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    FROM THE EDITORS' PUKA by Ray and Aid Nosaka

    History will be made on June 5, 1999, when the unveiling of the "Go For Broke" Monument is scheduled to take place in downtown Los Angeles. We urge all AJA veterans to make a special effort to attend this event.

    This is the culmination of 10 long years of planning, fighting bureaucracy, overcoming many obstacles, and more changes, obstacles, etc. What a wonderful legacy to pass on to our children and their children. The name of every AJA who served in World War II will be inscribed on this unique marble monument. It is our fervent hope and prayer that this struCture will serve as a perpetual reminder to all people of what the AJA veterans did for this country that we love.

    The following text by Ben Tamashiro will be inscribed on the face of the monument: AN AMERlCAN STORY Rising to the defense of their country, by the thousands they came--.-these young Japanese American soldiers to fight in Europe and the Pacific during World War II. Looked upon with suspicion, set apart and deprived of their constitutional rights, they nevertheless remained steadfast and served with indomitable spirit and uncommon valor, for theirs was a fight to prove loyalty.

    Around the same time in June, 1999, there will be another unveiling of a monument for the 100th Infantry Battalion in Fort Benning, Georgia. Col. Bill Pye, a much-respected man amongst the 100th, is spearheading this monument. Col. Pye served with the 100th in continuous combat, for 14 months before he was wounded in France.

    • We encourage all who are able to attend one or both of these occasions honoring the AJA veterans.

    Mahalo to the following PPP volunteers who turned out for collating on February 26, 1999: Otomatsu Aoki, Alfred Arakaki, Robert Arakaki, Kunio Fujimoto, Ralph Fukunaga, Saburo Hasegawa, Ed Ikuma, Isamu Inouye, Shigeru Inouye, Warren Iwai, Masaru Kadomoto, Arthur Komiyama, Al Matsumoto, Don and Kimi Matsuda, Y. Mugitani, Joe Muramatsu, Tom Nakamura, Ken Nakagawa, Roy Nakayama, Tom Nishioka, Aki Nosaka, Tom Nosse, Takeichi Onishi, Leo Sato, Kazuto Shimizu, Hiromi Suehiro, Ken Suehiro, Yuriko Takahashi, Masa Toma, Riki and Evelyn Tsuda, and Marie Yoneshige. Cecilee Tanaka was the substitute proofreader while Mary Hamasaki was away. Special thanks to Al Matsumoto and Tom Nakamura for setting up the tables each month. We realize what a "back breaking" job this is and we reaIIy appreciate their doing this for us. Thank you very much!!!

    MARCH BOARD MEETING HILITES by President Joe Muramatsu

    The ,March 1999 Board of Directors meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. It was decided that the swearing in of officers be delayed further because of the absence of our Second vice President and of our Treasurer.

    To expedite matters, it was decided that the February minutes, Executive Secretary's Report and the Secretary-Treasurer's Report be approved in one motion.

    Dr. Kenneth Otagaki was in attendance in the place of HQ President Ken Saruwatari who was gallivanting on the mainland with the UH Baseball team.

    Don Matsuda reported that there is still one apartment that is vacant. He has been busy doing some "minor" repairs, such as re-tiling the bathroom floor and patching the floor throughout the apartment.

  • The Annual Clubhouse Clean Up is set for May 29, 1999. Please come and help clean up the Clubhouse. Chapter Assignments will be do~e at the House Committee meeting on March 29. There was a suggestion to replace the trough urinal in the men's room with individual urinals. The House Committee will also look at installing grab-bars in one of the toilets.

    Registration for the 1999 57th Anniversary banquet was only 108 persons as of March 12. The Committee will meet after the April 15 registration deadline and enlist the help of the sons and daughters. If you haven't signed up, please do so asap or else you will be on the outside looking in.

    Tom Nishioka, Bernard Akamine, and Ed Ikuma have agreed to chair this event. There will be an initial planning meeting on March 20, 1999.

    As to the DSC upgrades to Medal of Honor-nothing is finalized. No dates nor numbers of honorees is known. However, there will be a meeting on March 17, 1999, to plan for a gala celebration if and when the upgrades are announced.

    The Club 100 committee for the Spark M. Matsunaga V A Center commemorative plaque or display will be meeting on March 19, 1999, to review possible items for a display. The Center should be completed some time this year.

    The Club 100 tour to Los Angeles for the unveiling and dedication of the monument is going along at a snail's pace. No one seems to be too interested, or they are not letting us know their plans.

    The club will request a June 14, 1999, date for the unveiling and dedication ceremony for the monument at Fort Berining.

    The Year 2000 Club 100 Reunion in Las Vegas will be kick-started when we go to Los Angeles for the memorial unveiling.

    Charlie Chapter's feasibiHty study of the use of the clubhouse as an adult day-care center was accepted. The next question is, "How many members or their spouses would be interested in something like this?" See Warren Iwai's Charlie Chapter News.

    We received a letter from Manabi Hirasaki, Col. Young O. Kim, and Irene Hirano, regarding a national AJA Veterans Reunion in 2001 in Los Angeles. The plan is to have the Japanese American National Museum coordinate the affair, relieving us veterans of all that work.

    There was a request from Rodney Shinkawa, fundraiser for the Washington, D.C., Japanese American Memorial, for permission to distribute materials and to say a few words at the 57th Anniversary Banquet. The Board voted to allow him to distribute the materials, but not to give him time on the stage to pitch for the memorial.

    A request from our Sons and Daughters for money for the publication of a Medal of Honor Commemorative Book was tabled.

    It was suggested that the Nominating Committee start looking for nominees for next year's officers soon. We will be needing a new President, 15t Vice President and 2nd Vice President. All members who are interested, let your chapter nominating committee representative know.

    The Board approved the purchase of 500 pencils at a cost of approximately $200 to be given to students. The pencils will be given away by Tokuji Ono and Martin Tohara who go to schools to give talks about their war experiences. Until recently, they gave away POGS, but the supply has been exhausted. The Board felt that pencils with the Club's name and military unit imprinted will be appreciated by the students.

    The June Board meeting has been postponed until June 18, 1999. It was also decided that there be a luncheon following the meeting, place to be decided at a later date.

    We received a thank-you letter from the USS Missouri Memorial Association. They gave the club a free pass, but I have to go along with it, so let me know when you want to visit the Mighty Mo.

    Club 100 has received $5,000 from the Estate of the late Wilhelmine (Helen) Vaughn, widow of the late Lt. James Vaughn. The amount has been placed in the savings account.

    Professor and Mrs. Taku Aramassa joined the Board members for lunch. Prof. Aramassa teaches in the Department of Imaging Arts and Sciences at Musashino Art University in Tokyo, Japan. His next project is entitled, "Nikkei Amerika-jin," and will focus on the Americans of Japanese ancestry. Professor and Mrs. Aramassa seemed to have found a home at Club 100. They were very appreciative

    , 2

  • of aU of you who gave your time to their project. We think they left with a greater understanding of the nisei during World War II and their lives after the war. We hope all of his photographs turn out well, for he will reach a wide range of audience.


    Thank you to everyone who brings in magazines to the Clubhouse. They are enjoyed by everyone.

    Mahalo nui loa to the following donors for their thoughtful and timely gifts to Club 100; • $100 from Toshio Gibo in memory ofShizuko Gibo • $5,000 from the Estate of the late Wilhelmine (Helen) Vaughn • $50 from Mike and Betty Tokunaga (C) • $100 from Seigi Adaniya (C) • $100 from Doris Aimoto in memory of Yoshito Aimoto (HQ) A size 34 Eisenhower jacket was donated by Tetsuo "Pee Wee" Tateishi (A)

    The PukaPuka Parade received: • $50 from an anonymous donor • $100 from Doris Aimoto in memory ofYoshito Aimoto (HQ) • $50 from Mike and Betty Tokunaga (C) • $10 from Americo Bugliani

    Welcome to New Life Members Wallace Oouma (HQ) aod Kiichi Kohatsu (HQ).

    Donors to the Fort Benning, Georgia, Monument Project:

    • $500 • $100 • $50 • $100 • $50. • $50 • $100 • $100 • $50 • $100 • $100 • $100 • $100 • $100 • $50 • $50 • $100 • $100 • $100 • $100 • $50 • $100 • $100 • $100 • $200 • $20 • $200 • $SO • $50

    from Sakae Takahashi (B) from Toshiko Fukuda from Robert Arakaki (B) from Hakaru Taoka (F IBlRural) from Jits Yoshida (D) from Masaichi Yoza (B) from Harry Kamikawa (AlRural) from Tsukasa Muramoto (B) from Don Matsuda (A) from Moms Kihara (C) from Y oshiko Hirokawa in memory of Edward Hirokawa (A) from .Irving M. Akahoshi (HQ/Mainland) from Takeo Azama (B) from Natsue Honda from Jun Enomoto (MED) from Mildred Fencl in memory of Warren Fencl (Honorary C) from Stanley lzurnigawa (A/Maui) from anonymous


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