10 Best Apps for Your iPhone 6

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10 Best Apps for Your iPhone 6


Nov 14 2014 : The Economic Times (Mumbai)10 best apps for your iPhone 6 gizmodo.in If you have broken your piggy bank to get your hands on the spanking new iPhone6, you are probably wondering what apps to juice it up with.We have chosen our 10favourite apps for you 1 i!ovie i!ovie allows you to add cool effects to just about any "#0 fps footage you haveshot. It also allows you to edit an entire fil$. With the app e%tension that is part of thenew update, you can add ani$ated titles, filters, and even soundtracks to any clip, rightfro$ within your Photos app. " &ky 'uide With the &ky 'uide, star ga(ing with the iPhone 6 is a walk in the park. While &tarWalk " $ay be one of the $ore popular apps, &ky 'uide)s elegance and beauty haswon over $any iPhone users. * +witterrific , +witterri fic , has a great sense of design, with pictures-ue typography, the$es,and a light touch. If we talk about the features, +witterrific has list $anage$ent, livestrea$ing, ti$eline sync, gestural controls, $uting, and tonnes $ore.# !r.rab !r .rab $ight see$ like so$ething for the kids, but you)ll get hooked so fast youwon)t know what hit you. +his is a one/thu$b platfor$ ga$e that uses !etal in i0& 1to offer users a wonderful visual e% perience. It is one of the few ga$es to refor$atitself properly for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. , &wype &wype has been a regular feature on 2ndroid phones.3ow, even iPhone users canenjoy a new style of te%ting, with which they can use a swipe gesture to for$ words asopposed to taps. 6 4ahoo Weather 4a ho o We at her i s one of the prettiest weather apps available. With the recentupdate, it looks $ore i$pressive on the iPhone 6. 5 'ood6eader +henewi0&1 updatesaw'ood6eaderupgrading not only to support thenewscreen si(es, but also to offer support for 7andoff. It is worth noting that the app alsohas the $eans to e%port to and i$port fro$ i.loud 8rive. 1 P.alc P.alc is the iPhone)s best traditionalcalculator, and with the new update, it hasbeen fully opti$ised for 2pple)s new displays. 9 :antastical " If you are a user of re$inders and calendar, this app has e%cellent natural languageinput for events, a straightforward list view for appoint$ents, and a nifty week view.10 ;u((:eed ;u(( :eed is $any people)s guilty pleasure, and there)s no reason to deny it. If youare in the $ood to take a few -ui((es or get a giggle here and .there, the ;u((:eedwidget is the thing for you