 7/16” drill bit  Drill  Hammer  Drip spout  Collection bucket  Lid

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Text of  7/16” drill bit  Drill  Hammer  Drip spout  Collection bucket  Lid

Taping a Tree

Taping a Tree


7/16 drill bitDrillHammerDrip spoutCollection bucketLid

The tree being used should be about around 25-30cm in diameter [10-12 inches]. If your tree is not this please select another in the area.

The larger the diameter the more taps that maybe placed on a tree.

The TreeWhere to Drill

Select the sunny side of the tree trunk, which will be from the southeast to southwest.

It is part of the warming freezing process in the early spring that causes the sap to flow.

Try to drill directly over a large root or below a large healthy limb.

These parts of the tree is where the sap is coming from or going to.

Drill at a height that is work able. You do not what the bucket out of reach when the snow is gone, nor do you want it sitting on the ground where animals might get into it.


Use a 7/16 bit to drill the hole.Drill your hole slightly uphill, so the sap flows outward.

Drill your tap hole about 3cm [ 1-1/2] into good wood, which maybe 5cm [2-1/2] including heavy bark. It is important to be into good wood.Keep your drill moving forward as you pull the bit out to remove the shavings, as to keep the hole clean

Set the spout into the tap hole and lightly tap the spout into the hole so that it fits snuggly.

Set the bucket on to the spout.

Attach the lid to the bucket.

Spout and Bucket