“ It All Adds Up “ Studying Math Designed by Kathy Lawhorn Instructional Coordinator Student Support Services

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  • It All Adds Up Studying MathDesigned by Kathy LawhornInstructional CoordinatorStudent Support Services

  • Introduction Benefits of doing well in mathThis workshop will present note taking organizing material study skills test-taking skills.Resources available

  • What are your pictures when you think of math? Doing well will make me a nerdMy friends will not like me anymoreSchool will not be funMath fields are only for white malesI will never use this stuff in the real worldMath is worked by magicI am good with words, so I cannot be good at math

  • Benefits of learning mathHigher self-esteem from doing something difficultMore opportunities will be open to youMore confidence in everyday situationsMore at home in a world driven by technologyGreater problem solving skills

  • Getting PreparedSupplies:textbooknotebookpencils, erasers, calculatorplace to workAttitudeI can do thisMath is important to meI will do everything I can to succeed

  • Use your textbookREAD, yes, read the textbookslowlyactivelyout loudMake notesLearn the specificsBe gentle with yourself

  • Ask questions fearlesslyAsk whatever will aid your understandingDo not worry about anyone elses reactionRemember your reasons for going to schoolSometimes we have to admit we do not know something before we can begin to learn

  • Do your homeworkPractice,Practice, Practice Learn to recognize types of problemsKnow the termsUnderstand the formulasLearn to pace yourselfTake frequent, short breaksThink about math outside the classroom

  • Get helpHave a study partnerStart a study groupGet a tutor

  • Test TakingBe preparedGet plenty of restLearn to control your anxietyDo not let yourself get stuckPace yourselfNever leave a blankCheck your work

  • Where to get more informationStudent Support Services offers workshopsWord ProblemsMath AnxietyStress ReductionMedia ResourcesLecture videosSelf-help videosBecoming a Master Student

  • You have completed the presentation of It All Adds UpStudying MathIf you have questions or wish to discuss an issue with us, please let us know.Please come by Student Support Services to complete an Academic Enrichment Summary so that we may document your participation.If you are viewing this workshop via the internet you may click on the link in the directions box on the Workshops page and print one out or e-mail it to: rcrews@wallace.edu . Handouts available upon request.Thank you!!! EXIT