1 School Grades 2011-12 Paul Houchens Director Student Assessment & Research.

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<ul><li><p>*School Grades 2011-12 </p><p>Paul HouchensDirector Student Assessment &amp; Research</p></li><li><p>Changes for School GradesFloridas assessment and accountability systems are in transitionESEA waiver and elimination of AYPSchool Grades as the sole accountability measureFCAT 2.0 Reading, Mathematics, and Science Increased expectation for proficiencyEnd-of-Course AssessmentsPARCC in 2014-15New statutorily-required elementsMiddle school acceleration measures25% reading proficiency threshold (2012-13)Level 3 no longer included in the low 25%Inclusion of EOCs in proficiency and gains*</p></li><li><p>All SchoolsMore rigorous cut scores for Achievement Level 32011-12: Reading, Math, 2012-13: ScienceInclude students with disabilities and English language learners (more than 1 year) in performance Change the learning gains calculation for students that stay in Level 1 or 2Add weight for students who increase their Level to 4 or 5Remove level 3 students from the Low 25% calculation.Add retained level 1 and 2 students included in the low 25%Adequate Progress requirement suspended for 2011-12.</p><p>ReadingMathWritingSciencePerformanceFCAT 2.0/FAA(100)FCAT 2.0/FAA(100)FCAT/FAA(100)FCAT/ FAA(100)Learning Gains All StudentsFCAT 2.0/FAA(100)FCAT 2.0/FAA(100)Low 25% Learning GainsFCAT 2.0(100)FCAT 2.0(100)(300)(300)(100)(100)Additional Components:Test at Least 90% of students, 95% to earn an AAdequate Progress of the Low 25% -Grade lowered one letter grade if not met. SUSPENDED 2012 ONLYSchools can decline by no more than 1 letter grade in 2012 onlyPerformance threshold of 25% proficient in Reading -Grade lowered if not met. BEGINS 2013</p></li><li><p>Defining Learning Gains Scores from 2011 will be recalculated on the FCAT 2 scale to measure gains</p><p>Still three ways to make a learning gain:Move up by one or more achievement levels.Maintain a satisfactory achievement level.For Level 1 or 2, demonstrate more than one years worth of growth on the FCAT 2 vertical scale or improve on a common scale score from FCAT 2 to an EOC.</p><p>*</p></li><li><p>New Developmental Scale Score GainsRetained Students may now make a DSS GainPoints required to make a gain based students current grade levelPoints required for retained grade 3 equal grade 4 requirement </p></li><li><p>Learning Gains (FAA)Learning gains for students who take the Florida Alternate Assessment (FAA) have been included in School Grade beginning in 2009-10.</p><p>The FAA has nine separate performance levels, ranging from 1 to 9, with 4 or higher equaling proficient.</p><p>A learning gain is defined as improvement in performance level or the maintenance of a proficient level.</p><p>Students scoring level 1-3 may make a gain if they remain the same level but improve by 5 scale score points.</p></li><li><p>Additional RequirementsAdequate Progress of Lowest Performing 25% in Reading and Mathematics (suspended for 2012)At least 50% of the low performers in a school must show learning gains in reading or math, or the school must show annual improvement in percent making gainsThe school grade is lowered one letter grade if the requirement is not met - for schools that would otherwise be graded C or higherStudents who move up 1 or more achievement levels toLevel 4 will be weighted 1.1Level 5 will be weighted 1.2 Non-Proficient students (FCAT and FAA) who make 33% more than the expected DSS gain will be weighted 1.1Example: Student was level 1 in grade 3 reading, scores 16 points higher would count 1.1 towards gains.*</p></li><li><p>Elementary Grade Points (800)At least 525 school grade points shall be required for a School Performance Grade of A. </p><p>At least 495 school grade points shall be required for a School Performance Grade of B. </p><p>At least 435 school grade points shall be required for a School Performance Grade of C. </p><p>At least 395 school grade points shall be required for a School Performance Grade of D. </p><p>If an elementary school accumulates fewer than 395 school grade points, it shall be F</p></li><li><p>Middle SchoolsStudents with both FCAT 2 and EOC scores will be included in Math performance using the higher score (FCAT 2 or EOC).High School EOC participation and performance will be included in school grade-Participation will be waived if it hurts the school grade 2012 ONLY10. Civics EOC result will be included BEGINNING 2015</p><p>ReadingMathWritingScienceCivicsAccelerationPerformance2011-12High School EOCs </p><p>2012-13 Industry Certifications </p><p>Participation- 50Performance- 50FCAT 2.0/FAA(100)FCAT 2.0/EOC/FAA(100)FCAT/FAA(100)FCAT/FAA(100)2014-15EOC (100)Learning Gains All StudentsFCAT 2.0/FAA(100)FCAT 2.0/EOC/FAA(100)Low 25% Learning GainsFCAT 2.0(100)FCAT 2.0(100)(300)(300)(100)(100)(100)(100)</p></li><li><p>Middle School ChangesMathematics Acceleration Component for Middle Schools includes High School courses taken 7th or 8th grade.</p><p>Participation Denominator:8th grade students scoring Achievement Level 3 or higher on their grade 7 FCAT 2 Mathematics, and All other students who took the EOC assessment and enrolled in the appropriate course or its equivalent </p><p>Performance Denominator- Unduplicated participantsNumerator- Students scoring level 3 or higher based on their first EOC attempt in that year.</p></li><li><p>Middle School Grade Points (900)</p><p>At least 590 school grade points shall be required for a school grade of A. At least 560 school grade points shall be required for a school grade of B. At least 490 school grade points shall be required for a school grade of C. At least 445 school grade points shall be required for a school grade of D. If a middle school accumulates fewer than 445 school grade points, it shall be F</p><p>When available the Civics EOC will add 100 points.</p></li><li><p>High SchoolsBank middle school performance on high school EOCs for high school gradesUse the 4 year Federal uniform rate and a 5 year modified federal rate to include both standards and special diplomas in the graduation rateAdjust the points provided or removed for growth and decline Add component for US History EOC Beginning 2013-14</p></li><li><p>High School ChangesEOCs will be incorporated into the school grades model as they are implemented (Algebra I-2012; Algebra I, Geometry, &amp; Biology- 2013</p><p>High school science performance will be suspended in 2011-12, Biology 1 EOC in its baseline year. Other FCAT components will be weighted to equal 800 points.</p><p>Passing middle school EOC performance (Algebra 1 for 2011-12) will be banked for high school grades</p><p>Learning gains will be calculated for Algebra in 2012 and Geometry in 2013</p><p>The target for at-risk graduation will be 65% due to the shift to the Federal Uniform Graduation Rate.</p></li><li><p>High School Changes ContinuedGrowth/ Decline ChangeIncrease of zero 0 to 4 points will be no additional points for annual growth. </p><p>Increase of 5 to 9 points will be 5 additional points for annual growth. </p><p>Increase of 10 or more points will be 10 additional points for growth. </p><p>Schools will lose 5 points before weighting factors are applied if performance declines 10 percentage points </p></li><li><p>Accelerated ParticipationDenominator: Count of 11th and 12th grade students except FCAT exempt (FAA) students.</p><p>Participating students in grades 9 and 10 are included in the numerator regardless of success</p><p>Students in more than one course will receive extra weighting</p><p>Component will be worth 150 points</p></li><li><p>Accelerated Performance</p><p>*Denominator: unduplicated acceleration participation numerator.</p><p>Numerator: Successful completions Credit-earning scores on AP, AICE, IB, Industry Certification Grade of C or higher in dual enrollment courses</p><p>Students with more than one successful completion will receive extra weighting</p><p>Component will be worth 150 points</p></li><li><p>Graduation Rate Summary Information*</p><p>Graduation Rate MethodsStudents Not Included in the CalculationGraduatesNon-GraduatesNational Governors Association (NGA) Rate</p><p>Used in 2010-11Students who transfer to:Other schools (public, private, or Dept. of Juvenile Justice facilities);Home-education programs;Adult education programs</p><p>Deceased studentsStandard Diploma recipientsSpecial Diploma recipientsDropoutsCertificate of Completion recipientsGED recipientsContinuing enrollees who are not on-time graduatesNew Federal Uniform Rate</p><p>Required for federal reporting beginning in 2011-12 Students who transfer to:Other schools (public or private)Home-education programs</p><p>Deceased studentsStandard Diploma recipientsDropoutsCertificate of Completion recipientsGED recipientsContinuing enrollees who are not on-time graduatesSpecial DiplomasTransfers to Adult education programs or Dept. of Juvenile Justice facilities who are not standard diploma recipients.</p></li><li><p>Postsecondary Readiness - Reading, MathDenominator: On-time High School Graduates</p><p>Numerator: Students scoring ready on SAT, ACT, CPT, or PERT during high school</p><p>Calculated separately for reading and mathematics with max of 100 points each.</p><p>2011 College Readiness will be recalculated to include all on time grads for Growth/decline comparison.*</p></li><li><p>HS Grades 2012-2013 (1600)At least 1,050 school grade points shall be required for a school grade of A. </p><p>At least 990 school grade points shall be required for a school grade of B. </p><p>At least 870 school grade points shall be required for a school grade of C. </p><p>At least 790 school grade points shall be required for a school grade of D. </p><p>If a high school accumulates fewer than 790 school grade points, it shall be F</p></li><li><p>*</p><p>Current School Grading Scale</p><p>A = 65.6% of pointsB = 61.9 % of pointsC = 54.4.% of pointsD = 49.4 % of pointsF = less than 49.4 % of pointsElementary = 800 possible pointsMiddle Schools = 900 possible pointsHigh Schools = 1600 possible points</p><p>**This represents the entire School Grade Formula for Elementary Schools. Other levels will include these plus additional level specific changes.</p><p>ELL students with less than one year will be measured against the US school entry date not Florida school entry date.</p><p>Writing has shifted to 2 readers which will allow half scores. Proficiency is still 4.0</p><p>*Adequate Progress for school with less than 50% learning gains for the Low25 group: Schools with at least 40% learning gains but less than 50% for Low25% must show 1% annual improvement.Schools with less than 40% learning gains for the Low 25% must show at least 5% annual improvement.</p><p>Percent Tested Requirement90% must be tested to receive a regular grade in lieu of an I95% must be tested for a school to be eligible for an A</p><p>*</p><p>Students who test under CAP will not count towards the school grade in middle school</p><p>Participation will only count in 2012 if it helps the school</p><p>Students with both an FCAT 2.0 mathematics assessment and an Algebra I or Geometry end-of-course assessment score, the higher of the scores will be used. </p><p>EOC first high school attempt will be usedFAA students were removed from the acceleration participation denominator</p><p>9 and 10 participants will be included in the denominator*We will calculate the 5-year rate as a follow-up to the prior years 4-year cohort. The cohort (denominator) will not be adjusted in the 5th year for incoming transfers or outgoing transfers, but schools will get credit for students from the 4-year cohort who graduated in year 5. Check with </p><p>Data for the five-year rate will be available for corrections, but clean-up of the four-year rate cohort data is critical because the five-year rate will not be adjusted for transfers into or withdrawals from the cohort (denominator) in year five. But Cyndi Holleman is the best source for details on this process.*SATVerbal: 440Math: 440ACTReading: 18Math: 19CPTReading: 83Elementary Algebra (Math): 72 P.E.R.T. (2010-11 Interim Cut Scores)Math: 113Reading: 104</p><p>*Cut marks for school grades (as percent of total points)</p><p>A = (525/800) = 66%B = (495/800) = 62%C = (435/800) = 54%D = (395/800) = 49%</p><p>*</p></li></ul>


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