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    / Persuasive Presentations ECOURSE

    Audience Presentation software is one of the few tools that require professionals to think visually on a

    daily basis. Yet, effective visual expression is not easy, natural or actively taught in schools.

    Duartes Persuasive Presentations eCourse fills the void. The online training is open to all

    who must transform their own or others content and dense data into a clear visual story.

    Duarte created its eCourse for those who cant join Duarte for one of its instructor-led

    workshops, or prefer the flexibility of an online, self-paced learning environment.

    Description Presentations are broken. The only proof you need is sitting through the next presentation

    delivered by your colleague, your boss or your vendor. The presentation paradigm must be

    changed in order for all the brilliant ideas to be heard. But how?

    Duartes Persuasive Presentations eCourse provides the training and tools to shift your

    mindset and change your organizational culture. Through immersive learning modules led by

    Nancy Duarte, learners watch, listen and practice skills needed to more deeply connect with

    their audiences. Based on Nancys third book, HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations, the

    eCourse is split into three unique curricula Storytelling, Visualizing and Presenting.

    Storytelling focuses on audience, message and story. During this curriculum, learners gain

    understanding of the context of a presentation, to work within a story framework, create

    audience empathy and emotional appeal, arrange messages for greater impact, and

    strengthen their structure with story attributes and S.T.A.R. moments.

    Visualizing focuses on slide design. Throughout this curriculum, learners discover the best

    practices for visually displaying their messages one idea per slide, avoiding visual clichs,

    arranging slide elements for clear communication, and turning words into diagrams so they

    can create more memorable presentations and stronger calls-to-action.

    Presenting focuses on presentation delivery and impact. Learners practice techniques to

    prepare for their presentations including best practices for remote presenting and

    managing social media as well as prep their post-presentation follow up action plan.

    Pre-Requisites No pre-requisites necessary.



    Learners focus on these learning objectives:


    Analyze the structure of story

    Identify the Big Idea

    Identify your gifts as the Mentor

    Identify sources of audience resistance

  • 2014 Duarte, Inc. 2

    Identify contrasting points to support your message

    Recall and catalog personal stories

    Map content to the Presentation Form

    Build emotional appeal to connect your message to the audience


    Identify a slides signal vs. noise (signal:noise ratio)

    Learn the use for different slide types

    Learn to think like a designer

    Presentation clarity define Signal and Noise

    Visualize information tools to turn words into pictures

    Arrange elements for clear audience comprehension

    Convey visual unity

    Build an analog storyboard


    Apply techniques for pre-show set-up and post-show follow-up

    Identify unique presentation tone and style

    Learn best practices to prepare for and follow up after a presentation

    Gain knowledge for remote presenting

    Construct social media backchannel strategy

    Job Aides Duarte has designed downloadable and printable PDF job aids for the Persuasive

    Presentations eCourse, to reinforce learning during and after the eCourse.

    Presentation Form: Craft the Beginning, Develop the Middle, Make the Ending Powerful

    StoryMap: Gifts for the Mentor, Audience Analysis, Big Idea, Anticipate Resistance, Call to

    Action, New Bliss

    Personal Story Inventory & Emotive Anecdote Template

    Glance Test

    Multiple worksheets, including: Slide Types, Analog Storyboard, Slide Count Calculator, Pre-

    and Post Show Checklist, and Backchannel Strategy

    Requirements Desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device, with speakers and/or headset.

    Most recent version of these web browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari or

    Mozilla Firefox (you pick the one youd like to use).

    Approximately 6 hours to complete the full eCourse. Exact time based upon the learners

    interactivity with the course and job aids.

    Computer or device connected to a printer, pen or pencil and a pile of 2 x 1 sticky notes.

    Safe place for logging your username and password, because you will be able to pause and

    return to the eCourse as often as you like.

    Investment $495 per person, for a 12-month license

    Email to discuss bulk pricing.

    Terms +


    Payment via credit or debit card. VISA, MasterCard and American Express accepted.

  • 2014 Duarte, Inc. 3

    About Duarte Since 1988, Duarte has created presentations for the worlds most innovative companies

    including Adobe, Cisco, Citrix, Electronic Arts, Food Network, HP, Disney, Facebook, Google,

    Genentech, Kaiser Permanente, SunPower, Humana, Intel, Symantec and Twitter. Duarte

    also partners with TED and Pop!Tech, and worked with Al Gore to develop the presentation

    that became the Academy Award winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Duarte has

    trained individuals and organizations in the financial, healthcare, pharmaceutical, packaged

    goods, marketing and advertising, education, high-tech, biotech, and non-profit markets.


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