 A. fiction  B. realistic fiction  C. science fiction  D. non-fiction

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Shiloh Review Game!

Shiloh Review Game!This story is an example of what genre?A. fictionB. realistic fictionC. science fictionD. non-fictionAnswerBHow do Marts parents feel about Shiloh?A. They clearly are going attached to him, but know that they probably cant keep him.B. They do not like Shiloh.C. The love Shiloh more than Marty and decide to keep the dog.D. They have no idea that Marty took Shiloh to the doctor.AnswerAWhat does the word decency mean?A. Being rudeB. Being polite and considerateC. Having clean clothesD. Coming to school lateAnswerBWhat is an Idiom?A. An unintelligent person.B. A type of tree that grows in South American Rain forests.C. A way to describe exaggeration in a story.D. An expression that cannot be understood by just combining the definition of each word.AnswerDWhat happens when Judd Travers comes looking for his dog?A. He takes Shiloh back to his houseB. Marty takes Shiloh and runs out the back door.C. Judd explains that he will come back for Shiloh as soon as he is healed.D. Marty stands up to Judd and tells him he refuses to give Shiloh back.AnswerCIn which sentence is the word slurp used correctly?A. The only reason I do not slurp my soup, is because mom hates it.B. I felt so slurp, so I did not go to school today.C. The slurp was so beautiful, so I decided to spend the day with it.D. I cant believe the slurp of a man would abuse his dog like that!AnswerAOK, TIME TO SPELL!Spell the words that I give you! Ready, Set, GO!What is a simile? A. It shows exaggeration.B. It tells me what someone in the story is good at.C. It uses like sounds.D. It is a comparison using like or as. AnswerDI feel understand someones feelingswhat vocab word am I?A. Bulletin boardB. sympathyC. shrieksD. mournfulAnswerBThis story is a(n)A. novelB. excerpt from a novelC. dictionaryD. biographyAnswerBWho are Dara Lynn and Becky?A. Martys friendsB. Judd Travers daughtersC. Martys sistersD. Shilohs female dog friendsAnswerCWhy does Marty go to Friendly?A. to buy dog foodB. to find Judd TraversC. to look for books about how to care for dogsD. to find a jobAnswerDWhen you cry loudly you let out a(n)A. ShriekB. MournfulC. ScowlD. Growl AnswerAWhat is a synonym for mournful?A. happyB. sadC. excitedD. stressedAnswerB