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 Program Enrichment  Cultural Exchange  International Scouting experience for youth

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Text of  Program Enrichment  Cultural Exchange  International Scouting experience for youth

  • Program Enrichment

    Cultural Exchange

    International Scouting experience for youth

  • Bring new dimension to your program

    Exposes campers to customs, cultures, and Scouting programs of other countries

  • Invitation is sent to Scout associations

    Scout associations promote and recruit

    Prospective counselors fill out application and Scout associations certify applicants

    International Department makes assignments based on skill set and availability of counselor and skill request and camp dates of council

  • Counselors are between 18 and 30 years of age

    Both male and females may apply

    Some counselors, but not all, speak fluent English

  • How to apply must have an International Representative Reviewing/Accepting assigned counselor timelinessContact prospective counselorArrival procedures and problems ALWAYS CONTACT US!

  • Focus assignments on International Scouting themeInternational Days World Friendship Campfires (with World Friendship Fund collections)Assist with the Citizenship in the World merit badgeGeneral visits to individual troops in camp

  • Camp Commissioner

    Program Area instructors- Scoutcraft, Shooting Sports, Aquatics, etc. (cannot hold any camp staff position for which National Camping School training is mandatory)

    Roving assignments

  • International counselors cannot be:

    Intended for staffing purposesTheir position is principally one of cultural exchange

    Assigned to office work, kitchen staff, custodial jobs, or menial laborThe U.S. State Department prohibits assignment of International counselors to these types of positions

  • What responsibility does the counselor have to their association?

    What responsibility does the counselor have to your council?

  • What BSA provides

    How counselors apply for visa

    Length of visa

    Problems encountered acquiring visa

  • Council Fee$435 per counselorInsuranceCovered in council fee

  • Social Security

    Payment of Salary

    Salary Deductions

  • What to do

    What not to do

  • Council must be prepared to provide counselor with pre-camp and/or post-camp hosting.

    Recommend hospitality for a few days immediately after arrival

    Can be provided by Scout families or fellow camp staff members

    Make arrangements in advance

  • Touring is allowedU.S. government allows a 30-day grace period after completion of employment

    Must depart U.S. no more than 30 days after leaving campNon-compliance could result in jeopardizing further entry into U.S.

  • As soon as the counselor arrivesProblems that occurCounselor is unable to do job as neededCamp has concern aboutcounselorWhen in doubt, please call! We are happy to help!

  • Evaluation reports are sent to camp contacts regarding their international counselor

    Evaluation reports are sent to counselors regarding their camp experience

    Both reports are due to the International Department by September 1

  • Something totally different

  • Develop leadership skills

    Encourage intercultural learning

  • Not like your typical American Camp

    Participants are assigned a variety of tasks

    Most European Scouting is co-educational throughout

  • American Scouting volunteers

    Age 18 to 30

    Able to commit as a volunteer for a minimum of six weeks

  • Interested applicant reviews the available Scout centers on the European Scout Voluntary Programme (ESVP) website

    Once they have decided on several Scout centers where they would like to work, the applicant fills out an ECSP application via the International Department website (they are not to apply on the ESVP website)

    The completed application must have local council approval and is sent to the International Department for final approval

  • Sent to European Region

    Forwarded to Scout Centers for review and selection

  • When placed with a camp, participants are contacted directly by the Scout centers

    Participants get room and board

    Participants receive a minimum of 30% travel reimbursement from the European Region while at the Scout center

    Accident & Sickness Insurance from the BSA

  • Staff Opportunities

  • In March 2009, the Suncheon Asia-Pacific Scout Center began offering programs in English based on the Scout method of "learning by doing" - a hands-on experiential learning process in the outdoors through young leaders from the National Scout Organizations. Korean youth may learn real-life, everyday spoken English and global leadership through various outdoor hands-on programs, weekly English camp programs, and seasonal experiential programs. At the same time, staff member may learn about Korea's rich history, culture, and tradition as well as share the brotherhood of Scouting with participants and visitors

  • Applicants must be a registered member of the BSAAll members of Staff must be at least 18 years old on the day they arrive in Suncheon, be currently enrolled or have graduated from a university, and be less than 30 years old. Available for at least 12 weeksAble to use and teach the Scout method and introduce your country's cultureAble to live by the culture and laws of Korea

  • Furnished accommodations and mealsFull accident insurance coverageOne day off per weekStaff field trip to nearby cultural sites at the end of the termBasic toiletriesLiving allowance of $400 per monthBSA volunteers receive a $600 travel fund

  • The staff working periods are based on three-month terms and may be extended up to a yearContact the International Department for an applicationSend completed application to the International Department for approvalStaff is responsible for arranging own travel to and from KoreaApplicants will be informed by Suncheon whether they are accepted or not

  • ****-Will email application to Council Program Contact (usually Camp Directors or International Representatives)Once matches are made, counselor applications and acceptance paperwork are sent to council contact timeliness is important!Once acceptance paperwork is faxed, emailed, or mailed, begin making contact with counselor by email. Provide them information about the area, camp, etc. Suggestions are in booklet.Once counselor arrives, MUST call International Department. For any problems, must call International Department.***Counselor is to be a good representation of his/her Scout Association and is expected to return to their Scout Association with newly acquired skills/knowledge/insight from their experience. - Counselor is responsible for their own transportation to the contact city specified by the council contact and all visa/SEVIS fees. The counselor should prepare a presentation about Scouting in their country (this can be done using games, crafts, songs, etc.).*The Exchange Visitor Program is carried out by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, which is part of the Department of State. The International Department of the BSA is the sponsor for the International Camp Staff Program. The International Department provides a DS-2019 to apply for a J-1 exchange visitor visa.The counselor sets up an appointment at the U.S. Embassy in their country, pays the visa fee, and pays their SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) fee.The J-1 Exchange Visitor Camp Counselor Visa can be for a maximum of four months but the International Department sets the dates to begin two days before the camp start date and ends two days after the camp end date.Ties to the home country (things that bind them to their homeland) including job, family, financial prospects, etc.; English proficiency; knowledge of ICSP; Visa tips provided in counselor booklet *All counselors must wait 10 days to be in the country before going to apply for a Social Security cardCounselors should be paid a salary equal to what American camp staff counselors are paidInternational counselors do not have Medicare or Social Security taxes withheld from their checks. They do have Federal and State taxes deducted from their checks. *Home hospitality must be arranged for the counselors time off from camp. It is important to arrange for touring the local area and attractionsDo not leave the counselor alone at camp during the weekend; be sure the counselor has a calling card for making long-distance phone calls; do not encourage the counselor to take trips out of the state or country**- Please READ the guide book!*Kandersteg requests that applicants fill out their short-term staff application as well*

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