1 of 9 FIG Working Week 2009, Eilat Israel, TS08A (3327) A Cadastral Data Processing Toolbox Eytan Gelbman R.G.M. Geodesy and Engineering Ltd., Israel

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Text of 1 of 9 FIG Working Week 2009, Eilat Israel, TS08A (3327) A Cadastral Data Processing Toolbox Eytan...

  • A Cadastral Data Processing ToolboxEytan GelbmanR.G.M. Geodesy and Engineering Ltd., Israel

  • The Essence of Analytical CadastreFinding the best definition of a parcel turn points, as defined in the field during the settlement process or as a result of permutations (re-parceling, subdivision etc.) Or due to interpretation of deeds and land transactions accompanied with appropriate drafts. Enabling a single/unique value definition and documentation of the borders, including the geometrical moves leading to its establishment and a mathematical analysis of its accuracy.A prerequisite to this approach is a thorough inquiry of all the authentic measurements gathered along the years, which supplies the testimony of the border definition.

  • Authentic Measurements

  • Main Tools We NeedControl NetI/O: Various types of dataEditing toolsPolygonometry (Bowditch rule)Least Squares AdjustmentGraphical toolsDatabase LinkQuality control and Reports Data Collection toolsManuallyFiles translation tablesReal Time On Line CalculationsOn-Line Graphic AnimationReportsChain SurveyingGraphics & TopographicMixed Data Regoriouse Adjustment Database LinkEasy & Convenient data handlingWeights control Fast calculationsFree Net and Sequential Adjustment abilitiesComprehensive reports User FriendlyOther Software CompatibilitiesGeodetic Graphics toolsCadastre toolsLand Surveyor tools

  • Regv2000

  • Map2000

  • Geo2000

  • Adjust Geo

  • SummaryCoherent unified systemEasy to use / FriendlinessLand Surveyor / Geodesist orientationOne umbrella

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