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<p>Jennifer Adrykowski</p> <p>10135121 Street</p> <p>Edmonton, AB </p> <p>T5X 3N1</p> <p>Cell: (780) 452-8956 </p> <p>Email: adro@ualberta.ca </p> <p>QUALIFICATIONS: </p> <p> Qualified as a child development supervisor</p> <p> Excellent communication skills</p> <p> Attention to detail </p> <p> Strong analytical and problem solving abilities </p> <p> CPR/First Aid certified </p> <p>EXPERIENCE: </p> <p>Current Lurana Shelter Society </p> <p>Child Care Worker</p> <p> Provide custodial care for mothers and review child care guidelines with mothers</p> <p> Collaborate with other team members in developing and maintaining age appropriate programming that meets all developmental needs of the children </p> <p> Facilitate positive interactions and role model appropriate behaviors</p> <p> Observation and documentation of all relevant information</p> <p>5/10-8/10 Edmonton Northwest Child Care Centre Edmonton, AB</p> <p>Curriculum Coordinator Pre-School- Summer Student</p> <p> Planning and implementing a creative flexible program based on childrens interests </p> <p> Support the role of the family as primary caregiver for the child</p> <p> Provide an environment that meets childrens physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs</p> <p> Promote the philosophy that all children have the right to be included in all community programs</p> <p> Maintain communication with appropriate personnel regarding the children and program</p> <p>1/02-5/09 The Westin Edmonton, AB</p> <p>Accounting Department-Accounts Receivable and General Cashier</p> <p> Making cheques</p> <p> Daily bank deposits</p> <p> Process client files </p> <p> Month end journals</p> <p> Calling clients</p> <p>Lead Command Centre Operator</p> <p> Responsible for a staff of ten</p> <p> Weekly schedules</p> <p> Room service</p> <p> Customer service</p> <p>Sales and Catering Department</p> <p> Booking meeting rooms</p> <p> Month end reports</p> <p> Filing</p> <p>Banquet Department</p> <p> Setting up and serving at dinners for five to seven hundred people</p> <p>10/99-6/03 Save On Foods Edmonton, AB </p> <p>Cake Centre and Bakery </p> <p> Doing Orders</p> <p> Merchandising </p> <p> Making daily products </p> <p> Customer service </p> <p>EDUCATION:</p> <p>Current Bachelor of Elementary Education Edmonton, AB</p> <p> University of Alberta</p> <p> 9/09-4/11 Early Learning and Child Care Diploma Edmonton, AB </p> <p> Grant MacEwan University</p> <p>9/03-4/06 Applied Bachelor of Business Administration-Accounting Edmonton, AB</p> <p> Northern Alberta Institute of Technology</p> <p> High School Diploma Edmonton, AB</p> <p> Fresh Start Catholic High School</p> <p> Graduated in June 2002</p> <p> Courses Completed </p> <p> Child Development 1 &amp; 2, Healthy Environments, Interpersonal Communications, Creative </p> <p> Expressions, Working With Families, Learning Through Play, Working with Families, and Planning for </p> <p> Early Learning</p> <p>VOLUNTEER WORK:</p> <p>Current Montrose Elementary School Edmonton, AB</p> <p> Assist teacher with curriculum activities</p> <p> Engage with children in play and daily activities </p> <p>1/05-6/05 Boys &amp; Girls Club McCauley Centre Edmonton, AB</p> <p> Organizing games and crafts</p> <p> Helping with homework</p> <p> Provided children with individual attention</p> <p> Cooking meals</p> <p>INTERESTS:</p> <p> Camping, reading, sports and exercising </p> <p>REFERENCES</p> <p>Ashley Potts</p> <p>Chamber of Commerce</p> <p>10135-100 Street</p> <p>Edmonton, AB T5N 0Y1</p> <p>Phone (780) 884-5489</p> <p>Margaret Shateran</p> <p>Instructor- Grant MacEwan University</p> <p>P.O. Box 1796</p> <p>Edmonton, AB T5J 2P2</p> <p>Phone (780) 497-5248</p> <p>Holly Martin</p> <p>Student/Autism Society Of Edmonton</p> <p>2231-65 Street</p> <p>Edmonton, AB T9Z 2J4</p> <p>Phone (780) 256-8947</p>


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