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“ Generatie Tanara ” Association Romania

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“ Generatie Tanara ” Association Romania. T he GTR Association, headquartered in Ortisoara , village of Calacea 224,Timis county, Romania, office in Timisoara street Molidului nr. 8 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of “ Generatie Tanara ” Association Romania


The GTR Association, headquartered in Ortisoara , village of Calacea 224,Timis county, Romania, office in Timisoara street Molidului nr. 8GTRs mission is to diminuate and suppress the phenomenon of THB since 2001 until now, offering direct assistance to THBs victims. During this period we assisted more than 1.000 victims (half of them being minors) referred at national and international level. Within GTRs structure, the minors benefit of: -medical, psychological, juridical, material support, counseling, psycho-pedagogical counseling having the purpose of attending school studies, recreational activities.Victims reintegration process - is a long term process, which involves a multidisciplinary team. The multidisciplinary teams work must follow the main interest of the minors regarding their social-educative, professional, familial and communitarian reinsertion.

Generatie Tanara Association RomaniaMinors and adults affected by TRAFFICKING IN HUMAN BEINGS THB IS:- a world scourge;- world slavery form; - transforms A MINOR in order to become a MERCHANDISE- restricts the rights, dignity, freedom, security and the safety of the MINORS;- a phenomenon which implies different forms of organized crime;EXPLOITATION FORMSThe 21st century slavery is composed of:prostitutioninvolvement in pornographie and pornographic materialspedophilia or other sexual exploitation forms;- labour on the black market;- organs sampling;- illegal adoption;

The THB Actors-The TRAFFICKERS- present in national and international networks, having an unimaginable financial power, succeeding to penetrate the legislative systems.They resort to lies, physique violence, administration of the hallucinogen substances, the victims losing control of their own persons.-The VICTIMS are:- children and adults with:- low education level, coming from economical poor area, poor families or families with problems (domestic violence, alcoholism, sexual abuses) and not only.After the victims accosting the victims are:1.Dispossessed of identity documents and they dont know the language.2.Defend less3.Subjugated to humiliating treatments.4. Without financial means, the earned money is taken away by the traffickers.

The man who sold me, is my uncle..I trusted him, but I found out that in the past he sold other girls of my age. I thought that he is a good man and that he wanted to help me. I WAS ONLY 13 YEARS OLDMonica

GOOD PRACTICESDuring our 13 years existence Generatie Tanara association, succeeded to set up the bases of some good practices in suppressing this phenomenon through:

-setting up protected apartments for the THB victims, apartments in familial system which offer them an optimum environment for: Recuperation Ego Reacquire Self Respect.In these apartments, the minors becomes self contained step by step and they prepare themselves for a definitive reintegration in society. -collaboration partnership with General School Direction and also with different schools concerning the meetings organizing having as topic The THB Prevention. Within these meetings, we have besides the officers from Organized Crime Department, Border Police, psychologies and even victims, who decided to become an oral newspaper in order to explain to the teenagers the invisibles dangers to which they can be attracted.

- collaboration partnership with The Romanian Police (Organized Crime Department, Border Police) in order to set up a protection program for the victims against the trafficker.

- collaboration partnership with The County Agency for Labor Market (AJOFM), in order to facilitate a job and also professionalizing courses.

- collaboration partnerships with Counties Child Protection Offices, Placement Centers and Rehabilitation Centers for Minors having the purpose to offer THB Prevention programs for the young with increased vulnerability.

- collaboration partnerships with different economic agents for creating jobs for THB victims and also professionalizing courses. - collaboration partnerships with hospitals, clinics and consulting rooms.

- setting up of some services which include medical and psychological assistance, juridical and social professional counseling, school reintegration assistance (the permanent contact with the school where are registered the beneficiaries but also we are in contact with the beneficiaries employers), illiteracy courses.

-Generatie Tanaras association sustains the families in risk situation in order to avoid the possible minors and adults, victims of trafficking.

- We set up an emergency program within the victims are referred by the Romanian Police at any hour of day and night.

- We assist the victims which received the victims statute abroad the country and which wanted to get rid of this scourge, deciding to denounce the traffickers.

- The victims who come in contact with the multidisciplinary team of Generatie Tanaras association are provided confidentiality concerning their identity and location. National Laws: LAW 678/2001 and CONVENTION 16/05/2005 concerning the fight against THB, Law272/2004 on children rights and The Decision no.49/2011 on the multidisciplinary intervention on children who are in risk situations.

- Incriminates the traffickers and PROTECTS THE VICTIM - Till 2001, THB victims were considered prostitutes and were blamed together with their traffickers, BUT once it comes into force The Law 678/2001, the thinks were changed and the victims received the victims status as well as many rights from legal point of view. Art 26 (1) To the harmed persons through the offences mentioned by the present Law, as well as to the victims of these offences are given a protection form and specialized juridical, physical and social assistance. - According to the 49/2011 Decision, the authorized Counties institutions who should collaborate in order prevent and intervene in the children best interest are: Child Protection Offices, Police Offices, Public Health Units, School General Unit, Labour Unit, NGOs and each of them have the reposability to action in the child best interest.

YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROWDuring the 13 years of activity, GTR Romania set up the basis of some projects having as goal: The Promotion and Implementing of Human Rights.PROGRAMS IMPLEMENTED by GENERATIE TANARA association:-EXPLOITATION SUPPRESSING -A BETTER WORLS FOR CHILDREN-SUSTAINING THE YOUNG MOTHERS-AN ENTIRE LIFE IN THE SERVICE OF THE PEOPLETaking into account the multitude of the factors involved in Children best interest but also on THB phenomenon (which affect many children), is needed a collaboration of all the decision factors, but also of other governmental and nongovernmental institution with similar goal, with the real wish of changing.GTRs DEVICE: Yesterday we tried, and Today because of the multidisciplinary team we gained some experience and because of that, Tomorrow well continue............

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