 Presented by: Arbind Kumar Pankaj Kumar Singh Punit Kishore Sudhanshu Ranjan.

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  • Presented by: Arbind Kumar Pankaj Kumar Singh Punit Kishore Sudhanshu Ranjan
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  • Introduction of the company History of Micromax Positioning and repositioning Advertising Segmentation Product analysis Competitors Distribution strategy Competition tackling strategy Future directions Data analysis tool Sampling plan & sample size Hypothesis testing Hypothesis and its justification Summary & net take away
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  • India based consumer electronics company Products Mobile handsets, fun-book tablets, data cards, television and audio players 12th largest handset manufacturer in the world 24% market share in the smart phone segment* 3 rd largest handset player in the market* *CMR report for April 2013
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  • 1991 Founded by Rajesh Agarwal 1999 Sumeet Arora, Rahul Sharma and Vikas Jain joined 2000 Started providing software services 2008 Entered into mobile handset business 2010 Became largest domestic mobile handset company
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  • Global Brand Quality After Sales Service Current position Urban Market Smartphone Affordable Last two years Rural market Qwerty Keypad Battery Life Dual Sim Card Early Days
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  • AdvertisingElectronic MediaSocial Media Hoardings, Sponsorships Print Media
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  • Demographic segment (Income) High income group Medium income group Low income group Psychographic segment (Lifestyle) Connect customers Achieve customers Explore customers
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  • Strength Low cost smart-phones Innovative product & features 24% market share in India Weakness Perception of low cost Chinese brand Poor customer services Opportunities Increase market penetration To become global player Threats High end competitors like Samsung,etc Low end competitors like Karbonn, etc. SWOT
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  • Samsung It has emerged as the leader in Smartphone Category of handsets where Micromax holds the second position in the market. Samsung is backed with the high quality and professional team in the R&D area Karbonn - This is the company which offers products which are very similar to Micromax in terms of price and quality. In Smartphone category of handsets, it stands at third position just after Micromax. Karbonn will be looking to increase their market share as well. Others There are many more players in smartphone like NOKIA, SONY, LG, etc.
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  • Manufacturer Super Distributor Distributor/ Stockist DealerConsumer Manufacturer Disintermediation Consumer
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  • Make people move from feature phones to smartphones Continue offering products with low cost. Consistently bringing variety of models with innovative features & designs.
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  • Branding in smart-phone category. Better customer services Improve quality of products Open-up exclusive outlets like Samsung, Nokia, etc.
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  • Instruments of Data Collection Questionnaire Method Close-end questions Open-end questions Telephonic survey Data Analysis Tools SAS MS Excel Word Cloud
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  • Sampling Plan Users of smart-phones Age group 20-60 Years Retailers selling Micromax Sample Size Users 58 Retailers 4
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  • Mb_Use: 1 :Samsung; 2:Micromax; 3:Nokia; 4: LG; 5:Other Loyality: 1: Go for other brand; 2: Buy same Brand; 3: Cant say
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  • H1 : Micromax has established itself as a Brand. As per the analysis TOM, Awareness & Loyalty factor of the data collected we can conclude that it is not a brand. H2 : Micromax Smartphones are youth-centric. As per analysis of various factors like price, youth centricity, etc we accept the hypothesis. H3: Good Distribution & Retailer Strategy of Micromax along with low price has been the reason for Micomaxs success. We accept the hypothesis based on the analysis of the retailers data.
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  • Potential of becoming a brand in smartphone category. Potential for huge increment in market share and compete with likes of Samsung. Needs to focus more on after sales service and open up exclusive Micromax stores. Should enter into newer segments of the market Should move into global markets.
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