1 st Five 1.30 seconds: Skiers 2.30 seconds: Burpees 3.45 seconds: Jumping jacks 4.45 seconds: stretch 5.150 seconds: Run/Walk/Jog

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Text of 1 st Five 1.30 seconds: Skiers 2.30 seconds: Burpees 3.45 seconds: Jumping jacks 4.45 seconds:...

4th Grade Unit 4 Game Play

1st Five30 seconds: Skiers30 seconds: Burpees45 seconds: Jumping jacks45 seconds: stretch150 seconds: Run/Walk/Jog

Game PlayLesson 1I can demonstrate positive sportsmanship and recognize those with poor sportsmanship.I can show good CHARACTER.I can follow game rules and play fair.

3Describe WinningTake 30 seconds and discuss with a classmate the feelings, the environment, the thoughts of winning a game.

4Describe LosingNow take 60 seconds and describe a loss in a game.How did you cope, deal, or handle that loss?

5All about CharacterHow would you describe or define character?

Behavior/Your Nature

Character is

Character in sports

Most importantlyI cannot teach you to:CareShareThink about others firstBe HonestResponsibleI can show you.

Can you tell who won or who lost?Good sports are easy to find and the outcome is difficult to determine in this picture but Poor sportsmanship is even easier to point out.

11SportsmanshipTakes the emotions or feelings out of a win or loss. It is how you behave after both.Lets look at some ways to handle both winning and losing and identify if this reflects good sportsmanship or bad sportsmanship.12Good or Bad?

13Good or Bad?

14Good or Bad?

15Good or Bad?

16Characteristics of Good sportsmanshipFollows the rules of the game.Encourages your teammates.Respects the players, coaches, and officials.Acknowledges and respects the other team. after the game.Plays fair.Knows how to handle winning and losing.17Task/Exit SlipToday, your exit slip is to demonstrate some of the positive characteristics of a good sport.There are three games to choose from in class.As you compete in those game(s) remember what it takes to be a good sport. Check the checklist.After self-assessing, make sure you share your experience with the teacher, a player, or an opponent.18Good Sport checklistGoodBad1.Plays according to the rules.Breaks some.2.Respects the players/ opponents.Disrespects through actions or words.3. Acknowledges opponents with hand-shake and/or verbal good game gesture.Displays rude or inappropriate behaviors after the game.4. Handles winning and/or losing appropriately and displays little or no emotion towards opponents.Taunts, trash-talk, pouting, arguing, not shaking hands.19RubricDisplayed all of the characteristics of a good sport.

Did not display all the characteristics of a good sport.