CONTENTS Foreword I. The Pharisees, the Talmud, and Modern Judaism The Missing Link The Babylonian

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Text of CONTENTS Foreword I. The Pharisees, the Talmud, and Modern Judaism The Missing Link The Babylonian

  • Introduction to Elizabeth Dilling



    Influence Today


    Elizabeth Dilling

  • CONTENTS Foreword

    I. The Pharisees, the Talmud, and Modern Judaism

    The Missing Link The Babylonian Talmud, Sole Authority Why Was It So Often Burned? Babylonian Talmud — the Law Was Christ Just to Pharisees? Bible Versus Oral Law The Babylonian Talmud Talmud — Six Main Division


    II. .

    The Talmud Reviled

    Emperor Hadrian and the Talmud The Popes and the Talmud The Talmud at the Stake The Talmud and Martin Luther, the Father of Protestantism Luther's Last Sermon


  • III. The Talmud and Bible Believers

    Talmudic Anti- Christianity Christianity Calls from Hell Incest Preferable to Christianity Death from Snakebite Preferable Jesus and the High Priest's Privy More Lies to Fool Us Jesus Knew the Talmud The Talmud and Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ as "Balaam" The 18 Benedictions The Talmud — Five Deaths to Jesus


    IV. Judaism — Anti-Gentilism and Exploitation of Non-Jews

    Articles Lost By Gentiles Wine Touched By Gentiles Gentiles Cast in a Pit Non-Jews — "The People Who Are Like An Ass" Always Make Money Gentiles Are "Beasts" Non-Jews — No Property Rights Gentiles Must Not Rest, Even on Mondays Goring One's Ox In Law Suits, Cheat the Gentile Gentiles Must Suffer to Make Jews the Messiah


  • Gentile Babies Defile Swearing Falsely — the Kol Nidre Robbery, Stealing, Murder — Approved Against Gentiles Cheating a Gentile Out of Wages Sodomy and Killing a Gentile Kill the Gentile Who Studies the Torah Accidental Killing of Jews

    V. Talmudic Immorality, Asininity and Pornography: The Reprobate Mind

    From a Roof Bestiality Babies Incest Incest with Lot Nieces Harlots and Dogs Permissible Adultery and Intercourse With the Dead Polygamy The Jewish Talmud and Legally Murdering Your Neighbor Ten "Innocent" Murderers "Mercy" Killings Approved Cursing and Striking Parents The Talmud Book of Gittin and Some Health Remedies Use of the Bible for


  • Asininity and Obscenity Farming Inferior for Jews Talmud Instructions for the Sabbath Moving a Door Key The Sabbath Louse-Hunt Sabbath Intercourse Vows Talmud — Juvenile Birth Control and the "Two Hairs" Test for Puberty More Talmudic "Wisdom" Virginity on a Monetary Scale Sodomy Approved The Talmud Today

    VI. Judaism Not Monotheistic

    Blasphemy Approved Jews the Messiah The Jewish Cabala Cabalistic Hasidism The Cabala and God Theoretical Cabala Practical Cabala Transmigration of Souls The Zohar, Principal Work of the Cabala "Glorification of Man" Procreation is "God" Sholem; "Divine" Talmudists; "Holy Communion" The Cabala and the World Metatron Letters Create the World — Not God Cabala Exalts the Jew


  • The Cabala — Sefer Raziel The Cabala — Sefer Yetzirah

    VII. Judaism and Paganism

    Babylon Babylon the Symbol Talmudic Jewish Months Are Babylonian Judaism — Tree Worship Trees Today Tammuz Female Procreative Goddess Ezekiel on Jerusalem Abominations and Tammuz Today's "Wailings for Tammuz" The "Sacred" Star of David Judaism — Star Worship Stars in Talmudic Idolatry Star-Worship in the Jewish Calendar Astrology and Moon- Worship "Father of Lies" Isaiah and New Moon Days Blessing of the Sun "Once in 28 Years Sun at Point of Creation"


  • VIII. Demonology of the Pharisees

    Jewish Magic Habdalah Tashlik and Kapparah Lilith — Favorite Demoness To Fig Spirits and Cemeteries Jewish Necromancy The Shulhan Aruch Ritual Murder Murdering Children The Fire Bums For The Children The Moloch Sacrifice Climaxes Lacroix on Moloch Judaism Permits Child Sacrifices to Moloch


    IX. Jews Not a Race

    Christ Born of Judah Jews Not "Semites" Jews Never Pure Semites Jews a Non-Racial Pharisee Sect Why Do They "Look Jewish"? Exhibits A-H


    X. Jews God's "Chosen"?

    "Brotherhood" With Anti- Christianity?


  • XI. The Jews and Marxism — Socialism — Communism

    Moses Hess — Jewish Marxist and Progenitor of Zionism Hess and Christianity Jewish Cover-up Attempted Cover-up on the Jewish Bund Exhibits I. J. K Jewish Marxist-Zionist Minority Power National Workmen's Committee of 1915 American Jewish Committee Rabbi Wise American Jewish Congress Majority of Jews in Zionist-Marxist Organizations The Jewish Labor Committee B'nai B'rith Gloats Again Jewish People's Committee Poale Zion Marxist Parties in Israel


    XII. The Jews and the Communization of Russia

    The Jewish Bankers The Kaiser Jews in Russian Revolution of 1905 Rutenberg and the Russian Revolutions Father Gapon More Jewish Manipulations in the


  • United States Treaty With Russia Broken Ford "Apologizes" to Jewry The Russian Revolution — Suppressed State Department Documents The Revolution Begins Enter Kerensky Kronstadt Jewish Financing Long Planned Furstenberg at Stockholm The Bolsheviks Take Over Consequent "Anti- Semitism" The Mysterious Ovdendyke Report The Jews Gloat

    XIII. Modern Jewish "Anti- Communism"

    Foreign Changes


    XIV. Prophecy and the Developing Anti-Christ World Government

    The Anti-Christ The Jerusalem Temple Rebuilding Now Comes the United Nations The Developing "Babylonian" World Government Isaiah on the Anti-Christ The Jewish "Messianic" Reign


  • More About the Jewish "Messianic" Era Chad Gadyah Babylon and Israel Christ's Identification Marks

    Table of Exhibits — 1 through 302, A through K





    E lizabeth Dilling Stokes was born, raised, and educated in Chicago. After attending the University of Chicago she married, and for many years devoted her life to her children, social

    activities on the North Shore of Chicago, and being a concert harpist. After hearing of the great "humanitarian experiment" in Soviet Russia, she traveled there in 1931, and was able to go behind the scenes. She was shocked at the forced labor, the squalid living quarters, and deplorable living conditions, and the atmosphere of fear created by the Soviet dictatorship.

    She was most shocked by the virulent anti-Christianity of the atheist Communist regime.

    Following her return to the United States she lectured and wrote about what she had seen, realizing from the opposition which immediately arose that a substantial Marxist movement was active in the United States. In 1934 her first book The Red Network was published, and exposé of the persons and organizations furthering Red causes in the United States. In 1936, her second book, The Roosevelt Red Record and Its Background , was published.

  • Almost immediately after these books were published, she was attacked as "anti-semitic," although she had actually offered her anti-Communist services to Jewish organizations, and knew nothing of organized Jewish involvement in the Marxist movement. After researching and studying, however, in 1940 she published her third book The Octopus, which dealt with these subjects.

    After World War II commenced, Mrs. Dilling became convinced that, despite President Roosevelt's protestations that not one American boy would ever again fight on foreign soil, there was a movement afoot to involve the United States, with the result that a substantial part of the world would be communized later. In 1941, she led a Mother's March on Washington to oppose the "Lend Lease" bill, proclaimed to help keep us out of war by its sponsors, but proving the last step for our involvement. The bill passed by only one vote. A few months later, the United States went to war.

    In 1944, Mrs. Dilling's views involved her in the now infamous mass "sedition" trial. The case was ultimately dismissed by a Federal Court as "a travesty on justice."

    She was later remarried to Jeremiah Stokes, a Christian anti-Communist writer, and she continued to write and lecture in behalf of Christianity and Constitutional Americanism, first publishing this book in 1964.

    Mrs. Dilling Stokes died in 1966 at the age of 72.

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  • The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today - Elizabeth Dilling

    The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today by Elizabeth Dilling

    Elizabeth Dilling was a widely known critic of Judaism prior World War II until her death in 1967. In writing Jewish Religion, Ms. Dilling chose her research materials with care. Her primary source, the Soncino Talmud, was produced by the finest scholars of Judaism. The Rodkinson Talmud was a monumental work endorsed by Rabbi I. M. Wise, a pioneer of Reform Judaism. Rabbi Dr. Louis Finkelstein, author of The Pharisees: The Sociological Background of Their Faith, became president of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America shortly after his book was published, where he was remained for more than 30 years. Thus, Ms. Dilling's research spanned the best that Conservative, Orthodox, and Reform Judaism had to offe