1 Business Communication Skills. 2 Objectives 2 3 Business Communication.

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3 Business Communication


1 Business Communication Skills 2 Objectives 2 3 Business Communication 4 Internal Communication 4 5 External Communication 6 Formal Communication 7 Informal Communication 8 The Communication Process 8 9 9 10 Sender Encodes 11 Sender Selects a Channel 12 Spoken Examples 13 Written Examples 14 Receiver Decodes 15 Receive Provides Feedback 16 Sender and Receiver Clarify 17 Barriers to Effective Communication 18 Barriers to Effective Communication 19 20 Nonverbal Communication 21 Physical Contact examples: firm handshake and good eye contact displays a cordial, confident image weak, soft handshake displays apathy or mental dullness cold, wet handshake indicates nervousness and a feeling of inferiority 22 Space the physical distance between individuals Four zones of space: 1.Intimate zone 0 to 18 inches requires a close and/or intimate relationship, such as close friends or parent/child relationship 2.Personal zone 18 inches to four feet occurs between people who are well acquainted 3.Social zone four to 12 feet common for business meetings or social events 4.Public zone more than 12 feet communication between a speaker and an audience 23 Time it is important to: arrive on time for appointments and job interviews respond promptly to requests communicates a sense of responsibility and respect for other peoples time as well as your own 24 Paralanguage sounds, which do not have an exact written form examples: Shhhhhh or Um not spoken words the way the sounds are said can send various messages imagine someone is apologizing to you respond by say the following line out loud three different ways Oh, uh huh. each time stress the underlined word Oh, uh huh. Did each time sound different? Did the meaning change? 25 Nonverbal Communication 26 Improving Organizational Communication 27 Ethics 28 Ethical versus Legal Messages 29 Ethical Decision-Making Process 30 Benefits of Ethical Business Communication 31 Quiz 32 Acknowledgements


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