 CS 5380 Software Engineering. Course Description  This course will survey software engineering methods and processes, including requirements, architecture,

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<p>CS 5380 Software Engineering</p> <p>CS 5380Software EngineeringSCourse DescriptionThis course will survey software engineering methods and processes, including requirements, architecture, design, implementation, verification, validation, maintenance, and management. InstructorJesse AllenBSME, MSCS29 years in software systems developmentSoftware Systems: Civil Engineering, CAD, Gradebook, CustomWeb development: Company websites, Voter targeting systems, Non-profit websitesAll aspects management, research, design validation, verification, delivery, configuration management, documentation, support(Instructor)7 years teachingCIS, MCSE, A+, Net+Web DevelopmentComputer GraphicsDatabase Development</p> <p>Course ScheduleClass ScheduleMonday/Wednesday6:00pm-7:20pmExcept Labor DayLocationChem/CS Room 1.0202</p> <p>SyllabusIntroductionsYour backgroundUndergraduate DegreeCurrent programExperience - Software development projectWhere company, universityWhat position and what you didEnvironment other aspects of software engineering you have seen.How was it runWhat could be better</p> <p>General ObservationsNew developers vastly underestimate the ways in which things can go wrong.</p> <p>Software Development Can be done by single person or small groupCan have an idea and start codingThis leaves a lot to be desiredWhat may be missingAssurance that the software:Works in all cases The software meets the needsThe software is expandableNew featuresNew hardwareCan be maintainedBy others</p> <p>(What may be missing)Assurance that the softwareMeets standardsCodingNamingLegalComponents(What may be missing)Software needs to be documented.Software needs to meet usability guidelinesSoftware may be so large that small group cannot do it.Software evolution must be controlled.Development time may not be optimalWhat is needed?Discipline to make all of these things happen</p> <p>Software Engineeringvs Compute Science Author: Computer Science focuses on theory and fundamentalsSoftware Engineering is concerned with the practicalities of developing and delivering useful softwareWhat is Software Engineering?Question: What does Engineering mean to youQuestion: How is software Engineering different from other engineering?Software EngineeringTaught as a course of study at many universitiesIEEE Computer Society SWEBOKhttp://www.computer.org/portal/web/swebokIEEE Computer SocietyCSDA Certified Software Development Associate for graduates or those with 2 years experienceCSDP Certified Softaware Development Professional - 4 years experience or advanced degree and 2 yearsTexas certifies software engineers</p> <p>What is a profession?Civil EngineerDoctorLawyerAccountantWhat is a Profession?IEEE SWEBOK: A profession is characterized by:An initial professional education in a curriculum validated by society through accreditationRegistration of fitness to practice via voluntary certification or mandatory licensingSpecialized skill development and continuing professional educationCommunal support via a professional societyA commitment to norms of conduct often prescribed in a code of ethics</p> <p>EngineersTo call yourself an engineer, you must be certified by the stateTexas does now have a Software Engineering classificationReading:http://sce.uhcl.edu/helm/SWEBOK_IEEE/papers/10%20reprint%205.pdf</p> <p>ResponsibilityWe depend on professionals to be knowledgeable about their area and to do the right thing for usDoctorsLawyersCivil EngineersResponsibilityWe depend on software for assistance on critical functionsSoftware controls critical equipmentMedical analysis, monitoring, life supportSoftware controls critical, sensitive informationFinancial records banks, S&amp;Ls, brokeragesMedical recordsSo we must depend upon professionals to know their subject and to do the right thing for us.ResponsibilitiesGive Examples:Software AreaPotential problemsConsequences</p>


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