. Iowa City bas long I)een known liS

enterprising and pl'ogressive and that repu­lalion ,iras not 'Won by indolently sitting by and waiting. Constant striving' and illten­give ,vol'king have.' donc . that for ~el'. Sh~ became mor(' modern by instituting a fi.l's~ class bus line ill rJace of IIIl inadeqnate and ililapidllted trolley service, but the skeleton which WIlS left rema ilJed a publie eyesore lln I\uisance.

NOI'th Dubuque is one of thc bllsiest am 1110st u. ed strc('tR in 10wli City and its width' i not sufficient to handle the grcat bulk 01 trnffic flowing OV('l' it·, The space before used by, the It'ams is no'W 'barren, Ifnd could weIland easily he utilized as a street. Pa v~ jng could bE' placed without il1terf('l'in~ with traWl.' and !I great improyement both III ~el'­vice Rnd appelli'IIIlCe would be the resnlt. The nepd of u wider street was never more obvi­ons than last IIomecOl:nill~ when thE! .l18rrOW road was cho!(ecL with CII1'S waiting ,severa l minutes before moving. To reach tlie down­tOWIl district from the end of Dll~llque street witS a boring dl·ive of nearly 45 rriintltes.

Furthermore, it is dangerous. 'l~hl'ee­qunrt6r~ of the way to the ~op of the hill the olJ r trllcks merge l with the street .and cars park!'cl, alon~' the l'igbt hlin.cl side nl ke it neeessRrf'for uphill tl'affic "to tUrn out to a void hitting anyone descending. At thi$ pQint wrecks may, and will, easily OCClll·. 'rhe tra cks, too, are rough and a pl'onOIl\lc(·tk joLt may" be felt in riding over them. It should be a ma.1' of civic pride that on ade.­Quate !pain bighway be installed liere and the improvement in beauty alone wQuld be well worth the expenditure.

11). fact, 1011'8 City's eou,ricil eamll to that , ~ ., very conllll,lsion two weeks IIgo aud).et a cOII-It-act f{)t, paving north to ParK J'oad wbich will reduee the possibility of accid nl Oil the olst "bottle nec~" hil,l to a minimum. AJlu what is o( irnportance both to cIty and ulli­vel'sitY ' iiI the tact that const!'uct'ion of new Pllvement I1robably will b .. over ~; ith befol'e Homec?millg trl)~fic, again. c!,o\Vd~ the I'oads and demands t1ie best of facilities rOI' ils hnnclf.ing. . I =====

P.ARAGRAi-iIs 'bF 'CO~MENT ON. 1;'o.~l~. O,fr '{H~ 1M y

ill·~f. Oeorge W. Haskell of: the I'coJlomiCfI df'Jl!lI'~numt. IIIIYH that. f·yolutiou ill illllll~try hRH f'lill1hl~tcl~ 1:.I,c, '1I11l1) o~. ~heer )lliysicni ~1'O\~e~s from the jobs With jllicy )lay checkH. BU,t t~8t do~ n'~ q(~\:e!lt 8IIho ~\It h rl'OI(1 getlihg I1N »111(;11 pllX Us P)'('8. Jtel'h~rt 1100-, , '.

',. Another general aid to longevity is the

fact that the good die young. -Akron Bea()o,", Jo~rnal.


. . Of~ICIAL DAI~ Y 6UL~~m

, .

The Univ~~sily' of Iow~ ," . nuue~1 column no~lce8 must be III the blU1ilp of l,.~le ~. RaI.d .. U, 101 Jouri,dUS/Il UuUd,lnf, In w/i~" II, 4 P.",., Or 11:30 a.IlI., g&LurdllY to ap~" hI ' th'" t~l/owtnJ nlOrn ' lng's Dall)' Iowan. . , • <

Vol . IV, No. 4.0 8e~!~lnh~r 24, 1,9341

General Notic~ I 'll

ImpOrtant Nutlce to ] rratel'llltleH, Sororltl\lS, DIlII Other Call1pu8 Or,nlllzattqn8 Will th~ pr"Hldents oC fro.tel·nllies. sQrorltles 01' othe .. camr>ll~ organlill'

tlons pleaRe see I hnt lhe i\PI>arllllent ot publications h&ve the coh'eCt InCi"l. m a tlo" concprnlng theil' respective orgnn l • .atlons J( tMy exp~ct the salne to be In the unlvPI's lty (1Irectory'l 00 to ro!lm 117 unll' rRlty hall and oheck tto e lI.l as soon as possible. YOUI' cooperallon and nSHlstnnee will aid maIer'. ally III the Pllrly publication or the t1lre~tory.

DI~PAR,TMEN'.l,' OF PUBLICATIONS. __ -_1 11, I • ,

Univ"rt<11,y Golf Coul'Iie A mer llng of all golrlng "lll(le nls will be heh] In the f lolt! house 'WeC\Oes'

dny, Oct. I. at 7 I) .m . for the PUI·po.e oC e lpcLlng " pl'""ldent "lid executive for lhe Golf c lub . All s tuden t golfe I'. nre ea,rnestly requested to atten,\ th e meeti ng. COAC H ~,.E'\"".

Rel'I'eIlUotUl\ SwltlltlllJlg There will be "ecl'rotional s wimming for faculty women and wive. oC

graduntp s tuapnl. ~very 'ruesdu y flnll Thl"'sda~ evening at 8:30 beginning 'ru psday. S~pt. ~O. ClaR" will be held at women's. gymnliHlum. .

~. lIC,HIDEl.

I.... NpUCfl , If thel'e huve ix'en ony rhanges In addfess of students and (acuity sin ce

reglstl·a.tJon. plea.e call a t tHe Department ot li'ubIlCliliOnR/ room 117 Unto verslty Hn.II , 1)1' ' l,llOno 7:12. 'rllis Inro)'muLion Is neces.~lIl'Y COr making up lhe dl"ectol·Y. riEPARTMENT 01" PUBLlCATIONS.

-"-ollee to 1P"terhlg Gr~lJate Students

All graduate students who ore registered In the Unlvcrslly this semester are rE'qupxtpd to llSSt'mb'rj (OJ' a cOhft:' l'ell re In J'ega.rd to Ifra.d uate. work In the libera l al· t. a u<fltol'lum W ed nesday, October I ,. at 7 p.m.


1;100 Filty-fOllrlh (;ene~ .. 1 Hosp'i,lal Uyl~ . The conferencp school or I he Flfty·fOtH·tll genprnl ho~pltal unit wU,~ h.old

lis first meeting 'Monday , Oct. G, III room 179. medical labol'u tol' le" building. All Med·Res. ul'fd M.A.·R pB. otricprA. ,wll~he\' n l(,lcll~d to this unll Or nol ore invited lo join lhp confel'cnce scllOol. !i'. C . • IEAN.S.

Oellal·tnlPnt. of Phy,lelll ElluClLtilln foJ' 'Volllen All fl'pshmen llnd l1e\!J pntPl'lng sOI>i1 omore women. who jlavf\ not had

their m~dlcaJ exa.mlnn.lIons )'lPOI·t Monday or Tuesday. Se plembel' 29th Or 30th. to Dr. ,\Vllilums at .lIp l"omOll'~ gymnasium.


Phi Tau Theta All men or Methodist prefel'ence are Invited to the open hOll se meeting

or Phi TaU Theta al 7:111 l>.In • ~uesda.y. Sept. 30. . ANDERSON COGOSHALL. pre.ldent.


RAOIUM CLOCK , Ne6.l'e s t ~rproo.ch to

perpelu!), 11\0tl01'\ lt1~ORETICAlL" - IT WilL Nt\l~fI,Srop ~OVJ"t;

Umstl'ucted, by DR. fl\'1NI<, Sw\PSOt-l


1Jtet'. III O. S. Patellt OrtlCle, By RIpley !I'

. 'HAS 6E.£N MANAGE.R Of TI-I£ AT~L[l1C5 fOR

2..q '(EAR.S "£ WON 8 PENNANT.s til'll> .. SERtES.


?I'oot tomol'I'Ow

Cosillopolltan (,hlb. . Cosmopolitan c lub will holtlils first socln l meeting or tllr y~at S. turd.ay.

R6dlutrl ClilllC 0' (1IlCOSo _ ...... .-: .• F •• ' ...... 1.lIIiuk. . .... ~II.' 6'llal. I!,h.t I . ... , . ul l-______________ -:....:;"._1:..,'o:."'::."'=em_o;:.r!...y_-J Oct. 4. 0.1 8 p.m. All 01(\ m"mbAl's a. nd t he public are HI'ged 10 nl.end t h e

rnepi.lng . CONRADO OCOIl1I,'O, p,·psl(lpnt.

J';j LambdlL Thela 'l;he regular mee11ng of PI Lambda 'rheta will be 1o('1d o( \hp Iowa

Unl?n W ednesday, Oct. I . at G p.l11 . Alt members l'er:a~(]less ot whether U,ey l)('long to Th!'la !'hoptel' are Invited to aUend. Reservationa (or the dlnnel' should be sent 10 Cene"i~ve Chl'lslner . unlvel'olly e>:pel'lmro llll school. phone 3316. TH.YRA. CARTER. , .

HUllllill Gorl1nrl ..


All members or Hamlin Cnl'land literary soclely are 'lfged to be present at n Hhorl buslne." m eetlnlf lonlght (Tue~day) a t 7:30, on fhe 'un pOI'eh of NEW BROO~IA SWEEP CLEAN!


IO\"a Union. MARGARET UNTERKI RCH£R. president. ? ! t Just you walt. MI'. (,hlll~ & All"

. F.ul(hle~rhlg Rcreplion Fevel' u;'~ Ihlnklng of dl"orre and The nnnuni pnglneerlng rec"I>lion. given by members of the faculty of other dire con8Pquen~e8 our flcllon

I hp gngln~"rlng ('olh'ge to n~w pnglneel'lng .ludent" and (a~ulty members, WI'i lN's negleci (0 Illpnlion In Ihpir

/' IIIlle h~ltl In II,.. lowo IInlo,., Wednesday. Oct. I . III 7:30 1).10 . All p'nglneer. happy ending.. WAT II T illS lig slud"nts nlld ,1 11111)111111'. ~ordla lly In vi te<11p be presen t. RPA('F.,

GEORGE J. KELLY, eM h·","n.

Sp~ia l ;\leNIr,\! or Pi EpsJlon 1'1 (rOR D~WELOPMENTS I r.:a.~h fralel'nlly On II ... ramplls I, I'('{luested 10 send Ihrlr (our r epre·

R. tnlA t lYes 10 n. Illost Important meeting of PI Ellsilon PI Ilt Ihe, IOWa Vnlon \Wednesday, Oct. I . al 7 !l.llI . These (oul'men will tslte an ar tl vp porI in 0 ••

he organization yet IL I. Jm!lpl·n.tlv~ lhat 011 the older men of PI Epsilon Aeh 91~h Pall'fltlln.! Rch",ell It. I nttend. VOL GENE EOMONDSON, p),psillem. lMaX! . And Ins id e Ihe Ipllel' mit. u

-- contl'abllshun. DOlph;'! 0 0 •

Dolphin club will meet W rrlnpsdttY. Oct. J , aLthe Towa Vnlon. 7:30 p .m . ~OYD N. J,.J])DLE.

SI""'I~h GI'lllllinnr8 Want.ed 'rhere :Ire l wedcd (01' UM" 10 firM! yeal' cla SRes a rew more cople'l or Hou se

and Mapes. "E,_senllols o( SpnnlRh Gra mmar ." Tlli .. U,xt wjli \lot Ii.e uspc! 1n more o.(\vanred r l"~'"". RIUden l" who have copi!.'. 1\1 ll"e will do Us 1\ ravol' by se lling Ot· len<lIng lh pl r books 10 s tudents In Ejempnlary Spanish . Caples m ay be ..old dll ect to Ih l' Bludpnt. or Ipft Cor sale with one or th e teachers of Spa nish. nJ\.LPH B . HOUSE.

. Alllhn Phi Omega All m emllPr. of Alpha Phi Omega. nntlohul honorol'y scouting fraternIty,

arp I·eq"".lpd 10 he al a WI.\' Illlpol'tant mpetlng at 7:45 I,.m. 'Vrdne"day. Oct. I, In Ihp south conferen r 1'00111 of Iowa Union.

LA RUE: A; TH,UnS'1;OI". Ilr~RI(\ent .

Illtercollel(illle I?eha~e. TrIals lntprcoll eglnte deb~te 1"YOutR 1'01' tt(Jll~rcl!li!. me.., ~nd. Women will be

' beld 'rhl ll'sd3y . Oct. :l. at 4 p.m. :Por lh ~ WIRCOIl"I.II. 1Io(1'lheRo~~, 'anfl other ' debate9. to 'YO UI H 11'111 be held '\'pdne~(]".y. Oct. 8. a nd TJ;oul'kelay. Oct. 9. be· ginning at 4 p .m. All lI·yout. will be hetd In the audl~orlum of old chemlslry building. Each speaker 11'111 pl'e8ent a rlve·mlnute sIlI1e' 11. ancTidate. will sign lhe blue book In 1'000'1 13, liberal qrt~ ~ulkllng .


Venhf ('hills & F'P\·PO·. Tnk : Youso Ihl'~p "",k" a fine 1l,,1I'--MI·.

Chills. ~II·. I·'.·vol'. 011(1 £ 1 Mono . B~

YOlls~ t hp. Ul Jghl 'll 11'1111f~ thl'Pol UIPIl'? Oscn,' Wlld(·I' .

••• Alwuys" lillie wil li . a,rnr. hut

you'll mak(1 t) hit Hohlt' l1 Z)y. 1'h':'lI 'H a pl'omiHe,

• • • '''' hat wOlll.1 till' tl NI" l'1lI1;lif' 11 0

Wllhout EI Monu-roll tlnll ~ 10 pahX by Chili. an<l )e~vel" 1

o • •

EVPI'ybo<ly hut th~ ronll'lh~, ",,~h as-~I'. Ch ili . & Mr. !·'OVpl·:

Apl 'O ))UN (,If NepluOf\'~ crll i~e, would not "h E' C'tlptiOIl "'J'1'O\lIlI£' wal<'l'~" h avp u~en morp apPl'oprllltP?

-ll ~adlln~ lIunl 'I'. o ••

EXPLA NA 'flO II' o/t, }' f.'NTFWD.1 r 'N ('XRTOON 'l'IIE l~LlGll'l' 01" HAY : 'J'bis pltPllOlllfilOU \Ill!> ob~(,l'ved by

tllP haYlllukl'rs of D"nbigshil'l" J~III(., Oil Ihl' aftt'rlloon of July 25, 1 :i7. DII!' to Ih" fll('t 1hllt the hll\' tl'lI\,\·lt·(1 ill a I'oulrary direction toth(lwincl,it \Ift" at !'il·,t mista\u:Jlt'Ol'a f1ij?ht of bit·(\s, and caused con tl'l'l1alioli ill tlw tl)\I'l1 "f \\'n'xhalll, I'iw Iilil~H distant. !\Iy drlJwing "!Is Ululil' ft'o(1I UII old ptint ill thl' "llllll>lrated London Nl'ws" or Allg. 1, l H:i7.

THE CJJlN WIUHKERH (».' 'I'JTE(}DORl~ V'ourz: Theodore " oltz won a I\'hiskl'r ~Ollt~st iu ~tllttaUI'I in ]912, fo\' the most orig. inal hir~l1tp adol'ulil\'nf. ' I'h~ jlltlJ.(c~ took itllu ('(llIsi{lerntion that tbPJ'e was 0 III'a ·ticul hiHt iltll l ,·. \ 'o ll1. 's illt'a, "hi{'h would be help­ful in rust' or IInllJc"in .

'/ 'III I1IJ1'rOW- 'J'hf /(in!l u{ , IJiJilr Brtlfl'S

Ne,v Federal Tariff Heads Plan Revision

WASHING'rO)ol. S,·pt. 2!1 (.\1') -Pr~ptlt'lng to pXl~dftf\ (H'lIon Oil Ln', m I·.vlslon Olll,lIcn(h",". \Iop m·w f,·,1 . ernl larlCf romlnl •• lun LOll~y ~lIh'IJh"1 rules of ]lrocruurr r"'1ull'll1g 11 1)1111· cunls 10 ""Iolllit sllll'"wl1l~ of InC~r· ma.tJon On df"sh I'd charll{P!i Ill,rot'f' Ill· vestlg'tllons n l'e u"d~rlaken.

Chairman Henry P 1"1 telo'r .~III th. n~w rule. " e l'e (,"IJ<'ct('d to resulL In Ciulrk MUon hy tho ,'0111011""1'10 . Undpl' the procPlhll'" lht· hunkll uf

('cJIlHu·thlnn. WIIlIll1 El\'P tIlt.' rommls·

olon 1\ C""CI'N~ wi. Oil which 10 mak~ Ils 111\ ".tlgullonH.

TIl£' )011'( hlt'ml,ll' ('onllulst.loll was (,(,m ph-It'd tuLl.,)! \\ hl·1I LItH'B ln Dlx­

Oil, all In.lI,l1tl dt'IIHt('nlt, took the

U,llh ur orrico ~ a 1111 ,I. ('!;,ltJl'nc J loo\'er

11l1lIUU!II 'f'd IIII' tf~· IN·t fUll vr TJlomll8 R. P ,l g .> uf \ 'fnd lll:t U!'I \./t't" dlJlrman.

Hoov~r May , ' Appoint Clark

to Latin Post »I'oof of needed I'cvl.lonR II< ('XI)\'t t, .. 1 I to fnll on the PI,pilP,ntR. \\'A ~ 1I1. ·n·roN. ~I'I)I , 2!1 (AP) -

I're\,lou"ly 11Il' ~ol1l"'I""lon In"p,U - .r 1t,"I"'" . 'lalll "r ~.lll .l,.al«' Clly, ('nnw 10 th" fm·j·rl'mlt tOIlI~llt .umong

gatpd rpvls1un a\Jpll(';j,lion~ Ilnd In thu~p Jlu."ttCl1lt'll as tlw 11l'o1)llble suC', eluded Its preilmllllu y fln.lln~. "' " ,'p,.,,,. uf lJ\\ IKhl \\' . MOrl'ow n. .tatemrnt of Informalion b('(",'(' It un· . \,m"'lelln !lllll",""."I"r III MexiCO. tiel'took fUI'lhrr u{'tlnn. Th(' 1'[11111. T ill' ""Ih I',g II ml",,,adol' l'<lnferred ; Nln ts' Hlnt~nlPlllH ot inform.ttfon, (rtr t\\U hours lhl~ .. lft€.\)'nOon with which will Include evld(·II~. of dOlO,"_ :'kr"'I~ 1 y ,'tllllson und Under Secr •.

,lllI e l'lmll Idiltl"n~ galn~d from hlB r think th(' ho.v~ t\holl id htl\'~~ l~lpn tlll'Pl· Yt.lar~ 11K umh:uvmdol' at ~I l'xlco

Trnrll on,) Fi~kl Athlete.~ _ ,

tic a.nd fOl'elgn custs or mat.rlal", pro. \111'\' or HI"I.· antl"". laying before I duction . nnll lI'nn"l)orlatlon !lnd of 11,1""':0 l'OlUlllr'1I1 1,ll·tUI'" of Mexican.

'Rnll 1·lghl. but do you really Imow (h·r~"e.1. ('Il),. Il,' .1I,,·us"cll wllh th- lWO • YOU I' Olillbolll Iro ubled wale l·.·! DIHllill.lolIPel Pollyonna. "Inl<' ,h·l,.\I·II1",nl ofrlol"IH Ih. Ques· A II men In tel'e~lPd In varsity or (I'es hmnn traclf and fIeld a tb leticR ilre

l' eQuested 10 I'eport Cor practice (\ally at 4 lI .m . Runnel's, hl"'d lel's, nnd jumpel'. <1)'111 on IOwa field ; weight eve nt me n neur thp fi eld hOlll!e. Obtain equlpmpnt al the flpld house. , ,

CHARLJ~S R. BROOKINS, a""MOnl coach.

Home Ec'ollomirs ('Jub 'rhe Home E conomlcR ~Iub will hold Its first meeting 'l'bursdJlY, Oct. 2.

at 4 p.l11 . In I'oom 214 na!twal scle nr~. All new g ll'l . In the department ore especlnlly Invltr o. JOS~li"'VNEJ 8~:AAT:I, nrp~ln ellt.

Pershlllg Rines A II rreshm en nnd ~Qphompres who de1l'I'P, tp v:ra,kc PerShing RlflpR will

try OUt 10da y nl 4:10 p.lll. III the al'1Il01'Y,'''' (jlJto KNOX. co pl lli n.

Thes() two young women III'!.' rllmiliur ~o ell~crtlliumell/. 'u>vetA, whether they like radiol t1w 81.agc 01' ~he scr(l(m. the'tt' the DllIl­CIIII siHtel'R, who Ill'e to be guest crooners on W JZ and'statiOlis nt p.m. (EST) Oct. 10. 'rhey fir t attrncted attention by their danc­ing ability.

. 0. Wh o snhl 1·.·lIlllon (II,I,, 't rule?

llel'P' s 'noth{ll' ('o ntl 'lll 011 UH~se Orl:'ek • gods:

('hlcllilO, 111. "fl'. Chili" & lIIl·. F'cvrr:

Evidently yo",' rc\uclLllon In myth· ology hUH IJl'en sadly n<·l1lec led.

'I'hllt guy 1'Iu to I" Ihe pal l'on Rulnt of till; P01l11clll.lI.

It·s Old J . PI""lus lhOt wnH r!'"pon. sible fOI' " ~Ingln' In th ' HolI,,"

YOlll'" (01' kroe iling hlstol'y Rlrnlgllt. ~Blg 1l1l1.

• • • Coming ("om ('hlra):,,, as Iw lin s,

aUI AhoUld, know nil IIh\lUl til e 11011· tlc:lan\q ))lliroll Rulnt--Hnd clo~l'i IlP I"fh

",enlbrl' IlIlIt ,·ru. 'k III " All Qull'l ·1 whir h wo"ld tlllI>l~. III 'l"lv~ l'ins hI r ~ !l I ' of ~ra Hg:;ut'I' hllllt ll s, • • ••

~IA VBI': TilE WINDv (,11' \' )" l1!l. I LA])}~ 1IAH Bl~ I~ N A H()oN '1'0 I.AlINUIlY B lI~ I N~~A~. NVI>:N II·' '1' 11 E DL I tm DO (11';'1' '['NI'TI':IH:q BY n\Tl.LET~ PR~9t;t, '1'0 MON'· nA Y. ' •

• • • ·I i...' . ~1111l(hl", N,llljth.t)'1

n~nl' MI'. (;hIIlH: \1\(0' . I'\W ~I' IlI"Y I' ~"U It . 11l" r IIl1t I Ihll)k Ii '. IlIOI'~ 101 Chl1l ~ ' line).

The w~ek'H pl'lze fOI' 80llwthlng 01' 01 h~I' "11')111<1 go 10 It 1·""I,t. , of fl '[II'­" ,u'y hOYH 0111 III till' iho block 011

NOI' lh 0111111 (1" 1<. WiIe ll I W(lR rom' InA",honlP flol1) d,Ul'eh BlInd~1' n,OI·l · Ilig. th~I'1l w~re two ),ollng golf en· tllll.llI"l. (huv llIg' l'eM 01 Bobby .JnneH' SIl(,('t ' H~ In t\1(' IltOl 'nlng prq)fll' . 110 rlollhl) ' 0111 un tI,e b,,"le"fll·t! In llo plr ]lIlJullln.r1 1\li,1 "\hIP~I·" . pl·oetlc· tro g IhNI' [h·lv~H. I Hhoul~1 otid Ihat I he bOYH tllel w~nl' hnlhru!K'8- Very 1)I'11<tl1ll' .II'lJi,·t! 011". 10 lie I·.'a l t ch· nlcal. '

Havl)lg hel·n III IOWl\: ou" Yl'ar. r huve I~""'wd 1I1I'XIll'CI IP0l<l nll)'thlng Mbocklnll' fl'om 110 .. stuu.onl. bUI 1 thought thut was JUHI Oil week daya. Don·t they even behave on SundlL)' ? lBelng after church time, 88PRoiltHy,

• • • W e won'l a"k (oo· un ~lCJJI[lnnti<ln ot

whll.t VOll w('r~ rpully r\olnK CO] NO 1IOME Ihat fu,' IIWIlY from cl"lII.a· lion. Polly. bUl (lIll you ('vpr hear of a slII a ll boy who rea.d In the ]Jailer about Jvhnny W~INm" lh'I· . (;prtruM I'derlr. 01' Bo)'d Lll1dl~ (In the ,""~ CIMS by hla own ron feR,lon) on,1 who Imnwdlutply hrA'nn 111<1111: hi. fla.tul·· . III Y IIlIrhl lJoth?

tJUt1~ tiC htH HI It '('t'hSOI'.

'rhl' g~lwl'al twlll>t wn~ th!1 t Pr('~I· .1put fluovpr h~ ('on81dl't:l n~ CI:u'k, fo .. uwr H('C'I'I..tll1 ~ ur "lale nod more r~cl·1ItIy il"fKI1l'.1 to "peelal \vor~ (or .\mh.,",ulur MUI'row In Mpxlco. for tht· MI''Xit1f) ell), J1usl.

,.\1 orru\V ,1I4U (,flll(t'll (.j] today with PII ,!"l lh'nt I 'now-r,

Th., 11",11".,":1(\1>1' d"I'lIn~d to OI SOllllll Nl'w J"·K.'y 1'<11>11,'" "hl(,. . ,111 hold · Ing hl~ amhuM ..... lllut Inl rUTlk ,



Arne) HawksM Oklahol Grid Sa

Pp"se" Stre! Dr;J1; lng'

PI.shes 1\ nunnlng. 1)lung lng,

Hnwkpyp~ , o(lPl'n ling {·horglng A~ t of IInem r l footbnll tor th p Unl". mare Ihnn n Quol· I.,. J1rndl~y T rch Snw ~on ·. first game. ley Tpch had Ih n WA. the fTflwkpy., 01 Ih a vl . IUng Mc' wOIIIIl. ~ould glll' ne" flam Hr l'immn g(' pin timp. w~rr hUI·I.rl

Rrocllpy triP<! Only I Wo of thp"" I'Mrll rpC'f"lv ... rR. On (1l n lourhc1OWll nnr! the .,(torl. plnrecJ the ball line, Inlpr I·P. ultin l:' In dO\Vn .

·the doul]le AN or hn Ilk" Intor~.nngenbl f1 nU •• mMhinp . nn d In Ihp Iowa ronrhp" Llo~'O .TpnRtol.l. G (>rh ll dahl lIlckmon . nllll mad", up

while th" th~r Jpn,~"old. ,l l\»lPS ler. and .Ter me problpm for It.

nkkmlll'R One or th~

~oy WSA th~ man. n junior. Wh t lo r Mvplop. durltlg ih" I. a mull el' ot pi"'.:' r.mong blllh rMrh from Illjuri es fOI' III hp r"ported fOr In loall . Ihp Chorl lon yards from /OCrlm 'lIl1d rE'turood "'~,,."" .. yorils on two o~caoto,n .. ~

It I~ rppol'lpd hP nn Imporlonl homet A. a 11(\ M'. plays being btl'cks LInd

Rul Tngw'r9pn l\ef'k 's work mUMt bPfOrp I he J own vINo)')' ov .. Oklll.iloncr,\. urdny In Ih. rlrs1 1I0nol gnmps.

A nllmh." or o(ldllt. tlon~ now lIndpl' preel se tlmlnll' or at a punier who rn IhAn 30 Y'II'(\s. Ipachl 10 "IPlpgrnpil Ihe ('On8trll<liOll Of a


(Jnivrr~lity Hi Rf'mcdies FUll

Game With

Foolbllll fllllr\"n",ntlli . 'lllphn~ I "p(1 III IIIllvprftlly dOl' prnrtl P. 1·;xrpPI fOr .~ Ihp IPnlll "." nl,.<1 II Ih~ IWorl!cf IIll with HI. I ~n hU1do)'.

('onrh Iinnil v WOft '.IIt nnd I·PlIlP.lyhllf (n In thp IfO l1)r. In hi. H~n \'1 nllln~I'OI1A III 11 wprp of 1I'(l~p ("nllt. l\lnm'p, Nlrnln . howprl III' 1"'01.

)llI r h tlmo WO R al .o OIling an oprlul lHlnck. oping n (\prplI "~ 0 hpoll lin IIII' . It WO R Oil .d PO llll Ihnl Ht . PnLJ·lck. ,Ion o touchdoWII laAt Kli lhl. det.al·tmpIlL MOll r" ~OOd. and Rhowp(j obillly After these phQlP8 had Upon, th team enraged lorilrunqe.

[SEPTEMBER 30. 193Q i5

"1",'01 f'.lI?TOON OnlmUI) was obsl'r"ed by lit' uflt'l'1l0un of July 25.

ill H t'olltrury direction f '

l'Ii~hl or bjrd~, ~nd callsed fiw Illill'~ di~lant. My IIll' .. L1lu lrated Loudon

RE VOL'rz: Theodore 1912, for 1111' most orig. iuto l'on,hlel'ation that • which would be help.

pplr l~(II/fs

tlnn. wuulll g l\' .~ tlw comml~·

('u lwrt'tl' lla t-l i'J On which to

1Ilt' miJ( -1' ('nnllnl~~lon wa!

todar wl,('11 Llm'h1" Olx-

tl,,' "·I~cll ,," v( Thomas H.

erMay point Clark

Latin Post

(un-fl'ull t IlInl~ht runong )orWt l lis thl' pt"Ubable sur·

.r f)\I'iI;ht W . Iorrow n. amh;u"'~,a.lur to Mexico.

i.llnh~l',,~ad (H· conterred , thlH Ilflrrnoon wllh

Hlilmmn U lit I t Indel' Secl'e· Ht a tt· <'UUtllI. laying belore

"Ullllllt· ... pl< tur~ DC Mexlelln· t't.'I.1 t lunA gainf!tl r''On) h18 II~ illl\ll<l~HJ.t.lO" at flle:xico (lI .oll .(.(\ wllh the two

('nl orrldlll. tlw Ql,eh·



American· Legion Opens indoor Boxing Season With 26 ~ouitds Tooight Hawks Meet Oklahoma on Grid Saturday

P~~seA Stressed in DrHl; Ingwersen

Pushes Men

nunnln /C, plunl(lng, nn~ pllR,lng Hfi\Vkeye., nJ)o"ntlng b.hlnd {1 h'tl'(l · ehsrs-Ing "fC(\t of IInf'mrn advllncpo the (o"tbo ll rnr the Unlvol'slty of rowa morEl thun l\. (Pllll'tf'I' of" mile ngninlil Dmdlpy Terh flnlunlllY In th •• eit· Bon'" flrAt gnm(". ]~v('n whrll 131'nd· Ipy Tech Illld Ihe hall, An ll(lnmnnt was thp HawkeY!1 c1pr(\n~~ Umt nIl 01 tI'A vl.ltlng bncks. tl·), ,t" the \\'ollicl, rould gOl'npl' only 4~ Yllrli. flom Rr"lmmngp nl~y • . an (l rnnl1Y t lmp, werr h\1l'lpd bnrk fo, · losses.

HI'odIAY tried only th ,·.e pa"ReR, bllt two of theRA reached Iheh' 111lrmlrtl rPrplvprA. 011(, gain d (19 yal'(h~ Ilnd " l otlcbdo,,~] nl1d the olher, It 20·ynrd • (rort. plnr,,1 the ball On lhp onr yard 111)1', loler rpsll ilin p; In Itnolhpl' l"uph. dolVn .

'rhe .Inutil. opt of bnrk. (unrlioned lIkn Intp,·ptOngrOll lP pa,·tH or 11 well· ol1.~ mArh ne, oM In gen~ral plPOMd the Town. onehe. wit h thell' play. :.loyd ,Ie"" ohl. <:rrhnrli J1aug~, nnn·1 dohl Hick an, an<1 011 v.,· Rilnspn mndp up ne rast. RmnHhlng .~t.

while th~ thpr compoRe,l of Leo Jpn~vold, .Tl1me~ flrnhnm • .lame. WH· leI': nnd ,T.r me K1'17, provN1 no smrdl problem (01' It.s o])ponenls.

Rkkmlin's "It)' OuI8b,nt!illg One of U" moJol surprises of lhe

day \Yos tho r>p,·rtmnncp of Hlcl<· mon, n junior. Wil t he wlll.l0 when h p dt>velops during Ih(' Oomlll~ w~eks I. n molle,' of PI~.ant conjertmoe rmong botll conch and mn •. Free from InjurleA for tl' f1"at time .Inc. hI' reporled (or l~rCOlleglatP foot· ball, the hariton nan golne<1 102 yards from 1OI'1'lm ge In 10 Irlnl •. lIn6 N'turn.ed klcjfr. 61i and oS yards on two orca. !lS.

I! I. repo,·t.d th po,.es are to lit> an Important p ·t of -the Okla· homll A. ond M. laok, wllh tbe Pl:!ys ""Ing execu d by vpl.,·on bocks and endA. 'n1 Town ",pntors. hOWPVH hllve ah·ea.I' bpgu!l work !nstructlng the J1a eye b,lI',," In 1hp nI'l Of batting" no,· IIlII' rrPIlI. Ing th aerial heave.

IngwerSl'n tlitnlslir The- J.ronilny mor~g rpaction or

("olleh Burlon A. lrwP,·.en to Iho 8aturdoy lJertormnn~ of hIs ]lllly.r. was onp or optlmlslIl The ronch nel· mltt.d thp evprlostl hnrd·wOl·klng ineUoR of hlo m~ll. t ,. dl'lve on 11](' dpcpptlvA I)O\V~r nloy nil tlwlr rom· plrtlon of .~"pn p P" In 11 nt · tempt • .

But Tngwprsen UP rNI thu.t till" "€E'k'A work llltlMl It 1I1llJish mud, bPrort' the 10wo grid.., ",,-n holle ro,' vlcto,"), over Okillhonlo\. nnd )1. ROt· urday In Ih. first ,,1'1"'ep Intprsf'('· tlonal gameq.

A numhpr ot flfhlit'R nnd {'on ce· ttons now lIlldpr ",0 hwlude morl,l' Ilreclfie timing or 1'lulfIP\" ' lollmpnl ot :t puo1pr who Nt vflrngf> mOl'e than 30 ya"do, tpn,,"" thp huck. not to "tPlegrnj)1t Ihp »l:.tlo OI>pon(,llll<, rOllRtrurliOn of Il tO~U'd IlU~S de· fense. ((nd Improvpm. lit hlookln\:.


New Physical Exams Give~ by Schroeder and Assistants

A .erles or new Ideas nre bplng swim must learn to do so l,y regls1.el'· Innugu,·n ted lllis ypa,. In IhA mens' Illg for beglnnel'·. "wlrnrn illg.

!llnrting about Oct. 20 Ihe men will Ilhy.lenl trulnlng cl.ss!," by E"nest be tllught the elpments of fOotba ll G. Sohroed~,· nnd his s1.arr of as· In Il course prepu"ed by CoQch Bur· ~istnnts. The Innovlltions will con· Ion Ingwel·~en. 'rills will eon&lst or Eisl prlmRrlly Of "- more complet!' (he Cundnment91s such as passing, and accurate I)hyslcal examination of blocking, taCkling, etc. ench {rpshman, a more speCific devel· Roceel' football wlli also be longhi, opment 'f p"oflrlenry and coordlns· hut tl,e oondltlon of tile field will tion oC (he .tuaPnt, and ti,. Il,·ellu,·a· not perm II It as yet. lion [01' on~ of the IIOllUlol' orter llldoor , .. hp,lule school ,,10,'1'. Del'!lnnlng on Dec. I the clMAeS \"i11

The fn'slullan will I,.. subjected to I.,e transferred Inside Cor gymnastics. Co pl,yslcnl eXllmlnatiOn Ily Dr. )111 Oames. apparntl1S work. tUmbUng, ford E. nn,np" And Ill. 8tM[ at Ihe "y,·amld •. and nlhletlr tesls will be In unlvr"slty hospllal on Hppt. 2fl. Latr,' ordel'. on th ey will hI' given 311 3ntill'Opo· From AprjJ I to the end or the year metrl" exnmlnntlon' to delermlne the fr('shmon will do \VOl'k In eIther Ihelr llhyolral etflrlenpy, and a mils· .wlmmlng. lennts, 0" golf . These pulnl' ability ttiSt to Itnd- OUI their ,.,.p Ih~ mOSI impottant Aporl. found su·pngth. III life afle,· leaving oollegp.

A f'k>rleR 01 T~fs The sophomo,-es will Apena tne [(til By the~e lP"t~ Ihp org:tnk rondl· In work on swlmrnlng, tennl •. 01' golf.

tion. the phYsical nppen"nnc •. and 1"01' Inside workdlll'lng the wlnlel' thl' I.hyslral pl1'('nglh ~C r,al~' slU· th~y will b; orrered Il mo,·e e~l~l1Rlve ,lent will be orle,·mlned. Al Ihe end "erles of sports than the f,·e.llmen. of 'th. yeor unothPJ' pXllmlnntlon will There will be dasses In llov3nced he given to denote the IwOgres8 at·gyrn"" .... I,.., boxing. wI'8stll'1ll', clog· tnlned during Il,al pol'iOt1. glng. Cencln·g, and varsity "pON.. In

A dennll" calendar of aCllvltles Ih. spring Ihey will rei Urn to the has been nl',·nngpd . All thp 111ombe'" r holoe or "lth .. · swimming golfing, or the rrpshman rlass who ClllJnOt or tennl •.

Rivers Meets Slick Jesnick in Top Event

Jordan Battles Harris in' SeJni.WillduT~;

Other Fights

,'o,Jighl'S ('it "d JO(' Rivers I". 1'11,'1, Jp"nl .. lc.

8 rou nd •. Bnrney .Tord"n va. Paul li ol'l'IM.

fj l ' o l1n(l fol .

orleY Tho"I' ln gton VM. Rtl)' 1'YrP. 4 rounds.

BUddy Oreen VI<. Lou ~Ioore. 4 ,'Ound •.

Young Sh'otton v • . BUf'l, Ril ep. herd.

4 rounds.

JeAnl",c nlvers ~I ......................... Age ........................ 24 143 ..... _ ....... .... lVel~ht ... ~ ............ 141 5' 711

•••••••••••••••• Jl eJg'ht .. .............. 6' 511

70" .................... n neh ....... _ ... __ .... 67" 15" .................... :"leek .................. 151·2 37" ..... _.... hest normal ............ 38" 4C 1·2 .. .... hest :ml{phnded ."" ... 42 " 31" ... .. ............ Waist ................ _ 30" 131·2" ....... . _ Blcells ............ 141·2 " 6 3·4" ............... 1I"'I"t ..... ".' .. ' .. 6 3·4 ' 21" ... .................. ('81f ... ....... .. . _ ... .. 17" 91·4" .................. Ankle ................ !)"

Headling Jown ,loe nlv~rR of Cedar 1{'1 plilR IIl1d l'IJlok ,le8nlck of Newtou, the !ocul ArTlE't'l~un ] ... (>glo11 post open. Il~ Indoo., Il nxln~ H~n"on

In thp Lpg",1l hullc1lng 01 8:1f, 10· nigh t.

To romplNe Ihe ourd, , I"ld'm~k· PI'S 150ug Fatrbank. nnd iloAcoe Hall have slgnl'd BUrney .lo"lull oC Watpr. 100 and Paul Hal'rls of :ot>. ~rolnes

for It .Ix round semi windup. wllh three tOllr round l>rellmlllnl'Y RCrUp" as o.p})eliZP I'R.

RIver. lind .Tosnlrk, I Wo or th e • talp·s lead ing j1lnlor welterweights, mppt tonight (0,· lho first lime. Rlv. (TR hoi Q v~ierun or sPvP l'ul Yf'f.H"k px­

perlpnce. while J esnlel' I. ~ng~lng I" hi" first bout of majo,· caliber. Both flghtprs ar .. mll1p,·s. with lots Of dash and action In thl'lr fighting.

&th Itnrd lIitt."s nlvers, :L d1lg v('IN'an of Mverlll

ypa,·'. eXPP,·lpnep. fights In n e"ouch, \\'ltb plenly or POWer In either hand. He h:ls met ana coaquPt'ed somp of the lending ~cI'npp.,," al his weigh I , nlld has bPen on the fL~tir upgrade for ~('''(,I'fll yPQl'~.

'rltp "led~p·hamm.',· it,rl that Jpg. nlel< bOasts I. pxpected 10 he his rhl.f weapon ngaln~t htR ruggee] rival, hut hi. rlghl I~ nlso dangerous. 'ro con· lihue hIs rlsp In tit" we lterweight ,·anl<. he rnuRt will (rom his Porlor rl t1 ad versa"y lontgh t.

A fight thn t wUt prohnbly vI. with t1,p headline,· fOr thrills I. lit. six ro,und seml·wlnclup. Jordan I. an oltl fllvorlte wlLh lornl dng "alron,. Ilnl' · I'ls is a npw yatlng IH'ofesslonnl who acquItted hhn.elf wIllI dlslln,.lion In th. amateur elnks.

UtuMy f:n-ell A.tl'ain A triO of four rOHnd bOuta precede

the mult] fights . Ray 'l'yre of Des 1\1 Dine.. who mrpl. O"ley 1'horrlng. tall oC LIsbon III lieu tlr Eddie A 11(ler· BOll. h; a. hUl'd Negro SC l'upnel' who "houl<1 keep Ol'ley going at top spee(1.


Opening Tilt to N. English

A lJothe,· 10ll'lt CJty favorite, Buddl' GrePn of Lone ,'rl'>e. Ilel'fol'll1s against Lou Moo,'e of Watel'loo in the Bee· .,nd prellmlna,·y. Young S tl'Utton ot 1.o"e 1'ree lukes 011 Buck BhephPl'd of \"o(erloo In Ihe eUl'tnln.l'al"~ ...

(JnivC'1"8ity Hi Sq 1 Remedies . .... uu of

Gume Witl,

Foolbllll rU'l(lnm~nIMR .mllhn~Iv.('(1 III ""I"~l'"lty H ~ t Ol1· da l' Ilrt1rti~. . 1';xof'llt (Ur . l>1'lll.· ' R the t"Oln ,,"rOll(," ""ll<' I (rom Ill" PrucHe. till with HI. fin s' 10M totntwdny,

Conrh Ilnnll y wo~ IIU " III(lng ('\1 t nn{l l'Plflf't lylng (nuliq ('I0111'd In Ihp ga me. III hi" "l'o"I'h 1"1'1, > tor nmnf't'UUH m C'1I W~I'(I l l ' j II ( I lid of thpJilp ("0))1. 1\1f1lH"', \\" \' nllll Nlcoln RhowM Ul' 1",.1.

j\lt'Nl tl rrw WOA nlHO Sfl r ll Mv(.I · op ing I1n 11(' 1'1"1 nttnl' ll , tllH.lrv"l· oping n ,1"r"" A" "Klllll"t ove ,·· ItPR.1 ~I\nw . 11 w(tR on llTl ·cpt>t· fd pu s.e Ihnt fi t . P"trlck" ac Ih,'''· ,lonr touchdown 10 .1 Hutu 111

hll deval'truen! lIfoore Ull' ol(ptl MOO, and RhOIVP(1 llblllt)' n. SHe,'. After t.Mse phOl(,8 had be IIled upon, the team engaied It hon &Otlttll1\Q&e.

AJ:'Ait'S ,Jl'PPlIl',lo nil' tll\\'11 flTI I.r.\I·. \'!'I ·: lt. 01:1>1" i·;' ·pl . ~!l

(\ I'; 'lItH' ~1' t\u nnlfl:1 A'1' ~It':1 WUI'lu' ll

lIal'" hJl1.IY JII Pl '('lllll'lltioll fOl\ tho (ll1Mh \\\111 11111'1 111 ~\\\' E" ':-'(""'~ Ihl wl; · lIY( \~1 \\ hll th'IHOIIHll' ll h'd I' ""'II1'PI'I~l,'1

t'1, I Vj~tl II~Hill; l t 1\ ~'l Hl1 t'~' ""'('" hu~t ~tt ' · 1Il'llay . Thl~ j ' ~g lt'f will It'!l \' I' 1\11 tlll'lI ' :!.rlon IH11 \1 jaunl tulHOtl"uw III two IIUH!'(l 'M , .- to\lpinA L\l \ ,1\ \\' 1 1'lIf' t~

\\'P' IIlt' ~'\l1 :1\' tu : ' ('1'1111 11\111'1 ' UIt' llll i \ 'f'rHUy nf K' III ",a~ ~l lun\L

Good Soda Good Candy Good Music

Good Food Good Service Good Environment


Turley's Red Lantern Eat Sbop

"Down Dy The E ·nglert'·

800ne Youlh 1<111('(1 BOONf.: (A P)-HelaUv('. received

word Of the d e"-tIl of Dwight Jlove ns, A 20 ym'd pns. o,·p,· tI)(' goal line 19, (lltd a eOI11IJan loll, ill a moto,·cycle·

train coll is io ll nt Olympian, W""h., with Ihrpp minutes to Illay gave Sunday. Ilnvpns' mother formor l ~' :-IOl·tll I"ngll 'h a 6·0 victo,·y over the t-vaR IIIls. Calla Halliday or Boone. ~rO\l"e roolball telllll Sunday Mter· lloon at :"Io"lh Eng-lI~h. The ~roose

;;, ,·io1<l(' ... ; IlLlll lhhl>';s much thel,. pwn

WflY tlll'oug-hauL lhe ~o.m€'. lJei n g S U~

peri,,,. 0., h0111 <lerenRe nn" offense . with the ~xePJJtlt)n of the NOl'lil Engllqh ~col'lnA' play,

nnw!}, UUt'g~t· ::I 1111 [{yvls::- Wer{'o

OUI "t3".1il1" Oll t hr line [01' t1w 101'0 1".

),PJlPu.tedly smu~ hlt'lg throu gh rot' tackl e~ anti openIng large holes 011 Ihe offpllse. :\·I,,·.lu8, ot fu llhael, <lId Ino,l of Iho; g1'ou '1(1 gai ning wllh St.· I C I; Ie,' Polllpl eting numel'ous passes to Ctll·I'Y. l'enoilies close 10 the goa l line preventrd the loca l~

rI'O III ~('orlng tl1I'€e tJlm~~. wheh 10uol1<10"'n. "em~d Inpvltabte.


"P ARIS WAY" m,d you'rp. Bltrp 01 (r.

good job on YDur

clPfming and pr1 ..... I

I ing.

Phone '. , .

. 55 PARIS Cleaners

On Iowa Avenue

Slick Jesnick

Harriers Prepare for Minnesota

"pil(~. Mep Inlo th" clnde,.

nOOn llY hi~ ('I'ORR cOllnlry

and couC'lu.l,(,l puch Individual on

,tdde ull(] pa.~e juugeme lll.

flPh,l w}Wl'l'" Cmlch til'Pknnhnn

hi. mrn ove.· n. 220 YDI'd

"Lout hair Apee((. was folJOw(>rl hy n wnllt, rind the wlnd·up al s~vell·pIghth" liver the 220 disla,lt'P. wel"P It{·Ic.1 rOl' )lnc., dl((erent dl.wnreH. was elosf'c\ with

r Strikell and .Sparell i • • 1)-\'1ne ot the Gartner )1otor com· pany WH~' the stf'llo.r ,wrtoa'rner or la.t nl;rht.' games with a high o( 237 in it Klngle game nnd a tolal or 618.

Ra'lt1ull or th e Dee Re~reatlon team Wlls _econd with Il total or 5U (lll<1 a single RCore ot 212 .

('jark, Illaying ror the Stranll Ilar· ber khop, Wll" " close third with fL

lotal HCOl'e 0( 679 ond 0 I'ame score o[ 234.

'I'h~ D~p neCt-eatioll howlers ,ook teAlll honorA, havln", It total Moorp or 2,675.

BEE nEcnEATION LEA(;l'E Strand Rarher f holl

1. 2. 3. T '!. Clllll; ................. 177 1(,8 !3~ hi~ Secor '.... . ...... 111 174 11 t 3111' A. T auber .'" .... 170 21 ~ 189 073 C,·e't1. ........... ...... l08 105 146 ~79 M~Klnerll~y ..... 140 16Z 17:1 ~RI

'fotnl . . ......... 773 83 ~53 2509 LORI t'

Rrlinbl .. 1~ ledrl. ( '0.

I . 2. 3. T'I. O. l(.nlwk .......... 1 r,; 199 166 522 Llndp,· ................. H4 laG 178 45~

" 'nll.n ....... .. ' . 104 173 149 47r. Hfal~ .... ... .l 38 198 144 4 II NUrfll,horr ........... 17fl 148 182 !j09

'I'olnl ......... 77~ 854 t9 2H" 1.0RI

3 ileA Rl'rr eaf 1011

1. ~. ~. T!. .., ............ 1 R~ 181 181 r)4 ;.

... I~P I r.B 1H7 ;;4~

." lRG 212 188 nsf, 196 162 14 ~ 50n 15g 168 170 4~6

'I'otn l \Vou ' I.ost

!1 22 ~79 87 I 2875

3 • 0

Oran. Pape Dalhel 80 }' ards to Score

on Chicago CardA

Oron Pape, flee! rooted former Hawkeye Krldlron 8u,r. now with the ~Hnne"poll" RI'd Jackeis professional teolll. racl'd 80 yards rOr n toucb· tlown In Sunday'~ g.me "'Ith the Chlrago ·ardlnaI8.

Pope broke loose on nn off lackle dash. ond _Iudi'd lhp 'hlrago sec· ondo,'), tI.renoe III hi. goal line "print.

Th. COrdlllal8, wllh "Duke" BioI· (" '. l owa',. ull wPHtfl 'n tnckl(l or u few ye.ar~ ago, In t h., lineup. la tel' t!(l'tl lhf" ~C'OI'f\ und tht' gome- ~nded

7 10 7 . .

Golf Turnout Pleases Iowa

.Links Coach 53 Candidates Appellr

for First Meeting at Finkbine

Coaches Drill on Errors of

Bradlev Tilt .. Slrr_slng the ,ou'b spots IhAI I\p­

IlOar!'(1 In his tpnm '~ play In "'8 H"ollley game, ooch Durton Inc:· wersen sent his small blind or II _wk· eye. through n long drill l'p"IPrdny nrt.rnoon ht?hlnd locket! gat.~ Th" line ~o clles drm'p thplr mpn rph'n l­lesRly In an erfort to Inwrol'e Ihr bl(){'kln~ wpnkn"'H~. [111(1 'hp Mc\{· field coaches ,·orke.1 on a detpnRe ngQln~1 0 P'lJ'slng unock. Durln~ th .. pOlly RtaC'(l'~ of thp workout. fJlfi men· t ort( JnRtruC'tP(f thE-- hnrkM: on kntwk· Ing do\\ n the 10 .es of a ,·pse.·v" qUllrtel.

Ed Doll;)r. ~oJlhomorr- phlll mont received n long drill in Jln~Rl ng the ball. for HeV rnl tuml)le ollno.! proled ('Dslly la. t .'\alurday. All or lhp Black and (:oJtI wa ... ·lu'f4 ('omp out of the te.u struggle whhout Ae· rlaus Injury. Elmo Xel.oll. IJloc klnp; hn Ifbark .vho hnR b .... n on t h .. Rld p· llDes wllh Il broken noole Bin e lURl "·edlles.l.y. will a~"ln ,Ion n unl· fo,·m I hi ... (Iernoon .

Hurold lJantl~mnnn, tlromlAinll J:uorc.l, rPJ)ort('(l ror work and wn~ UM;{'11 tn th~ gnOllllY JI('rlmmQ"~ SPA;· ~ ton lK"twef'!t tho rf>H~rVft (llf'\t' nR,

EIght .. ·n vllN;lly and 17 (reshmen HI. Injured .I(!p I. Improvlr,g . lolI'lv ;;-olrprii of thp lJnlVPI \i lty of 10\\'0 hut lnc l< or rillHlhl(l ~unl'd . ha q: (>n tl A·

(JlIHII'<"'Nl Il'e ,,," of eu:trh CllA"'''s e,l him to nllpea.· aR soon UK !lOR.llth. I,J~ 1l1Wtt (01' thp fl'-fit Illt!t.'tillg dl tile O,'v lll e TouRey, cUllnblf' hlo('I((>1' rnHfl " ., I Oak pa l'k. III. , ran .Ignnl. with Ih e Yt'Jl " ut 141111~1)IJl(" llp l(l ~'€,li t f'I'clny th".~t. dtl'lng bRCks in on (fl)t't 10 JrP I

uJt ~ r·nooll:. . back Into cQnclJtlon omt hlltll fUI' I onrh 1,pnnptl wM plen;"M wllh h Job In the 0111 001,1 boekfipld

lit" hn' llflul thp ril'sl d:JY. I' "pxllman All hut t he vRrslty m~n IlHnicltlot. It'I'IIII'f'S IInll H~vpr'OI oth~I' m~eUng8 pel In n lOll,:: M('rlmma~p "'f>~!'o IOll f)n 1<Pllt It 11l1l1ll)P" of lil r 1Ila y<'rR fl'on~ l owo. (Iphl. Aoh 1-oufpk hAil to hp "p. nppPRl'illg. TrAining regull\tlon~ all mo,'p.\ from Ihe f(plll whpn hl~ In. (uHII'e IH"?C'tlC'PI\ ~~{lI'~ nnnounC'flc1. Jur~d nnklf' ~lIf(~rf'd onothf'r twist .

\ It,.lIy t nmlid.,ps In' nnrl mn b. I(ppt oul or the

r"~' "~::~:f;;"'~ .. ~:hOot··~::;:;~.slnpll~~:; ga~n. for so~. t~ _ _

Itl TlO"R or eed,.,· ROI>ids: .lark Ba8eball Nine Takes

10 Outdoor Diamond

f?nll hrpwl.m IJ Ilructice wn~ rf'Hlin ' • (lUt(!OOl'S V(l~lf'rctA.y nfhlo,'noon

two dnYA IlrDctl~e III the fI 1.1 Pourtepn plnyer~ rello"led fo,'

wOI'koHt IlM onl)' pltchprR nUll cher~ R"I' exppcled out nt thl.

Practlre ron~l"tpd malnl>" or llnlll1mlwrlllg lIl' In Ihe flp\,I.

'II'" Ihe "ars hy mpn to : L . F'11'I~0. K O'·PPl"", • . Ah A, [.,Pfl, A. Portt' I', H . Bu~h , R

ler. A. 111. O>:andtleld. I::' Willen· "11'. K . Fueling, I •. IInvrlchpk. E.

lll'pnk. M. C. nanlpls and U . were 11' 8hmen.

CIllylon ThumllRon. who hn. hnrJ(o or IIw 1 .. 0 I'll, Ul'gP H all m~1I

wnnt to It·y nut CO,' th" vOt'llily to come Ollt fa,· fnil practlre.

o!<lk" thot nil ranfl lclotPM RPP him rppOl·tlng on I h .. fl., ld .

of COllnell Bluff: ~Vlllln'" DOl· Walerloo, anlt F,·ank Schoene·




seat _.. . ..

orld Series I

. Ifis' not necessary to stand in- a lOng box-office line or)

J;ittle·th'e miIJi~ crowd~ to enjoy ~ the _ tht:ills, excit~ · 'ment lUldgfamor~of the World series,_your.moriting n~ - ---- - "-.


Colorful stories-: of ~ the-games,~ crowds and . ~,~ - -.

players t analyses: ot each , contest; detailed , "

'balI.bY·ball~ accoun~;~alt the news-of the

seri"es;Written by expert ba~lilll'ep9~8~ ___.0: ~ ~ .

And the_BBST.l!IcrJ.lBl!SJ~Jaide~] \B . ....lrI.L. One of THE ASSOCI.!

~ATED PRESS lporta ex. ~ ..... who wa1J repon _ ~-:tctSeri~.r- -

The·' Daily Iowan . "FIRST WITH THE NEWS"


St. Louis Cardinals Look on Classic as "Just a Couple of Ball Games" World Series Rivals Ready for Big Battle

lowcl WilJglJw n What About Intramurals? final toto.l of 946 points. O\\'l l\'ht

Mllte,' ot Sigma PI WI\O 8et'o'1<1 \\llh 822 and Joe l:,'ookhllm of Phi KlIl'llIl

I'MI WI\S I hiI'(I.

C.F. Wagner Pilot of Red So , Resigns

Eleven Events Attract 3,300 Kittenllllll lJroved Ihe oul. I,lnlllng

Veter<ln Managers Not Predicting Result

of Classic

Uy URIAN liE U , (.\ sllO" iatNl l'I'rs" lillO" l s Edi t",,)

PH ILA DF.LP I II A, H('pl . ~ !I (,\ I ' ~­

" ho St. Louis Cardinals. ch a ml> 0"" Of the National INlgll C. cum ' 10 I'hll· u.deIJ,hla to(lay. not 10 OIWIl the WI,I'111 l':ICl'irH \\' (>clrH~Hday, bill " Just lo )lIa r (L CQlIpl(' or ball gUIll P:-l," On 1I1'l'1\'al

th ry fOil 11 (1 that lhe " h lla (le .pll·" Athletics, LOO, regal'der! Ilw 1'1' '' '11111;' I COiItCHt U~ "only H. ball g-Iltll('" and nul an " II it· , Iruggle,

Gahhy Stl'pet, \Ivllh hI!; "a.UN't-e! fingers bl'ulaNI by the KIl'lllt1ln~ slant8 of Walt,·" Johnson ILnd hun· dred.. o( olh I' pllch.,·s 111 hlH 20 yelll's Qf catChing, SPOliC fol' 11):.; ('ul'tlinuls on lhell' n'Tlval at Ihe oatlle fl old UIIS aClel'lloon.

N ut E xcit ed " T h" rc'ij nothing to ~ct l'x('ltl'd

{Ibou t ," :'Iuid tho nml1ugcr ur the Cal'(1lnu1s UH LL whJmslcnl HllIilf' ('oV~

cl'ecl hJg weatllel'4 bea.tcn counl ~ nan t· c.

"" 'e are jUst here 10 play 11 coupl~ of ball games, We won't tlg-hlen 1111 anll we will do OUI' beNt, Of COllI·He . We think wc will win. bllt If we IIon't t hey can't shoot U8 . "

Connie Mack, the .0fl·\,0IcNI 11I ' , na.. get' of the Atl,lctics with 67 Y~OI ·" of living behind him. 51' or I he c.I·cle" In basQball, had only one W(I''I'), , J Ie was nfl'ald his players woul(1 be lH XI'd t o tho neal' brca l<lng point Ill' lhe de· mand of friend. fo,' ti ckets.

~18.c1l I'raises elmls "ThIs wailing tor games 10 H[(U'1 I,

worse than Ihe pia)' IIRelf ," 111' Hold , "No I won't prcdlct the outcome of t h e sel'leR. I know w(" hn.vE' n. good t eam and the Cards hu \'p II fP 'P:1 l ont:~. conslde"lng thel l' 1V0nde"ful uphill fig ht tor Ihe pennant. ThaI \\'"S onc 01 the finest flnl"he, an.\' t ~alll

made and I know th"t 1\ (, l'o w,1 can accomplish that b copllillc Ing anything."

l'he Alhletlcs today took a n cxt cd batting drill wllh Ju ck th eir spitba ll plkhe,·. thl'owlnr; ballM UP to th e bat, nllU1 , Thc. I ·H pect Burleigh Grim"" to 1)(> lilt' l Inal pltche ,· In the oppnlng -"a lii ' :lIlLnage l' Street ha , mude no Of his Intention 10 "Ian 1I11' RuiJJn, Gian t, Pil'u le, And UI'a \'('.

Seerel "" artir'c Arter the ba lling d rill . th e .\ ' ,

cu:o:ecl lh~mselve:.; (1'0111 f'nmpa ny had a " s(!-c l'et pra lJel'" mud, on orllel' of a foot ba ll lCHIlI for a big alltumn gallic.

Til e Cu r(iil1:t.l s will P:'fj ··tI(,· ~h ibe park Lomol'l'ow ut le l'1l0on th c t ll's t lime.

Alilhe American 10ng uI' r ho w e,'e pl'onouncNl fit . Th o l'Pportr d two ca~ualtipl-l, Jimmy tiOll, the flno\l f"l l'l n~ ('aLC' IU' I' , whu f ()r fl(l n r.; llrained a nkh) 8mn' l imp and pfohilhl.\' w iIJ not II , ahl p 10 h is tUI'I1 be hInd lhc bat. I n (,11l C'rgcncy al'iseH, Gu~ M anc lI!'!u , r oung calehel' wllh II Dig butting (,I 'i.Igl\ will rio all t h .-:' 1't'('c l\'lng. "(18 t (' 1' Johnson, a pi trl1l' l'. lOO,

.1IfrC'·Cll I'cccntly fl'om an old I tl fl'llctll" cd db. bul he \\ill 1)0 pitch If eu'" d 10 lh r ml)und.

Lallfiis A ttends lC M. Landis , bascball comml.

cr. was one or the fell' "0 '1 who Xi.lW the A 'M do th l'!I' cove l' wOl'k . Th e (·Ollllll lt-.li lo l1UUIlCl'{l t he phy~l<'fll lUTUn

for the "Hies s a tlHf" c lul'Y. Tl'l s ~pC"al(er, f orm " " m emlJ(' I'

the A thl l'l lc! antl on e oe till' 1','(':\1 outfi c llll' \"~ o f all lime, Wl. ll'; i\.nun IJI'Jvilt'ged ~pcctllloJ'.

'J'ttll( of op('nlng gam" pltehel'" 1'011 ' tll1ll C'd to nanlt' Lho two O's, Ur;Il11'!i and Gl"ovr,

TlwlHm,lJd.s of fUl'tunnLc tJ.l,p"caHt~

fOr lkltc!" loday fIIe!t slowly ",, " I 1Ill' ticket windows :tt Hhlb purk and col · leell'll Iho bJls of l"I"to 0011,'11 ClIl llIIlI1\' the!n tu tlC..IlUls~lvH. 'j'UlIlU ITOW I JH' rcst of Ihe 30,00U who~" IlJllll k nliulI" wcre a CCcll teli will got th~ tI ' l(c IM.

St. Patrick Eleven . , Points to Lone Tree

IIndl ,;couI'agod Ly t ile H tu il I\(- ' real admlnl.tered bl' U"IVCI'slly 1t1 ~ 11, ~llturday morning. St, ]'al '8 SCI I lI1.JOllt to smooth out the I'ough 8110ts o.nd pol" t for the Lune 'I'ree game J,c ,." F"'lday, Oct. 1.0 . I

Coach Louis Lorlu devoted Illst nlghl'S practice ses810n 10 pointing OUI the team 's weakncsseij. Sl1·~.8

was laid on the h alJdll n" Of the ba ll i n t he ul'lef d ril l.

T l'e light work ou t wu. endell wi th It signal dl'l il . Coach Loria I> lun~

~o cOllcell trate on {u'tdlllnentais t h is ~,'ce l( ,


N N I' HI N 1\ I , 1./1" \ G n .; (Fi lial Sl un l ll nl(~ )

\\'. L. Pc I. lit. l..oulM ............ ,. (II Chl<'a"o ..... ....... ,. . ~ ~

~Tt'W )'ol' k N7 l~rl1okl\'n "'! Ii Pillsburgh NO 1:0, 1011 ... .... ...... , .... . 70 c" inl'in nn11 .... :;') Phihl(:r l \lhla . :;:!

(l'i II II I SI,mlli llJ:M) . \ M1~m('\:-1 LK \ Gl:E

\\', I.. P el. Philade lphia ........ .. .. 101 03 . (j(j~

91 5. .Hl. 67 .56" 68

Fratern it iCi:i Rivals in Wide V<lrie ly of


Ill' Jlto) IL.""N HOHcn The IlllI 'l\lnul'ul H('UHUli ur IU8l Y{'UI'

w ..... described by Jill'l1ral O. Hch"oedr,' a. Ihc gl'ealr"t In Ihe hl'lol'), of lhe unlverHlly , Thh·ly·lhl'ee hundl'ed me" pal'tlc lpated In the 1 I ovenl. on the fipO,·t. l'l'ogl'am I ha l begu 11 w ll h tJ, c fali golr lOlll'l1('y Hnd (.·alTlcd Llll'uugh the hll"rhnll In the SIII·lng.

"J)ad" Hchl'ocde,· Is the dlrcctor or Inll'umu"al a tlvllicH. Ur 18 assisted by COat'he" DlIve A l'Illh"u~I" I', I·lul'· old Bl'lcl'lund, Chal' lcs Ken nett, <lnll (:rol';,:'r- jjl'("~nl\han, John l~lIhl ·ml~n.

F"NI ROUN·tH, onl11111 1 GlaH"/:ow mUll· ag Nl 10..;1 l'~lI" ' " rl'Mol'nl l), events.

n. lJ.'8 (' 011 'l'\'ol.hy Onu uf the m08t UUI.1I11ldlng

[whiC'V('Intt'ntH of the l ' CHI' was tht' (.II'fPlI111,atlon of the Inter(t'atel'nlt)' coullrlJ. 'PhJH ol'ganlzatlon, I1Hldc up ,-,t mallag" '1'8 of ('V('I 'Y tl'atcl'nllY o n t he c(un p u~. de voll'u t he seuMon to Ii"nwlllg ull " comp lete set of ellgl. hlilly alld !>ul'lIclpatlon rul es 0.11,1 plalls were rU"mulated fOI' the mak· Ing oC UII accurate srhedulc fo,' lhls year. A,·t Slunley of Theta Tau pre· ~Ided ove,' Ihe meell ngs and 111"'1'1. of ]{apllft Higma sel'v<'d as sec 1'(' lUI'.r. Commlttces 011 rule" and cliglblilly. "lid tropl1l sand entl·y fecs, handled Ihe arfah'S of the new OI·gulllzalion.

The race [01' the par ticipation 11'0' phy WM (\ (jght I h"ollghout the sea· 'on with Della Up"l lon flnallr eme,·g· Ing the winne,' wllh I ,OU4 points. PI Kappa Alpha was right at lite heels Of the champs, howevel' , with ll. total of 1,077 and Della. 1'au Delta Wa" third with 804. Th e Della had been (hamplons of the field for Illree

Application blan\(s for reserv~ scat tickcts for

Oklahoma A. & M.-lowa game Satul'day, October

4th are available at Whetstone's No. 1.

A,Jplicalions filled m, order received

.Coupon No.2 ·

~o~ing. . THE CARl) \

Joe Slick

. Rivers vs . . Jesnick

To-Nite: .


. . , THORRINGTON vs TYRE . ..

• . .

Legion Bldg.-8: 15 P. M. GREEN vs. MOORE

$1.50.$1 Admission $1.50-$1 YEDLICK vs. SHEPHERD , --See this great show

!;tt1'lIcll"n fo,' tl1~ RIII 'lng flua,·Lt>!' . Ill · f,nd the rollowlllg' l.h4t of m'A'llIlizn ' jll':Il'UI1A" :!ij{; mOil rron! ~:t fl'utPI nHltl H. 11r"," fln l_II Nl du,e hN, lnll lile n.l)()v ,'. fIOI· mlllly hltl(' ,· halll" M lil ~ mll ('hl lhL'(,{,: 81g-1l1 " PI, HIJ;n11l AlplHl 1~1l ' 1 ('111l'll' I hl'uug'lI to will uW' " Ol'lIn ~ lJ,, ·

• I III II PI fo,' the 1I11 e. Klg ( ' 1.1 "I ." " lll)n , Dl' itll ('hI. Hlgmll 'hi. hutl\1n

I>I'OVNI olltRtllndlng In 1111' Inu llor "I" nllt, I :t't'L Thetn 1'1, anll I'hl i{U111llll r 1. . U'll('lc nl(,(ll.uHd \\' aK (olJO\\'I'd US lh·lI a

s SI ~'rrl' Title t o " " 111lIL KiJr' ~ 'l'ull f)ellalilid Deihl (' ii i. Phi K all!ltl. 'J'h~ HaMon "tal·tetl with (l zip when I I'HI "I'rlnlo"9 l)rOvo<1 un lll'alul ,ll' It,

10 (l'atl'l'nillcs foIcnt thf\tl' newly plcdg.. tho (J'n1el'ntty relay}! 1111(1 nUMl'1l IItll

r<1 f "eHhmon to mll·tlrlpal~ Itl Ihe the ,'Iphu l{"IlJ>lL PHI t eum fl)l' the

r ,·o~s cO\ll1lry 1'";.. More lhan 3110 ~rown. men romllrlNI ovo,' the hilly cour"e I' hi I'sls Will '1'11'0 'I'H II'8 lind t he mrmhers of the Slgm't 1'111 Aftel' 80me ~" elU hallie" o'< le," \ln<l l;;p8110n loam I",oll'!'ht hom(' t.ho tro· 1111'ougll tho final gl1mc Phi KapllB I h)' wll h Doltn Chi "rcond !Lnd Dcltll Psi (h'ubLcd nelt" Chi to Ullll ex LII P 1'IIU DniLo Ihll'll. watcl' pOlo champlon.hlll and tlw n

Kn pllll Hl):mllrolll' "ough Hh od ove,' ('ame through 10 repoal ovc,· Della ili l t hr nlllwHltlon to ann ex the HOC' Chi In lh(· \'olley hnll moot. Dellll "",. title , wlnl1lng Ihe final match Chi , with" wrll hal:tnccll team , IUlIk rrom Sigma. Phi 1':PHllol1 by IL 2 to 111'81 hunOI'" In the outdoor trnr k and I srol'e. flp ld tnCl't. Della UpRllon WaH " Ot'·

T)~reali1>~ "no of Ihe IIll'ge8t fleld8 •. n<1 . followed by Della Tall Delta uncI In Ihe hl8lol'y of In t1·a.m 1I1·tI I sports . .i'l KIII",a A.lphll, Ho~ of D~1l1l De lta Tau Della. captul'ed Ihe majo,' Ch i, Kellow of D~IlI~ Up.lIon, Hnll """krlhnll Cl'OWn fol' the thli'd con· 1I1acAIUste" or Delta Tau Della. weI'(' Re('uli\'r ~'.nr . Wll h th,' IndOor spo,·t Ihe ollt.tandlng Ilc rfOI·meI'S . ottl'HeUn!: 3~n conte.tants from 32 Delta Upsilon , the champion. , W(ln r,alo"nltle8 It Was necesHa,'Y 10 r un Iho [ree t h,·ow contest over Phi Chi Ih l. uetlvl l y off III Bcclio n •. 'l'hc win , lly a. lal'ge majority, Rchnntr. of lIe,'s of the dlv·I.lolI t "011h108 were Delta Chi sank 26 out Of 30 tosses nella Tau Deltll. T~~llI 1'81. Sigma P I, from the line to take Individual hon · Della Sigma PI, und Sigma Phi Ep· 0"8 . Ho.emn; Pape, and Dikeman of pilon. Delta Upsilon , and McDowell of D Ita

Ilelflt Win lit S Wllllllllllg Chi tie" (01' secontl honol·. '1"lth 24 The swimming mec[ II1'oved a cl08p good th,·ows.

<offolr with D~lta Tau Delta nosing PhJ ~It's Rest Golfers out Phi ]){>Ila Theta (01' Ihe fll'st PhI Della The ta. \\'011 bolh Ih e full honOr S. tn the tn nk relays the D Its nnd spl'ing ,!; oJ( tou,·ncy. with Slgmll \\'on th~ 120,yu"d swim f"om lhe Phi Alph" Epsilon In second place. Bar. Dells bnt lite la tlCl' coppcd the leO· be" or the Phi Delts took mcd"lI~ t

Constance Bennett in the film sensation "Common Clay" at the Strand Wednesday .

lm ll tour ney. 'I'hl' l I'oJi hy will u n· ICot'l'I'1Il1 ",.111. 11'1_11 ),o"d event. honOI'8 with an 81. Pallst or Della doubtrd ly Iw ('011111'(1 wllh ln the n~Xl ClIl<:.\(:O S,'pt. ~!I (.\ 1'1 (',,:11"1 • Delta Up.llon (Inlshrd first III the Chi was IlCcond with an 84. The ten· physical efficiency rontest. one of lilA tourney p"oved n. (asl one with r,.w w orks. Kll uto .I( c ll nrlh H",·j"l1~ h". " I\'Ity> tl1e outstanding evcnls of the year. the rackets of Sigma. Phi Epsilon Cano('!ng \\,118 rrl ll ,·n('.] 10 til<' II RI placed g"eat elll l,h,,"I. 111'01' .1<1"1'11"', Beta T hrta PI was .eeonrl In a com· proving sUI)ertor to thOse of Sig ma of ac Udtl." and JJ Ita Chi lign in look Itgalll, t r"rwIlrrl I"'."'" III t1l'vl')()"III ~ pelltlon which was judged 00 the Alpha EpSilon In Ibe fin a ls. De lD, l\'o l rc Dunw f" .. lhall 1I'II11IH, lollt hi ,esulla of fll'e phl's lcal c\'ent •. Wal. Theta. PI. Delta Tau Delta, anll Phi lll'Ht honors III Ihc evrn t , 1I0RI ng ou t .florts In I h:ll IlIl"e(' II1111 ,,", 'Il' r., · I'.el' Henderson of A.lpha Kapilu ](1111 · Chi have sllll to pla y th e decidin g I 'hl Gamma Dplta I>.\' (WU Ipnght. at I /loll bl~ Il 10ft,,· ,1. thl' I: IIlIhler" I'''''

took In<lIvldu"1 honol'S with n !o"ames In the long hal'd foughl ba.r. Ihe fl nl"h lin.. pllrell fo l' U"' lr OIWIIIII ~ l:I,m,' willi

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~outll(' )'n ~1~thrnl(s l llll l \- f r~lty I ~ Houlh Brfld ~atunl[1L


HORTON, Arlit. 2\1 (API- 'rhe ex· I,!"· I(· II 1'1'"II\"Hl.llon Of CilItl'Ir8 F. " 1I ,·lnl .. .. W gnl'" lUI tnanagrr or Ihe

\lo.ton 1l 1'11 Sox "'"" arcepted today hy 1'1' M, llulJ Quinn. It hf\~ been kn uwn h l' t OI' Rome tlllIe Ihat Wng. nrr , \\ ht) had ,,"ly 8. one year con·

I rILl'!, Wl)\I ltl nOI bp rO(· nl\'a~ed. His t ralll , whh-h 1'11I1t'ri t ho American lea·

f;lW "(' II R"'\ Y". Ii' l'll lI Y In l11st place, 1111'1 tho II' OI'~t arU"?1l In Ita post·war

1,1. 111" 1'. Tt hn. I" on 1\0 "ec,'c t };fl'enbOuta

tha t !,,"'HI(II'fIt ~lll l llll hu_ becn hold· In!!, IVn ,!IIl' l··. ,·,'_I';IIu.tlon fo,' several W(lr k H.

(lu ll1n " lallllNl to I l'av~ h ere tontrhl Itl " ll r'1I1 t h .. '1'111·1" l'it'B ollenlnr at I'ltllllllrlllhlo. wl,,· r , It wa. eX(lectcil. 11(' would " 111'1\ l1('guUlI lionK with Joe II1 I'Cfl rth)" '·I'I·rnlly _uccr:oedcd by Hngpr. I h,,·n.Il)' "" "lIot of lhe Chi, ('/l1\'11 CU hH, a llli oth~I' t1I nogerlal tim· IWI',

WaJ; n~r . II oho,' INtul' 011 tho Red Hux 1012 r l ll"npIU II~hII Jtrn," , rc,llroo from 111, ",,11,, 11 In In IS lid I'mnalnetl ou t u nlll IU27, w hen 8 WIUI lured back Inlo the Itllm e by III C8.1Tlgan.


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Usual Short

Alexan Moose Trim Letts Nine Riverside 7

Col) 1.1 Loop Brown Allows

Three Hits

BllIstlng pitcher A. Vettcr

copped tho rtnal gam e o[ the

",orld'~ @crlcs," 7·1, at Sunday aJtc r noon a nd 'fI'on tho pcnnant, Hymbollo champlon8l11p of th ee 1·1 The locals wert) n ever 8corlng three runs In t he Ding and 1\ four run rally In "nth put the game on Ice . Brown pitched airtight ball all WIJ except for three pa8ses In f irst when Letts made theh' 1IC0re, had the hea. vHy " piked p081t1on completely under

One Blr Ralty A delugo of hits In t he

fr lUTlo by Carl John Nelson, " Bancroft, Art 1>feyo,·s, AI and "Eaaty" Ea8twood, double plays. Bancroft t o Scemuth were the oulstandlnS'

. 'u ot tho ga.me with excellent hi and fIelding characterizing thll cral u.Il·around 'Play of the lodge OutBlde oC two bobles cr d Nelson In the [trat the 10ca. ls' play WIla errorless. Manager ander's boYI we\'8 out for a. win r.layed heads·up ba.l1 throughou t aame,

I n endeavoring to win, Letts soven outslder8 In their lineup the Iowa. City boys, with Conn were not to bo denied.

,or Hruska. and Thornburg at etop contributed tho mOlt team with hits, tho former (wo and the single t.lly,

Jlellten on ~h Elmer Besten, who pitched

the locals most of the selUlon, kept on th bench becaul!e of a Illness, He will probably be by the locals 1C a. prop08ed go arranged for lIe"t week, 1\1 Nile Alexander said yesterday.

In tho absence of Otto V'IS'el, lllenr. filled In at rll:ht llcltJ , c~me through wltb a. hit and n and &CCf'pted all fleldJng eha without error.

The Antlers won ov~r l.helr games during tho with the annexation of rbamplon8hlp. Manager and his cohorts ha Ye ~ason satisfactory to the tion.

Tho ICD- gue trophy Is to be len ted to the team In the lI~:ir uro, and mlnature gold ba~ebails the Insc ription "L<>ltlfue Chamll>!. 1930" will be aWllrd~ 10 lQe ual players.

The s-atllltlci ],]:''TT8- AS. nIH, Esllo, rf ... .... • 0 0 B. Vetter, 3b .... ..... ... 4 0 0 Hruska, c . ...... _. 4 1 II Silcott, If __ ............. 4 0 0 I rThornburg, S8 ..... ... ... 4 0 0 Ross, lb ........ .... ...... 4 U 1 0 Wilson. ct ...... ... ..... 4 0 0 1 Schwtelzer, 2b ... _ ... 4 0 0 t A. Vetter, p_....... .. . I) 0 G Heldball, p .. __ ........ 0 0 0

Totala .. ...... ... 37 1 3


Nelson , 3b .............. 6 1 J 1 Bancroft, 88 ...... .. .. . 6 1, 2 0 Meyers, rf ............. .4 1 1 U Crawford, If ......... ... ... 4 1 ~ 1 Reemuth, Ib __ ... ... . I) 0 II Ell.'ltwood. cf ..... _ .. 4 1 1 2 ~l'~ptow. 2b ............ 4 1 0 0 Thompson. c _ ..... _ .. 4 1 0 0 ;Brown. p ............ ... 4 0

Totals ..... . .. a8 7 7 16 Score by InnIngs;

Letts .. ..__ .. .... .. . 100 000 )loose ... .osO 0011

Umplrell-Stu.(ford. White.

Little Hawks Hold Intensi

Line P I ntrnslve IIno Ilracltco. bolh

',n8lvo "nd ofren.lve, WUB tho dl8h at Shrader flold 18st I\h Little JllI.wks ,tarted d,'1I! tho Vinton flame thl8 MUCh work has t.o lie dOI\~ tl) th weak spoto b"ought out In Grant high gamo at CC(ln r Iltll Satunlay.

Outs\(Jr of a sovero cltarky hu rUI'r11'd by hal'l I 'mw(ord. lIuI lin l11an, tho Rrd and I\'hlt.- " eame back (rom CedlU' llD-plds 1111 According to .taIl811~8, tho 1'111 City as'gregallon f8.IIDd to mu ke coulderall l ~a.l n " t hroU!lh t hc 10 IInr. Tit Iowa Ill' II no 1/l\'1 Itcre8~lu'y Ilunch, hOIl ~vel',

A light to·mlnuto III'rlmmllgc \\ ul up Ihe ~vCl\lng'" wOI'lt ro" t he' !tx" Qlel' In lJle weck II. 11101'1) ('(>nee,' ~rrort wil l L<l mlldc 10 d~vcIO" Llltle IIh"k. Into a Ilow~rfu l tll'lv machine that ",III function both i.nslvely and actclI8lvcly . Mi minor e,'ror wer broughlto IIghl ~nturdaY'8 game and oach Oco Weill II workl" ' th em OUt.

Coach. W'1I1 a nd O-.n non w llaltl tled to & aertaln Illten t with Bhowln, ~h vractlca.lly green Ie mado a nd predlot bolter tortuno t he f utu ro.

~ .. --....... ~ .........

)TEMBER 30, 1930

ames" .WuO'ner ot of Red

, Resigns H.,!>l. 211 (I\I')-,rhe ox.

or ('hn"lo~ F. Walf""I' all mlllJnll~r of tho

Hux \\ 11 K ne ~pted today Bub QuInn. It 1m!! been . fo, ' KOm(' time thut WIlg.

had only IL 0110 yeur eon. Id not be ruenJ;&lred. :HIM

('IlIINI tho Amerleun lell.. Y('K t("'<!ny In last pla.ce,

~I'nson In lls POst'war

QU no JIII('cTrol lit"caboutl!l Qulnll hu. l>I'on hold.

l'e.l"nnLlon [or several

JO.I~ S. Cllnlon

e A





Alexander men Annex "Little W.orld Series" Moose Trim Letts Nine at Riverside 7-1

Cop I-I Loop Pennant; Brown Allows

Three Hits

Blasting pltchor A . " ettor or tho Letts nIno for fl vo hit s In th o SOy·

en th Inn Ing tho MoolH!! baocbl\1I tenm copped tho !lnal game ot the " LIttle worlll's 8erl~s, " 7·1. a.t 'RIver side Sunday aI tornoon and cOllsequon tly won tho llennlUl t. 8ymbollc at t ho champ lons'hlp of th ee 1·1 I clt~u •. Tho loca ll were never headed aftor ecorlng three runs In the Rccond In. nll,g a nd a four run r a lly In the 8~V. enth lIu t tho game on Ice. Mace Brown pItched aIrtight ball all tho 'WILY except for three palses In tho' (Irot wnen LeUs mado their lon e !Core. bad the heavily sp iked op· !)Osition completely u nder con trol.

Ono BIIt RaJl)' A delugo ot h its In the seve nth

frame by C8"1 J ohn Nelson. "Dave" Bancroft. Art M~yer8, Al Cl'a ", [o,·( I. .nd "Easty" ElUltwood , a l1d t wo double plays. Bancroft t o T repton to 8cemuth werll tho outstand ing fell tlll" 'es of tho Il'ame wi th excellenl h lttlnor and fielding characterizing tho Ittn. eral aU·around p lay of the lodge t.nm. Oullide of t wo bobles credi ted to Nelson In the flra t the locals' f ield play waa errorltllll. Manager AleJ[. ander's boY8 were out tor a wlh a nd ~IILYOd heads·up ball th roughout t hu l ame,

I n endea vorl nil' to '11'1 n. ],etto used seven outsiders In theIr lineup b ut t.he IOwa City boYJl, with Brown In form were not 1.0 bo denlcd. Catch·

,er Ilruoka and Thornbu rg a t Bhort· stop contributed tho mOlt tor their t eam wlt'h hlta, l he former g(ltting two and tbe slnJle tally.

Be8ten on BMlrb E lmer Desten. who pltcbed to,'

the locals mOlt oC t'he Beuon, WM kept on the bench because of a fillgh t mncss. He wl\l probably br used by the locals if a p ropoocd lIame 1M arra nJed for next week, Mal1n!;or Nil. Alexander eald YeHtcrday.

I n lho ab.ence ot OUo VI/gel, J\ rt ) Ieyers flll~d In at rIght field. nlld Cllmo throu1:h with 'I. hIt al\(] 0 rllll and IlCc~pted all tleldlng chances without error.

The Antlers won over twu,UllrU. of theIr Jame. durlns the eeaSOIl. and ",ah the annexation ot the !eaJ;ue rbamplonshlp. Manager Alexnnder a nd hi. cohorts have (lOlnpletl'd n ..,aoon satisfactory to tb. organlzu. tlon.

Tho leQ/Oue trophy I. tl) be PI'''' 8ent<>d to tho team In the lIr:ir tUI' ure. and mlnature gold bR8C!>IIIl. with the Inocrlptlon "L<-ague Cham Ilion •. U3a" will be awUtl"1l-to tile In<llvld'l ukl pla~er8.

The ~1lII'cl LETTS- AB. r~Il, ['O.A.tl EeUo. rf ..... ... .. ....... " 0 0 l 0 I 11. Velter, 'b ........... 4 0 0 1 4 I}

Hruska, c ................ 4 1 (I ~I IJ Silcott. If __ .... ___ .. 4 0 0 I 0 0 Thornburg, 88._. .. ..... 0 0 ./ ;S 1 Ro ••• ]1> ... _........ .. .. 4 0 1 0 8 0 Wilson, cr .. 4 0 0 1 0 0 Seh\\1e1zer. 2b ... _ ... 4 0 0 1 I 0 A. Vetter. p_ . .. 4 U 0 G 0 U l-I.ldbaJl. p ... __ ....... 0 0 0 0 U 0

Total . ..... _ ......... S7 1 3]:; I;; "


Nol..,n. 3b ........_ ... 6 1 I I BIlncrolt. .8 .. .. _ .... 5 " 2 0 U loleyor.. rf ....... ___ . • 1 1 0 0 0 Cra.wford, II .... _ .. .... _ .. 4 1 ~ 1 0 0 Se.m ulh, lb __ ....... 4 U 0 0 4 0 Ea.otwood, ef ..... _ ... 4 1 1 2 0 0 'l· ... ptow. 2b ........ t 1 0 0 3 U Th ompson, c ..... _ ... 4 ] 0 0 0 0 ;Brown. p ............. .. . 4 0 0 12 0 0

Tptal. . ..... 38 7 7 16 13 3 S<:ore by Innlngl:

Lo.tte .......... __ ... _ ...... 100 OOU OO!)""'l )loose .. .030 00\1 40!)""'1

Umplre_Sta.fCord. Whlto.

Little Hawks Hold Intensive

tine Practice Int. nelv. 11110 p ractlco. both d o·

1pn81ve aneS ottensh'e •• 'U8 th n main dl.h at Shrad~r field 1000 t nlgh l ... 'h Little H awks 8t rted arlll lng (nr tho Vinton game thl ft week enu. lIIuch \ ork hao to be done to r.mNly the weak spols " .. QUlIht out In t he Grant 'hIgh rame a l C<>d(ll' J:aIJ ltI~ Saturday. Oul~ld' oC a 80vere cl1n"lry ho,·"O

rU I'rl('(\ Uy IU"'leB Crll.w(vrd . liuHi'l' lIn (ll11 l1 n. the Hcd .l1d I\'hl~ ('''('\\' r Ame buc k fl'Om Cedar 1181'1d. Inl!ld. AccOrdi ng to . tall ~t1~ •• Ih. I'H"lu" (:Ill' Bgg"l'gatlon fa llN! to mllkc ""I' c01l81dorubl 'I1a lnl th rOUgh t he Ivcul lin . Th Iowa City II nr 1(Il'lled IICcceSllry punch. howQver.

A IIlTht 10·mlnut" I!I'rlmmflgo 1\ ound U\l tile venlng'" work fur the 1 ''''' Il I ~ Dtr r In I), week II. mol' cOlleCt'lNI ~frort will be mfldc to cle vclull tho Little lI (1.wk. In10 v. powerfu l dt' lvlll ll' machln l hnt will (unction both of· t nelvely and detc l1 "lv~ ly. M~ny lllInor or,'()r s werll brought to ligh t by 8aturdo.y'H game and COtte h Oeorg\) Well ~ I" worklnr them oU\.

CoachoR W lie and C&nnon were q,tlatlcd to a cert • .!n extent wllh the .howlnr the IJracUcally l reon lCllm lnade a nd pred ic t bolter rortun In tht futuro. ..

(~IE"A'~ WANTA~j • t £U_

Sportively Speaking

By BiU. Rutledge

A hlt! The old villain. \\'01'1(1 H~'· lrg. )u rks on Iho foo tba ll sccno to "Ica l tho att~nl lo n of th~ sport w01·I. f\'O m the g"ld to the b(\8('bah flr ld. 'fhe hlst r~w years h~ husn'l IitrtYNl arou nd mon~ t han fOUl' or fh'o dnys. uut I hr outlook thIs f,,11 I. lh rl l ht" JI t'(' mlLiu It. \\ (·l,k.

The lIuestlol1 ur rl1rlhly hI/ sr · ball hUll urN \\'111 IJ,' K\ ' I! h·,1 I,.. · t"'M:I' th~ I'hil:ulp".hia Alhl,·I · I"H, C'/IlII1'I,l"". "r Ihe ,\mrrlo-ull 1IIIII:IIr, tJlld 'h~ SL L/lul. l ·ul'lli · ..}t.)~t \ rl.,tm's in Ih., N" tiUlwl Irnl:1lfl. 'rhe 11110 of II'I..-Id ,·1011111 ' pl""8 will 10(> ( 'ollrp rrl1l1 UIlJl Il Ih e trHIU winllll1~ four tU nH' ''. IJh, y bt'l:'inH tmnurrow n~ Shih., PIII'I" /'hlladrl!lhll1 .

'\U/tliNt 0 fh e (("d Hi"11l; WI"'I' III ruurlh I,hu:,. I~ IUlln os behind tI," IrIlI(U,,-h'"dil1/t 'lA ,hills . IInll nOf ~"f\1I rlfl.rd H Pt'nlln.llt J)us ..,j · 101111,'. .\hllnt Ihe lIIithll r IIr AIIGII.I MIIII II!:r r 11111110" SII' ..... 110f j),~ l'O\\'~r of hi. ouffil h:l'·· nPliHI'd and hlH It'UII1 III . fr idr. 11.1' tl18 end of 'h ~ lI1unl h I he ('ull" hod riN"n III Ihlrd 1111,,· • . ~i'( J:HmrS "\\'u.3' rrmll 'hp fop niche. The rOllllllr~inn ul I hl\ fla{: !jCramble ('II • • J/ged.

T hO s t . Loul . dull won 21 or Its IMl 2& gflmre. Si ne", Aug. I It ha~ be~n t rlum ()hllnt 111 43 of 55 rn· coun ters. rfln I he r:lrds malllll\ln thl. dizzy pA e (h "ouo;h the world serIes? It RO. there Is little (lou1)1. ibut what t ho Na lionRI loo!'uc wIll POH""SS tho ''''0,'1,1 ehn1l1J)ionshlJl for the tl rst time sInce 19~G.

Inco the oulromo of I ho s erlos hinge. on 'he pitt'll in!:. Jlaturally there Is \nuch concern onr fhe rch,Ul'tl 1I10 UfH]

Rt.renglh of Ihe Iwo I ~alll". , "'~ven an hnpnrt inl jury wou1rl

be almost forced 10 retun t a I'CI·· diet In f(lvor of Ihn ('1II·d •.

In :\[onllget· Htrerl ', hurUn!> r o .. nre tho vctcro.n 8 1)I1l'(lIl~r Ru,.lelJ;h nr{m('~ • • he a~fl\g rlg'ht~hal1<ler J(lK~ TInlne •• the strikeout man'el "Wild Hilt" lIc,lIohaJ1, old • FIll" Rhcm. and t he graceful Sylvester Johnson. On the form she('ts (1ol1nl(' I\'laf'1('M pl lchers 5uftpr In ('ompnrl!oton . ~r'Jv'

tempcrm('ntal l ... f'rh~ (1t·O\' (' ha~

bE'cn his only rOludM:lfnt winnpl' . Jlj ~ h ,"eat rlght ·luu)(1f'I', GeOl'ge Eflrn· "haw, has tllFpJay(ot1 only int('>rmit · tent ('rr{'('llveJl('<lH. nuh£' "~Oll){"l ' l!~

I-:ddle .nommell. 00'1 .Iark Qtllon

Twenty-Two Work Out for

Swim Squad T wenty· two men ellglblo for the

varslty 8wl mm Jng team answered Il,. first ca ll made by Coach Da.vld A. Armbu l'URter last nl;ght. H owever , the following men d id no t appea r . but nre expectOd 800n: H arold O. Ben, Kon . C4 of Slo\,x City. E . R ow land E v. an • . A4 of Davenport, Burke N . Car· ,on. 1\ 3 of Iowa. CI t y. J ohn S. F lold, A4 of FO"es t City , A. O . Go. l'Iock A3 of l ' love,' , My rel m. Naylor, A3 of Dav· ,'nl)orl . a nd W . Keith W eebcr. A4 of l owQ, CIty.

Un ti l November Ihe men a re to report on Monday, W ednesday, a nd I"rlday. nccord lng to Coach Al' I1l'

1.l'ustrl·. 'rralnlng will co n8ist of hull~lnS',u J) exercises on the banks or I h. pool. tlttern minutes s wim· mlng. and Informa l water polo.

T he (li vers are regular ly takln!;:, ad· vantage of t he new sp rlng·boards In· Rtalled duri ng the s ummer. "At lll'eHent OU I' pool Is th best eq"IIJPed of collegIate (lools," repor ts Cuach Al'lnuurste r .

That hIs men s~em 10 be In bettet' ~o ndillon th a n have squads In ]jas l nal'S, Coach Armbru ster a ttribu tes to most or the men having wOrkel1 In Ihe ' open a ll sum mer.

Full Practice Begins for All Track Men

Fall pracUce now Is under way tOI'

both v"rslty and freshm'\11 t ra.c k a nd tleld at hl~te~ and tho unlvet'slty Wchamilionsh lp8 will bo held In the middle or Oclober .

Charles R. Bt·ook!J\s. asslstnnt coach. nas assumed Bupe"vlslon of the ' I'un neI'8, hu rdlers. and Jumpers on Towa field. \ Vel:ghl m 11. 111 charge of Thomas E. Martin. drill dally nenr the ileld house.

Coaches announced Afondo.y tho.t a ll men with track a nd field aspira­tions ure requested to report for fall 11I·actice. Equipmen t will bo IS8uC{) at tho field house.

<'OI11 I)I('to his Ust ot first ~trlJ1ge ....

Behind the bitt Ihfl Alhleti. ·. IUWQ a decided fl(lvaJ,t aJ(e, given t/l I hem by Miell oy ( '01'hru1I (' 3ntl " "till)· Schong. J ill/my Wilson and Ma ncuso a re tll f} ('a l'dIlIUI .·~t l·h er.. CoIl1I)~ risons of the I,wo ('(Intesfanl s in other depart · mt' n' N o f t he gUlIJl' will b lo CO li ·

I tanied in toltlorrow'" COhUI UI.

()rR.n Papf', £,x ·lowa. grid lumlnal'Yt WitS hoth the" hero II nft. tlw g'Oltt In lhp 7 to 7 UP game l,ctween the ChI· ('I"\g'O C"al·d .... land Minlleal)olls pro ('leven" SUllday. Playing with thr

Positively Last 2 Days

"Continllous Shows Ever y Day"

Doors Open 1:15 P. M.

Attend Matinees

-and-Avoid Standing in Line

f;,t'lI3i1-TocIay~~s Tomorrow


and the Most Popular BHall~O It I s The ~108t S t " p e n d 0 11 8 A .. hlo\·o 11l e llt of 01lr Titu e . . . It S I 111 ,. I y ~lUS'L' ne Seen!

The Crou.chiest Man in the World Is Comillg to Make You HapIJYt

. . . He'!!! Il Bctter Detective Tlum Slwrlock


, • , A Better Malchmnker Tball Dall Cupid!



It celialnly seems a8 though Con . hlld (al1d has) as his tu tor the lIlo Muck. !tpprollciling Ih. 8e,'0 Mol wonder[u lly lalented, Cy Perkln". yollow of hi. exlt'ao"rlIJHlI'y ba.~hQII Cochrane batted .400 u" cl fle ldrd prr. a!:e, has p roduced another Invlnclblo [ectly In tho laBt W'o"1d Series. But t"a m IIk~ tllItt which fo .. c~r1 him to lw was great long befo l'o thnt. hlven "ell mOAt or hlb ouUll tllIl'lng tile as a. l'Ooky out of .. football·starred wlnle,' of J9t4 ·10 "hr~au"e It WOn ca,'eer Ilt .Boston coli ego (Mkkey's 80 many gam!'s " Ihal Phllu(klllhia "MnSSllch uMetl. mtcl< 'or the famed tuns ",N', tired or "('.In~ the .. 1\.... Murphy·rJOJ1ovan·Mnh(ln·Casey tYlle). overwhelm all op(lo~ltlul1! Cochrano was b,·lIl1ant. He had the

That old nuttlt (shud,," of Hpn,lpl', husky build ot a grId warrior. very Plank. "Home Run" l:Uko,·. l;:lIdlo "ctive college schOQIIt~ In ba!fOhall. ~ 'ollins .1I1e1 lhat "Million DolIlll' In· and all thut natural "suvvy" \I hlch fie I"") "u"ely hilS bC(' 11 rivulrd in an Ideal rooky shou ld have. ;'''011. 1929 and '30 by anoth.r ~l' ..... k nUL· Ille rlfle·armed. nimble. keellrmlntlcd. f'hln~ ('xtrnordina,·y. 11 took ConnIe kidding "lllckoy" was heln~ ha.lled t he Conl1oi'8~u,' tully 15 years lo 1\" "the p.,·r~ct catcher" and lhat tor :t8Rcmblo the present comblnatioll. 111Iorr tlwn three seasons nlOw! "",'11I"J't .. ""!.'1'e many Hc:u~on~ whl'n Phil· Then tho "A '[11" [llHO ha~ [1110 I h('I' I.v '''1(1 Hoston had 10 outrum"le ~uC'h "lle"fecl Illay.r" III AI SImmons. othN' (0" cr' liar honol'. . Hill nil that hiller allel outtlelder (.366 with the (' ffort "I1H worth it If yuu lillOW YOll l' to; tlck in J!J29 who mndr but Cour "','. h..."'Vi(.hall anri hav(> ~p f'n your 19211 or 1'01":0; in 14:! gnmcs (01' .089 1hat same (ll'e ~nlll IIthlct\C8. l "cason!) . And ho' . b.·en l,lay!"!: at

'I'"ke that living dynanlO of the I, IIkn IlUI'(I all thl. )'M" . ~\ hal ~ ",\ 'R" for ('xamplo- Mlrkry Cnch · ,mainstay-what ,t palt· ot em- he 1':\ n(l' , cnt ('lwl" C'xtraordinary. who I nn(1 Cochrane mukr!

rillur Clly Irarn. hr "11l'lnlod ~n YI1I',l. l·aJ;Or1.I1H towo.r,l lh(·I,. g01l1 with a (0/ ' 0. 10uclHtOWI1 III I hh'd qUllrt,·,·. rumble. In the lust perIod 110 "10,'1.'11 the ChI·

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A BiLli al play of hil­Uon of locllst laying wa te an t>ntire coun­try belor your eye hear the terrifyi ng drone o f a trillion wing .

A naliv(' killed b y a lion in (ront of thf' ound camera.

An avenging ho l of savage!! drink hlood and milk- then ki1l lion with naked pear.

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While Rhinocerii III

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The Door of Death By JOhn Esteven

, In Ihe hall we tound a group or

men abouL of the chall's betor. the

I:~arlh. And thus I camf on the

p~leOn$r) ~arl 1lt\lllon. His hands wcrp mAnacled. but

otherWise lhel's . was IILtle of the , J)rlsoner ImlJl1ed In hi. nttltudp 01'

Iq that or hla gUMdS, 1\ strellie of \,\oo<l- on Ills tprell~ll(l wa, thl'. unlY ImmedJate IJ'ace h8 . IIDwed of Ih" Ilghl , lind cel''!uln IY . anwng l'h~ rest of us, hp se<:med thp leuot conoel ned.

r say "Jmlnedlate tI'3 re," beca.uRe, ~n looking again, It bl'cnm nppnr­o,nt I hat one I g was soaked wllh blood, and, frOll1 L116 ugly ""slr In which he held It, wus ~vident1y brok, (~I. Olll! dlvln('d, allho'lgh not by any take.n of, 9l6Presoion, LlIJlt h must be suftel'lng extreme pain. Otbenvlljll. (1Ic~eaBed pallor gav" an e.(lded I'ef.lnement to tIle tace thot

' reposed on lho chalo' cushions lIJ<a IV! txquls.!tely. Clll'ved mn~k.

But what was peculiarly Imllre., ~Jve seemed to me lhe manner In ",hlch his I'eccnt opponeJlts stood nl'ound "1m. As the unCllnc,hlng ,'yes lU\~I~cJ Up8f1 on~ 01' the OlhPl:',

. the man In question looked away 01'

shutrled uneasilY, I

SKIPPY-The Whi1J Halld

...... ,

Arter ihe ll)ul'd~r 01 C't'Ilfl Ita.!· lion, clrclUllstllnCes point to her liusband, Frnlll'ls, 118 Ihe slayer.

He denies guHf. but lat er I~ Coli,

fess lon signed br, hilll il I"OO'.'iwed by otrJdllJs IIIV~SjJgAiiug Ihe Clt8e. He Ill5/) Silys I hal he Is oommlWng; Slllo\t1e, ru1\l, a.rt .. I' a few dlJl>YfI, 1118 btJdg Is 10ul1ll. Onfl, his bl'Othet", I1ml NOI.'Il4', I, poiieA official, l11we sai~ that Ibey be, lIeve<1 him Iml(>;).ol\I, Dr. Arne", ~ 1I'lel1d of Gil'anol' Gmhlllll, 0", murdered woman's slqter, htl!! ~Il ~-onvinced of 801110"'8 guilt from HIe st.ri. At ~Jiss Gra, ham's requll8l! AmOlfl retll!liull at Hie Bolllon home, Greyhouse, 10 care for an old servant, wilp · Ill. ill, There he retoeives n. blow to bls bOlles when 119 leal'lUl j;)~ Carl IlDd Eleanor .. re t,o be m~' tied, He feels 'hal. Cad's lnflUr I\Ace on Eleanol' Is evil, OM In this teJlef be if! jujooed by, he" 0111 servant, The WOUlIUl ~8, ljI be qt.kell rrom Gooyhou9O\ a.udwanillo EIIIIlI1\lI' to go wll II h~I', but ~, ea.uor refuses to Icu.v.e, Norse sho". ~nl\l8 an , I\Il4llQ'lllOYf let­ter In feminine hll'ndwritlllllhat I\urports to I18I-abliAh lID. l\UbI for Fraucis Ballioll, and acalu ur,OlfI the doctor to qu~ GnlY' houso, That night dl'\ll;lretl food and ,wine is giV4!I~Amtlll, Ue realizes Ills \lerll In time to ~ve h.\8 IUe, This Incident alld the dealh of tit ... 8et!Vn,nt mak9 II II '" found iml)l'essloll on Eleanor, She lea.ve·s GrIlyhou8e antl ,06s into reti(ement, Laler s be breuJu> her engagement IIml proml~ to JI1~ AJnes, (lallli IlPPlu"lntty., takes all this l'llhnly. HI\. ask~ E1eaJlor and Ames to IUlldl with him. \VJlen AJn\lli lIletUlon~ Ihis to Norse, :wd says UUlot m4j&JlOr 1\114 ,one to (Jreyitou8e, the de' tootiVe 1& frantic, He- I'U8hll8 with A;IIl~ to Gl'6yhOu8e, When they attempt to enler, they lire ~tlWk\l!l by Kosta, the butif.r, whom Ames hl'8 IllWllYS suspect· ell of II/lowing something about tbe mUl'dlll' ot Cella, hi '~t, the man has been l't!pOt,t .. d as misslng by Carl Ballioll, alter Ole a.ttempt 10 drug Ame., NOrse sJtoots Hasta. and be IIl1d LII doc, lpr eute th silellt house, '{hey ~ III tim to save Eloono~'8 life, but Ii fierce baUl ellsues before Carl Is captllred , With the linin I of a body of police, a reseue Is errected,

They gazed at him with sort rJf mingled f~ar. IIkll Peoplll gual'dJng a tlltherttd lion, and, by no maana sure of themselves. As we came up, I l1eard one at th~m observe meekly. "That was a great flghL yotl 9Ul up,

L.I.1"fHER. CRUNCH Dl WANt' LD ec .sELFISH A~J:::, LET 14.15

WlfE.:511 HOME \..\lHILE HE WAS PLAYlt\)G SOLF - .so HE:

.5HE ,Hell 'HT

~rl" Balllon ." "Do you think so?" on8wer~d a

clear ,'olce, "Who was ask~d for youl' opiniOn?" And the bulky f<lI, lOW crl nged In to sllenc • moving back

GA\JE HER A ..::€T of <:L.UB.s AJ0,~ --roLb HE.R 10 ".

lAKE LES.so~.s-



I ~ pa.ce. Then Balllon's eyes tllCed on Us_ "Well," he asked coldly, "did you

enjoy the hunt? .. "You tought well," replied NOrse.

uif that's what you mean. You almost bea t tile lot ot us-bu t not quite, We've come to see what

KNOW YOUR UNIVERSITY can be done (01' you,"

Ball!on shook his head. "Nothlng_ I conte~s. though. I IUee your compll' ments. It softens the stlnf( at los­l'lg. which was, of course, Ullpar, donable. BlIt I 'm glnd It was yOll,

Old Chew.isi.,y Building Becomes New Home Electrical Engineering Department


and not one of I hese-a Blare Includ' A (orward At~p In an attempI to ''II us-"that bl'ought me down . make th e plech'le"I enginr'~rlng uP­VOu'r a man at cou rage a.nd S<lnse, the ollly admirable quallti~s, pallment of IIlH unlvprslty rompar·

"You foole,\ m~ Inlo lind re"th11q.t, 01;19 10 I he best In lh. mlddlp w~st Ing you, I was stupid enough 10 consider this tellow .. ' he glaJlCtld at lne, "a danger, rather than. YOU. Ah. well!" And. shrugging his shoulders, "Before leaving, thel'e's one thing 1 would 'Ilke to leal'n-

In the dllnk, thick all', haNI to about Eleanor, Dead?" breathe alld heavy wllh the stench of "No," I relorled; "she will live, powder-fumes, r felt a g l'owlng weak, In spit. of you I' Infllt;lly," IIQiIS, to which also the wouod In my "Faugh!" he exclaJmed . "plelisllc shoulder contributed Hence, lhe I'P' gnbble! She belo11ged to mil by ev, malnder of that scene, ullUl we <'I'Y right, she broke rnlth and should emerged In the room above. has left have paid Ihe pricll, In ~1/1l1l).e Ju~' only a dim Impression.

I recall lliat lhe light. ,vera Rud- 1ice, But, 119 regllrds 10 her, at leUJ!t.

hU $ l'p('eOlly b PO to. If All , Bp~"ln ·

nlng t hls ~pa l " thk uld chemistry bulldlO!,", whlrh will bl' known ~s

"11:180\1'1 31 EU!l"hll'E'rlur llulldlng," will hous" Ihls pal'tlculo,' depal't­.menl of t h~ collp!!:A or png!rWt't'il1g, HpH~lorol'e: tht! di'll~nl nWlll hati

Iwen loral eo In the jJhl',le. bulld­Inc· ,

Tht' th'JI Iwo (Il1or~ or Ihe n~1\'

bulldillfl, which hah Iw~n romplelc·l)' ,rPlllodeled fOI· OI'('tIiJOnc,V. Ul'~ 'I II that wJII h uspd al 111'" ,-" ,,1 , IIle

I hird hf'ing re~prvr-l for futurE' flX-


'I~'lt' w:'IHlII flow' i~ 10 h~ oe~ulllp<1 hv cl'lr!'Jl'aurll~, offireH, and t))P aud· It ol'illm. En.ch membpr or t1w :lluft will Lave lin IndivldUlll uW,'P. aull fPnicH' and jUlliUI' rOOIl1H will ('on1n ln fL I1rl1fllng 1111111::' lm' t'~ll'l,

.,fl ldf'll t 'J'hl? :luditOl·lun1 hn~ a ~"fJaIII1V (':lII.II'it~' 'lr lIin :lntl 18 lo b(,j UMP!l fill' 1' ·(' l,.ul'e~, demonHtratlon~, movlPft, A" l ,r':, l ·~. ~f'~HIO I U; , atld an y

otht'l' grO ll]J IJJflHillJ.:" lilul IUlI y lJ4 lipid frol11 111I1f' In llnH ",

l"!x(' tlpt f(l)' n s1c)rtl)'oom 30thl ('lnHf Loom, th" t'tHln: gl"(nllHl nom' L 10 Ut' urpd fol' lahm'u l ory Plll"U~I""', 1'114 ' 1"41

"Ill L' a dt'(' uil "i Hnd 1lI\1c:hillt'l'V lull

r had hop d thn.t luck wOllld tav()fI d~'11y lurned Qn lind disclosed Ii 31gl11 comparable only to whlll I was after' me-I WQst.d 1\ bull~t 011 that pi I IIl1\ " ward to witness In ~'ranc_the eCfert H e raised his mu.naclsll handll, ot shrapnpl exploding In a crowded pressing the backs ot them to his <8pace, Six men wel'e dead amid the lips In a gestul'. ot ohagrln. and 1 wreckage of splintered stands ami "UW PI'llncl. Balllon 'S !l:tpphlre on

At The Nation's Capital

glass QI\8e2, sAvol'al mor~ wete badly 1118 fing~I'., wounded, and very on showed some "Infamy?" he repea led, "A 1rllpe or the strllggle, It WIlS an lIn- wOI'd! I huve npl s trnd(ll!1d be-(ween

Doctor, Educator, Friend to Hoover Becanw His Se('retary of Ill~erior-WjJbur

ilJ)eakably hideous shambles, ronventional .-Ight. 11I1d wrollgs, but A caleer In medlcille I1nll .,Iura-Harsh, blood-stal11ed faces peered looked to mYll8lr, Whllt use 10 lite Lion, cou pled with a friendship daLlng

dO'Yn at the flgllre of BifanoI'. ovel' was Cplia. whom I killed? She Slood bllck to their college dllY' at Leland whpm Norse !\lid I were bending:, III my war. as did Frllncla, T!lat

"She's a}Jve." I l1elnember mutter- confession of· hla aJmpst t.;mlsd, YOU, Stu.nrord UJllv(l)'fllty w .... ro pUl'lIy rc­lng, again and again, In a dazed way, Norse. All. It tOOk some pers ua- "ponsl!)lp for Ihp selertlon of Dr. RfiY not comprehending my OWII va.1. .Ion I efol'e he slfne<l:' Lymlln Wllbul' U', "ecl'~"uy of the rellet whQl1 her OJ'st pulse,t.lll'ob "e, ;\11<1, Imualll~ l\, II1QI\1Qnl, ~I!. It Intprl(lr by .p ,,~". If""'b~rl TloovPI' . vealed the trllth , looking bark, he added. "~ I ore Ihan nl ·. WlIblir had Ht'I'ved lUI president , :Qlmly also 1 remember helping to flesh and '1l"' 1~ could be lholl;rht to of Leland fll!l.nfIJ, 'd lInlV6l'"lly fl'om

f I Jnnual'Y 191G unlll he look the cabl, carry her lhl'ough the sllloke,fllled stalld, he slood. 1 wa ~ proucl 0 lion net post. PrlOl' to thut he hnd been a

1unnel, and recall the · 8tl'UIl~ brlght- - hut ht' RlgoM. al last." membel' of thllt ulliverslty's lIl!}(lical 11'16SS ot light as w~ emerged Inlo lhft For one ~utrerlnll' Inltllll'e 1)(lln, he

oratory. u. cc,Hnmunieo.Uon lllborn10l'Y· l'adio h.i~e[\ t·ch room, high tllo:;lon

labol atory, a melE'r room, Ibumlnn lion laboratory, a nd a _hop.

The largest room. 100 re~t 10111:' 311(\ 300 feet wid , will hOURO 1 hp rll'culls anel machlnel'y lahQl'slory All tho apPIlI-atus I. oC Westing, hou~ and GenE'ro.l t~lP('ll'lc I11nn.l· ftu t Ul'l\. An entire tlPW flYRteln of ~il'rult" IS to be Inaullu,'R led by Prof. EdwIn e, Kllrt?, hpnd at tlH' el<>el rk­til ~nglll~ers, Wlwre lh~ old .YN' tpm IlHH.lc 11~(l' of hlndlp.: p(lHt~ Hud "I.:ln'fi. the nf"W sysltlm U~fo'" phl~iol

""I Jac'ks Incol'll",.al"ll Inlo n "Il"c" lally hullt lalM.

Hp~ldl'j; U\jl mmal motor~, g'PIl(\rnt·

Ot'8. tl'oIlSrlll'fnt'lI'H, a 0(1 ('on\'l'l't{'I'~,

11tf' f'h'PllJt~ Hnd mnrohlnt'I'Y lahUl':!'

hU'Y will ("011'1l111 a kirlp·W3Vflo ~onpl"

0"11' "('I, a hl!,"h,cul'r~lIt (o'a,,"l'ol'l11 r, ~ ,'athoM rnv 0.,'1 11 0.1: I'U ph, nlld olh­PJ' f.~f'\'Jep~ p~~t'ntf!ll (or l'XI)l'I'JlIlpnf~ (11111 1'(I ~pnr('h In ~lpC'tl'l('nJ Plll:iIlf'f'l" Inb',

,\ II'nll~rormel' vault hfiR l1rl'n hullt to 11OU:-;[' t\\"o IIt'W tran~rorlllrrH. ",\ " 11l('IIII I·/thlp haR hpPI! IllllI, 2:1110 red in l(ln~1 h, fa'om llnlwll'Hl ly ))OWt'F' 1}IUllt to Ih .. IH'W tl'on~formel' vnult. Pr9vloliRly. Ilowel' W~R ..-ruretl by

"IlI,rt>ly pJu~!.!lng in on ('url'('ut nUll · ))lll'fi" In tht· phYHit-~ hlli1cllI1R, 'rht" Ill'W tt':l IlsfOt'Il1P;'H ~hnnA'{' t 11(' roUI'·

I'pnl rl'om a Iwo,p h"E' c'ulTPnl Itl " t.hl·6f'·plHH~e Oll'l'pnt. 11101'f' H:lt!· fue-·

Ion" for J't':if'rlrc,h lJlI1' PU:R'S

~I't liP III 11w ,'OlllIlHlHlratltJJ1 1:111 " ol'lI"', will Ik' lilt' "'lul\':1lpnl or 2110 :nll(lg or rity Iflpphonp lin (I\; , nnd :1

('umplt't(l HUtl)I1Hltk l" Jq)holw flX' (IJnn~~t·, ~lIl'h Il~ Iow~ ('lIy wIll h:I\'f'

\',"ltr"11 lilt, 11l'\\ nUIOllltltlc' Ry~U'1l1 I~

IJUI in lI~'. T.lt(\~l eXIlP "lmflll(nl 1'01110 (·qullllllrnl I" 10 he III't"" .. " wll hi)1 llll' nl\xl t wo \\"e(klu~,

\\'Iwil Nllil"lJI;,r inRWllptl nllil III \.\' IIt'l<ln,:: ul'tltJl' pl'Ort' f\:~ ot' ["ul"tz ht··

1t"\'1'~ 1 h'll i1w plrril'lr-nl rngil"'""III!: fodJlilrR 01 lhl~ ulllver,lIy will lie f-XI1,lllr'cI hv rpw olllf'r eUUbges.

fac ully, and fol' tlvl' y~UI'. It. nl~dic;.1 library, It was a condl.Uol), ] b~, ~howed a curious languol', ulmost dean, In 1912 un" 1'13 h~ WlIs I.rc'sl· h:l\'" 1111"" H""" anti two (it/lighlrr •. lieve, that the otheo::t shQred~a ha.g- drowslne.tll, lIla eye. closoola mOll1' d~nt of the AJJ\('II('on aoad .. my of ",ed. I\'lwlI HecrHal'), \\'llIlIll' 10uk his 01-(lard KrDUP o( scareGrQWfI, aU of us, nl. And 1 grpw conscious once Icille. (iI'" III th~ l'uLlnet OIl<' !It hlx fI .. ll

"81< We stood In the sunlight. more at thnt .'!U'an/l'8 \11'1'1 BUl e I'ound Dr. Wilbur had pl'Qvlollsl)' worked t,l::lk. WOs tl,P Illnugllrution or 3 prQ-But the faIntness plUl.!l.Ed, Elean- nhoul, Iha InsIstent , dlrtu"",] men- undel' Hoover dul'lng lh" World WM Kl'llill lUI' rlHlH"I'vln !;, th.' Iltltll'n'. 011

!Jr, having been temporarily caloed tallty that hll.unted 0l'eyholls6. wbplI he WIlS I1Ss1wlalll food admlnls 1'~""UI'('~H llll'oligh " R\I·lllg(> lIt I.,,~, -tor, &nd other medical attention sum, Once agaJn Il seemed 10 m~ as If all t!'aWI', ing 1"ul\ .... .II1 011 gOVPl'IlllWllt Innlls, -mon~, I gf,VC what help I could to thla had haPl)ellild 101\ff ago. II aoene He I~ Ih~ HPconll membel' of hi" K(JUII afte l' he took ornc .. , H,'. WI1 ~/l01I8 who needed It . Norse's I~tl Icellucled fl'om rortner ltC_this r(tmlly lo Iloitl a cublowl post IITl'I ~ I ' bill' al.o unnollncNI thal hll Inlendl'd

.11and wns disabled, Rectsby nnd an- s lately hall , !lIe merCiless. blood, successIve 1)I'csldenl , Ills b,'othel', to ,",u,ngo th" onth'o IUl'PCllun of Ihl' other had frMtllred sku ll s. and there s tained man betore U8. wJth, hl& cyn' 9u\tls O. WlIbul', was secretary of H"V""llllwnl'~ IIIIIlall Ilollay In Ol'dl'l' were various woulld. that I'equhoed Ical valol' , the n!l.vy In the cablnst of Pres, CI1I, 10 I· .. move the fn \lIallN Croln tho clo..sl,

.Jlltentlon, Curious odds and end~ of 1hought, vln Coolidge, rir:ttion oC warus lind IlIIlCQ them In As tor EI anor·, she )"as apn l'ently norm811y unfamiliar. arlfted 10- Llk~ PresIdent lIoov~r , Dr_ \\'11\)111' IIw "oelal RlI'uCtUl'C or thE' country,

h - I d h I" " n"tlv" of 10 "a H" Iva" I)ol' n al "I "en, III III lat l'I' took Alleclul courS~A It" "1"0 01'11",'"[1 U nOI'npl"tl' I'''o''~alll--"utterlng (rom extreme s hock, alld gel e l" 1 I'emelll )pre t e lorn ,~ .. >0 ' ,~ n ~ n c " ~ D

It W8.B Impossible 'to tell o.l once whal l'fnnOIlB and ormor, "Balllon [18hllng Boon~8bo l'o API' II 13, 1876, Aflel' hi . In I.ondon. 1 " I'llnkfOl't-on'th~,~laln, zntlon of lIlo uurellll oC lllilinn IttfalrM, ~he result 11118h~ l!~. . liMr,lIreathlng a loll In thp dal'kn""., his 800rllful. coursas III LelaAd Stanford ulllvel" Itll" at thu lInlvol·.lty of Munloh, n PIlI'l of hl~ depnrtlllent wll1ch rOl' ;had become rellula.1', whlel) .. a,ugUf~ I'ft repeated cry, 'Vas It nol II time SllY, he pUl'sued hi s medical s ludleA li e WM mll.l'l ' lod Dec, 0, 1898 to yom'. hall b""l1 umlm' fll'o fl'OIll rOIl-",ell. btlt she hll(\ not r~~ln~~ \lOll, ilt:\hiJiloll? Was h e not Qctually at Cooper medical college, San I"I'un- ~l:u 'y llflllw or Han_l!_"_I'<l_l_'C_I_BC_O_,_'I_'I_le_}'_K_I_'Q_"S_a_"_d_o_L_h_r_s_o_u_I'.c_e_"_, ___ _ ~clou.ness. npl' .Indeed dlii $e o;pnlll obll,t In. Ihoug}lt and bearing he re'-:----------------------

to herself \lnlll som~ \\qU\,8 IJitell, "l'fJI/llfK\-an Italian condottlere of ~ The need tor the,. al~elll)pnR W3fl I huL Ronal.sallce whose essence ~

'0 Impe l'allve 'lilt¥- only ~lWn I h;¥l "eeme<l nih'. In him (lnd In th is ~ finished with NQl'~'·~ Injury ,dldl. J pla~e? have time definitely to 10Q~ b.~iI , •• ~ pity," he said. "that" I mis, upon wha.t had pf\lJSod, Ot!)' gJallOc calculat~d ' tllll dJ'lIl1' that nla'h! whell e8 met In that speochless u)l.derst.aAdt ,'0» sat IJcle, l:ioSl'~ advice waS Ing of tWQ men who h~v.l!" spared· right. mutually Ilnd sUl'vlved a crltlcQI eJ[- "r rw'et tha.t. I dill nol kill you perlellco. and hel'. Othel'wlse, my onl~ ,.81,

"If'S no qu~stiol\ h~ ... . be. said. Ing 1& Indlflorence! a condemned man "at all's ~~Il 1hal ~J)1l8 well, 1 '11\ !lOe.eIl't I)<t<ld Lo bolhel' aboult Otl1"'8 (Illd, about MI.s ° "l\hru1\, of cOI\I'JIIl. Say { lov4\11 tWl' beauty-say 1 nped· aut It's a black day, (0,' me wh. n I rd he\,' weHlth- ln any calle, ... prj~, thlllj( of; t)19~!1 p<\or fellows. 1 ~llevQd h,,., "upel'lor to the SO~ I

He looked 40wn, allll 1 COllld· 8~ IIPIlIli/DU fl~ · ethic., IlJld Lbougtlt h el' his t[fl'm liPS \rembl,'" "Stili," h fin.. o"nJlmM~, a. tine Ql'ealu"e wopth udded. "In ovr trade one must be cal'lng (01' whlQh Ie ~I yOU coo ... J'I!3dy (or thnt '" lltlot In WQlllen , She tUllne" oul

"4 nd what," I uaked, "hus bec(lme uomIJ)Qnpll}OP , or BallIon ?" I !i"" head dl'Ooll~'h whelfter, o~ nol ,

We hall. lUl'lled' lhe llbrarJl InlQ a. l'I'Olll w,oakn '¥8 Il WIIS hal'd to lell , th ·st,ald ward, not, so InappJ'QPI'ln\\l, ' but he reao,'ered. hlmRe lf. I , saw lit[ I' 1111, 10 thO~l' old banners Ihllt Ih\\~ Nor841' WAS ubservlng him

• hnng down oVer UB, nor to the 11111.1101\ aharnly, , lon~{'d b neath th,m, Norse pOint- "You," he conlin u~<1. eying m e, ed 10 U1Il linll . : 'fll~e a. 8mllil ~ood mill), In silits of

"lie', thQI'~' YOll 'd bottor, hllvl! ~QU", I&])8tj8 townrd whali you cOlleld, n lOOk. I hllagl ne he nf.ICds UllythlJlg pr ev)l~yotl lire one ot thp countless YOU can do ," I." ZOI\<\&S Iha t,. (Qrm the "Iffnlrleance o( "Allnt Lucia," a tllI'~() nct ClolIl'gl' ('olllrdy will • "I don·t SAe why we Qhpukl . llott)· !lI1l_det'n cljlrure, l.II'O on with her be pl'p~rntfl[1 by the \\,orurn ,'H al.(.~ililll ·Y or the

~:,'~olo ":~~n~d; hl:~rY Ij~ath would ~~:t.bl\ ~~~~;;;'81~0~ :~:~~~oym=.~ AmericlIll rJl.'gion, 'l'hIlI'Rlluy Illld li'l'idfiY. f.lOCl.d , Npl'so gruwd , ~b!l6nlly ull,' l. lhe rut on Iny word I dpn't envy you:" hllsine8!l 1l16.11 nllt! 150 lowll City cllildl't'l1 will ' torn ba ttle-tlage, "ND doubt. BlIt ~ I1IBmlssed and [ believe forgot take Jlart in tlte P'l'OdllCltioll whit'h iH com'('rupt! .ho 's u great 811lrlt, nOllo tbe I~, ~ ,m~ with 0. change of glance, "Be, witl) tba liomecomipg day tl~ Hula Bulu r!JJlt'gp, :mall 8 Ihe rest ot us 10D~ s mall: will) ~Qre I go, Norse, Is there anything P~tsons in the Illajot' cast. or Lht' pIny ttl'!': OUr petty Inll.bllltjPH, No, II> 8 no. ·you'd like to ask m.? I've nothlD4J IF ' SiR' h 1 D ' R I t B

:sentlmentallsnl." h e added. I'll to conceal at present," ronels LlOPP e, Ie arc . R~IR, 01(!1: e l'I 'Y, lee that h o hangs (lis t enough," lTo be COl)tlnued.) Mrs, Kenneth Jones, !lIt's, Lella 'Vatkms, Mrs,

Willinm Whil (', PUIlI 'roomsy. L, C, KI'Il('Il;('r, K .r. CI i ffol'iI. l\It'K, h B, Higley, Dr, li', '1'. BU1Ie/', MI·R. (/pol'ge 1 ohlpr, .ID, C, l\leltncl', Jk Floyd l'illul's, .Jubn IIPmmons, Willium I1ollnnd, RfllJlh [JlIlllling, II/Id ,JaQk Hwollrr,

,'pPciHlt iI'S ot' tho PI'OdliCtioll will be II bllhy '~ JllIgeuut, /I flapper cborns, composed of buJiln~ss I,HID Qlld fl\llUlty membel'!I of thi- u~i\1erliity, glee club, and high school chorus,

By PElley L. eno BY


St-\ E \.A.lA.:sJ\:J', HOrt E:. lCl G€'r DINNER.

,REA/::) Y W H E;J\J pOoR. c::.RllNCI-\ CAME INIIR~


..,-0 f>IEcES AND HI.:s

WIFE:.s GAME: l:s .so Gc:::o D


fR:>H u.loRkl~G ALL [),A"f- HIM!

THe 81G sol( CIi'ACICE'D l.W'IDiiR "rK' tm\'AIN!~

A'fT" eoy ,. WIL/..l~"

¥ooofll"l ,c-o~ ~/LLIt;> '/

(,fJ(1EE,:, " ~tl


'(EAR'S "(E'T!!­

A\N c;.O ON


. ............ OH D~t~-

- ·0 ... O~R:!-­I DUBeeb ~O S/iOTS - O~· IU­NeVE~ ae M,(

LI-rTI..E WI 1...1.. IE WATT5 WolI! ,loiS MINIA'TU~I! Go!.'" - 'JRNe.Y TOOA'1', BaA'/N," At..ON~O P. 8ICOi«;S8-<

'- FAJIo1oUS"PRo"f=ROM ,"'6 Jo\OC),~ToWN , ~/!!!e ~OI...F t..EAGUE

, cenps Beh incl Thl>

BR}¥::E Up, \..0 N; '(01.) ;

JUST OIDIIIT ~eT "1l-\1i

I" 8~EA)(S "

"IN HOLLYWOOD Uy 1I1\ItI(ISn ' ( ' .\1(1(111," n nO\"'1 Idl'lI III Ilnl II",.. TllPh' .11 ,

I lOLLY WOO I) .• ('01. . H"I,I ~!I-

1'h' d oUI by his HII' IIUII"" ""hl',I"I\' UII "Ullly lh~ Kill," 1,111" VI1.1ol" · ~"'II'o,(WI()wyn'Mn' "1' ,JlI ·PC·t,lI'. plu,," 10 1ul<6 U. thl'{)t' 1Illllllhti' 11'",1 frO IH

flinl ""'I\'lti~~.

I'ore'" lome" til) at Ilil PHI I\' 11r'I~, ,'" th .. I\< 11,11 11,,\\ lal1l10, Iho b&O AR HIlIII\ r:a 11 I~ III'illllpt! III1'y ,,111111' wlll I", 1'18.1'1 ·,1 h)' 1"111'~ UonIlIRt~r.

vlln till Ihp I'x·m.,f{·~ ~r tl,,''' ' Ill" "h .. I_ AIIII ", ... lIn~'~ hliMband III

' I'hh: IIU"JU)"4 that :tuolhl'l' tll",·~'tor will hnv(' to 1W l'hOMPIl rot' 1 ,ln\iHl lI('Q

'1'1t.tWI( '" Ilf'xl 1,kt lin., ,u,'hh Huullwnwl· ... Vltlol' \\ Ull '~lwt.lllll,d Itl h ~1\'6 HHw\Nl wutl< Ilt '~ 1 W~t'k, Now II 1,.;1 to'~ till "Iou 11'111 1'1' 11101'1' 111111 ,

MOllv motion ,,11'1111'1' ,1I1'prlor" (1Im ~ ;'/'Iill' to lnorokdowmc rl 'UIlI tlw 1I11)ul' of mukilift hl~ "ll'llll·"H. ' I 'hl~ hi CfolIH'I'ltt lIy t , ',II' wll(,1 (l \lwy n II' If'

l'tl)ol\Hlhl u ('UI' /I hll 'J..i fl rlllll lHtll y 011

10t'IIliull, II " I" "HiliI' IIII' 1""." totutllil \VII) ")I, wlttl d'id "'1' 111 ' IlII:

-VI nil" rlit ' I"ox, tuuh fI tl'ulllt1l' UltHlg lind work(',1 "lit wltll hllll tl:dly,

IllHlilltau rl' 1n inN·, H\,pl till' f,'Hth'.,


KI£' I"~ ItEe 'OIU' J'nlll !--'dl"l"h'l~, Ihf\ '"'..('Pltllll!-'t. I

tlu" hr,'" (lr tlU' Wto,'''"" 'II"'~ l (1Idxn. Ut' flll\'t"'uhlr" ,

0110 or till' bill' .tll,1/". Illil lIlIn UI1(Io'I' rOIl I/'Mt. nt II rill . It, .. y, t', ""lI lll n .IIll'V rill' 1111' .,·,·t·l'n.

AU"11 ~h" I )·III~ It oV"lnl~hl , hn fto ur-:hl- HII 1111f1l"vlt'\, wllh IIII' ,w.lIPt'I',

"ffUIl ', " "1)1 MUI·I'~'.·' latl 1\,1,.11 1, "I l ':l l1 "'

do It, Thttl'FlIIHI Ill y tYllP ur tl ttll~' I,

It IH 1,lIl ,'"'l'dHlt-ll \\ lIt-IIII'1 t lit, ~ Ul'(' I'\'II-101" 110R 1"(0(11)\1'1 tin 11 "011' 1 hI

" h"t'k,

lJSI~ "01111 ,1111)(. I,.;N·I' 11 ,,,,0 VI},"'11I'H rill' III~ rflrt 1hnl

,II i S'l' i\ ~'UClO";S'I'ION Ihn !'1'.' m·IlIIlM IIf [I """111' f",' A lIollywOOd \\,II~ HIIR~e~l~ thll "Rh .. ·,,'" ('I"lhl"~ " II,," t" I,, ' 111,,1

Plll'nmounl hOl'I'I)'" tllf~ 11111 \ "(~hll('l{ 1 pont'c.! until n IW11f1nl r)r rl~h hud Il.l!ll \)UUllh',C lIl'I' k" rill' l'IIII·" ""w·. llult Il\('h' "pll1 "hlll>;. Ilt'xl IllrlUl 'V, 'rhlll·. IIku I h ~ rlillOw Will! 1' I1III,ln'\

,\l ,I .-S'I';\Its '1'1111 wr.I'lIl "(IIII,M 1\ 1 MIIIIIIII 01 '1' thn

A(l{\IH.\ or 1l1nH~r II f\"f'jtlIlK hlu-whn.lI HfH'IIO alHt'lng til" film NIIII"", 1 1~I!p(]

Hppt"on, (Of III" 11 11.\ ~ "fflr,', 1l1,l's h'fl fl~ lll 011 one H'llin . nllil Milton '

ohell . 11011.1''''"0<1 I"VI1I~' d lnw),PI', lIlIIplie!.

IN MEMOlty A certoln I1oll ywood ouple (1101

talr to give nall'leo) II credltod wlLh

~ Iptlp hflrllllfo«(1 lht~ [lnt Rtll lllppd UI"Ollllll Ow ,'lln lH ,

• < ( 'III\NOJ!: l ,mI'JJ.JY

Tho Chlll ..... ~ Ill'" till' I (·llv,· 111'''"~ will 1101 IIIIIY 1M 1\111\ II l1nJlIIN'H 11",,1 JlI('lun~ rOl' Pnlllt' .

III Ihl' f'"ol v,·I·"lnn IIf ",,' Hrl'l lll or I"rlw Ol'pulp)' f.illvp/j Ht"tJUI<'" \' hnrnr l ~I' hu hl'~n 1I11l,1 Into" ll~ vy.

(f ClivI' I. willing 10 conllnu , Ihe studio will be dclllJllt d , Uut h n vleo

<;''.\It J.K\\ 1'\:(. \\'ltll '''1'11,1 NI'" "nm," C'OInplf'ted,

11",,, I' ~I''''I"' IH II"""I~ U"I1,,\\'ood 10 #:''' ,,11 \\Ilh Itt-I' "I)I'1"1I11t- ,""'I)"(lPI', She (tlll" " I) " III ('hll' :l1;o , Ilt ' lrult uud New YOl"h. I1l1tl 111"11 :1I 1~ fil l ~"'rnnre.

\\ lWII' III' hll '" nil l'I'I4I1~t'''h'nt with I ht· OIH'l"It { IJIllirllll' ,

\\ hlh· .• 11 ... ,,'11, _h" Will ollPn h,r ..Ilia III 1""ll1t· ,

X,,\\, '"I·k ,\111 ,.,' h .... nKu hl In I "'("'IIII~'I' III 11 ... ~1\'ll'lIlllIlll'"1 Optr. hnu t'.

1111 \/11 H ~H\" 'II,," \\,111 H"~'·". h,,~ "0 1~IC I)"on.

ul hi'l lalH'1I 1Ilulh' ~'


\\,SI ' I ~ "I' '1'1,1111)'

9 ~ 111 . WIII,1I1 Iht· l' I"""I'oom, ''''h. l'~ n JfllP4 h 'ltYI'I/' I'ror. ~I\.ltl 11, AlOin.

11 n 111 \\'llhl" II". r lu~~ I'oom, "~ln' II' "'1I ~I IIMI"," I'r"r, PIIIIII) G, (",!rllll"

NOtJll I , II1H'ltl fill h0tll' IH'ogrLU" , "11111. \\ Ithlllllll' r IIlHHI'OOnl, "lI'he

Hholl HIOI·Y/' I'I'uf . 1"I "lI nk 1.J. Molt, a ' Illll ,' M u Irut 11I'OIlI' Ill, WSUf

II'i~ ,

G pm . OInnrl ' hlllll' progl'am, 8:30 p,m,-!\ltl,lcal program, l.

01'1. t",lllv III C'hlrngo. MillO

Wlnnlp~/{ Wheat QuolollollR III IOWP.I lev,,1 ('VPl' 1'('/(IHIPI'I'rl Oil Cfinadlan rxrhollg~, nso 11 I " . I'e IIkell IR~ 11. III'f1I'"""lnlf nnd RO nh~n WUR a bill III • .)W

or Ihe Ullllrtl Rlotl'H wlwllt SUIWI.v, uh'pmly 11,..... lnt'lti)~t kflOwn, NpY~l' ll j f"' I f'!otH, (' It I (\ , wheat pdC'PH nt tlml'" lodu)' I 10 ohow SOltll'dny's Cinl.h, was rUl'l'pllt lhnt Romp buying lure dellvPl'leA lVaR tlonp hPI'f Russia 10 ott""t rrc~llt AaleA,

The hl{'II!:O wh('llt murkpl nervOll> lit Ihl:' RamI:' fi"

rlnlsh 10 I ~r low I'. Corn IIc down, onlH unchanged 10 nn., l,rovl.loIIR var~lng from dpcline 10 a rl8c of 25e,

Unlil word COlliI:' thot th~

lodoy at Llv('rllool Rhow II Ing Qrut~ c]rpreH.lon, wh.nl ,Klhletlgo W~I'", tll~plnYlllr JI

WOld 11'('lId nrt~I' 11 shOl'1l drOll ol1""log, 'I'hp Inltlol fall In hpl'e, I pfll'rLlng rnrller L.lvel'pool, hn(l hf'PIl roliowNI Uve "l)eI'ullltlvp huylng In buying which In somp qUOl'1 8<CI'Ib<>d 10 bell PC thnl downlu .... " In vnlu~. w('r(' I'

due 10 hYRtrri:l Olltl Ignlll'pc! ~Irurtlv~ forI 01'",

Sensotionnl hrpakA In flnnl tionA 011 wheat at ol mosl .lmultn.npouS<ly nt prol'ed 10 bp too much of n c~p, howpvpr, for rl'lpIH\" nf prlcPM hl'I'P . III lh~ rll~p of I Ihnt d~nrl h of mol.l UI'" In whNtt it'l'I'UO),y qoutllwpc,"t wa " Inl{ ronc"rn 11".1 Lli t wlWIlI Belling bdllw COlli al I'urnl In p'·rr,· Itnlf' In litis rOlln gains hi whpnl prlte" MI'~ \l'de more Ihlln wlll .. <I out.

COI'Il Uric,·. tlllcluulPd mosll Iille "lib whpnl. 11I·.dlctions of froot ton p.1ns or 11lP eol'll helt, 001. lowe 1- with oWpr cereals, hul stubborn r _loin nee to Sl'lllng

Ahout 10 IWI'!oW)ns \,lullsh N"w \'O,~ clly-

lilll III lh" 2".000 IwrROn8 (h'OI) fI'om HI.;1It )'~ul'll', only POI' enl, or ol,oUt 600, ~hlY lo,.t. 'l'lw olhel'. IlI'O foun IIII'l Ihern"olves,

Ahou t 1\\)('(' t\H many men Q 1'lleD I' as wonl II.

'l'heHe ar InIN'e_UnA' Rlil"O"O' ..

calise Ihll pOllulnr rOllc ptlon ')f'(,11 thut 100l'(' WOmPtl tllHfll)o

lhnn mpH, '1'h(' fut'orl' t h lW{\SH W}WI1(\YN' n 11I'olly tli8I\PI)~nr" hllK much to do with Imlll'I·R~lon. ~uI'h n ull'!lllI)~llI'

qt once hl' llIl:" to lh~ COI'P 11-Illttntlc unt{ll\ Then' 1M UW \ Rlo\rr y OIll'Po.lllol1, !Jut a. a lei' III rlll't Ihe "'''Jol'lly or 11,'1-\\h,\ .10 H, (11~nll1l(Jnilng' oC'l,

Iholl1._llo. on P'"1)08~ nnd for ~1I0cl Il'n~onK,

At IH"'~ 1'111 thrl'p Is Ju tlcr r ot Ihe 1oI1'w YOI'k BUIII','me rour

'rhfl ht ~kt n('w~ ~nY8 h<" Its Anll IIlUl \Ip II It vl"lllll' III Now oily .10"'0 hi" ,1I ~Il IIP('fil ' III\('e , ,a1t1 I hut ,ltHIt.HIo C'I'lLh' I' ,1NU t' 'Illtl r lt'ltH' 11 1111 hiM MRIe hrro,'c h Ollt rOl' tlw Iltll t of 1II1"'ln~ ",e-

I( I~ ~ !l MI\I'8tPlI tllI'I'(' I. "om nf'dlUII hf'l\"!,(lll 1h ulhu"dllS:: and I hi' "O\\T (HmOll '" I~Wllld "rhl' ('11 Y !If NI'''' Yurk hnA ,,(. Sa,Oon J't'\\'nl'll to lInyonl', t'xrel) Ir~ , RIH'I·lrr. flllt! tI"llllt)' . h rlf. Mlllihutlan . rill' Infol'lnllLioll rOil 1111; tl](1 ml~RIIlI( JII,Uce. No Rrrlll. 1011 nuxlou" to R~.k th­wnl'tl,

~llIftl nr 0111' l"\l- h·hrolf'Cl ('OAt"­Imell ".llln~ fllit rOl ' th~ 1>01', Of IIII! men, hfiVO l,oeil ttllllll,V 'rho l oll~llI)l fOl' u(lvrllttll'e. II ~ 10 rloe ""UV~ 111(1 hUlllt1l'unl ""IR_ tt1 1)lIel( or n. IUI'IotI' IIllJllhf\I' or tHflRPPt"lrf\Ill' jlM, 11C'rnl' 111IIg In ('II

A)'C· I'H. hpnll 01 I h mllllllnll I 'e. UUI'CIlU ,

[n Nrw 'no'k 111111110101 wr-tok e rt'olitlulll( U"l (I mutlV'. ~au~e why nWII Il"lUV.' II on H.', D tic trouble. al" bact< of mllny

PAGE TEN . .....,

WSUIGives State Audition

Vocal Talent \ -Amateurs Compete

Radio Contest for State Honors


Cont~"talllB In the Httttc divl"lon uf Lbo foul'th Ilutional l'udiu HUllition

UlltlCl' the uUlSpicCK uf llw .\.~wat('r

KenL foundalloll to discover \'ul',oI lulent among umatcul')i will III'o;ul· r,,"t uvel' \\ 'SUI on O~t. IU lJ\'~ln­nin~ [It ~ p.m.

This broadcast i. tho second of l\

Herlc~ of four pllmhmUun l'onl .':-,l;.i·

Ileln~ 1'1'eccdC'Cl lIy 10('al CUlnpPl1I11J1l all 0\1('1' Ihr' stalt' Ulld t'OIlUWf'l\ hy (h't' Mimultn.nf'ou!:l (lI!'itl'if't autlit\!'lh und " nallollal final In neccmllrr.

Thc.' ('Olltf'Khl l\l'f' o}Jf'n to all nlllll'

teur Hint:;'('n~ h(' l wl~('n Ug-PK of I X and 25 ill lilly loculity whkh upnlif":-l fur an uUllItlon, and arc Jurlgell h)' PCI"

8on~ who are rcco!;nlzell musical ex· ,'CI'\ S,

In 19~7 tho first auclitlon \\,a. hrlll tiS HI) ('XIH?riment. 'rhc contp~ts

h ave veell continued itnnuall.\' be­CaUse or POllulur demand, 'I' \\'o first prizes \\'111 he ~Iven to lhe bOl lll1d girl who win the natiunal l'QIll ' lJetition in ~cw Vorl" l'in.C' h Of t1w~(~ winneI'. will receivE' $6,000 In cash and two :renrs tuition In any Amel'i· can school oC Illll Sic.

hrown ('0""1' In :-4tNHl of th e gTCY or tho Apl'jJ iHt-:IIO. Tilt' t'nl(>l'g£>llCI)' can ful' "fh'll" 1M Hl.wi n H~t~ll on the 1"1'011 L to\'er 10" ("on v('niencc us ha~ been lho prnet!!'" III IIU"l. ' A~ the HIC'II diNt 1'I1.HILing; the n£'ow

llil'(\clorl£'!i ('ulL at lhe hOO1£>H all{l of­rtl'P;' ul SUll"CI'lh"I'", they coll,'ct thl old dll'cc[ul"i,'" fUI' the good oC tho spr\'lrp, JIlt .. Conp Huld. The old dl­l·ecto\'i .. ~ fll'l' C'ullpt'tE'd and burnecl.

""'t ' (,011, ('l lhl? old clir ('tol'iE-S," Mr. (~Ollt\ ~II\~, "to a.void contusion \"'lull'eo u\I1nhl"'A have been changell In the IIl'W hnoK:.;, If .. lll old direcl· {)l'y l~ ,dlo\\'(lu to ,'clllain In LL hot11~,

Ii. l'lulnwrtht'I' H£'ekfng n l'lU1nlwl' 1n u hU ITY mal' UHe lhe old InsteclI1 01' the II PW dlJ'l'l' lol'Y and gel a. wrong IIUllt­)),.! ....

Baird Gives Debate Dates

Tryouts for Teams Start October 2

for Women


TI')'Oule to Hele~t membcc'H or lhe Int~I'collegla.te, Inlel'1lallonal, and women's dcbaie teullis wlll b held in the audltol'lum of the old chem­Istry bUilding Oct. 2·9, P,·of. II. Cl'atg Ball'd of the speech departmellt u.n,l <.Iebate coach, llnnounced ycslC!'· day. TI'youts fOI' lhe fresllman team will be held Oct. 22.

Those competing fol' place. on the t~(1m~ lhat will meet CUlnbl'ldge and the OCt'mun univer~ities will speal( Thurstlll)', Oct. 2. The mon's dlvtslon for the Intel'colleglale teams will be


Fred Smith to Give First

Vesper Talk

Author, Evangelist to Speak 011 "Moral


FI'ed D. Sm ith, L.L.D., 9,T,D .. ('hu il 'ma ll of the execlltlve commit· tee of till' world Alliance fO I' Inte l·na· lIonlll frlend'hi ll. will sl'cal{ on "~IOl'al Robbe l'Y" at lhe fl l·.l vl'spel' sCI'vlce of the y."r to be Itelll In Iowa Union Slinday at 7:4. p .m ,

Mr . SllI tth Is a ""live of Towa nn d attended the UIl IVOl'slly , tn 1882 a ne! 1883, He has been one of tho world lellders In I' ,M,C,A. wOI'I( . In ce 1889 <lnd In the course oC his work In the Chrlstla.n "s60ciaLlon a nd wOI'ld pellC~ movement he !las twice tt'Sv· e led around Lhe wodd.

As well as bei ng an ovangollst, Mr. Smith Is the Buthor of five bool,s on religion llnd In te,'natlona.1 peace. His lalest work bears the title "Must We HaVe Vvar?" Mr. Smith saw service In the Spanish American lVar and was elected moderatur of the flatlonal council of congregatlonat churches of the United States In 1920.

In the cunt".t bl'ou(l('a"t by \\'''1'1 tho five pe,'solls actlll!; n. jud;r€' \\'111 he 118t~n lng In, Wlnn pl's In Ihl. coutest will compete In thc district cuntest n November.

heW on Wednesday, Oct. 8; the wom- .As she passed George Ulll'dinalMundelein of Chicago, a g irl , one en's division, Thmsday , Ocl. 9. All of t il e thousands of piJgr ims from all parts of the United States tl'youls will begin at 4 p,m. . 0

Prof, M, Willard lAmpe, dll'ector Of th e school of rcllglon was Influen­Ual In securing Mr. Smith as II. vesper sileaker, Professor Lampe, who Is also the new acting head of the Insti · lute or characler l'esea l'ch, has 11.180 booked a IIs l of speakers for future vesper services whlcb wtll be held once a rnonth- UlrOughout the academ. Ic year. to the sixth eucharIstic congress at maha, N~b. , knl'cled ill venera·

Telephone COml)any The team thal wI!! meet Cambridge

university will be selected hnmedl- tion and kissed the prelate's ring. More than 15,000 Catholic girls alely. 'l'he olhel' candidates selectod passed before the Cardinal.

to Start Distribution of New Directories

will be organized (or fu rther trial de- .:----------------------------­ Prof. Ensign Heads Committee for Next

Iowa Homecoming

bllles. Two speal,el·. each wlll he se­lected rOI' the Cambl'ldge a nd German universities teams, ~nd s Ix debater .

DI~trlbutlon of 7,000 ncw tele· fo r the 'Wlsconsln, Mlnnesot~, and phone dlrectorles to suh'cl'lbel'" In Iowa (!ellates of the Western confer­Iowa City will begin Jo'I'iday. 9rcm',1· rnce league. Ing to Carl Cone, manllge!' of the Members of the women's Intercol· NOl'thwestprlt nell Trl~p llOne COlli- legiate debate "quad will be choscn ]JIlIlY. The lask of Ketlln~ IhE' rtl - for debates wllh Minnesota, 'Vlscon­Zl'ectol'les into the l1and~ of the telf'· sin. lenox, and other schooll:i. phone users will tuke about two Each candidate wlU speak for five days. Mr, Cone says. minutes On either side of a selected

mends the following subjects : 1. Gl'eat Brllaln should Immedl·

atoly g"ant dominion slatus to In· dill..

2. The Young plan can not lie the final settlement of the reparations problem.

3. 'l'he stnle of Iowa should adopt unPlllploymcl)t Insurance Icglslatlon.

4, The prosent policy of millta,'y preparedness should be abandonod,

Students May Plan Vespers With Prof, Forest C. Ensign as

chalrmur, a co mmittee of about 100 persons wllt arrange details of the UnlverKlty's nineteenth ann u a I Homecoming celebration.

_'_l'_lt_e_n_e'_"_d_"_'c_e_to_I,_y_\\_'i_1!_ h_a_V_e_"_q_ll_e"_t_lo_n_. _P_ro_f_e_ss_o_r_B_a_h_'d_r_e_C_OI_"- Art Students

Lampe Will Discuss Idea at Meeting


Invitations were mullpd yesterday to presidents of the religious organi­zations for a meeling at 4 p.m. tomor­row at lhe Iowa Uniol1 lo ap point a student consultative commillee ,for the vespers committee, according to William l-T, Morgan , adviser to the campus religlo"s c .. gallizatiolls. M. Willard Lampe, head of thr vesper council will explain his desire for such a group.

Prof, En.lgn, member of the col­lego of education stuft, has retained his position a9 committee head fOl' ~OJlle yeo1's. Iowa's Homecoming, with Pcnl1 St u..te aM t h(> foolhall op· I)On~lIt, will bo ol)scrved Nov. 14 and 1;;.


I :M:ary Elizabeth Altemus, daughter of Mrs. Dobson Altemus and a member of a prominent old P.hilac1elphia fami ly, and John Hay ;Whitney, millionaire portsman and SOil of the late Payne Whitney and 1111'S. Whitney or New York, leaving the Protestant Episcopal church of St. James the IJCss, P hilade lphia, lifter their wedding.

A few dollars laid aside and then practically forgotten can never be of much use to you. Saving to be r eal. ly worth while must be "active"­regular, consistent. In that way only can th~'e be logical financial progress and financial succ€as.

Is your account growing? Are you keeping it alive-working for you for some definite purpose such as a new home, a long wanted trip, an unus­ual vacation or a fine collection of good bonds.

We would like to see your account grow because WEll know that if you once experience the thrill of financial progress you will find youl'self en· joying the many services and facil­it ies of this bank to our mutual ad· :vantage.



FARMERS loAN & TRUST Co. Jssefs OIlQr $4,000,000,00


Exhibit Work Iowa Schools to Show

Pieces Made at University

DUl'ing the fl"t "ernest .. · of thc Ill'esent school year , 28 Iowa schools will use the exhibition of dl'awlngs, palntlnKs. and d~"igns selected by the U ni versi ty of Iowa. depa.rtment of gl'al>hlc arls . 'l'he pieces Included In the exhibit are all by students of tho depul·tment and will be loanNI to the 80hool. for a period of five days each by the e~tenslon division,

These drawings are mounted on mat bonl'ds and include six charcoal clt'awlngs from plaster caBts; eight d"awlngs representing exampl~" of lE'tterlng, perspective, and Instrumen · till dl'afting: eight painting" from still life objec ts; e ight exanwles of dec­Ql'atlve designs; and six d"awlngs and paintings of the portrait model.

Each mat board 1s numbered and dh'ections are Included tor hanging the exhibition In Its proper sequence. The circuit eslabl ished will begin on Oct, 6.

"This exhibit will be quite popular, especially dul'lng a,·t week," said Lee W. Cochran of the deparlment of vis. ual Instruction.

Those eligible tu attend lhe meet­Ing are Jean Beyer, PI'C8idl;'Jlt of. the Newman club; Dorothy !Saycl'", .\4 of JHferson, presiden t of Y,I\f.C,A,: HalT), Druker, L3 of Mal'shalltowll, llcllng president uf Philo club; and Glenn Pringle, president of \',M .. C.A,

Freshmen to Take Physical Examination

During This Week

FrCMhman ll1en ' l-j IJhpdt' .. ll l.:'X.J mi· nations will be held evel'y evenll)g this weel, fl'OI11 7 to 10 p.tn, accol'cl· Ing to Dr. Mllrord E. Duncs , direc· tor u( the univen;ity health clt'pal't· \rnent. in the studel~t outpat Ipnt ('Ie­pal'tment at the unh'f"l'F'lty lIo:--:pltl ll.

ACcol'dtng to Dt·. lJn. l'lleS, IncI'eased e~ulpment used thl. y~a,' rnukes it necessary fOl' ("v('r~r fl'eshman to reo port this week.. Offi ces o[ the out­patient unit are lopatcd In th~ casl wing of the hospital.

Three Deeds ,Filed at Recorder's Office

'flwee WlUTunty dC'cd!) were fned In the reco\'de l"s offlre at lhe COUrt house yesterday, Mr, and l\It,~ . T . L. Matth~s Mid 11l'ollN'Ues Oil Olive stl'eet to Peal'! ~!atthes.

~Il'. n nd ~11's Cat'loM \\' Welcher ~old to L£'ona P . Pearson cC'rtain pl'Operli~s In out let 2; fOI' $0.500, while MI'. and ~II'S. David E. GI'cell Rold to William V. Pearson addl· tIunal pl'OperticM In oullet 7.


Prof. Lampe Attends Fall Meeting in East

PI·of. Jlf. \Vlllal'd Lampe, director of the school of rellglun, retul'llcd to Iowa City Sunday a.rtel'llOOIl f"om a (I\'e day trip In the east. Profe.· "0 r Lampe attended the rail meetln.'l' 'Oe the national 1J0UI'd of Christian ~dllcatlon of the Presbyterian chu"ch ill Philadelphia.

He Is a member of thc bOlu'ct antI was formcl'ly secretary ot the unl· \'Pl'sity department. Pro f C 8 ~ 0" Lnm llc Sllcnt " . hort tlm~ In New York hrrOl-p retu l'nlng home. ---------------------------------

Ouly Parker Duofold Offers This Combination



A& a Pocket Pen

Getting the Parker Duofold is now like getting two Pens at the price of one. Attaching a tapered end converts it into a Desk Set Pen. Removing the taper restores it to a pocket Pen.

Either way, you save the price of a second pen. You have only one Pen to fill instead of two. And wl}ether you write at your desk or on the go, you always have your favorite point.

You have a non-breakable Permanite barrel that holds 17.4% more ink than average, size for size-that is jewel-like in lustre. color, and beauty. And most of all - the famous Duofold *bonus point that writes with Geo. S. Parker's 47th improvement-Pressureless Touch.


Some Pen Con vcrtcd

Even at higher prices, other makers have been unable to match this c1usic. Now that it takes the place of a special pen for the pocket and another for the desk, its sales are soaring beyond all previous heights.

Go and ask the nearest dealer to show how the Duofold is changed back and forth from a Pocket to a Desk Set Pen. H you own a Parker, take it with you. H not. go anyway and see this revolu· tionary invention.

THE PARKER PEN COMPANY,Jon ... vIII., Wi., Offie.. ond lubtldlorl." N ... York. Chlc.lO, Atlant.. Burr.lo. s..n hanel.co, 0.11 .. ,. TorOQto. Canada; London. S .... Berlia. Ocrmaa.y.

* Point·smith, Paid a Bonus

~ Eleven meroiJeae ;napeotion. are ,iven each ParleeI' Duolold polnt. Then ",e pey a bonua to our po;nt-ar er llmith who made it. Point. arere­ject.oil they fail ev.n one in~­t;on, and the point·amith peya UII

1)' ?fl' 1-1 :::~~:"~':;~/~!h==~ UO OfU ' toa,il'.nnumberadq.

, . J'EN G{JAUANTEED F()R LIFE • S • 7 ·10

'l'UESDA Y, SEPTEMBER 30, 1930

m Hoover Appoints School News

10wI\ ()It)'' fIl J: h

"Ill A nrlo"HOl) , Ilohert J"cwls, Bon ~1 'VICL\l" l{obl'l't Slov~nR, M.!ldl'rd R('dmlln , nnd l!:()ftK" L onoch Qro clLnllldut l!.

,Vi('e Chah'lUall of Tariff Commission

Towll. City hl ih soJ1O<lI stll(lont. meeting In "".pmbly \V<,dllt'sday ILL n n. ln , will M~r th~lt· ncw schoo l and ""e,," songS and will elect ch,'e r leu de\'8 fo,' lh~ rlll'r~nt YPllr ,

New son!;s h ll.vc ben composed IJY l(a(hi<'en .POI't I', vocal JnRLl'll('l-0 1' , and Paul Thomll~, ol'('hcRll'Q. di­rector, who, wllh the USSlSll111tlQ of lh e buY's and g irl's gloo clubs, wi ll InLI'oduce them .

s(. l\rury's

l\hll'lc HcMalml1 hus 1J'''''11 "dtlt'tI to the (",' ully or St. Mnl'Y'. to U8-.18l In grlldc departmental work.

i:-IL . 1\1llry'. Hoventh (1l1d elgh t h g"Lldes hliV(\ bel'n sepllratl'(i. 1;lghlh grl1.Clo hll8 J110VPd lO another I'OOIll .

Monday afte l'noun, th., .011110-ItlOI'O ClflSS or St, MIlI'y'" IlI.eu.sll(! 1)la " . (0 1- lL e llIS. papol'.

Gll'ls 111 t:ll. Marl". HOllhoml1l 'Q CIU.8 lll'O 10!lrllng Lhe boys In lito !(comPlI'Y conlest which I. centel'cd all Ilel'fect ,'ecltatlon ,

Physical lI'alnll1g COl' boy" In Sl.

WMilil . ' (l'rON, Heill. 29 (Al'l _

'rhomcls 'Valll"r Plllle or Vh'tiln~,

tolluy wnR clrHignli tcd by PI'Cl!tdcnt J loov~I' ns vlrc "hltlt'mlll1 or Ihe r;, rently 1'~lll·gnnl1.e(! til riff C(lIlllnl .. .!lon, or whlrll ]]enry P. l"lotclter 0( Pcnn"yIVftnlll, 18 chllll·mall.

.11\1'. 1'<t~o, (l. democrat, 8ucceCde " Ifl'cd r'. Donnla, democrnt ot M'U'yitLn(l, who 11M b~en retained by tho 1)t'~.ldent 11.8 II. member 01 tho ommlsslon. halrmlln Fletch, 01' 1M a ,·eIHlbUcan. -

A.ftpl' the ctlndl(1atp8 for cheer leader have demo nstl'ated tht'l,· nbllity by leading the groli ll In cheers, tOUI' will 1)p elect d to It'ad t he students (01' the yeal'.

I"vlng Schump, Jack \Vlllard, Soyde ll Elrsland, Gilbert Ellis, Don·

Mary's Is being started th la wl'l' k by T om Kelly, captain of lIlO el'og~ coun try team at the unlvel·sl t y.

Usc Iowan Want Ach.

"YOU" Are only a Hat and Face to hundreds

of people Not many people are expert at ullalyzillg It face hut they are

pretty quiek to size up a hat,

So the illllues ion you make on })eople is very likely to rc l --on a piece of c1ollliug-say a necktie.

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McGregor or Jerry "J" with or with. out !lJeeves make for that comfort. Ilblc feeling these fall days.

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