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<ul><li><p>McMinnville School District No. 40 </p><p>1500 NE Baker St. McMinnville, Oregon 97128 Phone: 503.565.4000 Fax: 503.565.4042 </p><p>Job Description TITLE: High School Instructional Technology/Media Specialist QUALIFICATIONS: Valid Oregon Teaching License. Demonstrated skills and ability to supervise students. Demonstrated proficiency and experience as a classroom teacher. Demonstrated knowledge in standards based curriculum and assessment. </p><p>Demonstrated abilities to work collaboratively with staff. Demonstrated skills in classroom instructional strategies. Demonstrated skills with implementation of instructional technology. Demonstrated strengths in written and oral communication. Demonstrated abilities to plan technology integration, classroom instruction and assessment pertaining to district initiatives. </p><p> Demonstrated ability to establish healthy relationships with students, staff, and parents. Bilingual Spanish/English abilities desirable. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate. REPORTS TO: Principal PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Supervises the safety and welfare of students. 2. Supervises the para-professional media staff. 3. Works cooperatively with the Instructional Technology Team to plan professional development and training, </p><p>and attends meetings with the team or individual team members as necessary. 4. Provides maximum accessibility to materials and media services. 5. Selects materials and equipment to support the curriculum, in cooperation with staff. 6. Provides a comprehensive collection of materials selected in compliance with basic selection principles. 7. Supervises production of media and instructional technology materials. 8. Maintains inter-library cooperation with city, state, and other libraries. 9. Instructs students in the use of materials and equipment. 10. Facilitates technology and instructional strategy integration training and related professional development </p><p>opportunities. 11. Trains staff and students in the use of media, equipment, and technology to support technology integration in </p><p>the instructional program. 12. Develops and trains staff to implement technology integrated lessons and/or independent practice supports </p><p>aligned to state standards and district curriculum. 13. Assists in the development, implementation, evaluation, and refinement of programs, services, and initiatives </p><p>related to technology integration to improve student achievement. 14. Develops instructional technology solutions and related training materials for the purpose of providing user </p><p>tools to utilize emerging instructional technology to enhance student learning. 15. Uses knowledge about current ideas, trends, methods, programs, materials, and equipment for instructional </p><p>technology integration to ensure optimum instructional delivery. 16. Assists in the implementation of initiatives that serve to integrate technology and district approved </p><p>instructional strategies into the instructional program. 17. Identifies technology integration competencies among students and staff, in collaboration with school </p><p>administrators, and delivers appropriate coaching, training, and resources to support adult and student learners. </p><p>18. Models effective instructional strategies incorporating technology integration. 19. Assumes regular responsibilities of a teacher for assigned student aides. 20. Develops and expends the media budget. </p></li><li><p>21. Assumes responsibility for the media center, its furnishings, materials and equipment. 22. Assumes responsibility for the Textbook Depository collection, including distribution and issuance. 23. Participates in on-going professional development and inservice training. 24. Knows and understands all policies, regulations and procedures of the school and district. 25. Assumes other duties as may be assigned by the building principal. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Employee may stand/walk 4-6 hours; sit 4-6 hours; drive 1-4 hours. Employee may use hands for repetitive single grasping, fine manipulation, and pushing/pulling 50 pounds maximum. Employee may bend, squat, lift, and climb stairs occasionally. TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Salary and work year according to the current licensed employee calendar and salary schedule. EVALUATION: Performance of this position will be evaluated annually in accordance with the provisions of the Boards policy on evaluation of licensed personnel. Employee: __________________________________________________________________ Date: _____________ Human Resources Director: ____________________________________________________ Date: _____________ 07/2015 </p></li></ul>


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