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  • JULY 2014

    A Day in the Life at Morning Glory Farm

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  • MAINSTREETNews and Views from the Valley

    STUDY ABROADMissionvale Garden ClubBy Emily Gould

    GIVING BACKThe Kids Are AlrightBy Sidney Kuball

    CORNER TABLEA Friendly Conversation with Rob Bach, Stillwater Area High Schools New Principal


    July 2014






    FARM KID, WILL PELFREYA Days Work on Morning Glory FarmBY WILL PELFREY20


    Cover Photo by Laurie Schneider

  • Kids are everywhere this time of year and they bring piles of positive energy with them. Main Street sidewalks are frequented by clusters of tweens just walking around and being super self aware; the lil ruggers are in the parks and at the beaches it is very possibly the best time of the year.

    We celebrate the young people of our neighborhood each July with a focus on what the kids are up to. This year we have a handful of in their own words type pieces to share with you.

    Study Abroad concludes this issue with a final entry from Emily Gould. She is now back on U.S. soil and off to a camp counseling gig. We intend to share the studying abroad chapter of her lifes journey in a feature story later this year. For now, please enjoy her take on gardening.

    Giving Back brings us an update from the leadership of Youth United Way. Rest assured this community will be led by quality people in the future; this group of community conscious kids are focused on what really matters in life. Read on to learn more about them.

    Weve covered St. Croix Montessori School in the past and were at it again because they are just so darn impressive. The level of parent involvement is inspiring; the children look out for one another and listen to each other, demonstrating a maturity well beyond their years. The fact that they are expanding should come as no surprise to those who know and understand the nurturing environment of that school community.

    So many kids in this area live a rural life and weve not covered that lifestyle very well in the past. Will Pelfrey was kind enough to let the intrepid photojournalist Laurie Schneider tag along with him for a day of chores and fun on his familys farm. Will more or less narrates the piece for us.

    Stillwater Area High School has a new Principal in Mr. Rob Bach. He joined us for a spirited conversation in Corner Table to close out this issue. He is clearly the right man for the job.

    Every summer we are reminded of how wonderfully diverse this community is by spending time with the young people that comprise it. While we didnt get to every corner of every age group, the representative sample of kids that we did spend time with for this issue gave us reason to believe that this community will be in good hands going forward.

    Enjoy the season & real good then.


    VOLUME 10, NUMBER 7 JULY 2014

    Peter McNiffPublisher and Editor peter@stillwaterliving.net

    Copy EditorMaureen McDonough



    LAURIE SCHNEIDERLaurie Schneider Photograpy




    editors note

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    Julie Bourman

    Peter McNiff

    Curtis Dale

    Flooded...with KidsJULY 2014

    A Day in the Life at Morning Glory Farm


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    letters to the editor

    The Pole Barn Studio??? Really?What in the world could have possibly possessed you to write about the pole dancing classes? I am not convinced that it is anything more than a place for floozies. Michelle did a grand job of masking the truth about these places, but I am not sold.There is no reason to strip off our clothes to exercise and there is no excuse for that kind of business to be operating here in Stillwater. You should be ashamed.Judy K.Stillwater

    Give Me More Terra FirmaI absolutely love the Terra Firma series, please dont stop at four. When I read the first installment of Terra Firma I was shocked to learn that I have been part of the problem We used to get our plants from the big box retailers in the area I did that because they have great selection and low prices, or so I thought. I am now on a personal campaign to keep all of the neonicotinoids out of the neighborhood. We talk to all of our neighbors as we take our daily walks and we now talk about where we get our plants and where they came from.When I read that clean, nutrient rich soil is the foundation to good health I was shocked. For years we used the lawn fertilizers and weed killers that made things look so good without understanding the problems those chemicals were causing the soil. No more. Weve turned over a new leaf in our gardening and lawn care keep those Terra firma articles coming.Jane B.Stillwater

    Higher Brain Living

    I was fascinated by the Higher Brain Living article in your last issue. It caught my eye, in part, because we have a friend in Mpls that gave this a try and she is a new person. We have known her for over forty years and I noticed a real difference in her attitude, her posture, her outlook, etc. a while back and I asked her whats new in your life because she just seemed reinvigorated. She was happy that I noticed a difference in her and told me about HBL.I appreciate seeing the simplistic diagram which I though really made clear the functions of lower brain and the upper brain. Our friend who adopted this process tells me that using one portion of the brain seems to block usage of the other portion meaning that if she is in higher brain mode, she doesnt stress out about things or get all anxious.It might seem like Im doing a commercial for this High Brain Living concept I promise that I am not affiliated with the organization, I just wanted to take a minute to tell you about the happy coincidence of us knowing someone that went through the very process that you just wrote about. Seems you are on the cutting edge with your editorial.

    Happy Days,Bert J.Afton


    Y 2014

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    We treat it like dirt, but there

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