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Daily Iowan (Iowa City, Iowa), 1936-11-07

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Text of Daily Iowan (Iowa City, Iowa), 1936-11-07

MBER 1936


pool tournament at center are bel.,

J{I'O ushruu', director night. No definlle

III bOJllng may IngK On TueOday In

gym at 7 Il.1n. I II the Roo.evell

Jl m. Joe Malllni

1i50 S. (lv,.

l1lf'dJ('Rl PI"




our loveliest

Size 70 II 80 box.


I o tD a c • I Y , • M 0 r n • n , IV • , . p II p e r



Gala Opening of ,Silver Shadow Set for Nov. 21 Madrid's Fall *** *** *~* *** Is Matter Of

In u. s hower ot conr til , 8erpentlne on th is campus, espeCially men amI 1'M 20,,60 (eet ha"dwoOd dance NoV. 14 tickets w1ll be avaJl&ble ,and balloons the Slive r Shadow, new Women quartettes and dllnccrs. Sev- floor III complete except that It has tor Sliver Sbuow n~hts ror 81x A Few Hours University ot Iowa dine and dance etal novelty u.nd aerob::tt!a numberf( yet lo be SAnded, and a strikinc aucce8slve Saturdays, Includlnc club, will open NOV. 21. are also coming along aWl'iI And 30 decoration theme IncludIng sliver tickets tor tbe opentn" night."

1"01' the gala opening night a floor qualirylng en tHtalnel'" are already cU\'lalns on the walls Is worked out ,The university dlne and dance em-

Central P...-. AaeoclatJoa

Cloudy, Colder ~ 10WA-l'Ioltly eioud7, CODMdera.bb" colder today; tomorrow fair, .vlnl



'200 Were Chosen' To Open Theater Tonight

• • • • • • • • • • •

'l'IPTON , Nov. 6 (AP}-Heu.r· Ing of the Henl'y Iwers "mo.­chine shed fortune" wUI cWle, which has developed Inlo 0. bnt· tie of hand w"llIng xpet·ts, waS rrcrksed this ortel'l1oon until Wmd,IY. i!lJt:1mlnallon ot E I-1"'ldge Stlnl>, New YOI'k hand· writing exp('I·t. clos <1 the day's se .. lon. Stln", teHtlfylllg tor Mr. aJld Mrs. LOuis VOSA, 10 Whom lweI'S I<>n his COl'I line, de· rlnred lhat In his opinion the . lgI1ll111re on I he will or hvc rs and the late D. 11 . Snoke, Dllv, enport attol'ney, wete not fot­gerles as conlend d by 17 othe r relatives ot lhe Sunbury bllch· ,lor (armer.

I show and dllnce music by Vette Kell av'aJlabl rOl' the oJl"nlng show," In (l~nno.t every delall. parium wUl a<!Commodate 110 Foes Smash Througb System of Trenches Outside Capital

Speak Today II Event Climaxes Dedication Of Arts Building KRA.SCHEL GA.INS

OFl'l MOINES, Nov. 6 (i\P}­)\ rhec'kull by rOllnly lIuditorH ot tlU'lr prevlollH repor1~ Ilnd tr!/' rfllarls ot 1I"'ednd Judg~8 tll<lay placed !U>Jt\Jltrotir , 'YIl ·

(lidate NelSon O. J\rsRchrl's IllllJorify o\'er (Jporg. A. WIL~nn al 1,9!i "ofe~ III Ihp rate lor IOwft 's gow\"l1or~hll" ChAngfR r:lJlJe (1'0111 !l nUlllbrr of tOlln· tir~ Ihl'Ol\~hout fhc ,1.1', In "oil, rOllnly, "orr"cti()n III en'ors ill 1"'I)orl_ "f "rrelnrt JudgeR boo~letl 1{1"8!!chel'H lead loy 997 voIP". i\ Li nn county rOIT~IiOIl by Ill/' 81111l10r's 01· rire r(Oised il flit rllllllli""01 65 I'ofes,


and his Caml)Us band wlll hlgbllght G rl8wold ,dded. Tlcket6 couples. Refreshments will be sold, the enlerlainment. 'r Ickets Cor the Busy In IlI'eparaUon Cor the first '''['II'I, els will ~e 80ld to stu6enls but not liquor or beer. Tablu will !l.uHplt'lous evenl will go On sale nIght are Prot. Ru[us 11. Fltzger. on a almllur basis as tickets for u.1I . enelrel" the Monee noor. Mov. 10 at lhe main de~k 01 Iowa. ai,\. '1','<1 Reh(lrr nnd other members unlwl'slly pnl'lIes," l'roteSSot Fltz · Entertr.lll_nt Union. or th~ lown ('nloo slaft. gerahl MId. How('ver, beginni ng 'Wtth the entertainment IA> va.ry

The- opf'nJng program will be • • • • • • • •• ............ accordln1r to the "tudent. desires it By .tAMES OLDFIELD

MA-DRlD, Nov. 7 (Saturday) lAP) torm~1. while othpr parties In the I. hoped a hit proJram will be given 811,,"r Rhddow aeries will be inCOI" patrons at each show. "Later on - With the fnll of MAdrid o(lpar. mol. AdmissIon Will be $1 per I we hope to have a. series ot carnival conpl!'. nIghts tor Sliver lihadow," Pro lee-

Lllrry OI'lswolil or tlw men's sor Flt1gerald Bald. . phys!<'111 ('dncu.tion dellor'l ment an,l 'rhe dine a nd dance place will be' fOl'1II r I3Ig T ('II tnmbllng champion, open trom 8:30 p. m. to midnight , IR In churge or lhe floor "\IllW. "'I' he The (jriJt night will mark the first ~how Is going 10 be' a wow," Inltlnl progra m In tho opening series Griswold IIttlrl. at Alx. Velte Kell's . orcbestra. .... Ill

"There Is a lot at excellent talent

N.Y. Seamen Leave Work

Active Walkout Replaces 'Sit·Down' Strike Of

provIde the mllsle (or eaeh program.

F .R. Praises Chest Drives

ently only a malle,· at hours, tile

\!oclallst government earty IOday

dennltely dclded 10 abAnilon the cal'ltnI.

At 6 a.m., wave arIel' wave o[ tierce-fighting Mj:lorlBh hordes, leadi ng the InBurl!'ent attack, suc­ceeded In smn.~hlng lbrough mOBt of the trench syotem outside the capital.

AS J write, the thunder of gune and the ahr!ll crackle ot ma~hllle­gun and rlCoe tire can ,be plalnly heard.

FaiUng Back The govern ment militia. though

supported by cllnnon, lanks u.nd plane8-11.11 /llt~hlng-in d~8pertLtely

amid dl'lvlng' rain-we". s lowly rail­Ing back.

Last Week

NEW YORI{, Nov. 6 (AP}-A gen­eral strike oC seamen In the port or New York was P"oc(almed erfectlve at n/ldnight tonight by J\osepll Curran, chalrnllln or the ,"ampn'~

Calls on Amerieall8 To AJd Through Their Contributions rhe enemy, It was reported, Wa.s

driving headlong toward the Man­W ASHfNqTON, Nov. G (AP)- .anares river, on lhe vcry ~I:e oC

dp(~n"p eommltte~.

Curmn madc the announcement .hortly ,.(ter striking seamen vole~

Calling lIpon the n(ltlo" to share Madrid. Its "In N-aslng prosperity" through

contrlbullo,!.~ to community ch est., Presillent ROO!lev<,lt aa.1<I IA>nlghl that "mlillon8 or familielt and 1iodl.

Qovernment artillery biued COIl-' tlDuously a.t Ihe Insurgent trooPIJ rroll\ emplacemenl. on the ~Ity SId" oC the Tol.cdo bridge and In the San l Sldl'o meadow acr08s the river.

Will Be Presented To PubUc on Monday, Wednesday Evening

The University of lowa'R new theater will be formully opened this evenj ng at 8 :45 wi th a. presentution by one-of iIB own playwrights, Ellsworth P. Conkle's "Two Hundnd Wf'rc Chosen."

Before a distinguished hOilt of gllesls and faculty member8, the curtain will be ruised for the tlrat time on Ihe new 8t8&'e by Prot. EldWllI'd C. Mable, who hall

directed the University theater

since Its founding 16 yeara ago. Tbls vent, climaxing the three·

day fine A.rls conterence, wlll Col·

low the d~dlM.tI.,n of tbe dramatic

arts bulldllllr. Pertormllnr~ This Alternoon

PITTSBURon, Nov. 6 (AP) -Thousands ot sleel worker8 reeeived nollce today of pay raises averaglnA' About 10 per e nl, and th enUre tndustry was exp~cted 10 pay tbe IncreM' Cd scale artcr Nov. 16. The Carnegie. Illinois steel corpora· lion, largest au bsld Inry of the Unlled State8 stecl corporation, 0.11(\ the Bethlehem /lteel cor· poratlon were among th com­Ilanl .. to granl thr raise tallow· IlIg n~gotlatlons wllh employe r I1rtl Sf'ntatJves.


(.\PI-Ell B:tJln~ 65, ~~rh Urk Sprlng~, hId" ;;porISIl1"" alld vel era n ,·Itcw, organizer, anrl Rnilt'rt, Alrx8mlf'r, 65, De. Iroit, Miel l., HllortsmarL allll

I to l. UlpOwfir the commit tP~ to (,11'l1

~n activr !ltrlk. to r"I.I"ce the Pll.'· I "II,. "slt·d.)\.,," ~lrlke whloh pn" Vt ' ntt~tI HflvPl'al vPkf'4~J~ r .. om sailing

vidualll wlll n~ed 1)11 th~ help their I The Tnlpdo lind Apgovla brldg~R , local welfare 'ag"n,'leN call tIIlve both open avenues or approach Cal' th~ru.tl . r t.h(' ff'l\l'l'd Moors, were blown to'

At the ~amll tlme, thu president blt.a. ' In IL national broadcast on behalt Retlerve~ Drawn Up

Admlll8lon will be by Invitation only. A Clo."d performance at the play will also be at 2 o'clock thlR afternoon tor alumni, visiting atu· dents, and University at Iowa stu· dent~ oC drama1.lo arta. The presen· tallon wil l be open to the publlc Monday and Wedneeday eveDlngB.

, promoter, wrrll shot to oI1'1l1 h lonight III 0 1I0t Slll'lngs hol r l (/\rUngloll) rOOll1. Chler or De· fr"lives 1I, .. II<>I·t i\ller """erlb· td tbe !lhootlllg lUi ... "klllblg on,l suicide." If sulol All'Xllnd · 'r shot n"Uard, then tllrlWil the guu UIJOn hilnsdt. Billiard dip\l instantly while Alex8nd~T sue· "ulII""'l shortly .. flernard In Il hospitw.

THIRD BONUS P A.ID Dl~TnOr'l'. Nov. Il (APl-Slx­

IY ·!if,\·t n lhollMUn(1 t'mployeH or 110" ehrYAlet cQrporllllon will ro­("'Iv,' " 1.1I11," of $4,000,000 In Drcrmhrr. the third such diS· Irihution thl. Year, company ot­li"I"I" anllounted tOdny . K. T.

I Kellrr, prefildent. In making lhe BI1110UI1c<'IlWnt., tJilid. lhtLl the

employe. sharing In the b netils wlol huv(' ,·e,·,'IVNl $8,300,000 ahov() lhrolr 1'(lgII lLu' wngt'S by 1111' pml or thf' yt.'tI r


-.1. Edgur lIoovf'r, head ot led· ornl 8I:ent~, annl)ullecd earl)" loday thllt rongY ~lJ1an John II. JlOI'ptlel and hl~ HOn, Ohlll'­Irs, had b~n arreste,l at Riell ' mond, VA. 1'h~y h8d beell MurhL s illro 0<'1 , 28, whl"n tbe,. tall"" 10 111)'prllr 10 ~tftri servin, !mllM of r.rur mcmlhll '0 a yrllr

, "KI'h tollowin. Ih~lr <,onvll'llon In ~ feM,'ol cnurt or consptrilll 10 sfll un IlI'JIIlIn'mtn~ to West I'oilll.

Mollo,\ Quo, he,1 (,LElV~:LAND , NOV , 0 (API - A

mollol], 10 ell lh~ Rev. Charles E. Coughlin fo r ,'onltHnpl ot cOUrt was RUlonlllllertlly qll~8h d loilflY when CO'nrlH)n IllNlA j'Ourt Judge Le l!: . Rk.1I 1,,'ld IhAI th o Nallon~1 Union tnt' Hocl"1 .lt~'It,. tOll l1Mr waH not '"v,'f! 1rgiolly wll h n Rllbl>oenll, here Oc'. !I t I

dUnllg the- paHt w~k. BerOre Ilelloll:, the meeting her"

"'u" t .. hl thll.t ~Illlilllr actiOIl hull h(lo~n hlkpn Ilt 1ll/'flUllgS of striking se"f1I~n In olher ports a long the AII:onllo IIl1d Oulr "08818.

Zeller Files Accident Suit

j'atl'icia Hllghe~. A2 of OslOI'd, one of th e stndent entertai n. e.I'fl trying- ont fol' a plael' 011 the Si!\:('r fihadow floor show program is shown going throug:h a dancc routiur with L~ rry GI'iswold, who is in charg(' oj' stUdl'llt lal!'nt . 'I'h~ dill(' [lnel

ot lh TI'Ioblllzatl"" lor human ResHvrs w~r drllwn III) on the need S, s&.Id "there Is 0. rlrm , well river banks to kerp fhe lascisls toun<fed public convlrtlon that th~ (rom cross ing Ihe Illllt bal·rlel·. recent desperate: winters or human Behind the militIa long lines or need are, If we hold sl(onllrllslly to ambulances. 8up ply trucks and ou", eou rsc, never to recur." guns s lrotchoo back Into lh e city.

lAUding comnll,nlty ' c lleftts alS Tiley were waiting to gO Into ac­"lhe ""rv lce or Hi.ll)1'1Y" to the forces lion When tho Insurgents attenlpt­of our lochl w"~rare alIa-ncles," the ed to hurdle the wa.tery barricade, prtl/lldent sa1il lhat de@plte thn gov· Tl)ro ughout the nlghl the grim er"lnent's fPllef efforts there "re· 80clallsts clo.~ed and strength ncJ main very many other human their wavering (inns. They held lheh'

' ne~s" that 'Ilre- the ·responslbillty posItions resolutely under a. terrlUc or the che6ts. artillerY' bOmbardment which s tart·

, President In Good Humor cd In broad daylight a nd showed . no signs ot abating as lhe nexL

. WASHmOTON, Nov: 6 (A~}- dawn appoo.ohed.


Baker Presents Edifice to S.U.I.

'1'he stOry COncerM a group or American rllrmers who were sent by th governmen t fl'om their mid· wealern homl's to the Alaskan Mat· anllska valley. Their struggles (01' 0. llvln,. In the new land and the dlffloultles of the venture are de· plcted.

This pIny Is opening simultan­eously In Iowa City and on. Broad· way, where It will be . produced by Sidney Hannon under the direction ot 'Worthington Mlnol·.

l'fable Directs Alleging InJu['les to bls hand and

nnn a. he was putting chalns on ,he d~r~ndanl's cool t,'uck IIl~t Feb· ruary, Louis Zellrr yeslerday 8l1('<\ J oseph l'avlll, Frank RCrob and Vil'tOI' 1{,'Ob ror $ 12,547 In a P(·lI · lion fIIrtl In the "oullty cIPI'I,·. of· flee.

dance cJnb wi ll have ifs premier Nov. 21. •

:~I~~~~ :k:: p~:~~e:: ;;:.. ';r:~~: During tho battle, the defense __ -,-:- ed, Fran1<lIn D. ROOsevelt swung ibattery Cour miles south o( the olty

'. I. into his I JJ!fst.eiQ,ct.lbn • w"ks today On Toledo road wa.s enda ngered by Gilmore Receives Fu.e ArtS Building on Behalf of School

Professor Mabte Is dIrector of the Iowa CllY production. Arnold Oil· lette hlUl designed the etage set· tlnls, Ilnd Hunton Sellman Is 1n charge at lighting ettects.

'I'ho d~fendants fire, engllg('d in tho grain u nd coal hll"lnes~ In Solo.. On 1,,'1). 211, lhe petition Chlll'gcS, Victor Krob, who WIlS drlv, Ing II. truck owned by th~ derpnri· anl~ "without due coutlon nnd In total dlH ' gal'll or lhl" IJlalnUff'" HIlf II''' sudde nly bn ked lhe truc l, flS Z~lIerl' Willi "tempting to Pllt On rhalns. The plaintiff nllegrs pet·· Il1rlnent (IiHIlblllty 1",cuu~e Of the Ilc· ('ident. Dulcher. Die", a nd ilut('her al'r (HtorHeyS fOI' til(' plalntlfr.

Hawks Determined for Upset I ... Jolly hum 9r and feeling !it. the In~urgent occupation oC Vi llu. W.hlle report~r~ crowded about ,Verde.

I h'- d k I I I t Rely 1)11 Artillery

Bartlett Head' Ca.st Heading the cut will be J ohn

Chandler Bartlett, 0 oC Los Ange· tes, Cal., as Tom Johnlon, Playing the part Of his wlte will be Marie Park, 0 of Neodesha, Kan., who played the title role In both ~ and August productions at "Eliaa· btlth The Queen."

As Mm· nesota Work.:;!, 1-n Secret "' es n 0. mann er rem n seen r:1 of his " horae and 'buggy" press con,. The mlUtiamen relied hea.vlly all fer~nc6 after NItA had lallen, but the precarious support of the ar­

• • • • • • • • • • •


• Aerial, Running Attack

WitJ. Simmons Iowa's Chance to Upset Dope

MTNN"EA POr~Tfl, Nov. 6 (AP)- - IOWA

Hanson, Knowling File for Divorce

At County Offke

'I'en lhoUR,,",l GOnh~r8 ranle out of

their holrR nn lhe University Of

Mlnn~"ot~ rnmpl1s tonight n.nd pre­

PIII'ed lQ hllPk lowa'H tali eRt corn

Rntw'day In Memorial sladlum.

11 lIarious Ihousnnds throngetl

Two applications tor divorce w~re 80u th~a.,t Minneapoli s In the a nnual ,Clled Iol the coun ty clerk'8 otrlC!) homeconllng celebraLlon, lislpned to

yestl'rday. lh~ <xhorla.tlon of ( , mco' root~~ 11 Mary lI alloo n il./lk$ 1l divorce rrom

nlchard Hanson, The cOl1ple were ' ,.(I·ents. and didn't. to" cheel'i n& ulllli mnrrled In Clarion, Mal'eh 9, 1936. long [tCt I' RootN' King MaL'rlr"

I The Ia.w firm ot Popham, Toom y Me IIf rrey left the platfo'·I\I. nnd Davis r epresen t Mrs. Hanson. 'l'11 ~ Joviality \VlIS hplghl(' ned by

ARkinII' cII.tody ot .three Children, Ihe tarl thot a wag, 0,· wngs, Rllp-Orbl n Knowllng applied Cor a dl. p (I thl'oug-h a police corilon to set "Otco and asks an Injunction reo off th o homecoming bon fire nlmo"t Htrnlnlng hlj! wlfo, Narclll8us Lola ... hllir how' 1I(,for" It was srhed ulM. Knowllng, trom dlepo.lng ot the a ,'I·g.a nt 11~'l11u" Olenll<'l', vI'l""Il" pl'op~rty of the couple. They were of 20 y,'nl'R ('llm[lU~ ,'~pprl~,,('e, \I'll" mlll'rl~d In Jea.roldsloWn, Tenn., non l')lUM:..:t'd, It l'o1lpl0 ur N(ulwUlt pfl. l'lept. 28, 1924. The ir children IIro 11'1.1011<'11 \\"'11' '''i'IIi(I<'d, "Ill II", Johll WIlliams, 10, )i',.ed(]y La. hl,!:'" 1l 1l -"011«'tI Ilile l'Oal·"d Inlo 1111\ Verne, 1, nnd Robert L ~, • . wi""'y HI,y IIevr ,' -the · lp"H. . . . . . .


Walk~r Nel;;otl ..... _ ...... . 081l1a1j)~ki .... ... . t'urroh ......... .. Llndenmeypr .. }farris ..... _ ..... .. Schenk _ .. ..... . .. llIld .. '_" ...... . .. Wag-Ier .. _ .... .. . I Inullons __ ..

U : ................ AntU LT ....... _ ... Wld~h LG _ ............. Weld

C .... .... Svendllen RG ..... _..... '[wedell RT ......... .... M1dler RE ... ... ...... ...... King QS ...... WilklnflOfl UI ................ UraJn RII ..... ... ... Alfonlie li'B ...... SpB\laeelnl

or Buhler

OfOdals--R<lferC4': James Mask~r rNorlhwest~I'n); umpire: Emle Vlrk {i\Jlchlglln)i fi eld Judge: .loe tttarlil­!IOhn (Mlchll{an); head IIne/lman: JIIY Wyatt (~flSllOurl),

1'11111'-2 p.m. (low", City time).

fly DOn nOGAN D(lily Iowan Spor'. Editor

til an almosphere contrtLsLlnc ""Ith tillery, th e tensity then, he IIghLly brushed The fascists co.rrled out a pillch - :was lru!t night tormaUy presented

The $230,000 tine arts building

asl<ie questions pel'Urient to the er-like movement Crom carabanchol, to the University ot Iowa. by qeorge 8U'.,r~mo court o.ttltitde toward the ballerlng t.he loyall8ts tn their drivc new deal. to I'each the- Tolei\o brldgc head. Baker, president oC the ~ lIl.te board Theil- lwlnB, H enry and Huqr,

will be played by Donald Jll.CkllOn and Rlohard Davis, Bramer Carl .

Calling IrltuseJ[ a poor glleB6el' on A reckless band at 200 Moore- of education, at ... dedication dln-the size of his electorll.l vote, but Io.tllr held prl80ners In the wa.r de- ~er, the ' last at yesterday's Cine ¥on, 0 ot Warren, Pa., will appear

set foot on arts con terence _Ions." as Cleve ""alters. The part of hIs dash botore A- taque In honor of Edward P . wlte will be played by Jane Fifer,

partment-managed to the bridge In a ma.d they were captured,

retuslng dlicusalon of more serious qu estions, l~e president Baid no 1m· portant Il.ppoln~ment" arc slated soon. He will to..ke II. crut.se In 0. A ScoWsh ambUlance brigade few days either to Buenos Aires or whloh, In the lrun two weeks -hlU! to fis h In the Caribbean, and wtn succored abotlt' 1,400 wounded gov­lack Ie the 6udget .pro~lem lornorrow ernment flghtent, waS' In the lIlick with Dil.lilel W. Beli, Ii.ctlng director ot tbe battle on the co.p·ltal's south­of the "'udgel, Wtth an eye to ap' ern IImJts.

iShoenlgcn 6t Council Blurt., a memo AS at Quincy, JlI. ber ot the b~rd for 24 yeal1l, will Other chanr.cters are as follows: be placed In the west foyer at the Virgil Baker, (J. at Fayetteville, tine a rts building. Mr. 8hoentgen Ark., as Luka Cole; Jean Cowman was chalnnan at the buUdlng com- u Mrs. Ella Cole, hts wife; Dllrothy 'mlttee. Brown, A4 at Sl. Joeeph, Mo., and , !tfr. Baker, In presenting the Florabe\ Houaton, A3 oC Nevada, building to President Eug\3ne A. 0\1. and NOna Boberg, Al at Mt. Pleas·

prOllchlng , a b8.tance.

Delay ,Gontrove~y I~ 'Baby Derby'

TORoNTO, Ont" Nov, • (AP) -Motherfi004 : P' a: run thklr. from the 0nf;U'f0 M1J1ftm6 court­toftay. FInding ' &lie- ...... lD­volved '" 01 ...... IIJDe of the late Charl_ Vanee M.illat-s will tAJO I'OmpJidUd to .... upon qUlck­I" ,JUBtJei !Wd4letoo' adJoemedI the- '-tlist ..ntll Monti¥, N,y. 111, . te .. VfIiI ' 18 p...llr1e mothen

." "'tel Of' fInuIclallt tUn t~y ,"111:.'''''' ; " .. ~J I : . .

BUllnMs Booming •. lIlore, who represented the unlver. unt, as their children, Ctrice and HONOLULU Nov 6 (AP}-The ~Ity, pred icted 0. brilliant future Birdie.

Walklkt beaCh' hote; business wu.,. tor lhe UnlversJty at Iowa 8chool SIdney Spayde, 0 at pld City, booming out of season tonight and of tine arts. S. D.. as Pe/' Solum; Derrelle At· scores at private homes had paying Art WlIIJ chara.cterlzed · 8.8 a. true\klnson, A2 of Des MOines, as Ola guests, -beeo.UBe ot the Pacltlc coast 'part of American lite by Frederick Bjornstad, bls granddaughter Rod­maritime Rtrlke wblch marooned 600 Keppel, president at lhe Carnegie ney ,Stewart, Q oC Iowa City, as travelers here. . (See FINE ARTS, Page 8) (See PLA.Y, Page 5) ----------;..' ---~ .........,. ........... .

Sperial Foothnll Train Speeds to Gopherland

MINNEAPOLIS, Mlnn .. Nov. O­f. gJ'lm, tI tPl')nlnNi bonol ot grid­(I~I'S rrom the University ot Iq .... a rP"I~d In thrlo- SL. paul hottl to­ni ght f)l'epnrato"Y 10 their walkln, Into lIw l}roY~rbla l Mlnne"ola buz" 'See "aw 'Vhlcp will ither 80<\ . Cw.h OSi<IC f!nlplII·. I-lowkpl'''H torr limb

lligh~1' Income . Fol' U. S. Farmer

*** *** .. ~ .. f1V l'LI~MtJN1' VJ\N NI('V, M nt! unlrorm" a nd 8'0111 tllHSelt't1 tenl \\''Ilh VlclIl'lnUR thrl ll ~ from n.

A crowd e61lma lcd (ll 300 llnlver. raps on theh' anna "nd coot ha ng. "por·ts annOUl\c('r'H tlel!Cl'iI)' Ion or @Itf III )OWI\ stud Ot8 fl. ,,,t 'l'OQt~r8 , rs, the gO ll1 r ov~ ,· lh~ all' waves.

Their MlItu,lc c(l ulol I"'"t ho de· Whul li ll ie nol.e e" ltl e ll~ W!lS Including 170 ntell\I~( I'. or th~ lilli , IIC I'il)f'(J hy l~ so und cQulpM<l tnlck III'ovl<lp,l h.\' .. r.,w I"\\,a lIy hl A'h ~r l'" l ty bund IInll tI"lIm VllrtlH, lert by lIuln (01' Mll1n~"noll nilou l JO:90 IR~L night to ~ I 'O the Mlllne"olil. lowR CoolooJI jJli.n1 today.

The d_pnrtUI'C at tho It -<'ar , "~hambfor oC ('Iln"n ~I' 'e," Ro k I.· "'lid specllIl WM 11\0181 11110 t to lhe Polo(! or hplntl' <11.",,,1.

Many or tit b 11<1 carrlell Icarl t

whlel, blAI'ed "A MIt'lIt'le lIlld H(~p · Me lwnl ,'omel·. who ('nmn tn 1h<' )lIlt· penNI" ILlong with ot h,'I' IlOIHlt,\I' \101' III UoIlHt or 111.-1" I ~ . (t VI"llry J'1lec~8 a lit! " n 1011'11" hi an errOI·t ~Vt' I' MIiI'~ tlUlltown'" elevl\n y~stpr.

to Atlr up enthusiasm. ,lOy nllor noon. Far from enthuAlaetic, th ~ hlv"r. It \V~8 plllnn ~1I Lo plek up addl·

Ing handful or specta tors who walt · tionul rootE'rH lit Cedal' ;Ropld8, rd to 8M the truln iel\vo [avol d II whpI'~ t\\'O mOI'o cn,·. were to I ..... wllh a ~ .. laM r nvlou8 lOOk. nn,l ndJpd 10 11\/\ ~p do l. 'I'h" troln ",ill quickly dl' peNled, roreed 10 be COho reI UI'Il tOIllOI"'OW 1lI0rnll1",

from IIl11b hy u mmpagln g Gopher jlI!I'gtrtlOUl. 0\' ", III AfP Ih" damag· IlIg \llu r hln Q crumble lo tho rround nltel' l'u nn l"" Inlo so·co lled fodd~r whi ,' h WtiH " nt ,neAlIt for s uch tim. J)(,I'lug. 'i'"

'Pomonow'. homPeomlng gridIron p"lIumllla. Will be unColded beforo lhli ~Ye" of ' 63.000 filM. Ihe larrest throng rv~r to witnr88 II. football ll'a~le In Northrllp J\femorlal I!ta.­(II uln here. In add ition to the a&led color lent by the homecomlngi. .t· mOQI) II ~ .. e, \ he game may mark ti)e

• tSee FOOTBALL. Pacll " t

WA&JflNOTON, NoV . • (Ar) -Beea.ulI8 wagea tor the hired mlln ate ' adtll.nelni and seed alld teed Mst8 have jumped, the ngrlcul\ure deportment · tod~ torel'lUIl 'i,hat. thln~ the fanner bUYA will aver8&'e "a little hlah­@I' nut har." The Jll'e1llcllon by the bll rea" of arrtcullural. ~conomlcs ' Willi made In an "out· look . tor .arm lallor, equipment. r .. ttlllz~r" ~nd IIImtlar ItelDlJ In 1111,

Theee RUests at the fine arts dedication din ner last night are shown chatting when thf' camera man caught them. Left to right are Prof. Grant Wood of the graphic and' plastic artR dePartment. Martin Flavin, California playwri ght, Qeorge Horner, university arohitect, and M.rs, Fllovin. .. .. -;- .. _---_._ .. _----_.


'fh,. A."oclatflld Pleea It EtxClu!llvely "Iltltl~d to UM tor f'lItpuhllt"R.Uon ot all DflW. dlspatcbu credited to it or not nlher\\ 1M C"l'pdlt("d In tb~ pa er and aU) tbo lou.l npWI P JbUI"hf'd h rErlll.

, 1936

Battle For Educational FreeJ.om

TITA'I' r: EHE_\1Wll m die 11eld of edn­

C~ll0 l1 IS I M f rom a standstill IS el'l ­d"ll '('(t III I: obert 1\1 Hutchins' latest hook, " T he Hlgher L earll1ng 111 Amel~ca " \1('1 og:nl~NI a~ a leader-almo t a revolu-1II1I11I1Y III dll1a' II' l hrOly-tlus young (~IJI('nl!o 1I1l1l Pl"lh Pi" III nt has ' glven \, III I I) 11 IS ('1'1 I"ISH S, as well as Ius con-

TIII(' II\ I' S\lt'g-p"rioll on the AmerICan ",J", Mlrnal s. ~I{ 111

/lIH' 01 lll~ 11l It. !!J' ,t slJafts of crItICIsm l~ IIIlMrl ,II 1111' IIl"h sl'hools of the nation , IJlmnin", I h ~~,' I1\sllt 11 til 11 1 'I' not d ecldlng I" II\N' \l Irnl' hill!! hll\\ tl> "' and how to 11I1I1,1' ,I h VlITg' It. I ~ also his contention Ilud I llIlJ 0 I' ('ollege. should offer a four \ I' ll lotlrse that woul(l IIlclude the tlurd J ,. II 01 IlI/!'lt school and the fl1'St uvo ~ "II':'; III j ollr~e

'l'lln I I'd I "II Inri II . the UJlIte d States li ns 1l1an\' 1',ltllt~ no one can deny The 11, ',1 j', iclt'n. I' \I I' ha\ I 01 t hIS, IS the huge ll1ll11b'l oj .'nllege graduates who go forth • IU It \l ,11 \~ II h a sheepskm amI Itttle Illor e Many of them 81 C WIt hout a de.h· , I, pm'pose 111 hfc, wIthout pllnclples, ,I t1 I \I Ithollt what a playwrIght lias chosen III "1111 "Dc Ign for LIving"

'I'hl' Lullt t or !lJl~ s somethmg which (.1111101 he 0111111) 1;1" III ,J III ,hi 01 I' l" ' ~ , rl' (011\"1') IltHlIl It :.!(lfs f" lit· \1

"I 11,1' .dll! HlIf 1111 lilslru' nnd Its lin­pilf ,If IlJlls n I,' 111\ IlIld

+ ,\"d II j 111'1111 Ill! -h"I,ltlj' II nel l 111.11 as HfllH It ,\1 TIut. IlIlls I aI,,,, mus, plll(j' I I II', ' rill' 1('[1' k H Ii I ,n the p I'oblem \11I11)!1l(,l bl' lI'dll,) " mpit m ented by 'j III'" !J s !lattl' ("I ,'(ll', Ili al Jr O"dom 01' (')IICU/l"1 Il'lill'l'Sit) Ill, : slum as a IIIIl 1.11'11111 JlIS 'Ill" dOnI' wlllch dll;/']"I'l'l-! IlIj ullfllflo"l 1\1 j I ry open­II iI''' ',J (i1iz, II

"Mercy Killings" And Society

" E1WY J(lTJLN"G " IS bark m the lIP \I's " (1 11 ,[ TIl" l~m 1 mra~llrp

hll IWrll Illlr!Vhll'fd 111+' 1 ' Il:ItIlrnt lhal \\'01"" I "1m III ' • IIlh lila i, Ilnl I!>, Iii, I), le,~ Ih'lI l 11 C/p.)ihr 101 1 '1 '11111" ",1 "I' 'I' ",pi_ I'd n l'11J1111 11, 1111 ",1111 JIll I ,I III1 hili Itp~ II ,.'n r Inn" hlt'tlc o f th~ EuthanaSIa LCl.:'l1lli"ttlllJ I ~ 11" TTnr1pr ItR terms a • J)('('I" II ~ " I'POl ntp(l puth8naSla referee wonl,\ pll!'~ Itil 1 hr a p plicatlon If he ap-11~<J\",rl , fll'II I' 1111'1'" 1I1'! th ... n pltcant, it dOclol \I oilid h" Illl thorlzod to lDJect II "'tlllli "o~ " of mOl p lnne or some other rlrug "to lI1dnce pamless death"

'rill liB n~l1 ]"r 1\ il~ proposed after a UIItI~JI ph\DH I, II ', mrrsscd" that h e tOlik !lll' Hi,t, of fn' (' I' rSon8 whose ail­JlI(,llh w".e Incnra1le T h pse persons he >;Hld, COIlS! tt'(1 of two npw'lv born babies, 0111' " d oOlll r'd [0 Im beCllitv" the other ItOIIl \\lthOll! 1:1 qlmll CRr, a~d three adults suffcl'!I1g' I'l'orn llI rl1 rn l~ dlS'~ases

El1th«lIa~I (1 hdS n ho I of b it r r cntlcs . \jl'ead)l mor;t of the leading m edICal auth­OI' lfl«f! In the Dmted States and Canada 113VC VIgor ously d enounced tile short-cut 10 neath Dr Alexis tlanel of the Rocke-, fe r rl' IDstltutp howe~er, endorses- the plan nllll 11~o hrhrvp~ that "kidnapers, 1Il111'c\C:'1 el , Jilt/HI ual crlmll1als of all tnnds, 11'-: Wi' '' as t he hopelesslv 1D ane should be nallll~"Fi 1:1 chsposed of"

HIlt so cnnncnt an authority as Dr A A Brill, M D, of Colmnbla un i ver­Sl tV, bl'1I1'\es that "merClful klllmg of In, urabl t'q, TIn matt/'r bow humanel y ap­ph",l, \' ould d emoralize sOCIety" OPPOll­r n ts of euthanaSIa borrow the arguments­of antI-sterilizatIOn cntics They ask tlJe~e 1I 11CstiGhS Who IS to say that a person's rli~rasE' 18 w curable 1 How can we be sure thM j' ) egali~d killing " would not be 1111 /1( I I 1t1l I)fl Port1\mstic murder '

IJ hi 1111111 IR lltat most doctors are not 1I11.l11lg' tn IIIISI (,Ith cr their profeSSIOnal 1)1'01 iJ pJ" [II I h' ~ovprnment nnder whIch (hI v 'Ih" I 'HI< "I' f~a l' that any go"d de· I iI cd hom rill lonOSIIl may be more thlln (JIISPI hy -I hI' 1'1 dr. ~fost of thcm also feel t hut S/'l( i~h' I" nflt I pt r eady for 80 advanc­HI 1l'~1rp 'I'lo r ,' I ' n would put sOCIety hi fort, ~~I"1W1' Ul dIspnt(lhmg "incur­Ithl e~" lu 'thai undiscovcl cd country from whose bourn no trave ller returns "

(;reat Britain' B

, Farm /fegime

I T vmw OF' thp poliQcal dltlcussiollil

, III tJll Cl!llutp- 1'1)01 t th roblcm of

regulatmg agrIcultural productJOn , I1n­ll s ual Il1t pl'e~t Iltrnnl]pn til tllP n f'WS that Orenl Rl ltHl lJ 's "hI! f III o~ 11' of A!!1'1~111-tllh' \I ~'Inlrlljutlon, }IaJ Walter Elliot, has been superseded lU the rnllllstry of

agIlculture b y William S, MorriJJ()n, fi­nanCIal secr etary of the treasury The change 1S lllterpleted as a shift trom t h e pohcles of extreme eeonoDllc natIonalism whIch MaJor Elliot advocated to less L1"IU m ethods of economlC control

G r eat Brltam, under MaJor Elliot's ImpetuR, nndertook t he artlficlJll revIval of her agUCUltllre m a manner lIlyolvmg an even greater mell ura of government mtl'rvenhon than uncleI' the AAA here, Til l' p l oblems were, of COUl'Se, bas ically ,hffCl'cnt, Great Britain was seeking to ncrease h er productIOn, whereas we were

seekmg to rcstnct OutS In the pro6eSS Great BrItal11 was dJreetiy concerned WI til 11ll1ltmg exports of fOrCIg)l agrrcul ­tUllIl products, but was prevented by agreements WIth tHe domlDlons from , ma­terIally N'<1ncmg Imports from those telTI­torte

'fltl' I1lPthod used to aclueve the deSIred Illd was, In the f irst place, t o place quotas nnrl tallffs on foods ol'lgmatmg in D en­II !T'k, TIoll and and other nearby countlles Iii ~ I1,'h II Ipve l as to make It pOSSIble to 1.1IH(' JlIIl I'~ a r t IfICIall y mSlde of the U Dlt­I d It l!lj:(dom ArbItrary prIces w~re then Sl'l li nd Oubsldles paId to farmers to com­p nsate for the chfIerence between the 1)1'ICe they could actu ally obt am and t he In Ice wl1lch the mnnstry had f ixed Oon­trol was based 011 voluntary agreements made locall y, but, as mIght have been ex­pected, the n se 111 :prIces brought about artJflClalh materIally affected the farm planlllng or 111 dH-1 dual farm em WIlen bs{'on shot up the mcren.se III hogs lose {'xce~l\,c}y Tn other words, like 0111' own thrclrists the Bl'ltrsh apparently Ian afoul or thp law of supply and demand

Although the lat~t reports about the success of econ omIC n atlOnah sm III But­nln a r !' 'not ayallable In t illS country, s ttlclies made last year mdlCate that MaJo[' IDlhot'R 1hgh h op es have not been bOine out 'Ule w holesale pnce mdlCes of cereals and Ji~a:t had rIsen from 645 m Septem­b er , 1~31, to ' 82 III September of thIS year, but th/> index of other foodstuffs had fallcn from 62 2 to 61 6 As a report of the Foreign Policy associatIon stated last year, I/1I1aJor EllIot's meallures may have q!i"l'ed BritIsh agrIculture- f rom collap~e, but the3' bave not enabled It to match the pace of industrIal rccovery or acllleve the rule' lU pl'lces WhICh was the pl'Imary aIm of t he mil1u;ter's efforts"

'1'hl' small sIze or the British agrlcul ­tlll'al establlshmentr-<>nly 9,350,000 acres m e cropped m Great Bl1tam, compared to 413,236,000 aCles 1ll the Umted States -makes It, of course, much sImpier to r n/or eE' a pollcy of agrICultural reglmen­, i Inll 'rhl' gcnpral dIverSifIcatIOn of

IHI hI' homogeneity of the weather III 11,1' lf "'n"\('r to plan agrIculture na­tiollo" m1 11 sound baSIS In Brlunn such II' it'lll droughts as we often have are un-

n"wn li(>l'Iee the elements of lIDcertamty a I''' lllurli fewer But II would b e mt!'1 est-111 .... to ImolV mOl I' fu lly what the r cal re­,wh on of the Bnttsh farmers has been '1" lI :!rl r ultural reglmentatIon MaJor ~1I III ,; transfer suggests that his experl­

mrnts arc no longer looked upon WIth so much hope or favor-New York H etald­T,'/bllllr

• D2ton World y


C611tral pj'ess 81aff Writer

WASIITNGTON, DC-From politI­Cians, already begmnmg to drift back 1I1to Wnsh)ngton, WIth the plesldenhal fIght r ni\rd onp hears the qlute frequent com· plalllt that natIonal campaIgns are too long

Just how they could be shortened, IlOW­pver, IS not apparent

ConventIOns, of (lOU,rse, could be held much closer to election day Party mana­gel'S choose their dates They could choose late September ai'icl early O ctober as read­Ily as lh~y do regularly choose late June and eady .July No constrtutIonal amend­ment wullld ,b e reqUIred to effect the change

Tbus the campaIgn 's l ength could b e tnmmed from 17 01' 18 weeks to SIX or seyen


~hat JS to say , sunh a curtaIlment would bl\ a tbeol'etIcal pOSSlbllity

But III actual practrce, wOl1ldn't the pre-convention Jockeymg for nomlllations be about as wearisome, for months m ad­V'anee, 1\8 the campaIgns proper are now '/

erltJ\~s of tbe present syst em arg u e that a prolonged cumpalgn keeps the counily perturbed and bUflmess In a state of un­celtamty fo]' an unneeessat'Y number of months To be sure, busme!l!! does nol. appear to have been adversely mfluenccd by the 1936 campaIgn, but III general the rule has h eld good, camprugn years have been notol'lOtlsly pOOl' busme ' yeat'S

Yet would busmess fe el any more so­cure If, Illstead of havmg two known can­didates oppdsmg one another for elec­tIOn , ' It had half a dozen candldatetl per )'lflTty to r eckon WIth as nomination po­I r ntiRlttteS 1


T rUll, as to this year, there was no un, certaInty concerning the democratIc nom­illatIOn, bll t there Was a-plenty of It con­cermng the l'cpubJlcans',

Would ,the situation have been clarified 1f G O,P uncertainty had been three months prolongcd ' I can't Bee that' it would rrhe conl.rary

I do r eabze tbat eampalgn oratory gets p I'I'Hy tuea of /l. four-month taak and wOllld JJl\e to shave it down by 75 per cent Ann r thmk the pubUc gets pretty tl'l'cd 'of It·, too

But III J8 a habit, I don 't beheve It can be broken


OFFICIAL DAILY BULLETIN To Exercise or Not To Exercise Is a Problem A

New Yorker _~ ___ ' I.'~"'Qla. At Large , Ill


ltema In the UNIVERSITY (JALENDAR are "bed­wed In the ottl4lO of the president, Old <JapJtol. Item. tor the GENERAL NOTJ<JES are depOfJlted wltIl the umpll.l editor of The Dally lowaD, or may be pl'aced III the box provided for their deposit In the otrlcea ot The DaUy Iowan. GENERAL NOTICES mll.l& be a' rile DaUy Iowan by .:so pm, the day precedln, tiN' pubUoation. Notices will NOT be accepted b, teJe­pjulnet and.lJIW1t be TYJ.>ED or LEGmLY WRJ'l"l'EN U1d SIGNI!lD by a responsible perlon.

By LOGAN CLENDENING, M D 'NIlll 1'D1E of yeal hu" como JIlI(l\JI a!;," whel e ~ou remember.

when the gll'o.t Intoll,allOll,11 life b~g l lts I" ,n,e li IL IIlg WilY BaYS • ulldN th o helldlng or P"80nlll

10111 of how 10 get "XCI clap u abns ltn" Lon g('v lty l1!1.LU IC outslU. 1M not fllV OJ(tble to "Hcgullll CXCI~IHC In lite oprll air,

NEW YORK-As the s~ason gets

Its second wind, bOuquets wlthDut I thistles go to the toUowb1a

200 pin 280 j),m

Vol, X, No 025

University Calendar Saturday, November 7

FIne Arts Confe.enco Art Clinic, rlnc A.ts Building Wke, Unlve1sIty Club

gOlf tenniS 01 sult~tI to lho It.g l' sex und CCUjJl

walking, 1Jccomcs IlIol' of lho Individual, I. hch>[ul, acute what 18 suitable [01 one pcrSOlI

1"0\' 7, 1936

Vv hilt J)CI - might Qe dlsll(JVantagCouR III anoth On the stag~eorge I ~u!man, (or hl/l clever dlleotlOll ot "Stage Door" direction whIch keeps tha comic whirl of. this IIWe drama or embnoo actresses' struRles go- 12 00 m

7 SO pm &00 pm

Ing at a great pace l\(aqaret

lavan, who 'tu rn s to

Moudoy, NO\6mber 9 AFT. Iowa Union Spanish CiUb Iowa Union 1.(nlvel sit)' Play, Dlamellc Al t8 Building

'l'ncsdur, November 10

C nta(;" of tho e' Tn you th each person should population hloS' develop skill and liking fo ' .ome w th e gymnaal, IiPoe11l1 .torm of physIcal activity lim lhl s time of ' lhat may be kept Ut> wltll ple.Bure year I have 110 and benefit In latc. life Walking, way of Imowlng, ~Pllnls, go lf h,tndbnll swImming bilL Il must bO IWr8cbacl, Inllng a Illi gardening are

thesIs by demon s tratlng that all acue~s can im­prove mightily d u rj 11 g threll yeal s in f ilms

Illa,r&'artt SuJlzvan Joh,n Glel~, to. bhe most th1'11111.11' illtm,

PI et~Uon of Hamlet" wltWn the memory of thIs and many other ob. , feervel'lJ, , Gilbert Miller, for Importing that gay bit of continonte,1 troth, "'J!o. va rich .. and giving BI'Q~way Its flr-t hit ot aulumn

Tallulah Bankhead who despite the deflolencles of "R e fie c to q. GIO! y," is gIving Olle of the flUest cxhibiUons ot "",Ung on the Rialto

Night Clolts and Prodigies , In the night clubs Gu)' Lombat­po and IllS band at the Roosevelt for the kind of music that makes daile, I ng a n ec6ll8lty

The Earadise for the ga1.K'!v,gaudy girl BhDw that iM wps In lbo cl!l8!l,

Afrique, the continental entErtain­' r at the neW Ritz-Ca. !lon Crystal ,Jarden, who doesn' t iook a thing ~lke an lmp8!'Sonllwr, YAlt manages to stoll Ihe show by looking' a.nd lacting like sucll V8.1 led llerl!Onalltle, tas -EddIe Cantor, King Edward VUI, Maurice ChevalJel and Paul Robe-lion,

In the I'('alm of music-John BIlr­blrolll, conductor of the New York iPhllharmonlc Symphony society for Its first 10 weeks, fo~ hi. modesty In meeting the American public and tho neal way he lUi ned off the label 01 "Toscanini's successor"

730 :P m 7,30 P Ul,

1200 III

1200 m 410 pm 616 )l m 630 p.rn 730 pm 730 pm 8 00 P 111 890 II III

4 10 1) m 6 46 nlfl. 730 pm 730 pm

700 pm

800 pm

000 J) m

200 pill

Btldl(o, UIl,verslt)' lub Gavel Club, Iowa. U~ion

Wed ncsda), November 11 CommiSSion On Relfglous Actlvltlcs, Dt Joshi, speake.' Iowa Union Engineering Faculty, Iowa Union Tea. Dance, Iowa Union Picnic SUP]181, '1'llangie Club Hall of Nations DinMI, Unlve. alty Club Dolphi" s, Iowa Union I".ench Club, Iowa Union Unlvel slly p lay D.amaltc AIls Building Lcctu! 0 by Plofessor Jos hI Chemislry Audita. 'um

Il'hrnsday, November 12 AllnuaJ lIIedlc .. 1 Gl1nlo 'VolPen'. "\'J)<)ational Gutaancc, Iowa. Union Illtequde, Unlvel s lty Club PI EP~I}P11 PI, JOwa Union Union :ijDa.d, Iowa Union

Frida), November 13 Annual Medical Clllltc DentnJ A h,l Illll I Chmo BQIlonlan LeCtlll e by D. C .t:J fJepshoH', 'Vantllg' UrountJij III tile Rsychology of ~1uslc," Chcmlsto y Audlwrnun <;le1l11an Club M, s EsthPl Payne 1I1uenzc. , piano . ceital MU81c BlI.tdlllg I Blanket Hop, Iowa Union

8al urda)', No\ ember 14 Dad's Day , A nnuel MedIcal Clinic De,u,\al AluJ;J'l\11 CIIOle l''''ll~i'-II )i'u.duQ ".>;, 10\\ a, Iowa Stadium

f~neraJ Notices Coffee HOm

Plesldent ani! lIl, . Oll mo. e lInd the facult)' or tho 8< hool o[ jou.nallsm will bo guesl,li of ))onol al the fI.st coUcn hoUl next TlIPsrlay al 4 Pill on the BUll !lo. eh at JOI'a Vmoll All uulv"I'Sity people a, e lIlvllctJ tu Gomc to 'Tl ue~ tile faculty u.lld enjoy an IIlfOI nMI hoUl Of coft and OOnve. &a.UOI~, COMMI'rrEE

"oratlonal GwdallPo .:I'allt Lois ColtlCI db cctOl Ilf thOi school o( nu. sJnI\' w,1I " Ileak on ntllsing

as a careel next Thui sday (10m .. to (; n In m the north conIcl ence room ftt T.o.\la Ulllon, All unlvelslty women a,o Invited to heal hN talk and JOIn JJ1 lhe followU!g half hOll. or qnestlons l1nd dlscUBsion


G,l'cl Club Ga.vel club will have Ils I eglllu< meeting noxl 'rUl '(l. y ,It j JO Il m In

.<e laUv~1y , lo me of tito l,rll vllll'H that nn 11<J PO I' PUl 8ucd wllh anvantage 10. a large like It , IlUI t of IIfc • Ight , ' A rew gymnastIC xc' cisCl! be body ovel (0' e .tl1d a Cto" the ,.mol nlng hath th e swcatsbl ,t, can be vel y I) Iptul ror persons en

handball and sq ullsh ''£lc)<ets a.O gaged In oecupltllonlt Ihat m.lke IXlr IllPtt)' much llll wlon g UndQI llnY 1I lpation In ou tdoo r exercise IIlff!_ cIrcumstances, the atmosphero of cull ~xce lll on hulr hOldaYs u' Sun-lit gymnasium, which Is that day., the e"erclse~ described by J aULir ."rat, Is for tIl fcw, Ilnd p JIItlll~ 1 8 'My SYKtcm (with c1 .. "lJ at thcm young III I)Ickson and DIveley" 'Elxerel~

1 do not bolleve anybody 's lifo 1$ ,(01 lI ealth alld 011 cellon in San pi olon!;,ed by e"ewlse III a gy mnu- IfOlt l Bennett's 'Old Age It. CaUlIll slul11 In my youth 1 did eagetly and p.cvenllon' and In R T MOo f. eQucnt such pJa(l('" and my [\,1-mlraUoIL lor l!he hlg! mUIScle boys wit h the deltoid llntl sartorius t IPllI­ling under the white "kin was un bounded Bul, living In ,. small to\\ n where evc I ybOdy knows every­bOd)' dR', 1 h .. vo lh~ ulIl"lflPY fftc­ult y of ohecklng up on th bell ltb enthusIasts, and J am h~re to report that Ihe <bIg-muscle bays til off \U(C fli es In the fifties, 01 llt least just ab fll8t as anybody olse

Ho\\ evel thal Is nol bedroom ex

~' Barke( whosc 1 eccn t book, "Live LOllg and Be Happy, contall1s " gleat dea l of \cry se nsl­ule advJce f01 those who are faci ng

Kenzie's ' l~lCerclse in Education and Medicine' hav~ been (ound hel~!uJ h I mn n)

£0'01 those not incHned to bedroom (lXt I elm's I I ecoJllmenLl u . .!J a. corn [ortabl and, to mp sou nd docllln, lho 0l\e n iH ' """,J ,n ,. HIli. boOk called "Exrrci"c Without E.er elKr8,' hy S A.lhUl Devlln Mt 'Devan Rays, "The dally dozen In seUlng- lIl> excl clKP8 !lrc for l~

111100t DO.l I use iess ThOle \! .anothe. \\ ,ty of 1)11 11dlnJ; liP bodily

1;(1 Pllglh alltl vitality a nd shallell II~S~, that IS casl r and a hundred lim s more efff'cllve"

,Yo WI ll dl'ICuss tlls mOle at length IOmol! ow

Fre!lIIIIIIIIIra-rllllllllllly IlBGDlllulllllllllBll~ HNIII8J1UIIWI,WWmll_1IJJIIIII1W1IIiI1II:J I I 11l1li nil IIUII IlIIIlIIIII umnr.

By JOHN SELB 'Yi\."iG !\ ' 0 YIlS ," b) Alice Tls­ II Cl !levollOn Is "lie ]I 0 b,ll t, (Bobbs-\lerJ<UI),

IWllnlllg a ll lllrou!;'h C1unes"

to l <.lml~ and III tlJlH' HIH uecome!l more motl1l'1 tilan wifr

lhe north Con[erene~ 100m at Iowa Unltlll I'RL~J DeN'!' J", It seems, thc pmlciple of yunB IIltl ylll, thc acti,,, and tb A. l>a~sl\e,

Philosophy (Iub The next WCel1J1!;, ot the Phll\l.li"I'hy club "1]1 1)[ III Irl "I thl' 110"''' "f On ly, according to AlICe Tisdale 110,

Prof and M. s. C A Ruckmick 2JZ F' 1"011 U\ellue on Tues.l,lY Nov ua.llll the intloducUon 10 he, latest 10, at 8 p 111 Plol lIln"un Ladd o[ I he cull eJ.;"r of I,tw \\1 11 ~peal< on ' Thr>' ~10vc i or occldentftl and ol lcnlal COil Phllosoph.cpJ A.pects ol La.\\ ' ljU.'IN() I II I'PI'lI{ l'lcsldcn l fIl'l , lho Chlnpsc lJsuully SQ) It tIl"

Little Ruth Slenczynskl who, ill spite of a ll the argument alld fu 'rore about her pI esent a nd lIar fu­ture, manages to apply he.' l1-yeal-old selt s trictly to the busmeSl> of Bol,IIlY (Iu"

DI "\,- A Andel sun II III Wlk 011 1'1%'10MK playing the plano \lIth glowing< at the LakeSide Laoolalo" Ps MOllduv Nl)v

otb r wa y, Ilith yin tllO pas.l,p IJl ll1cll>l<' fIIsl III 01"0 1

In H'ltalnlr,ll In vesli!ml lolw MIS ll ubal\ calls thr nOH'1 Ihhll

Sho rtlUIIJd to AmCrl(H.. lilflit to (,hlna whore bls labura.IoI'Y faell IUeR 111 few, llnll iUle. til Amellca, l't'te. gil ", .. hlm~plf 10 lhe study ot n. IIu.ra.s ltc \\ hi£'h lu) 8 low millions or Chine<;(' ) earJy lJ'lnall) Peter sacrifices hllUselr tu his Own study, all,l lite no\el takes the COUlSe one light eXllect II to tak,-

talent and no affecUon I , 'I, n t P III III lOO1l1 40R

, 'O~lM I'l'I' I : I, The pa l ents of Ychudl Menuhlll

tor refusing to allow the youthful violinist to be explOIted and fcr withdrawing him tlOm conce. t WOl k Ifcr two years that he might have an opportunity to Indulge the nor­malcies of youth

'1hnslatlon Clicks In IIteralUl e \VlIlard Trask.

\whos& beautiful translation of the utte rances of Joan of A.c, In "Joan pf Al C A Self Portrait," has given Jls t he SImplest and yet the most moving stOl y extant of the Maid of Orleans

Ulld YJo' It ls, how~\'el'" not so

LibeluJ IStudculs AlliulICI l~thollllWJl lind mYliLl!'V1 "" !,llt(.-I The hbclul MUllenL, "U'UI1« lhe }j l I (halltr , ,,[ lit" AIil Olic.u. t~lllcally oriental symhobAIlt might

sludent Ulllon, will holtl 't" [n >it I cguhu bUSlllC"" lllCC\ll\g Hunda v Nov Indicate It IS 11 stOI Y of 1m e ot 8 at 3 Pill in th~ YWCA 10001 oC Iowa Union AU s ludents Intc,e"t~t(j w.thdla\\al or sacrifice and flna.Jly In active pa~Ucil)ation 111 th,s Orgllnozatlon Please be PI esent. (tl 'hi h I

COMMITTEE 0 dee. 1 w c sepam es Til p love. s (1\ e Peter and DIana,

l<'ore.gll !<\ludent. ho a young AmcriC"11 docior In Th& Intetnational ~tudents MllOcilltion WIll III eot at SnlJth" Car, Chilln and slop a )oung American

Sunday, />l:ov S at Glli P ln !'rof lIleno Spann wlll Hpeal, 011 'The COli [,tcacbel Pele. Is It IItUe dI51ulbed fhet B<>t't< ee n FaAcI~m ,In,1 eOJnmunl"lU ~1 mbc. " anti guesls II. e COL, I h ' haS dlally InvJted. to bQ )lresenl, 8gCR,,-"!'ARY to flntl h maclr ,. mis"lolla.y . ~

thought of hImself (1S a 8clentiH~

\ else Wrltels mtent upon dOIng solllctlnng to 111-'l'hm e wUI UC a cOIICe l ence fO! ve.s wllte. a III ~chaclfel Hail Room levlatc th 8urre.lng of the Chlnesc

lA, 'l'hursda.y, Nov 12, aL 730 Il m FREDERICK BOCK, Committee people Olalla Is

But Mrs H obarl 18 not merely jplllng th &101"} of a .tOllll~ lo.e and IIhH lJt tl 11( ~ht:'ll I~ eag('r to

mahl un~ undel~land the l><aut1!!l1 Illld Ih" dlf[crtnces of \\(sletn and {a.te. n though I, ,lOU to show whal happens wh('n the m ore material, I ~.. apparcntl) trammeled western mind makes conl11tt with the pal temell thought ,Ind action of th~

(hln' 'l '1 hi. Sill (lues "ell if some 1\ hat tJehberatel)' 'fhe Ide,ls she hll~ III (.~ ex})} N.f;;( <l c fflcJ (\ntly, some

~Im' 8 beautifully It al"" Is true thai (lcca"lun.\lI y th ey Inlel[e",

will' lhl pare or ber nar.

--------------------------------------Japanese 11.1 e setting up a hbrary

of natural science, consIsting of sev­eral thousand volumes, In Peiplng

,------There 11.1 e about 300 species of

oalt trees mos t of which '" e found In America.

lnterlllllional roeluhl/lls Club The Inle. nationa l Relallon" Club Will mecl on ~unday, Nov 8, 300

pm In the North Conference Room Iowa MelllOilal Union The activities for the year will be dIscussed anu OJ ganlzed All Inte.ested In the discus sion and study o( illtemallunal' p.oblems aTe urged 10 atte nd


IWhgloUS COUlIU'bS.Oll On WedncSday Nuv 11 thrl(' \\lIl he heW 11 luncheon 0/ tho <.:ommis

s lon on ReligIou s Acllvlties P. of S L J oshi wJII "l!cllk un 'One's Pe.sonal Rehglous Plulosophy- Lsl>('cl",lIy in Relation to Huma n Brotherhood" WM 11 MORGAN, Dl. ector

HOllO. H III EllghsJI

topic." but shorL s toole-, .hOl t plllYH Or ,~r~<' m.ll he Rub,tltulOO in certal ll casco (2) The p. ogHlm nw will consI>t of th lcgular DlUjOl de­partment Candidates fOI hono. " will he adv.sed, 11(lW{'''~r, to eJecl \be high. number of credits lJ1 cour>l('s off, Illi g altCI nativp " ~dltK , eS(If('la Uy In Ihe C!lS<'< of Engli~h 95 (,II A IIH 01 1111 Huc<e".{u l cundldate" w.lI be published at Commencemen t (U A HIlt'clu l list "Ill toe mado composed ur thOJ;C 8U(cc!-ts[ul call1hllalol. \\ho aplJC>31 to POSo.;CSI rnlukeci 1)cl1IolUl I quallfl(atlons (as (lis tinguished frolll ",-hoW' Iv '1uallrlcallolls) fOl a leacb Ing ca .. e I In high school a.' college (GJ CUllies uf I he I1>t. III ntioned 13 Ilnd 4, "hove) will he sent to the Apl)olntmcnl' Rm ellll Ilnrl to the Dean of Ihe Graduate College (6) The committee In ohal/;e will be composed of Pro(esso~s Maxwell F()('rster, 'l'homPson and Sclll amm ];'or fUrlber detaHs cons ult BALDWIN MAXWirLI", Chairman, );;ngll' h Department

Screen The lltlentlon of lInde. g. aduales majod ng 111 1,ngIIBIi I" calletJ 10 lhe

ptan for honolS going Illto .. ifect du.lu/!, the I)I-<!aent !leademlc yew (1) Iron ors wIll be 11.\\ " I dod 011 the bU5ls of Ill) 1111 examination 011 the loading lisl distrIbuted last yeal, and (b) a long essay 0. half a dOzen shOt t essays, wlluen 111 connection with En glish 95 (tile 4-credll diviSion) Or otherwise all a nged fOl Those oasal swi ll orclillltllly II\' On IIte",rY

PbUo Club

Life Dr Hardsoll J Thornton of the D partm lit ot lli. tory will addre ••

the Philo Club on SUllda~, Nov 8, In the River R ooll! of 10,,11. ilion at 8 P III on lhe "Amellcan ~cenr: .~II Intel' t~ a.p lnvlt tI to attend


""O,."",,e, rd. . By HUBBARD K~AVY

HOLLYWOOD-This just goes 10 isho'" that Il pays to have a better mouse trap

P C Wodehouse is baek In Holly-

UNFINISHED BUSINESS * * * * * * ** ** ** ** Shadow of Supreme Court Justices Fo]]ows President

As He Returns to Office

* * e\leb

wood to wrlte for the movIes, and * * * .. * * *** he is very happy about It " W hen Wodehouse laughed at B) HERBERT l)LU~lMER Ilh~ jUBl1t et! lu.l~ , alllel'd 10 Ila6~ Oil COUlt Ihls time 111 .. tll.pule lJetwl~1I

movIe way_the famous $104,000 'fhlrd In a selles 01 'our alilelc. tlmiJollges of the i glslaUun ~I. ll olyoke M(UI.~, wal,-r 110\\ r l la ugh-Hollywood had the mIstaken WASHINO'l.'ON (AP)--'l'hc sha tl - 'I h( Ilell'llnh,1 question of Ihe con- COI1lVII II Y uJltI Ih~ IU(Il'I(iUlI IVI IUIlI; Idea that the English humprlst ow of nin e "Ulelllll , bl,I'I<'IO\)"I lIICll III uUllmllity 01 I h(> gold devalua, !papct compa ny of MlU!sachulietts, "ev-e~ would get a nother job here , inn dllll "" I" Ul{llIll Ioef", o the ovel wheUICI' Icnlol of walo.r I.owel His news-makln t{ utterance was tu 1It111 rollows )i'tanl<llil D RUOBoH lt JlghtB In lhe' CUllllrclioul J1~ I

thA effect that his studio pald him as on Ih e bllSI" 00 JrLUlllS to ""te ,should lIo I aid til tom"r In golf1 0" $2000 for 52 consecutive weeks- he llllIla.cntl y h<1"u" (01 a ~ecollu , 1 its equhalcnl In dovalued currency ,to! doing just about nothing, ~crm In the While H.Ou~e ' rhe 110Wel COJllPany contonds th

"Oh, Ulat;' saYII Wodehoulle, when 'I.'he rute or at leusl eIght malo' I leaso lit) 811ecl[lpd you l./I.ctfully make a. reteroQoo Legislation onacted In J984 uu-to his solf-styled nonw),ltlng aMSigll- IHopoHttls Ollllctecl du, 'n!;, the fll st ~h(/llzlng Ihe prosldent 10 cmllargo lment "Well I lira ' very happy, to' III uC his admlillstll,ttlun de)Jend" ~alc or a .mB to Hollvlu IltlU Pam' to be here and I am wDrklns 011 a jUpon decisio ns by th o SUIlI cine tUtty fo ' Iholl ' haeo Wllr Is musical plotm e" cOllrt with in lho ncxt ( w mulllh s cI'\I.llI~ lIgNI 'rho Boulhorl\ l'/I'w

Will Do I\lucll Work DcclsloJ1 ~ 1111 elldy given, Buc h a" yo,l< rederal tJlalliol 'OUlt held til Wodchouse (thll "0' III lontr, IncI- In th N~w York minimum wage ' ~tatul wu, Ull IJlvalid 1I lrgutioll

oclen taII» ~ays h~ expects to do "a caso Ius I spllng, could aCCcct legis" ot tell'lslaUvo IIO\\ CI 10 l" ~ ." «:u gt'ElLt dea.l at work dumi' U.e com· latlol\ COnsider (\ 101 lhe lJ W uelll's ; Uvt Ing year From 10 In Ule moltllng seoond fout< }eIUS 1 The publlo uti lIty hOlding com until 1 o'clOCk and f,om 4 until dln _ So fOr t he a dmlulsllalloll h WOI\ puny I1( t I8 be/Ol e til cOlllL but Ill. Illel' time, he slta at his tYllewrJter t\\O anol lost 11 of 118 maju." conell- jUllsdl 1I0l1al JroulI~s ollly 'rh. In hi s study, hammering awa.y at tuLlonal ellgalfements with the I (IU08tiOIl Illvulvetl Is whl'll! r the stories CO UI \ rg()V()llllll~lIt CUll JWld Ull rulill 8 hy

The typewriter r~ IL new one, . c_ L\l&ishlUlln VIUieS Wklely 10IVN cUU lt. UlltII It oUlalns a flnnl cently acq uir ed Before he bought New duai legMutioll which .. eolslon lIy lho sup.cmc eOlllt "II

it (prob&blv w:tth some of that "un .. COll't ltllH consented 10 hOar a,gned ~he leglsiation Tho COUll o( app al . !earned" Income) he did all of hi. land rule upon cov~rs a wide field ror tho Dlstdct or Columbia rul d ~ork 011 8. lIecond,hand maohln o ho Among thc most ImpOl tant Is thO against the gover nment bought In the United Statel Iii llll!WII.y labo l llet P.ovlalons of lho The ~O pre nt tnx 011 silver 1911 He usc!l to carry tbut tYI)O- law uulholl;6lul( coll ecUvr bal 11111 - II' unt., lovle,l juxl III 1111 I .. ImS.OIlB wdler with him Wllel1lVel' he wen\ ~nl!' u t\\ ce n • pres ntuU\ os or em of tllll . IIVOl I)UI hu ~<l fnr Iii

"The team work was tdw," ~. ployes anullte .uJIIOII.ds are In quos- PUlllose of inOlculntr III I1I1IOU III Wdd~ou .. , "WIlen I •• ut lit to be tiol\. of t b. OI.tal In thl naUon ', mon -.repulre(l In England not 10 lon.- .. a The W~ner labol disputes acl It .. y 8toOl<,. 1s "dlllg 1h,. COli' ~ or and the chap gum/ned up the worllfl 11180 Is headed (M a !ea t ot It , oon· claims bns hel4 I/w> lox lIncon.lItu by uSHlg gIIn 0\1, r ~lt t !nul lhat IItltutlonallly, Although the COlll't tion I, <\Ill old W end " !hau ;etuled on. plew tor a review. CIDEF JUSTICE HUGHES The 1P35 Aeh\Al'.t -6umn1cr. p.ot

LJ unspullatlon of plleoll

1\ de good. lnto states that bnr

IIwl! IItUe alld requiring that Bueh

he labeled tlIl convict tllllnufo.ctllrt'd Is to be considered II h" Nlxlh d.eult 'OUI t of appealS ha s "phdd Ihe llel I

'llw Duke Powel company Is pro lCHlIJlIf ' $~ 81i2,OOO PWA loan and gr,tn l In (",('nIVo,,,1 ('ollnt S C tOI a IJOWrl' 11111111 .,t DtlZ1.111d R0031 'rh l' COIl"1I11ltlullallly or """ve lHmenL IOG. IIH and gl(IUlH 10/ PO\\CI plnnt[f.

\\ III ha ,Iccldj'" hy t h juslices III thlK C,IHI

Tile IKJdal ,,'cudty It t appeals dlSllllod 10 \)r tcsted sooner or later ~l the SU lll em COUlt on cOllslllu­III>1Mi grotln"" Allhollgh there IS \\0 CIlSo pl'l,,1lug, tho Justices ha.ve uml'. consltJcraUol1 a rCqu cHt rron~

I ho " lule o( Vermont ,,"I(lng the l'Om t t il I ultl 011 tho validity o( Ihe ud WII('11 t h~y Melllc th r Now YOII( l\lH'nIIlJoYlllonL IlI'HHLU1Ce Ju w

(,1'OIUOIl'VW! 'I'hl! Cabinet)

F(/ctogr(/p!ts i Ob,ldl~1t Is lhn l it 01 trsi book 111

lh e 0 1d 'I'rHI0I1I1'1l1 It m r [l IlH 80r­vunl or J l1h OVD II

'I.'he alllllltllltl Is lJy (aI' lho hald­e.t ,ub.tanc~ III lOa tllle

Odeoll \V1\8 Il LOofed th riller In Mn. rlcnl llio to III which t,lnl pe,­rOlll1'lflll~M Hod JHu~ Ic{lI' nlll{'l~l1f \\NO


Th octOI"'. diU"" . r, 0111 tho squid IIn<1 clltllefl . h In thllt It hili! ol,ht aUns In.tead of 10, all the lIlIme MIll<'

7, 1936

Council Grants Bee ~enewal To 'Polly Request Refused La

public Statement By Manager C 1 ear c d City Graft Cloud

ClImaxing .I'hat waH It~ dullest IletPltsl moetlng In months JU~

City eouncll last night glantetJ -Jltnout comMent-the appllcaLlOn 01 Mrs Anna. BOston for It lehewal 01 her cln$ij C' beer permit for the 11'OI\y Inn 't

The coullcll lasl weel< hllll ,efuHed the apphcallol\ until Manager C W Heath o( lhe rcataulall( 'mad • pubhc .tatemont clearing tho city or any cO llneclioll wlU, gl aft tn panJlll~ beel' llcens08 '

Healh through County Atlo. lley J:l A BaldwIn-I> ho \\1t8 defeated In hI. race for t'eel~ctloll Tuesday, had made lIubllc 1111 affldavll dro,wn UI) by Bald\\ In (]eelallng that he

been appl oached by llIen repre· senllng themJ!elve~ as oWdlal. who bad lold him he must "kick In" IC he ,.pected to get n fenewal or his p.l11Ill

\;Illi Satt! rdlLy IIcnUI fli ed n .talc- Coach Ill,nl at lhe cIly hall absolving lhe clll

!l1'8 Bosten. who calllO rlO Ill her home In Muscatine Ias l nl!;'ht to heal lhe council's statement, olC ,Jared Khe WIUI J,;Illd to hea. they acted that way 1 hope t lo11t' li enol lh. troUbl e on that HCol'C'

She , ... Id business 11118 been 'vo. y bad .Ince this whole th,ng was, ,lIrre<! up ,

'A lot or people don'l ulldel. sh~ declar d

lie" permit

IContlnued From p,,~" 1)

, point In both Minnesota.

football h ."Iory 'l'b~

thelt prolunged win abruptly halted by a

bnnd of Wildcats lust Sat lind should IOWa. H golden

duplicate the [eat tomol row Mlnnesola glltl stoci< will ccr tumbl~ to boLLomless pits

On the othet hand Iowa takt'H field in the 30th game loetween

8I:hools, "lth a Big Ten ."'ntl" .... ,,,,, .ecord o( two deCeats to

and lndlana, and a tie batlle \\1th Il1lno'" 'rhe team from the tall corn stnte has been .IIbJected \0 eally season c. ltlclsm which II Is striving hard to run Into the ground A victory today wOUld slem Ihe I,ue oC adverso alumni cvmment

Soorecy Shrouds I'CIlctlCC8

lA, [al U" the elevens that take the rleld lomorro" are cone r'Hd, \Cry little Is known The slrlctest oectecy tonK shrouded Ihe Gophel II!'actire sesslun In a. cloud oC mys ery Here In MInneaPolis, persons

"In the know" contend that Bier­man has been Insel ling new faces Inlo his Gold and Maroon muchlne In order to reatore lIe\V' conflden.ce Inlo hiS proteges whom, he claim", ."te not up 10 par W the tle(eat or last \leek

The lowao •• ne "x"octed to flash a new aerial and • unnJng Mtack .hleh has bIlen unearthed in tho most slrenuous week o( drill du.-· Ing Ihe CUrlellt &,.Id !lClJ.son Tho lIa~keye o(fen . lv~ will 8PO Oz.l" Smullons and chunky AI SclwlIk carry the brunt of the. unll ing and passing game w bila ru 'gOd Co COl.!>t JOhulI) !hld I.Uld btg Scoll \\"..u;llll "U be relied lIpon to furnlsll tho blooklng 111 the \)ack(l~ld ThObe men 1\111 get tI'e stftillng cllil but 1~k1 III l'esel ve wIll be the Blond BuUet Dick BOwlin a lways a h .. rd dfl,eo and a sl>ark 111 tho backfield

Then Ihel c IS Bu"h LAmb, altel nale at qualt.r with BOI\ lin Olenn Ol",n !'rank Balazs Dean Krollch and Jack I::lchelly wi ll 1m walUng ror their chalices In tho bu.tll

VeltrlUl Eud I Tho ,etoIanij lAnnon and lI,.r, Is

.11/ I", III lhcl e at tht.' ~tUl t 10 In"row UK will \\'all" I wld l,i"d"1\ meyel at lack Ie with fh" y !tNI Neillon and tlll llJj('y rill roll imds. Co CIlI'I 'l'~d O"IllILloKkl -III bo ut Ctlnto. j"tank Gallagh • od Ge~o I;lg!:ett 'laV!! b.~n drlllOll

III \\~k to be ln lop shallc /1.8 lin ~placemenls I' loyd VCHeer, who cra,hid into IJrlnt In \11 Iowa Mlnnesola battle lu"\ yeal, Is on band "PIn although he hilS nOI been playing tho type of ball this lUIln tlll\t he iM cal)able or DIck Andel'llon will understudy OSlI1o.1, ... kI at tho IJivot Ilost

TIle (JOIJiltl" WQI' <' xI' eled t o lIut at least olle 11 WCOI11 r III the 'larlln, an lll" thut will lin ul> for Ihe kickoff lAn'Y J]uhler, big ~Or,

lJoulld Wlndo", yuULh, 1)1 obuJlJiy 1\ III Ine UP lit lullbil k

two Other /<Ibllts 'l'wo othel I,08Slblll s hifts may

brill/! ~~ Johl1 tion lUI HIllrUnlr Ilitht I"lde with Challl SohulLz al right GU&rd 111c86 two )lillY HPlaco Lou

• ~~Ier aM ~'I ancls TW lIell, 1'6 pec­lively AnolhOl j)oij8lbl~ Hhl[t mllY nn4 Rudy Omltlo a t 8tlll !tng IllI'hl hall

Q}(Jch BI rl11l.ln howov. ( Huld l!at any ehlll1lt'.~ In th ,UtI'lIl1l1 \'<lnbl nall9n 'Would 1I10un IIttlo 'IU we do any whlrt1flll', .It ""l

0011 In.n thnt we 1\1 0 .. ~ver Ing U!ual order' do In r II t h cOli h.

ether boYB "'iii he In there We've 1I0ne a IIltie ex~rl


, .

t p

~ -31 ..

NOVf'MBER 7, 1936 -To a Problem

\\I' h01'fl, > ott remQ.mber. In ~ lIch (~ hl/o: WilY, "aye,

h('udlng of "personal

opell ulr, tha llt:;P, I'\(\X und CCUl>a.·

lho Inulvluuul, 18 h Ip[ul; " ullI1LI~ (0" one pel'sOJ\ dlsndvpnlageouH tv anoth.

youth, ea h po,."on should .klll and liking for some

.form of ).lhysleal activity be kept UI> with Illea.w·e

In lat~1' lito. Walking, ho.nuIJall . swimming,

I'illing and ga1'denlng are tho activities lhat can !xl

gymnn8tic ~crclses I",. u(ter lho ; mol'nlng bath

vc,'y hplntul for person. en. o~rupal\onl< thnt make par.

in uutdoo[' cxcr'cisc difn_ On half·ltoldays 0" Sun.

<'XN'CI«('. tl eocrlbed by J. 'My System' (with churt), and Dlvel~y's 'E)xercise

and orrcctlon; In San. s 'Ul(1 Age, It. GaUlle

tlon,' and In R. T. 11\1> 'E:xel'clse In Euucatlon ana

; haVe bce n found helpful

0"" nOl Inclined to bl>(\roolll [ l'cOCOlllmen[l as a com.

ano, to flH\ Hound uoctrlne. ~Xllre":«,d In a little hook

"t,;xerciHe Without J:;xe,· hy S. "rthu" Devan. ~I,.

HD.YH, '''rh~ dally dozen In p exerciseR a re fo r Ih.

I),,,·t lI"elrss ... Thel'(' Ii way oC .builulng UII bOd,ly uml vltnllty and "hapeU·

Is easier and a hurulred mOTl' errf'CUve," wlll dlRcuss tl.ls more at tomorrow.


.... o •

girl. lIer dovollon ill and in {JIlW ahC' beculUe.!l

thl1l1 wlCe

"OS hi\ll$f-l[ to the titudy ot whtch lays low mlllioM

YPA fly lI'lnaUy Peter himself to his Own study,

novel take. the COUl'"e on. expect it til tak,'. MI'!!. Hobart Is not merely t h stur~' "r n soormy IOV6

HLlTlt'd lift-, Hho j~ eager to one IIndell,tand the b('auties

.. Ii cr ereuceH of wpstern and thuughl. and to show what

when the more material, parently trammeled western

make" contact with the pat. thought and actlol, of th~ Thl~ sIlt' does wt'll I( some·

The jdeas she

they Interferl' paC's of bpr nar·

ver~() may h ul'sUtutl'(] in of 1l1e [' .. gular mlliol' de­

h"wever, to eJcct tbe alt rnatlv" P"edlt", e (ltCla lly HUN'e"~f111 candidates will be list wlJl h,· made composed to I)OH"(,~. ml1l'k~d ]X'l'IIona)

Iluullflcutlon.) rOl' a teach· of Ihe IIst~ menUon~d (3 13ul'eau lind to tho Dean

In ehll,'ge will lie cOll,posed 01 and Schramm. For further

n:L,rnJaTl. J,mrlJAh Depanment.

of III ·tory wl1\ address Room of Iowa Union

inv lt0ct to attend. COM~IlTTEE

tntnijVU ,tation of p,ison '

goodS Intu .t(~les that bar

sa lo Ilnd .. qull'tn!> that such

be hlllCled M convict·

IH 10 he considered. ('1,,,,,11 c"urt of appeals the att. I

10 GJ'l'l'uwuod Count S. C., rOl'

I' IIlant t J)uzzard ilo031. llutiuJlaUly of l.'1vernment

lind gru nt" for power planta dcel"!'ri hy I he Justiees In

SUlll'ome court on constIlu· groun,I.. .\ Ithollgh there Is

Jl~ndlng, the Justices have co"~ldQl' lIun It request fro~

[If V('l'lIlont asl,lng the til ruin 011 th validity ot tho

III I t HH~u 11 M IIS6I'"

! I' the bard· In nature.

"'''. a l 'Oof~d th "otor In an·

octopus dlrf",·. ("om tho eq uid in thai Ii hIlS ellhl

Inlte d ot 10, a ll the .. rna

,SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1936 - 'PIE DAlLY IOWAN. IO.!"A urn PAGE THREE -Council Grants Beer Permit ~enewal To .'Polly ~nn~ Cafe; Request Refused Las t Week

E,T'1'.4 K~TT-

(Yd !naN tt'II.COXJ cas(l.


DoNr 131:: Nf;rzvoU~" NI>\.L BiiAr HIM SOMt:WA~! H~'S NOT' HeQli '\'IiI-. H~'i

PfU)!3ABL'f our HAT'CHIN' < UPSOME inIac!

By Paul Robinson

~L'N'[ IN ').4. COUrlf· RdoM! 7tJE'CASE or \IIILCo~ VEr2.SUS t:1TA ~li IS


puhUe Statement By Manager C 1 ear c'd City Graft Cloud

ClimaxIng wha t W Qij It~ dullest. Iletpiest meet ing In mo ntha, ~ 11III low. City cou ncil last night granted _,'Itnout comment-the a PI)1lcation at Mrs. Ann lL BOsten tor a r enewal of her clllSlt "C" beer permit tor tM .IFOlly Inn}'

The council last weol{ had refusell tho aplllication untlt Manager C. W, Heath of the rCHtaUl'Un\ "mad(l • public statement cleari ng the clly 01 any connection with g"an In ;grMting bee,' licenses."

Heath. through County ALtom"y E. A. Baldwin-who was dCCeated io his race tOI' .-eelection Tuesday, hOd made Ilubllc an aendavlt drawn uP by Baldwin declal'ing that he ad been approac hed by mon repre·

sentlng themllelves as officials who ~ad told him he must " kiCk In" Ie he ell,ectcd to get a I'enewal of h l8

""nOt. UIJIt Satu"day Heath riled a state­

"".i at the city hall absolving the cll)'.

~Irs , Boslen, w hu ClU IlO (['OUI hur )rome In Muscatine ilwt night to I"ar lhe council's statement, tie· clar!d ~he wo.ij "glllu to heal' they acted that )VIlY. 1 hope that'll eml tho trOUb le on that ijCO'~'"

She l!ald bu~l ne~8 has boen ""ClOY bad sillce this whole thing was, ,Uned UI>."

· "A lot 01 people don't under· ,ta"d," sh~ declared.

The council last night also gran t· ed • I'I!newal of .. class "C" permll to paul f,. ilummer.

Foothall-IContinued From Page I)

t Iurning point 111 both Mlnlle.ola and Iowa rootball hi_tol'y. Til" Gophers waw their prolonged win· Ing streak abruptly halted by a ,gbting band of Wildcats last Hat·

u,'day and should Iowa's golden orde duplicate the teat tomorrow hen Mlnne.ola grl6 stock wl.11 ccr· alnly tumble to bottomless pits.

On the other hand, Iowa takes he llelu In the 30th game between he two schools, with ... B!g 'ren

con terence l'ccord of two de [eats to Northwe.tem and Indiana, and a lie battle "ilh lllinois. The team from the tall corn state has been .ubJedeti to ellrly season criticism which It Is .trivlng hard to run Into the ground. A vlctol'Y today woulll stem tho Ude of adver8e alumni l'OmmenL.

Swrecj' "rouds Pr,u:t1ces

t AS lal' as the elevenij that lake

the lIeld tomorrOw Ilre conoe,.n"d, very lItlle Is known. The strictest l!eCI~y )las shrouded the Gopher pracllce session In I, cloud or mys' er)'. Here tn Minneapolis, persons

"In the knew" con t!!lld that Bier· m.n has been inserting new races Inlo his Gold and Maroon machine In Onier to restore new con f1dcllco Inlo his proteges whom, h claims, "ere not up t~ par in the de teat of ia.!t w'*lk.

The Iowans liI'C ex~ectetl to flMIl a lIew aerial and running attack which has been unearthed In tho mosl slrenuous week or drill duro Ing the current I!'l'id tien",JIl. Tho Halvkeye offensive will e Oz.l .. Simmons and chunky Al Schenk carry the brunt at the "unlling and paSSing game while l'u.,-ged Co·Callt. Johnny Wid lUld big S"olt ,Vagle,. \·111 he relied upon 10 (ut'nlsh tho blocking III the backflnld. Those men wlil get the starling call, but held III I1lSel'Ve will l>e tl10 Blond Bullct, Dick Bowlin, always a hard drive,' and a spark In the backt~l d.

Then ther'c Is Bush IAmb, aLte,·· 1liiie at Quart.,· with Bowlin, Glenn Olson, ~'rank Balaz.;, Dean J{rouch and Jack J,;!c hC" ly wll\' lie wailing for their chanc • In the battlc.

Iflen tl ng to give som of aU " II lay· c,·~ a llt~ 1 m Ol'e work."

l're8811~ oft GOI)ilel'ij Blcl'mlln decll>l'ed t hat "the p l'CS'

YU ro has been oCt u 8 i hls week to a great extent.

" I th ink th o boys Telllly enjoyed 1)l'I\cLlc dUI·IIlg . the Ilast week . 'rhey have shown more s nap and cage"n c"s lO p lay tha n In seve ... 1 weeks," he con tln ueU.

"Don·t get the Idea wo Ill'e under · "atlng f"wa," Bierma n concluded. ' ''I'h('y glayed us ou,· toughest b,,11 game lust yeaI' un<l if t hey ure keyed tiP for tho contest alltl' we I.\.l·" down. anything Can hUllI1Cn."

Cuach Halem HUl'jll'lse(j M.lnl ,e· sotuns wH I, the 1!l1nOuncemeht thut big l,'loytl Dc lf ee l'. thc six. foot seven Inch lineman who played such outstanding ball against the Oophel's In 1935, may not stan.

Ossle Solem of ihe Hawkeye. de· parted from the usual proccdure of ",at'mlng UP III Memorial .tadlum and hied his squad off to work undel' covel' lit t he St. 'rholllas col· le!)e fie ld In St. pau l.

Field VfJ vc"ed Coach BernIe alel'ma". ·heeol ng

lhe wcu.t hrt' ll1an 'M p r edict Ion or ~now [llld coldCl' fOr tomonow'ij lmtlle, has Heen thut the fie ld wall Ill'operly covered with a large tal" paulin alld the multitude of gt'ouadjoj-kef'pc['1'1 will have an ampla SUlll)ly or slI'aw l'cally In clI.8e tho field r;ots too slll'l)e ,'Y during the homecoming gantt, .

Plan Chapel Hi es For Samuel Miller

Funeral Tomorrow

b'Ul1ol'nl SCI'v1cCs fur Samuel U. ~lllle .. , 67. farmer Hvlng ]0 miles 80uth of lown. Cily. who died y .... tel·­day rl'l.ornlng o.t a local hOllpltal fol· lowlllg 0. IIngel'lng Illness. will be tomo .. row at 2:aO fl.m . In the Oath­uut tUllrral Chapel. Th e Rev. I.lion T. J ones, pastor or the Presbyter· Ian church. will be In eh,u·ge.

M,·. M)lIcr was ~o"n nettr Gaston, Ind .• und In IUOjj he moved to J ohll­SOn cou nty where he SI)ent all but four years or lIw remainder of his UCe.

H(,:-Ijuc~ llil-; ",doow, he Is liUl'vlvcd by a daughter, ~I r.. Edgar 810m· mOilS at Iowa City; four sons. Lo,'· alne oC Oxford, Meredith and Albert both of Iowa City, and Ivan, at home; 0. brothel', and two g,-and' children.

!:Ulcn::d, "\\?t!.!:it China, haa thl lal'S'­

est number of drug addtctg of an)' pro\'lnoe In the country, ovrr 244,000 bavtnlf applied to the pl'ovlnclal opium 8UIJII1'e slon boal'(/ (01' trcat·

ETTA Is-tobe /uzard III-coud .. iodCKf~~

7he CO{Jrb­ju)vS'0

IS /?4CK£O.

CHURCH NOTICES uy John lI ughes , " There Is No panel (1I8CUS81011 'JIl "AtUtuoes or /Jung Leun!) will speak on "'rhe Death" by O'Hara. Mrs. Maud W. hrlslian Students Oil Wal' and Lead.rs "nd the Customs of the Smith wilt 1)lay "A(lnglo" from the ,peace." ~'lreHlde "oclal hOUI' fol· Confucian Religion:' John Whln-

onata In C; Minor by Rogers; "Ro· low8 th" mreting. ery will j)reslde at the meeting.

LOI)(!<;' Is a native of SI)aln and will discuS" the probable outcome of Lhe present crisis In his home countlOY.

·t. Mary's ,Ielfer'soll a,," 1..11111

A. J. Schulte. pa.sto ... 7 (t. m.-Wh·st mass. 8:30 a .111.-

Ch ll d~n'B mass. 10 a. m.-.Last mass. 2: 3 ~ p. m.-Sllnduy schooL n I). m . .....;Vespe .. s un~ beneilictlon.

st, J>a tricl"~ ~Z~ Eo (;ou,'t

1'. J. O'Hol/ ly, Jla8lol'. MIl~ at 7. 8, U and 10 u. '".

"They which are fln! chlluren uf the ·f1esh, theso aI''' ,lot the children ot Col!. ...

I rrhe lC8S0n-!:Iermon comprises cOr· relative puslII\ges from the 1'llhle anJ tho Christian Sclonao textbook.

WednOduy , 8 p . m.-Te.tlmonlal meellng.

'rhe rcadlng room I" ollen to the public betwee" the hours of 2 and r. p. m. e,'er)' dllY except SUlluays Mild legul hollua)'s.

mance" by Vleuxtemps, and "Chor· Il . Ill.-Tho Judson Baptist :Monday, 1:30 p. m.-The M,'. and Cong regatlolla l 311 N. (JIinton al" by shford. j'ollng people's union will meet at Mrs. class will meet In the church

, 5 :30 I). m.-Wcsloy foundation uni· th ohul'c"', wllh Mal' a !Ilarn'<l~ lJUrlors. Dr. Jones will continue hlb "erslly g"oup fellowship hour with as tho lead~r or the discussion Oili ,~tUdy In the bOOk of Genesis.

'l'h Hel'. L. A . owen, pastor. 10:45 a. m.-Be,·vlce of WorshllJ.

lunch. "'Yhnt Can lYe Do Ahout Peace?" The Rev. Mr. Owen has chosen tor , 6:30 I). 1Il.-\\,eslcy roundation de­.votlonul service. P'·of. C. J , Lo.I'P \vlll apeak on "~Iun, tile Invisible."

6:30 J). m.-High Hchuol lenguc.

A gnmc periud 111 the social roolTli will preccile the mcotlng.

'r r ;,ul y E pisl'{llJal tho theme of his .ermon "00<1 and 322 E. College Mun." The united choirs under the

Th' I:Cv. Richard E. 1I1cC;voy, direction or Alan Grlnsted will Sing :1:11)1 ' LuLhc"141 rcctor. "Send Out the Light" by Oounod.

,J()hllson 'LfltI n lvomingtuIO N O. m.-Holy Commu nion. Th~ nUllo quartet will sing "~rhe"l s t . 1'lIul\ Luther'un 'l'h~ r:ev. A. C. Proehl , pastor. U:30 a. m.--Chlldren'. church and Through the ;>;Ight" by 1..i8zt Cla,·k. ,l e lfcr S()n and Gilbert 9 II m.-BundflY school. C. O. school of religion. 1I1uslc by tho Dorothy l"cheldrup. ol'!,.anlsl, will

L. C. 'Vuer(fel, vastol· . Dahle, "U llcl'l ntend('nl. junior choir under the direction at pldy "SIClll Away," A 'Negro "plrltu· U:30 a . Ill.-Sunuay $ohool und U:;!(, a. m.-1o'orum Bible c1llss M,·s. ~r. B. Outhrle. ~I, Ilnd "POStlude" by Dudley BUCk,

S!. Wences lau~ Chris tl;,,, adult Bible clalls. lunder' the direction of the pastor. 10:45 a· m .-Mol'lling prayer and 9:30 a. m.-:';on.secla,·lan church. Gao E . U,.venpoli> ~l7 10WII ,.V ll tlU t> 10:30 u .. ' n.- Dlvine .e,·vleel!. 'l'he 10:30 n. m.- Ulvine flervlce with oIIe rmon by the rector. In addition school elos"es fOr boys and glrl~ of

K W. NeUzil, pastOI·. Juhn '1'. ( 'lISI)I'" C. Itm·lgue9. ml"i.ter. I)astor will "peak on '''The Paral)lo ,ser mon by ttll' ""sto" On "Child· to lhe clll1tlcl-.a froHl morning all age .. Kcn ,w[ty, a8ijlijtallt lu •• tor . MILss al !J:1r. ll. m.-Dlble 80hool. E). K. joF t lw UlIIllC"['\[1I1 Sel'v"nl" liS It Ib ~,ood'8 k 'llJipnable Rlslht." Muulc 1)I,;\ye r, thr choil' under the dlrec· 9:aO a. m.-Class for the unvcr· U:80. 7:30 and 0:80 ". m. Shatn . "nllc,·inlen(ton . All depIH·t. l'ccOl'ded In the GU81) I, St. Mallhew by tho church choil·. Jio n o[ Addtson A ISIIu.ch , asslstanl Ity studenls In Ih" minister'S s tudy.

mnnt" wi li moet In (lrst f tuul' I)ar- 18:~~·a:,. [,:atl I)· m.-I,. . A. lunch eon anti IJI'ofessOi' of Illu"lc, wllt .Ing D.Jj an Leadc,·. D,·. William J[. IOt'Slln.

Uol'a lvllJe (Jo~fJcl


lo,'t! (or a wor.hi ll lIe rlod followcd ' Veuneauay, 2 II . Ill .-Sl. Paul's <locla l haul'. offertory anthem "Praise The I,ol'd, 10:46 a . m.-NurseI'Y and junlo~ by clu •• sessions at 10 a. m. LIldles' Aid will meet In t1le parlo,'oj' U:30 p. 111.-L. S. 1\. devotional 0 ~W sou\" by Avunov. I Yo'-ns lH'imo,'y fo,' hoys and girls who at-

lfj'.40 a . m.-Wol·8 Itl ll witll com. ot the chupel. Mrs. G. Clintun ho u 1' . IlIu8t"atol1 lecture by children may bo left under 8UP("'- tend the rh'SI part of till' s~rVlc" IlOucl'l M . Arthor, pasto,·. 9:30 a. m.--S un day school with munlon. Sermo'l by the minister, Knowlton Sr. will bo the hustess. :thc k ev. O. A. Dle.!er on "The Monk .vlslon In the pa"lsh house dudng of wurshll).

1 "Peae ." Murie l "1orton " 'III pl'elll'de Discussion on "The History or thO of Wiltcnuorg." lhe Rlol'lling service. 11:15 at m'-J'unIOI' "'lthoc h fat'

c Ilsses fol' all . M. E. NelSOn, sUller. n.. • V' ]ntcndelll. ,at tho organ. MI·ij. Oeorge SI)()llcer Church" wBi be continued. \ Monda" 7;30 p. m.-Flrst In a: r. II. m.-Th e Morrison club for boys and glrlR who ntt nd thp Clrst 10:45 a. m.-Mol'nlng worshill. will direct. A celiO solo, "Andan- Wednesday, 8 P. m.-Sunday ,.e rles of weekly lectures l)y lhe pas· !'ludonts. Supper at 6 p. m. In the PI\rt of the !«'rvlce or worship.

,scrnlon , "Chrll;tlanlty-A Para. Ie" by 'Hollman, will be given by school teache,'s meel In th l> cbapel. lor on "Lulheran Fundamentals." parl ~h hOlll'e and the program I~ (;:30 I). m.-Supper and social Rolla Normlln. The choir wll1 sing Friday , 7:30 p. m.-The post- The public is Invited. ,scheduled to begin at 7 p. m. ThO hou,·. Co·chalrman, Toru Sakal.

dox!" ,th e anthem, "The King of T hve My poned meeting of the St. Paul's' guest and speaker of the evenln!; 6:30 p. m.-Student fellowsh\Jl. 2:30 /1. m.-OrOUI) (I'om Coralville ..... I

conducts a service In tho chu "ch at ,Shepherd Is" by Skelly. council will be. held n the chapel. F ir'8t p re!lbyter iau 11'111 be l'rof. Ba.·tholow V. Craw· Dean Carl Seashore Of the Unlvel'-

PINllJU11t Valley towns\llp. 7:45 p. 111.-i:lunday night Uo~ppi

,service ill Ril ey chappi, Iowa a.ve· nue anu Linn ~tl'eel. The P"3tQl' will ijpouk un "WhlLl Ale I h. r~l'O­

roqulsltes to Spiritual ftevivalT' '1'uesday, 7:1" p. 'J) .--Cotlage

prayer mheling In tb e home Of MI'. .un" Mrs. J. Halvorden, CoralvlUe Heights.

l i 'rlday, 7:4;; p. m.-Yvung people's group meets In the church at CO," al\'J1Ie.

l ,'],ost Vhm'ch o[ Ch"is! , Scien(i,t 72~ E. Uollt'ge

10:40 a. m.-Nursery ror pro. M:trltet a lld {'linto n (u"d of the E:ngllBh department, who ally of Iowa will lead the discussion, .8('\1001 age children. 1<1It ... t Baptist !Jr. Ilion 'I'. JoneH, Ila8tor. will sppal, on the subject "The Ro- fa " tho unlversily students and

6 p . m.-High school Christian 227 S. Clinton 11:30 a. ",.-{·hurch Achool. Prof. IIglon or a poet·No.lu ,·allsl." All othOl' young people on the theme, En~envor. MI'. anll Mrs. Oeorge E lme,' E. Dlerk" , mlnisler. r';uwanl 1". Ma~on. "up"rintcnd~nt. mlll~coPI" Ht"dentH anu their fl'l~ntls "The Art of Life." Thl8 Is the third Mul'l'uw ill charge. The lhree-hf"8Hion mOl'lIlng pl'O~ '1\ 11 Lipl1arln1l'l1t!'; rnept ILL tlv' ~ttme .ar.., Wf'lcomc. young (J<,opJp's meeUng in thr sen ..

6:30 fl. ,".-~'idellty hl'lstian En- g"am of the ehUl'clt i~ plann ed fOl' haUl'. <'1'0 1 I)I'Oj;rll,Jll on "Rellglon Ilnd .... pavor. lI1.nlb"l·. of the ·Ne",·o the l)at'UcI'PatJon or (1I)II<lreu and 0 . t'ir~t English LuUleran Health ." " c V" • t :~5 a. In.-Service or wo,'sh,p. FO"um wlll be guests. Oerald Boyd adult!! togeth I' in study and wor· E;ermon bX tlw minister , "Taltlng 12g N. D Ubuque lI1onday, 7 p. m - Scout trooll Ii, of I he forum \\'111 lead 0. disous.ioq /lhl\1. Parents are Invited to come th(' I'rotit 'ut Of Wrong." Thl! 1\'. H. Dysinger, Illllllstnr. meeting In the churrh lounge. Dr. On the Hubject, " Peace." Special with their chlldl'en to the church cllorll8 choir will 81ng "Give 'Me 9:30 It. 11I.-Tt", "hurch schOOl. \If . L. Daykin, seoutmnsler. 'Inusieal numbel's wilt be played. ~~chool, and thO Children arc Invited :I'hy p euc"" by WeBley. ~Irs. Wil. 10:45 a. m.-'r he morning .ervlcc. W'dnesday, 2:30 ". m.-Tho Ply-

Munclay, 7:30 P. m.-Monthly to remain with thoi,· parents (Juring llam Galvin will slllg a solo, "Peace Sermu" by the minister, "Peace." trnouth Circle will me t lit the hol11o mcetlng or th~ church board wi ll ~hc worship service. A nU"sery Is I Lcave With you" by jJlehmonl. Al)them by tho chol'us choir , rcred- ~r Mrs. C. H. Wellor, 18 S. Oov· lakc pillee at the church. Fu ll at. 'malntalnM for the cOnvenIenCe or Prof. H erbe l.t O.Lyte will plllY "" Nick ~Iatthills, director. lemor strool. ten(Iance 18 ,·eq uested. parent" with small chlldr n . ol'gall numb[. r. " Prorcsslon du Sl. 5:45 tl , m.-Luthcra n studcnt a8HO' Wedn eHila y, 2:;)0 P. lll.-TIlt'

,VNlnesday-l'ot luck luncheon at . 10 a. m.-Chul'ch school. Classe>\ ,Sucremc nt" by N!tavat; "Andante" clulioll IlInehpon (~nd 80clal hOur. Ladles AlII will meel at the homo ,'lOon followed by 'V.M.B. business for a ll ag~~. A Hew class for young by Lcfebure.Wcly und 'TUguC III 0 0:30)J. 111 .-Student association o[ 1\1·rs. G. I·t. J)UVIPH, 102& E.

9:30 a. m.-Sunday school. ,m etlng at tlw home of 1\[1'9 . Annn. marrIed couple. meets with the pas. MlnOl'" by Ducll. A nllrsery Is meeting. T opic, "Propaganda III Washington. 11 a .• '.-Lesson·sermon. "Adum \Va:. " Ou.eman, 116 E. Bloomington. tor a." leader. The Rogel' 'Vl1liams ,malntalne[\ dU"II1K the hou,' of the

and Falicn Ma,," will be the subject WId L ' I 6'30 /l. 111.-Th high school O( ne" ay- ad,es ' Ad u.t lhe class for students Is nuw also meet- 'morning tiCrvlCe ror the convenience .

or. the lesson·sermo.n in all churches church. Ing ut tho churCh. or I)nrents. lear;u~ . ]patle r, Keith Hertz.

'r,W Rull.Ung' pprmlts Issued Two bulJdCug permIts toutllng- $800

W"I'~ Issued at the oWN' of Ity "r ChrIst. Scientist, tomorroW. j"l'Illay, 7 \I. m.-(:hoir 1'(.I1('arsal Unltarlall tns/lecto,' Hurold Monk yrHterduy. 'rl t I' R ":8 10:45 a. m.-Servlce of woulihip. 5:30 I)· In.-Westm'nster fellow· \e tex • ,rom omans~·. at tho church. ________________________________ Thc Il"s tol' will conlln!!e tho .orle& ,ship HOcilll hour and supper. P,·of. m nt und cure.

101 Iowa a " ell ue Adam Scheetz, 1527 Muscatine

Barrow Announces Obtain Information

To Plans Re~ord~

For Social Security Boards ~

J\lelhodi t EpiSCOIJal 214 J efferson

J';uwin E. VOigt , minister. 9:aO u. m.- Church school. Har·

old W. lJ ayden, superl ntenfjent. All dcpal'tments in 8es810n.

10:45 a. m.-Mornlng wOl'shlp. Sermon by the mInister "PeaCe on

1'[ sormons on the Commandments, and Mrs. J!:. fl. Kurlz will be facully '1'he Hrv. Evans A. Worthley, {(,venue, will add a sUIll'oom to his :uslng as his theme "'fhey That guest~. minister. residence at a cost of $600. Nate 'Tuite lhe Sword." The chorus 6:30 p. rIl'.-W.estmlnstrr C 1I0w, choir, under the directiOn of Mrs. shill VO"fH'" Nervier. An Al'mlHliM MurlO'l Nuglor, will sing. dobato will I)() cond ucted on the

[0 1\. n1.-Sundr.y sohool. 10:45 a. m.-Publlc sc,·vlce. Ser·

Imon 8UiJjoct will be '·Post·electlon 11 :10 a . m.-.E]xpresalon'll period qu(>stlon "Resolved 'rhat War Is In- j>'IIndamental •. "

tor the children. ovltable." Haydcn Hughes will pre· 1 P. m.-Flreslde club. Juan 6:80 p. Ill.-Meeting of the ROger J!lde at the meelJ ng-. LOp.Jz-M"oriJlas will I!p~k to tho

Moo" e Is tMe rontmetor. I Andr '01' J . Slerrett, 309 S. Du· blHluo street, received a p I'mlt to build 11 '$200 garlow.

Williams club at the student center. 0:30 p. m.- Tuxls suclety. Wing club ubOut conditions In $paln. Mr. Earth." The eho,'us will sing "0 Rol:lert LaS8, !Elan, \Vood, ~bel't ===============================

1nfol'matloll ror "ccord" ot the Hoclal .ecurlty board, pstablished by th oclal pcurtty o.ct to g-o Inlo eC. r~t Jan. 1, 1937, will be obtained her~ tht. monW. 1!1"ntiricatlon

number" wlli be IlHslgned and (lata Recured lhl'ou<;h two Mot~ of blank

forms received y~"ICl'!lny lJy Post· mll.llt",· Wlllte,· G. ·BIl'·I·ow.

nUl.ile<1 ",ithout staml)H, according to Saviour of the WO"ld" by Ooff. Solo Owens and otho"s will disous. a

Barrow. =============================~==

81111kH will ·"r df'lIvered by ""1'­rI",," Nov. Iii In ('IIl~loyc,'" of o"a Ol' ,nure perilOUS untler 6;'. 'rile Ril'

pUca!;OIl Corlll 0."1(8 for the IIlllnbc,' of !lel'HolI" elnl,loyed. nllme of th"

.. stahll>lhlRl1nt and the flature uf tile hUMlne"K. Employes must ret urn theh' blanks by Nov. 21. DlankH may be brought to th e II000lmaster 0"

r~mployes will "ecoh'e forn,s Nov. 24 tu !be (lIIo<I out and relurned by Dec. G. All employes must rctul'n the Llank. r"~('Pt thOHC \\,ho arc self-employed, doing domestic , serv­Il'o in J,\. IlI'lvlltc home, t.Iulng <':ulOal laho,' not III thl' cour.e or the em­ployer's tfad" or "uslness. empluyeli jll the rallruad III[\u8try, elllvloyell uy the United States 01' state gov­c l'mn('ut oe hy an orgu.1liw.fio/1 In which no pa,t of ~hc net earning. gn 10 UIlY \,[·ivat. s l,arehuldor 0"

Indlvifllia l. Any .. ' ",ployc who I ~ in douht 8houkl till oUl a hlallk , \jar­,'ow suJd.


Gala All Fun.Carnival! •

2 Outsuutding Comedy Features!

2lh Hours oJ Thrills and Laugh

-And Note thc Casts of Slars!


In 110 olher "'" Y ('1lI1 you get so d ose 10 life for so I1ttle .

A Grand Show


2 Dandy Pictures

2 6c Afterft~ns 1 Evenlrlgs

Includes State Sa1es Tax

VelerUl ElIda I TI .. 'etc"uns u ,lInOIl and Jla""I ~

"111 be In t ber~ at th "tal'l lu· morrow UK 11' 111 Walkel' and [illlll.II · mIre,' at lacklea with fiery n..,..1 Nelson alld ~hlil l ey J'o"roll at rua rds. t:O,Cllll t . ' I'"u ONIOU IOoIk I

"Too many crooks"-make ' the 'grandest, most exci'ting, rno t baffling . 'and most hil­~rious picture In 'ltIonths !

wil l be at center. 1·'l·llnk o III IlI.gho" ' IIU Oeno Liggett 'hllve 00"" Ol'llied III week to he In top shape as line "placment.. 1'·loY!lOCll eer. whO t'llhed Intu ~rlnt In th luw ... · ~Innesota batt lc lasl year, I on hand lIIalll a lthou,h he hllH not ~n play ing the t)'pe ot ball thl. IUIn th~t he I. cullalilc uf. DIck Anderoon wi ll understudY Olima.!· ~kl at tho 1)lvot ,)08t.

The OOI)h~ ,'~ ",Q" C e~pecletl to ala'i at leut olle lIeWOOO,OI' ill the ~IMlng arl'lt)" that win Un UI' for lhe klckorr. Lur l'Y Ru l,le,', big ~OG

. "'und Willdum youth , II['oiJnl ,ly "I II • I .. up at lull bitck. 1 1'11'0 other lihlfl

Two othe,' p . Ible . hW~ may Lrtlii lIOb Joh".un RH Ht ... Ung r ight iaekle with Cha"lIe I:lchu ltz al r ig ht

These tll'O may " place Lou llijltr and F,'anels 1'1vcde lt, reSllec· lively. Another' l)o""lbll> sh let IIl aY nll4 Ruay Omllt·o .. t tMUng j'llfhl hail. ~1:h 61 rnla ll . howCV"I, ""It!

tl~ 1 Iny change. In the "lil.l'lIl1g 'omWn~1I9n would n,O!l. n lilt I .

'lIt WI do any . hlrtlng, It " 'III 'h~ ,"lOIn thot we /I.I'(} rO ve .... lng lbe u. ua1 oroer," d elared I II ooed\, '1\e olher boy" ",til he In there

I ' We've done a tittle elt~rl.



, . IUS IUNG AU •. . . OARIl\O At.:'

ellALLENUING ,\LI. 'fUAT 1(0·


ADD' ( 'all 't E8CIlIJ& • "~reen SUq"

Train .. Ilrur • "NoveUyT, •


"ATT~NI) Mt\ 'I' INlt F.:;"


1I1UI ..... I\JR~I


Ad~ed Hit:


SllA!wing Iowa. City

The Ba.hEul Boy. Di, for Mummie. in the Valley of the Nile!

• TTl. _mIn ., ED'" ";/1 n_ ',", . theml


W'" ROGERS ,. ~ I



wi'" Gr.ta N~ ... n Margu.rlte Churchill OUltaYVOh ~





REGINAL~ DENNY ALISON SI<IPWORTH NAT PENDLETON DI,oclod by o4lf, ... f. Or •• " C H A i : R. R 0 •• IS h ... Ii .. ',.II.c.,



Rainbow Girls Entertain 65 PERSONALS THE MIRROR 3 Groups Will Entertain With Sooial Affairs

• At Masonic Temple Today Dagny Hansen, who received her

jM.A. degree tram tbe untverslty last year, Is vlslttng f"lends In lowa City thl. week end. Miss llansen I. leaching In Plano, 111 .. this yPar. ...

Kappa Beta Pledges 9; Nonpariel Club Will Cive Armi.stice Dance

Slxty·flve Invitations have been • l ssued to the rush tea. given by

memb ..... of tbe Ralnbow girls this afternoon trom 3 to 5 o'clock In .h main luunge or the ' Masonlc templp.

.. IURla tor dancing wlll be pro· vlded by Mary Ethel Schenck, Velda. Sponar, and Margaret Beck. Beth Llv"," y wlll sing a solo, and Rulh PIa s wlll give a rea.dlng-.

Mrs. J. V. Blackman and Mrs. W . J . Weaver, board memberB ot the Ralnibow girls, will paUl' at the tea tabl which will be centered with roses and !!Weel peas and min bOw colored tapers.

Committee chalrmen planning the ruralr are Ruth Wllslet, worthy udvlse,·, general chairman; Dorothy Cny, ente,·talnment; Louise "Villlers, refreshments; and Beth Lives y, In· vltatIons.

Nonpareil Club Armistice will be tbe Wemll ot

the second (lance of the Nonpa"ell ('Iub thl8 season whiCh will take !place Tu ellday at 8:45 p.m. In Var· "Ity hall.

Music played by Dusty Keaton's "rehestl'lL will Include numbel'S that weI' popular before and during tho World war. Reveille will be, played lOt the beginning of the party, me •• call at Intermission and taps at the pnd.

Dolores Balluff F. Person Wed Mrs . Reuel H. Sylvester a nd her

___ _ /"On, Bm.dley, at D s Moines, ard • !Vlaillng with MI'1l. Sylvester's

DOllble RIng Ceremony onother, Mrs. Nettle Newcom]j, 314

Will Take Place At ~. Summit stre,K

St. Mcuy's CI,urch

Dolorcs Balluff, dauughter at Mr. hnd Mrs. Oeorge ,J. BalluU, 419 N. Dubuque street will become th bride of Lleut. Frank Delbe,·t ~r. /jon, Ron of M,·. and Mr •. Edward Person of Norwalk, at a double ring ceremony lhls morning at 8 o'clock at St. Mary'~ church.

The Rt. Rev. Msgr. A. ;r. Schulte wl1l officiate at the ceremony which wlll be followed by a breaktast at lhe Jefferson hotel at 9:30

The bride will b gowned In a !white satin floor length dress cut on princess lines, with a short train. 'rhe dress buttons down the back Il,nd h08 a queen Elizabeth collar, bordered with pearls, and sbe w11l wear a call or pearls with a vell falling trom It . White satin slippers will complete her costume. She will carry a shower bouquet o{ white killarney rOses.

Maid 01 Honor The maid of honor, glennor :Bal­

lutf, the bride's sister, will be at­tired In a floor length dre~8 of pink satin with a jacket to match. She will ~arry pink brlarcllft roses. Ed-

Mr. and M.rs. A,·thur Anderson, 602 Tow ... avenue, have left tor Denver wh I' they will visit Mr. Allderson's Sister, Mrs. Mary Price. From there they will go to Laurel, Miss. , where ,they will vlRlt thel" daughter, MrR. Frederick, Cox. They ,expect to be gone all ",Intc,·.

Mildred Tani<, 210 E. Church street, left today to spencIJ the week end at t he home at her parents at Walcott.

IIIr. and Mrs. W. J. Harter, 72G E.Wa.hington street, lett yester· day for MISI!ourl where they wlll 'mend a few days visiting their daugbter and friends In various pillces In the state.


Vera Sheldon, :h6 E. Burlington fltreet, and Mrs. Grace Armstrong, 405 E. Market street, will llpend Monday atternoon in Cedar Rapids attending the state beauty meet~

ing which Is being held In Cedar Rapids tomorrow, Monday and Ttles· day.

win P rson w!ll attend his brother Visiting Mr. al1d Mrs. T. M. Reh· IIfr. and !lfrs. Lawton ;r. petrick as best man. der, ll81 Hotz avenU'e, Is Polly Reh.

"re co·chalrmen ot the committee The organist will be Zita Fubr· per of Stanwood. which Includes Dr. and Mrs. Sieg· llIann and hymns will be sung by !nund A. N umann, Mr. and Mrs. eleste Fuhrmann. Floyd Ca,·ter and Mr. on'l ~I,·". This afterlloOn the ('In''ence \Y. Faust.

couple wnt leave for Waterville, Minn., where Mr. Person has accepted the posl·

Louise Walters, 329 N. Lee street, /returned yesterday after 11 one day 'vIsit to Ceda.r Rapids.

KAPpa. Beta. Kappa Beta. ·hrlsUan church so·

rorlty, announces the pledging at th~ following girls: Viola Petsel, _\J of Lone Tree; Mary Margaret .Rchwab, Al ot Winchester, Ill.; )"rances Coufal, A2 oC Swisher; Jr"ances Kopecky, Al of Swisher; Jown Scharf, A3 of Iowa City; Rose Tomlin, Nl of Waterloo; Georgia. Buresh, NI at Swisher; Lavelda Slbel·t, Al of Iowa City, and Rollo • '1orman, Al of Iowa Ity.

AmerlclIlI Legion Auxllillry At the bridge party sPonsored

l,y the American Legion auxiliary y~"te"day In ,the :Moose clubroom, .\lrR. John Novak won hlg Il score »rlze, and Mrs. Charles Smith at HUI" won low sco,'e prize. EIght 'Ilbles were In play. N~xt Friday Mr... L. E. Clark,

t10n at lieutenant In tbe Clvllian James B. Cooney, A2 of Oelwein, Conservation corps. For traveling, Is spending this week end at bls the bride will wear a green dress home, with fur aound the neck and hem of the tunic.

Miss :Ballutf attended the Unl. verslty of Iowa tor three yeanr majoring In commerce and speech. She also attended Clarke college In Dubuque 0. year and took a. course at Ir~h's Business college. S'he was /I. pledge at Sigma Kappa..

Lieutenant Person attended the University at Iowa tor four years, where he was a member at the Pershing Rifles crack squad and captain at the Pontonier crack squad for two years. Before accep· ting the pOSitIon of lieutenant at

Among the faculty members of the University of Iowa who are I'ttendlng the Stllte Teachers Con· !Ventlon at Des 'Moines are Prot. IlJle P. Lass, Prof. E. K:. Mapes, Paul Hart)ltall and Prot. S. H. Bush, all at the Romance languages de· partment .

A. Laurence Mortenson and AI. bert Chrlst·Janser of the Stephens college facUlty, Columbia, Mo., will come to Iowa City tomorrow for the fine arts conference.

Watervllle, Lieutenant Person was Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Love, 608 0. corporal In the Iowa national E. Davenport street, have lett tor guard. "es Moines where (hey will at.


Delta Upsilon, Currier, Delta Theta, Phi In Week End Parties

Al'9ong the social activltle~ on ,tI'e cam p us th Is week end are the lDelta Upsilon barnyard frollo, Delta Irheta Phi tall dance and Currler'~ tl'ourth·tloor radIo party.

With the chapter I10use decorated to represent II. barnyard, Delta Up· e llons wlll entertsin t,hls evening with a dancing party from 9 to 12 o'clock, !

Chaperons wJll be Prof. and MrII, Wilbur L. Schramm, Mrs, Harriet Evans, housemother; Mrs. Marguer­Ite pryor, and Mr. and Mrs. Alto E. Feller, I Bob C1a~en, E3 ot Davenport, Larry Foster, D2 or Dubuque, Bob Venn, University of Chicago, and ;rohn zoeckler, AS at Davenport ~re 18 charge of the affair.

CUrrIer J{a11 Currier hall girls on fourth floor

wJll entertain tbls evening at a. radio party In the dormitory parlors ,from 9 to 12 o'clOck,

-Dailll Iowa" Photo Committee In cbarge of the atfalrs School togs al'e, after all, the I ~hort ~Ieeves with q. narrow pleat Includes Gertrude K:olb, Al of Dav·

things we llve In most. They must on the top. The blouse is an eallY /lnport, Leah You.g, Al ot Crystal be woorabl and servIceable lIS they color to match with your sweaters !Lake, III., Shirlie Ryan, At of lifts· are cleverly smart. Every coed usually ha.~ at least half a (lozen Ilweaters in her Bchool wardrobe, but any ,suggestion tor something hesides the trndltlonal Bweater and ~)<lrt ensemble Is picked up In a moment. Martha McKay, AlphEll Chi Omga from Eldon, Is showa Wea"lng her iMa of something a Uttle different for classes.

Her blouse is of dull yellow· silk ~hantung with a Crinkly weave and tiny pearly buttons down the front. It Is tailored, of course, with a Uttle turned·down shirt collar, ana

Class to F e,te Dr. Steindler

-and If you don't possess one of new barrel or ~Ieeveless IIl1povers

rnay we suggest the outer coat sweater to your twin set. as a tit· ling accompaniment? InCidentally, the blouse mlly be worn outside or tucked In. With It Martha wears /I. vest IIweater in dark green at soft ya"n and narrow ribbing. It Is sleeveless with knitted band on the neckline, and four b"own wood· ~n buttons to fasten, New_net attractive! ·Wear it to tootball games, or under your sport coat with y~ur tavorlte blouse!

Pro]: Johnson To Address Speech Fraternity Today

Graduate Class Will "Professlonnl Psychology tor

Entertain at Dinner Women In Speech" w11l be the sub· ject ot PrOf. Gertrude ;rohnson'lI

For Hospital Stall talk at a Zeta Phi Eta speech arts fraternity breakfast this morning at

Dr. Arthur Steindler's post grad- 8 o'clOck. ProfesRor JohnSOn I, • uate class will entertain Dr. Stelnd. mem-ber of the speech staff at the )er and the children's hospital staft Unl verslty ot WisconsIn. at 0. "Inner In the Spanls/} room · Jane Fifer, A4 Of Quincy, m., at Muon's Grill, n~"t Tuesdl\y. nre.iQ~nt .qf l.he local, c~lw~er, wUL

lIlourl Valley, and Betty Clark, A2 ot Cedar Rapids,

Mrs, Alice Lovell, social dIrector ()f the hall, will chaperon.

D!lIta. Thets Phil Delta Theta Phl's entertained last

;evening with their fall dance tram 9 to 12 p.m.

Chaperons were Prot. and Mrs. Frank Strong, Mr. and Mrs Ar· thur Left, and Mrs. Ora C. Oale,

Roy Deltcbler, 1.3 at Council Bluffs, chairman; aSSisted by Paul ~chwlebert, L2 of Iowa City, and Leo Flt~lbbons, Ll at Armstrong, were the committee In charge.

Vette Kell's orchestra. turnillhed Ihe music.

Many Iowa Citians To Hear Kreisler

The Des Moines concert at Fritz Kreisler, violinist, tomorrow night has attractp(1 many IOWa City per· eoos.

filS S, Lucas street, wJll be hastes" •• \ ____________ --: ..... j ro,' the b,1dge party at her home. Girl Scout

.• ------------------------~.

tend the State Teachers convention. From there they will go to Minne­apOlis to attend another meeting.

Receiving hostesses will be Mrs. preside at the breakfast, at which Theodore Greteman, Mrs. Harold.G. Prof. Alice 1Iowell of the Unlver· Unge,', Mrs. S. R Rupert, and Mrs. slty at Nebraska wllJ be a special

Among those attending are Wen· dell Oley, Margaret Brandt. lilml~

Voxman, Elmer Szepessy, Arthur Meyer, Loran Crosten, and ProC. Harry Thatcher, all of the music departmellt; Mrs. C"oRten, Rurdette Graeber, 0 of Rolre; Alice Smith, A4 Of Waterloo; carolyn Cci<o, A3 of Sprlngtield, Ill.

• Junlor Music Gub Dorothy Cole, 716 N. Johnson

~tree t, wJll be the hostess to the .lunlor Music clUb at 2:30 thIs atler· noon.

l'lano selections will b(> played I,y Wllilam Burney, Eilzabeth Ash· ton, Valorlo Dierks, Maynard White. hook and Jimmy Easton. Neal Rut· h>dge and Po ul Volgl will entortain wllh vlolln numbers, Edwin Piper Jr. with clarinet, and Douglas Spear ",111 plu.¥ the trumpet,

JunJor J{in/,!" s Daughters Margaret Bottome junior circle

ot KIng's Daughte,'s, met yesterday "t the home or Mrs. W. F. BOller, 1016 E. College street, at 3 p.m. Mrs. J. O. Sentlnella addressed the girls about junior night, as per· formed at the state KIng's Daugh· ters' meeting abOut a man th 8.8'0 In Davenport.

FollOlVlng Mrs. Sen Un ella's ad· Mess the girls enjoyed a picnic ~IlJlPer.

University Club Members ot the Unlvelslty club

wlll meet at JolV8. Unton today at ~;30 p.m. tor a hike: Clarice K!'ieg I~ chairman of llJ·rangemeniB.

Pythlan Sisters Past Chiefs night will be teature

. (If the Pythtan Sister meeting Mon. ,lay night at 7:30 p .m. at the K. P. I,all. Refresilments and carda will

; roll ow the meettng.

Wesley LeIl8Ue Prot. C. ;r. Lapp ot the physics

uepartment will add"e/!s the memo I,ers of Wesley league tomorrow at

. ti :30 p.m. In the league room at the Jllethodlst church on "Man the lnvlslble."

Leadel'l1' A8800latloo The GIrl Scout leaders' B8llocla·

Han will meet Monday at 7 p.m. In i he public library board rOOm. for !La regu'lar business m eeting,

Emma Smith WiU Enterklin Stephens '

Faculty at Home

;\fcmbers of Stephens college faculty coming to Iowa City tor tbe )lationnl tine arts con terence this week end will be entertalned at l;;mma. Lou Smith's )lome, ~12 N, Dubuque street, tomorrow at 9:80 14.m. under the aU8plcc~ of the Ste· phens college alumni club ot Iowa. CJlty.

Faculty members vlsltlng her& are l'lvallne Wright, David ROIIB, A. L. l\Iortenson, and Albert Chrlst·Jener.

.tanet Coqull1ette, A4 of Cedar :Ra.PI4~, 1.11 1!0-h08te.. with MIP filmltb.

Troop 3 Katherine Ward was elected pa..

trol leader of the Cardinal patrol and Margarlte Gatens of the WJld 1 rlsh Rose patrol at the regular ;meeting of troop S or St. Patrick's school. Tile cardinals are working Iln tbelr first clans test and the IWlld lrl.sh Rose patrol, on ttle tenderfoot and second clans tests.

Ann David and Nellie Scannell, lieutenants, were In charge of ban· kotball practice after the business meeHng. MrS. 'j.'homas Farrell, captain, Wall assisted by Marie Con· (ion.

T~p 6 Girl scout troop 6 at St. Patricl<'8

.elementary school elected its patrol leaders Tuesday nlgbt. The For· ~t·Me·Not patrol elected Mary Pat Kelly, patrol leader, Geraldine Mil­ler, anslstant patrol leader and Kathleen Roseland, ~crlbe, Tbe )Dattodll patrol chose Una Marie Roseland, patrol leader, Maxine Gibson, 'll,9slstant patrol leader and Elaine Preswlck, scribe.

The girls under the supervisIon of Claire O'Rourk, captain, made 011'1 Scout stamp8 tram potatoes,


Richard Young, C4 at Waterloo, 'and George Sbeldon, C3 of Hartley, left ye~terday for Minneapolis, where they will attend the Mlnne· ~ota·Iowa tootball game and visit with relatives.

Doris Sp)cer, A4, of Akron, Ohio, will spend the week end with friends In Chicago.

Attorney and Mrs. Burke N. Car. son, 906 E.' College ~treet, lett last night by troln tor Minneapolis, Mlnn .. to attend tbe Jowa·llflnnesota ~ootball game today.

Mr. and Mrs. L. W, Oornell are attending the Mlnnesota·Iowa toot· ball game In MInneapolis, Minn .. today. Mr. Cornell Is an Instructo~ In the chemistry depattment.

BiShop Henry P. Rholman an~

the Rt. Rev. Magr. William P. flhannah'an of Davenport vlsiret\ with President Eugene A Gilmore Thursday.

Mike Sharolan ot Bettendorf Is at University hospltalsufterlng a lung Ilbcess.

Troop 8 , Ralph ,Wagner, 1117 Keokuk Girl Scout troop 8 of the Henry street, wan In MarshalltolVn yes·

Sabin school selected ita patrol terday to lIee the football game be· leaders at It~ regular meeting Tues· tween MarshalltOWn high ~chool and day afternoon. Patricia Baldwin, Iowa City hlgb scbool, Colleen Frenzen and Emma Lock· ridge are the patrol leaders. The aSSistant patrol leaders are Roberta Fleming, Edna Mae Phend and

C, P. ElIls, 108 S. Linn street, spent yesterday In Muscatine.

Mary Brown, Mrs. I . A. Rankin, 714 Burllng·

}il. H. Doggett guest. Dr. A. L. Shure of New Haven OUl·ot·town members of the

Is general chairman Other com. fraternity who wlll be present will mluee m~mbl'rs are: Include Mrs. Helen T9ylor ot

A,·I·,u.gemenls Bloomfield, Mrs, H. C. Houghton Jr. ( A~rangements-iDr.. Samuel Ru· of RM oak, Mrs. Sarah Blal/l Cohen pert of Chicago, and Dr. Louis 0'. oC Des MOines, pearl Stewart, Mrs. Nell Conroy of Nfwfounclland. lren~ GrlCtln, Annie LaUl'/\ David· , Invltatlon-D,·. Fl-rd Marek 0( son and Jean CUrl)" allot Cae col' New York, Dr. )V . R. Molony ot lege, Marion 8111s of Maquoketa and ;Los Angeles, and Dr. B ~f. Hollr Ollvotte Holmes at Red Oak. ~teln of Boston. Unlv~rslty of Iowa students who

Refreshments-Dr. E. U. Doggett will be guests of zeta Phi Eta at ot New Jersey, and Dr. D. B. Slo· the \),·cuktll.st Inelude the (ollowlng: cum of Portland, Ore. Jannes Savery, A3 of Atlanta, 1110.1-

Guests dla Dryden, G of Hoisington, Kan., Guests will Include Dr. and Mrs. FJol'abel Houston, A3 at Nevada,

f>'ielndler, Dr. and Mrs. W. Hamsa. Loretto. Wagner, G at Alton, Janet i[)r. and Mrs. T. 'Variog, Dr. and) Gaines, A2 of Chicago, Jean Moore, Mrs. E. RShel(lrup, Dr. and Mrs. A3 of Washington, Ia., Margaret C. L. OlllleR, Dr. and Mrs. p. Simon, Hall, 0 of Iowa City, Dorothy Ellen Dr. and Mrs. ;r. Abele, Dr. and Mrs. Rambo, A4 of Creston, and Irene lJelllvin Fulks, Dr. and Mrs. T. Peet,l.

M rll. Ray Murray To Be Honored At

Afternoon Shower

Margaret Smith !In,1 Ethel Hurt-man will give a miscellaneous Shower today at 2 o'clOCk at the home of Mrs. M . B. Huftman, 1218

Greteman, Dr. and Mrs. H. G. Un· gel', Mrs. Thea \\'elgand, Mrs. Gen· eva Machovec, Mrs. Mollie Sent· man , Mrs. Verna Hicks, Mrs. Heft· ner, Lois Parker, Helen Foss, Lois Frazer, Bertha Kampmelr, WlIma Dickman, Flora Webber, Hedwig Tl'auba, Ruth Briggs, Laura Dlck· '!lon, Eva Christensen, Ruth Hac· kett , Nellie Sentmnn, Dr. Verne Luck. Dr. A. Smith, Dr. B. Oblatz. Dr. "vlllIam Cooper, Dr. J. WOlf, Rochester ovenue, honoring Mrs. PI': Robert Wral' , and Wilbur Me. Ray Mur"ay, who was 1I111dred Linn. Tompkins before h~r marriage Oct.

Following the dinner there will be 28. cards and dancing.. I 1;(urs. Murray, daughter of Mr .

and MI'S. Roy Tompkins, 1220 K eo· kUk street, and Mr. Munay, SOn ot

To Honor jessl£ps Mr. and Mrs. Anderson Murray ot Tomorrow Morning HJlls, were mal'l'led In MOline, Ill.,

with Miss Smith and Wilbur Hughes

William Plant, A3 of Iowa City, CharieR Eble, A2 Of Shelby; gleanot Seltz, C4 ot Clari{svllle; Ii. Gerald Dewees, G Of Eureka, Til.; Mrs. Myrna Greenwald, G of Iowa City; LoiS Wilcox, G of Sallna. Kan.; Dorothy Johnson, A4 or oak Park, Ill.; l:.oulse Olson, A3 or Ames; Theresse Heetland, AS of Sibley; Geftrude Isenberg-, A3 ot Daven· port; GlIbert McEwen, A4 at :\fason City; Robert Dudley, A3 ot Center· ville.

Virginia Heiny, A4 O[ IOwa City; Marie SUlle, A2 of Klemme; Marl· anne Wltschl, '\3 of lowa CIty; Hans Wltschl, A2 of Iowa City; Bernie Balaban, A3 at Council Blutfs; Owen Babbe, A3 or Council Blutts; Mrs. Lulu Heiny, 910 Iowa avenue; ?t!r8. Annette BlisS, assist. ant librarian; Mrs. Arnold Small, 610 S. Gov~rnor $treet; Ruth Sher~, and Mr. and Mrs. Barr t Stout.




1\ recipe for bak6«l pudding has befln providell .". Mrt, C. (T. Sample, 848 S. Go·V'lt'uor street.

DATE PUDDING neaplng cUP seeded dates

Eight of the 20 girls In the troop ton street, spent Friday In Qedar jlre preparl.ng to pans their tender. Rapids vlsiUng with frlends. HOnoring President· Emeritus and toot test within the next three • Mrs. Walter A. JesBup of New York,

<of Sharon t1ttendh'g theln. The bride was graduated from

Iowa City high school and the bridegroom from Springdale high school. Mr. Murray Is employed at the Princess cafe here,

, I teaspoontul soda. 1 CliP boiling water 2 cups flour

weeks, , I Mrs. Zoe WrIght, hospital IIbrar. who are In rowa City for the no.· itlonal tine arts con terence, Pro·

Troop 10 New patrol leade ... of troop 10

at the Unlver.slty Junior high .schOOl are Gloria Schone and ;rean Klat-IeI'. The lieutenant Is Shirley J\rlggs, \

Troop 11 The court of awards of troop 11

bf !'It. Mary's church wlll be Dec. 4 IIccordlng to plana made at aj

meeting lut night. A weiner roast In city park was planned tor Nov. 2!.

Mrs. Grant C. Bailey has been. appolnled captaln at the troop and Dolores McMllla.n la the managl ng lieutenant.

Forty.seven buses carrying from 1~ to 68 p8.ll8engers each cater to tour~t /llghtseers In LoB Angeles. Hollywood Is the chief attraction.

Pine logs, immersed In the- Sabin river nea.r Hawklnll, Tex" for 48 years, are being !!awed Into lumber. Tbe log's, of which there were /lev· eral thousand, wert! In exoelJen~


lan, wlll be a visItor In Cedar Rapids this week end, :tessol' and Mrs. Earle Waterman

wlll entertain at brenk fast tomor·

Sara Frazer, aupervlser of the II'OW mornJng at Fairview a'!enue.

men's orthopedic ward In cblldren's , 'Gllests at whe 9

their home, 231

ih08pltal, and Dr. A. L. Shure, G of ., to 10 a,m, buttet Ilffalr wlll be the members of tM New Haven, Conn., wlll be among

thoae attending the Mlnnesota-rown I:ootball game at Minneapolis to· pay.

N . H . Ceaglske ot the ohemlstry, department, went to Ames yester· ~ay where he Is attending the meet, Ing of the Society for the Promo· tlon of E 'nglneerlng EducaU.on at! Iowa State college,

Mrs. Pearl Bennett Broxam, 419 E. Washington street, 1.11 enterla.ln­ing five out·ot. town guests who are here for the national tine arts con­terence. They are WlIda, Spencer (rill man of Des Moine., Ml'II. Belen Taylor of Bloomfield, Ml'II. B. C. Houghton Jr., of Red Oe.k, Mrs. Sarah B1a1a Cohen ot Des Moines and Marlon ElII" of Maquoketa.

National tIne arta conference guests of Janel Cummlnis at ~he

E.O.S. olub and their husbands.

• ---4

I New Cheerleaders 1

I To Augment Group • •• Four new cheel'IeaOel'8 chosen reo ce!1tly will back the corps of yell leaders, r ... ptalned by Ronald M. Carlsen, A 3 Of Clinton.

N w leadel's a,'e Frank Brandon, A2 of Philadelphia. Pa.; Donald Jordan, A2 of Pleasantville; John Simmons, A I of Osceola; and DOli Bake\', Al or W·atorloo. I

Other y II lpadera lire John !JllIle, AS or GreclICleIa, and Arthu,· Ride· out, A2 Of Charl es City,

phys Ical education department at the University of IOWa nre Gertrude Johnoon and Harriett Grim, both \from the llpeech department 8.1 the UniversIty ot Wlaconffln,

Mr. and Mrs. Murray arc at home at 625 Enst Market street.

P. Speller Speak! To Chemical Group

1 heaping cup brown aullU' 1 h eaping tablespoon!ul butter 2 teaspoontula bailing powder i teaspoontul Cinnamon Pou I' water over dales, with soda,

and allow to Cool. Sitt the rest or ~ry Ingredients together, work but­ter III , Add one egg to the dates, !soda, and waler, combine the twO mlxtur a, beat, and add ono cup

F . N . Speller at the National Tube ot chopped )luts. .Bake In .. Blow company, an authority on corrO· ,ovell for 46 minutes. slol1, will addrelll! the Joint meellng lItrs. Sample sa.ya that sho 'bake! ot the Iowa. City a.nd Ame8 sec· he pudding In a shallow pal), anti ~lonH ot th I American Chemical cuts the pieces to any size which society jn C~d8r Rapids thla eve· best /lults the altuatlon, Illng. "It III simply eIe(llnt," she !laId,

The [0110 wing members ot the ,'to cut squares and! pUL on drained chemistry slatf will attend tho orushed pin apple, with whipped meeting; Prof. Edward Bartow, head cream on top ." of lhe chemistry department and She cuts her puMlng Inlo elrlplI /.9t\onal pr sldent or ~he American someUmes, too, and 1'0111 them In Chemloal SOCiety; Prot. Oeorge H, powdered sugar. She serves them Coleman, Prof. ;racob Cornog, Prot. with ooffeo, tea, or fruit drinks Hubert [ •. Olin, and Lothrop ·8'tnllh. 'ot all klhda, and tbey are ftPle.ndld

Salton sea, Which lies In tbe Im­perial valley ot Caltforn\a, 24& feet below sea level, has about t"'lce lhe !nIt content at ocean w.ter, but only halt that at witter In the Orellt ~\It lAke" .

for de~,ll6Tt8, -----'l'he belief that • diamond could

not be fractured by the blow Of III

hammer, nOw known to bfl erron­eou l!, resulted In the destructiOn or many flnc Btonel In ·lntlqulty.



HOUSE ,<0- <0-

to HOUSE---

Whetstone NOlde Franols Ford, A3, Marvin Kap·

lan, .'1.2, William NO\lle, A2 a.nd Norman McCormac, A4, all or edar Rapids, will spend th week end at home.

'''I OlIrrIer n.u Bevorly Johnson of Dows 18 the

week end guest or Emogeno Rum· mell, Al of WIlliams .

Olrls who are attending tbe IOWa. Minnesota game a.t MJnn8ll4>OIIs are Beverly Brown, A4 of Chlcago, Zanlta. Fay, At ot Cedar RaPids; Dorothy Brooks, Ai ot Jesup; Ferne Zelhan, A4 ot Jewel,; Lucille Mat· kowaky, A4 at MIlson City; Dorothy Orandjean, U ot West Liberty, and Mary Lou Crozier, lJ at Walford.

;Elsie Watters of DCIO MOines Is the week end guest ot Sarah Daw· son, A 4 at Des Main ea.

Ann Crow of Burilngton Is visit· Ing her Bister, Ruth, A4, this week end.

Mayme McAndrews, A2 of Vinton,

OilS for Ihe 10wa.-Mlnne80t& IInlt ar Beuy VOigt, Cg, and ~11 Trowbridge, A 2, .Mlte lK.nlllbt, AI and Marcella Gray, A4, aU of loWl City, and Vivien Rumu8aen, AI .. A.trerdeen, S. D.

Mary ;rane NIchols, AI of Cll> cogO, Ill., 18 sp ndlng the week eM with Margaret 'rrlller, A2 of DlI buqu .

Eleanor M.aJoney, A4 of FoDdl; Marjorie Tobia", A4 ot Siou. Cit" lind Harriet Ludells, A2 of .\lor~ son, flI.. are spending the w!tk enr! In Dcs Moines,

Alph. Chi Slama Pror. and Mrs. Oeorge H, CoI~

man oC the chemistry department will be dinner gue.ts Sunday.

Alpha, Chi Sigma fraternity .111 entertain WJe taculty or the ch!llJ. lStry department aM all· gradualt students tn cbeml8try at .. I1llOk!t at the house tomorrow from 1:1I to & p.m.

Is visiting In Marlon this week end WlJl!On HIIII.I& wlbh her Sister, Mrs. Junior Whit- WlIllam o rings, Al of DubuqUi comb. will spend the week end at home.

Frances Pohlad, Al of Des · An exchange dinner between RUI. Moines, is attending the Drake !!ell bouse aDd Wllson hou1!e took homecoming at De. Moines this place yesterday. week end.

June Batcheler ot Peterson lit a week end guest or Mary Jane Steck· mest, Al of Pete,·so,l.

Hermina Brandt, 0 ot West Ub· erty, IS spending- the we~k end In Chicago.

J{e1lon JJOUIIe Tho.se spending the week Ind II

Olome are Karl HInkle, Al of Lock. rIdge, ;rohn Russell, Al ot !loud!, Harold Peggs, ?It of Des IIolne.. lleo"ge Shlmanek, G of Ollori Junction, and Derrold Earlywln~

Ai of Logan.

The GlOIrles

Jeannette and Mirlan Smalley, both J\3 ot Muscatine, accompanied the hOCkey team to Winnetka. Ill., to play a demonstration hockey game with Rockford college.

Betty Belbeshiem r of Reinbeck Don Kane, EI ot DeB Moine!, W! Is 0. guest of Charlotte Inman, AS be homE> fOI' the week end. of Rockwell Clt~, this week) end.

MurIel Swarner, A2 of Arn.olds Park, spent Friday In DIl8 MoInes. DOnald Guthrie, E3 of Munlo, a

Elizabeth McHose, A2 of NeVada, D., wUl attena the Iowa·lllnnesoU and Marie StU Ie, A2 ot Klemme, game at Mlnneapoils. are spending tbe weelt end In Des Raymond Anderson, A2 of Mal :!lfolnes. shalltown, and Paul Borglum, AI

Girls spending the week end. at of Ionia, have gone home lor thl lheh' homes are Bette Long, Al ot \Week end. Des Moines; Martha L. Bell, Al at ;\It. Pleasant; Hel~n Denzl r, A2 of Zela. Tau Alpha Marengo; Leola Sjulln. A3 ot Bam· Belva Jane jMythaler and Mrl burg; Ruth Blanchard, A4 ot AI- Ergen Bright or Atlantic and VI. blon; Dorothy Morrow and Madelyn glnla Lindemon of Ft. Ma.dllon an Pedrick, both Al of Douds; Marlon week end guests at the houae. Boekenkamp, A4 ot Ft. Madison; AllIene l!aker, A3 ot Sergeant Ruth Subotnlk, Al at Cedar Rap· Blutts Is pending the weell en! Ids; ~fary Lacock, .'1.2 at Tinton; at home. Vurda Tra.vls, Al at Des 1I101nes, Joyc Perrin, 0 at Albia, II and Evelyn Sturtz, A3 l'! Park 9l>endlng the we k end In Del Ridge, JII. MoInes.

Russell Jlouse Rosann Shomler, Maxine Burke,

and Ruth Bunce, all Al of Cedu Rapids, are spending tbe week end at their homes.

Beulah Baxter ot Ames j~ the we~k end guest of her sister, Lor­etta Baxter, Al of StUart .

Kilty Mae Mattock ot Washing. ton, la., Is the guest of Margaret Ann Hunt, AX of Hazleton, (or the week end.

Beta Thela. Pl Attending the Iowa·Mlnnesota.

game at Mlnnea.polis today are Bob Stone. A2 of Oelwein; Chan Grl(· ten, Al of Vinton ; Clltt Losh, .'1.3 of Des Moines, and Georg~ Dunn, A3 Of Glenwood.

Marlon Sattleld, C4 ot Sigourney, and Robert Selzer, U at Morning Sun, are spending the week end In Sigourney.

Paul Hlddlng, Al of Keokuk, is spendIng the WE'ek end a.t 1I0me.

Alpha Delt", Pi Olrls gOing to the Iowa-Minnesota

game In MlnneapollB today are Helen Turner, A4 or Mtnneapolls; Helen Boegel and Vee Smltb, bOth A4 of linton; Lenore SClhutter, 4\.4 or Pleasant Valley; Margaret Ken· nedy, .'1.3 Of Estherville; Georgine Walter, A1 of Ft. Madison; Neva Melton, and Belen Kaurmann, both A2 of .lIluscatlne; ?ttary Elizabeth Hans, A4 ot Mollne, Ill.; Geraldine Cochran, A2 of Tlplon, and La· Vonne Brown, A4 of Estherville,

carolyn Coo, A3 ot Sprlng!leld, Ill., and Bette Fru(Jeger, AS of Bur­lington are lIPendlng the week end In Des Moines.

Gwen TUdor, Al at Olin, Marion Belgarde, Al at Independence, and Betty o risinger, A2 of Burljngton, are ap ndlng the week end at th Il' homM.

(Jamma. Phi Beta. Mary Sinn Lt, C3 ot Rock I.aland,

Ill.; Jlelen Evans, A~ of Ft. Dodge; Jiel n Witte, AS of Bu rllngton; ;\Iarcea Smith, A2, Lorraine Mc­Dowell, U, and Jean Orendorft, P4, all at Davenport; Barbara Blbow, C4 or Parga, N. D.; EVflyn lIart, A4 Of Ft. Dodge; Detty Jayne Reed, C3 of Marshalltown; Bet ty Le Roe er, Al ot Ft . .lIl&4lson ; Luclll Anderson, Al at Harlan, .. nd Mary Louise Moersman, AS ot Moline, Iii., ILr spe nOlng- the w ek end at their home8,

Olrls spendln. today In Mlnnea!l.

Announce Marna,e Of MUler, Rouner

At Moline Thur.day The llJorriagc ot llene MIII~r,

daughter or Mrs. 0 nd Mr •. Arthur M.1I1 r, 524 S. Van Buren Btl' t, to Harolll Rouner, eOn of ?tir. and Mrll. Joseph Rouner, 912 Fl. Fairchild stre t, wall a.nnounced Thurllllay evenln. at a party given by the brltte's moth~r, Mrs, Axth\,r Miller,

The wed<1lng took \llace In Molln , Ill., Saturday, Oct. 31. Th, coupl WaS attended hy A Iht-rta Wilker· )!on of Porta, Mo, The hrlde an" l~rlilc!froom hoth aUended 101VU, Cltl' high Rchool.

Delta Delta, Delta _ fargaret Grls.'el, A3 at Cedl1

Rapids; Atadelyn PhilliPs. A4 01 Wcbstf>r City; Margaret DaM, Al or lowl!. Cit)', and Mary Rooch, AI of Bevington, are attendill{ til! 10w .... ·~1I11ne""ta game in Mlnn .. !» lis today .

Louise .Broders, A3 at Mlanl BeaCh, Fla., Is spending the weet end with .lI1ary Stoelting, A! 1/ Davenport,

Dolol't's Huhly, A2 or IIf/l8Qn C11" TIl.; Margaret £nglund, A4 01 Mil catl .... ; Molly Virginia smith, C4 / Burlington; Betty l\1ann, AI / Sioux City, and Marj Jane Sheld« A2 or Maquoketa.. are !!]lending t. w~pk end at home.

Iglllj\ Alpha, EPsilon Attending the lowa·Mlnnearo

game today at 111 n neapolis 8!1

George DurIn, A2 at Qedar Rapid/; George Lnnning-, A2 at 81ol>x Fal~ S, D.; Robert Hamilton, AI d Lakota; Keith W!ilcox, C4 at Charles City; Al Beardmore, A.2 ot Chari!! City, lind Lamar Potton, ~2 II lAurel.

Dlrroll Alsop, C4 ot OskaJooa, accompanied Oeorge Jansen, A2 d £ldora, to his home tor the wee!

end. 1 Bill Ley, A2 or Lakota, Is 8pen~

Ing the week end In Sac City .. lIb Robert McCord, A2 oC Sac City.

Henry Ottuen, At or D&Vl!npon. 18 spending the week end 10 ))eI

Moines, BUI HinSOn, C4, and 1ferbert

Pohlmann, A2, both of Waterloo; Jack Long, A4 ot FalrCleld; LoweN Taylor, C4 or Ceda,· ,R1I4lldl, and Don Mayer, AI or lIIaraballto11'll are 8pendlng th week end at"'Oom~

AlPha I&'ma PId Prof. Horace Kin.. at the art

schOOl at })enl8on university, Ol'llll'

ville, Ohio, I, a hOu.e gueS't ",hUe attending Ih national tlhe aria conter nee.

Eugen Knutson, AI of Blg1t Grol'e; Dale LInke, C3 at AtlanUc; I

Robert McCullough: AI of Alrona; 1"01' _t Hall, AI at Aoam-. an4 Clarenc La.IYJlon, C4 ot WIlIOll Junction, ar attending the 10 .... · lIllnnesol& game.

Rlchant POIIt, Al ot Alrona. Il spend In&, the week eM In Grinnell

Ed ThomP8Oll, A3 of Weal Lib-rty; Dernard Smith, A4 of Eacle

OrO"e; l{arold Nlcolau" (14 of Wd· ton Junellon, and John !!lAker, AI Of Dancroft, are wpcndlnr tbe week end Rt their homes.

Novella Ro"~rlIon Become; Bride 01

Meeker E. Hell

Novella R08 RobertllOn, daup· tel' of Mr. and Mrs, RIlY H. Robert· lIOn ot Welhnall, beCf.nIe the bride ot Meckel' E. lfl!lll, 80n or Mr, 1M Ml'I, Oottlelb A. HeM, WedneadIY ev nlng In the Methodist EpIICOPllI parllOnage, ",Itl:\ the Rev. Edwin E. Voi~ readlnr the ceremony,

Mrs, He ... was formerly. t_her a.t the Brulh 'chOoI In Wublnltoll town8hlp, The coupl, will be It hOme alter March I on 1\ rann Wilt I or Frylown,


Dad To ] Iowa .. Purdue Encounter To Oimax Day

Informal Dinner, Mass Meeting on Varied Dad's Day Program

-The lie)

Vprslly 0

whiCh wll llJnmornt, Ilrts bulld

The ml glonul pia tY I.lcal 01

lown dads will gather here next the schlK to be III

week end to celebrate the traditional designed Dad's day program. Daas and stu· Cedar dents nllke wilt enter Into the varied program of events which stud nt committees have planned.

A specIal I'adlo progJ'am will be presented \Vednesday night over ~lallon WSUl with Prof. H. Clay ilnrshbargel' of th Hpeech depart. ment In chllrge. A va rled progra..., or music and 81Jeeches has been planneel .

IUglstratlon First ottlc1il1 vent on the Dad'~

day Program will bo registration in rowa Union Friday upon arrIval ot dads,

The traditional mass meellng will be held Friday night south or Iowa Union, when students and tbelr (athers w1l1 galher around the leap. Ing flame~ at a bonfire. An old boat, used on the rlv..,r for many ~ears, will be burned.

The I·Bln.nket Hop will be Frida), at 9 p.m, Rex Snyre, E4 at St. Charles, Is chairman of the commit· tee. Dads are Invited 10 the pa,·ty nt which II rble Kny and his Or. sian. .hegtra will 1,lay. Jun,

Cross Country RaC'6 A cross country rllce wilt be run

at Flnkbine field Saturday morn· In8'. and Saturduy afternoon one klt the hlghllghts of the program, the 10wa·Purdue tootball game, w1l1 lake pineo at 10wa stadium.


vision, April

A Dad's da.y Informal dinner wUt sian, ~ held lit ~ p.m. Satu rday In Iowa April Union. Students and their tamllies vision. are Invited to attend the dinner, whICh will bE' followed by a short program.

George Crow at Burlington, pre8' Ident at the Dad's day a8soclat1on, ;Wlll he toastmaster. Robert Blake· Iy, A4 ot Onawa, will speak tor the m n, and Louise Wolfinger, A4 of Des Moines, will respond ror the women. President Eugene A. 011· mort> will ulAo oddress the group.

To EI.ert Officers New officers or the Dad's clay

AssociatiOn will be elerted tollow­Ing the dinner. I Committee members In charge ot the program are; Richard M. We!terfleld, A4 of Cedar Rapids, ~neral chairman; Stnten Brown' ing, A4 at Iowa City, publicity chairman; Waldo Brooks, C4 of Du­buque; Robert Blakely, Invttatlons; Wilbur Wehmeyer, E4 at St. LouIs, Mo., muss meeting.

George Ntssen, C4 of Cedar Rap· Ids, entert"lnmtnt between hall'es or the tootball game; Charles Oold· walle, D4 of Sigourney, dinner nrrnngements; .Andrew Doole)', P4 or Ccntervllle, dinner program, and Joe Brown, M4 of Iowa City, pro· gram.

Intervifw Chemists L. 1Ir. Freel1llln and Bert S.

lor, both at the COodrlch company .t Akron, OhiO, viSited In th~

chemistry department yesterday to Interview seniors In ch~mlatry and chemlcul engineering, a.nd men wltn Ph.D. degree. with go<>d training In organic chemllltry, for tuture po~lt1on8 .

'" - • :-------.----l fU2'Z"r 8EA~t> HAt> ~IS ~AVI!P ,,0£).-.( W~~N 1M!! ELI!CTION "_T VlI'TH .,JIM WATS"H, "THe

1986 I

eal10r MaJoney. A4 ot FOndl; 'roblaa. A4 ot alOUI CII/,

Harrlot Lullen., A2 ot lIon1 !II.. are "!lend ing the we!\

In D s ?lolnes.

AlPha Chi SIIfIJA Prof, and Mrs, Oeorge H, Col.

Of the Chemistry 'departmenl be dinner guests Sunday,

I)ha Chi Sigma. fraternity will the fa.culty ot the ch!O>

ent and all' gradUl~ in chemiJItry at .. lUIolet

tomo,'row from 1:31

WlI!IOn nouse Orlngs, Al of

spend the week end exchange dinner between RUI­

house and WUeon house toot ye~terday ,

Hailot" House Those IIpendlng the week end II

are Karl Hinkle, Al of Loci, John Russell. Al of DoudJ, Peg~, lIf1 of Des lIo1ntJ,

Shlmanek, 0 of Ollolj and Derrold Eariroln~

The G .. b1f\8 Don KlIne, El of Des Molne~ wB

hom.. ro,' I he wet'k end,


Zet& Tau AI.pba Belva. Jane, ?Iythaler and lin

BrIght br Atlantic and VI, Llndemon ot Ft. M&dllOll an

guests at the bouse, Baker. A3 of Sergeant spending the week end

G of week end In

Delta Delta

Dolores Ilubly, A2 of M/UIOIl Cli/, I,; Margnret Eng lund, A4 of 11\.

n.t'; Molly Virginia smith, C4 / mllrllngton:' Detty Mann, ..u 1

" City, and Marj Jane Shelda or Maq uoketa., ar sPending t~


AI pita EPllilon lhe Iowa·Mlnnesca

today o.t ?unneapollB an Durin, A2 ot Cedar Rapid!; IAnning, A2 of Sioux hili

.; Robert Hiamllton, At d I ..... 'KO" .. ; Keith \1;fJlcox, C4 of Charl~

Al Beardmore, A2 of Charls and lAmar Pation, .~! d

Carroll Alsop, C4 or Oskal ..... itccOrn!l'lU1led George Jansen, AI a

to his home tor the week

Di ll Ley, A2 of Lakotl., Is .peD~ 1 the week end In Sac City whb

McCord, A 2 ot Sae City. II nry Ott slln. A 4 ot J)&venpor1.

8pending the week end In Del

C4, and Herbert boUl or Waterloo:

Of FalrCleld ; LoweD C4 or Ceda,· , Ra411dJ, aDd

Mayer, AS or Marshallto ... spending tlte week end at"Mme

AI plIa Si&'ma PhI 1I0r&C<) King or !+Ie art

at Denison unlvenlty, o,,~

10, la a hOuse guut ",hUe the national flhe artl

game, POlt, A I ot AllIIN, Is

the week end In Grinnell Thompson, A3 of wert LJb­B~rnard Smith, .A4 ot Ellie

lral'old NiCOlaus, C4 of WU· , and John ~ker, AI

BBcncrol[t. are aDendlng tbe week homes,

ovella Ro6~r"on Become; Bride 01

Meeker E. Hell

N'ovel1a ROBe RObertson, dau,h· or Mr, a nd Mrs, Ray H, Rober!· a! Wellman, became the brIM

M eker E, Heall, 80n ot Mr, .fICI Gottlell) A, He .... WednesdaY

In the Nethodl,t Epleeopll ale, wl\1:\ the Jlev. Edwin E­readln, the ceremony,

r.. !-fe.,. W1I" rormerly a (Neber the Brulh ilchOOl In Wa.h1r\1toti

The coupl, win be It after March 1 on a tarm "etl



Dad To Be Sons~ Daughters Next Weel{ End Iowa .. Purdue Encounter To ,Climax Day

Informal Dinner, Mass Meeting on Varied Dad's Day Program

Iowa dads will gather here next

week end to celebrate tlte traditional

Dad's day pro!\,ram, Dads a nd stu­

den18 oUke will e nter Into the varied program ot eve nts which stud nt committees hllve planned,

A sp cial radio program will be presented Weilne8day nIght over Ptatlon WSUI wllh .Prot, II. Clay rlnrshbarger or the speech depnrt. ment In charge, A varied pl'o&,rao, of music n nd ~)le~r hes has beell 1I10.nned,

RAlglstration First of fl elnl ev~ nt 011 th Pad's

November Edition 01 Frivol to Honor

Fine Art.. Building

1' he next IAHue of The Frivol, Unl· Vf' I'RItY or Iowa. humor magazine, whl h wtll be nut Nov . 16, will com· Olomnrlltr the dedication or the rlne I1rts building,

The mngazlne will contain are' glonnl pillY a nd a satire on the work tYI)Ics.1 of t he 8('hool ot le tters and the school ot tine arts . The cover, ~o be It. black. red und white, wa" designed by Maurene Munger, A3 of Ceda r Rapld8,

Eight I ~ectures On Chemistry AreAnnounced

Phi Lambda Up/ll10n , national

Oxford Debate Team Returns; Will Appeflr at S.U." No.v. 19

To Argue Question Of ·1 Sh D .\ Party Systems; Iowa awn ance" To Team to Be Named I Appear at CorneU I

Two Engllshmen trom Oxford university, the same debalers who w4lre On this campus last year, will retum NOV . 19, again to meet Iowa. In th e year's International debate. R ichard U. P. Kay·Shuttleworth and A. 'W. J. Greenwood will rep· re"~n t the ot her side of the ocean In 4lte debate which pits England against the United Slate".

"Resolved: that the democratic· republican system too closely reo sembi s ' fweedl dum versus 'l'weedl ledee for It t o rulflll the true tunc· tlons of 0. party s~8tem," Is the question they \l'lJI argue with an 10w8. team, to be announced later, iU 8 p . tn . In Macbride auditorium.

Tour Degan Wednesd&y

• • The nationally ramous Ted Shawn and his men dane r8 are to be In Mt. Vernon Monday eve· ning, They will dance at the Cor· nell college auditorium at 8 p.m.

Includ ed In the troupe are a nujmber of the men who were with Ted Shllwn last year when they presented a program at Mac· bride auditorium here In Iowa CIty.

Helen Waite to Run For Office at Home

Economics Meeting

Iowa Bwine13 I, In Fair Corulition

Re,earch Show,

"Moderately favorable" is the characterization or Iowa buslneas during early fall. for it held up surprisingly well conside r ing lhll summer drought.

The monthly summary ot lhe Unlvel'llity ot fowa bureau ot busl· ness reesarch shOWS that declines In poollc COlUltrucUon have been

Cloudy and Colder Weather Predicted

Low temperature8 will con· tlnu e bere today with tlte te>rfl­cast promllllng cloudy Ilnll colder weather. EoJly yestcrnllY m orning the low l~mperntur

was 30 degrees, accordi ng to Prof. John F, Reilly ot the UnIversity ot Iowa..

The lowest temperature since Nov, I was t hal reported " 'ed· nesday morning when tbe ther· mometer registered 15 degrees.

mostly otfset by galns In business -----------­Ilnd residential contra.cts,

PrIces ot tarm products have reo gained about the range ot early 1930. nearly three times the low depression ave rages. a nd bank debits, rallrOlld carlOlldlngs, depart· ment store sales, and employment are among the Items holding well above the level ot a year ago,

Play-(Continued from Palle 1)

Robert F. Young Elected President Of Pharmacy Sopbs

Robert p , Young or Davenport, Was elected president of tbe sopho­more class ot the college or pharo Inacy at Il meeting yesterday,

Other o!floers elected were: carl B. Burns ide ot Shenandoah, vice. presldent ; and Marjorie L. Moburg of Geneseo, III., secretary·treajlurer ,

Tuning . In . • • wi~h

Jean Thompson

Herbl fl Kay, popular bant1 lead · er Who "ill appear on the nlver· Sill' of low.. ca.mpus nut FrldllJ' night 10 pl&y for Ihe ) · Uilll,ket hop, Is an honorary me mber of th6 po . lice departments Of Chicago, Pe· ori .. , ond Hibbing, Mich. nt> Is .Iso BII honorary Sioux Chlpf,

He"ble I. the tlrst of hi. prof.gslOn to bo honol'('d with an honorary titl e by th Sioux t'"lbe. II all happened art~l' he played at the Blackhawk tor Chief Llltle Bear , whll "'u. much Impressed,

The name given hIm 1M " haydah·lilappa," which m~ans "Chief Happy Music,"

Toughen Your Pupils, Advises Iowa Educator nc~'Vl~n 1"0\ G (API-Frederic

B, Kn ight or the University or 10wtlJ

IlllvlMed Colorado teachers today to , toughen" th Ir pupilS " to take the k'Hl('ks of 0. hard (lnd cruel world,"

The Idp(l that a tencher snoull! r'wl OODl '\ ' hlnl;' to prnlse In Ih" work ot a. pupil no matter how lu· competent, was IlRl\(llled III nn prl· dre~8 by Knl~ht bt>rore the eastern' <tivllilon mpeting of the ColorarlO! l':<lucalon aSSOCiation,

"II Is tl\() duly or the I«'hool 10 fll'ovlde til chnil wItb hpnllhy enl. lousl'" In the PrllJ>"~ p'aces and 10 learh hIm to take what CorneA and 10 "UjUNt hlmMlr 10 l"Alily." Pra­rp •. o,' J{nhrh l "111,1.

Hydraulic Engineer Vi its in Iowa City

• ~ay program will be registration in Iowa Union Friday upon arrival of dads.

chemical traternlty, Is taking charge ~t a series ot eight lectures de­Ilgned to present Il resume o! the hsearch work being carried on I ... t he chemIstry department. The ",eetlngs will he conducted by the! vllrlous dlvlslonll of the department, and will be opell t o the public,

A meet last Wednesday with Earlham college In R(chmond, Ind" began their debaUng ,tour, whibh will end Uec, 16 In MississippI. They will cover about 17 mlddlewestern ",nd southern states.

Helen Waite of the home econ· omlcs department will be one ot tlte candidates for vlce·presldent at the Iowa State Home E<lonomlcs asso­clallon at the eleotlon at Its tall JTleetlng In Des Moines Friday.

tin Ftavln, Cery altrorniu. piIlY· I All Ot Ihe rnull!Jers or U - rbie'H ~"olmnr F'ell~nlus, professor 0

The traditional mlUlB meeti ng will be Mid Friday night lIou(h ot Iowa Union, when students and their fathers will guthe r ar ound the l ap. Ing flam es of /l, bonfire, An old boat, used On the river ror many ~eor8, will be burned.

Mickey Nicoll; Sara Ant! Carr, A4 ot wright , explOded at yesterday after· ~ I ba llel [,re fra' e rnil)' m~n frol" tl," hydraulic strurtures at lhe R o)'n

I Speakers at t he meeting will be Mrs, Kathryn Van Aken Burns, president ' at the American Home EconomIcs assocIation, and Prof, Edward A, Stei ner or Orlnnell col· lege.

Fulton, lifo" as ?1rs. NIcoll, his noon'lI conference 8eRsion lJefore an. ~ wife; Max Ellis, A4 of Ft, Madison, assembly ot repros ntatlv s from Nortllwe'!tern university campus. rrechnlcnl university, Stockholm,

II b· I . A. E. Other clubs Sweden, 11'111 vlsll the hydraull sinh·

The son or the Hight Hon . Arthur

as Farley Sprinkle. varIous unlversltle8 and uthPr dis· er 'e s a. til. t t ' . I ' bond oratory luday. TIe and h is son ar~

Dwight Thomas a.. DOn Bliss; lI ngulslwd guests. ,,~ .... pr~n • Ins In us ~,

The meeti ngs will be held at 7 p,m, In chemistry auditorium of the chemIstry building on. the tollow· Ing Tuesday evenings,

o r£'enwoOd , leader at England'S labol' \In,·ty, Mr, GreenWOOd Is a law " tudent exPe"lenced In debate. Ho .J'eprtl!lel1ted Oxford agains t co1um· b". unlver~lty In 1933, gr<l.duatlng .that yeu,' In phi lo"onh)' , llolIUcs and economics,

D "'t I{ I) "")" 110 I B- Ia. "elng enlPrlan~d hy Pror, and Ir~. .r0 Ak Cho se. A2 ot Am-s, -s Herb He contlnu~d, " I know nnt hlng ' ~lt6 '" ,. ap ,. "," '. • ~ Q ~ ~ 1.le, 'I' 1111\'1" d"rlng fhl·I,· stny In

Collin .. , T ~v~rn Adlx, A4 ot Bonn~, about the Ol'euk thenter. ln rnet ))<11. A,T,O, IInti J(IlllPlt SIK, ..- '11,,"0. Clly.

as H1annaln ; and Patricia Siman, U r II('V~r learnpil anything about the A dlsllnJ(ublh"l hytlroull" pngl. The r.Blunket Hop will be Frldny.

Nov, 17-Organlc chemistry dlv l. s ian ,

Other members ot the omtcs department will meeting.

home econ­altend the •

or Town. City, as hir's. Hannan. t hC'nte ,' In collegE'. J think I'm It/ PI'dg.'fUnS lot, TOllight liPPI ', PI'OrflRfi tH' F'(~lIpnlu:i hus R('/ ' \'rd

Colonists pretty good "'·3rI8m'll1. but I I"'cutllu NBC a" ('''''Buham 0" many 11IlIJfirlan ti Ilt 9 p,m, Hex Sayre, ]~4 ot St. Cha"lps, 18 chai rman ot t ho commit· lee, Dnds n,'e Invit ed to the pa,·ty at which n~rble Kay and his or·

~, 8-0ri.anlc cheml~try dlvl· slon.

Other co1onlsts Incl ude ChoUJlf'py ihnl wt\.,)' In riO wuy of wh!cl1 I 'u, O:OO-IJru'old ure ed" G I'ttng f\ r.)(lf · hurhm' l)l·oJ(~f'L ... III HW(>llL~lI . IT~ I"ay, A3 of Oliumwa: Can W eber; co nscious rl'om til!' out.lde." hnll c'ouuI1I;nlnry, r"tllllll',1 II,~ hytl",wlk Htrur'"I'c'S

~ltl]nber of Labor Federallon .Inn, 12-Ann1ytlcnl chemistry dl.

M'ary Vincent To Puul Robinson , A2 of Portland, Ore" li P '·,likerl the 'Iucsllon, "Whnt'3 7:00-Saturday Night PllI'fy. lulmr"l o,'y nt II", Tel'l,"lcul Ullh'<,,'. , He has been a cretal'y, chairman T f N .John P . Wi nnie, a or Clear Lake; gOing to bl'<\onle uf theHe studeut. In 8:IIO-Nationlll BIll'll 01"""'. Hily III Rtockhn1111alld heh now prr' •. eh.stra will play.

(Jross COU ntry RAre vision. and vlce.presldent ot the British ry or ational Elvis ECkles, A3 or Stnte Ce nt~r; our colleg.s that Me Iralned In dra· 8:30-.... I'l hell Chatean Irlelll or Ilw InlHIIllllono l Jlssocll!. F~b. 9-Tndustrlal chemistry dlvl· Council malic ort-t"alnplI to do somet hing I I~'ln Garber~

A cross country rllce will be run s lon, University Labor federation, Ilnd Rating Tomorrow BernIe BaJaban, A8 of 'Ion (or II I'll ru II II" Rtruolllre. Re· at Fl nkblne field Saturday morn. March secretary, Ilb rnrlan and president of B1ufr., In a theater thut do sn't exist'!" II : J~Bel1 llerllle, .~arch. lng, Ilnd Salurday afternoon ono ~Ion . 2-Sanltary ohemist ry dlvl· the 0xrord University Labor club. E lon Ai>I'rnllthy, G or BI'own wood, li p dl>WU"dM tile R ,'oa<lway Htnge (,I1S lot the highlights of the program He Is u. membe r 01 the Bureau or Ma ry Vincent, A4 or Des Moines, Tex.: MUriel Morlon, A4 of Cedar as 11 posslbllily for most playwrights ?:(JO, Cohunbia Workslrol"

• March 23-Physlca1 chemis try dl· who received u. loCal B umpire rat· Rapids: Wende ll Taylor, A2 of HUl- 0" aNO'·s. On Bl'oadway, the author ?:all-Football Review-Ed tho lowa·Purduo football game, will "Ision. the International F dernLlo" of So· Ing las t year, will try (or lIie na- land , Vt. ., Howard Graham, 0 of of vllrlou. B rond way uroducllolU. Thor·

Illke p la~e at Jowl' $tadlum. April h I h I dl I ciallst StUdents anu has held many lIona1 rall ng at the Midwest H ockey t d 11 It I d l I gPrsen, UII,y 1{)'Afl-. A Dad's day Informal dinner will slon , 6-P ys cal c em 8try v· honorary positions In the WbOI' Umpiring conterence In Winnetka, l1'm,poria, Kan ,: DRl e Darla nd , A3 ot MHcr e , n m ~( nu ,'nCe "U e.." 8~lo-Floy<l mIlIlO"",

yOuth movement. Dcs Moines; Nicholas Basha rll, JlZ succes:{ 01' failu,'" fa" a play. F~w f..o lWZ, be held n,t ~ p.rn, Saturday III Iowa April 27-Blologlcal chemistry dl· M,', GreenwoOd hW! been Invitee. 111., tOday. Several Instructor. II'< Of Sioux City; Do.vid John son , 0 at prodllcllons ever I,ay ror thomse1v~R, 9:0Il-Lu.cley &rll'8 llOlIr , Unio n, Students and their families vision. ~he women's physical education de- Hilt W od T or Community unlve" sity and teaN'tl )thy'hm Club is on B', Are Invited to attend the dinner, tl} conte.t several parliamentary partmenl and student members of am on; 0 80n yr e, a theaters 0.1' a menns or bringing whlth w.11I be followed by a short I constituencies and Is a. frequent con· the W.A,A, hockey club are attend. Ponca City, Okla , drama to the American people (lS a again al 11 :45 over I< ·D. program, Dr. E. R. Weidlein tribu tor to the press on pollllca l, In· ing t he conterence, Mary Stewart Oeorge J. anea.sl.er whole, h~ believes, "Ou r only hope

George Crow of Burlington, pres· W·]) S d B dian and youth problems. and Loraine Frost ot the physical GeOt'ge Lancaster , G ot Winfield, for the future Is a new tM:lIer. P f S nk I uecee artow Mr. Kay·Shuttieworth was edu· Ka D Ie ~V b Al f St ro e Or fru

\'ill l'PIII,

II a ll(l

ldent of the Dad's day association. 1 education department a nd Prof. n,,; av s , ' e er, 0 ' Perhaps the roots tor thl9 are In ~1Il be toastmaster, Robert Blake. As Chemistry Head cated at Eton a nd Balliol college, Elizabeth Halsey. head of the dc. Paul, Mlnn,: Maleese Black, G or the presenl federal theater," Will Speak Today

Oxford. He Is a member ot the rt e t e 's pr 8 t Seminole, Okl&.. ; Grayee R eeves, C4 A nnW play hy Flavin , ~nlll'd ly, A4 of Onawa, will speak tor the pa m n , ar a . 0 e en . "~

P f "'d B t h d • Inner Temple, London, In the Ox· of Polk City; Laurlne Pall, A3 of "Blue J eans," \\'111 be presented "y men, and Louise Wolfinger, A4 at ro. ,', ward ar ow, ea oc u Des Moines. ",m respond lor ths the chemistry department, will be tord Air Squadron , ~e has a pilot Clinton ; Mary Alice McIntosh, A3

p,'or. w. L . Strunk at Luthe~ I

I 'A' certificate and a prorlclenc)o W. Gardner Speaks of LeWIston, Tdllho; Lauro. Le.nkrord , women, Prpsl\lent Eugene A, 011· succeeded by Dr, E, R. Weld1e n, more will 0190 address the group. dlreetl)I' or Ihe Mellon Tn"titute or cerlWcate. At S . S h I Al of WAs hington, D, C.: Mary Fin·

Industrial Researc h In Pittsburgh, Be served as secretary of the Ox· mouse e 00 ley, A2 of I..ewls ton, Maho: Mo,'y To J:£lefl OWeer. r th Am-rlAon ford Union socIety during Its MI. I Fowler, 0 of Topeka, 1{a n ,; Jeanno

Nell' otCIc r~ or. the O(ld's day as president 0 e c cq chaelmas term In. 1934 a nd as t~e8.8' ''1arren H, Gardner of the pey· , Crowley, ,\4 of Davenport.

Ils!lOClatlon will bt> elerted follow- Ch~mlcal SOCiety In 1937, .... urer during the Hilary term In 1936'1 cho10gy department. s poke betore i Dorothy Ellen Rambo, A3 of res. Ing the dinner. , .. ,even nationally known chem·

Ists have bt>en nominated tor the the P.T.A, for the hard of he&rlng ton; Evelyn Westphal, A2 of Dav~n. I Committee members In charge S dE' d h Lo I D 0

tho UnlvrrHlty or Juwa theat I' Nov, 23 and 25.

college will talk to juniors and I I'«'nlors of the college ot medicine this mornIng at ] 0 o'clock In I hp

Although the University of '!'.>(a" UniversIty hospital medical nmnhl. rlnlshed at the bottom of the S'outh· theater on "Certlrlcatlon 111 th,' weRt conference football henp In Basic Sciences," 1936, advunce ticket sales at . tal·t I ProfeRHor Strunk I~ chairman of at this year's s~nson were 40 per, the board ot exn.mlners under basld

A/1I~1,,1 1I1l1'llt.,. FUlIeml Pl'ur. Hubert L, Olin of th~

ch~ml"try deportmcnt, nnd J[, .I. Done of Iowa City, attenue<l Ih(1 'funeral 1'hursdny In OHumwll or C. l';. narp~r, pl'l'.ldent of the Town, Coal Institute,


Malted Milks 10 Oz, 10e G1a~s

( 'a lldy - Clgftrc.'lg - (,Igors Lll: ht !.unche's

Strand COllfection('ry 131 So. I)lIhll(llI ~

ot the program are: RI~hard M. e- I I I V 1938 presldenry. A poll of the 80. tu ent nUlrteers llin deaf at t e Smouse Oppor tunlt;,l port : . u sc letz, or Morgan. clety'. 20,000 member. will be con. S k M • schoo n Des Mo nes yesterday. ,town , W, 11,; Dorot hy Brown, Al

Wes terflelu , A+ at Cedar Rapids. pea at eetIng Xl', Gllrdner 18 examIner for the of st. J OIleph , Mo.: Floraabel JIous.

cent hlghe,· than a yca,· ago. "~Ien~es. ================================= gen~ral chairman; Staten Brown. ducted by mall, and the wlnn~,.

wil l become president-elect J a n . 1, hard at hearing In public schools, lng, A4 at Iowa City. publicity Th g1 I b f h I

ton. AS of Nevada; and AliCe Jones G of Petersburg. W Va. 1937, assumIng the preslden~y .Tan. . e .tudent branch ot the Atmlr- v ng test~ y means 0 t e aud a-

thalrman: Waldo Brooks, C4 ot Du· lean Inslttute ot Chemical Engln. meter He spoke on results of hIs bUQue', Robert Blakely, Invitations; I , 1938. '

eers held 1\ meeting yesterday In teBtlng program, corrections that Government men wilJ Include

.rames Butcher, 0 at Washington, D. C,' as Hodges; Ronald Vonars· duJe, 0- of Oreenwood, ,Tnd " as In· spoctor Ingraham; Walter Flelsh· man, 0 of T'almadge, Neb.; Don Tornquist. G of Mitchellville, a nd Lemar Hoaglin, 0 of ll. Pleasant, as colonIal police,

Wil bu r Wehmeyer, E4 of St, Louis, .room 123C, chemistry building, ,have been gIven hard of hearing Mo" mlllls meeting, VoUe,. nail Charles E , Evans, E4 at Bloom- children. and n eeds ot tho bard ot

George Nissen, C4 of Cedar Rap· The second group or games In !leld, spake On "Oceans of Raw hearing Or deal child, Ids, entertainment bel ween halves the mlx~d volley ban tournament Mnterla l tor • Magnesium Com· or lhe football gam; Charles Oold- was plaYl'd at the wom en's gym· pounds," and Merrill L, Grove, E4. wnlte, D4 ot Sigourney, dlnn~r na81um Thursday night. ot Cedar Rapids, spoke on "Tho arrangements; Andrew Docl y, P4 Eutlawn one defeated Currier Chemical Engineer'. Role III Amer· or Centerville, dinner program. lind one, Breene.Tudor WII8 vanquished lea's Future." Joe Brown, M4 of Towa. City , pro· by the Independents under Reily, gram, and the Sigma Delta Ta u sororl ty

Interview (1,elllistR 1.. M. Freeman and Bert S. Toy·

lor, both of lhe Goodrich company nt Akron, OhiO, visited In th(l chemistry department ye~terday to jn l ervl~w seniors In rMmlstry and eh, mlcal engineering, and men wllh Ph.D. degrees with gOOd training in organic chemlstr)', tor future po~ltlon8,

was Victorious over ERsllawn three, EaErtlawn one won theIr second viC, tory of the evening by overcoming Brecne·Tudor one. Th e Independ· ents under Kelley defeated Currl r one, and the Sigma Delta Taus were successful In overcoming Cur· rler three,

The next scheduled games will be played Tuesday evening al lhe women 's gym nasiu m.

2 Rare Pheasants Added to Museum

Two rare pheasants. a Pa.lawan peacock pheasant from Palawan island In the Orient and a. blue­eared pheasant. a native at India, have been received by. the Unlver· .alty museum. 'l'he birds have been jmounted and will be placed In thO pheasant case In the museum.

THE OLD HOME TOWN R.J!oIt'" U, a. Palenl 0IIc<

AN ELEC.TloN' 10 G;JVf! ME "'THE FI~ST (;OOt> 1.001( IVe HAD OF YoU~ l-+eAl) SINCE


I//~ J~

" - . ------,,-------, I"U71."f BEARI> HAD "'IS HIlA!> ~A"I!t> -rODM( 'WHe.N M. ~I> ~I! ELEC.TION a_T He MADIt

"""'iH .JIM W~:TSDI'4, '"""_ .A".~,

rroday'~ WSUIII Program [I

9 a,m,-Chllu play 9:16 a..m ,-Yesterday',S musIcal fa.·

vorttell 9:30 a.m.- The book shelf, Dora·

lhy Brown JO a.m.-Illustra ted musical chats,

J3ernle Bal&ban 10 :60 a.m,-Program calendar and

weather report 11 a ,m.-Sclence news ot the

week, education by radio serIes, 11 :15 a,m.-Mornlng melodies 11 :80 a.m,-NatlonuJ park talk,

national park 8ervlce 11 :60 am.-Farm Mashes 12 noon-Rhythm rambles 5:45 p,m.-flle Dally Iowan or the

Air 6 pm.-Dlnner hour program

. Tlle chara.cters of the WPA can· tlngent will be taken by Robert Whltehllnd, Q ot Tul sa. Okla.., as Jim Chand ler; Robcrt Moore, At of Sioux City, as Hobbs; Robert Bing. ham, A2 ot Newton , as Shaw: W Il· Jlam Leeney, A3 ot Oxford, as 0'·

.Rellley; and ruchard ' Smith IlJl


Flavin Expre,~es Hate lor Shake'peare

"[ loathe Shakespeare!" This WaJj the first bombshell Mar·


HOT F1SH SHOP (Formerly Jess & P eg's) FOR A REAL MEAL

Watch for Orand Opening Dial 2949 tor Free Delivery

-bank account way _



-there is an. added and

needed co-operation in

an aeeount at'

Iowa State Bank Be Trust Co.

ONLY $465. CompJetely


Engineered alld built by Century - this is not mt assembled job, Never before has the pubHc been offered for.: only $465 an. air-conditioning oil burning unit capable of h~ing 75% of the homes in Iowa City - and will heat them fOr less than coal. Phone or write for detailed information. . .

Kel~y ~ros. Oil Co" Dial 9218

. Polls To Close Evening For ' The Daily All-City Football Team Selections

---------------=----"------"-, ----.,----- (800 STORY In col. three)

Tomorrow Iowan's


The Associated Pres! (lentral Prete AIIIIOClI.Uon IOWA CITY, IOWA SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1936 ------~<-----~.----,:=======================================================================================~<==~==========~================================================:==============================================~============~=============

Little · Hawks RollOver Marshalltown, 13toO .r



I By

}tonER 'I' JlOGAN

EARL GOU(~lllJIN, "pOrt. edltur of the eilar Rapids Gazotte In It

sIgned article yestcl'day quotes Jvhn :;chommel' (If ChIcago, umpil'e

of the lowa·Nol'lhwestel'll football game Oct. :) as saying Lhel''' was ga~o· line ill lho waleI' which thc Ilawkeye play<'rs wC,.e glvon In the lhlrd ll uiutel' of the gamo at Evanston. r,'ul'lllO,.mol·o, T"am l'hyslcl!ll1 I),..

\Villal'd Hayne verified tho fact us did ELWyn ShllJn, equIpment manager fOI' the lIth letic department.

CAN THEY STOP GOPHER ATTACK?, Connackmen Lay Claim to State (lrep Championship hy Deci.sive Victory; Hawklets Undefeated

St~ Pat's Look To Successful Court Season Quint Will Be Formed

Arollud 3 of Last Year's Winning Team

S turtlng LlllellJ)~

IOWII ( 'It.\'

Mah cl' (Co '1 MClll'uon 'I'allman ... Jenkinson Black Mo~.

MIlicI' Gray Padzek /lol'a Lantz



lW R'I' It I,; QB

11 n .. JIB PH

Ih)IIlngSII'Qrth ........ Neel

. Bl'edimUK Seh 11l01'l1llZ

llo •• " OIS()1l

II1Int (C)

.. .... Dru~h

G laOl'alano Tl'ick~y


'I'ho 11l'",nl, waS dit;COl'CI'etl III Ih" cUl'l r JlHI'I of 'he Ihir,1 {,,,al'lc,' lit tho 'h'st re~t ptJrlod whiclt was lukell by Ihp lo",a leulII. Jud( l)I'ees, who was ILs~lsting Ill'. lIa)' ne in I 11111 II!;' and ba ndagin;; Ihe lealll , g1'abbcd lho bottle l'ILc l< \lihleh contained 8ix hottles filled with ","ter alld {lashed ontl) the tield. TCfI Osmaloslll , ro·caplnill of t he Illw"

e l.vell , /0011 tltp f11·.t drlllil ,uHI In\,lncdilliely t llsted till' guwlinll., OSlIlulosld turned to D,'_ '111(1 exclaimed , "Wltltt the bell al'e rO ll

fcediug us, gasoUno!" Scholl1llle,· noUced tho incidenl an(1 imll1Nliutely s lIlclled the wlltel'. Turning to (he Iowa. wattw carrie~ he cjlltu la(.ed, "What are .\'ou doing? Did YOlf I'U (. t his In hCl'C 011 I)W-llOlIe1" WhCl'cupou Ite I)ourod the contents out of live of Ulc bottles, tho Kixth hot hal' lug been tllJnpe'ld \lith.

IVlth thell' footbail togs put away uutll next sp rIng, se Pat's uthletcs \l'lJl begin IraskeLhall d"lillI next Wedne~day. This year'lI leam. suc­CC8S0rS Iv lasl yeur's I)Urochlal state runnel·uIIS. will be bu.1It around threo returning lettermlm.

For [owa Clty-j)icke '·, l\1uXl'Y. J'.!1I1 CI'i:!OIl. Paul , Snldcl'. Cardnrl', Buckley. Me· LaughIJn , TOmpkins. For Mal·shall· town - Pa"I,N', Mal·t/n, Dunham, Wolfc, Whigham. !lube,·, !Jooven, IILable, ]/a,·st,lIl.

o • •

SHAIN 'l'OLD Cvughltn thll.l I he wat~1' had I.Jc~n l'UI'II",1 Ont" the n"ld

In a pail 'bol'rowcd (I'om the NQrthwestern athlell<- ,I~partmelll.

'.rh lUWl!. equ lplnent managel' stated jl was afterward" leal'nc~ tha t the bucket had contaIned gasoline. However Jat''' lJl'eeH said that walel' from th' bucket was used during the enUre fir,t half !lntl th('re IVU" nn complainl of Its beIng tampered wilh. During th~ hn lf Int~rll1l""lon I he water bottles we,' I CL undcl' the Iowa bellch on till' lielcl lind th" pall

was takpll 111 to the Iowa dres~lng rOOm wh('l'o it \\IIR refilled. As sOOIl

us thc gasoline was detected In th~ watel' the /i'lul" ill thl' ),UI'I{Ct waH tested and found lo bo OK. Tho bOlLl $ wen' waslll'd vul and tl", waleI' II'om lhe pall was used durlnS the remnindcr ur Lh" !,'I1I11I'.

'I'he iji ol'ies "r ShlLln ulld II" . Ha yne conflict. lJI'ech is IIOSit/vc lilal Ibe walel' was pure and unlainted in Ihe fil'st hul l' :onol lillli. somCOllc huil mixed the concoctioll dul'ing tlte re&l period. 1)1'. Il:tync was or the op illiou t hut SQIII() "1'''11 gr ade" Ile l'SOI> h,ul 1>I'1'[orlllcd lhc t";('/,.

8U'r when Orecs explained what Ihe Irouble was ul)en ILis "clurn to lho HILwl,e;ve belich, Shai n said, "The 81111l(' Irioll \\'8S IlIulllll last yeal-, ollly they u sed 1<I~ros(Jne."

Ivw .. Tncl<!e

St. Pat's,


Stars Advance In U. High Scramble For All-City T earn

row .. End

Berths -------~---------------. ,

)City Higb Still Kellogg A nnex rp. Hi Cagers Ross Begins Holde-; Majority Takes Co-op Report Monday Trainin~ For H a v c All First On Football Title Coach Wood Says All Jannazzo Bout

II~ "]I)[)I E BRlJo;'I"l;

,,£11" :tOHK, No\'. 6 (AP)-Bal"

, DIck ~leE.tIey, tricky dribbler and sharp·shootlng foward. Chuck Pat­l~rSol1. elongat~d ce nter Ilnd eecond all-state "Ivot man. and Ilowal'il Demel·Y. long·rallge artist. wJli (orm lhe nucleus fOI' Coach Harry Ryan'l!f third basketball leam al St. Pat's.

Harley pinner, reSCl've tOI'ward, (tn!! Johnny Guttier z and Mal·tln Atu·on. substitute gual·d •. wl\l be 011 han" to aid the thrro lell rm·e n. 'l'ht'Mc lh,. c mrn will allC'mlll to fill the places of lhre missing slare, [liI\ Lcuz, Sob ('('en, <IntI paul Car-1·lgg.

J'l'om the qlJI,lity of IIIU tt· "lIti , It. 'sc~ms lhM Sl. pat's chlpf wpakll~sR \\'i11 lie In lhell' defense. In lhll lJU~t. l<' alhcr Ryan. because of til "mall 1r1sh floor, has relied on a: zone defense. Most or his large men have gradualed, however, Itnd none of the back-coUl·t m en of last )'el1r'8 team arc returning. Size ,,'11\ constitute the chlet handicap ot the locals.

Mythical. Eleven But Kell ugg annex cLInched the CU'OIl Positions Open; Only Center, Two Backs Ilorm touch foolball ChampionShip One Lettennan Back

il)1 turnlnt; back K~liogg house, 118

chlct .. Ivai fol' top honol's, by 11 SCOI'C IH'Y Hoss, the weltcl'\velght c ham~ Scol'jng I>o\\ er seems abundunt at

With a. "IJ" "(I uad football IIlIllle pion, came In from Chicago today to tho llOuth slae school. All three ot 1'\le ful/owel's of st. Patrick's or 12-7. stili I'('malnlng on Lh,· l!iv~rmIL~'" I heg-ill trainmg for JZZY Jaonazzo, the returnlll" lettermen can hit the

< • " o~o • • ~chedul~ and lhe stute ('I'O"'-COUI1- • .' .,:' '0 • u ,n c, baSket. Healey ho.s I)(>ell ,. heavY W1l " IV " S ti,", "".ull"(' Inlxed \'itl, tile 1""".1 \'ul"I' <'lll[1 'II)' ,vl""n" "'111 UniverHlty high's foolball tearns 'l'he gump mal'ked tho close of tho N IV Y Ik " ntenAer I Lh Gurden

Coach OSHlo Solem kllOW nothIng of the Inchlenl and Konneth raJ/ied to tI,C support of their re- ~1~·O I:ln~:~~Q~"(:l~:!~S~i~~1 A~~"C~~~~ try meet hultlln;: til<' mu,', Ihin- Nu\. t eorer ror th~ heMt two yearK, and "'1'1"," WIISOII, Northwestorn athlelie director, Was at a loss to understand ~ Ilective stars yesterd~y 10 greatly dllcls from alldltional athletil' a('- Whllt, i3ul'Iley motored tu }'ern. Demer; I~ nott(} tur hIM 10Lla abolS.

o wilh u. I'ct'ord of ~ix victories and no I I N Y t II ut tI e golC)' k '"' Ihe CaUHO 01' "OUl'ce. 'I'hO WildclUS werp enjoyIng a 16 tu 0 half time Improve the position of several ot deCeatR. Kellogg won foul' and lost t!vily. Coach Bill Wood IInwl) In- (a ,'. . • 0 'y 0' 111 S ['u.ller"on w,," Ju.1 h 'glnlling to

augurutPd menlol' of th~ Unlv~I'"lly at his tralnlnC( camp, the New York le"I'n how to usc hi" height to "d-leall ulHl therefore no pl·ankster would havp any rea.on to "drug" the them in today's totals. Ted Ilin·. t I I I clo M He vi 0 ~ • ~ • ,.wo 0 (1"0 l J II' un.. \' high schOOl basketball leolll fe!'IM Htale alhletic conllnl."llIn IlUt It6 0[' val1taffc al the clos<' or last spason.

lolVcw". '{'hr' [ucL l-e<ntUn", IlolV,wer, that tl,e trick was accomplished. man, spnlor end, and Ham rues, wound up tire fall ael'les wllh flvu 8 lillie dc"pontlenl "Vl'1' lhc 1"'08- flcial o. k. fin the 15-I'ound match. Ills I~ay In the state toul'nament crack junior center, both of U. wins agains t a single IOR8. peets uf gctLlng cag(' dl'llI undpl' fuli J.UlIIUZZO and his lTIanagel', Guy ,,~~ almvst S('nsatlonal and If he high. Dick Healey, sparkplug Trlsh The wInners centc l'ed their attack swing I)y the th'st of the we 'k. ,\n8elll1l , tol,1 the commlSlllon it qual'lerhack, and Woody Mahel·. ttl'ound Halold l'eggs and JOhll th a t Id r I atM oj{ "I \\1/1 conllnu~s to hit the hoop as he did

Monday Is slated lu hI' til .. filst C".' l'... os'e' !hen he 11111 make the l!'Ish pros. Jells Norgaal'd, and John Gt'ay, City Moonoy, tbe tOl'l11er Clipping most of oWeial IJractice ""s.iull 1'01' 'hn d( iend the title agaInst Ceterlno

Wildcats Risk Clean Slate At h · h' I ' ~ pects much bMgh~r.

Ig s cousislant favor tes, were tho the )lasses and MOOlley I'ecelving hard-court men. SIIIl'C W(,()t\ has GalCla, IV ~,~ L coust weltel' lIlI([ aholb· DlocP8&n champs alld 8cOlI-tlnlll-choIces of the fans In t"day's ballot' the lll. not com In cOlltact with a ny "r Or uutstandlng ontender, within 60 Is Is In the stale Catholic tourna. Ing. Keliogg counted lhe fU'st IHarkel' 'the I)I"O"I)ectll'p "(lllhHlat('s [or this day'"

Wisconsin; Gophers Meet Iowa

Chicago, Ohio State In Game as Purdue, Michigan Go Ea ' t

record of two deCent::; anti 0110

In conferl'nco warfar~.

That the NOl'I hweslern defeat

I n II S dl I I I melll I¥l ye"l', the Irish cag~r" will Wllh tho Sunday deadlinc ncar· w len .. '!!. <el' ' an 1.'lCl rHn t1l'OUgl y ar'" ~dltlon of I1iv{,l'I1wn u.ih- Ham Plan. one of H08S' handlerx. hI' the larget of eVrl'y team tlley

Uu ing, fans bogan to slaCken theil' cenler for four yards after a acrid 1)lerR, he , tatPll thllt <'VI'I Y Inall ,mule " slmlll,,· pl'IJllllse on behalf pla~'. Ho fa'" ('uach Ryall hasn'l vot/ng. Most ot the red-not football (Ir [lasse" hnt! advancec1 tll .. ball \() that I'epot'l~ fOI ' 11l'ill haH aH 1(0011 fir II", champloll. Clauses binding ~olY:/lleled a schMul~ for tb~ local!

did fana of t)1a city have already sent that pOsit/on. Sand bach's sho rti n. chanct: to make tlw Ipam '" II this wIlt he I IIl'1ullell In contract~ hut I(ume. with evcry l)lil'uchlul lI othlng to cool Minnesota fans to· in thell' votes, but enough remain heave to Dlcl< Millcr in thc encl- veteran. r;,,· lht' fil':ht 10 II ... llIlIer! next Well- team In this plll'L or Ihe Htalo al'o wal'd Bernie Blermall's t am is de- to completely change j.he picture zone wus good (or tho extra point. The ('oll"h Ill,,) aSH'·I·tt'd tllal hI' Iws,ltt,; . to I", huol<pd hy Ihe Jrl"" mcntor

Dy W]LLfAM WEEI\.ES m onsll'(!.ted by Ille fact thaI a homo· lhal now Is pre8elJted. Annex I'rtaliated IVllh a loueh· pxp"cterl 1)('ll\"c" n 3:; or HI In IIIIH",'I' (:'U OIl> ,uIIl ,Iallllazzu nwL last Coach H)an tx not too confIdent IUGAGO, Nov. 0 (API-Norlh- Comi"g l'rowd of 63,000 will walCh In spite oC tire 1"f1ux of vules down f1 few playS latcl' when lIal'u ld hi. l'ulI J\1t1"duy III" ht . Momlwl H "' l k (01' tllo I'lght to fight HoslI. "f Ihr outcunw or his cage leanv

lhe tussle al Mlnnt'a.polis. lrom the Blue and lhe Oreen KUP' peg" skIrted le[l-cllll ll(tel' Iri8 team IIf the :1 , In , II J2 KI"a,le~ IV II I hI' 'J'lII·I" IKIIII ('nd,'" III "draw. Jan · IIIIIK ) " I'. explulnlng that It wlll be weatern, leader of l he dwLndling In tho olher strIctly cOII!el' nce IlDrtel'~, lhe stllr~ of City hlgb 's had taken tho ball up lo the ten "liglhle (UI' varsity CI)III IJPtitll))l. lIa,Z,) WU" given fh'Ht shoL lit lht n hll; jub 10 find call1lble r(' plaN'­I,"llolllli ptlrad," or undefea.ted, un· Pllme of the day, Chicago trtckles underealed nggl'cgation contin ued to YI~l'd stnlle. l'Cgg"' attemp ted Arter Ih" fl l'"1 """"U hilS II( 'e " I'Il11I1'l""n"hl ll whell cOllunlSlllon men(" fOr Rill I,euz. Bob CO"II and lied college gridiron a.rra.ys, ((oes O/J/n Sta.te's faded Sca.l·let Scourgo ilomlnate most of tIle 1I6slUons. place·I,lck WitS blocked alld K ellogg plck d, Coach JOY [{I~tlf'r "III tal(l' i'hYHkluns 1'<'IJ~rtl'(l Ihat (lurch,'s J1aul Cal'l'lgl;. all nwml~l'" "f 11IMt

after tho Big Ten champlollsh lp III Columbus. Encourjiged by vi -tomorrow, !, 'r.l' ovpr W/tsconsill last wee, I,

tht' ~I aroons ho~ to add another 'rhe Wildcats. trill))1p h""t ..J/.YC I·

I1llg hly M illli ola aWL"'" a;;u and :needing only on ~ n1ul'c \'kLuJ'Y LO bring NOl'thwcst~1'I1 Its tir"t undis­puted tllI e III I ~i~' 'f." footba ll history, will "11'111;: Ull WIsconsin's hllUorec\ aaugel'o IJcfol'e 30,000 spec· tators al Evanston, In ques t at that vlotOl·Y. Tho figures do not otter b. hInt that 'Lynn Waldorf's great m achln mig ht Call lo r.each the ~I tle goal.

S'lnce lhey pl!!.y aix: cOllee l'ellce games, l he only team In the league Illayiag m oro than (Ive, the sharp clawed Wildcats call cJ/nch tho 'hamplonshlp by winnIng tomor­

I·OW. ProvIded thcy take care of Wisconsin IlJl expected, they '~1lI itttel1'lpt (0 1I0lidify u. claim to no.­tlooal honors agalllst Michigan a nd Notre Dame In tlW n ext two weeks.

Ol)e l'atlng rOl' Lhe last time ot th~ j;umpalgn on its home t leld. North-western will pcur Its power on a: team that ha$ not won ono ot Its /tou_ maJur engagemonls this sea­IlOIl. NorlhwcstCl'n w)/1 be in top condition, Its gl'eat triumph oveti Mln.nesota having been achJoved without a serious Injury. WI~col1sln , PII the olher hand, wi ll be ):landI­capped lJy injUl'le~ to Its two m a In threats, tu llback Eddie Jankow9kl jlond end Fred Benz, a cle ve r puss· ~·ecelver.

, White Northwestern seeks Its title vIc tory, Mlnncllota wlll attemll( t o sturt another winnIng s tring III the eXI)enee or lowa. Beaton Il8 Ihoy tried to mn ke It 22 con­IICCUUVO trlumPl1s last week , but UIOt convinced a bellor tcam did It, the Cophers are expccted to lake It out on the hapless Hawk,eyes. Unnble to ~h8ke Its great hnck, /illppery Ozzle SImmons, loose fOl: ' onr touchdown runs, I owa m oetR

the. I~olent aOp'her~ 'backed by . a

uJlset to lhe /leasOll'. collectlon. Tho odds a l'o against them, although the BuckeY,es will \)e handicapped by thO absence of Tippy Dye, In· Ju red baok, a nd John Bollrldgo, who becam e scholastically ineligible this week.

l-'ul'due's Bol1e l'mnl<el'H and MIchi ­gan will carry the Big '.ren stand· ~I'ct east for, illtersectional strut;­g le8, mckling poworful Fordhal11 and Pennsylvania., I·espcetiv.ely. In­dlllnn. entertnlns anoth I' castel'n e leve n. SY"acuNr, at Bloomington.

Marquette, thO middle west's hot­~e.t Rose Bowl cand idate, seeks Ils IIlxth straight tl'lumph against Marchy Schwal'l.' CreIghton eleven Itt Omaha., wh ile NoIre Dame reo hOws Its rivall'y wlth Navy al BaL-tlmore.

Strickland Outpoints Max Marek in Start

HICACO, Nov. 6 (AP)-Maul'icc Stl'lcklltnd , young hcavywelght or Wellington , New Zealand , made his AllIel'leun debut lunlgh t by decisive· Iy defeating M,\x Marek, Chl)llgo, In one of lhL' c bouts In the 'hlcago IIta(/Iu lll ~n w hl h fOl'eig!n boxe were hca/Jl lned.

St!'lckl"nd, a lrulg llt )Junehe l', won .H e dropped s ho!'t punch ~ on the chIn (If the stout hearted Marek with unolTlng accu­moy, but WIlS unable 10 upset him . Ma l'ek WM Ill"' tty" un 'h~ det nSl v~ II l1d II CV~ I ' thr~llten ed ('XCCllt III l he n inth round whell I,,· cOline teu wltl) a lett hook to t he ,body that sLowe~ till th l' la/l Now 2'.cala ll<l r t.w II


18l H, 182; ~ I Q I'e l<

Only threo m en, Rles and Worn- I ad 7 to G at lhp hulr. OVCI' the NeV"lIlh lllIli plghth 1;"1",,1- "Y'" 1Ir1;;ht II"t h"cll III tllI1~ rv,' It YNlr'H Mtrollg outfit. bache!' of If. high, a nd Healey 08 Eal' ly In th e "('co lid fmllle Mooney CI'S and tho IIlelt1bpI'H o[ tll(' IIll1th tllI(' f/llht lhlM 11I01ltll . L"ollowlng Is Ihe IIICOl1lplplf' "cherI. at. PatrIck's, now oocully lliaces took a t hrow fl'om peggs a nd "aced STude wbo "live nl)t be.')} ""HI"II1''' (:""g',' 1''' .... aS""S, (:ul'{·I ... '" lI1an- Ulo or gllmrs for Lho [rlsh rager': On the mythical elevens first team. OVOI' fUI' l ho fina l "uti wtnnln~ taU),. to th" varsity '<lua(] to (II"galllzo aS~I·. II'US I':lvt'n pc, ml'HlolI 10 hook Doccmhc',· 13t-81. Wenrr"lau~, Healey gained his place [0 1' the first Peggs t ried to pass I'or the extl'a a junior hlgll t'am. the 1,'IIIpiIlO In sl·ve ... " tuneup en· thCI'/, lime yeSlerday hy pLUng up a huge l1Uint hut could nut got the ball Klslle,' will also 1"".\1' eha"I>~ or gugement, In the meantime. DecemLrr Ilh-ll1lma ulate '»1-llllll'gln in yesterday's voting over away In lime Rnd was deluged be- the 80phomore8 whu do Ilul rate TIO"" will lIel down to h"l'o wor" C~ptlCIll, hOI'e. tho fOl'lTIe r leader, Bill Bucl<ley of neath the Kellogg /ine. tho first 81rlng I\ggl'cgation. Hoth MondilY . ,hlllnaZl'.O will do his tl'aln- J)ecemiJ I' IRth-WlltulI JUllctlon.

'1'he winner's IIne·lIll Included III~ 111 ~v mllaul'um hel'p City hIgh. The mnrgln of dlUer· Ihe ]LUllor high and Hophomur4 ~ a ~ 0 •

John HIll, DOn LIJuden , /lIlITy Long, ~-

two sta ndouts. !lJ1d J ~I'I·.Y B,u·telt "l tho [ol'warda games. KCllllCtt AnnollncC"

)1('1"(' •

De PnllJrr 22 I1d-8t. hel·c. (tcnlal/vrl

Ambrose, enco Is very slight belween t hese squaels w'll/ playa full schedU le of I --wlLh John MooneY . f' I'ILz Stotta a n(l "

Rle~ of U. high I ngthenod his Humid Peggs In ""' bllt'kflcld. . 111:~e<l llinm"" iM tilt' II) I/)' rdul'II - Co-e.1 'Golf Plans JllnUIlI'y r,th - tlt. I'tttrkk'a (( '. It) lead over his neal'es t compeUlOl's, I:' Ipttrnnun Jc)!' thl:-i Kl'ft.flOn'" U hCl\'

j{cl/og~ hatl Don U'Uuw. A rl Dick B lack 0 1' Cily h,'gll in ynS_ • Iin c-ull. Hlnlllan "Iii hI' rll;htill" JUlllllll'Y RI II-"'I. ,IUMU llh 'H (H. I.) , . , LlndllT 'no ./oe II"rl'ls, L,'crn Woght. M "

l el'daY'H vole . . Two City h igh full· (01 ' the flrl'it stlil1g ('('JIII'I' hC'rtll . .\11 a(t1'lHpl I", III'IIIB madp to f()I' llI thel'P, ,. k ,. d L t 'I'" Itlld h'rltz ClornmenSl:'n In the Une. 111 uddlt/on \I'ood hll.~ /LulII H!,·s. " 11'01110.11'. "olC dull, cmnl)lI!K'd on Junl. I' I"tl 11I1I11I1('lIlal,' con. u,,~ S, vray a ll a n Z, a"o C '"ag- W"l/llll' Han\lhuch , 111cll",1'(1 M,lIIoI' M" } • I NI in a c10~ baltlo for the full bacl< CUI'C of tho Orvil/!' :,khllo('\lI'l('n, unc! II hOHt IIf ''',IIWII MluliolllM III the UniverSity uf "('I)tloll, thc're. posItion, while HInman is c lose be· ~~~-~a~.~:~l:ll~l o~~aO~.~R~QOk olher candldutrs whll havo seell /(111',1. "('cU I'ullll; to Chlll'lcs Kennell, Jalluul'Y 15th St MII.I·y'H (1. a.), hind AI Miller In the I'aco for the SOITIl' IIction III 1"' ,'vlulI" YClll'" rrllm eo,lI'h or the Ullivel'alty gole squalls. 111'1'1-

011(1 llosllion opposlle Jens Nor, whom tu 1,lc'k II starling aggr~ga- ('oaell /{('III'OIL sahl that the re 18 .IIWuul·y Illth -St .• l ol!Cllh·~ (R. 1.),

gQD.)'(l, who ha, pract/cally c illl'hCcJ Kentucky Foothall lion. L cl)n~I(il'rable amount of golf rna- her~ . hIs poslllon. 'rh(' VlU,",ty "' ..... "'" 111"'118 on Dec. it'dll l In tho [''''~d rank" and thuL .January ~llt h-St. Pall'l k's (C.

Pcrhaps the most tOl'l'ld fight 01 Hampered by Snow 4, and It Is I'xpecled Ihlll the 0/111- l~ /-111011 t('am can 1,0 ol·ganlzod. R.I, lhel~. ~ll Is beIng waged fo r the halfback omOr" and .luniul' hll(h t IIl11s will ~Ialchr" wltll women members ot ["eI)I'U,u'y r.th-tllliver.lty high, positions. Wombachel" U. hlgb's N IiJ W YORK, Nov 0 (API-'rake It be Ol·j(ltnl,.,ed ahout thal time. lltal'hy golf clubs are In luded lit her flpeedy capta in, has a rIve hundred fl 'on( Chot Wynne, coac h of old 1)j'CSPI1l pIons. Febrllul'y 12th-Wilton JUIICt/OIl , point lead over all competitors, but Kentucky, Its not true wbat thoy, Westeru Uuion Is II tOllrn.,mellt lo d~ollh' lho cham- ther' the othel' J)o~llIon ' seems to bo II suy about Dixie. »I"n W0I1111n bUICUI' III the unIversity l~el.)I·ua,.) 11th- St. Mal'Y's (t. C.), toss.up belw en Keith Hora, 01'- Ln tOWI) wllh lhe I olllucky squ,lll Defeated 14 to 0 will II!' Iwl(1 .. I"" III ,'Oll ll t'otion with t h~r[' . 'V Ule SChnocbelen !l1ll1 E ldon Pari- 10 ph.y M,nnhattan, Chot's first CO 111. ;110 1)1 (Igl'am. ' ---------------zel(, At pl'eacnl HOl'n bOMl~ tl, phtlnt wu.tl that he wasn't able to SJfHINGli'lI·:LD. 8. D .• NIJ\.'. Ii Thmu.'1 Intl'l 'cHtotl In becoming a,

tlhgllt lead over Schnoebelen. j1cI'lI1lIl1Ut;P llis leam IIIi week be- (AP1-Houllwnl Nnl'ln: LI ~uilego ,'011' 11" ' 1111,81' or tilO IPlllI\ Ill'''' I'Ntu ~tOd

Mennlon and SnIdeI', and Maheu ,nd Gal'dna l', City hlgh 'H gUlll'd ILlld tackle comblnallons, have wha~ Ilppear to be 8u[ e leads ove l' lbelr

, l..eadel's at one end of la~t nlgh t'~

balloting arc:

E ndS: Norgaard , City high, 4094: Miller, Cily 11lg h, 2907; Hinman , UniverSity high, 2728; J . Maher, CIty hig h , 2188; Neubauer, 8t. Pat's, 738; Cllrmody, st. Pat'~, 712: Ket'I' , City high , 689; b:mm olls, Cily hIgh, 438; Cl1m plon, University 111gh, 212.

Tackles: W . ~{aher , City hIgh, 4080; Gardner, City high, 8048 ; MOBS, City high , 2307; Carson, Unlveralty hIgh, 214 2; Galo lls, SI. Pat's, 1086 ;

(See GRID POLL, Puge 7)

0l>U80 oC the SIlOW. ve l'led II 2;; yal'd 110KS alld a 35 yard III lul'll III th ". numes til Coach "Can you ImagIne lhat! SHOW III hlO illln Il 101 111 II viclory ovel' \VP"t· 1"'1111' tI I hiM rail so url'auSement ~

Dlxlo '11 lhl . lillie of tbe yeal'," ex, el'1I 1111111 ('!JIIt'go or 1,0 Mal'H, I"., mn 1)(> IIkHle 101' wl llll1r pl'acl l cc~ 111 Claimed W y nnc. "Tills club or mIne hert> today. I ho rteld hnUijf'. nceds scrl mmag and r haven·t been! The p olntlll'N Hl·tIl',·d !'lll' ly In "11> -----,,--able to g ive It to them ." soo lid 'Itllllte l' aftt'l' II dl' lvo to tM

"r think tho two best teams In We"tcl'" nl'lll 2" yard IIn l) whero the ~outh are Alabama and L. S. Fitzgeralrl flipped tho bull 10 L,'o l'­U. A laMma Is just coming now. tell fOI' tile touchdown. They should beat Tulane tomorl'ow," Suuth('ril "cu~d again In thl) he pl' dieted, fOUl'l h qlJarl~r "s lellzgemld to uk

tho bali Olt 11 sPlnn,'r Jl llI.y lIlIl,u!!h TexllB 'l'ech Wbu; tho 1111(' ali(I 11111 3G yards tor lhe

LU;;HOCK, Tex., Nov. 6 (AI')- ti ~cond Illllrkor. 'Wcstl' l'n Union 1'0' 'rho Red Raldel's or 'roxas Tech covored It hOmo teum tu 011)10 on tho Ilroved lao s trong tal' the Oklahomllo ,fIve yurd line a few mIll utes ear· A, and M. elevcn he re ttXIay and lI~r 10 slulld off " Aool'lng thl·eat. defeated lhe Oklah'omnns, 12 to O. ' jjoullwl'n a, llftIlCl'" to W'es tel'n 'l'he Tcxa nR 8co l'M their touch · Unloo'. thl 'eu Yltr.1 1111 as the gll rnL' lIvWII~ 111 the Cil'st and lhll'd P91·lou. e lided.

W rustlers to Elect Captain for Sell80n

I~lt'dlo ll \If lowa'8 wre8tUllg cap­lain this ) Ill' wIll IK' "VITI time 1n NIlV~lllh"I·. Uu~ lo th uncortalnly \If 1011(1)' lI1 11n I'~ lIrn lng, lhe mltL 1"1\111 ,1/11 11\11 ~I Cl " ~tlJlta lll l!II!t Y lll·. '['he' "klimet- wi ll be ohOll4ln from I he hle,1 On the varsLty SQUAd who _how tlw \)(,Rt ohflncee (o r mak­Ing tI;" t"tilll. Lasl), r 'B cAPt ... ln W(l8 l i1"(tnlt ()'LClll'Y or hCl'okeo, B

belLI) I'>clght.

Entry Blllnk8 "or 8(Ufketball Go To

Fmternlty Hetld

Lfu'I'Y GI·I.wold, ,Ih't'cltll' ot lM III lI'IUII 01· ... 1 a.lhlolic IlI'ogrPJlI , 11M 18· BU.! III1'y hhlllk. Itl rmternlly Itth. I tic- mallu!!"er. fOI' th~ rl' 8hman bW!k~lball 8('[[8011 which ' will opell next 'I'uc.day evening, '1'1\" gam I'Chrd ul(, hu.s nut tu4 yt'l bt.'lln ('0111 ·

pll'trd. 111 UI'II(H' to l'UIIl))ctt' 111 lIliK fWt' ·

tl on or Inll·ILluu,..IH, thl' cuntfll!Uult "'lis t have a (l'e8hma n Iltl1l4!Uc rlOnlC­Inll' In th~ unlv~I·8Ity . Od.wQld urgflt1 (11 11 <' 11th " ' flUflj.(N'H In 11'"

l urn tho entl·y blanks 118 8\10n 11M

1108l1 i1Jl ,

Seul'e by period .. lowa City .. 7 0 0 6-1~

l\lll.l'BhallLOWn 0 0 0 0- 0 ottlclale : Duke (Grinnell). l'erCICe;

Johnston (IOWa), umpire: Kalten· bach (LB.T.e.), hca.d linesman.

tJy J I\CJ{ ""',\'l'SON Dally lowan , ports Writer

FRANKLIN FIELD. MAR· SHALLTOWN. Nov. 6 (Spec­ial to The Daily Iowan)­Iowa City's colorful Little Hawks filed one of the first strong complete bids for the IOwa state prep gridiron HUe here this afternoon by en· gineering a 13 to 0 victory over the local Bobcats in Marshalltown high school's first homecoming_ demonstra­tion in history.

The invaders scored in the first and again in the last (ramp to \\ Ind up H sp(>ctacular

und~fl'atM ~caSU Il whlt'h stretched

lhl'llU 'h nln., gtllnc~. among which

",{lr, numbt"I"l'u tfom{l' or tho Hltong· e.t ol1l)o~ltli)n In the fllatc.

lIawklets Undereated Thl' Uttll' Hal' kR, who two \\'~e/oj

w;o e,lllbUshed htelll.clve6 I1t the tUlI or the 1I11ssl8Hir)pl Valley con· ference by trimming tht' ,tI'ong Du· huque el~ven. won eight of tbelr nIne gurneR, tho other being!!. score' 10l!s draw wIth Clinton midway lhmu!!'h t hp "caSOIl.

'.rl", chilled crowd of "pwUl'lls u thoul!Und hUlllecomer" I\ero denied the prlvl/{'ge or sCl'lng any uniqua or "hlppct· dill/Jcr" otfenslve exe· cutlons ,by the Rt!tl and 1I'hlte viall' ol'S /.,ee'au." the ,nl'n or Coach Hero Conntlek (' m I' I u Y /' II absolulely Mlmll;"ht L""thali (() ~u[,m~rl'(o till' 10<'1L18 1I lid.,. t Ite hi 'I; '.t "zal'gln ac· l'l' llt"11 hy th" laltel' I hl~ y,'ar.

OnlY 1'16)8 W('II Alter I h" flr.( offll'lal kickoff

w,," /'1111('d ha('I< bprll.UBe JI1 ..... hall. (U'11t was o((~ld/'. the Dobcat~ ogalJl klck('" 0[( til 10"" City. (JulU'tel" 1J(I(' lc .,1,11 11 Oruy. who plil:yed his ix'st !;uml of the ~" I' hCI'O totlay, taklllg thl! Itatlll'I' on hl8 own 30 alld glll/ul,ln!;' oacl< 40 )Urd8 to tho 0l)l)osltlon '8 3U. Til 0 IllaY8 Cell Just 8hort of a first dO\\ n. 'I'he)} 'o-CUpt. Woody Muher' klllCc" lhl'oulfh thn cenler of th~ line tur a first dow" "n Lhe !.lu/)Cal lB.

A Ilt'nu.lly h<'lIIt'<I lv,,,, Cily to I;" l lU the !I YIlI'U llne, whel' ji'rlulk 'J'IIIIII\,," ,,,,8 1'lIl/cd buck 10 plu nge. lTIal<ln/!, lIf1uthl'I' (J1'8t dUWII. 011 It

fUlII·til u"wn lIa... 1~ ldon ['urllck gr .• hllt'll til(' hall '/I lho ~nd lIOllO

frum IKelth Itoru, th other fled lJ. "i1 Il\lut, [LIlli IIIW" (Ily a llpar· (' lilly hu.1 'lll 1'1 cd Illl\lth~r relelll· Icss 8c')lln' ItlLatk.

PI.y ('tlJll~1 !lu.'I( Hilt tho lIla}, Wltft called iJ«ck /)C.

eaU.l' tlw !t,ft "kI(, (,I IOWa Clly'~

IInc \I II~ offNIdc. A 1I0th I' \Jass intO tb~ end Wile ~IIJl/lrd lIu'Ough Pari· 1. k'~ Clng:ti'M.

CIIJlt. Uoh J lunt quIck Itlckrd OIL tM finn <Iuwn fl'l)l11 his ow n 20, hut lllll lIu ll! travelc<l (lnly 11 Yardl beru,'o golll uUlldd, Iwd when thO bull 'v,," HI I I" 1,IIlY "guln. Pnriillk "'~llIlll' I'eLl "It lhOl! U IIU·tI~ "IIM l.Jl~k ,Ivw II 10 I h(' ~o. A low p"y' 1aII'I', IIII'I ' Iloro. 11'1 l:,u b(ld collal.JvlllLt'd /'1 lI'UII~ 0 first dowl! 1111 II ... "II/hl Ylltl l 1111\', llul'u rif le" II <I 11I1I'0ll,II I "U ~ to l'ul'lwk, whO HIIIIICI,~1 II III hlllll 11, Ioolde oC lIemlc" rol' tllll ,h'HI ",'VI'O or Ihe

gllm . 1101'11 's I{kk Good

Il ora hootud It IJCl'f~ct plllcclIlenl ror the e.tll'll. poln!.

II I JlI/el ' . kIc kOff fur ('I t)' hlgll W..,; 1>11(1'" hy I he U.,b(· llIS ull theh' OW II all. alld Inlllledlat Iy tho local, HL't lh\'ll' IIrl"IISlv IIlllchlllO In IlO'

tloll, ('Imlkln/i [III I~ flrHt /lo\Vn "a thl'lr 46 I))' tI ' elld ot the tI,·. fIUf1.'·L I'.

Th H'Nl ur I IH' qnll.HI,r W/ IH

tol1l/'hl lIIo.t1y lit n, l,ffII' M, ~&eh t!leo \J.I~ W K 1.~1'!l, Ptl!Ie 7)

SATURDA Y, NOVEMBER 7, 1936 -:::: ~ . . i ..... ~ ... ~ i

East High, Des] 30 Schools In State Expected To Enter'Meet

Hawk (COli UI, Ucd

tco.m gelli ng 11 1

was ablo to COlli

1'lIl1l1lng lIA.lacl(

tlonillg woll. Illil

An ] C C on li)('I I' way 1

l lIua ross ollnlry 1I0lli when Joillt

Run S))oot!oJled ,By n 1/11Jj~ Gild I'an t

140• , University, Nov. ~4 S~lel

Lloyd Steph! A huH minuto l 'lI~h or {l lIlI'II'N 1M lho next )}ay I

elpooted ro,' Ule state high He l1llvl evm" Ill' owlpl Intcf>cholnstlc cl'os. counl,.)' l'Un LO M 11101' a nd COl be held 1\'ov, J4 i ll I ()\Hl ell)' Ullfh'I' OW/ I :14. II,. ausJ)le~s of tho lInlvOI'Hlly "III- ,),," t lit tho I lttk dl'partm~nl. ' L' lle 111'e~lIt I'OHh'I' a 11(,lll lJ l t or r

of i!C 11O()1~ l'ntcl'ed Shuw" thul, II or ~y tuklnG" li m tho anticlpl1led 30 Ins titution. h .. ,· ~ side 01\ his 011

fil!d Iheh' OIl[l'leR fOl' th~ meel. thl'ough 1lI0~t ( c I'QW ber ol'C II

Htol'lJcd hit

Maher 81

\'he lIlajol'lly of the sc/lools havo tnl(>rcd men In the I'rg'uhu' Cl'UH~ m~n co,nll,. mce or on~ and nlll - lellth~

In l he t hl"11 ell y I'unnlng u

IIgall\ Ilno lIV1'II

'L11 C Jlnwl<lcts punt when SIt !)o~nce orf hIs alo)'t Mlllle l' 8eo ed lumbel'ln!\, Stel)h ns had I 10 lIa lt him, h next pillY II ml: " wlltl ]lUSS frl by M"l'sllalltoll

miles. u1though UH'I'C Is ("oI1Hid('l'alJ lr)

Inl .... t in th~ shol·tol' one milc leu III race, Thr nllie rac(' Is the ..eCOIIU annual run or Ito lype and Is IIl1lqu Inlhe III'e l) tllHLanCo l'ul\11.Ing el "eles 0' lhls counll·y·

'nam~ Lhat I1llve ail'ead)' ('Ilten'" .,ea include Roosevclt ot COUIlI' IIIIplds, six Illell In the CI'O~H coun­IrY lUll and rive In thc milo team rll", Nashua, I'unnlllg JO ill lhe t",m nICe only; Conesville. nlnc en­Irani' 101' lh ero". cou n try cha.e; Grand .Junction. wllh six III (he 10""1' run: Mechllnlcsvlll . six mcn t. rotC i1t the cross cou ntry event: umOllt, sill In the hlll·and-dale.

Clarence, five In the chaSe over lhe hills; ],;ast h ISh vf Des 111 OIIlOS,

A \lclayed p, 111 "adel·.' 38. '11 Hlophcn::l Wrlg the Red a ll ll 1

clClll', but lu ~

great derel181~

tripped gattlng defonso una !Ii Lbo Iowa CJty

UWe lLel'c Iowa C

8BHn I'UIlIH'I'M In tile tongcl' 1'[l.('O

and ~IX In tilll mile ('vent; McKJnlcy or C dIU' RallldB, seven ontrants In cacll; Vlnlon, .Ix I'unner" fOI' the flrsL tilDe ot I Cr<1lll country run; ul\beaten Unl- deren.!!lve unit, ver~ly 1,1111, or Iowa City, seven il\ ally b''Caldng the longer chase; Flneheol'd Con- Cllts' most ctt~ ~Ildaled of .Janea,lIIe, 10 In the vcrs. an end S" rl'Olll count ,·y; Burlington , 10 mCIl Glan'alano w In the hill·and-dalc event; lind tacklo for nO t Urluda le oC Des Molncs, a new Frantic nOw i!Chotol in the ~t"tc prel) cll'clcs, two {utile pa; .. Villi rUnners In th" OIlCII counll'y were Incomplel ch~n!r. Ing Into (he

Ttl!" )lr('!oIE"l1t t("nnl chalilHlul1~ UI'c.

th~ tlel'ennia! stl'Ollt; Ea.8t blgh ot ne. lItolnc. chasers wllo aJ'e ex­pected to malle another strong bid hem lIext Satul'dllY when th y start Ihe indlvluual chumpwn oC lasl year! Verllon BV;lIu~. in [lll cftUl'l t'l rbi' the ;;ollrl\lolI once Illaill.

'fhe dcadlllle lor olltrll" I" Mun­day, Nov. ~. by \\bi('h time u. total

20 second l'cn period, Iowa CJ Oil Its own 20. his old "lItee I IJosl, calleq, (0 fOI'U1alJon.

Buckley (1'he Hlpnilcl'

aculvu$ly OSCIl he lIurt/[od II l:Iobca.ts at lh'

or 30 competing t"ams is I'xpccted Ik wus /lalted to be on lil_ roslel'. .ccondal·y, bu

'I'h(' (',.0., ('ouIIII'Y acrai!' \\111 he picked up It

held ov r a. one and nine-tenths and ill'okc (or miles Sl'Ct/Oll of the varsity eOUl'SO on finkbine golf course and '11'1/1 Sl81't at 11 a.m . Tho mile team

Scvellty·(h'o finally dunwec Stephens sleat to pull him de line. The. ,'un lho thIrd pede


race is to bc 1'1111 on clljllcl'S both around the stadIum and on the lrack just cast oC there. Spiked shoos will be permlRsi"le In bOlh

l Woody Malic

eV:~~'he alternoon the pn til'e flold plungo on th of actual competltol's, pluB one rep- fourth canlo. umentaUv(' (I'om pach H<':hool. wtll JIue t:IUl'gcll. to

mass was unp be tbe guests of tbe 10\\a ulhlettc ()(l tho 'ball 01

department ut Ih e Iowa-PUI'duo [ootbllli gamc.

Awards for the two events In­clUde ~ team tl'ollhy [01' the el'OSR country l'un, place ribbons IS' lho first 25 [lnlshers In this I'llee, III tcam "'ODhy to thp milo I'II.CO vlc­Iors, and ril:lbons to thc fir'st Lii finishers 111 lhe mile race pl'ovldod Ihat at least rive teams arc entel·ed. The enlrles fo(' fou I' teams hl1vd already been I'ccclvc<l, 80 that II. Held of five 01' mOl'O toams Is pmc­tlcally assured.

lCo-op Ca;' Drill Daily For Season Opener I Asplrllnt~ fOr bCt'lhl!l 011 lIw {'tJU lj P

"alive dormltol'y ClUfi'o l smB nrll bu,lIy pl'acliclll~ ('very afternoon .lIh Ihe oJlenlll1!' cOllle~(s just two <lays off. Bloominglon. lasl year'" wlnncl'.

Then O,.."y, ° ball il'om BI th"ouG"h a~l1t("

Tho ball WIU or In the b'Y and HOI'tl.'a k get awuy. Tlu with lolV'" Cl~:

lIfn ... lo.aJltowl 1ll01'<) fIrst <I. pus_lllg' II.ttu.cl< field, but /loll. Grar stopped W!lS In nlldClel

Jus&. E Iowa. .cUy It

hard enougb 1

speclal bra.nd any lellg~h 0

nlllg play. w Oil 80me oC IJ talllly.

Thl! enlh'e t CUIJtainN 11011 In their usual and Uou SnIde Mllr.halltown a well·knlt 01'

WM tl tN'I'OI' rtl'sl half, III

'to\ll1('''', hilI' 111 th II uot cntel'jng tlw'm competition

this seusQn, /)ul I(pjjolfll" annex, tile I1lOvcIIlcnL8 a runnerlfo ll)l, haVe (lnlored n. .team oJlly " Iltllo /l

"hlch loomK more !lo"' .... lul than lL I, dlrCcl'ellt Ih,lr 111111 IIln IPI·'. oulIit . Glty ha,l p ia)

... ~ IL (./w toth Man~ and Wilson will o,,'m 1108- Howove,'. I

till lies 0 11 Nil .... 0 nt 7:0U II . 1l1. 1(,,1- thcy I kcd logg and .Iettel·soll meet Whel- that had the) !lones all'l Ollhlea l'eSI)or llvcly 0 11 the same ev nlng.

All lilt. will be /1111) ('<I "II (l0())' I It Iho rI Idhollso un Monday untl \VetlneHdny pvelll"gH, II Ith Lhl' e !tams pin) Inl': UII !'ael! n~htft.

The BChe~lIl 18:

havc sluod 0

lOllI/hip cu ll bc Tho vlotol')

;otll.ltd lllu.u of Cill Lu~l


\11I[;(}1, ·M8.nKe-Nov. 0-7:00 P. m. "Ilil ClIlI l OI1 lIelloKg·WholRtoll Nllv. 9- 7: 1~ Oll t/oll vlclo,

h 1(\

Mfer80n·Gnhl 8-Nov. 9- 8:30 I'. II

\\lisoll.Kellogg-Nov. Ll ·7.00 p. III

Jcfrerson ' Kellugg AIlII(' x-Nov. I J

m \Yllsou ,Joftl

P. J1I.

Whe lstutlo_ 1'\0, I n ,

Kellogg· n.1 -;:11 p. m. M,nBe. Whellltolle-Nuv. lJ-8:ao' m

~ I!J. " r/J80n-Kel

1\JI80n.GllbleH- Nov 16-7:00 I) . 1l1 . 7:0 I .>. It'\.

ManlJe-,lcfrel'.on-Nov. 16-7,4G p . Manti 'Olibl III Whe l s l u l1 o-

Kellog~ellog All lIt'x .... NIJV. 1'; M':' I!' III

-8:30 p. m. l .... ' .... " Kell 111180n-lWhCt.lol1O-NOv. 18-7 JlU 7:U I p. 111.

~ \II

1/II IUle.J{oll --NOv. III


1 8-7~<Ui P.

;1.8-8:80 p .

K ollogg- J e l J' . 1''1.

'''hetBton .. Jl>Ulo.

toO aim to State hv Decisive U~defeated

LE .. 1101Ilng~wor[h III' Neel La ,.. Ikedlmu~

C Schmoranz ftU flOggM R'l' OIBQn Itg lIunt (e)

QB lJnl.h II JJ Giarratano


1.' il Sh'ph 11 ,

l~ol' 10wo. CllY­ji:lOc,'tlO 11 , Paul,

Grll"\ln~I ' , BU<'kley, Me· , Tomllklns, For MIlI'Shnli. Park~r, ~11I-"t1n, Dunnam,

higham, Jiul)6r, lIuo"cn,

7 0 0 6-13 o U 0 0- U

(Orin nell). r\!fcl'c~;

(lOll'a), umlllre; Kaltcn· T,C,). hcad Iincsl\lo.n.

.JA('K W/'T~ON port WriteI'

RUN FIELD, MAR· , Nov. 6 (Spec.

Daily [owan)­colorful LitUe

filed one of the llrst complele bid' for the

prep gridiron tlUe is afternoon by en·

a 13 to 0 victory he local Bobcats in ltown high school's

ng_ demonstra· history,

invadet's scored in the nd again in the last

wind 111' H S)J('clncular

"ca~l)n ",hkh stretched

nl.>(,rN "om" or the ,trong' In the etatc,

Umlplealetl kR, who two wl'ekg htmne Ive. at the

MI8SI •• iJ111I Valle)' con· trimming the Htl'ong Ou'

won eight of their the othel' beIng a scoro' wit h Clinll>" II1ldway

crowd ul UI)\\'W'dM U

huml'Com('''H W ')'f' uenled "r Hcelng Ilny Ynlqu

<.111'1"'1 '" orCcn.lve exe' tlw It:tl and White visit·

t' '" I) I u I' " d "IIsollltely ""I,tl)oll III Nu[,merg() the

I' till' hlllii "t IIIBI-rin !LC'

tho Illtle" IllIg y!'nr, G rlly l'm) 8 WeU t h~ [Ir'l .. {[Ielal klckoll

Mal1!ball· til!' Buhenl. again

til [!)WIi City, (/ului r· (lI'ILY. \I hI) 1,1"y d hl~

u( the >. "hcl' loony. Il'ntlu',' on hi. own 30

n/f bllck 40 ),u,'d. to IIw n'. 3U, Two play. frll Jusl U. first down. 'rhen Co-Calli ,

IW,· knifed through tho

hell",tI 10"" City tu ~ yanl line, whcl'c l,'rallk

"aH l'allet! huck to Illunge, ullolher f1,'s t duw n. on II

n ~11lPI J:;Won I 'Ilrllek hull III thM end ZOllO Huru , the uthOr fled

lUI, unu lowo. (Ily allpQf· ltl .tm·l d all()tht'r 1'\lICnl'

atulek. ('tlilcd Uadl

pitt)' WIll< called bllck be· leCl ~I(J(' Il/ Iow«. ClLy',

0((81<10, Anothol' 1>_ loto zonM .liJ'l.rtJ through Pari· gel' •. i-JoIJ Ilun t It"lck Iclrkf'd till

down (l'om hl8 own 20, u"1 tl'llvch'!I <lnly lJ yarde

outBid • und when th~ I" "IllY lIlJ.ulll, Pal''-''k

1)1 r thtJljo 11 nnl8 l'trbL II t" til(' ~O /I. few Ilia.,,'

I lora H"t! t;I'U~ bad II) ,"ul,,' rlrHl dow'l yar.1 iJlll', Hlll'u rlt ll'~

1"1 M til l'u"lto'k, wh~ III (1'0111 It hortle of

ot thf

0. 11 ,'fcUl placement point.

klck"rr 1'111' 'Ity h l~h i1y thl' lJolJrtil" un lhol r

Ilnll Inlllledilltely lho locale o(f"IlKlvc IIlllChllll! III ao­

u ~ " I,,'ot Ilv\Vn vh the end ot th l1r"

of till' fllllu' Lt'r W/IR

fli 1111.(".'1<1. ~ach IV KI.JJ:TS, I'l1lIe 7)

East High, Des Moines W ill Def~nd Its State Prep Harrier Championship Here Saturday 30 Schools In \ Hawklets--< ~\a\e 'E cted \\.!onllnll.eil f~Qm p~" Gl

'to'tu\er'Meet teal\) gelling «. brett\< whIch n.elthel· was l\bl to convel't. MUI."1,,,jllown's 1'\11) nlt)ll a~UwIl ~ med to b" luna-tlo\llntf well, \l.ull lhll ;Bobcatll w~rp

I ' un 111(0\" wny lO tho nell DevIl"' A.nnual Cross ,-,oun\r)' 110111 When John aO'lLY hauled dOli'll

Run Sl.00 'orerl ,By a PS.HS s.nd I'an to lhe Marshalltown . N IW,

U nlvel'8ity, (tV. 14 Stepbell8 h,tercepls

,I ia.1 mlnulo rush or I!lltllpM I. apected 101' Ihc ~tal8 hl!{h "chool InWbCholnstJe CrO"A cquntry I'Un to

I..luyd Stephena Tcclpl'OCllWd all

tho next play Cor t he .locals. I.ow· eve ." uy swIlling 'Halla's va8S to M Iller and comlng down on his

be ~,Id Nov. 14 III IUIIII City lIIIlI(',· OWl) :14 . Ih, aUHplrcH of ti '" unlve"Hliy "III' Ju.t ILL the hu,l[ Irlo ,'" l,,,,ncd In l~lie der .. n'lmcnL '1'11(' 1)I'CI:k'ut l 'oMI PI'

or ~hoolk pnter'cd shuws thllt II of

ihl antlclflal~d 30 Inslltutlonij h'WIl mid their cnt riCH fo .' the nwet.


"E SEl ",e WN-reO T\U. SI'1. O'(\,O(.\( fOR M~ "'W "I-\~~ GOi AaOPl~O \.\\S SI-\\p f>\~ SNlEO P\\1l~'i, l£.~\J\~1 t-\~ ~~t \N A B\(:l c.\ TV - T\-\NS ls.:lI·'~ 'T I C~\.\. C; ~\)El iV TO \)U-\\3 ~ll'II~\S

By Segal:

Tho maJol'lty 01 til Hchool. havo e.ntrrt'd m~Jl in thu l'{'gular Ct'OH~

COlllltry mee of Olle ol1d IIII1 C·t~llth"

mUes, althouRh thel'" I. consill I'Ilbln I"tertst In Ihe sho"lcl' olle mlk LCUIlI raM', The mile I'ac(' I. I ho lOI'ClJIIU

IInnual run or Its tYIle and Is unique in Ihe IlI'e)) <1tsta.nco l'unnlng ell'cl H

or Ihls counh'Y,

a. n(,111 ~)It of I'unning pcr[orllla.nco lIy lllking J lunli. punt from tllo . Ido lin hIs oll'n five a nd danCing thl"Ough mOMl o[ thc MarShalltown CI'QW I){'fol'e tilo no. to til" lusL mlLn HtoPII\!d him aD the Bobcat a7.

fridPoll-Association Holds

Stormy Session

mall . requested thaI Ih annual a8' socl"tlon meetlllg he restored, The meettnl" bas beell abolished under a recent I·efcl·endum.

Good Seats Left ... ------------.... In two l'Occnt grunes Nebra8ka's College Scores .1 elevcn compleled only three forward

~m8 lhat Itave Illl'Olldy clltel·,'d n~' include Roosevelt or CCdlll' Ilo.d!l, six mcn in tho CI'08~ COUll· Ill'run and five In thc mile team "ct, Nashua. I'unnlng 11) In tho tftlll rn.ce only; Coneavtllet nine en­Jractl to,' 110 c,'os_ counlry chase; Grand Junl'lion, wllh "Ix In Uw j()nl"r I'un; M('\:hanlc~vlll~, six m n tQ rt!tc ill the CJ'uS~ counll'Y p\'cnl; WOIl~ slll: In the hlll.nnd·ilwe.

(larencc. flvc In the chaSe over tbe hills; East high of Dcs Moines, se\-'tn I'Ulllll'r~ ill tll('o long-c l' "fll'O

and ,I, ill tllu mil., ovent; McKinley o[ Cr<lar Rl\lllds. beVCn onll'llnts III 'Ilcll: Vinton, .Ix runners fOI' the crliO country fUll ; unb aten Unl· l'e~IY high of Iowa Clty, "OVCn in U'I' longer chase; Flnchford Con­I<llidated of J8.lle8vjllc, 10 In the c ..... country: BUl'lington, 10 m 11

In the 111I1·lIl1d·(hlie cvcnt; llnu Ur\JMdale of Des Molncs, II lH' W

~'-'" in thc ~tuto 11"01) clrcleH, ICr,n runn~l'S in the 0))('11 country c~l¥ing.

Tlte prCRI nt team challlplollK aI'<' the )/(''1,nn.al ,tmllli &oIt hllJ.h v~

lX'1 ~tolJle8 cJllUIC1'S wHo a.re e,.­I"~ted to make anothcr strong bid litre ncxl 8:ltUI'day wit n th y stW't tbl' Individual ('halllp1un O[ lu"t year, Verllon EVa/1M. In all effort to rfm lhrl gOllfuioll tlIIC(, alain.

The deadline [ur PlltrirH 1H Mon· day, Nov. ~, by \\h~"'l lImc II total uf 30 COIllI" ling t,'"m~ I. l'xIlL'Ctrd to be all the !'ostcl'.

Th(' (TOSH COlilltry aHnil' will be beld over "' one and nlne·tcnths mll~s st.'etiull of the varHily caul'S on Finkbine gole course and w'tll .tart at 11 a,m, Tho mile team raee i. 10 1.Je run on chiders both around the sttldlum alld on the lrack ju.t ca~t at thcrc. Spiked 'hoes will be permissible In both

I ev;~l~he a[(PI'IIOon tho nlire field QI actual compeUlorH, plus one reI)' re.entatlve from Pilch Mchool, will be t~c gue,ts 01 tb~ Iowa athletic department at the luwa·Purdue football gamc.

Award. for the two events In· ,Iude "' team h'ollhy (01' the eros. country I'UO, place rillbons t~ tho first 2. Clnlsher~ In this racc, 31

team U'oph)' to Ihc milo l'ace vic­tors, and ribbons til the flr-al H, finlsbers in lhe mil rac provided that at icast rtve te8ms QI'e entered. The entrlcs [or Cour teams hav~

already beel! received. 80 that a. field 01 rive or more tes.ms Is l)rac­ticaJly assured,

kooopCa;rs Drill Daily For Se~soD Opener

Asplranl. lor bt'I·lh. on the COUll· tra!il'e Ilol'OlltOI'y (:age tealU~ arc busily prarticlng 'vcry allemooll .. 111, Ihe "Ilrnlllll' l'o nte,I" l"6t two dars ocr,

Bloomington, IUHI ~cul"" Willfl r, Is nol rnlel'lng ~ol'Jn COflllwllllon lhls [«'asoll, but Kellogg ,Ulllex, tile

tUl\Ilerll-Up, havc enicrc,\ a ~r,ul1

.'hleh 100111" 11101'11 pO\\l'rful thl\1I Ihrlr lasl IIhller'S outfit ,

ManS4' "nd WIlMun wlil "flen hOH' tllIlI" on NuY. 0 Ilt 7:00 11 , Ill, K I· Jogg and Jrrle"RUII meet Whct· atones an -I (hlhl('H 1'l'RI)Ct'tiv(:' ly on Ihe saine ev~nlnll.

All tilt. wm be 1,101) \'11 "n fluor I II Ihe i1eldhoIlHI' "" Munday anu IYetlnrllday evclI"I~H, "Ith thl'M I'lm. )ll"l'lllg 1111 .'uclt "r tlllI lwo n~hl"

Tit(. H<: h e~ulo 18: WllsOII·MaIIS -Nov, 0-7:00 1>, m, KelloJlg· Whot"lolll'· NO" , 9-7 ;,JO


~lllher StariN lor GUll i III tho third period the lowu

('Ity I'Itnnlng ... tlllck boggell down ugajl) unO. JJOl'tl. was forced lo punt. 'rhe JfawklcLH got II Urcak un tbe punt when SLollhens let thc b\,U bounce orc hi. cl.e"t and the evcI'· al ' I't ~llIhel' scoolled it up and start· ed lumllerlllg towll l'd Lne goal. Sl~phcn~ hutl tile presence of mind to Jlllit him, howcvel', and on 0 1.0 next plo.y 0 mixup In sll;\'I1al8 foul1d 0. Wild pass from cenler rccovered I)y Marshalltown neu,r mldCleld,

( olltil1\Jed (rOn I page I))

lClle1.Jel. City Illgh, 1231; VugL, City iIIlgh. Ull.

Ouard.: MCIII~don . Clly hIgh . 343~; So iller, City hllih. 3382; /l.UI·On, St. 'Pat's, 2670; Patterson, St, Pat's, 2533; Bl'endCI'; University high. 1739~ lI1:axcy, City high, n~l ; 'DlckCl',' Clly IllS-h. 612: Emerson, City high. 518: Frazier, University high. 200. } Center": nles, University high, 3374: BIllCk, CIty high. 27J<t; JenkIn· son, City high , 1603.

QUfll'te l'back": Healey, St. Pill'S, 3334; W, Buddc)'. City high. 3264 ; R. Buckley, Ctty blj;lj, 1012; DUI'08, Unlve1'8lty high, 012; Wyjacl<. Unl. vel'alty high, 381.

DJ';::; 1I1OLNES. Nov. 6 (AP)-AP' proximately 176 Iowa hIgh school llul>.,'IIILOII<1el1t8, prinCipal. and coach 8, met In a stormy sileoial session or lhl\ 10\\'a high .. hoOI ath· letlc aSMucialion hcre tOO!lY, but tho l'ecol'd of the meeting contained few or lho resolutions alld charges pre. Mcnt,,(l ( "om the [Joor,

The 01111' lormal l'esOt~lion Wag

contained In a motion "cen..orlng the "dnllnlHtl'lHlon tOI' Its Intlmldllllon u( SUllel'lntcndcnts, " In voting. by Un'cals of lnellglbllit)' ,

Qlle motion prcsented to BUl'ton North. Al'lington schOOl fi,Uf)(·!'inlen· denl drafted as temllol'aey chair·

Issues which brought heated de. bate from the floor but lacked spe, clfic l'esolutionH 011 future I)oilcy, IncludOO a suggestion to divide thO state aSHoclation's Sinking rund among thc member sc hools, 1)II.11ot. Ing pl'oceduI·p. and the selecllon (If an association tldvlsory committee.

Many or the membel's lo(t the meetlllg ~fo"e adJourn mCnt,

('lU'SOIlS IS lIlVtho l'~ Dub"'lu" FAIRFl.l!;LD. NoV, ij (API-Con·

tll1uing lhelr- drive rOI' the Iowa conference tltl , the Parsons WIIIl· cats smothcred Dubuque university lieI'. FI'idny afternoon. 52 io 0'.

]owa fans mill' slill obtAin good sea.t.s for thG Dad's Day gallte be· ilwoon Purdue and Iowa hoI'" next Salurday. it was announced by Charles S, Gallher, business man· ,ager ot nth IGUe ••

Tho game. the last hom •• b'1lme of the season tor Iowa. will be tho 15th observance of Dud's .Day. The size of the crowd depends largely on the weather and Iowa's show· Ing agaInst MInnesota today. TIle ga.me wlJl alsO be a pert of thl!, annual Am.erlcan Legion .Day.

Of Mlnne.llolA's 55· man grid actuatl, on ly clght players come fl'Om out ot Lhll elate. One ot the eight Is a. sta.l:'-Jullu8 Altonse ot Cumborland, Wis.

-----. 1llLS8eS of 15 trlel!. AJJ 0. batting av· Cumbel'land 6; Marshall 41. Nebra.ska I~ 12; Nebraska fl·esh. .rage that doesn't look SO good~

mel: C 'but all thrce of the com pi led

Concordia (Moorhead, Mlnn.) 13; aerials were good for touchdowns. McAlester O.

Southel'lI Illinois l'eachel'S (Cal'· bondalc) 4; Southeast Missouri Teachers 6.

Rollins ~l: Ncwl><'ny O. AplJOlo.chlan 0: Cetawba 14,

Rudy Omltr() and Andy Uram used to Sneak Into the MlnnC80lal uta.dtum to see grid games when they wel'O kids, Now they gel a police escol·t to thc gates on tho day ot eaoh game.

Idaho'li cagel's will go "ort tbe gold standard" this wlnLer, Solid "liver unlrorms wIll be worn by the IIquad, The name "Vandals" alld ~he llumi>ers will 1.Je In gold ouWned )wIth black cord.

A labuma hQJl ha.d six defcalcd g,'ld teams .Ince football 1.Jegan at ,Lhe Capstone-In 1897, 1906, 1926, 1926, 1930 and 1934. '

A dclayed "UH. was good to the InyU(lcl'S' 38. Thcn the "Jnckra.bblt" litephen. wl'igglcd clent' thl'Ough thc Rcd lind Whllo cltJb Into t hO clcllr, I>ui luc l<lIy (01' It)wa City's great derenal"e rOOord ho was tripped gottin/i" uy the 10.8t lInG of dllfon~o UllU rdumbJ.ed to eIlrth 011

tbe towa CIty Hi. Lit tie .Itlo\vk. Hold

11el'o Iowa City dlsplayod fOf tho (lI'st limo ot the game a. beautiful dcfenslve unit, Keith HOI'II- persOn· ally u"QIlklng up one at tbe Bob· cals' moat effectJve Scoring maneu' VCI·S. an end 8WOCII, by 1lJ)IUiog hi I ke GIa"I'atano with II. mag:ni(Jccot tackle (01' no gain.

HlllIbacks: 'WomMchel·. UnlVCI·. ally hl!fh . 3619; Hora, Clly high, 3076; Sahno\\bolcn, University high, 2~90; P,~ri{jCk. Clly high, 2676; Mc. L{lughlln. Cit)' high, 1642; Gutlle,·· hz, Sl. Pal's, 919; ThompkIns. City /,Igh, 602; Tallman, 606.


4191 Iowan Want Ads Bring Results DIAL


Frantic now, tho Bobcats tl'l.ed two [utile passes, botll o( whlcil WCI'O IncolIIPlcte, the IWlt one tllll· Ing Into the CJId zone. W,lth but 20 second I'emlllnlrl&' In !lIe tilll'<l period, Io\\'a. t:lly took thc ball over 011 lIS own 20, Bill Buckley. taking hJ.~ old plllcO at tho f1elU gcneral's post, cuUcq, for a lliay fJ'om [lunl (orlJlatlon,

Uuckley (Joes 75 Yllrd!i Tho .Iondel· llawklct lunlor mil"

aculou.ly c'cu lled belllg toswed as II(' hurtled I hrough a swal'lIJ of i-JoocalJl at the line Of scrimmage, H~ was halloo momentariJy In u,e .econuary, but spun away llnll 1,Icked up a traco oC Interfcrence o.nd bl'oke for the opell flelil.

licventy.r!Yc yal'tl. o.way he wD. flnaUy dumP"<l to the (ur( when Stcllhcna ateamed up from beblnd to pull him down on the five yard IInc. Thc run was tlte last pla.y of th tI,lrd perlotJ.

(Jrn), Col'6S

Fullbacks: Or3S. City high, 306~1 Lalit?, City high , 2778 ; Shebetka, University high. 1609; Walden, St, Pat's, 296,

U. H~h G~id Season Closed 4, Win~, 3 Losses

Shown on Record For 36 Schedule

With the exceptlOll of lhe "B" ~quad. for whIch pracllcc will bo held until 1I10ndny when lhe RIver· miles mect the West Liberty re· servcs on the out·ot·town grldJl'on. Unlvcl'slty high ~chool's grid ,val" rlOt·s hung UP their cloa.ts loday anll sent their blue jel'lleys oo.:k to the moth·balls until next sea· 6011,




(Special Price for RelLm Boxes) Hlgb Grade Cal'bon Paper

Typewriters to Rent-


1'ho sto ... with the Red Slgll


0l'05ses permanents. 11.60; end our15. $1.; shampoo and linger /Wavc. 50 ccots, DIa.l 6944. Tom Cross, manager.


available. Dial 3274.

Parklllg sPace alwa.ya 409 E. Market street.


Woody Maller WIlS callcd buck to Although Lhe Blue and Whit(j' fers the latcst In beauty culture. plullge ull the first pl«.y of tho fou/ih cllnto. The big Red Devil lin sUl'gOO forward aad when the mass was unpllcd Mu.her \lud plac· ed th r bali On the two yard Iille.

elevcn IlI<.ln't go through the ,schcd· ul\! ufldctoatcd, wiflnlng tour and 10Slllll' ltu'OC, It fuught wIth dill· wenee througb a toug'h schedule.

ThclI GI~lY, Oil a sneak, took pte Ilaving only [Ivo men around ball from Bucklcy and rammed which to build fA. starllng aggre· tllroug-h cell!"CI' Cor the lICore, I'llllon. Kistler Issued a. cll!1 (or

Tho ball was Juggled by ttl. hold· lootball cundWates. About 38 mdh or In tim (J.'Y (or tile extm RQlllt, reported, and most of lhe Squ~

Dial 6542,


Frank Palik Tailor

and !lol'a'. kick had no ilme to ,lILuck Il out unlU the flnul fl'ay SUITS AND OVERCOATS gH ",way. 'fhat elldpd the JK:o~lnli, Wednesday. From Lho available with IOIVIl City lhe Whlll(ll', 13 to O. '1I111t.erlal, COlleh H;lsUCl' wlti1 Hur.

MUI·.h,uJltowJl plcklld ,liP 'I- (ew prjalllg- rapidity whll1pcd 11 men mOl (l!'IIt dl/WllS wJth II sharp 4'\0 condltlo" and SCL. them lu trial palh(ulg o.ttack UlJlt drove <lown the against Kulont\. In the fh'st gall\c CleW, but Ilnotller i)lterccptlon _by o( the sea,on, Gl'a), stoPtled them again, l'hQ bail L ,l by Catttain Wombllcher, the Wll.8 III mldfleld lUI the 8al1'\8 ended. Blues wcrQ vIctoriOUS by an 18 (0


Repairing, Relining and Al­terations of all kinds, neatly qone by experienced tailors. 108% E, Washin gton St. Dial 0221

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hard enoue-h to w41, nothw" oC Its II' Improved te~lll, the Rivel'lne.n AND Npeclal brand ot 1lall apP8lU'lng (or ~ll .. lked I1P a wIn over the Iood WANTED - PLUMBING (Iny length or lime. StraJghl rl\ll' at, Pah'ick's hlg)t IIChool, 2,4 to 2. heating. Lal'ew Co. 227 E. Wash· nlng play. wcre Ulled... 1ll01ltjy, put WILh t'va vlctorjes behind thom, Ington, Phone 3675,

Oil ~UIIIO oC lh~~e UJO bl~kllli wa~ thll K.I~Uel'me,r,t !umJi'!ld Into tho heat WANTED _ FURNACE REPAIR. [aulty. . pC q.e .aoIJ.ferQne~ ,,~ruggle at West lng, sheot metlll work of all kinds,

'J'11C cnth'e tcum Illayed well, with Liberty. After 'outlliaying Lhell' OP- all' condlllonlng, Dial 4640, CllptlllnH Hoi'll. IIJld ~fll~IQI' iurq;log Pllllcnts thl'o~gI1Qut , the entire In thclr u~ual fine I!J.UJltl1!llUld O,'tly baltle, UlIlver~ILY . high was force1l' 'EMPLOYMENT W.ANTED and Uob Snide,' <.loin!!, slcrUII/f wo.k, ,(0 .tagger QU ' the field grll8pil)g )\JarHhalltown had .peed 00\ IlIcked lhe ' ~1lUl1i cn~ of ~ 7 to 6 SCOI'O. WANTED: HOUSEWORK-MORN' a wl'lI.knlt organization. GIllrrat!lllo 'With Caj1\.tlln WombachCr, 'I·Ill. ings. Cuh. Experienced. Good WIl>< II tl'rl'OI' Wllh the ball In i ho J1InllliUl o.nd JI«.m Rics fig hting t'Ccommendations, Dial 3860.

Classified Advertising Rates 8PEOIAL OASH RATES-A .paclal dl&count for cuh wJII be allowed on all Claaa1fIed Adverti8ln&' accounts paId Within .Ix day. from expiration

date of the ad. Take advantare at the cllllh ratu printed In Bold type below.

No, of INo.Ofl OU Day I TWo Days I fire. Days I four Dil,Ye , Five Day. I Six Days Words LineeChlq81 cash: lCii4igel caah IChargel ca:&Ii ICliiiiiiI CUhlCh&i'rel Cuh IChargelCaah Up to 10 , 2 ( .28 I .25 I J3 I .30 I .42 I .sa I .61 I AS I .59 I oM I .68 I .GZ 10 to 15 I 8 I .28 I .i& I .~5 .IiO I .86 I .60 I .71 , .76 , .88 I .80 I .99 I .90

16 to 20 • I .39 I oM I :n I .;0 I .110 I .83 , IO! I li I ill I 1.011 I 1.30 I 1.18

21 to 2~ ft .~ .4/1 .99 I .90 I 1.U I UK I LBO I LU I uo I U! I 1.61 I l.ti

26 to 30 6 .81 .G5 1.21 I 1.10 I 1.39 I LZ6 I LDe I La I U6 I 1.68 I 1,91 I 1.'74 81 to SlI 7 .72 .86 US I UO I 1.63 I l.CA I L83 1J.· 1 2·~ILM I 2,22 I Z,fn 86 to 40 I 8 I .83 .711 I 1.65 I 1.J1O I 1.87

Uto45 I 9 I .85 I 1.87 I L70 I 2,11

(6 to 60 I 10 I I -95 I 2.09 I 1,90 I 2.311 51 to 55 I 11 I 1.16 I LOS I 2.31 I UO I 2,60

561.060 I 12 I L2'1 11.15 I ua I UO I 2,84

Minimum charr. 25e. Special lon, term rate. furr.ished on request. ;Each word In the adverUse· ment must be counte~. The prefixes "For Sllle," "For Rent," "Lost," and similar ones at the be,ln· nln, of ads are to be counted In the total nlllJlber

For BEITER Heat Use

.... ( ::. . ~


Power-Fun , " .': .,<,.~:'::~9.A L '

I UO I 2.01 11.101 I '.10 I 2.63 ="0 I L8Z I 2,M 2.60 I U6 I 2.M 2.58 I 2." I 2.62 I usl 2,88 Z.1I6 I U6 J 2.88 I "GZ I 3,17 I %.tiS I 0..6 I U8 I 3.15 I '-811 I 3.49 1 3. .. I 3.76 3.42

01 words In the ad. The number and letter In a blind ad are to be counted a8 one word,

Clllllsified display. Me per Inch. BusIness card. per column Inch, $5.00 per month,

Classified advertblng In by 6 p.m. wJII be pub­Ushed the following mornIng.




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HOCK·EYE CO. f~n"" hi tho last half. ~'hc flank ,were forced to return homo a sec· FOR SALE: 1 MAHOGANY LOVEll 'Skllled lo.bor for minimum pr1ces 11ll/vcl/lcIIls or tho BOlJca~ Ilc~ed Dnd Um with a conference 108M, Sllll.t, 1 C.helltel'fle!ll. lounge; 1 lat Krueger's shoo s tore. OIlly «. IIttlo 11101 l)r89l1slon to 11I"-k" /1'1118 tlmo Lho 1>00re was 20 Lo 6, 'projlJeaf walnut table; 1 walnut par· It II tUrfcl'cllt 8lur y, ,,""Untlng lowo. Heturnlng to the home field', thO lor set; 14ft. 8 bed IIPrlng; 1 APARTMENTS AND FLATS t;lty IUtti plaYL..t In UIO IllUDe PbillO sq!lW. !l01V In tull S~l'lde. made ~lltJque bcd. rocllers, Inncr spring

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TI'I/ vlcto l'y WII" the l ulll III 17 ,IIollllW)' with Tlptol\ and onC8 more 8111l'ts IlII1~O ~)y CtJrrnack·couchod III torolgn lenltory. th o Rlve/'men telllll" uf City 1IIII'h in lh last tlVO pul ll" a IICrall\ly dolol'mlnod fight ) ('UI'N, LIl.l y8Qi1 In UII' !te1l1lU1I' l'lllltlO. J!lML Dcs Moines eked 011 1:<l)o.hlst Ole loull championS, but (til H to 7 vlotol'J' , 'rbls year's tie <,lllee mot'O they foil vlcllnl to a \I Ith ClIll tOil Is t ho oll ly other /JIll I' lJOwcrfUl oll sla,ughL, Aite~ scoring ,,/I thlj vlelol'y pallel. Itl t. he nr~t \lcLiod llnd hold lotiO a.

6 to 0 lldvlll1tago a t the Il\lll.l'te~


II1I1Jl s ludellt wants roommate, 115 N. Clinton.


FOR. RENT: ROOMS. APART. ment. D Ill! 3629.







able tor housekeepIng. $18. D.Ia.I R elUlOnllble. Dial 8897. 6459.


FOR SALE: SPRINO CHICKENS, FOR RENT: EXTRA CHOICE ready to cook. 25 ceuLs per pounll ,

rOOlll. dOUble or single. Women DOlivered. DIal 5966. only. No uDderll'mduates. G13 E. Bloomington. I:'bollc 9622.

FOR RENT: APPROVED ROOM for ,bOys. R~lUlOnable, close In.

DIal ~71,


apple cider. pumpkins, amI fretll. fl.s h and oystel'll. BrennemlUl· • . Dial 6412 or 0583,


JHCfreOIl.GllbJI'ot-Nov, 0-8:30 I" m 1I1IaolloJorJ'\Jrsoll-Nov.

'plQl'k, the Rlvel,neo roll bohlnd hi 23-7:00 lbe flc<:onil QUe! third J) I'I000s when

dar Falla; ,3 l'OlUld trlp. LeavIng D.ANG:IN'G SCHooL- &ALLROOM' lNov, 14 8 u ,m .-roturn 5'u1U,.y

ta ngo, 1"11. Dial r.767. Burkley II,m .. NoV, 1. DIIlI 27mi, Wash - Repair - GN.ing A1

FOrt JU!lN'l.': ROOMS ];'OR MEN; ready to cook. 23 cenLs per PQunt! II

ihcll' \IPPOI1~!Jt~ CI·llshcd . thro'ltrll tile UnJy~r~I~1 hla'h forwlll"! Willi

1\ m, wtth bruising llower to cke out ~

m 1I'J1soll·l(ellogg-Nov, 11-7:00 11. p. \~':;Ct8l0IlC.J(C1JO/fg-Nov. 23-'7:4jj

MrCr801l'){oliogg Anll('x-Nov. II -i:11 p, m, , Kellorg·Oahles-Nov. 23-8:30 p, J4 to G victory. '

lJllnse.Whetsto llo-Nov. 11-8:30 ~r.1


wlIson·Kollan· A.Dne_Nov, 25-

1~1180I\.Oableli- -Nov 16-7:00 II , Ill , 7:U I "'. n~ lIan8e . .Teffel'son-NOV. 1U-7:46 p, MltIlHe·Oablc.- Nov. 2r.-1:46 \I . tn.


1(.lJotI~ello&"· Alii"" ·"UO p, 111.


Nuv, I IJ

18-7 ~jU

Wh"t.lollu,Jelrel'sofl-Nov, 2~-

8~t l l ' 111. MlIoIlllc 'KelloB'1l' Aunex-Nuv. 30-

7:0 I J;I. III , KclJolJ'lI'.JcrlorsulI-Nov. 30-7:46 I III,

It:t",,,,"'ollogl;-Nl v. t8-7:4Ii 1'. J' "',

" Wh.tston ... GablC_NoV. 80-8 :80

CWle8.Kclloi&,-NO v, 18-8:10 p . Po w..

Tbl'Oughout the BellIIOO, Ted Hln. I/I1lOn, end; Ralph Wombacher, cap. taJn and Qua.rterback; jI.Ild Ilam Rlell pla.)'o<1 fine 0011 , OrvlJ1o &lhnoe~

II Ie". a lthpugh ho tUl'lwd In .park· ~IIg perto.'mIUl(lCH at U\nc~, fall,!" 10 play the eOllHllIlont, hllrd-d I·!I.\I,g bl'a nd of ga.me U8 did tho mombers ot tho /!Quad tonnel'ly m entioned. Ahebetka, Wy Jack, a n" Careon de­IMlrve honorabl~ mention tot IMlr ~rtormanoe • •

botel. Profe5o!0r .H oughton.


FOR SALE: NORTHERN SEAL 45 Inch fUr noa.t, ti5, lam! .....

gel' style. Size H, Dial 8348.


tall hou"c.

YELLOW OOLD HAlUu w.'lsL wltteh al'ou nu field · R eward. .I:Ilal 3197.

---------------------USED CARS


reasona.'ble. Dial 8888.


GUA.RANTEED FURNlTURlll uP· bolsterln, and reflnlahlq. Ko.

Oonlt.ld rformerly or McNallllU'a·.). Dial. 4950.


Std, Town ~do.n . 1,200 nrtt-, "go. Carey'S qellvcry service. 1Iko nOIV-must ,BeU DOW. Dial 1104, Dial 4200,

Home Oil COe Iowa. Ave. at Dodge St.

I Dial 3366

Booet Your Xmas Check


allr!., rurnl~hed or uulurnlshed, Dial 8942.

FOR RENT: STRICTLY AfODERN I 6 ''OOm houae, alllO 7 room mod·

ICl'1'\ hOWIe, new, Dial 2741,

house Bouth ot dental building. delivered. Dill! 696f;,

Mre. Youde, \

CHOICE LARGE DOUBLE SLEEP' Ing room. close In. U17 or 2974.

ROOMS FOR TWO STUDENTS, ClaM In. reaaonable. Dial 3389,

ROOMS OOR RElNT. DESIRABLE front. Neill' campus. Dhd 5271 ,



clot.h1ng, eh08s, etc. Shoe n!Pal1'- '1 Ing. Kimmel. Dial 9609, 21 W. Bur­UJIJton.




Council Approves Motion For 1937 Automobiles Feature New B~auty, Durability, Comfort $500 },awsuitr 3 V olunteer Ballot Checkers • . On File Here T C H II El ti· V t New M d ls License Issue Hayden Cho8en To Dora Lumpa's University Granted o anvass a ec . on 0 e 0 e Head New Library Quit Claim Deed To p" f D

O D 1 I H· h f 1937 G d· F·I eh Uons or amages, 'fhe city council llU!t nlghl, at the

Rui;ge.tlon of Mal'OJ' Thomas E . .\lnrtln, ilpproved a motion asking

n isp ay n 19 o~ Qi8CUS8ion Group uar lanS Ie · Street8 By Council Commission E a e h

Show Room~'s Harold W. Hayden, 8upervlsor or Four Petitions The U nlvcrltlty of Iawa, ropl'e· Al1ege $500 Due 9,227 Passenger Cars~ university departmental IIbra.rles, Hon t~<l ])y P'·of. C. M. Updegmfr o(

tOl' lhrf't> voluntfl'prs to nCl as ~al1ot

""eek.'!'" when LI ... mn)'ur nnd WII· By DON ULT ANO 1 ] 82 T k Mo t was elected ohnhman or the junior the cOllegp or In.w, was Inst night , ruc S; "membe,"a round lable oC th~ Iowa

T wo $fiOO " "its Wf"e flied In the "Ollllt)' (']" " 1<'0 orrlce yeatr roay, Qnl

Invnlvlnl\' £\ 11 acddent to Ho ..... ThUll r .. ('olu.lon, city c:'If?'rk, t>unvof'\.'t

la't Tu • ..tIny's election VO t un tlrp pl'upo""d low:~ City romm unlly holl project.

Whatever lhe J 937 automobile

h uylng public Is looking for will llroba.lJly 'be found In the new carll "II ot which w ill be displayed In show rooms by today. From th e. r ugged econom y a nd durability de· manded by t he p ro/esslona l t ra veler

. to the "heel' beau ty ' ot des ig n a.nd

1 Ouardlo. ns of Dora FJII7~lb~th Lllm· g"on l ~d by tile clLy ouncll n {}ull Since 92'9 Library association, formed thiS Po. yesterday tiled tour Ilfo lltlons In claim dped to st"~~ls unol :l1J ~YH

wepk at D<>a MoInes. the county clerk'. office askIng npo,' an" Inelucled hy "ltJ lown field. Huxley nlltl th~ nlh pr eoncernlnr &

ProsPCI'lly IH ''eLm'nlng IC th~ "rrhe prlmll"y pnrpooo of the annullm nt or contracts between 'I' he I"'Aolllllnn 11'0" given tine" nllmber If new license plates 18 any round table I. to p"ovldc an appol'- the 74.yenr.old woman and several I'Nuli ll g" li nd 111'""1'<1 llllOlJl,nouHly RIlII for {'ommlAslol1 Instituted by with

('h.cker. wUI 1)(' chosen by lot lJy \ II n. n1 . Monday, and the Canva81'l \\ ,II l)fOglll at nooll. Volunteers mu st hnve no ~Onn etlon with nny of tho IJrganlZlLtlo lls which WOuld partie I·

tunlty fa" the younger membcrs or Jl'clallves. by till' c'ollnrll. (I . n . I"ltll'n ll. IndlcatioD. There have })(>en 0,227 t h I I

e a sflOC at on to become be llel' ac- Fl'ank [,ovctlnsky .I,'., and Albert 'rho"e arc' to he v("'at~d: Th e clerPlHlan l named 11\ the Ilux. pJatts Issued tor Ila.aenger carR In q,UJalnted," Mr. }1B.yde n said. Pederllen. the guardians, aJlpge that I. 1""onL Bt, '!Wt norl1, to lhn Jlonh I, 'y " 1I1l I" Mme. 'I. RoberllOn Who, J ohnMn eoucty alroouv t his year, lInlor m mbers arc cooperuUng tho Hlgno.ture of thh woman Will< line of J E'ffN'Son .L,·pe l.

I'HtP III the 1l"OllOscd communIty ,,' lIt"r .... with the city !;ovel'nment.

The !Hu yoJ', city (' l~rk and com~

mlll('. "f t hr!'e will work with the «(JIIllt)' uO:.II'd or KUl)t~I'vlFW?rs i n mak·

I"" 'hp Ounv""" hccauRe ot the el m -Ihrill' III UPIJPal1.lnC" !tetween thl' f'ornmuully rent~ r' bn.llots n nd those (Jffel"lng a CtI'nSUH tunen<lmpnt to the ,.t:lh· powttltuthln, nlfiO "'OIHI\(.l£~ I~el.l In

'rtJ~lIdaY'8 plpeUoll. iJnOftldal retll"ns of 3,043 "Y~R"

I.'llints (rom n total or 0,000 cast, ir,dlcatC' Ilefeat flf the projPct by 10,4 \"ntp~ 1 (~~1-! thon thf' 00' I)~ r' Ct\ n t ma­

jorlly required for the n~e~S8ltry

'It/lhl I~litlt· hy stat£> Jaw.

Fine ·Arts·· .. (ConLillued I·'rm n Page 1,

-'- Blunders. Quee,· ppopie-like me, for u·

amllle-k~1l d In ,'Ie8 of various Lhlngs ... Min!', partleulnrl~' , hnp· p,' n" 10 Ilf' of mov ie blund rs ...

aecoutennents looked ror by m I­lady, the 193'1 m ode l. have It .

Soon prospective buyers will be thrilling at the Inve nLl vc genius ot the modern a utomobile manu -tacturer. People wr;mder "What CUn bo Improved or added next?" The answer 19, "Everylh lng."

\'''SI~r'rlllY. ' ar ""ample in I~wl.' To those buyers who last y!'ar fine, flowi ng " 1)OtI"wortl," W" lt. r swore softly to themselves 1111 they Jillslon romrs home to tell his wire tripped over t he huge ridge In t he that. " I"s. I h Ili' fl ll hour " go Oods- floor of ""me nwdels, t he Ind ustry worth 1\IoIOr8 rn.>i'nlll e the prollCrty now orrers the hypOld rea r axle of U.M.C." . •. Yet llIor e tba n an I which, beonuse at construction, hOllr-In l1Iovle I itlll>-before a. mp k~s possible a nat rloor. plI l>llr is sho" \I\ in hi . nrn,·~ nn' l Seats Widened ""III1c1 ng Ihe sH lc . . . Many models, even the low

priced 'ones, hav\, wIdened both the

And In Ihe bedroolll Arena III Pu rls Fr9 ,1 llods\V0rt h - Ruth ChaHerloll-ln I he IIrst put of the S('", ,,, ,,, W~JU'S a ll enHrply ,lifrpl'rll l " ' gligfl' lIulIl III the last pit,'!. "PI Ih~ "" .. lie I COli . IIn llolls .. .

I (ront Ilnd rent' 8eats at leut three In~Ma glvln<; ample room ror three pC"xonR to re •• t comtortably.

On e manufa.cturer presents a "hlgh'8Ilfet.y" Ins trument board on which ullAlghll y a nd l)rOtrudi ng b'u t­Ions and knob. are avoided by de-

corporation. "It l '! no longe,· Bome- Signing Ihe con t rol flush. with t he 1IJlllg HPl'u"IlLC r"o'm everyduy lite," ,,surfnce. Th a same company nolV 1", oald. " 11'p mllst now C"cale In "!\Ill r ,f Of HCOUfil\lI," t<Mharine has thc back of the fNot seall! ""II mullllll in high"" MlandUl'ds thllJl HCIJ\JIIrJl. art"r ~r. hislor ;"111 ten rs tllfl~d and rolled to prevent Injury "" hav., l"'lay." In pri.'on, gOt's 10 Ihe gn llows IlHlk· when a. motor ist Is throw,; [orward

. illg lit INlst IG ..• i\l ~o Roth well I dd P,·,'sldcllt·(,;l/1('J'ltus Walter A, J CB-. . ' )y 8U N ' stops. who IS cleared of bl" ",,, or lIlurd..... I b '<J',l pa lil t"ihme to tile work oe . h T,I" year rodlo 8peakers will Co Illg 1"')1'(1' nftrnl~y In Ih" p,ci llre, Is· fOlllld on the d""hboard oK a decor-

.. 'II' Sho('nl~en. who, he ~aid f f·v ls .. tall I ' I .....,,-10"1\(1 the II<'hou l ul Cllle a rLs." ory nys \Vas, }SO lite y g ill ty.. nllve grill, a nd tall lights repeat

I ','N,I,lellt 0110101'1' cnlh 'd "1.Iinlnll III fllle m·l. one of the grentes t a nd

th e motlt ot the radiatOl' as well

more Ihan ro~ any year since 1~29 , according to B. V. :Bridenstine, sup· erlnten dent at the auto depnrtment In the county treasurer's orflce.

The number of plates IMued for trucks, 1,182, Is al90 greater t hlln ror any Yfar since 1929, a~orr.lJng

to Mr. Bridenstine. T hc lIumber of new cars belllg

regis! pred Is 3180 risIng rapid ly. Tllpre were 56 n(!w cars regfste l'<'<1

In' October o.s {'ompoJ'fld with thO 5~ registered In September. AI· though some j 9~7 mOdels have a l· ready been rpgl"tered, It shnrp r ise In the total rpgL'll'llllOn Is expect;. cd when t he new 19'7 models come ollt today. •

Council To Send Men For Sewage Meeting

f1'. W. NOI'r I8, superintendent of lhe sewage tl'cntmen t Il lant, ont.! the sewer commlLt~e or the c ity council w ill attend thc .1 8th sewage confe ,'('J1{'o a t rOWll s lalp college Thlll'R"duy, FI'I<1ItY and Salul'dny, according tn 3 r esollltt on of Ihe council last nig ht .

They will be 8('l)t at the ~x.pense of t h,. city on (unds drawn tram the sewer r('ntal (und.

Members 0/ tile commlllne al'e Aldermen H enry Wllienil" OC' k, J. Va n dp,' Zee ann T. A. Foote.

C I he p.'Ulion a ll rgpR, "without du~ with t he Iowa nasoclatlon in a atate. , 0 c',red "by u'ldl,e inrlu-noe upon 2 .. lef/erMon Hl""l't W"HI I" rn~1 , Wide Jlbrarlan cer ll /lcallon program. ; e; nnd withou t hel' c~mprehen - line of 1I'rOl;t stree'(' '"(lutlon " and brQuklngo lhe S(QP rule Certificates give n to Iowa IIbrarlnns sian." S. Fairchild .l,·eet WOH' or we~, whe n appl'oachl ng a n al'lrl'lnl hlSh. are to be graded accordi ng to ex- In one of tile pelitlons WlIUnrl1 lin e of CapitOl ~1"N' t . woy from nn ll ll~y, "II'U k the plain. perlence and (ralnlhg. J . Lump~ IlJ na med defendant In 4. CO'lJ't .t"r"[ w"~t 01 II line 1If( nn. 1 Inj ured him.

Members of Negro Forwn, .Friends To

Attend Fellowship

Negro Forum members a n d f riends will !be g uestl! of the Youth Fellowship tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. 1n the Chris tian eh uroh parlors, The theme of this Armlstlcc m eel1ng

. pa"all('1 to n,"j XU fert w,,~t ur I h" In the "eCOJl~ peUlton, O. 11. Fair. /> suit tor $2,485.07 In settlement weHt Ilne of 1<'ro.t . 1I·eel. nil I1lie8'e8 !11ft I .Iohn V . K01.a ow,! ot the estate of J Ohn L . Lumpa, 5. A lieu r ' ·1 pi ~O r 11 Old deceased, ' " ~ {\ { u,~ him $GOO comm ission for the po.

'Pown. ... 1 I r Id '0 l Another petition names William .r. irntlUJ ka b n to. I'PS en('o at •• Eo O. Alley of blO(!k ~7 (of the Old .... T I I t I

Lumpa ~et~llllo.llt In ... suI t La ob. T OWIl. ..as 1 I1g Oil AU'''''.

taln $2,000 which tlte aged woman 7. A lI<'y 1)1' Illock UU or t"~ Old , ~ lgnE'<l over to the defendant. T own. City Council Makes

Another acliol1 names WillIam J . 8. Alley In Colmtu"s subdivision and Ida Lumpo. defE'ndan ts In a of culiOI 32 lYing we~t of tbe "'~Rt I~uv ing ~sessment pult to oblnln I'cal (,AtUl<! deeded lin e or lot r, or (li e aforementIoned to t he defendnnts by th woman. subdiv ision OJ' weM!. at "n extl'nsloJl For Regan Estale

will be "Peace." The rlna l petition nam es J Ohll of thc lIne no,·th. Oerald Botan Boyd, C4 o! Ft. H . and Hilda LUm))a defendnn ts 9. Slre~t or a ll ry adjllc nt 10 and

'Vorth. Tex.. a member or the rorum , will lead the dl sc u~ion .

Sppclal numbCl"" will a lso be gIven. .All Christian church students Il1Id

young people nOl elseWhere afCIllat· pel are tnvlted to llttend.

Conduct Services For Chesler Smith

In a suIt to a nnul a deed of D<>c. surrou nding 101 ,,1I;';hl, C\1el'rywood, 26, 1931 In which the woman deed- In Bylngtun plilec·. cd additional I'pal e~tate to the de· JO. P,'lkne,' "Irl',·t past oC prOlong. felldants . ntion or Wpst illle of lot one of "'.

Attorney F . n. Olse n is a ll nrn<!Y W. FHI,",,". udtlltlnn w l own ('Ily for the plalnUrrs. and ail pOl·tl/JI'. of 1,1Isk aVl'n",'

Muth of Rou th line of U. S. No. ~.

Wallace Goes To , Head PW A Project Girl Scout Training

Instructions To Be Started Next Week

A_ J, F"uhrmnn, owner or ont' acre or land of the R. S. Regan e!laL., wo.' O"~(>M"erl $~H9.33 j'iavlng_JISo .ment by t he c1ly council Illit nJeh l <I'hlft WfiR nll!'t or a $3.083,80 lUIS..,.

ment placed upon t he apprOXlmately ~n I<"l'e8 or I he esLa t e.

Rlchord S. Rpgnn, 11i07 J~lrkwoOil II vPl1ue, W !i G..AAPRSpd tht" re 1181nlng 3,7~~ .47 pn hlft nPRI'Iy 19 aelel.

A.'II,," 0 11 'hi. hUd l)('en delayed ,It I ('11(11>1" th" clJullc ll to det'i<I. wln't hl'r Lhf" rihlHlon or a.qj;!~s.'im(lnt

Rhuuld I.l~ b.v 1I,"'a 0" by va lue. Funeral services were held tor

Chest.,· Smith, 66, or SIOUX City, at the Oakland ccmptpry nt 2 p.m . yesterday.

M;'·. Smith dl NI at the UnIversity ho~piul.l Thursday mOl'lllng, tollow­In g n lOng Illness. Ills body was tu 1{<,1l to t h{' Riley fu ne"al home.

1"ililam B. Walln"e, who has been h ell<l or the local P~' A office . for the last year. will I ~ave Iowa ;City SOon for F.lkLlder whe!'e he will HU I)(> "vIH~ the buildi ng or a $150,000 school fiR head of the PWA

Ruth SUm"e,', locaJ 011'1 SeouL 1'--------------, dlrE'ctor, will ron,ll1cl a. ge ,wral

For Cooll'r Weather th ere. Try Ou,.

)trofuund movt'Jll('llls In hJgher' edll­,·,,1 lUll. About 500 1)('r80Il S had ,'eg· 1"lt~ I't'd fw' ttl(' cont('I'\' nce,

:\Iuny of the conf.,·ence "IJeukel'5 :'0" "t(,l'day ~mJlhasl'lA'd lhe coordill' ulloll of "'chII IClll und th a reUcal plta.,es 0/ a,t, or defi nit ely favored

In "No Mol'(' Ladles" nnb~rt 1I10ntl:Olllcry I. HhulV n enl."lng a. l'OO!ll wf':.u-i ll t; tuilA, lind n loter clogp UP In the s3m~ room ~how" hIm withoUt ' n ils . ..

as being placed high on the body abOve tI", , {'o.r renders In enlllil ca.~". Most mllnutaclU rers w ill orfer enlurged luggage · s pace w ith .the Ue nse pillte ,braoket located In the middle of t he rear panel a nd IIghtod by llttr active ornaments.

were It remaIned until the fun ernl. um-spark contr ols, aero·hat 11011· n e wa.'! bO"n In Buffalo, N. Y .. s Lalllng curhlll'elors, c,'ankclL'IIl an(1 hlR home was In Sioux City. ventllalors "llIt olh,"· mec hanical lJe Is survived by on daughtc,·. f~aturc8 ha.ve been added Or Im- Mrs, Harriet T!!lIzaillfoth Chessc n of

The local of rico will 11(> mltlr:talnPd by IT. B. 1I11Lttng, trav,lIng In· Iip.CtOl· englneel' of 101VIl. until (ho prellmlna,,), work a" Lile ~(' hools

at Oxtord and Oakdale Is f1alshed.

tml nlng COul'se III 011'1 S'cout work 'durIng the llIonLh of NovembPr. Then, will be LlVo group~, one meet· Ing Mond:lY nnd Wedne~dRY f"om 3 to :i p.m., 1I11d thl' "tilt' " TU('flduy ancl \\·r·ct nrsuuy f"oll\ 7 til 9 p .• n . This <oul'se, 011''0 to unyoJlP lnt el" CRIed In Olrl SCOUt work. will In·

• Home Made Cllili • Sandwiches

• Oyster Stews I have ~epn Only One movie taln sc no In which lhe fiC tor. actually Au_rillS

proved upon by a ll mllnufo.ctu "erA. Dululh. MJnn .. who Wll.'! pres nt nt l\fARruAGJ~ elud e IIl"t,'uctiOn In leade"s hlt) nllll

Some offer an all CIIter which tho fune,·al. A marriage lIcenlle Wllll Issu<'d regular 011'1 Scout tes ts. ELLIS DAIRY STORE f ill(' RlHnd. got wet .. . I ha ve ncver seen 0. In the line oC accessorici t he ncw­

est thing In heaters Is the "three· way" heater. These heaters werc created to occompa.ny automobiles which now h!lve bullt·in ho~ aJr de­frosters w hich play heated air 011

the wIndshield.

cleans the oil so thoroughly that In the county clerk's office yes-Paul MIUl.8h i\J s now sccne In which the 3ctor. got only senson:\! changes are neccs- The size of your braJn , scientist" tcrda.y to Lieut. F . D. P erson, 25. Farm Income In Gl'Orgia pumped Free IlPlil'rry After 7:110 P.M.

Paul :0. [ lOMhlp, ~r(·w VOl'k scu lp· ~mowed on . _ , sary. r-ltY, is just about two·thlrds that of nnd Dolores Ballurr, 26, botj) of 14 per <:ent In In •• records or the ~(J1'. .t,·celled the value, ot early InHl"uclion In techllique. lIe ,ul· vlHed against formal university. In,;nlnl;' fo " the .tudent who wishes f~. 1w('om c u s UIPlOI', SlLy1n g t hat ,til ' tl'Chnlcul s kill. mu"t be nc· 'H,Il'l'<l 10" Il,·oflclc ncy.

To avoid tho danger of .cntchlng your head . ., Iowa City . 'agrlculturnl exte nsIon service "how.

,\ not hel' ul'tiRI. 1.(>on ](roll , New

In "Jl:veIYII !'rentire" Myrna. Loy heurs It repor t Ihat her lover has bem\ 1I11" 'dcred a nd II. wom a n-sup­lI(Jsedly hll'sell-Is s lI.!op<!<' led, a nd s he lIanKs the reeeil'er 0 11 the ph0 l1 6

III) i ll h°!4s flU1l1 u Stl('tllifi . , ,

' .. ,·k lIuln,(',', Y(,Rtp,'dUY dryly crl t- On,,), ('ooper, In the "Genernl h'hwd mOlil modernistic pu.intings Dietl tit Da\'vlI ," Js h:.ultiage-ti VII lLe ciS "vP)'Y J.,:'lI(>t1 b<>glllnings or )lIe. rll('e nnt! arutH In on£' Hef' ne und iff

IIII .... H." Rhown H minutp lal l'" wJlh -neither " It 1M PllHY lu IIwk II r'un1hll1aUon ()t),

"f ~ll'lllght aniJ "OU'H) 8hapes :lnll ,J"I{' I Me('rcn I" "'\,I 'eni ll ro In

~lanltattull" gues in to u bef' r IlU"lor, orders n. r hecse Sf! nd· wid, a nd " hr.r whi{'h Ill. ",ail .'I' m (lrely 1'('at.' lu .. "S Hnd ,or

Ihe t able and pu lls Oll t .. .

rr the motorist RU n ' liI{~S h is electric defrosting fan , he will now find on the market a ",are·flex" 'Ilu to ran with ~ublle,' blades which arp harmless to even small children .

Tht! h.Uil rew y~,a.rs manufaClurers, In th,·h· eCfo r t to "streamline" their products. ha.ve pracllcllily eraMd all vestiges Of rain-gutters. This year I II. il "lp molding Is userul llS well " " In ha"mony with the smooth flowing dps lgn.

DI!IC Wheels

one's " hoe on the foot panel engi-neers have recessed the toe banI''' j ust above the brake tu,n clutc'h pedn ls all one line of cars. Another !builder haa finally taken the wood brLlc~B out Of hl~ conHtru~Uon, giv­Ing hIm u. completely 1l1l 'Jll~e l body

118 mosl OlIrs now have. Mor~ autoR nuw have the emergency bl'Ukt,) lever descending f"om under thl' Instrument puu~1 l '1ll h ~I' I hOIl emprg lng rrom the floo,' .

"Rftbbfr Dody MO\mtln,~ lIfelal to melal {'(JIIU,{'l hu s heen

ellmllln .... r1 in mosl mn<l,' I ~ 1,y !'uh_ ber (Joat body ll1ollnliJlr:H On lhe

DiRe whoels 3"0 lhe thing this fr:lme. One co ,· lJo:J..,Ls 14 or thp"~

yenl' nB almost nil p roduce,·s h(lve mounting. whIch Ill" 'vom "a ,lIeR turn ed to them from the pressed and uncomloJ'Iu.I, le ,·Itlln l(.

uriJ lll'al'lly ~l'y, nalll o the "Ictme. II IR WAY to HOY, "1'hls is n STeat """k u( ur i:" he d~clol'~d. He "'II'""k('(1 lhat "I his IN nut th~ 11""" IlfJlIl W{' Iru vI' Iwd modernlsLh' )"llllt,l' ...... but tMh' work I" not ,'e· Irlfoml!p,'NI loday,"

"Not Impressive" .... Ullery wheel, and most at the New types of Ins ulllllon a,· , b{'ln" Frcd Ma{'M urr:IY in 8 Sl'o)ne lrom b

"The 'r exas Hangers" lo,"cs his olle fa.c torlcs lll'e turnlpg out automo· usea hOll! on tOP UlJ<! under the Pruf. Juhn ShUIl I('y or Ihe Unl.

"""Ity or ('hlt·ago niH(] contended t hut model'll u'pn<lR In ur t u re " Jl ot impre8~lv~."

emply gun at !l1'<> Indllln8, I""wk. 1)lIes with the one · piece nll·metal floor Lo prc- vent e1Ctrem"~ Of t~m · Ihem bOth nU l a nd jumps 0 11 II top. pcraLU'·~. An nutom(ltlc hlll · holding h o"s6 ridillg uw.y brand ishing II Such le8S noticeable ,port8 us device Is orrered by l\Vol cone,·rns.

Cool'dln(ltlon of c,'callve work and gUil he lI!rcady has thrown a way clutches, crnnkcaBes and curbur- On e manufacturerer presents again and s hoollng bullets he ne l'ilr hlld. etors have also boe n Improved. 't hIs year a. "sleeping car" fea ture.

11',,(HUon In the dmmlt and Lheater The 10w-pI'ice (leld now ha.a cur8 By tho placing or a rew block. and was advocated by Prof. AllllrdycQ In "Big Broadcost or .1 937" C"acle wilh voltage-controlled g'enerator91 t ho simple manilluintion Of the NI{'o ll , dl recto ,' or the \:'ale unlver· Allen deCla,'eH, " I,re,'c JL i~ which wlli IIIlve con tinual tinke ring car ge"t.~ n. double bell Rlx reet long ~lty \Mot~r. I I o'c lock, " lind yel Lll e clook all the to mnlntaln correct voltage. Vacu- Is ))roduce(l.

I'1'0r. Arthu,' Shepnrd of Weste rn wall plainly points Lo 4:45. , . It'''el'Ve unIversity also urged coor- \ __ dlnnLlon or e(\ueatlo nat a nd artistic In "D<rn't 1'ur n 'Em. Loosl\" c,l,jective.. Hr llce Ctlbo l r Id.. up to a house

The eonf.-rence, Co n I I n ul n II' in .. Rll:' llPY IimOuklne al1lt drives through today, wlII end with the lIwuy t hree m ill ules lat pr in a small lJ~dlcation of the new drumlLtic arts mndst el· .• , I,nllillng and prC8 ntntlon of Ell •• INo,·th P. Conkle's " '1'wo Hundred \\""'c ('hose,," Lhls evening.

JesSIl I) to Speu l! HOLe Cases Mnst

Wail Higher Court '[' he 8e •• loll thl ~ mOl'Jling at 9:30 in Lho I!~nute cham bet· of Old Capitol wi ll "1J~n wllh llll add ress by pres. Foul' nppllcatlons Cpi' contlnua nc<l hlcnt·l!:merllus J essup on "&"tory Involving foreclosure suits of t he I ul' the Fine ArLs Ltl the Univers ity Homo Owner8 Loan corporation will r,l lawn." Other addr 8ses on the not bc ruled upon by the court 1I1I>l'lI lng progmm are by Prof. Fred. until a decision I. handed down by "l'ick Koch of lI1e Unlv~r.lty or the ' supreme court of Iowa In .. NO"Lh Caroll 'lll, "Folk Play.:\rak. <!J lmllal' case, Dlst "lct Judge James I IlIg;" Dr. Ra ndall Thompson , C,'t , P . Garrney announced yesle,·day. ~""d , Mo..qs., " P ,-eae nt T"ends In -Music Education," anll Prof. CiaI" by p,'or. Grnnt Wood of the graphlo ,·IJ(·e 'Ward ot Obcrlln college, "The a nd plast!c arts department a n ti Place oC IlIs tory and Alllll'eclatlon Prof. Lc~tcl' Lungma n , I\elld of th" IJr A rt In lJbeml Education." ,lepartment, Leon K roll wi ll 8.8818t.

T,'rom 8 Lu 9 a tour at the d ra· Th e Clinic. In the mural Iltud lo at rnallc art9 building will be condue- the tine arta building, wJll deal p rl· tcd by Sydney Sllllyde and Dorothy marlly with a dlscus.lon ot vlllues. D"owlI, I' presenting University . 'rhls evening at 6 o'olock a torma} J'laye rs. dlnne,· fo llowed by deaicatlon of the

DivisIon luncheons wU I be held dramatic arts building, w ill bo in Ihls n OOn at 12:30. Barrett Clark, Iowa Union. Speakera will be Oliver til'llmatlc crlLlc, will speak nt the Brown, 8upervlsl ng dlrecLor at the rl"uma luncheon. PaSlldena P layhouse a nd School ot

Thl. atLernoon r"om 3 to 5 o'clock , t he Theater, Mr. Bnket. President members o( the speech department Ollmore. T here will Illso be a pre· >10 rr wlll mt'1't and hold rou nd . enLation by Purp le Mask, honornry tnhle discussions In their offlcewa nd <1ramatlcs graup, ~"horLttorle8. ~'olloWlng Ihe din ner t he dedlca·

Speeilll Art CUnlo lion play will be p rellCnted a t 8:45, At a special Ol't clinic condllc ted IIJ the dramalic arls building .


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