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in preparation for Student Led Conferences Setting SMART Goals Slide 2 Why set goals? Goals give us a sense of direction, or purpose. They motivate us to achieve. Make us feel good about ourselves and what we do. They point out our strengths. They make us more aware of our weaknesses and help us take action. Goals are tools that help people focus and guide a person to accomplish something or to implement lifestyle changes. Slide 3 M easurable S pecific A ction-based R ealistic T imely What are SMART Goals? Set yourself up for success by carefully writing your goals. A SMART goal states what you plan to do, how you plan to meet your goal, and by when you will do it. The goal statement also helps you know when you can celebrate! Slide 4 What exactly are you trying to accomplish? When will you be able to focus on this goal? How exactly will the goal be achieved? Why will this goal help you? Think positively and take ownership to meet your goal. The so what S pecific Slide 5 Making goals more specific GeneralSpecific I want to exercise more. I will exercise for 30 minutes 2 times each week until the end of the semester. I hope to be better at doing multiplication. I will be able to multiply two digit numbers without errors on my assessments. Slide 6 We can manage best what we can measure. Ask How will I know if I met this goal? Ask Can it be measured? What evidence do I need to collect to measure this goal? Use evidence to measure your progress, to stay on track and reach your target date. The how M easurable Slide 7 The goal must be something that you can actively work at to accomplish. Create a plan to know how you will be able to actively achieve this goal. A ction-based What steps to take Slide 8 A realistic goal helps you stretch your boundaries. Step outside of your comfort zone. Make each goal challenging but doable. Set yourself up for success! The feeling of success helps motivate further growth. A goal should not be so easy that it happens without extra effort. R ealistic Its about personal growth Slide 9 The goal must take between weeks and months to achieve. Set short-term goals that can be accomplished before Student Led Conferences in March. If you could meet your goal tomorrow, or in a few days, it is not challenging enough. Having a time limit gives you a clear target to work toward. I can do this by _____. Demonstrate your growth and progress over time by posting several pieces of evidence on your ePortfolio site. T imely By when? Slide 10 M easurable S pecific A ction-based R ealistic T imely Performance Goals Before Student Led Conferences, I will perform in at least two Middle School Assemblies. Before the end of the school year, I will have performed twice at lunchtime for middle school students. Once a semester, I will play my instrument in front of the parent community. Slide 11 Service Learning Goals By the end of the first semester, I will have completed 5 hours of community service for my Dragon Time initiative. Before Student Led Conferences, I will have volunteered 5 hours for a local orphanage. Before the end of the semester, I will have given 5 hours of my time to help people who are in need and who have a different cultural background from my own. M easurable S pecific A ction-based R ealistic T imely Slide 12 Risk Taking Goals Before the end of the year, I will have participated in 4 after school activities. Before the end of the school year, I will have attended two Middle School Dances. By the end of each semester, I will have given an oral presentation in at least two of my classes. M easurable S pecific A ction-based R ealistic T imely Slide 13 Turn your idea to a goal General Idea: I need to try new things and be more active. Specific: I will join a new sport and be more active. Measurable: I will know that I have met my goal when I have signed up and participated in a new sport. Action-Based: I need to take action to identify a new sport, sign up, and then participate each week. Realistic: This will be a challenge but I want to do it and know that I can. Timely: I will do this by the end of the year. New SMART goal: By the end of the year, I will have joined a sport that Ive never played before to help myself become more active. Slide 14 Goal Worksheet Working on the GOAL WORKSHEET, think of something for each goal area (performance, risk taking, and service learning) that you would feel proud to have accomplished and excited to share during Student Led Conferences. Academic work and study related goals will be addressed at a later date. Read your goal. Review the SMART acronym. Does your goal meet the SMART criteria? If not, add more detail to meet all criteria. If stuck, ask your advisor, counselor, friends and parents for suggestions. Slide 15 Next steps On your GOAL WORKSHEET: Write your goals for each area: performance, risk taking and service learning. Identify the evidence you will use to show that you have met your goal. Identify two action steps you will take to begin working toward your goal. Slide 16 Finalize & share your goals To finalize your goals: Review your goals with your advisor. Make any necessary modifications. When you are ready, post your goals on your ePortfolio site. Create a new tab under your current grade level labeled: SMART Goals 2013- 14 Leave space to add your academic goal. Share your goals with your parents. Check out these exemplar ePortfolio Goal pages: https://studentsh.scis- his.net/jara54601/category/ goals/ https://studentsh.scis- his.net/jara54601/category/ goals/ https://studentsh.scis- his.net/pooa51186/grade- 8/smart-goals-2012/ https://studentsh.scis- his.net/pooa51186/grade- 8/smart-goals-2012/ https://studentsh.scis- his.net/rozy57180/grade- 8/smart-goals-2012/ Slide 17 Make it happen The best way to get somewhere in life is to be SMART! Divide your goals into smaller steps. Be realistic about how you plan your time. Recognize stress and think of ways to eliminate problems. Post evidence to show your progress and that you have met your goals. Celebrate your progress and accomplishments. Most importantly, ask for help when needed. Give it your best effort and believe in yourself! M easurable S pecific A ction-based R ealistic T imely