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Multiplication x2 to x12

Division 2 to 12 (including remainders)


Fractions: Comparing, equivalent, adding and subtracting




Multiplication x2,3,4,5,10

Multiples of 2,3,4,5,10

Using brackets within multiplication

Fractions 1/2, 1/4, 1/3, 1/5, 1/10


P4: Right, straight, full turns and comparing angle sizesP5: Acute, Right, Obtuse, Straight, Reflex, Full Turn and comparing and measuring angle sizes

Measures: Length: P4: measuring cm/m and conversion P5: measuring mm/cm/m and conversion Perimeter and Area : P4: Perimeter of simple shapes with simple measures Finding the area by counting squares P5: Perimeter of simple shapes Finding the area by multiplying sides Weight: weighting objects in appropriate units of measure, reading scales, recording weights of objects, conversion of g/km

Tables- P4: times tablesP5: all times tables up to 12 and division


Newspapers- Headlines, facts and opinions, layout of a newspaper article, looking at examples and topics of newspaper reports.

Letter Writing Letter layout, writing letters appropriate to WWII situations and settings, using correct text, punctuation and grammar.

Diary Entries Layout of a diary entry, write diary entries for soldiers and evacuees during WWII, use of past tense

Historical stories Novel study on Goodnight Mr Tom, comprehension work, understanding the importance of setting of time and place, story writing ensuring plot and characters are appropriate to the era.

Reading and Writing-P4&5 will continue to read and discuss their reading within their guided reading groups three times a week. Children are to take the time between guided reading sessions to consolidate reading already set.

Comprehension texts will also cover a range of genre. Children will experience a variety of writing tasks and will be encouraged to revise and edit their work so that it is the best they can produce.

Spelling Spelling activities from the Complete Spelling Scheme and Jolly Phonics.

World Around Us

Transport through time, history of the bicycle, pneumatic tyre, types of transport, emergency services, transport around the world, road safety

World War 2 The start of the war (reason and effect of), the Blitz, evacuation, rationing, propaganda, roles in the war (men, women, children), WWII in Northern Ireland, famous leaders, weapons, V.E. Day

Educational Visit Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Cultra in March- WWII day (dress up and WWII activities all day) in March

Personal Development and Mutual Understanding

Who influences me: advertising, opportunities for risk taking, right and wrong situations, bullying

Circle Time: Class discussions about thoughts and feelings using emotions puppets in a way that respects other members of the class.

Other Important Information

PE- This will be on a Monday and Thursday.

Please ensure that all clothing is clearly labelled and encourage your child to take responsibility for bringing their own kits on the correct day. It is recommended that your child brings a bottle of water on these days too. If a pupil forgets their kit they will sit at the back of another class and complete work while PE takes place.

Spelling Activities completed in the morning from Monday- Thursday. Any incomplete spelling activities will be sent home to be completed as homework on Thursday evening for Friday morning.

P5 swimming- P5 will be swimming every Tuesday of this term. Please ensure that they have appropriate swimming attire, towel, goggles (optional) and swimming cap for girls.


Mr Clyde & Mrs Kimber

Term Two



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