1 US EPA RadNet Program California Air Resources Board Monitoring & Laboratory Division Special Purpose Monitoring

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  • US EPARadNet ProgramCalifornia Air Resources BoardMonitoring & Laboratory DivisionSpecial Purpose Monitoring

  • Program History1950s: Federal government begins monitoring radioactive materials due to nuclear weapons testing

    1970: Monitoring for rads is consolidated under the US EPA

    1973: US EPA creates a continuous monitoring system called Environmental Radiation Air Monitoring System (ERAMS)

    2005: ERAMS is renamed RadNet

  • What Is RadNet?US EPAs environmental radiation monitoring program

    Categories monitored:

    Drinking water


    Pasteurized milk


  • Air MonitoringSept. 11th brought renewed emphasis to monitoring airborne rads.US EPA installed a nationwide network of 124 near real-time monitors

  • California RadNet Air MonitoringCalifornias RadNet sites:AnaheimBakersfieldEurekaFresnoLos AngelesRiversideSacramento (Began late 2008)San DiegoSan FranciscoSan JoseSan Bernardino (11th site as of early 2011)

  • The RadNet MonitorStand alone monitoring system developed by General Atomics

    Acquires, stores and electronically transmits data to the National Air Radiation & Environmental Lab (NAREL)

  • RadNet Components (Met. & Comm.)Satellite antennaTemp. sensorCellular antenna

  • RadNet Components (Sampling)Beta & gamma detectorsFilter

  • RadNet Components (Data Mgmt.)Local Processing Unit (i.e. CPU)

  • Operators RoleChange and field test filters 2x / Week

    Complete and submit Air Particulate Sample Report to NAREL

    Occasionally assist US EPA with trouble shooting

    Annually calibrate the RadNet w/ US EPAs assistance

  • Filter Change & Field TestPerform background count w/ the geiger counterRemove and replace the exposed filterPerform count on exposed filter w/ the geiger counter

  • Sample Report CompletionAfter completion, mail form & filter to NAREL

  • Interesting LinksJapanese Nuclear Emergency Webpagehttp://www.epa.gov/japan2011/index.html

    USEPA Envirofacts RadNet Datahttp://iaspub.epa.gov/enviro/erams_query_v2.simple_query

    RadNet Operator Webpagehttp://www.epa.gov/narel/radnet/operators/

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