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  • 2014 IBM Corporation Cloud Consumer Electronics Point of View IBM Institute for Business Value Partners Name, Partners Title DD Month YYYY
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  • 2014 IBM Corporation IBM Institute for Business Value 2 Executive summary Cloud computing provides opportunities to transform traditional Consumer Electronics companies across value-chains and emerging ecosystems Organizations are managing organization-wide change to reduce impact from disruptive forces economic instability, fast-changing technology, ever increasing consumer awareness, regulation and security Cloud offers good potential for organizations to drive business model transformation, revenue growth and operational efficiencies A clear business-linked cloud strategy will help Consumer Electronics organizations to leverage cloud to drive enhanced business results while reducing associated risks IBM, with significant experience in Consumer Electronics industry and cloud solutions, is uniquely positioned to partner with you in implementing and managing innovative cloud solutions
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  • 2014 IBM Corporation IBM Institute for Business Value 3 3 IBM can help 2 Cloud is forcing changes in consumer electronics operating model 1 Cloud will transform the consumer electronics industry
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  • 2014 IBM Corporation IBM Institute for Business Value 4 New and emerging technologies are disrupting industries Source: See speaker notes Mobile revolution Connectivity, access and participation are growing rapidly Social media explosion Quickly becoming the primary communication & collaboration format Hyper digitization Digital content is produced and accessed more quickly than ever before The power of analytics Real time analysis, predictive analytics and micro- segmentation emerging Transformational cloud Clouds attributes make it a powerful delivery model delivering new business models, cost benefits, flexibility and large on-demand capacity Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn are pioneer examples of cloud computing with advertisement based revenue and clouds low cost delivery model sustaining free services Ecosystem of connected health and wellness apps that delivers a consolidated view of users health. Strong & growing ecosystem with 12 APIs and 7 Apps that cover all aspects of health care 1 The Xerox Mobile Print platform uses cloud to convert and process print requests. This removes complexity from end-users, reduces costs & management of diverse devices and print configurations 2
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  • 2014 IBM Corporation IBM Institute for Business Value 5 The electronics industry is being hit by multiple disruptive forces technology, economic instability and regulation Source: See speaker notes Top Consumer Electronics Companies, Revenue Top Consumer Electronics Companies, Gross Margin Complex global supply chain Service and warranty management Short product lifecyclesDeclining/Flat Revenues $ Sustainability Regulatory requirements Uncertain demand
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  • 2014 IBM Corporation IBM Institute for Business Value 6 Internet of Things Everything can transmit data to different places without the need for physical contact using wireless technologies and the internet The Connected Home Consumers want their electronic devices to control all aspects of their home and allow them access to information anywhere, anytime 1 Open Source Electronics Powerful general-purpose computing platforms are becoming available Open Source and will be adopted in billions of devices 3D Printing 3D Printing and other automated 3D tools for solid object manufacturing will enable low volume, customized manufacturing Intelligent Robotics Low-cost, flexible robots that can safely work alongside human workers, increasing productivity without the need for offshoring Analytics in Electronics Electronics companies will begin using data and analytics to improve customer experiences with their products as well as develop products that are directly in-line with customer wants/needs 2 The future of electronics will likely be quite different from traditional electronics models Source: See speaker notes Future of Electronics
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  • 2014 IBM Corporation IBM Institute for Business Value 7 Many organizations have a long way to go in their transformational journey with operational inefficiencies and security fears endemic Source: See speaker notes of executives who report a security breach, are not fully confident they can prevent breaches in the future of IT operating budgets are spent on maintaining current IT infrastructures versus adding new capabilities of computing capacity sits idle in distributed computing environments 69%74% 85%
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  • 2014 IBM Corporation IBM Institute for Business Value 8 As they advance along their transformational journey, electronics leaders focus on three key imperatives Develop innovative products and services to drive revenue Develop innovative products and services using a systems-based approach and technologies Provide differentiated experiences to attract and retain customers Use analytics to deliver more effective marketing Proactively address service requirements Align sales and operations planning Optimize your operations and supply chain to lower costs Increase supply chain visibility to reduce costs Improve your bottom line by optimizing your operations and supply chain with technology solutions Cloud technology provides the means to meet business and economic challenges to drive towards new growth
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  • 2014 IBM Corporation IBM Institute for Business Value 9 In order to address industry challenges and manage changes, business leaders can leverage cloud to transform their businesses Source: See speaker notes Shifts CapEx to OpEx Shifts cost from fixed to variable, pay as you go Cost flexibility Business Scalability Market adaptability Masked complexity Context-driven variability Ecosystem connectivity Allocate and release resources based on demand Gain from scale economics Speeds time to market Supports rapid prototyping and innovation Expands product sophistication Simpler for customers/users Drives context-driven, user-centric experiences (preferences, movements, behaviors) Facilitates new value nets of partners, customers and other external players Enables industry platforms Cloud empowers six potentially game changing business enablers Cloud computing is a pay-per-use consumption and delivery model that enables real-time delivery of configurable computing resources (for example, networks, servers, storage, applications, services). Resource Pooling Broad Network Access Rapid Elasticity On-demand self service Measured service Clouds essential characteristics
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  • 2014 IBM Corporation IBM Institute for Business Value 10 Cloud motivates rapid transformations across traditional electronics value-chains and emerging ecosystems Source: See speaker notes Note: Consumer Electronics Manufacturers include computer hardware/electronics and telecom equipment manufacturers Cloud promotes standardization, supporting flexibility and agility Cloud supports refocus on customer experiences, integrating disparate set of processes designed and engineered to provide customer value Cloud supports next generation marketing and omni-channel interactions that are of interest to customers where, when and how they want to be engaged Cloud is transferring various functions such as IT, from fixed cost centers to variable cost structures Consumer Electronic Industry Leaders involved in cloud Transformation - Shifting on premises applications to the cloud 29% Consumer Electronic Industry Leaders involved in technology enabled innovations launching new applications on the cloud 46%
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  • 2014 IBM Corporation IBM Institute for Business Value 11 Cloud can drive significant value creation and competitive advantage Simple and faster processes drive internal efficiency Reduced complexity enables more data to manage risk IT capacity can be readily aligned to business volumes Customer relationships be more readily monetized Time to market can be enhanced Value-added services can be introduced Third-party services can be extended into ecosystem Open collaboration and sharing can be expanded Innovation can be introduced across systemically Cloud enables individual organizations integrated, compelling customer experiences.in so doing, first mover organizations are more likely to lock-in customers impeding foothold for new entrants OPERATING EFFICIENCY REVENUE GROWTH ECOSYSTEM / PLATFORM DOMINATION
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  • 2014 IBM Corporation IBM Institute for Business Value 12 IBM is helping early cloud adopters to realize significant value from cloud OPERATING EFFICIENCY A large computer manufacturing and retail company in China realizes better service delivery and cost management with private cloud and a new opportunity to provide IT services to outside customers REVENUE GROWTH A gaming company in Japan translates cloud-based marketing analytics insight into personalized offerings and stronger customer engagement ECOSYSTEM / PLATFORM DOMINATION Pursuing an IBM SmartCloud for Smarter Commerce approach, a computer manufacturer in the US implemented an IBM Sterling B2B Integration Services Plus solution as the basis for a unified foundation connecting a broad ecosystem of customers and partners increase in the social media user base 2 40 % decrease in time to onboard new partners 3 % 85 Improvement in provisioning time 1 97 %
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  • 2014 IBM Corporation IBM Institute for Business Value 13 3 IBM can help 2 Cloud is forc