& the Early Copy-Editing Experiment

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& the Early Copy-Editing Experiment. September October 2005. techspec BoF November 9, 2005 Alice Hagens. The Process. Read through and mark. Insert edits into xml. Tag questions for authors and major revisions. Use xml2rfc to generate text. Use htmlwdiff to generate diff. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • & the Early Copy-Editing ExperimentSeptember October 2005

    techspec BoFNovember 9, 2005Alice Hagens

  • The ProcessRead through and mark. Insert edits into xml.Tag questions for authors and major revisions.Use xml2rfc to generate text.Use htmlwdiff to generate diff.Email revised xml and diff to Bert, authors, WG chairs, and ADs.Answer questions and read comments from authors.

  • & the Early Copy-Editing Experiment * faster because in MIBs, we only edit DESCRIPTION clauses.** slower because of (1) familiarizing myself with xml formatting of blank lines, i.e., where to insert vspace to get a blank line when using nested lists and (2) looking at diffs due to version submission confusion

  • Remaining MeasurementsTime & changes when doc comes into the queueIssues not resolved in exchanges with author/editors during early copy-editing stageAUTH48 progress