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Daily Iowan (Iowa City, Iowa), 1968-06-07

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Congratulations Graduates ail

Serving the University of Iowa EatablJshed In 1868 10 centl a copy

Enemy Keeps Up Rocket Attack I n Saigon Area

SAIGON IA'I - Viet Cong rockets hit near the residence of Gen. William C. Westmoreland early Friday and 0 n e blew up in a hospital. killing two South Vielnamese women.

U.S. Headquarters said t3 Soviet·made rockets hit the capital in the latest bar­rage of an enemy campaign apparently designed to enhance the North Vietnam· ese position at the preliminary peace talks in Paris. It was the 19th shelling in the past 34 days.

Allied planes and helicopters swarmed into the air in a f1are·lit hunt for enemy firing positions north and east of Saigon.

An army guard It the houlll of West· morelllnd, top U.S. military commander in Vietnam, Slid thr" or four rounds landoci nearby, the c\ose51 about 100 y.rds away. He Slid there were no In· juries It the house. Westmoreland w" reported en route to Saigon after II ahort "i,lt to Washington, where he I. loon to take o"er as ,ecretary of the Army. The shelling louched off at least two

fires, one near the big Tan Son Nhut air· base on the capital·s nulskirts. Several houses were reported destroyed.

One of the tOO· pound rockets exploded in Binh Dan Hospital, where civilian cas.. ualties of previous fig~ting were being treated . Military spokesmen sr.id two women were killed at the hospital and at least 15 civilians wounded arou.'ld the cap· ital.

There were no reports of new street fighting but a Viet Cong regimental doct· or surrendered to South Vietnamese mao rines in the city's northern suburbs.

Across South Vietnam, flags flew at half staff on battlefields. ships. camps and U.S. government buildings in memo ory of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy. who died early Thursday of an assassin's bullets. They were to remain at half staff until Kennedy's burial Saturday.

The casual tics in Thursday's shelling raised the civilian toIr in Saigon to 74 killed and 340 wounded since the latest enemy campaign against the capital was launched May 5.

One rocket In Ihe latest . ' rrage blew up the front gate at thlt rtsidonce of Rea, Adm. K.l. Veth, U.S. n .. ,1 chief 'In Vielnam, and dlma~ed th porch and lI"ing room of the houle. No one was hurt. Allother hit the compound of the thrH.natlon Internationa! Control Com. mission without causing damagt or In. lury. U.S. headquarters also reported light

sheDings in the northern suburb of Gia Dinh and at Bao Tri, 23 miles ''Jest of the capital. Two civilians were killed at Gia Dinh. .

In Thursday's only significant ground action. U.S. marines reported killing 49 North Vietnamese, about a third of a

, force Ihat attacked near Khe Sanh in the far north. The U.S. Command said the mao rines lost 13 killed , 37 wounded.

In Saigon Thursday. six civilians were killed and at least six wounded in early morning nine·rocket shelling.

* * * Senate Confi rms Westmoreland As Army Chief

WASHINGTON IA'I - The Senate con· firmed Thursday President Johnson's ap­pointment of Gen. William C. Westmore· land, U. S. commander in Vietnam, as the new Army chief of stafL

Action was by voice vote. Westmoreland will succeed Gen. Harold

K. Johnson in the Army's top staff job early in July. The Senate also approved Johnson's retirement with his present four·star rank.

Gen, Creighton Abrams will succeed , Westmoreland in the Vietnam pos\.

, Avenger' Team, O'ut For Blood, Reported In U.S.

ALBANY, N.Y. I.., - State Police In Albai,) confirmed Thursday that they had received reports saying that eight "Que· ll« revolutionists" had left Montreal to avenge the death of Sen. Robert F. Ken. nedy.

The report said the eight were to travel through New York State Thursday night and then attempt to assassinate President JohnsOn, New York Gov . Nelson A. Roclu~ feller and Vice President Hubert H. Hum· phrey.

The alleged assassination plans were re­vealed Thursday aftemoon in an anony· mous phone cali to the American Consulate In Montreal, the report received here sald.

Confirmation of the message also was given at the Slate Police station at Ba· lavla.

State Police headquartel'l In Albany llid that they had received the message from the FBI and that they believed there was action taken "all the way down the line."

They did not elaborate. 'rile FBI office in Albany would neither

confirm nor deny thai the report had been Iseued,

LBJ Sends Congratulations To University Graduates


Few moments equal the joy, the satisfaction, and the fulfillment of graduation. It is a personal and permanent victory, an honor to last a lifetime. To each of you I extend my sincere congratulations.

The time is past when our national interests could be served by a few who elected to make their country's affairs their own. The complexity of our age and the particular burden history has thrust upon us - to preserve freedom where it exists and to foster it where it does not - demands every American hand and every American heart. The greatest responsibility falls to those who have the most to give.

I cannot tell you the extent of America's influence in shaping the new order of world affairs - though I believe it will be great.

I cannot measure our national ability to abolish ignorance and sickness and injustice wherever these ancient enemies degrade humanity - though I believe it is limitless.

I cannot predict that America's future will match and exceed the brilliance of her past - though I I believe it will.

The answers will not come in my lifetime, but in the future - your future. I am confident that you who have proved your ability to achieve, to en­dure, and to win, will serve that future with dis­tinction.

North Viet Statements Add To Talks Confusion

PARIS IA'I - North Vietnam issued new statements Thursday on Its role in the ViEtnamese war and is creating the impression that it is trying to play a car· rot·and·stick game in long drawn·out peace talks in Paris.

The statements, one a North Viet· namese army communique and the other a broadcast speech by Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap, the architect of the 1954 victory over the French. edged close to admitting. for ex· ample, that there are regular North Viet· namese troops in South Vietnam. But Hanoi has not really admitted It.

What Ippean to be emerging Is • North Vietnamese attempt to erode the patlenee of the American public and brln, the prellure of Its opinion to bear on Washington. What Hanoi has bHn Opentv demanding is that the United States surrender on the basic issue - II

h.1t et all attack, on North Vietnam -which hal bogged down the Pari, peace talk' throulh It. llrat so"en ""Ions. From it statements, Hanoi aopears to

believe that a great number of Americans oppose the war and are anxious to get out at any price. Thus. the Hanoi aopn>ach seems to be to ply on the impatience of Americans.

For example, in his latp.sl statement. Giap, a power in the Hanoi Polit.buro, said "our people are fighting on ~1l haltlp· fields" from the southern tip of South Vietnam to the demilitarized zone Ix!lween South and North." .

At first glance this would appear to be an admission of Northern troops in the South. But Giap said "our people," and in other statements Hanoi contends that all the people in Vietnam, North and South. are one. If he says that the army in the North Is resisting the Americans. he d()('s not say it troops are dOing so in the South. The Americans are attacking the North with bombardment.

If Thursday's army communique say, transportation .nd communication with the s.uth art IMln, auured, It simply back' up the Hanoi al'9ument that it I. entitled to holp I. own peojIl. with sup­,lie, .g.ln.t tho Amerlc,n ••

. IAmbasIador W. Avrell Harriman, the chief U. S. negotiator. has been unsuccess· ful up to now in his challenges to his op­poalte number, Xuan Thuy. to admit out· right that there are Northern troops in Souh Vietnam.

The U. S. negotiator also was unsuccess· ful In an attempt to clear up a vague Hanoi statement of last week in which the North Vletna~ demanded that the Am.lcaDi "aclmowledlle," a respo!IIlibil·

ity lo stop the bombardment of the North , Ha'loi amended the word later to "de· termine," but nobody on the American side can say whether this falls short of a de­mand that the bombing be stopped with· out any price to the North Vietnamese.

What seems to be developing is a 10rt of "now you see il. now you don't" opera· tion in Paris by the Hanoi delegation. It appears, if extremely vaguely, to be offer· ing something. only to snatch It .w., again when the Americans reach for it.

P~or Ask Proiect To Stifle Hatred

WASHINGTON IA'I - Under the shock of Rohert F. Kennedy's death, the Poor People's Campaign shifted its focus Thursday and urged a vast national edu· cational program to end hatred and vio· lence in America.

Plans were annolVlced for a eries of prayer vigils in the area of the White House and the Capitol asking the admin· istration to stop the war in Vietnam and use the money being spent on it for the educational program.

Hosea Williams, director of demonstra· tions, said lhe prayer vigils would consti· tute the main activity of the campaign for the next day or two.

An afternoon demonstration was called off after the marchers had waited In line for an hour. The reason given was that the residents would have to see Ihat the garbage in Resurrection City was col· lected before they left.

A visit to the camp by three U.S. sena· tors was marred when one of the resi· dents. who appeared to' be drunk. lunged at Sen. Edward Muskie (D·Malnel and almost pushed him into an open trench.

The man. whose name was not learned, was shouting incoherently when he at· lacked Muskie. He was quickly pulled [rom the scene by camp marshals,

"Get that man's clothes and lake him to the bus station." ordered a marshal. "We don't want him here."

The other visiting senators were Phil· lip Hart. D·Mich .• and William Proxmire, D·Wis. They are members of an informal House·Senate committe Ihat is serving in a link between th campaign leaders and Congress. M uSkie dismissed the incident AS immaterial and expressed his support for the goals of the campaign. Camp offi· cials broa(icast an official apology over the loudspeaker system as Muskie left.

Iowan and t1le People of Iowa Citl/

ASIOCiated Presa Leased Wire and WirE'ohni n

FORECAST Partly cloudy and continlMd w.rm ."d

humid toct.y ",rough S.turday with chMce of showe" or thu,\CMr,tornu. High tocillY in upper 80s to lower 90s.

10 City. Iowa S2240-Friday. June 7. 1968

Kennedy Comes Home As The Nation Mourns

See Rel.ted Storie, P.,e • NEW YORK I.f\ - Robert F. Kennedy

came home Thursday to New York, his adopled state where he found political haven in the doleful aItl rmath of his brother's assas ination.

A four-engined presidential jetliner land· ed with the senator's body at LaGuardia Airport al 8:58 p.m.

The plane arrlvoci .fter a 4V2-hour flight from Los Angel". Thore en a'­.... in's bullet to the brllin clalmoci Rob· ert Kennociy', life early In the d,y, IUlt as anolher hullet hed clai ' ··d John F. Ke ,"ociy', Ie .. than Ii". yean .go. The silver, blue and white jet y,as a

companion aircraft 10 Ihe one Ulat brought the late President's body home to Wash· ington from Dallas Nov. 22, 1963.

The mahogany casket was removed from Ihe plane and placed on a lift.

Behind it walked the senator's widow, Elhel. mother of 10 children. expecting

Tentative Schedule For The Final Rites

FRIDAY • a.m. to 10 p.m. - The body lies In

,tat. It St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York .

SATURDAY 10 I.m. - Requl.m mass .t St. P.t·

ricks Cath,dral. 12:30 p.m. - The body is plaeed In •

Ir~ln for the journey to WUhinqton. .:40 p.m. - The train arrl".s in Wesh.

Inllto", the bod v to be taken In a funeral courtege put the Senate OHice Building, where Kenn4dy worked, .~d the Depart· ment of JUllice, where h. ,e .. ed liS al· torney general.

5:30 p.m. Buri.1 at Arlington Natlonel Cemet .... , probably al the plat ov.rlook. ing Washlnqton where John Kennedy Is burl-d, Md where an .ternal flame burns In his memory.

an 11th. She had cradled her husband's head in her arms in the tumulluous mo· ments after a gunman shot him down early Wednesdav in the Ambassador Holel in Los Angeles. She had be<>n besido him in !he hospital when he aied.

Now, she was bringing him home. a widow, erecl, controlling her gricf.

Mrs. Ker:nedy's two eldest sons. Jos· eph, 15, and Robert Jr" 14 , helped lift the caskel from the plane.

Last oH the aircreft w", another wi . dow, Mra. John F. Ktnnociy, sister·in·law of the IInalor. For her it might have had the O"trtones of a nightmare . For on a ni"ht four ye, .. , and ",ven month. ago. Jacqueline Ktnnedy had flown ea.t from 0111111. with the body of her 0 w n husband on the !Ilane with her. Sen. Edward Kennedy (O·Mass.l. last

of four Kennedy brothers. was among the family group who stood in quiet compo­sure as Roman Catholic Archbishop Ter· renee J , Cooke led Ihem in three minutes of prayer beside the casket after it had been lowered from the plan '.

About 1,000 persons looked on at t b e airport.

The casket was plac:xi in a hearse. T:.e widow and Edward Kennedy accompanied it.

Robert Kennedy's final destination is Arlington National Cemetery, where his brother. John. rests benea~h an eternal flame. But not u- til Saturday, after he is eulogized in St. Patrick·s. the great, gray Gothic cathedral on Manhattan's F i f t h Avenue. There the 42-year-old senator 0[' ten attended services.

It wa. there that the hta~ pro­ceedod. It arrivoci a ':41 p.m., part of I SO-car motorcede, that tra"eled Into Manhlttan bumper.to-bumper from the a ir'>Drt. Since mid·afternoon, a crowd had been

buildin~ outside the cathedral. By Ihe I ime the hearse arrived police estimated thai 8.500 persons were outside the church. curious, hushed but not demon­strative.

Robert Kennedy was nearing the end of a lo~q journey.

II had begun in bril(ht sunlight in Los AngelC'!, where an estimated 4,500 ver. ons lined the streets near the hospital where he died. At least as many stood vigil at the airport there . Flowers were tossed at thp passing motorcade.

The takeoff of the presidential 707 jet was delayed for more than three hours because an autopsy on the senator's body t()O~ 100l,('r than had been expected.

The autopsy report said Kennedy's death was due to "a l!U"shot wound of the riaht mastoid penetratin~ the brain." Chipf M"dical Examiner Thomas T. No­~uclri said fragments of the bullet "reach· ed about the center of the brain."

The nlane took off from Los AMPlE'S IntE'rnational Airoort at 4:211 n.m. (EDT1.

At St. Patrick's Cathedral, th'l two Kennpdy sons and their uncle. Edward, took the casket up the front steps. Again Arrhbishon Cooke said nrayers over it.

lit.. thA" ""0 months ..... the arch­hl'Me end tile .Iain senator moumocl to .. ~.r at til. funpral of _nother I .. , •• -Ift·"o" "ictlm, the R.". Marti" Lu· t".r KI"e. Jr ..

nw. followiDl! the casket. Into the ca· thedral. was Kin~'s widow. who traveled e~"w.rd with Kennedy·.~ body.

WAilin!! inqtle the cathPdral was Mrs. JOSl'nh P. Kennedy. readv now to say pontlhye 10 a Ihird of her (onr sons. Her plO"st. .T".pnh Jr .. was killed in action d"';n" Worlt1 War IT.

Wilh the last of Ih.. offidal mourning narty inside the cathedral. the huge doors were slowly swung closed.

The body of Robert Kenuedy will Ut In

state today. A requiem m there Saturday.

Then a trllin will carry the body to WlIshinglon for burial Saturday at Atl· in,ton NlItionll Cemetery, probably o~ the grassy knoll resting place of the u· ,a .. lnated John F. Kennedy. Robert Kennedy clug tenuously to life

for more than 25 hours after a gunm;):! emptied aD eighl·shot .. 22 caliber revolver al him in a kitchen corridor of the AmtlUs· sador Hotel.

11 happened momenl~ alter he had !lro­claimed his most important wiD in t'le Democratic pre idental nomination ':'am· paign. victory over Sen. Eugene J . ~f,· Carthy in the California primary.

He died at 3:44 a,m lIowa time) Thurs­dav .

Haggard and pale. Frank Manklewicz. Kennedy's press secretary. a mounced the death.

" en. Robert Francis Kennedy died al 1 44 a.m. today. June 6. 1968," he said. "With Sen. Kennedv a the Ume of his neath were his wirE' Ethel. his sl!llers, Mr~. steohl'1l Smith nnd Mrs. Peter Law. ford. and hi, slsfpr·i.,·IAW. 'r~. John F. Kennedy. He was 42 years old."

President J"h",,,n we. Iwakened at 5 :01. a.m. (eDT!. .. lid told of KeMociV'S de .. th. He Immocilalelv Droclalmed Sun. d~v a d8" of national mournl"g for Kennedv. "Thi. Is II time of tragedy .nd loss," he .. Id. Vice Pre~ident Hullert H. Humohr(>y,

\Vho hl'td been a Kennedy rival tnr the Democratic nr(> itlenllal nomination. elt· pre-sed "profound personal los .

"WI' have aU lol'! II greal Am"rlcan." h~ said

McCarlhy. another pre Idential conte~· anI and Ihe man Kennl'dv defeated in the California primary, spoke of Ihe ~i('vi:lg Camlly. "Let us seek 10 comfort them hy our auiel mournin/(." he said, "aur reje('· lion of violence and reorisa!." and by new dedication to the Kennedy goals of peaee and reconcilalion.

Kennedy won 172 nomlnatin,! votes ill the California primary. Bul the bullets thal cut him dOwn cancelled the errcct of Ihe 1.4 million votes he received Tuesday.

A ,poke.man for the Oemocretlc Na· lional Committee said California offl. cials held Ihat the Kennedy.pltdgtd olate of delegal.. eltcted in the prl. mllry was automatically rel •• soci by the death of their candidate, and may suoport whom they wl,h. For th third time. word of the violent

death of II on reached the home of Jo­seph P. Kennedy In Hyannis Port. Mass.

A niece. Mi s Ann Gargan. told Mrs. Rose Kennedy at 6 a.m. that Robert wa~ dead. Mrs. Kennedy went to mass an hour later. Then she flew to New York to join the rest of the Kennedy family.

Gov. Ronald Reagan declared a state of mourning in California. New York Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller. who will ap.. point a Senate successor to Kennedy. or· dered nags on state buildings to half taff. A crowd of everal thousand people -

omber and silent - gath red off WiI· hire Boulevard at th hospital where

Kennedy died. Many held red and black placards that

read: "Pray for Bobby." The.. were crowd., too, In Toyko,

p~thered to read news bulletins. And there were t .. rs in the eyes of a min on a Moscow 'treet. There were expressions of regret in the

Secret Service Gets Go-Ahead From Congress

WASHINGTON IA'I - Legislation auth· orizing Secret Service protection for all major oresidential candidates perl through Congress Thursday in the wake of Sen, Robert F. Kennedy's assasslna· tion.

It was sent to President Johnson. who promptly signed it. John on already had ordered the protection in anticipation of the bill's passage.

Secret Service allents have been as­signed to Richard M. Nixon. Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller of New York. and former Minne uta Gov. Harold E. Stassen. Re· publicans: Sen. Eugene J . McCarthy. Democrat, and former Gov. George C. Wallace of Alabama, American Indepen· dent. Other announced candidates. such as Dick Gregory, have not been assigned any agents.

Hubert H. Humphrey. a candidate for the DemocraUc presidential nomination, already had Secret Service guards 8S vice president.

The bill authorizes $400.000 to finance the extra protection during June. The lolal cost through the November election was put at $2 million.

Additional financing beyond June 30 will be sought in the regular annual ap­propriation bill for the Secret Service.

The bill provides that the question of what candidates are entiUed to protec· tion will be decided by a special com· mittee dominated by Congress members. It will be composed of the speaker and minority leader of the House. the major­ity and minority members of the Senate. and a fifth member to be aelected by these four. .

Arab world, but ther v.a bitterne ..• too. "Sen. Kennedy has been dbtined 10 pay

the price for eagernes of American polio ticians 10 eek the "Ole» of AmerIcan Jews," wrote the Beirut new paper Ai Bayrak

* * * Unitarians Plan Memorial Service For RFK Sunday

A memorial M .. ice for Sen. Robert F. Kennedy will be held .t 11 a.m. Sunday at the Unitarlan·Unlversalisl Church at 10 S. Gilbert St.

Spoaktra will Include V.nct BourlaUy, well.known novellil and .. ,ocl .. le pro­flnor of Engli.h; John R. 5chmldhaul­er, professor of political Kienct and former congressma", .nd the R.v . Will · lam W.lr. mlnl .. er of the church.

Bourlaily i, the author of the novel "The Man Who Knlw Kennedy" which duls with the r .. ctlons of person, to the a .. a .. lnalion of Presld.nt John F. Kennociy. The book has recelvoci much critical pul.e.

Schmldhau"r hal aDplied for a le""e of .bsence effectl"e this monlh 10 cam· paign for the Democratic nomination for the First District Congre"lonal ,tit which hi held from 19'4 to 1'''. H. we, • claum.tt of KtnnedY .1 the Unlvers· Ity of Viralnl. and wa' • Kennedy po· litical a"oclat • .

Weir Slid Thursd.y the m.mnrial .er· "ice will be non-demoninatlonal and thet one other 'peaker may be .dded I.ter. The University High School Choir will sing.

Tht ,e .. lee will be bro dCllt It 1:30 a.m. Mondlv over the University radio ,t.tion, WSUI.

~earing Slated On Burtis Charge Of Manslaughter

Two count. of mon.lau~hler "'crc filed against Greaory Ward Burt, 21, of We t Dcs Moines Thllrsday in Polite Court hpl'c in connection with th dealh of Iwo Pm· versity studenll..

Judge Marion R. Neely set "ond al $5.000 - $2.500 for each count - lo ne po ted within 24 hours

Burt, a former University ·ludenl. was charged with the m~ru,lallghtl'r of t 1'0 Univer ity sludents, Mary Sue Miller, AS. Randolph and James Hoben \ a ek t •. Denville. N.J. A preliminary hearing was sel for 9 a.m. June 17.

According lo police, Burt's south hound car struck and killed the lwo student . who were walking soulh on North Dubuque Street. on the night of May 23 , He wa. chareed May 24 with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated and ha been free ir8'~ o~ a l500 bond.

FACES NEW CHARGES - A solemn IooIdIll O,...ry Burt MilIv" PolIce Court ...... bel... clNrvod wit\! !we counts of ""nslaughter In ClHMMCtlon with tho dHth of two University ,tudent. last month. Police NY thet an automobile lurt, a fwmor University student, wa. tlml", hit IJId kiIlM. the !we student •.

- ....... by Oa". Luck

,The Daily Iowan Staff Congratulates SC

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1h~1)aily Iowan

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University Of low a "Graduates Of ' 6 8 Glenda Alma TlIIman, Bayou La B.tre. Ala. Helen Ellzabelh Toms. Wapello Stewart Roland Truelsen~ Park Rldae, lU. Barbara Gall Trummel, Iowa Clty Marilyn Sachle Tsukamoto, Kenaohe. Hawall Nancy Lee Tucker, Cros6"llle. Tenn. Alexis Cheryle Twyner. Davenport flora Jane Uhlenberi\ La Parle City John Stuart Uthor.r, owa City Jln Marie Utler Mason City Donald WilHam Vacca, Canton, Ul. Bonnie Marle Kramer ValUer, Geor •• Jean Ellen Vander Ploeg, Northbrook, DL Lynn Marie Van Horne, Iowa City Dennis Loren Van Langen, Jewell Dennis Bernie Van Roekel, Manson William fred Van Vllete. Jr., Silvis. IU. Michael Terry Varn, Solon Jane Elizabeth Vasey, Cedar Rapldt Renner E. lIalgrlm Ventllng~ Websler CII7. Douglas Silvio Vergamln!, I,;ounell Blull. l..lsa RumJ Vermedahl, vinton patricia Ann VesUe, Bettendorf Mary Lee Vier kant Ames Danny Ross Volta, Wheatland Patrick Lynn Von Behren, Mechanlclvtu. Barbara rum Vonderhaar, Humboldt Barbara Ann Voss Kansas City Mo. Donald Heory Vyskoell. Cedar k.pldt Dennis David Wagner, Spencer Phillip Carlyle Wagoer, Chleag.~, W, Frank Charles Waldron, Coralvwe Bruce LeRoy Walker Des Moines Karen Ellzabetb Walker, Mccombl MI ... Mary Katherine Walker, low. Ci y Martha Jean WalkUp, Ames Patrlcll Ann Wall~~, Decatur, m. Kathleen Martha walsh, Ma Uand. :rta. Lllrry Paul Walsblre, Solon Judith Carson waltersj TUlaal Okl •. Julie Alana Walters, owa C ty Sleven Ray Warner, Sperry MarHyn Jane Wassom, Grinnell Janel Kay \Vaterbury, Schaller Ralph Franklin Waterman. low. City Campbell Franklin Watt •• Cedar R.pld. Steven Arthur Weaver, Gilman Jamea Russell Weede. Cedar RaEld. Sharon Merle Weiner, Chlca,o, D Loretta Christina Weir Davenport N.ncy Ann Slmmen Welch. Cedar R.plcIJ Patricia Diane Werl, La Canada, Calif. Kennetb Charle. Whigham, Ottumwa Dennis Michael \Vhtle, Muscatine PhylliS Ann White Madrid Theodore Ira Wlckbam Montroae Suzanne Wlnn.llred Wildberger, Perry Judith Lynn Johnson Wile!!, Lor! NatioD WiIlltlm Paul WUen, Sioux rail. S.D. Gordon Dean Williams. Iowa c'lty P.trlcla Lucile Wllliamst Marshalltown Richard Alan Williams, owa City Grant Allen Wls, Mount Ephraim, N.J, Mary Dickson Wilson. Manchester Robert Bishop Willshire. n. Iowa Cltl' Thomas Richard Wlndman, Muscatine Barbara Ellzabetb Wlnnlke. West Point Mary Ellen Wlnlluist, Rockford. W. JuUe Peverlll Withington, Des Moine. James Kannan \Volle. Hlihland Park. DL Kathy Anne Wollenhaupt. Wapello Stephanie Lue Woodburn, Des Molno. France. Burton Woodal Iowa City Meny Candace Wrllh Elgin, llL Richard Charle. Wrfiht. ClIntoD Diane Rae Wubben.. Estbervllle Eleanor Rae Ya,er. Omaba. Neb. Su.an Lel·Anne Yamasaki, Honolulu, S.wall Marth. Jeanne Y.t ..... Shawnee MlIIIon, K.n. Danny Lee Yeager, dlnton Mary Elaine Yoder, Parnell Sheryl K. Yoder Woodrul£, WI •. Judith Kalhryn Young! Dunkerton Judith Kay Young, B oomlnglon, W. Kent Gerald Zimmerman. Anamosa WUllam Raymond Z<l<!ckler, De. Moln .. Carla Marie Zuehlke, Eldon Susan Lunette Zurbrlggen. Cedar Fall.

BAC H ELO R OF SCIENCE Mary Lynne Adolphson Burllnfton Jan Lynne Ahlberf.J Manhasse. N.Y. Linda Jean Albert, Iowa City Susan Lynne Almquist, Orlon, m. Marilyn Elizabeth Arnold. Marshalltown Thomas Martln Ashley. Cedar Rapids Eric James Atba Charlton Mauree/\ Smith Barker, Davenport Timothy Joseph Bell Dubuque Carol Lee Bennett, TYndall Air Force Base.

Fla. David Lee Belbel, Des Moines Jon Wayne Bllstrom, Aurora, 0.1. Daniel Jame. Bohle Sumner Brooks William Booker, lll, Iowa City SaUy Ann Bouska Fort Atkinson Mary Katherine Brown Naperville. Ill. Theodore Brubacher, Moont Vernon l N.Y. Robert Raymond Bruegger, Jr ., Burlington Gregory James Buell, Mason City Dennis WilHam Bull, Center Polnt David James Burke, Iowa City. Thomas Alteison Carlstrom, Spencer Patricla Ann Carpenter, Davenport Jane Marie Carroll. Tipton Jodie Lynn Cholly, Algona Richard Edwin ChenQwe~~J Des Moine. Linda Mae Christensen walnut Barbara Jane ColUns Des Moines Patrick Francis collins. Davenport Michael John Crane, Albia Ronald Deane CUppy, Solon Charles Berllard Deeny, Mason City ~'onda Mae Dehne, Washington Jeffrey Harold Deitch, ChIcago. nt, Pamela Jo Ellertson DeMoss, Atbert Le'.

Minn . Mary Pamela Devins. Coralvllle Nancy Moore Doerlng, Homewood m l1lchard John Dohrmann. Sioux city William LIster Dull, Ottumwa Karen Pauline 'Wagner Ely, Ames Rod Faino, Des Motnes Pamela Jean FaU, Morton, 1l1 . WlUlam David Fallis Falrh" Marilyn Sue Farrln~(o'!t Cedar Rapids James Hamilton FeU. ""ouncll Bluffs John F"ederick fleselmann Spencer Robert Michael Flanagan, 'Rock Valley Carol Lee Fresquez. Denver. Colo. Bruce Jay Gantz, Lake View Nancy JeAn Goold, Downers Grove, Ill. Emily Ann Gound Hamburg Harold Kent Grte.baber, Bellendorl Betty Jean Grouwlnkel, Columbus J unction James Richard Groveb Mt. CarroU. W, Richard Lee Gruen, es Molnes Margo Charlene Gullickson, . Kalamazoo, Mich. DIxie Lea Hackman. Des Moines Lee Ann Hagenson, Chicago. Ill. Mary Harden Hanawalt. Cedar Fall. Barry PhUlip Haskins. Jr. Mason City Edward WUllam Hauser, PhUadelphll. PI, Ronald Lee Helm. Iowa City Ann Ellzabelh HelmbouJdt. North Riverside.

1II, Barbara Jo Hemphill, Marshalltown John Charles Hendrlcks, Boone Nancy Sue Herrig, Alton Susan Mae Herweg, Peoria. nl. Gilbert Lamar Hitchcock, Jr" AUantl, GI , JOY Louise Hogue. Davenport Sharon Chrtstlne Hood Pocahont.s Thomas Albert HorvaU" Cedar Rapldl Linda Lou Hourihan, Oskalooaa Marilyn Venneil Houser, Des Moine. Pamela Kay Hynes, Manly Nonnan Lee Hytllecker. WheaUand Jamea WIUlam lngbram, low. City Richard George 1ves). Davenport Carol Ann Jackson, udlr Rapids V.ughn Emanuel Jackson, Cedar R.plcIJ Robert John Jakollbek . Carner Curtis Dwayne Jansenc. Manning Jean Anne Johnston Marengo John Edward Jones. 'Newlon Richard Allan Jongew8ard, Wesley Krlstilla Joon,ar. Waterloo 'Mary SU'18nne Kealey, Davenport Mlch •• l Craig Keellllg Rockford, m. Dan Leo Kelley, Coralville Dwight Edson Kelley, Des Mol nea P.mela Sue Klockslem, Rockwell City Belly Lou Kubik, Avoca Lorry Van Kuhl, Aberdeen. SO. Morris Lyle Kuhlmann. Charter O.k John Alan Latta Iowa City Keyron Nichola. Laubenthal, Emmetabur, Duane Wilbur Leitch. Milford William ~'rancls Lindsay, Muoc.tlne Ro~er Dale Loring, KeokUk Richard Darrell Louvar, Cedar Rl pld, Robert Lee Lovejoy, Jr., Boone Dennis Arthur Lumphery. Sioux CII7 Lawrence Leo Lynch. 10Wl City Anno Llis Mahl, Des Moines Larry Jay Martin. Red Oak Katherlne LeAnn Mathlaon, Nevada Patricia Ann Mattes, F.rrafut Connie Joan McCandless, Whl Ing Jame. Alexander MeCoyJ. V, Des Moln" Gory James McCright , 1,;0'1011 Larry Douglas McDowell , Iowa City Gaylord Mlrhae l McGralh Rowley James Edward McHugh, Slaadell, N.Y. Michael Dennis ~Iclllloni De. Molnn Gerald Lee McKinney, owa City Palrlclo Jo McNamer. Dubuque DOllna .Iean McQuiston, Marshalltown Deoll Thomas McShallo, Marlon Kennelh Blaine ~Iesscr, Des Moine. Clarence James Mikelson, Jr .• Wllerloo Gary Nell Miller, Stuart Edward WIIUam MllIunchlck, Chlc.go, m. Allen Buller Mossman, lowl City ElizabeUl Ann Moyer Iowa City Terrence Joseph Mulliga n, Clevell nd. Ohio Nancy Elaine Mu ndy. KIngsley Jerry Duane Napier, Orlando, Fla. Albin James Nelson, Nashua Larry Gordon Ne r nea, Cambrldle James Alan Nicholson, Del Moln .. Mory Anne Nix. Davenport Mark JOh n Nolon, Gu th rie Center Noncy Kay Noller, Sigourncy Marti n James O'Donnell, Williams SOlid,'. I.>"n Olhen, Dollon, Ill, John arl PaKe, Des Molnea lIu,~ Penc~ Porsons, Burllo,lon Cornellu. Palltrson, Jr ., DIxon. Ill. Jane Cadwell Pault, to PaulO, Brull GtOrge Albert Pee ples, Ecorll!. Mlch, MRry JMe Perh.m, SIoux City Jon Fleming Pelerl, Oberlin, Xln. lamel Charlel Pelentn. Olin Ion

Patricia Ann Peterson, Mllon City Bernheardt Carl Plautz, West Chicago, DL Pamela Ann Porler. Rock VaUey Nancy EUen Portel. Cedar Rapids John Francis Ramsey, Audubon Camella Ra. Reed. Guthrte Cenler Joe Alton Reed , Churdan Michael George Henly, Colon.. m. Doualas Edward Rlekert, Mapleton Jea,nne Karla Rohd~ Durango, Colo. Jeanette Kathleen "ohret. Iowa CJtJ Dean Lawrence Rosen, Des Moine. Eula Mae Russell, Iowl City Faye Rita Samuelson, Chlc.go, m. Pamela Sue Saunders, De.catur, ru. Mary Ellen Savel, Cedar Raplo! Richard Dean Schley, .Cedar Raplda Dennis LeRoy SchmicKJe, Alburnett Judy Kay Schrader. Clear Lake Martin McN.1I Schuchat. De. Moln .. J ames Amos Sevdy, Or.eUtn,er JuUe Ann Shadle. Iowa City Daniel Jooeph Shaller. Sprln.vIlIe Roy Carl Shannon, Clarinda NeU Shapiro, Englewood. N.J. Thomas John Shay. DeB MoLnes Donald Glenn Shun:. Pontiac, Ill. John Dean Smith, I,;edar Rapids Renle Harrison Sleven.. ArnolcIJ PatIt Linda Kay Strau.. De. Moines Russell John Sumka" Chlc.,o. DL James Riley Sweet l Newton Paul Herbert TalierdlY. Davenpon David Cloyce Temple. Keota ClaUdia Wentbe Tessmer. Frederlckabu" Betty Ann Thompson. Schaller Carol Ann Thompson, West Branch Susan Clare Torgerson, Omaha. Neb. Michael John Town""nd. Davenport Earl William Trachsel, Pulaokl Rosalie Clare Treiber Des Moine. Janice Ann Underkoher, Marlhalltown Barton Joel Uze Waterloo Delwin Lee Vande Krol. Lynnville Janette Vander Meer, Rockford, III Harry James VenUto CoralvUle Mary Beth Verbetoel. Rock Island, Dl Sheryl Anne Vaos, Fort Dodio James George Vo~el. Dubuque Clark Charles \VaJl8ce, Des Motne. Richard Joseph WalShbDubuque Virginia Lee \Vherry , es Moines Barbara Jo Whitman, W.terloo Cathertne Eloise Widmer. Winfield Cafol Ann WtedenmBn, Cedar Rapids Anthony Jon WIlliams, Davenport Daniel Arthur Wolf!., Waterloo Mary Jane Hopklm wolfe, Decatur. Dl. John Wayne Wood. Des Motnes Ro,er Lee Woodbury. Fort Dod,o Danny Lee Yeager, Clinton Bonnie Dell Youn~, Los Angeles, CallI.

BACHELOR O F MUSIC Mary Kalhryn Andre, Cedar Rapid. Dennis Roger Dowell, Ames BonnIe Martbel Girvan, Odebolt Nancy Lee Haines. Ceoar RapId. Sonia Marie Hanshaw, Estherville P atricia Rial Hardinger, Freeport. W. William Thomas Heilley., Mt. Vernon James Owen Johnson, umah., Neb. Mary Susan Kuhlmann. Charter Oak John Charle. Laughton Merrill Carolyn Anne Llebr, iitorrlson. W. Dorothy Meade MacKay. Westfield, N.J, Patrice J oan Magee, Fort Mad180n MIchael Lee M.nag.. Rock RaplcIJ Carmen Colleen Ollon, TIpton Sutanne Clare Robert.. Potomac. Md. Edward Dominic Salerno, LIvingston. N.I, JlId~ Ann Smith. Fairfield Anthony Wayne Thomas, Davenport Charlotte Sue Ziesman . Eldora


James Lvle Abshier. Council Blults Harold Eu.J(ene Anderson, Iowa City Benjamin Ira Baker, Lltlle Sioux Randall Clarence Berkland . Cyllnd.r Roger Alan Berkland, Cylinder John Herbert Birkeland. Rock Island. m. Benjamin Wellln,ton Blackstock, Cedar Ra·

old. WilHam Gene Blum, Dubuque Philip floyd B<l<!lter. Rowlev Richard Bromley. Charles Clly Charles Wlnslon Brooke. BeHendorf RIchard Carl Bruning, Davenport David Bye, Holstein James Joseph Cannella. Mason ClIy Gregory Barnett Carlson. Oquawka. m. George William Clarke, Elmwood Pork, m. Donald Lewelyn Eells. Iowa Clly Donald Martin Ekberg. Claremont. N.H. Richard Louis Fehseke. Jr .• Fort Madison Philip Kay ferren. CentervUle Ronald Arlhu" Frede"lck. Wlnterut Roger Dean }o"ree:-c. Lowden Marjo rie Glady. friedl, Riverside, m. George Danl~1 Glldemel.ter. Fort Dodge Cecil Lawrence Goetl.sch. II. Monticello Dennis MIchael Gray, Mapleton Daniel Patrick Grlmn, Des Moine. Chrlstonher Donald Hagen, Des Moines Jay William Hamilton, HamDlon James Walter Hass, Rock Island, TI1. Raymond Br\.lce Hauoert, Marshalilown WlUlam Donal~ Henderson, Council Btuff. Bernard Dwight Henely. Ayrshire "Ronald Lamont Her"hergen, Knoxvllle Lyn Ht)ward flcss, Waterloo Blon Earl Hitchcock, Muscatine Larry Marvin Howe, Charlel City Richard Jnhn Howes. Dorchester SteDhen Martin Johns, Wilmette , m. Edward Eitner Jnhnson. Greenfield Gary Charle!l Johnson , DentAon Robert .Ioseph .Iohnson. Maquoketa • ft-rry Paul Jones. Ames 'Vavne Pat1) Jones. Huron, s.n. William Hall JOY Perry frederick Carl .Iulander. Farmington N.M. Robert K. '<aultman, Mt . Pleasant Michael Kellv Kennedy. New Hampton Charles l'Iurray Klple . Oltumwa RoUand EutJcn(' Knont, Newton Edward Franklin Kolker, Waterloo Robert Bruce Lanman. Coralville Jnhn Sncl'lcer Llvln~ston . Monroe Thomas Eldon Lyo n. CoralvUle Larry Jay Marlin , Red Oak Donn Charles McLaughlin. Coralville Murray Carl McMurray . Keokuk Dennis DeAlton Meridith , [ow. City Donald Clarence Meyer, Reinbeck Kendol1 Ray Meyer, Vinton Eric Raymond MUier. Glen Ellyn, m. Frank S. Mltvalsky. Cedar Raplda C':alyn William Moemring, Kewanee, TIL Erick T.I Soong Moon. Wahiawa, HawAII David Brownlng Moore. Jrwin Robert Burns Mossman. Vlnton Noel Kurt Mumm. Council Bluffs John Stevenson Murray. Ames Stephen Alan Myers, Des Moines Eugene Emmett Olson. J ewell James LaUer ottesen. Davenport Wallace Dale Parrish, Cedar Falls John Reztn Perkins, Del Moines Robert Bruce Perry , Storm Lake Donald Charles PP~ "" Y'c;, Vinton Martin Wilbur Pel - ". Scranlon Stephen John Peto ')es Moine. Paul Edward Pfeffel.'resley LaMar Thomas Piper, Delavan, MInn. J ohn Charles Platt, Algona Douglas Raymond Rendleman, Iowa City Brian Willis Riemer, Brodhead. Wis. Lester Vern Robinson. rowa City John Patrick Ryan , Emmetsburg Douglas Earl Schmidt, Spirit Lake Michael Frank Scoll, Des Moines Nicholas John Gulllum Scott. Iowa Cit,. Louis Warren Shank , Jr., Iowa City Robert Francis Shlmanek. Monticello Jay Meredllh Shriver. Okoboji Leslie Evan Smahs, 'Marshalltown David Lee Smedema, Sigourney Steshen Martin Smllh, Iowa City WI lam Sidney Smltll, De. Moine. Robert Eugene Stine, Sjlrlngrteld. W. Ray Sanford StoddarQ, Salt Lake City, Utah Thomas Franklin Stone, Iowa Clly Mary Lou Tracey, Manchester Thomas Michael Walter , Muscatine William Matthews Warln , Mount Ayr William Campbell Wlldberger. U, Perry Dorothy PrlscUla Wilkerson. Charleston, S.C, David L. Willis, Lake City Kenneth Eillott Wrlghl, Cedar RaplcIJ Dean David Young, Iowa City


Terrence John Allen, Clare Jame. Allen Arnold, Cedar Falls Kenneth Dean Baker. Sioux City Robert Boyd Bannlsler, Estherville Robert Lynn Banlcks, Sioux City Leland Phlll ips Beamer. Jr. Iowa Clly Roberl Fredrick Beckman, ~ount Vernon Ke nnet h Alion Beli, La Porte Cily Stephen Lawrence Bellts, Waterloo J ames Jay Bergman, Stout Paul Anthony Bllun05, Sioux City Alan Zell Booth, Des Moi nes Don Ward Bowersox, BeUendorC David Ronald Brallier, Cleveland! OhIo Robert Slickier Brown. Iowa C ty James Andrew Brunber,. Jowa City Donald Dean Burkley, Geneva Robert Gibson Carney, Jr .• row a City John Arthur Chalstrom! Coralville Doral Eugone Colton, owa Clly Ro,er Allen Coltvet. Rutland Del Bremer Coolidge/.. Shelby, Mo nt. Donald Roy Dalbey, Truer WUllam Joh n DaU. Dubuque Stephen David Deutsch. Rahway. N.J . .leRoy J oseph Dierker. J r.. Davenport Ronald Arthur Dlslelh orst. Bur Unilon Carolyn J eanne Dorner. Des Moine. Thomas J oseph Dougherly, Marlon David Druke r. Ma,..hail lown Stephen RIl'hllrd Dunn , Davell ,)ort DOI'yll MUl'lin EgRe'.' U~lIevue Lind .. Meyers Fahr, Bloomfie ld Gerald Joseph Fogarty , Ced"r RapIds Kenneth Ray friday , Renwick Ronald Ralph Gambach, Fairfield Gerald Thomas Gilmore, Monmouth Lynn Ann Benson G1esne, Rock Island, Ill, Gary Greenbe rg Des Moine. Michael James 6regson, Mason City Ronald Cecil lIan""n, Mason City Marvtn Harold Harner , Dc. Moine. Richard Ernest Harris, Waldwlek, N.J . Ric hard Dwight Heater, Rlppey __

Cary Lynn Hecke, Spencer Pe ter Hobert Helnzetm'nn, SI. Louie. Ko. Peter Jan Holm Ro<k ISland. m. Chari.. Arthur HonnOld, ru, B,ltendorf BemJIrd Edw.rd Howerter •• r .• low. CIty WIlliam Edmund Ingram, low. CII7 Thomas Ec\ilr Jessen, Fort Dodie Gordon Leroy Johl1JO", Klemme Mary Lou Khawal&&b, Buffalo Center ThOmas Henry KD<'h, E1dr1c\ie Kennelh Cene Koob. S!&'ourn..,. Jerry Allen Kreller, D.venport Wllllam Darrell Kunt •• OaJ<vtUe Gordon Eric Lanoo. Fort Dodie DaVid Lawrence Levine. Des Moln .. Jean LInder Hartley Paul Michael Lorhltit , low. City Gerald De. Loo. Huron S.D. Geor,e Anthony LUlken. Steambo.t Kodt William Wend.U Lu"ensmeyer{ liampton Gary Lee Lust . Anchor.... A .. " a Randall Roe M.harry Clearfield Allen Jam.. M.rdOrl .... Wyomln, James Alan Matt..... ueeorah Jam •• David M.tthl ... CtarluYille Charles Parler U.yhUih. Jr .• Hulall Gerald Ray McCold, Mason Clly Stephen John Mellon Jete • ....,n Steven Thomas Morehe.d, Des MDIn" Rob.rt Lyle Morris. II. low. CIty RIchard Dean Mulder. Ro<k V.U., John Owen Mullen, Iowa City TImothy Jouph Murphy. Callender Jean Ellen Murrin. Ced'r RaplcIJ Rlcbard Flint Neiman. DOl Moine. Wlldner Nel. John N.Ison. Jr .• De. Molr ... Sheila Marie Nolan, Gulhr\e Center Rusaell George Ol .. n. stOry ClIy G ..... ory Allen Olson. Fort Dod,e Low.1l Douel.. 0 .. , Breckentldfe. IllnD. Anthony Geor,. P.pp... Ame. de Ann Pappa .. RunUn,ton Beacb, Calif, ElillIbetb Ele.nore payne. 0 .... Benjamin ferrell Peters. Ackley Coral Lucille Peterson. Bloomlncton Prairie,

Minn. John Cleve Peterson. ~J Hartley Richard Lynn Pllm.n, m .. on CIty RIchard Edw.rd PollY, low. City Jame. Joseph Puhl. M.son City Tllomas W. Purcell. II, Clarion Gary Keith Re..,hley. Mount Unlon Jobn Manford Rhodes, Jr.. low. CII7 Hlchard Lee Rice. collin. Reinhard Edward Rle .... n. H.rU.y Larry Geor,e Rigler. AdaIr John H.ctele RollerU. Albert City Earle Jame. Rogeratnlow. ClIy Martin Schnererle ,low. City Richard John Schindler , Barneaville, Mlnn, Douglas Edward Schnebler

l De Kalb. Ill,

John Everett Scott, Water 00 Jack Eugene Sebben , Centervlllo Charles Elwin Semler, [ow. Clly MarVin Wr.y Sl1vey. cedar Fall. Jerome Irvin Smlth

l Fort Atkinson

Mervin John Spech, Iowa ClIy Chari •• WIlUam Spenler. Mount Unlon Michael W.yne Stitt, Yort Dodl/. Dean Wliler Stoller, BurllDilOn Stu.rt Earl SybellDa HuU Carol Kay Tharp Bloomfield Thoml. Newlon 'rrunnell, Waterloo M.rk Jam.. Tyler, Des Moine. Warren NeU Verdeck. M.rshall. MIM. David .Lee Weber. B.ncroft SUlln Annett. Webe!, ChowchUla. Callt. Daryl Ray Wlerdl, ",ton Chad .Lee Wllllam. Iowa ClI7 Jame. Kenneth Williama Archer Slephen Henry Wolken, ~ontlceUo


MelVIn Eu,ene Ball, Iowa City Lonnie Dean B.rton, Cedar R.plcIJ DavJd James Benson, Lamon.! Harold Fay BII/elow. CeclJr F.U. Thomas Lee Bjorge, Larrabee Robert Gaylen Brlus, Marshalltown Rodger DUlard Brush, Cedar RaplcIJ Richard Leon Cannon, Holly, Colo. Kenneth Paul Carlson. Molm.... Ill. Thomas Jame. Cark Sioux I,;lty Richard Thomas Collinl, De. Moine. K.llh AUan Colwell, Algon. Charles Wllllrd Edwards, Rumboldt Thomas M. Fake Iowa City Carmen Valdes ternande', Miami. Fl., Terry George FIOri, De. MoIne. James Robert Coodman, Manche. t.r Robert August GrappeOdOr!. Walerloo Ralph tUas Green. Jr., Scranton. Pa. Jerry Dean Harrison, Waterloo Jan Clayton Haugen, Decorah Steven Kenneth Hedlund, Ottumwa Richard Joseph Hellm.n. Waterloo Tert)' Bruce Hllleman, Marsh.L1town Charles Alvin lIolme., Iowa City Erne.1 William Hou,,", Jr.. Musca tin. Mackay Joseph Hull, Marshalltown William Waller Iversen , CUnton Jerry Thomas Juhlin" Mason City Gary Lynn Klouda ... cdar Rapids Gary Lou LaBounty, Charles CIIY Jame, Michael Leary Keota Wayne Reuben Lludahl, Coralville Charles Smith Loeck. Lake City Charles Raymond Maurer, Tipton Eugene Leroy McClintock , Independenc. Bill Leo Paetz Muscallne Michael Lco Patten, Iowa City PaUl Jame. Phelps, Spirit Lake Thoma. Edward Rain .. , De. Moine. David Robert Sonksen Audubon Enrique Jose Sotto. Hialeah. Fla. Dou,las John Spicer Lenox John Robert Sundell. JOliet m. Guillermo F, Valdes-F.ull , Key Biscayne, F11 , Harold LeRoy Vander Hoek, 06kaloo .. Chester Cordell WilkS. Lawton, Okl • • Gerald Roy William •• Osage Jerald Oliver Workman, Floyd DaVid Webster Zwantlg.r, Waterloo


Howard Duane Baacl!,. Jr. Mason CIIY Marilyn Kay Bacon, :!Ioux City David Lee Batman, Ames Kennelll Philip BearJ. Thompsoll Raymond Bertram. Ledar Falla Robert Alan Borh, Ottumwa Jack Russen Bosker, Ottumwa Vl ncont Theodore Dittrich , Sioux ClIt Jo""ph Gerald Donlon, Decorah Patrick Michael DUffy, Marlon Terrance Tyrone fah1enkamp, Hartle,. Lyndon Ray Ferguson. Liberty Center William Alan l1algh, Iowa City Gary Lee Harrtngton, Alden Cltfford Wayne Hart, Clarinda James Brecldnrldge }leaton. 11 , Mt. Storllnl.

111. • Steven Craig Hiland. Cedar RaplcIJ John Nathan How.rd. Council Bluffs Gregory Charle. Hayman, Fort Dodi. Gayle Ann Isley Muscatln. George Edwin Isley, Council BlUffs Melvyn SetsHo Kawahara , Kealakekua, liawai1 John Judson Kersbergen, Rock VaUey Christopher PaUl Konrad, Lacona JerOme Eugene L.mbrecht, Muscatin. Coy Bernard Lane Marlon Lance Barry LerCher, Buflalo, W. Roger Lee Maharry. Clearlleld Curlls Jon Ollholl. Grundy Center James Dean Palmer. Marshalltown Brian Dougla. Petersen. CoralvlUe Gary Howard Petersen, Nora Sprln,. Kent 'Edward Peterson, Quincy, Ill. Gerald Lee Plrch, Cllnlon Joel Dean Shields. Clinton Erlo Arlhur Swaney, Iowa City Ardyce Hana. Tabata, Honolul'!t. R_W.1t Karin Lynn '['ebrugge, Molin •• 111. Nancy Beth Wallen . Iowa City Allan Ray Yenter Oxlord Jerome Sinkler Yetley~ Ottumwa


IN CH EM ICAL ENGINEERING Charle. Thomas BlaiSdell, Des Moine. Robert Allen Conlee. Eslhervllle Stephen Joe Henning, Davenport James Alv.n Longs[reth. Iowa City Thoma. Joseph Marriott, Jr., Bettendorf Gary Lee McMlnlm.e Carroll Kennelh Carl Miller , Mt . Auburn Paul Eugene Monohon, Bellevuc, W. 8h.. Jonathan David Reimer. Chicago, W. Robert James Sbe •• Cresco Donald Lloyd Sierk, Princeton Gary Dean Strong Maquoketa H.rold Randolph Wheeler. Ill .. Clint ..


Dean Alan aarnum, Keota Tom Edwin Bliss, Cedar l\at>lds Ronald Lee Cochran, Iowa CIty Philip Ch.rles Gee, West Palm Beacb, J'Ia, RIchard Lee Schrader, Victor Daniel Ray Johannsen, CHnlon Thomas Richard Jungk. Dubuc:"uc J ames Reynolds Smith , Iowa City Paul John U.lnowlcz, Pompton Lakes. N.J.


Robcrt Russell Becker. St . paul, MInn. ,Iohn Joseph Corcoran •• rowa City Paul Dean FiIIlman, Nloxvllle LarrY Dougla. Levsen , Clarence R.x Clark Patton. Hampton Frank lIoward Sharp, Clarion Dwight David Walker , Iowa City Stepnen Eugene Welter. Iowa City Richard Dean Wheatley ... IndependenCe


Gary Lee BrookS Nevada Scott Edward Dahms. Donnellson Delmar Lynn Hammond... Cedar RI Pld. John Thomas Mathes, Hurllnl ton Francis John Merschman1 • We.t point Richard George Olson, Muscatine JAC'k Robert Rose nberg. Davenport J llme. Russell Weede, Cedar Ra pids


William Ber nal'd asey , Iowa City George Joseph Crosheck, Solon Garry Michael Devlnger, Mt. PI .... nt Michael leRoy Dougherty Keoku k Michael Eueene Durrey. Iowa City Gary Stan ley Gregory, West Liberty James urtl •• He.leJe. Ced kr Raplda Jon Robert Obukowlcz, Davenport. Alvan Rimsan!, Dubuque Ello/\-.£,raig Sheets~

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BUSI NUS AoMIII IIT."TION IACHILO. OF IUIIN .. S ADMINISTIIATION Jon Low"U Acton,. SloUll ClIy Thomu Mlcha"l ",!oldt. Ce<tar Baplda GIl')I Bay AlJUon, Letts Dennla Cr.lg Andenon. ThomplOD J.nice Lynn A$t0lf1. Yorkto ... D Btllhla, !'I.Y. Oale Edwin Baker, Davenport Bruce Kennth Bar,habn. KnoxvW. C .... ,ory Gordon Barnlson .... rsballt.,... Arnold Gene Baroo, Ripon. CallI. BeverlY Je.n Bln'etl. Noithbrooll, W. P.ul Gerbart B.wnaon, Cherok .. Kobert Dale Beach. 10.... City IUobard Allan se •• er. 10'" CIty DenDls K. Beclter Olin M.tthe .. PbIlllp aeokm.n, Srrn P.ul Dou,11I Bed .... n, Wu Or.ng~ !'I.J. K.nneth Dean Beoban, Cedar Ilapl", Mleb.el Thom," Ber,er, OelweIn William Henry B~,.ne Newton John Sebutler BlIhop. Davenport k.lth £Iray BloomqulJl. Boone Robert Tr.ncl. Boeeun.. Jr.. rort Ila.u­Jete"y Scott BOIIU ... AledO. m. Thom.. Ivan Bolenb.u,h, Vinton W .... y James Boab.rt. WaYland Vernon Keith Brandt. Jr'l W.bner CIU' Andrew Emert Breuer, owa City SteveD Ray Brown, OaltalOOll Cbarlet Grelory Bu.ntt. SbonandoalP. Gary Lee Burgo. Morn1nll Sun J.IlI.. Dou,11I Burger Cedar Raplda Kenn.th Lee Buttero. Jr., Fayette Douglas Dwaine Calvin. wnOK JlDleI Frederick C.rlson, Rockford, nL Milton Dou,las CarllOn. Cedar Raplda Mtoboel R.ymond C.lher. DavenpOrt Gary Rloh.rd Cheek. SloUll City John Mich.el Chenhall. Bettendorf Donald Al.n ChrtaUaDJen Avo<. John Stephen Clemenla, 'ort Dodie D.nlel WUlIam COllins, Albion Kenneth PaUl CoUml.n, CoclJr RaplcIJ MIeb.el John Conlan, De. Moine. Itoy Rudolph Cramer. OttlUllW. Trainor Archer Crl!%, Clinton Raymond WOIley D.vl!, Bloomfialc\ IVl.n Earl Dealsch. lnwanola Rlcbard Drew Demorest. Spencer Mlebael p.trlck Donohue, low. ClI7 Robert narley DuWeld. D.venport Bruce Donald Dugstad, W.tlOrloo WUllam Joseph Dunacombe. Humboldt Allen Henry Dunlon. Muscatine Jerome John Dtlurawiec, SloUll CU, J.y Holmes Elton. W.ukOn Loull John Ehrh.rdt, Elk.der Robert Allen En,berJ' Burllnfloll Henry John E .. el. r .• DubuQU. RIchard HUlh Evan.. Ottumwa Dennta Edward FlYnn, Muac.tlne Rtchard 1I1,"vln Fox, Strawberry Point Peter Alexander Frantz, Deerfit.ld, IlL Jerry Lee frost. D.venport Gerald ErwIn Fruehllnl , Cedar R.plcIJ Darrell Nelson fulton , Sioux CII)! Thom.. Robert Gaarder Mlson City How.rd P.ut Call.Un, f!rooldleld, Wla, Mlch.el Char Ie. Gaul. DlvenpOrt Rlcbard Ceorle Glbb.. low. City Eu.ene Robert Glelne t Elkader Rlebard Dale GoodrlcbJ GUmoro CIty M.ry J.ne GOOdWin, Jndl.nol. G.ry Ralph Gottachalk. Dubuqu. Larry G.lo Gritton, North LlbertJ' La.rry Geor.e H.ddY. Cedar Jlaplda Rogor Allon Hade Harcourt Joan Kltherlne H.ll. law. City Thorn •• D.vid H.lste.d, Marlon Robert Michael Hamllto'lL Dlvenport Stephen Kent HamUlon, 1.10. Moln .. J.me. John Harrl., Ced.r Rapid. John David Hallenmlller, Bethel Park ..... Clement JO eph Havlik , Elm. Raymond Thoma! I1.y, Ollaw~J m. Wlllllm Jame. }le,enD.Tlb, M.SOn ClI7 I\.ymond Anthony Helmer, lo .. a CIt,. John Stephen Hehler, Muac.tlna MarjorIe Park Hetzler. aurllnlton WUllam Fnncls BIg,ln., Emmettlbur, David Arnold HOlk. De. Moine. Glen peter Holt •• Cedar Rapid. 'Raymond [v.n Hoopman, Crea:o Robert Deemer Houlblon, Red Ot.lt Delbert Eugene 1Iurt, Davenport Jame Floyd lsalc.on, Northwood John Plhl J.mes. C.dar R.plds Warren Llewellyn Jane., WUllamsbu .. Will iam Jame. Kahler Waterloo David John Klraaek, ~edar Rlpld. Bruce AUen Karon , Phoenix. Arlz.. Terence William Keen.an , Rockford, nt Robert Lawrence Kirchner. Cedar R.plcIJ John Koppenhaver, Stanwood Terr.nce AUan KreJci, Cedlr R.plcIJ David Lawrence Ling, BrooklYn Dennl Martin Lan,. SprlngvUie Stephen Ebert League, Downen Grove. nI . Maxin. N.than..,n Lebowlch. Rock Islantl, Ill. "Ro,er Alvin Leese t Durant Edward John Lemons, Iowa City Mlch.el William Llebbe, Mu ... Une Rlch.rd Lee LIncoln. Pacific Junction John Hubert Lohl' , Lohrville Su .. n LoiS M'lna. Great Necl< , N,Y, Steven Raymond Malloy, Mlnne.polle. Minn. Da,'ld Lee Marr, Cllnlon John WIlliam Marr, Burlington Donald Arthur Mauer, Stacyvllle James Donald McC. rragher. Dellvln. WI .. lIonald Eugene McCooaullhy. Marlon Kenneth Desn McElva'n, Seymour Thoma. Lee McGowan, Waterloo Della Lee McGrath SI.nley Margaret Jane McHarg, Vtctor Carol Margaret MclAren , ManUla John Lewis McMorris, Jr .• Independence Ralph Joseph Meyers, Cedar R.plds Scott RIchard Miller , ChlcOIIO, m. larY Charlotte Moore ... ColumDu. JuneUon

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Bulb CleA Banton Wilton. 10,," C117 loTC CANDIDATES 'OR COMMIISIONS

AlJ, FORCI G.", JIll' AlUao!',. James Gre,Worr .~

atronI. Br..... WUIJ&IIl Boo"er • _. 7

llalZIo. BreAnemaa" Randall Dean CarIJoD. LYnA Alan Carroll. WUU.", acrnard Caser. John ErnHt Cuper. d . ' Rkl\&1d DeaD Ch<l!ld .... 1k1, ILaY1DOD \,0 ley D.vIs. John Pbllllp Deut8dl. )llchael Ber· Dlrd Doane1l1 JUl.. Hall\UtoD FeU. TUTl' Roy model\, b ..... u . ' ..... D TUl10n, Do .. ald M«:re' Grab.... II. n.lmer LYDn Ha/Io.manAl. Wllll.IIII D.vId H.-. Jobn Darrow HUIIkI.nI. Norman LM Hytbecker, Robon .leRoy Krucho. D .. id La......,nc:. LallI. Rlcbard AI· len """lU1dae. TImothy Jowpll Lo onborl, Jam Donald McCarr .. lw'.

KJc/lH1 DeDJlls McObon. Ke".,elb Carl JlU­lu Sc:otl Rirha.rd lIlW.r,. Slepbon Mlcbaet Jla'nln. Ilobert Joaepll No"",ol.!r, Dou,1aI Wa." JUgIaad, Staven Carl """ ..... b._. David J...... St.oclt. naY1C\ Bruce Sutherlln. JlaIpII Il_ ThroUmorton. lUdIard .... 11 ... G_n Dean WUlJaau.

AlUlY Rldlard Allan k.ver. Jeffrey Sent( 10'·

g..... Dean Artbur Burolb. Keoneth PaUl CoUa>&Jl, Jam. .... D.ubet.. JUtbaol Patrklt Donohue. ThOlllU 't ... on "",.d. Larry nard· wID ,.,rou" Larry G.... Je".,e ..... , R1cIIar Xent nenil. Dennis EveNtt Gatel, PbWp Charle. Geeifh,Eulene Robort Glo_. Lam' Geor,e HlId

Raymond Olll" R.y, JGbA J.cob Hot.. Robert \)Hmer HoulMon, Da"'4 01l .. er Xobo. Richard Albert KaUor. J...... Loult Kerr • Jobn D.vid Kerr. P trick ThoUlU KJrbl. John AIaa Latta John ,,.,,cer LIv1u ton. Gorald .Le. KcKlnoiel. ]\\dlard Paul 1I00re. David Lee M .....

Te"..,"'" J"Yt~I.:ulJlglD. Anlbon:f I_ph Parrino. D.le \ Pt"".. tophon ArtbUJ' potlralz, ~obn Ra)'lllOnd Rooff W. DOllAld Cent Scbaper>c Ronald n.an Schaper. M.rtln IIIcNell Sehuenat. Wa)'l1o lin Sh .... , Elton eraJg hee.. Job. Ernea wonlOn. Jr. De ... nls -V .. ld Wafner, Gr.nt Rodner 'Uk •• , lUcIIarc\ Alan Wllll ..... Robert Bllbop WUL­abIre D, lamel KInnan Wolf. ,

Some Graduates To Protest A 8I)Okesm for the "Group of Con·

cerned Gradua ," whlcb plans to carTY white crosses as a generalized social ~ test during Commcocement e1erclses to­day, said thal he "didn't have any idea·' of how many udenls would carry the cr0ss­es.

The pokesnan, who wi!\hed to remain unidentified, eald that 420 CI"OSHtI had been prepared. but. added that thB protest was IG lndlvidual that he did not !mow how many etudent. would participate.

The spoIteamaa said that _pap

handout abeets explalninl the meaning 01. the prot "re handed ou aradua tudools picked up their robes Thursday.

1I said thai I simi! r IIh would also be handed out to parenlJ !)fCore CQCI'IJl1eOCe­

ment. "We

people cerna."

·ant to 1110,.. thlt reapons\ble U!e Univer-sity also have con­

lbe spoke6ll'llll laid. He added that th protest w nnt to be

confused with moumini for U!e death 01 Sen Robert F. KenMldy, althoujlh his death w part olthe N8JOI1 {or a prot •.

Frenchmen Troop Back To Jobs; Some Hold Out

PARIS"" - Frenchmen lrQOPed back to work by the thousands Thursday alter 20 days of revolutionary turmoil, but small bands of diehard strikers and &lu· dents ought to hara 5 ond hamper the nation's return to normal.

In Pari , militants lay on the tracks 01 one subway line to prevent its operation. The cilY's other 15 M tro Ilne were run· ninll agam. Other di Idents sal In t h. street in front of II garage. blocking &eY·

en of the capital's 175 bus lines. Student. I .. r.d Ind y.lI.d "F .. •

el,tsl" at World War II veteran. m.rch· ing through Pul. to commemorate tile 28th Inniversary of the AIII.d In va.lon at Normandy. On. , tude .. : snitched • Fr_nth fl.g from .. march.r and flghl. broke out wh.n the nt.ren, broke rink. to pursue him, The mllllagement of the big Michelin

Churchill's Son Dies , I n London

LONDON IA'I - ir Randolph Church· ill, the only son of Sir Winston Churchill, died Thursday at his home in East Bergh· oil, County Suffolk, after a bnef Illness, He was 57.

The cause ol death was not annoonced, but he had decliMld progre ively since part 01 his left lung was removed four years ago.

A plump, gray·faced and strongely sad· looking man. Rondolph Churchill was a writer, lecturer and adventurer. He had become known in recent years for the­atrical outbursts on television and In newSpaper . Hi sarcasm could be wither· ing. A true Churchill, he DIlen seemed to be spoiling for I fi~

lire factory In C1ermont·Ferrand aald reo opening of Ole plant was held up allllin by a mall group of pick!'t!, although. more than 80 per c nt of the work rl had voted Tuesday 10 0 back.

In I;eneral. the nlltomohil( indu try, av· lation, metallur~ and the Paris laxis w re stili out.

Poli e, how ~ r, dl lool:rd plck!'t! Ind oecupl ra from the bill Henault a mbly plant at ~'lins. northwe I of Paris, In d Ihe company o nil' I c.1 workers to reI urn today,

In Lort'aine IIlmo, I Ihr ('nlire metallurg· leal indu try WIll1 back at work, '

Sir ike votes in some aitnait faC\orico In the Toulouse ar a Wedn sday were overwhl'l mingly III favor of a return, but again pick Is sLopp..od the m n from 10 • inl: in

MOlt perlonn.1 w.r. b.ck II work .t Pari,' orty and L. Bourget airport., but the fi.ld, rtmained cloud to .walt retum. from • strike vote of el.ctronic technician •.

Both Pon American 11011 Trans World Airways said they hoped to tart operat· lng fr ' m Orly by 'alur":!)" ~tranwhlle they IIrc u in t: the Brptillny mHit<lry field southwe I of Paris,

But for Parisians the hlg news was the approach In normalcy oC subways, buses and railroad tra ins .

Management of the slate·ownro rail· road systems said bolh uburban and long·line services from all Paris stations improved steadily during the day.

The municipal transport system aid the mili tants, who appeared to b stu· dents as well as workers between the ages of 20 and 25, hlocked the allon· Porte Dauphine subway line,

ANY PORT IN A STORM - ThI' motwIst I, hith but not quite dry after hi. clr st.lled In I flooded .... of McCoy's CrHk Boulevard In JlICklClnVIll., FI I" Thursd.y ., Tropical Storm Abby moved .10111 the No"".,.st Florida co.st. - AP WI .. photo


P.ge 4-TH I! DAILY IOW"toI- lowl City, I.,-flrld.y, Jlln. 7, ,,,.

Commencement 'Shepherd' Faces 'Biggest Job Today


:9 Win Awards At Med Convocation I Ni ne medical students re~eiv' l Stuart Sybesma. Hull , received I d ~wards Thursday. evening. at the Ewen Murchison MacEwen

I the annual UOIvel's lly Mt'(i1cal Memoriol PriM aWal'ded to the

More Ihan 2,100 park ing cLo0nvocg

allon in the Union M a i n senior who ha~ made an out.

The Milford E, Barne! Award , I ron Vel'deck, Mal'shall , Mi nn.; presented to the Junior who has and James A. Brullberg, Mount

t l d· d . I rrospecl, JII. a.n ou s a.n. mg r~cor m preven· Merk Awards, presenled O!I live medlclOe an environmental ,,,. basis of Icholu tit uctl. health. went to Jamps Knavel , I lenet w. nl 10 n nlo" J .. " Wal"rloo. I L i n d e r , H. rlle·' i Allen MIIr.

William D. Coder has had a lot 01 expel'lence shepherding llniver ity graduate through Cummencement exerci es, since he ha. served as master of cere­monies for every Commence· ment except one since January. 1946.

But his job today will be lhe bil(gest he's ever had a he pre· Sides over a program at which more than 2,200 graduates will receive degrees, the largest number to be awarded at a sin· gle Commencement In the his· tory of the University.

Coder. director of the Oflice oC Conferences and Insti tutes, will relit'e from this full·lime position July 1, but he has already agreed to emcee August Commencemenl cxercises,

N. mes of III gradu .... used to be announctd .t Comm.nce· m.nts and •• e" ,,,du.t. re-

ceived his dlplom~ directly from Ih. hinds of the Unlv.r· til l' president, bul Ih il has nol be.n poss ible fell' some 11m •• 1 the University. Candld.,ts for Ph.D. degr.. . stili . re . Ingl t d out for Ihll one momtnl of recognition, "owever, .nd Cod­er goes 10 conllderable effort III ... ~ke it "..emorable for Ih. rMipientt of tIM highest degr .. wtllch Ihe Unlverllty offerl. He has spent a full day check·

ing with the 105 candidates for Ph.D,s at today's Commence· ment lo make sure lhal he will pronounce their names correctly when he announces each to the Commencement audience and gives the name 01 his major pro· fessor as he pre ents the can· didate to Pres. Howard R. Bowen for congratulations and a diplo­ma.

Middle names often give the

most trouble, Codrr ~ays. bul their correct pronunciation may I seem even more important to I t~ (Craduatc lhan Cirsl or la~t

names, since they often are family names.

The 105 Ph .D.s to be awarded today do nol con litllte a record for lhis degree at the University , as 112 Ph.D,s were granted at lhe August, 1966, program, and III were awarded in August, 1007.

Ip. t ts .,.,llhin .,.,.Iklng dis· un e. . , t. nce of Ihe Field Houle will . Awards were p"esented by Dr. standing record In his fo~r.year b. av. il. ble 10 guesl • • ttend· W.W. MOITls. associate dean lor medical course: The Irv mg H. ing Commencemenl loday. student affairs. Remarks were Boris Award , glv~n to the medl·

The IpaclS Ire loc.led in given hy Duane Slll'iestersb8ch , cal sl.lde.nt who pi esents the most four parking arus: An inlr.· vice president and dean of the outstanding paper at the annual murl l fie ld dirt ctly wlSl of Graclua'o College and Dr. Rob!'rt Student Research Conference, Ihe Fiel.l Houle, • lot south C. Hardin, vice president lor was awarded. to Donald I. Wlk­of Ihe Hydr.ullc. L.bor.lory me-iicRI Rffairs and dean of the strom, .Madrrd, sophomore; at:td on Soulh River. ide Drive, one Coll ege of Medicine. the E!lzalJeth Smi~h Kennedy off South Rivt rsld. Drive on Tho ConvocAlion adnrpss , "The Memonal Scholarship was re· Myrlle Avenue , and I 101 W,"t True Joy in Med icine," II' a s pre- cel~ed by Ll lltan ~Iyako Tanaka. of Ihe Main Library on WISh· sen!.pcl by Dr . . Jo~ n P.nglph~rt JUntOI' from Laharna, Hawaii, Ington Sl reet. Dunphy. professor and chairman Th. Prenliss Memorl.1 Prit t

Un iversity •• curily offiCln of sur!!('ry at the Universily of was .w. rded 10 M.rk E. 80y· In pre.idlng over Commence. w i I I be di rect ing traffic California School of Medicine, kt n, Titonka, for m.kin, I h t

C d I d • d' around the Field House .nd menls, 0 er nlro uces In I' San Francisco. most outslanding record In vlduals on I"e progra m, l ig· offarl ng informllion 10 mo· Or. Wil li l Fowler, proftssor Gross Analomy as • freshman.

I I b h .. lorills aboul the vlrious na I movemen s y I e gra ... · of inlern~1 m, dlcine, admlni s. The Wall. r J . 81errlng Award u.les, and Indic.te. the appro· parking lot loulionl. In u s. lared the Physician's O.th te h Micr~biotoqy ",.nl 10 IOpho •

. t I f ' t be of rain, II,e ar •• behind Ihe prra e I m.s or musIc 0 I Ihe .. . ~du.t~ .. The i nv~ c Rti n~ more Ronald A. Gilson, Mar· Field House will nOT be ,vlil · pl ay~d . He has had to be pre· and benediction were given bv sh.llIown. Selection for I hi.

d t b t 'l I f e able for park ing . pare 0 IU S I U e or P rlons Dr. David 8el~um, au oc i.lt award Is based on character, h f I ' ..... Mosl regular lois around Ihe W 0 or var ous reasons mig", profenor of r.Ii" ion .nd inler. persona lily , ciliunlhip, polent. t b bl I I t Ih Field House Ir. res.rved for P no e at 0 ge 0 a exer· nal medicine . lalllill in mtdidne, Ind ,CI '

I b I f h t h d Un i v ersity permil "olders c StS, u so If as no a The $500 Borden Award, "iven demie record . I k th I 0 I· . . nd will problbly b. full. ~

The .John 1'. McClintock AWard dorf, M ~nlon ; . nd Jnhn C. PII. went to sophomore J~ck T. erson, Hllrtley. l.nge Boo k Swanson, Des Moines, for hi s Aw.rdl for oU'slandlng Ich. outstanding record as a fr esh· ievtmlnl w.nl 10 seniors Day· man physiology stucent. The id 8 ralller, Curlew, and G.ry award is based on character. Lusl, Dayton; lanlo" Philip promise in reseat·ch. and aca· Pugh, Sioux City, .nd D.vid demlc record . A $200 Upjohn 8akkpn, Ridgeway; IOpht. Award was given to Jean El· morel Donald Wikstrom Ind len MI·I·rin. Cedar Rapids sen· I Nichol lS Anton, Walerloo; .nd ior. for her excpllent perform· frelh",en Tho m _ s Rowley, anee as a student in pediatrics. I Gulhrie Center, and Mark ley.

Presented earlier wCl'e the ken. Roche AWI1.d lo an outstanding I Othcl' earlier awards announc. senior , which went to Carol Pet· I ed at the Convocation were t he erson, BloominK Prait'ie. Minn .; I Radcliff Infirmary Award, a and the Mosby Scholarship Book clerkship at Oxford University, Awards for students who h a v e England, which wenl to Carl D. shown vocational pl'omi e in the F~ckler, Indianola Junior; and field of medicine lo seniors John the Smith, Kline and French H. Roberls, Albert City; Thom· Award, a fellowship to Pakistan, r

as J. Dougherty. Marion ; Doug· received by Robert Glesne, Be· las Schnetzler. Dckalb. lll.; War· loit ~ Wis., junIor.

Coralville Votes To Go Ahead With 1st Avenue Paving Job

o II • nv ca Ion or give by the Borden Company Foun. a Commencement address. Grand Avenu e, • two·block dation to a member of the grad.


St r eet Ihat runs betw. en The speaker at today's Com· South Riverside Drive I nd uating class who has performed

mencement will be Edward H meritorious undergraduate reo the Fie ld House, is closed Levi, provost and president·des· 10 Iraffic because of utilities search, went to John 0 , Mullen, ignate of the University of Chi· I Cedar Rapids, who also received cago, The University will confer ~on s l r ucti on work laking pl.ce Ihe Iowa Obsletrics and Gynec. an honorary doctor of laws de· benealh Ihe stre. " s lurf.ce. ology Sociely Prize.

6 Seniors Honored At Pharmacy Dinner Six pharmacy seniors at the senior with the highest over· all K.rln Crew T.bruggt, M.

University received awards al grade point average. He also lin., II I., was awarded 11M the annual Pharmacy Senior received the Johnson and John· R.ull Trophy for le.dtrlhlp, Dinner Thursday evening in the son Award, a morlar and pestle extr.·curricular acllviU .. , .nd Union. Louis C, Zopf, dean of given as a D an's Award to a outs t.nding .thi.v.menl.

Coralville - The City Council has approved the paving of part oC First Avenue despite some

Tax Bill Voting Delayed A Week

WASHINGTON t.fI - T b e crucial House vote on the $10 billion tax increase--$6 billion spending cut package has been postponed until June 19. Il had been scheduled for next Wednes· day.

House Democratic Lea n e l' Carl Albeit ol Oklahoma made the announcement Thursday.

Chairman Wilbur D. Mills, DArk. l, of the Ways and Means Committee told the House he rrquested the postp.)nement be· rl1l1se it would not be possible to file the report explaining the complicaled measure until nexl week "and r think the House should have a week to study It. ,"

o b j e ctions voiced at public gree on him. I----:=----======~~:....::~=...:....:..:.:::.:.: -----hearings. John Pahl .James of Cedar Ra·

The paving of the stroot will be loids, who will receive a bache· done as two projects. The First 1101' of business administration Avenue North project will ex· degree with highest distinction , lend from Fifth Street to High· has bcen designated to represenl way 6. The First Avenue South Ithe graduates and will give a

112 Graduates Given project. will eXlend from High. short address. Service Commissions way 6 south to the Rock Island -----Railway viaduct. SCHOLARS TO MEET_One hundred and lwelve grad-

Attorneys for objectors to the Fifty Fulbright scholars from uates of the University will be North project said that they did abroad and 25 American educat· commissioned as officers in the not object to widening the street ors will gather at the Midwest Uniled States Army, Air Force, bul that they thought It should be Fulbright Conference on Higher Navy or Marines preceding Com· financed by general obligation Education at the University Sl.:n· mencemenl exercises today. bonds and not by special assess· day through Wednesday to dis· The com.nissions will be pre­ments, cuss the theme "Human Rights : senled by Col. Cyrus R. Shock·

Seven written objections were the Responsibili\y and Impact of ey, professor of military science; made to the council at the pub· the Scholar." Alvin H. Scaff. as· Lt. Col. Norris W. o vertoo , as­lic bearing on the North project sociate dean of the Graduate sociate professor of aerospace Tuesday night. College and conference chair· stUdies; Capt. Nathan R. Calla·

Two written objections were man, said the theme was chosen ghan, U. S. Naval Reserve. and made to the council at the hear· in compliance with the United Capt. Bruce S, McKenna, Marine ing on the South project the Nations' designation of 1968 as Corps officer selection officer. 88me night. International Human Rights Year

Spokesmen for those objec~ing and because oC the increasing S • I W k to the Soulh projecl also spoke in role higher education plays in oCla or ers favor of the improvement while maintaining and expanding hu· objecting to the cost. man rights. 'Snowed Under'

Oaths will be administered by Maj . Gary L, Arndt of the Uni· versity Army ROTC staff ; Maj. Edwin A, Hooney of the Univers· ity Air Force ROTC slaff; Cmdr. John H, Hogeland oC the U, S, Navy, and McKenna.

Dewey B. Stull, dean of the College of Liberal Arts. will ad· dress the commissionoos after an invocation by J, Kennl'tn Kunlz of the University School of Religion.

Fifty·flve men wiII be conmlis· sioned in the Army; 42 in the Air Force; nine in the Navy. and six in the Marine COI·PS. Thirty. one of the new officers are to be recognized as Distinguished Mil·

, itary Graduates for their excel· MASON CITY (A'! - Iowa So· lence In leardership and aca·

cial Services Director Maurice demic work. A. Harmon said Thursday wei· -----fare directors are so buried un· Horse Show Set del' paper work they have too liltle time to assist welfare reo cipients.

I "The main job ot public wel­fare has become that of mathe·

I matics and stalistics, of hours spent determining a person's el igihilily for welfsl'e and a smaller amount in actually help-ing him," Harmon said.


@ 00 North American

A horse show wilh an open clover leaf barrel race, pille bending and many other divisions for diflerenl breeds of horses will be held al the 4·H Fair­grounds south of Iowa City June 15.

The 22nd annual Eastern Iowa Horse Show, sponsored by the lowa City Saddle Club, wlU have 18 different classes. Show time is 7 p.m.



the college, presented the senior who ha achieved excel· The James W, Jones Memorlal awards. lence in scholarship, has an out· Award 01 $50 was given 10 JIlCj,

Kent E. Peterson, Quincy, Ill,; standing and progre sive atU· R. Bosker, Ottumwa, In recog· Roger Maharry, Clearfield, and tude , and has the potential to nition for his potential as a Christopher Konrad, Lacona, apply good principles of pharma· communily pharmacist. The each received two awards. ccutical administration to retail award was established by Gary

pharm Acy B()·\<;e, a \\l5G grad\la~e, \1\ lI\~m· Peterson was given the Ameri- ~. • can Pharmaceutical A soclallon The Merck Prize (or high ory o( the lale Professor Jones CertiUcallon of Commendation scholastic standing in subjeels Gursl ~peaker wu Rayl'OOlld lor oUlstanding service to the dealing with the dispensing of Powers, vice pre$ldent, Market student branch of the organiza. drugs went to Robert Bortz, Ot· Planning, E. R. ~uibb .Ie Sons,

tumws. The award consists of New York City. Nearly 200 laeul. llon, and the Bristol Prl~e. copies of the 10M rck Manual oC ty members, senl()rs. wives,

Th. Br lltol Prize II pr"enl. Therapeutics and Maleria Medi- gU~St8, and parents were ex· . d . nnually to the pIT.rm.cy ca" and the "Merck Index." peeled to allend the dlnner, senior who hal made the grul· -----------.------------­•• 1 contribution through .xlra· curricular activities. Th. .ward consists of a copy of Blakillon's " New Gould Medl· c. 1 Dic tionary" I nd is present. ed by Bris tol La boratorl. s, Int . Mahal'ry was awarded the Che·

hak Prize, given to the most de· serving pharmacy student in blo­chenlislry. and the Geigy Lead· ership Award. This award, a brass mortar and pestle , Is pre· sented to the senior having the highest esteem of his classmates and potential for leadership.

The College 01 Pharmacy Fa· culty Award of 5100 was given to Konrad, as the graduating

Oh Dear; Deer Hit, Student Injured A University Cre hman e9Caped with a sprained finger and left ankle when his motorcycle hit and killed a deer Tuesday night.

Lee W, BenduU of Vinton wa traveling west on Highway e, about 10 miles west of Iowa City, when the deer wandered onto the road and inlo the motor· cycle's path.

Dentistry Students, Facurty Honored At Convocation

College ol Dl>nlistry faCility I ton Ill. Alpha Omega to Terry B. and tudenls received cerliflea t!·S Killeman Marshalltown for at· and honors and heard Dr. Alvin talning the highest scholastic avo Morris, assi ,ant Vice pr<'slc!ent crage lor fOllr years 01 d~nlal for medical affairs at the Untver· study. Omicron Kappa UPSilOll, slty of Kentucky. at the an~lal to Harold F. Bigelow, Cedar den tal convocation ThurwlY 'Falls; Charles W. Edwards, night in MacbrIde AuditorJUm ( Humbold!; Jerry D. HalTison

Fifteen dentists taking aJ·, and David W, Swanziger, both o! vanced work in various spe("al- Waterloo , Jan C. Hllugen, De­ties received graduate certifi· corah; and Gerald R. Williams, cates. and 35 women were cando O.l1ge. idats for certificates of dental . Faculty memoers re~pil'in~ hygien~, . Omicl'on Kappa Upsilon a' 3rrls

Moms, the aulhor of five books, includ<'<i Ja~clish H. Chadhu, Leo h&s served a a consultant to. a I f', Decount~r. C, Frederic Erbe, number of government agencies Clemen A Full. Dean Donald J. and was recerytly named ~o the liolagun, Lblle H. Hlga, Devon' National AdVISOry COllncl1 on f~ . Kill ip. Arlhur N, Kracllt and Education for Health Profes- J:;rnc t J. Light. sions. He spoke on "Keyholes ____ _ and Looking GJa ' ses."

Honors pn'sented lo students at the convocation included: Power Back,

Alpha Ka. )a Gamma. to Beth nickel en, Sioux City, Sigma Phi L e ht G 0 Alpha, to Trudy Brown. Fulton, I Ig son Ill., Betty A. Thompl;()n Scheller ;

.====-:-;";;;--;:;-;;;'-=-:;";::;===-';;;-, and Judith K. Young Bloommg-

_ ." PER MONTH _ IOWA CITY Thompson ($ DOI'lt, W ... k, TYPEWRITER CO. D (I At University

Frt. pltkup dellverv twle. 331·5616 I rama ass Transfer & Storage a week. Iv. rvthing Is luI" 203V, E. WlShlnglon

nls"ed : b lape rs, contei il . .. , sot S. Gllbe rl deoderants . Typewriler Ch Id

;:::3:3~8.~5404~,~E~ve~n~ln~I~"~33~ .. ~4~"~2;;;~ .. -~iiiiiiiiii~i;;p .. h;on~e;;;;33;;~;;,';"';;;;.;;;;;;;;;;~~;;;;;;R;e;p;;at;;· r;;s ;;a;;nd;;;Sa;;l;e&;;;;;;~ I For ire n To Be Given

1'h~ lights are on again in all University buildings as the Phy. sical Planl l' tu rned to lis nor· mal eaollci'v for electrical pro­duction Thur6day.

PIIIII Dvorak, PhysiCAl Plp~l

I foreman. said that electricity wa. rl'stol' l'~ to I he entire C"01·

Pll~ at 3 45 p. m Thursday when The University Edition A summer program of musl· a j!!'n ralor Ihat had been dAm· cal productions and classe In ailed in the city. wide oUlage drama for chUdren from l h fonda), was repaired.

of 111~'Daily Iowan ages of 6 to 12 will begin Mon· "Hopefully we are sel for the day in the auditorium of the I rest of the ;e8r," Dvorak sRId. • Wesley Foundation, 120 N .. Du· Dvorak said that the Unlvpr. buque St." the campu~ mlntstry Sllv wa~ add In,!! another i3,00I).



Daryl Fisher, our entry in this year's official

Soap Box Derby Contest, explains his "sec­

ret" steering mechanism to three amazed

members of his trusted pit crew.*

• NOTI: All pit crew ""mHr, c.rry T,D,I. tip 'terel ,I,.ranee carel ••

m~ 'Daily lowan

Is Coming July 10th

You can purchase extra copies at the Daily Iowan office

or have copies mailed anywhere

Price covers cost

of paper, handling

and postage

r--------, I CIRCULATION DEPT. 1



I Enclosed I, 60c for my order (.1 for the UnlVll'llly Edition.

I PI.a .. mall " .. " ...... copi .. to:

1 Nam . ....... " .. , .. " ...... , ..... " ... "" .. ,,, ....... ,,.,,,, .. ,,,.,, I I Addr .. , ...... " ............ "'~ ......... " ...... " ,,' ... ·1 1 Stat . .................... ~" ..... ", ...... , .. , .. .."",", I

City .. """", ... " .... " .... "".",,, ..... , ZIP '''" ........... 1 I USE EXTRA SHEET FOR ADDITIONAL ORDERS L ________ -.I

of the United Melhodlst Church. volt Ceedu to the two that Il al· The prog rem, whic~ il d.. rl'8dy POI ses so that the Ur,i·

sl,ntel to gi ve chHdren .n op- verillty ts east campus wUl be • I

porlunlty 10 It .. n the lee"- able to draw more eleclrical n",uel of dramallcs Ihrough an power from lowa·minols Gas ext. nl lon of their pl.y, will b. and 1~lcciric Co .. the city plant. I.ught by two Unlv.rsi ty grad. This would cltminate the Unlv~r. u.t, . Iudtnts. A Ihird graduale It 's currenl Inability to draw stud. nt will direcl Iht musica l exIra 'I etri ity from the city productions, which will be sty· planl when the Ur.lver~ lIy plont led for child audl.ntts. I('ollle! not function al full capac· Classl' will b taught in two il)' , h explained,

four·week 8n~ one ci!:hl-": k The University outage Tues. ~sslons . The four·wcek sessIOns !loy and Wednesday was caused

11'111 run from Monday to July 7 Ily II failur 0/ 0 generator that

I a~d from July R l? AUG· 2 8~d Was dnmagl'd in the dty outage \ '1 Will cost .$ 10. Thp elght.weck MS' Monday. loIS oC this gener~lor

lion, which 11'111 cost $i5, II' i II lert th PhYilcal Planl 88 per

run fl ·om . Jun 10 to Aug. 2, cenl .hol·1 ollt. nOI'mal capaci ty. Clas Will mCCl from 10 a,m. The lInlvcl·.ity cou ld not make to • lon on Mond t.y, W('(lne~rlflv up this loss he lIuse Its cahles q and Friday for the ftr. two were not capable of carry i n ~ weeks of thp summ r, and 8 more ell'clrlclty from the cily the same tim very doy duro thun It WAS alrcorly drawing, lnll the remalnd I' of the S1' Ion . Dvol'ak aid that this situa tion

Instrucu-rs 0/ th . classes are would be corre ted 8~ fu nds be- I

Eugene and PAtneia Warn r, m av II ble G, W8ltk~1l8n , III , Th~y plan to e 8 a . I'CeiStCI' around 60 Iud nls. -----

The first muska t I. sched· Swim Hours Set' ultd for the ,It.rnoon •• f July J .nd •. II 11 .ntitled "T h . F r City Pools

Th~ swimming pools al City Park unci the Recreallon Cenler will be opt'n dally Ix>ginnlng Saturday, according to Robert A. L ,aclinIC dlt'ector of parkS and 1·~I't'R LIr')f1 .

. \ "Ink Dr.gon," and w" wrlH.n I y Mrs , W. rn.r . nd Ih. play '. dIrector, W.yne Muller, G, 5.· I.m, Ohio, Th. piaYI . rt In· tended te drlw Ihe audl.nc. Inlo th. action Ihrnugh sino· alen,s . nd lIanett. I"enoM wlshln, t •• udltlon fo r p.r11 In the pl.,. m.y luditl.n u n I I I Wedn.acI.y.

The pool at City PArk will ~ up!'n from t to 9:30 Il.m" ani I . Ihe pool ot the llcer atlon Cen·

Both the cia sse. and til plays wil l u e Improvl ed props, thot Me mode by the children or hl'ought frnm hom~ , Thi Is In· t ndt'd 10 sbow th children thlll Ihey cun piny wilh only fllukc shift loys If Lhey learn to use

t l' will be Ollen Crom 2 to , P,n] , Adults m~y wl m In UIJ Reel'callon (>lller pool frOlll I ' ll , .~ a,m. to 12 :.5 p, m, Mondo1 1Il\~lur(h ~'r1dl'Y only,

Sea on ticket' nrc available at lh ftl'Cl'eation ent I' at f8 rur '-----.. i!ll"ll-~--------------------. ,.---------------------... -----.1 their ImaalnaUon. Jndl vlduals and $15 for famlllc,l. , ,


] ]

~inn· IMoli~i

'd 0., _e.,. J.e~ M.,.

• Pit. ook .th. Oc •. Gory

Philip Oe.1eI 0"","

elld ; ell\l ~wloy, I Sty.

~nOUnc. re the Ird, a ~ersity,

r::~~~t ~klltan e, lit:

, M .. ~ tht ~rlhlp , ~, end

~morlal lo Jack

recog. IU a

The Gary

memo Jones YI!lOIId Market It Sons,


Devore c~t aliJ

Sports World Pays Respects To RFK 8y THI ASSOCIATID Pit lIS game In San Fran"IJCO al 8 -01' the second time In two p.m. I CDTI because they 8 r e

m 0 nth s, 8 saddened sports scheduled rer a noon double­world prepared Thursday to pay header there the rollowing day. tribute to an assassinated nation- One of lund.y's two sch.d­al figure by postpor1ng or delay- ul. ,.m.1 b.lw .. n O.kl.nd In~ 8 number 01 events over the Ind a.ltlmor. .Ir .. dy hed weekend. I betn po.lponed from April 11

A II mAlor loatlue baseball b.c-u .. of rio""" In the wlk. games will be played as sched- I of the Ilayln" of ' [,r. Kin,. uled toti8Y. Bul Saturday games I in Washington. New York, Chi- The lnternational League call­cago and San Francisco and ed off i~ entire Sunday baseball Sunday contests in Baltimore schedule . All five North Ameri­and Boston were called off In can Soccer League games lhls memory of the slain Sen. Robelo( weekend will be played a sched-F. Kennody. uled but ceremOnies honorlnll

a ... b.1I Comminion.r WII- Sen . Kennedy wJll be held before 111m D. Eclc.rt ordor." t h • each. p',lpon.m.nl of S. I u rd • ., Six ell' York Stale race tracks ,.mll In Washlna'on .nd N.w \ - two thoroughbred tracks and York .nd dlrect.d th.t t h. ' six harre8s plants - c!lnccled .I.rl of .11 olhn ~.mes b. d.· lheir programs 10l' today. Tho' I.y. unlll .fI.r the .. nllo,', were B~lmont Par k, F'lngpr fun"ll. . Lakes Race Track, Roosevell Baseball poslponed lis opening ' Raceway, Buffalo Racewav, Sar-

day games In April alter the as- atoga Raceway and Vernon sassination of civil rights leader Downs. Dr. Marlin l.uther I<in~ Jr. The Emile Griffith-Andy Hell

Three Saturday afternoon con- man mid<ilpwei~ht fight al O~k tests wpre switched to nighl land was postponed Irom tonigh' games. But the Chicago Cub s to Tupsday night. The 1>resi<lcnl'~ had to poslpone their game with Cup Regalia, a Washin!.ton lix Atlanta because Wrigley Fie I d lure. has been postponed Indcr­does not have lights. The New Initely. It had been scheduled lor York Mels refused to play their Sunday.



NIW YORK IA'l - Charlie Dud- SAN ~RANCISCO IA'l - .Jim Ish, the Georgia schoolboy who Hart cracked 8 pair or three Is acclaimed as a foOlball run homers Thursday and .Iuan coach's dream, was among Ihe Marichal became the major hundreds 01 young athletes pick- leagues' Clrst JO-game winner ed Thursday in baseball's annual this season, leading the San spring draft of free agents. Francisco Giants 10 a 7-2 Victory

Dudish, a pitcher-shortslop-out- oVer the Philadelphia Phillies. fielder and power hiller as well Hart hammered a 425-loot 88 8 quarlerback at Avondale home run In the first inning alt­High in Decaur _ Ga .. was draft- er Willie Mays singled and WlI­ed lor San Franclsco'~ Phoenix lie McCovey walked with two farm oC the Pacific Coast out Then Hart greeteu reliev('r League. The Giants are hop2ful Dick l"arre)) with D three-run he will spurn a college loot bail shot In the s~venth after Frank career for baseball. Johneon singled and Mays walk-

The New York Mets u ed their ed. No. J olck of the ntlre Cree The two homers gave Hart the agent rleld lo lake 'rim Foli, a National League lead with II 17-year-old shorts lop Irom Cano- and placed him anlong the

Hawkeye League

ITo Open Season The Hawkeye College League I hom. ,.m .. will be pl.ytd til

wlU launch It second season of the low. Field_ ~ 1ft .... ,.mea play June 13. 10\\ a baseball will be l,hHul. In C'du R .. Coach Dick Schultz Is commis- plcl. Mlm.rI.1 II.dlllm .114 sloner oC the fOUNeam orlan- other conl.I" hOlltd by the Izallon. C.d.. It.pld. IlIml will 1M

The 6().game sthedule through In Noel rid .. , Dlnl.11 ... Jents August 4 include 31 olflclal perks. MIr..... will pll,. III league jlame , with the remalnd- hom ••• m .. 1ft .... f.lr,reuncit

IeI' o( the games againsl oUlllkl dl.mend. compelillon. Iowa City's fir. game will be

The four leams representing June 13 again t the Midwe t the lea.guc are lo\~a City, Maren- Janitors at 6:30 p.m. on the go. MIdwest Jaruto~ or Cedar Iowa Field. Rapids and Mays City Lanes of The Iowa City schedule is as Cedar Rapids_ follows '

Schultz aid Wednesday that . lhe personnel or the leams would J~~E Mldwut Jenllorl It 10.1 CItJ, leature good major college and 8:30 p .... . Junior college players (rom In- II 10WI City at Maren,o (2), t

slitutions In fiVe stales. 17 ~1" City Lan .. at lowl City, Members of the M.wk.y. 2G ~!r.~;': · 01 lOWI City, 1:10

b ... b.1I I .. m competln, In pm IhI lummer I .. gu. .re Mlk. 23 low. City It Mld ..... t Jlnltort

ell. Noelricln Pork, 2 p ..... Wymor', flral basem.n; aob 2tI low. ell, 11 lily. City Lanll, P kl L rt I B B I Melllonl 81ldJum. 7:110 p .m. er n., InO ,op; .n .n I, rr Mldwesl JlnttOri II lowl Clly , pilcher; Adrl.n CIII.h.n, ' :30 p.m. pitch.r; Etrl Fosler, pilcher; 30 lOWI City It ~u,. Clly Linea

,21, Dlnl.11 Pork. 2 p m. Mike Loose, pitcher; Ind fresh- JULY min Gary Kloppel. 2 lowl Clly .1 Ml.rtn,o. 7;10

Among the colleges and uni- 4 ~::'y. City Lan .. It I ... ·• City. .. erslli~8 reprc- 2 pm. 'cnted arc Iowa. Mor.",o It lOWI City (2), 1

Arizona. I(lwa v f,;~. Cltr .1 Mldw.1t J.nllo,.., ~ t t LUlh Memoril Sl.dlum. 7:30 p.m . , a c, er, II low. Clly It Mlron,o. 7:30 'pper Iowa , p.m. <;'Isworth. Mid- , 14 Mldw .. t Jlnlton It low. Clly

d C II (21 , 2 p.m. an , orne , 17 Inw. CllY al M.y. Clly LIn .. , 'orthern Iowa , Momorll Stldlum. 7:30 p.m

II 10wl cnl .1 Mldw.I' JlnltOrl, ,rinnell, South- Momorll SI.dlum, 7:30 p.m _ 'rn lIlinois. Mis- 21 MIY Clly Lan .. It lowe CII)'

. C d 121. 2 p.m. ~l1rt. row er 23 Marengo a' lowl City, 8'~O t Mi'-Ollri r nd p .!!, ',l'll Coaol Col- SCHULTZ 25 10" . CHv Il M,," CHy !.Ine •. , Jone Park . 6;30 pm "ge of Florida. Calilornia 28 lowl City "' Marengo ,21, 2

chools represented are from 30 ~i~"'e'l Janitors .t 10'" Clly, r're~no City. College 01 the Des- "uGu\fO p.m. el·t. Hartnell , Golden West. )tUI-1 I Marongo II (OWl City, ' :10 \erton Junior College and Citrus. • p.m. CIt Mid t J I

f I C'I I b' .. Towl y at we an ton All 0 Ihe owa 'y c u s (2), Memorl.1 Stadlum. 2 p.m.

WiecIorek, Mondane Begin Strenuous Road To ' Olympics

Two Iowa track sial'S. Larry not been LImed over the 5,000-Wieczorek and Mike Mondane, meter distance. t88 yard more will compele In the National Col- Ihan three mile •• His beSl time leglate championship meel al for three miles Is 13:34. He has Berkeley, CaUl.. June 13-15. won Big 10 cross counlry titles Wieczorek wlll run the 5,()()().met- , with the league's record mark er event and Mondane the 400- Cor Cour and live miles lind plac­meler race . ed lhll'd In an NCAA &-mlle

Following the Berk~ley meet, the two will travel to the Nation-al A.A.U. champion8hlp meet al Sacramento June 21 and 22. They wiO both run the same events as In the previous meet.

If eilher can place among the top six In either meet. they wUI qualify lor the U.S. Olympic trials :n lhe ,..05 Angeles Coli­seum June 29 and 30.

cross country race.


Van,. lou,jolly

John 5chmfdhClu •• r


Wm. W.lr

Ind otherl tpelk " I

k, t~ ga Park, Calil. The youngster league leaders with 29 runs I who will be IIraduated 11'011'1 batted In.

The nexl hurdle would then be to place in the top three at Lo Angeles . 1£ this happens, the y would advance Sept. 14 to the high alLltude training camp at


n In all he Phy· II.! nor·

cal pro-

I Plp~t

ectricily e c.m· y when n dam· outage

for Ihe k said. Unlvpr·

13 .000-alit al· the Ur.i· will be leclrical Is Gas y plant. Unlver. ~

to draw the city It plant I capac·

e TUes· cau!e<i

lor thaI outage I I

ener~lor 311 per

capacily. t make

cables f j

carr)'lna the cily Ing.

sltua ti01l undl be· I


• I \

Notre Dame High School in M arlchal now 10-2. recorded Sherman Oaks, Calil.. laler this his slxlh ~tralghl victory and mOllth Is a 5-loot·11, 185-pounder snapped a three-game Glanle' with power at bat. He also was losing streak. 1'wo errors and a quarterback and basketball slnqlcs by Coo~le Rojas. Johnny player in school. arlglls and Tony Gonzalez ac-

A total or 641 player~ were counted ror the Phillies' runs -drafted Thursdav in 28 rounds. onc of them unearned - In the The drafting will resume again third Inning: thl~ morn I ng. • • •

• •• MOUSTON IA'l - Bob Gibson INDIANAPOLIS, Ind_ IA'\ - cut down Houston on three hils

Australian Bruce Crampton ral- Thur8day nlgh~ , hurling the Na­lied with lour birdies on the tional League leading SI. Louis back nine ror a lour-under-par Cardinals past the Astl'os 4'() (01'

6t\ Thursday and grabbed the their ninth straight viclory. first-round lead in the ~t()(),()()O Gibson, squaring his record at Speedway Open Tournament. 5-5. struck out sh: and walked

Se\'~n players tied lor runners- Iwo, and allowed only one Asll'o uP. at 70. including .John Uvely to get past iiI' t base. Run Davis who shot a hole-in-one on the opened the IOUl·th with a double No. 17. and took third on a ground oot,

Billy Casper, the PGA's lead- but was stranded. ing mOney winner and Iwice Orlando Cepeda and Tim Mc­winner 01 the Speedway loul'Ocy. Carver slammed consecutive ho­alsO shot 70 despite a two-sll'Oke mel's in the sixth inning for lhe penalty on hie third hole when Cardinals and Cepeda drove in hl8 caddy raked the sand trap another run 0(( loser Don WIl­berore Casper shot. son , 4-7, with a single In the

Tied wllh them were "Master's third. champion Bob Goa\by. Speedway The homers were Cepeda's defending tltllst Frank Beard, leventh and MCCarver's lourtn. DOll Falrlleld, and a pair of •• newcomers - Bobby Cole 01 W~IHINOTON lA'\ - Home South Africa and Jim Grant oC l'Un! by Frank Howard and Ron Connecticut. Hansen carried the Washington

There also WAS 8 t1even-way Senator! to 8 4-3 vlclory over tie at 71 - veteran Sammy the Oakland Alhletics Thursday Snead, R. 1l. Sikes, Ken Still , ntghl. Ken Fulton , Mike Hill, Dutch Howard's 22nd home run o( Harrl80n and Dick Lolt. the year was a line drive shot

• that landed on the roof or the CHARLOTT., N.C, III - \l.S. vlsltor's bullpen In left center

ace Arthur Ashe will play E('ua- field In the Cirst Inning. Del Un-dor's Pancho Gmman In the Clral ser had opened with a lriple match of the Davis Cup Amerl-, aoo scored on Ed Stroud's saerl­can Zone Finals tonight In Char- flee Oy berore Howard con-lotte Coliseum. nected.

Baseball Standings AMU/cAN LIAOUI I

W L Pel. O.B. netrolt 88 I' .81. ('Iovollnd Bl 22 .11115 2'. 8aUlmO," :It 22 .sev llil Mln~uoLa 27 28 .519 ~ BOllon 211 27 .481 S Oakl.nd 23 27 .410 • Callrornla 24 29 .463 111010 l'iew York 23 211 .442 10 W.,hln.lon 22 211 .431 10", Chic a,. 21 2V .420 11

nlU,M.y'O "oulll Mlnneloll 2, New Vorli 0 nclrolL 8, ao,lon 3 C'levelAnd 2. Chlc"n I (II hlnln •• ) WI.hlll,lon 4 OAkl,nd 3 Callro,nl. ft, illHlmorl I

".11.111. ,lIch.ra 1' I ~v.I~ "d. Hlrun IH) at Dot roll,

HllI~I' 13.1), N Ilh"' .. ol •. P~rry IHI .nd Kul

," 'I 01' Ilollnd 10·01 al Wllhln,lon, I1t ln_. 1404) Ind Hlnnan, 10~) 2, "·I·"I.lIt "'okland. Odom (4-4) Ind Nuh

'44 ' .1 R.ltlmnre.PhlM!buo (11-3) Ind hili 0 ... ' In·2) Or o'[)nno,hul (000) 2,

,\,1. '11,· 111 ",,11111,"10. III'unoi IB·6) and Me­

, '. 11, /0" IHI al Now York, P.cer. Ivll 14·2) Rnd Monbouquctle (6·3) 2, Iwl·nlahl

ChicIKO, Horlen (4·5) IL 80ston, HlIlIaao (&·3), N


I. I.oul. PhUldolphl1 AlI.nll San t'rlncllCO ~LOI An.ol .. Clnctnnlll Chlcl,o No .. VOI'k

"Pllilbur, h Houllon

W L Pel. C.B 31 21 .5M 211 22 .53% 3~ 27 24 .S2V a\it 28 25 .528 3~ 28 26 .SLV 4 26 24 .510 4", 25 28 .490 5', 23 27 .460 7 19 27 .413 9 2L 30 .4 12 I I.

" - Lalo limo 1101 Includod Thurl"Y" ... ulll

81. Lou l, 4, Houilon 0 New Yor~ a. Chicigo 3 Si ll 'rlncllC. 7, PhU.dolphl. 2 PUtabur,h II Lo. Anlel .. , N Only ,1m.. achodu led

'rtI.1I1. '1ICh.rl AII.nl.., Jlrvl. 15-4) II Chlca,o,

Nlfkro 10'" 81. LOlli •. Wllhhurn (~. 3J II Cln·

clnnall, Maloney (5-31, N Ne .... York, lIynl1 (4-4) 01 SO" f,·.n·

el co. S.dee,I IS-e), N Ptilsblll'lIh, Yell. 12·6) HI lIuuslUI1,

Glusll 14051. N Phliidelphla, Shorl 13·6) at Los

"n,.III, O.loen (H), N

South Lake 'tahop, CallI.. for ad- 11 a.m., Sunday d ~tlonal workouts and tests lead-ing to selection of the U.S. leam Iowa Ave .• t Gilbert St. for the Olympic Games in Mex- Unl'lrla" Ico City In October. Un/yare"lI1t Stellty

Wieczorek has won m a J 0 r

chamDionships in the ~o~ne~,~tw~0~1~!!3 !!I!B!!I!IOC~kl~E.8.8l!!l!0~C.O~I~d!!l!c~a!!lp.llolI!l~ and three mile races but h II • - --OVERSEAS DELIVERV AVAILABLE . tod .. uw ..... ., '-'-"C', .....

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Page 6-THE DAILY IOWAN-Iowa City, la.-Frlday, June 7, '9"

The Wounded • • • •

• • • • And The Dying "

The Suspect 'The Weeper

The Faces,

. The Pain,

The Anguish

,Of June 5, 1968 . 1

I . ,

Photos by The Associated Press .

Sirhan Slrhln, the accused 1 .. 1 .. ln,

I I •

THE DAILY IOWAN-le.1 City, 1 • .-FrlNy, JVIII 7, l"'-P~

Police Fear Y orty House OKs 'Anticrime' Bill;

May Have Hurt Case ~A~;~~:;~~ ~~~~~!'~~~~I~~~~~~~

NO TIME FOR MOURNING - Son. of silin Sen. Robert f. Kennedy get In some silpervised playtime Thur.day at their home In McLean, Va. The boYI - Mlchlel, 10, In white leenl, and Dennis, 12, In shorts - playtd touch football und.r the watchful eyel of former Istronaut John Glenn who, with .... wife, has been e.rlng for the younger KenntdYI.

- AP Wirephoto

Hughes Procl~ims Period Of Mourning For Kennedy

LOS ANGELES til - Pro e· mighl have hurt tbe prosecu· cUling authorities expressed con· llon's case by di clo ing 10 news· cern Thursday thal Los Angell' men the contents oC Sirhan's Mayor Samuel \Y. Vorly might notebook. hllve prejudiced the case against Younger told a news confer· the accused assassin of Robert ence that while tbe assassina· , . lteoDedy as !bey rushed preJ)- tion was a "great tragedy, what arations to bring him to trial. a greater tragedy it would be if

Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, 24- succ sfu\ prosecution of the per. year-old Jordanian cilizen, re- son responsible [or the terrible mained behind a heavy cloak of crime were jeopardized by state­pollee protection. Authorities ments prior to the trial com· pressed their investigation and menling on evidentiary matten." announced plans to take their He was critical of the di clo­case to the grand jury for an sures from "the notebooks re­all-day hearing today, ferred to Wednesday by Mayor

Dist. Atty. Evelle C. Younger Yorty." said he hOpt;!d to bring Sirhan to C.lifornj. Atty . Gen. Thom •• trial within 60 days. C. LYnch, in •• 111.ment, Slid

Pollee issued In III points h. had cautioned Yorty Wed· bull.tin for I wom.n betwe.n nesdlY "10 confin. his release the .ge. of 23 .nd 27 they ,aid of inform Ilion concerning the w.. s .. n with Slrhln before .uspected murder.r .f "n. the fltll shooting of the New Kennody." York Hn.tor lu.t after he prD· He warned that U,S. Supreme cl.lmed hi' C.llfornll Demo- Court and California upreme critic pre.ld.ntial primary Court decision~ on pubUc state· victDry to ,upporter, .. rly I ments and fair trials place se· W.dneld,y. verI' limitations on what public As the investigation continued. I oCficials say, "Under the I' court

both state and local officia18 ex· deci ion ," he said, "e\1dence pressed concern that Yorty may be ruled out and a trial

For The Famliy, Nightmare Relived

LOS ANGELES lA'I - For the Kennedy family , it was the most somber of days since Nov. 22, 1963.

For the second time within

adulls moving always wilt! dl.· nified composure. Upon Edward M. Kennedy, the

Massachusetts senator, feU lhe burden of arrangements. He made arrangements for the cas­ket and hearse with a local mort·

five years a 80n of Joseph P. and Rose Kennedy had died in his vigorous prime at an assas· sin's hand. uary.

Members of the clan gathered A mortuary source said Rob· Wednesday at Good Samaritan el't Kennedy was embalmed af· Hospilal lo comfort Mrs, Robert te:- an aulopsy al the hospital F. Kenn~y as her husband lay and dressed in a dark blue luit, dying or a bullet wound in Ule with whIte shirl and black tie. brain. ~'ami1y members waited outside

When at 1 : 44 a.m. the New while the body was place-! in the York scnator died. just a day I casket. then followed it to the after victory in California's btue.~ray hearse for the trip to Democratic presidential primary the aIrport, gave him perhaps his greatesl Ethel and Edward tode in the politi cal triumph, member of hearse, with the olhers following

DES MOINES IA'I - Gov. Har· ing to give his life," Hughes the close·knit family were at his l in llmouslnes. During the half· old Hughes proclaimed a period said, "He fought valiantly to side. hour , police·escorted trip motor· of mourning for slain Sen. Rob· change the underlying conditions Wilh wlf. Eth.I, pregnant iSls on two busy freeways defer· ert F. Kennedy Thw'sday and lhat have produced bitternea with their 11th child, were hi' entially pulle aside or stopped urged 10\\ ans to dedicate their and unrcst in uur society." broliler Edwlrd, ,Isters Mr., completely, although no sIrens Ii~edes to the causes for which he The governor called on a) ) Peter Lawford Ind M... Ste. were used. dl , I lowans to dedicate themselvcs phen Smith and Ihe laller', Joining th.m at the airport

He des i g nat e d Th '~rsday , "to the goals of equality, justice husblnd, .. nd ,ister·in·law for the fIi"ht wa, anoth.r wi· through Sunday as a period of I and human dignity" as a tribute Jacf'lIeline Kennedy. In an ad· dow of an asslssinated Iud. "deepest reverence and p .. ayer" to the New York scnator and hI, joining room were tile thr.e l er' Mrs. Martin LII .... r King.

nd ordered US and state flags f 'I otd"t children, Kathle.n, 16; She flew L.r• W--'ne.d·y to a . . amI y. Jot.ph, 15, and Robert Jr. , 14, .hare the fa"mlly's -grIef. O·thers flown at half stafr. In Iowa City, William Suep.

"Out of rcspecl [01' his memo pel, chairman of Kennedy'. Their grief was private. but I who ralli,d 'rollnd were M ... ory and out of compassion for pr.,ld,ntl.1 clmpaign In low., it, deolh was apparent during , J 0 h 1'1 F. K,nnedy' , sl,ler, his loved ones ," the governor said all Americans must de. the public's few glimpses as the Prine ... L.e R.dziwlll, sinller said, "I hope no misguired per· m4lnd an .nd to vlolene.. mourning family drove in a mo· Andy WilIi.nll, who helped son will mal' this time of mourn· torcade with a hearse to the air· Robert Kennedy 's e.mPlign, ing by words of r.Dger or acts "This tragedy must be shared nort for the flight in an Air .nd a co:,tingent of pllblie of. of violence against innocent peo. by all American people because Force jet to New York, The ficillls, friends Ind K.nlledy pie. there is a real danger that our women never lost their poise, .Ides.

"It Is enential thaI Wt should system of solving political prob. but their faces were masks of nol 1.1 the ,hock of this appall. lems by due process of law may sorrow. In all , 75 boarded the blue and ing Iragedy dislort our think. nol be able to withstand the Ethel Kennedy slood straight white jet for the sad flight. ing or twl.t ollr nnte of pur. challonge of anarchy by assas· as her husband's African mao Across the continent the moth· post." sination," Sueppel said. hogany caskel was lifted from er of the family, Rose, attended FUrther violence and hatred "This is a responsibility for the hearse. But her eyes reo mass after hearing of her son's

would "set back the very cause all of us. We simpiy cannot tol. mained fixed upon it as it was death, thcn wcnt to meet the for which S~n, Kennedy was wUl. crate violence in any form," placed upon a lift and, with plane. Father Joseph, ailing re·

-:::::::--== . mourners and pallbe,u'ers ,tand· tired multimillionail'e business· - - - - - - - - - ., ini alongSide, was hoisted into man and onetime ambassador to

GRADUATION SPECIAL the plane. ' Great Britain, was informed of

I The death, the hock, lhe urie!, lhe death by telephone by son








FRIDAY & SATURDAY Highway 6 Wilt - Coralvlll. StrIp ---------

the solemn motorcade and the Edward. flight east with the body of the Jacqueline Kennedy. choo ing

I slain senator werp tragically not to ride the lift, was first up reminiscent of that day in Dal· the ramp in boarding,

l ias, Nov. 22, 1963, when the sen· The final view here of lhe rest alor's brother, Prc~ident John o! the Kennedy group seemed F. Kennedy, was slain by a hid· almost symbolic of its unity. As

I den rifleman. they stood beside the casket AI then, mtmbtrs tf the while it was hoi~ted inlo the

proud femily ,Ive evidenee of plane, adults and children all btlrlng It well, chlldrtn Ind joined hands.

NOW End. WEDNESDAY Rev"", rGiri KrOll ... lhi", Mnice


u 1.11.1 FEATURE AT - 1:3' -4:08·6:43-9:17




FEATURES AT l:JO ·3:JO · 5:38·7:38· ':30 COLOR WMk D,y Mit. 1.00 -I .... & SUII. 1.25,- Child .75

e\'crely hampered by ucb pub- action Thursday on a many·fac. cenfronrslll elltMe"rs II. .f •• ...., - aM I" .... "I"" lie .tatements:' eted cnme·control bi" whicb In· ..... vl.;." ckti.ned to undo of .,. 1,,"* "ItieoI - to ,ive

Yorty, at a separate news con. eludes a ban on mail-order sale '*'Ie SlIp,.".e Court rulln,. .. America the ..... _treJ 1_ It ferenc. aid "th~re is 10 much of handl\ln,. But even as it act· the admiul." of cOflfH.;..,. ..... .... evidence already that I don't see ed President Johnson asked for Ind to br.,.d.n pollee use of In IIdditJon to the run-conlrol how reveaUng some of the back. much tighter curbs on the tral. wiretnllin. In d electronic tion the bill I to JobDlon ground can be prejudicial" I fic in firearms, e .... sdroppint. I _ould.'

"This is a matter of judg. 1 Both aelJon! came as rP- Prior to the tra edy in Cali· e E tabU h a two-year. $400-mcnt and I am I lawyer and I ' IPOnse to the pistol killing of fornia , there wa trong House mUJlon program of federll grant exercised my judgment in this I Sen, Robert F. Kennedy In Lo sentim nt to nd the n te bill to improve training and equip­matter," he said. Anlleles, to a Hou. ·Senate confcrence. ment of illite and loeal poUce

Th re me JM)visioru;, es~· force . Y OlInger .aid he wOllldn't op· The legisiolive climate crellt· pos_ .. ch.n,. of ven ... - ,hilt. ed by the a ination of the Ing the trl,l to lnother arel - you_ll New York Democratic If defense .. ttorney. "ked fw pre identllll a pirant was I h e It .nd he cIM"ide," the r.. major (actor In HoUle accept.. qU'st ",lid. ance of the Senate bill by a :168-Police said the all points buI. 17 vot!!.

lelin for the girl was an inIor. 1 In Idditlon .. Ih ,un-c.ntrel malional on . - --

"We are not going out and trying to pick up anyone or ar· re t anyone," in pector Peter Hagan said "We are merely ask· ing [or anyone to come to us wIth information rcgarding the girl in the polka dot dress."

Others I niured By Assassin

There was a maximum ccur· r G tt· ity gU8rd on Sirhan In a hospi· e Ing tal ward at Ib Lo "ngele County central jail. His Index

Better finger had been broken and hi1 LOS A. GELES (II - One lelt ankle prained when he was of IJle flYe b)'lltandets wounded captured by Roos~vell Gri r, when Sen. Robert F, K nnedy Los Angeles Rams lineman, and wa cul down by an assas In', Rafer Johru on. the former Olylll. b~lIet wa released from aha.· pic decathlon champion, just aft. PIta! Thurday .an~ the other! l'r the hooting, v.:e!e reported 10 Improved con·

Fir t mention of the mystpri. dillon, ous woman came from a 20- Ira Goldstein of JW!ar1ly En· year·old Youth For Kennedy clno was releafled from PoncIno worker, Sandy Seranno. who Hospital where h b.l been said she saw her running from t rea l ed lor I bullet wound In the assas~inatlon scene shouting the hlp su((ered in the Wedn . "WI! shot" Kennedy. day mornmg ShooUni.

Slrh.n remlin~ out of co,,· MeanwhJle. Paul Schrade, ~O, t.ct with the publtc .nd 1111 in. at Los Angeles, w ern dlrec. form.tlon about him cam. tor 0{ the United Auto \Yourrs from fr iends, .cqu.lnt.nclI Union, conUnued to abow 1m. Ind form~r employe... . • proveml'l1 at the Kai r Founda. Slrh~n I~ ('har,lwd wllh SIX Uon Hospital. H was described

count~ of altem,Pted murder B!'d as In good condition. thc "rand jury IS t'):pected to ID.. , dicl him [or murd r. Also bclDll treated at KaIser

He W8., by the secount or w a I W I U1am WeIst!l, 30, ol Ihose who knew him, a young Washington, D C. an American man who hated Jew~ and was B r 0 a d casung Co, n w min ang!'rl'll hy Israel's \'ictory over wounded in the I side nrar Arab states last year, the .abd~en, , He was reported

A New York commiltre on I reblIPIl In satIsfactory condition, Amcrica·Meb relations aid he The other two wounded Irwin "may have been innamed" by Stroll, 17, of Lo Ang~1 5 and Kenncdy' s call for US. jrls for II'S. Elizabeth Evan. 43 01 Israel ~uring his televised d· n arby Sauilus, were rePorted I.n bate WIth Sen. EU,I!ene .r. Me· good condition. Carthy Saturday nit(ht.

Yorty. while '.akin note of what the olhers said, offered an· olher reason. 'I11e mayor said, "it appears also that he was in· flamed also by contacts with the Communi t party and the con. taels with Communist dominaled or infiltrated organizations,"

SIrhan's car - " or one ""t w. know h. dro"e," - h II d been 'ltn outside • buildinll In which the W.E.B. OuBols So· ciety w.s mHting, Yorly .. Id. Yorty , .. Id the socl,tv h.d be.n id.ntlfled by federal officials as I Communi" front, and add.

Archbishop Of Boston Lauds RFK

BOSTON lA'I - RIchard Caf­dinal Cu hing eulogized the as· &a inated Sen Robert F Ken· nedy Thursday as a man who did not know the m anlrg of fear.

ed "that evil organization h.s "Lllce his brother (the late played It. p.rt in Infllminll the President John F. Kennelty l. .nauinatlon of Ktnnedy." h did not know the meanlntl of Sirhan's fa m j I y expre ed fe3r, and even wh('re dulv was

ially tho reta;:n: to the u- I • 111ke the sole tnt 01 the ad. preme Court, would h!.n en· missabillty of conle Ions wbeth. countered POWtrfu! OPIIO ilion l'1' they were ,ivl'n voluntartl It'd hy Chairman Emanu I Cen· _ with !hi point to be d~lded er /D·N Y I of the House Judlc· by th .. trial Judge. iary CommittrC!.

As originally submitted .. T b I I would undo Supreme Johp"On. the I I:i lalJon w 0 u I d Court Mllin,s the confeulons have banned mail-order sal of are tainted If not obtained with nnes and hoti:urs, well as trict re,ard to the prlsoner's bandguna such as the one used right to couTlRI aad other sale· to trike down Kennl'll,-. i!uard~ for defendants.

In I letter to co",renl.".. e Authortze federal wlret • .,. I ... ders, w r Itt e n while the ping Bnd elec(ronic uvttdl'Ol)­HOIlII wu moving to pa..... pine by officers acting under of the pending bill, Joh",." court order, lite Ind loclI: of· .. ked .wlft .ction 10 reh"le" fken would have the lime prJv· thl. ban .. ncI to add .no .... r fle, in 5tBIe which pass 1m. which he hid I'Ot Included i" plementing lelll&latJOII. hil origin.1 l'8C!u.". 111 MIni counter to prHttIt He IUgge ted that the .dded fed ral prj ctice reitricllnl luch

curb he incorpo:ated quick!; in surveillance to Clsel Involving • parate bill or in amendm pts the national seeurity, to the jUlt·pa sed leglalation. All these latter provIsions were

John on urged Congl'C$ to added by the n t. to a " .... Ip-eliminatl' "the brutal loophole I reets" bill palled by the Hou~ in our laws" on merchandising 1.lt year lind limited to the PO-oC firearms and ld: lice·training proll'am. - ---

Possible RFK Successors

NAMES MENTIONED - U.S. Rep. Ogden Rei" "tit) In" fer· mlr Sen. Kenneth B. Ke.tlng ere both beln, montlonad II '"'" whom New York Go ... N-'lOn Rock.feller mlY .... il1l Ie fill the Sen ale ... t of tht 11111'1 R.bert fl. K.,,"ady. Klltl", II th.· men Kennedy dtftlted In hi. rice for the Senlte ",I In 19 ....

- AP WlrepMte

Can Anyone Stop Humphrey Now?

5hock over the killing of Ken· wlded 10 daIIa- _ embraced nedy, it," the CclthOlic archbIShop (If By HARRY KI!LLY for lhe vict! pr idenl !Jld he

In Israell,occuIJied .)ol'dan, his Boston said in a televised eulo· WASHl GTON lA'I - Altce\ couldn't even IIU bow many father, Bishara Sirhan. 53, II' h 0 gy. the horror of ROIx'lt F . Ken· Kennedy deletal would ao had returned to his homeland , Cushing said Kennedy's vi· nedy's dcnth fad ,a quiet band· ov r to Humphrey, and h add· said, "~I cann't understand what olent death "rends the heart of wagon bcarmg thc n~me of HII' ed: could have pushed him to do such Am ,rica, already scarred by !>crt H Humphrey will llart roll· I "Furthermore it rMlIy ha n't a thing. My son W8S always II I earlier sorrows. II1g for Chicago. , been dlscu sed. We're dow!] to a quiet, humble and very gentle "The madness of m n once ~ a gesture of Dem~r~tlc skelton force for the next sev· boy. I brought up my children again grieves our natlon and ~mty and pohtieal rcconcthauon ral days, Were aorl 01 In IJU.5o to do good," brings us to our knees In pray. It may al 0 cllrry the name of pen d e d animation. Talking

And in Pasadena, where his er, We have lost another of ollr I Sen. Edward M. Kenn,edY a the about members and deJetlt mother, Mrs, Mary Sirhan lives. ons In the promise of hia youth vice pI'csldentlal chOIce. m in poor taste." she and her other children sent and vigor of his yt'llr . There is no likelihood of any ~ telegram to the Kennedy Cam· Say I n g thllt J(enned)r had ASSOCIA TED PRESS public political activity among Ily. 8 h 0 wn talent for leadership Democrats [or a couple of weeks.

" It hurts us very bad what has among men. Cushing said that I NEWS ANALYSIS happened and we expre so u r "no one will lorget with What With Kennedy', !leath, Mc·

Carthy be<lomes lhe 10)1' lead· feelings with them and especial. dignity and strength he bore I But th er at th, Democrats di ldenta ly with the children ,?nd with. the I him elf in grief, with what ener· again and young rebel · protesting the mothers and father. she saId. gy and U[1 cUi hness he g a I e Carthy Of' any coalition of Ken· policies and attitudes 0{ the

She added "I want them 10 himself to public service, with nt-dy and McCarthy supporters Johnson. Humphrey adminilltra. krow that I am really erying for what joy and affection he was Slopping it. tlon. them all," I father to t,is family." H hr' cct.. ith B It i Ilk I ... wnp ey s conn IOns w ilts lin e y mit III the

.-OPEN - 8:30 SHOW al 9:00


5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

NEW YORK STRIP STEAK St .... mine Hot Baktd Potlto with Sour Cream or Butter Ore .. in,

Crisp Toned Salld Fre'" Amln. Bre.d .nd BlOtter

Inttrlla" 80 el Highway 21.

Plenty of fRU parking I. mlnutH 'r.m downtown lowl City

the party's pOwer centers-the K.nnedy fwc.. will switch party regulars. the labor lead· ,11191.nc. t. the McCirihy b.n· en> and the ethnic groups-are ... r. Som. of them, lnelulll .. so deep lhat even before Robert .uch polltiCiI profession. II I. Koonedy's murder there were L,wrence F. O'Brien, will proll­esllmales Humphrey could win Ibly Ilin Humphrey. the nomination on the first baJ· With Ted Kennedy, the Mal-lot, sachu eIU senator and younger

lut on this d.y the polit cal brother of John and Bobby Ken· Ilrlleti,t, didn't w.nt to 1.lk nedY 00 the Humphrey ticket, politic,. " m.y be w......... the loyalty gap betw-. the fore Hlf-conKiOllS polltlci,", Humphrey and Kennedy up­lift the lid of .... ".Imposed po- porters would be .t least parUy liticil morltori"", end "entvrt bridged. ollt. A tough·mlnded man wha [or

weeks has been deeply involved in the winning, counting anI! pub I iclzing delegate victories


Even before Robert. Kenne· dy's deal.b, Humphrey dl:l nol d illCourage speculation he might turn to Edward Kennedy as a run rung mate. And as far back a two years ago he dlscus1ed with friends the po ibility of a Humphrey·Ted Kennedy team in the future.

A malor .,..tIon _: What i ..... rell m .. ..,,.. 01 .... Mc· Clrthy sf"""" Ind will ho maVl Iftressively to try to rlt. Iy Ihe p.rty "lind Hllm-phrey?

.. , ..... " " -" .- -" . --- .. "'~ ~~~. ", ..,.,,~ pJ' .,' .. . . . . .. . , .....


... Page !-THE DAILY IOWAN-Iowa City, la.-Frlday, June 7, ,."


University Calendar ~OllN DAILY IOWAN

CONr!:RENCES I You," a panel discussion on pre· Sunday·June 12-Midwest Ful· sent and future trends in com·

bright Conference on Higher Ed· puter application, will be heard ucation, Conference Board of As· this morning at 8:30.

o c iated Re earch Councils, • Com m encement exercises Washington, D . C., and the U. S. will be broadcast live from the State Department, Quadrangle Fieldh()USe, beginning at 9:25. Ed· Dormitory . ward H. Levi, President.<Jesig·

Sunday·June 21-28lh annual nat.e of the University o[ Chicago, E x ecutJve Development Pro- will be the featured speaker. gram, Cenler for Labor and • Hen ri Lazaro['s "Tempi Management, Union. Concertantl" (1964), with soloists

Monday·June ll-Dental Con· Stanley Plummer, violin, and tinuing Education Course : "Oral Maxine Johnson viola followed Surgery for the General Practi· by Orlando di La~:o's '''St. Mal· lione l' ," Dental Building. thew Passion" (Iat.e 16th cen·

Monday· June 13 - American tury) , with vocal soliists and CoUege of Physicians Postgrad· members of the SwabNIn Chor· u ate . Conference, Pharmacy ale , will be the opening workll on AudItorium, College of Pharm· this afternoon's recorded coocert acy. at 1.

COMMENCEMENT • On Today At Iowa this aft· ACTIVITIES ernoon from 3 to 5 guests in·


SCUBA I.ESSONS - Indoor heated 30 MCH FOUR BURNER gas ranie . pOol. Certification as YMCA dlv· $1:;. 35J.1148. 6-14

er . All equIpment [urnIBhed. $00 [or complete course. 351-25:;3. 6.8 ENTIRE HOME furnishIng; lape reo

I --. typewrIter, playpen, baby _____________ carr. age, 51.foller, combInltion

CARD OF THANKS Eo~.graph. 338·4593. 6·6 __ ,._ _ _ . _ __ . I UHER 4000 REPORT·L - tape reo

corder. ROLEX SUBMARINER -WE WISH TO THANK Ihe many watch. 117 Westlawn Park or 351.

[rLends, r.latlves and colle,e as· 2819. 6.12 soclates of James R. Vanek, for -'==-;;;-....,.;==;;;---:c"."..-,'-:":': their many kind expressions of sym. PORTABLE WASHER Ind dryer. pithy, words ot consolation, and Perfect for apl •. j trailer or Sum· services during our recent bereave. m.!r~~s. 351·3884. 6·18 ment of our loved son, JAmes. We LARGE WOODEN desk with typIng especially wish to expre .. our ap· table, $20; RolI·awlY bed, $10, 337. preclatlon to Pres. and Mrs. Howard 5578. S.1l R. Bowen, the [aCuity, staff and -~=-;;:=;7"'--;--:--':--;--~ students of Ihe University; partlcu· LARGE DESK, swivel chair, plat· larly the slaff and graduates of the i form rocker. lamp tahle, chesl of Geology Dept. Also to the pall drawers, Alr·condltton.r and win· bearers, Ihe Iowa City Police Dept. I dow fan. 351·3059. 6012 Mr. R. Jones of Jones Memoria! TV, $45; ANTENNA and pole) $10; Chapel and The Rev. Dr. Zerwas. washing machIne, $25. 351·3776. The Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence 6-12 J. Vanek 6·8 BUNK BEDS complete $40. Many

book. Including a complete set of H.arvard ClaSSics, 1968 EncyclopedIa Brlttanlca $200 .• 51·2553. 6·8 APARTMENTS FOR RENT

Tday - ROTC Commissioning elude: Associate Director of the ~e.remony, North Gym, Field· Union, R. E. Waide, Scottish CORONET - Luxury one, two and

8 three bedroom suites. Carpet,

A UCTION SALE - second Tuesday evening each month . We buy and

sell dally, one piece or a house fu ll . Kalona Community Auction . 656·2932. 7·3

lOUse. a .m . Highlander Barbara Brewer, edi· drapes, al~.condltlonlng, range, reo


Advertl'sl'ng Rates £XPERiE:'>ICLD THESES typiSt. IBM Electric. ..ar'>on ribbon, symbol •.

351·5027. tin Three Days ..... . 18c a worCl I ELECTRIC TYPEWRITER _ theses, Six Days .. . ... 21c a Word dissertations. lelLers, short r.pers, T.n Day. ... . ..... lie a Word and manuscripts ~7.7998~1~

O M th d MARY V. BURNS: Iyplng mlmeo· nf on ..... SOc a Wor graphing. Notary Public. 415 luwa

Minimum Ad 10 Words State Bank Building. 337 ·2656. 4· 12AR TERM PAPEH ~ bouk reports these •.

CLASSIFIED DISPLAY ADS dlllo •. etc. Experienced. ~'all 336·

One Insertion a Mon'" Flv. In •• rtlons a Month T.n I nsertlons a Month

... S1.50' S1.30' SI.28'

'Ri tes for Each Column Inch

PHONE 33704191

11158. All CAI.L 33ft 7R92 AND w.ekends. lor

experlel1l.:ed electric t y ping !terY· ICt! . Want papcl's of any lenglh. 10 pages or tess In by 7 p.m completed same t:venlnl!. tfn TYPING - Seven years experience,

electric type. "~ast . accurate serv· __ _ Ice. 338·6472. ~·18AR


ARE YOU DISCOURAGED? Dial ~38· 1988 24 hour free recorded nle6·

.age. 6·9


ELECTRIC TYPEWRITER .- th ..... and term papers. College gradu·

ate, e_perlenced. 351·1735. 3·24AR 3EI.ECTRICTYPING carbon ribbon.

symbuls. any length. experienced. Pbone 338·376:. 5·16AR ACROSS FROM CAMPUS. Experl·

enced electric typing . Fast service. fall 338·4830 evenings. 4-23AR Fo:LE(,TnlC. eXVP . lenced secrelary

These •. el, . 338-:;491 days. 3!i1 · lft7~ Today-Un'iversity Commence· tor of "A Diplomat Looks Back" frlgoralor. disposal , plus heat and - t F' Idh 9 30 water 1ncluded in rent. From $125. " en. Ie ouse. : a.m. by Lewis Einstein, Lawrence Display Apt. 7 _ 190& Broadway

ev~nlngs. ten Adorable Siamese JERRY NYAI.L-=-Eleclrlr. miif"jyp.

6·13 tng selvlee. Phone 338 1330 4-12AR MARTIN GUITAR - D18, D28. 337. NEWER·TYPE,

9897. d·15 Girl 338·7007. Today - College o[ Medicine Gelfand. associate director of Hwy. 6. By·Pass Easl. Open 9 a.m. Lawn Party , Medical Research Upward Bound , Alvin Albertuo, to 8 pm. or call 351·2538 or 338'7~~~ ~'AST I.ASH - ~e will buy boats , --------- ---- A'PPiiOVED ROOM -with kltrhen for

ty~ewrllers, autoB. Hondas, T V.s. HOUSES FOR RENT men. Phone 3~7 ·56:;2. 3.27AR Center , noon . Iowa Mountaineer .Iohn Ebert, -W-E-ST- SI.-=D:::E:----;'L-ux- U- r-y- o- n-e-,-be-d:-r-oo.,-m"C'

Saturday-College of Law Open Head of Ophthalmology at the and Deluxe efllclency suites. Car· House, Main Lounge, Law Cen- University. Dr. Fredm'ick Blodi, petlng, drapes, alr·cond.ltlonlng, l . range. refrigerator, disposal. plus er, 9 :30·11:30 a.m . Associate Dean of the Gradllate 'eat and water Included In rent.

radios, Mobile home8~ or anythlna - __ ___ _ of value. Towncrest Mobile Humes. BETTY THnMI'SIlN . Elertrlc: the

tin I FURNfSHED three bedroom. Avail· ses and loog pape, S. Experlencecl STUDENTS! Do you need a trailer able June 12·Aug. 14. Call 337· 338·5650 . tfn

to move with? Build a good one 4693 after 5 p.m. 6-111



UNIQUE JOB opporlunlty for regLs· MAID WANTED - ,UO hourly, about $50 month, two hIli day!

a week. Can Alpha Chi Sllma noon or afler 6. 337-3763. lin WANTED DRIVER and .ene.,t

handy man. Full or part tim. , Dial West Branch, 1·643·250t tI"J WE ARE NOW IcceptlnF, IppUcanil>

lor full lime day pO! :;onl. 17 or WAITRESS OR,WAITER - top sal· older. Apply In person. Scotti'.

ary . Kennedy. Lounge_._~ Drlve·ln . 6-211 I

tered nurses. 'fo""ull or part tlme, 3 p.rn.·ll p.m., 11 p.m. 10 7 a.m. Practice your profe6ston in a chai. lenitng new tield. New~ alr·condl. tloned rehabilitation and convales· cent cehter. Top wages. Call Mrs. Baculls to make ar,polntment tor Interview, 338-3666..!._(,.wa City. 6·18

WOMEN SEWERS WANTED - work THIS NEWSPAPER does nol knowJ" at home doing Simple sewing. We Inglv accept HEI.P·WANTED AD'l

supply maierlals and pay s'hlpplng IhaL 1J,dlcate a prcference baled on, both ways. Good rate of pay. Piece I age from employers covered by the work. Write Dept. 2D Jamster In· AGE DISCRIMINATION IN EM! duslrles Inc., 100 A.hum, Sault Ste. PLOYMENT ACT. More Inlorm.lIod )Iorle. Mich . Zip 49783. 6·11 may be obtalnejl from the U.S. Dej

partment oC Labor, Wage and Hou~ and Public Contracts Division>

AUTOS, CYCLES FOR SALE Room 638 Federal Bulldln" 21~ WBlnul Street, Des Moine., low 50309. tI.

1958 CHEVY - 4 door 348 engine. Fair condItion. Phone 336·6625. 6·7

1953 PONTIAC. $75 or besloffer by ~'rlday. Bruce 351·6876. 6·7

1948' MG.TC, completeLy restored 10 better than new condiUon. A

classIc spar is car. '2,750 fIrm. 351' 1 4169. 6·7 '67 YAMAHA 350 CC. 5,000 miles .

$650 or ? 33704946. 7·5 I


University Studtnts

CIII lIudtnt Pllcemtnt Mln •• tr C odor Rapid. - 362.73 ..


BICYCLES, )fan's 3·speed, $20. '=iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii;ii;;;;iiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'it Man's 10'sPeed, $35. 35J.6844. 6·7 ~

65 CORVETTE CONVERTIBLE m Posltraction. all power, factory

atr-condltioned. new tires, new paint, silver, black leather. Superb condltlon. Many extra •. 351·1132. 6·8 305HONDA. BORED. Must sell 1m·

mediately. Call 35l-6390. 6·12 1965 HONDA I5Occ. Good condltloll .


Needs hlesmen

SPECIAL EVENTS College, Alvin Scaff. the co.ahth •• 'rom '99. Display apt. 3A 94~ Crest . SI. open 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. dally . Call

Monday - Orientation for new ors of " Foundat.ion Of Education· 351·2538 or 338·7058. tin undergraduates. al Administration," Willard Lane I F,URNISHED, close 10 cBmPiiS.

cheap with components from Joe 1___ I and short pn,,'ers. Dial 337·3843. ZajIcek Salvage. 336·6123. 6-14 , MOBILE HOMES .~

EXPERIEN(~D TYPIS1 ' you name It. I'll type It. " Electrrc - Carbon

1963 AMERICAN HOMECREST 10' x ribbon ." DIal 33704002 after 12 p.m.

Best offer. 338·3103. 6·8 1963 XKE JAGUAR. Excellent can·

d.ltlon. Call collect 843·2535 or 843· ~1. ~

Earn in excess of $4 per hour. s.t own hours. Preferred mar· ried students. Dial 337·3719 after S p.m.

~~~==!!!!!!!~ .J WORKSHOPS and William Monahan , Direct.or 81~6~allable June 10·Sept. 10. 3:.'ti

Monday·June 14-High School of the University Office of Com, EFFICIENCY alr.condltloned apart. lournalism Workshop. munity College Affairs, Duane ment In Coralville. Phone 338·3694.

Monday-June 14-Iowa Com· Anderson, and Associate Profes. _ ____ tin f S h P th I Dr J NICE CLEAN nRST floor furnish·

munity College Workshop. SOl' 0 peec a oogy, . • ay ed apt. for men. Wardrobe closets Monday.June 28-Current Top· Melrose. off street parking, private balh and

ics in Food and Nutrition Work· b entrance. Coralville. 337·7787. 7·7 • R e cord' Igs from Ro ert DOWNTOWN APARTMENT for sum.

s hop. Kennedy's recent appearance in mer. '100. Call 35).5219. tfn SUMMER INSTITUTES Davenport along with a New MEN - FURNISHED apartment for

Today·July 12 - Iowa Summer York Times analysis of his po- aft:ro 6.graduate studentB. 338.86~~ Pastoral Care Institute. Iitical destiny will be part of a

Today·August 23-Religion and special program beg\nlllng to­Alcoholism Institute, Treatment night at 6. Unit, Oakdale Hospital. • Music expressing the tone of

TODAY ON WSUI events will be heard tonight be· • ' • The Computer Versus ginning at 8.

BASEMENT APT., furnished or un· furnished. Call John 351·3082. 6-19

SUBLEASING SUMMER - nice three room furnished, close in.

'110. 338·6625. 6·7 LARGE FURNISHED apartment,

Ihree or four male stullents 21 or over. 337-4401. 6-8

APPROVED ROOMS 54' with finished ann ... Excellent Ifo

MEN - QUIET ROOM close 10 condltlon~~7:2412 . 6·20 TYPI~ELECTRIC typewriter, University Hospital. ~38-8859 6~8r 10'x50' MARLETTE _ spacious, ec· term papers, Iheme. and Thesis.

353-5268. onomleal _ Iwo bdrm. Different. 338·1219. 6·12 MEN. QUIET, summer rooms, also Summer Garden. Close In. 337·9162. I TYPING _ !bort papen, Ihemes.

one double for faU . Shower, full 6·15 Experlenced. Phone 338·9718 days kllchen . walkIng ellstance to cam· 8'x35' CARPETED beautiful condl. 351·3773 evenings. 6-7 pus. $20. 337·7141. Ifn . tlon. Best 9ffer. Weekdays after ____ _ APPROVED EFFICIENCY apartment I. 3:;1·6008. 7·3 WHO DOES IT?

and rooms [or girls. Sublet for summer. 35104626. Ifn MEN SUMMER, fall. Full kltchen~

Close In. 338·9600. 6-7 MEN - SHOWER, kitchen private

entrance, single or double. CloBe In. 337·5444. 7·3 SINGLE ROOMS lor women. Kitchen

privileges. $35. Call 337-7819. 6-11 MEN - SINGLES, doubles - sum·

1966 VICTORIA mobile home. 10' x 56' . Two bedroom large Itvlng

room ~ carpeted, walnut paneling. ChoIce earner lot. 26 Bon Alre Lodge . 351 ·1554. 6-f 1958 NEW MOON 8'x3~', budget IIv·

Ing. excellent condItion. Furnish· ed, skirted. Lot 3W Towncrest. 351· 2687. 6·12 AVAILABLE JUNE 10'x50' West·

PAINTING - Student with experl· ence desires work palnUng homes

(exterIor and Interior) from AUi. 6· Sept. 21. For appointment or infoI" matlon dial 338·2098 afternoons and evenIngs. 6-29tfn EI.<:CTRIC SHAVr.R repair 24-hour

service. ~,,!yer's Barber Shop. 4·IAR

AUTO INSlJRANt'E Grinnell Mut,;;;[ YOU.llt men tollstinJI. pru'p'rtun Wes·

sel Agencv I~02 Ht~nl.nd Court 01· ',cc ~51 2~5". hume ~~7 ~4K~ tfn RONDA 590 - 1966 - excellent

condition. Call 35).1763. 6·11 MUSTANG 65 V·8 - getttng mar· II

rled must sell ImmedlaLely. 338· 387 I evenings. 6-11 1968 FIAT CONVERTIBLE Spider.

Priced to sell. 337·9691; 338·3170. 6-14

1958 MERCEDES·BENZ 1905L can· v e r t I b I e. Excellent condition.

$1,000. 337·5444 . 7.3 1 1968 HONDA SPORT 65. Excellent

condition. Low mileage. DIaL 351· 1092. 6-13

mer. Close in parking space, carpet, relrlgeralor. 338·1242. 1t5 E. Market. Un

wood( furnished, carpetedJ wash· cr. Cat 338·8165. 6·U

FLUNKING MATH or Itatl,tlcs? call L~5 DODGE CORONET 500 Power Janet 338 9~0l1. 4-I2AR and Air . Must sell. Bes! offer.

IDEA L GIF-T FOR FATHER _ POI" 137-5485. 6-8 AVAILABLE AUGUST, lQ'xs&', 1967 WOMEN - summer and fall dou·



Hiring This Week Only



BE 18 YRS. ot AGe


-CALL-Dlv.nport 326-1833 De. Moines 244.01~ Waterloo 23S-42n Cedar Rapid, 36S-t6oW CONVENIENT LOCATION, no chll·

drcn or pets, $85 a month. 338· 7248. 6-!1 FURNISHED, efficiency, on bus line.

bles, refrigerator, close In. Call 338-46'47. tin

Parkwood. two bedroom. Early American, alr·condltloned, Holiday MobUe Home Court, North LIberty, Call afler 5, 626·2951. 6-13

trails by pro[esslol,al artist. Chilo A A MAT I C TRANSMISSION LId. dren or adutls - pencil, charcoal" Iowa City area'. flnesl autom.Uc I '~;;:;;:;;:;;:;;:;;:;;:;;:;;:;;::;::;:;;;; pastel, 011. 338·0260. 6·1. Iransmlsslon service at the lowesl 1-

$65, Includes IIghls, water. 351. MEN - SINGLES for summer anti 3695. Jl.l2 faU. Phone 337·70185. Ifn 1958 STAR -=-10'X47', large screened

porch. new furniture drapes. Ex· TWO FEMALE roommates -over n CLEAN ROOMS for ilrls. Across cellent condillon. $2045'. 3514465.

IR') '~IN(;S _ Student boy. and cost posslblo. Call now! 338·9474. tfn I girls. 101' Rorhester ~~7 28?4. tfn 19E3 MALIBU 283 2 dr. ht. Excellent

DiAPid RENTAL service by New conditt,," - prIced rlibt. 351-4046 College

Students Summer Work

to share apartment for summer. (rom Currier. Refrigerator. June.. 6.29 338 98<' $40. 337·5544 or 337·7787. tin

Process J,uulldry. JI3 S. Dubuque Un I l'hone 337 11666. tfn . .... 6·7 1960 _ 10'.51' many extras two --------------------_1

University Bulletin Board no· FI~LD HOUSE POOL HOURS tices must be received at The for men : Mr.nday·Friday. Nuon· Daily Iowan office, 1.01 Commu· I p.m. and 5:30·7:30 p.m.; Sal· nications Center, by noon of the ul'day. 10 a .m .·5 p.m. : Sunriay. I day befor" publication. They p.m.·5 p.m. Student or staff CQ(d must be typed and signed by an required.

LARGE, AIR.CONDITIONED fur. GIRLS - Alpha Delt. PI summer bedroom. $2,500. HoBday Court. nlshed, nIce. Couple or IIlr!s. $135 renting - next to campus flO 351·2999. 6-12 QUALITY

month. 338·7190 evenIngs. 6.12


weekly. 337.~R62 In 1956 NATIONAL 8'x45' Carpeled, WANTED I We are hlrlni studenta who are

Lnterested In full time summer employment: Ihose hired wllJ aI. so have Ihe opportunity to con· t1nue employment on a part time basis next fall; all Jobs wUl "ve you tremendous experience for your next school semester re· gardlen of your fleld .

TWO Olt THREE students, furnish· ___ alr·condltloned, enlrance annex, Shoe Repairing ed - downtown, alr·condllloned. ROOMS FOR RENT two bedrooms. Lot 5W Townerest Moccasins· Sandlls

FEMALE ROOMMATE wanted to share apartment. Close to Unlver·

I ~ .-.!!ospltal. 337.3645: 6- .~ RIDE WANTED 10 Cedar Rapids

Mon.·FrI . mornings. WUI pay ex· pense.. Dial 338·5581. 6·12

Call Mr. Byers 338·9~36. 6-15 338·4459. 6·23 ROGERS SHOE 6'42 SO. DODGE - new one bed· SINGLE ROOMS FOR men. Summer 1965 FRONTIER 10'x5O' [urnlshed

room apartment available now. rales. Refrigerator. CaU 337.9038. two bedroom $3,900 or ben ofrer. SERVICE 10Ial 337·59~1. 6·12 Un 257 Bon Alre 338·5233. 6-22 126 E. College adviser or officer lIf the organl.

lation being publicized. Purely SOCial functions are not eligible for this seelion.

EDUCATIONAL PLACEMENT 40DERN ONE BEDROOM, summer MALE) OVER 21 _ single room. 19~8 IO'x4~', good condlllon, avail· ~~~Z~~~~~~~~~ : and/or fall. $130. 419 S. Johnson. DIal 337.5619. 7.6 able Sept. 338·8598. 6·22 r

Summer addresses should be reo 138·8903. fi.8 ' SLEEPiNG ROOM first floor _ man 1965 A}tERICAN- HOMECREST 10x55, ported to the Educational Place· WANTED - o;;eo;:' Iwo ro.;;;;m.tes over 21. Showers, telephone of{ beautiful condlllon. B 0 n·A Ire ment Offl'ce b thos still eek to share alr·condltloned furnished slreet parkLni, cooking facilltles (pool) 338·9527 or 351-4521. 6·16

yes . apt. with two female graduate stu· utllltles paId. 338.1858 after 5, all MUST SEE TO appreclate _ 1965 INTERIM LIBRARY HOURS: ing teaching positions. This may dents. 351·6118. 6-13 day weekends. lfn Liberty 55'xIO'. Central alNon.

Today - Friday : 7 :30 a .m.·IO be done by postcard or by leav· LARGE FOUR ROOM furnished, SINGLES _ newly remodeled, close dillonlng, two bedroom, 1\1: bath, P . m .: Saturday : 7 :30 a.m.·5 ing a memorandum at the Office. first floor, Including utilities, In . Phone 351.1100. 7.2 early American Inlerlor. 7'x10' cus·

three blocks from Pentacres!. 338. tom tlpout. Meadow Brook Court p.m.; Sunday: closed all day; 5396 - , 225 N. LLnn. 6·14 MEN - SUMMER, fall, approved, C5. 35H823. 6-16

sd unapproved. Singles &< doubles. " Monday, June 10·Tue ay, June DATA PROCESSING HOURS: SUMMER LEASING - one bedrOOm Close Ln, alr.condltlonlng. 351-4017 QUALITY 10'x53'1 furnl,hed, carpe· II : 7:30 a.m.·10 p .m . Monday· ~'ri(lay . 8 a .m . t~ nooll ' Juf~:nl~he~lth ci~~e opt~';n. ~9~tl;?~~ evenings. 7-1 C~~~I' Tra~:~~co:~r~.0~k~~i968 . was~~fi

SUMMER G R A D U A T E 5 --. -- to Campus. $50 month, optional '59 SKYLINE 10'x40' twO bedrooms/

MOVING? For low trall.r rentll go U·H AUL. Mak. reserva­tions early. Ph. 351·9734. Available at •.


822 15t Ave. -- I and I t" 5 p .m .; cluscd Satur· utilities. 351-61179 mornings. 6·8 MALE GRADUATE OR 21 - close

: days and Sundays. UNUSUALLY NICE nearly new fur· evening meals. Can Alpha ChI Slg. new carpet, washer. annex IO'x30 Students who wish Lo be conSid' l nlshed apartment. Couple . Phone ma noon or after 6. 337.3763. tfn - Reasonable. 3381800 evenings. 6·9 '~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!'!!!!!~

d r d t· t th A t DRAFT COU .... SE LI NG d' 337·2784. 6-11 ROOMS, Graduate men. Kltchen-s C S ' 5 ' r -I ere or gra ua Ion a e ugus ,~ an m· THREE BEDROOM DUPLEX ' . . . 1963 ONE TOGA - 10 x 5 with 7 1968 C t· t f'l I r ti I bl f I - un· for cooking. Showers. Dial 337· 10'x4' expands In livIng room.

• , ollvoca Ion mus Ie onna on are aval a e, ree 0 I furnished available June. 351 · 5487. tfn Washer skirted real clean. 338.7680 their applications for degree in charge, at the Resist office , 130\2 384!J.. after 6. 6:? MEN'S ROOM four blocks from or 338.6729. ' 6-7 the Office of the Registrar. Uni· S. Clinton St. on Tuesday·Thurs· APPROVED efftclency apartment I Campus. $30.'338.9108. tin I NEW HIJMETTE IZ'x44' ~3.795 Town·

. II b for gIrls. Sublet for summer. Call , cre" d bile Hu-. ,- "es"o tfn verslty Ha , y 4:30 p.m. Jllne day from 7·9 p .m. and on Sunday 3514626. H I GOOD FURNISHED rooms for ~ten. .. ,,,OJ .~ _m_~ __ ,::.

19 1968 [ 2 5 F· f th . f Showers. One block to Ea.t Cam· , , . rOil! • p.m. or ur er m or· CLEAN THREE ROOM apt. June, pus. Summer school. Now or FaU I Get Action

mallon call 337·9327. July, August . Ulillties furnished. and SprLni. 1968·'69. DIal 338·5602. Dial 337·5532 after 6 p.m. 6-7 6-2t FAST VETERANS COUNSELING OR

INFORMATION on benefits, odd jobs or school problems is avail· able from the Association of Col· legiate Veterans at 35104804 or 351-4949.

FIELD HOUSE WEIGHT LIFT· ING ROOM HOURS: Monday· Friday, 3 :30·5 :30 p.m .; Sunday. 1·5 p.m.


FclR - SUMMER ' -=-Targe£urnIBhed MEN - singles and double!,. kltch· W'lth A apartment, one or two adults. Off en. West of Chemistry. "all 337·

street parking, walkIng distance to 2405. tfn 'II ANT AD Campus. $115 monthly. 338·0488. Ifn MEN- OVER 21 _ Slnlles doubles FI);;ST FLOOR lor three men. Fur. cookIng prlvtleges. close In.

nlshed with kllchen - ulllIties I Avatlable summer and fall. 337·2203. paid, summer and fall occupancy. 6-1l CHILD CARE 337·9038. 6·28

SUMMER ROOMS $35 monthly. T.V., I WANTED TO BABYS T d Kitchen elc Call 351.9776 after I ay. one or SUBLET JUNE through August -






WOULD LIKE- TO hear from Btu· dents Interested In home cooked

meal. begIn Sept. Send name & address to Box 275 Dally Iowan. 6-7 PASSENGERS - drivers to Denver

June 15, share expense •. 351-6979. 6·6

RIDE NEEDED from Cedar Rapids I to fowa City dally after 7 p.m. I

Cill MerrUl Crawford, 353-1132 morn.ings or eventne.. 6-8 ROOMMATE WANTED - male grad· I

uate .tudent for summer and / or next year. Conveniently located, spacious apt. Pbone 351·6269 after' L 6-7 MATURE FEMALE 10 share cool

four room apt. Summer. 351·1091 ."enlngs. 6-7

WANTED (16) U .. d Mobile Homes

8' and 10' Wide Will Buy Outright RIPLEY'S, Inc .

Rt. No.2 Muscatin., low. - 263·2905


WE OFFER 1. Salary $500 per mo. or at·

tractive incentive plan al· tel' 3 day orientation period.

2. Opportunity to work for one of the largest companies in its field .

3. Opportunity for advance· ment through the summer months.


I. $27,000 in cash SCholarships. 2. $15,000 in merchandISe

prizes. 3. Over 20 ALL EXPENSES

PAID trips to Acapulco. 4. 1968 Station Wagon, mink

coats, trips around the world. Boston Whaler.

QUALIFICATIONS ARE 1. Neat appearance. 2. Ability 10 converae lnl.ltj·

genlly. 3. Ready for Immediate employ·


FULBRIGHT GRANTS: Appli· cation forms and information about U.S. Government scholar· ships and grants for overseas study under the Fulbright·Hays Act are available from Wallace Maner in Lll University Hall. Applicants must be graduate stu· dents currently enrolled at the University. The deadline for fiUng applications is Nov. 1, 1968.

Monday ·Friday. 7 :30 B.m.·2 a .m .; Saturday, 8 a 1Il. ·midnight; Sun · day, 1:30 p.m.·2 a.m. Compt.ter room window will be open Mon· day·Fdday, 8 a.m.·midnight. Data room pho~e, 353·3580, Debugger phonc, 353·405:1.

one year old modern [urnlshed. ConvenIent location. $liO monthly. 351·16'47 after 5,30. 6-7

6 p.m. ' 6-10 _ . ~wo I~ my_ home . 351022£. ~ \ FURNISHED ROOMS kItchen _ WANTED - babysIttIng my home.

Gr.du.te students with exper· lenc. in ed III.s. Qu.rter·tlme and half·tim. po.ltlons .vall·

\ able on Dally Iowan staff.

VERY INTERESTING For Appointment, Call

Mr. Chrlstla.a Mon. thru Fri., 9 a.m. 10 I p.m.

PAR E N T 5 COOPERATIVE Bahysiltinl! LeJl!ue : For memher· ship information, call Mrs. Eric Bergsten , 35) ·3690. Members de· ,i ring silters call Mrs. Richard O'Laughlin at 338-7010.

THE WOMEN'S GYMNArlUM SWIMMING POOL will be Jpen for recreational swimming MLn· day lhrough Friday from 4: 15· 5: 15 p.m . This is open to women sludents, staff, faculty and facul· ty wives. Please present ID cards, stal[ or spo\lse card .

ODD JOBS [or women are aV811aule at Ihc Financial Aids Office. Housekeeping jobs are availahle at $t.25 an hour. and babysitting jobs, 50 cents an hour

CANOE HOUSE HOURS: Mon· day·Thursday, 4:30·8 p.m.; Fri· day , 1-8 p .m .: Saturday, 10 a.m.· 8 p .m.; Sunday, noon·8 p.m.

UNION HOURS: General Build· ing, 7 a.m.·c1osing; OHices, Mon· day·Friday. 8 a .m .·5 p.m. ; Infor. mation Desk, Monday· fhursday, 7:30 a.m.·ll p.m .. Friday·Satur· day, 7:30 a.m.·Midnight, Sunday. 9 a.m.·ll p.m .; Recreation Area, Monday·Thursday, 8 a.m.·ll p.m., Friday·Saturday. 8 a .m .·Mid· night , Sunday, 2 p .m .·ll p.m. : Activities Center, Monday·Friday. 8 a.m .·)O p.m .. Saturd~y, 9 a .m .' 4:30 p .m .. Sunday, Noon·IO p.m .; Creative Crlft Center, Tuesday, 7·10 p.m., Wednesday, 7010 p.m., Thursday, 3 to 5 p.m. and 7 to to p.m ., Saturday 9 a.m. to noon and 1 to 5 p.m .. Sunday, 1 to 5 p.m .; Wh.el Room, Monday· Thursday, 7 a.m.·)O:30 p.m .. Fri· day, 7 a .m.·U :3O p .m., Saturday, 3·1l::.><l p.m.. Sunday, 3-10:30

NORTH GYM~ASIUM HOURS pm. ; River Room, daily, 7 a .m .' in the Field House : Monday· 7 p.m., Breakfast, 7·)0 :30 8.1":' •. , Thllrsday. J2 :1I).\ :3O pm.; Fri· Lunch. 11 :30 a .m.·1 p.m .• Uinncr, day. II a m.·i :3O pm.: Saturday. 5·7 p.m.: 5t.to Room, Monday· 10 a .m.·5 p .m .; Sunday, 1·5 p.m . Friday, 11:30 a.m. · l:3O p.m.

B. C,


TWO GIRLS SUBLEASE for sum· mer. ConvenIent location 108\1: E.

BloomIngton. 338·5084. 6-12 CLOSE- IN;-DESIRABLE, furnished

- available June. Three rooms, private bath, laundry. $90. Adults. 338.8362. Ifn SUMMER RA'l'ES - STUDIO APT.,

also rooms wltll cookln,. Cash or exchange fur war". Black. Gasll~ht Village, 422 Brown SI. tin CORALVILLE - now avaUable, two

bedroom furnished apartment, summer and faU leases. 351-11246. Ifn I .,. BLOCK FROM CurrIer Hall .

New. furnished one bedroom apt., alr·condltloned. Two or three girls. 212 E. Fairchild. Ifn i:ARGE, FURNISHED, tIIree room

apartment lor two or three men. Walking distance. Most utili tie. fur· nlshed. $120, summer. $135. fall. 337· 5349. 6·21 ONE &< TWO bedroom apts., furnish·

ed and unfurnished within walk· Ini distance of University Hospital. Old Gold Court - 731 Michael. 351· 4231. 6·7 FOUR ROOM fU'rnlahed apt. Ver)'

unusual - nothing In town like It. ,100 month. Gaslight VlJIage, 422 Brown St. Ifn WESTHAMPTON VILLAGE apart·

:nents, furnl.hed or unfurnished. Hwy. 6 W Coralville 331-S297 ' ·I2AR NICE 2 BEnRO/)M furnl.hed or un·

furnished In Cur.lvllle. now r.nt· lng, P"~ Fair. Ine. 338-t201 or 337· , 9~L ~ I FURNISHED APARTMENTS girls

over 21. 308 N. Cllnton. 6·14 WAYNE AVE. APTS. June and Sep·

tembor leaseo. Luxury one bed· room furnllhed or unfurnllhed. Air· conditioned from '100. Dial 338~63 or 3311-4685. Ifn FURNISHED APARTMENT .... utilities

paid. Up town. 528 So. uubuque. 338-8833 or 351·8805. tfn

~., .1-___________ __

Men _ summer,' fall . 337.5213 Weekdays. Larae yard. 337·2085. aller 6 p.m. 6·9 ~

C I EXPERIENCED child care, have MEN - Singles, doubles. lose n for referenccs Dial 337.3411. 6.8

summer. KLtchen prlvlleleB. 337· ~ _ =-:--_--,,....:.,,: 2573. Un WANTED BABYSITTER - my home WOMEN _ SUMMER, fall Rooms 8 to 5. Monday through FrIday.

with kitchen prlvlleies. 337.2447. '51·20182. 6-7. 6·7

MEN - SUMMER - rooms with kitchen prlveleres $3f montb. 337· 2447. 8·7 i\tEW "UNAPPROVED" Bln,le rooms

with centraL alr·condltlonlng and cooking facilities. Across from S"chaef· fer Hall. Available for summer occu· pancy. $50. Inquire Jackson's ChLna and Gut. 11 E. Washlnrton. 337·9041.


Model Child Car. Center 501 2nd Av •• , Iowa City

B.byslttlng by the hour, d.y, we.k and month.

- C.II-Mrl. Edn. Fish.r • 337-5160

Evenings. 338·59,\7


For Children 3 to 5 Years

Planned Prollram - Lunch Served




MONDAY • FRIDAY 7:45 a .m. to 5:15 p.m.

Inquire Nowl

full or half·time rellistration

PHONE 338·1805

by Johnny Hart IEETLE BAILEY

• 12 '7 '


I Send ... ume Immediately to:


S10 S. RIVERSIDE DR. Phone 351·9743

1\ Prof':~.;,Ilm. CommUl'llcltions Center

Phone: 353·5301


STUDENT SUMMER STORAGE & MOVING Why transport all of your

goods home and bock again

when you can conyeniently

store them at SAFlEl Y Moving

and Storage for the summer.

They are your Bekins Von

lines agent for this orea.

Reasonable summer rates,


Rock Quarry Road Cor.lville

Phone 35' ·1552

1 ~ ! l 1

1 J J))w @~

DISTRIBUTOR FOR THIS AREA Partollm. work - for exlr. income. Nowl Chance to become • distributor of America's faste.t growing PREPARED FOOD ITEM. (Multimillion Dollar Prepared Food Buslne ... ) No experl.nce required I Merely re.tock location. ' wlth Natlon.1 Brand Product. Company usur •• exceptional and profltabl. Income for our dealers. Will not Interfere with present bus· I".s~ or occup.tlon, u ICcounts can be .. rvlced evenings or on weekend,.

E .. nlng Potentl.1l $710 • month, or mort depending on slz. ot route.

Inv.stment of $2190 to $3MO Is required, Also. ,0lIl car and 4 to • spare hours I wHk. If you an Intensttcl .nd have • genulna d.llre to be lelf·sufflclent and luecH.'ul In '" ev,r· explndlng buslnell of your own, then writ. to us tedlY.

Pl .... encolll nam., addrell, and tellphone number,




AREA CODE 314 423·1100 MR. ARTHUR

by Mort Walko'