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  • 1 FinEx The Express Way to Finance the College Experience
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  • 2 Mission FinEx will provide financial aid services to help parents and students No More Paperwork! Hassle-free form filling Expert advice and assistance to consider costs of education, plan, understand options, and obtain aid FinEx
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  • 3 Market Analysis: Overland Park (Counseling Service) FinEx
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  • 4 Office Location: Overland Park Target Market: Johnson County Population: 491,713 High Population Growth: 8.9% from 2000-2004 High School Population: 32,649 95.7% of residents complete high school (highest in nation) Middle to upper-middle class Median income: $62,155. Mean income: $79,768. Some students may not qualify for aid at state schools, but many would qualify at expensive private colleges!! FinEx
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  • 5 Market Analysis: USA (FAFSA/CSS Form Filling Service) FinEx
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  • 6 Target Market: High School Students Families in USA 2004 US Population: 285,691,501 National High School Enrollment: 16,626,365 83.9% complete high school. 27.0% get bachelors degrees. Median household income: $44,684 Mean household income: $60,070 FinEx
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  • 7 Market MARKET TARGETS 5% of Johnson County high school seniors = 408 clients 50% of clients also subscribe to paperwork service 1% of Johnson County remaining high school students = 245 clients 0.2% of seniors nationwide = 8,297 clients MARKET FORECASTS Johnson County population growth of 0.77% Nationwide population growth of 0.91% Nationwide College enrollment growth of 0.20% Est. Sales 2006, $693,576.28. Est. Sales 2012, $705,901.83 FinEx
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  • 8 Services Available National Online Services FAFSA, CSS/Profile completion Completion of individual college aid forms $59.99 + $4.99/college aid form Office Consultation One-Hour Consultation Scholarship/Grant Application Aid Comparison Loans Pre-Planning General Cost Planning $70/hour Form Completion w/hour consultation, $29.99 + $4.99/college aid form FinEx
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  • 9 Customer Response Survey given to 16 families with college-bound children in Johnson County FinEx
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  • 10 Timeline for Business July Secure Financing Find office location August Purchase office materials Build-out office space Prepare for upcoming business Open For Business Office: Sept 1, 2006 FinEx.com and FinExOP.com online Sept 5, 2006 Events Guidance counselor info session, Sept 19 th Parent/Student/Guidance counselor, November FinEx
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  • 11 Advertising & Marketing: Counseling Service Target high school guidance counselors Post/hand out flyers at high schools, libraries, grocery stores, churches, parks Rent space for one-day information sessions: give some free advice; allow parents, students & teachers to ask questions. Give limited-time only discount offers there. Promote info sessions in KCStar, Johnson County Sun, and Star Magazine Website: www.FinExOP.comwww.FinExOP.com FinEx
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  • 12 Advertising & Marketing: FAFSA/CSS Form Service Website: www.FinEx.comwww.FinEx.com Revenue share with PrepMe & EssayEdge Traffic goes to our site; gain credibility and traffic Partner with as many companies as feasible Practice Search Engine Keyword Optimization Buy Google Adwords; pay per click. Cost: $.05-$1.00/click for keywords we would want. FinEx Promote FAFSA/CSS service with counseling clients in Overland Park; Gain credibility and traffic Print advertising in Money Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, US News Newsweek Cost: $40,000- $220,000/full-page ad. Only after significant website traffic
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  • 13 FinEx: The Express Way to Finance the College Experience Sending your child off to college is hard enough without all of the paperwork. Let FinEx make it easier! Schedule an appointment, and we will do all your financial research for you from scholarships to cost comparisons to aid qualification before you even arrive! Or, if you just need help filling out those pesky forms, well take care of that too! FinEx
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  • 15 Competitive Analysis Form Filling Service: Competitors http://fafsa.ed.gov/ The official FAFSA website for filling out the form over the internet Advantages 1. Free 2. Official and secure Disadvantages 1. Must acquire a PIN from http://www.pin.ed.gov/ before you can begin filling out the formhttp://www.pin.ed.gov/ 2. Time consuming: user must go through 43-54 different screens before completion 3. Opportunity for error that can result in incompletion of the FAFSA form
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  • 16 http://www.fafsa.com A private company that helps you fill out your FAFSA form for a fee, either over the internet or phone. Advantages 1. Phone service reportedly only takes 15 minutes (this data sounds questionable) 2. Company provides tracking information about your FAFSA and alerts you when it is able to be viewed by colleges. 3. Does not require signing up for a PIN. 4. FAFSA is reviewed for accuracy by professional employees. Disadvantages 1. Very similar to the free service offered through the official website. 2. High cost of $79.99 for first time users, $49.99 for renewals. http://www.fasfa.com Similar cost and service as the above website, however, no phone service available
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  • 17 The FinEx difference FinEx form filling costs only $59.99 Minimal work is required of our customers. Customer Service available around the clock to assist with any questions.
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  • 18 Counseling Service: Competitors Nearly all colleges have their own Financial Aid Office for assistance. Some general counseling companies exist: College Solutions http://go2collegesolutions.com/http://go2collegesolutions.com/ Provides a wide variety of services including some free consultation, financial review, professional essay review, preparation of common application, and preparation of FAFSA and CSS. Pricing information unavailable at this time One location in Framingham, Massachusetts Phillips Financial Aid Services http://financialaidhelp.com/ http://financialaidhelp.com/ Assists primarily with financial planning for college Price Range from $45 to $589
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  • 19 Other competitors: Scholarship Service: www.fastweb.com is a prominent online scholarship search toolwww.fastweb.com Aid Comparison: USNews, CollegeBoard, and other companies offer web based aid comparison free of charge Loans: Various websites with useful information Pre-Planning and General Cost Planning: Financial companies such as H&R Block and Schwab offer services to plan for college There are also many books about maximizing financial aid and planning for the costs of college. Our area of location and the comfort and ease of dealing with professionals at a personal level will be sufficient to compete in these markets.
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  • 20 Looking to the Future One Year Later Expand office consultation to other locations in the Midwest Continue to grow online services Five Years Later Expansion of offices nationwide Expand services available FinEx