1 click machine offers most economical range of multi purpose bga rework stations

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<p> 1. 1 Click Machine Offers Most Economical Range of Multi-purpose BGA Rework Stations 1 Click machine offers most economical range of best quality BGA rework stations that can be used for multiple purposes. They are one of the most reliable sellers of BGA rework station and other equipment like solder paste stencils, Pneumatic Frame nailers etc. amongst others. They design and manufacture products for any sort of special needs in the Industrial Equipment field. They manufacture entire range of BGA rework stations, using the best materials and technology. Their range of BGA rework stations comes with touch screen interface, k-type thermocouple, close-loop control, and intelligent temperature compensation. The BGA rework stations are capable of identifying high degree of suction and mounting. It also possesses automatic soldering and desoldering functions. While manufacturing solder paste stencils, they use high quality high nickel content and stainless steel which provide best in paste release characteristics. In addition, it provides a high degree of flatness and dimensional stability for consistent printing. Apart from that, they also offer great quality pneumatic framing nailer for many crafting and construction businesses. Their pneumatic nailers are extremely great value tools for craftsmen and provide highest- performance. 1 Click machine is specialized in the designing and manufacturing SMT peripheral equipment, automation equipment and environment protection equipment. Relying on their many years of marketing experience, they have established a relatively stable, continuously expanding and perfect sales and after-sale service network. Their products have been sold to North America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and other countries and regions. About - 1 Click machine co. limited 1 Click machine co. limited founded in year 2008 is a professional agent of SMT peripheral equipments, automation equipments and environment protection equipments, etc. after several years development, 1Click machine become a multi-type company. They not only offer the best communication in foreign trade, but also provide customers with the most reasonably priced products. They also offer informative technical data, convenient sales consultation, one- year complete-system warranty and life-long free technical support for each system and product they sell. 2. To know more about them please visit http://www.1clickmachine.com </p>


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