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Spanish is one of the world’s most romantic languages. It is the official language of 19 countries It is one of the six official languages spoken

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Text of Spanish is one of the world’s most romantic languages. It is the official language of 19...

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  • Spanish is one of the worlds most romantic languages. It is the official language of 19 countries It is one of the six official languages spoken in the United Nations 30% of the American population speaks Spanish 27% of the people in New York City are Hispanic Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world
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  • More Job opportunities Ease of communication Involvement in different reunions World travel would be made easier
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  • el caf: the coffee el hotel: the hotel el aeropuerto: the airport el gimnasio: the gym el carro: the car el restaurante: the restaurant
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  • Many English words are derived from Latin origin. By learning Spanish, difficult vocabulary words are easier to break down. Learning Spanish can also lead to a future in French, Italian, Portugues, etc. Lets begin to learn Spanish
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  • Music is frequently used in Spanish class. It helps develop listening skills, promotes proper speaking habits, and exposes you to different kinds of cultures.
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  • Music La Cueca - The national dance of Bolivia & Chile Cumbia - The traditional dance from Colombia Flamenco - The traditional Spanish fold dance which originated in Spain Jarabe Tapaleo - The official Mexican Dance Mambo - Originated in Cuba Tango - Originated in Argentina Merengue - The traditional dance of the Dominican Republic Salsa - A mix of different spanish countries, such as Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic
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  • Spanish exposes you to different dances from exotic countries.
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  • In Spanish, songs like these are heard:
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  • Food and the Culture it Brings We can learn about different cultures by observing the foods they eat. In Spanish classes, many students enjoy bringing in festive dishes from other countries to class.
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  • Spanish Cuisine Flan Fricassee Mashed Plantaiins (Mangu) PastelistosRice & BeansQuesadilla
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  • List of Spanish Classes Offered at Fieldstone Secondary School Course LevelDescriptionSubsequent Placement IA8th grade students first year of Foreign Language Level I B/R 9th grade Level 2A -9th grade Spanish I N/S8th grade students in Native SpeakerLevel 2 N/S I B/R9th grade students in second year of language Level 2-10th grade 29th grade students who passed the proficiency exam (usually students from I X) Level 3A 10th grade
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  • 2N/S9th grade Native Speakers 3 N/S 10th grade 1R 9th grade students who have never taken a Foreign Language Level 2 10th grade 1C9th grade students who failed level IA with very low scores This is a terminal courses designed for students to meet state requirements. **1R in 10th grade (If students want to continue)
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  • Whats the best way to make sure Spanish remains entertaining and enlightening? I WANT YOU TO TAKE SPANISH!!!
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  • The Spanish 5 Class would like to thank you for your time and your participation. We hope you do choose to make the world better by learning another language.
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  • Presentation Provided By: Alibel Bello Gabriella Brigandi Michelle Connolly Fabiola Delgado Alexa Fox Alisha Lopez Alex Nestle Cielo Ramirez Franchesca Sanchez Veronica Tavarez Okeli Tuke Julio Veras
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  • Special Thanks To Our Beloved Teacher Mrs. Reina Martinez World Languages Coordinator