10 Greatest Books of All Time

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A list of 10 greatest books of all time


We all read. Whether it's one of the Harry Potter novels or one of those Bubbles kiddy books. We read. All of us but the following 10 books are books that you should read at least once in your life before you die.

10. Middlemarchby George Eliot

"This is a story which is one of the most important stories published in the Victorian Era, as believed by many scholars. It is sent in Middlemarch, a fictional town in England."

9. The Stories of Anton Chekhovby Anton Chekhov

"His originality consists in an early use of the stream-of-consciousness technique, later employed by Virginia Woolf and other modernists, combined with a disavowal of the moral finality of traditional story structure.

8. In Search of Lost Timeby Marcel Proust"This is Prousts most prominent work, it is popularly known for its extended length and the notion of involuntary memory, the most famous example being the episode of the madeleine in which he describes in great (boring) detail, eating a madeleine dipped in tea."7. The Great Gatsbyby F. Scott Fitzgerald"Set in the brilliant Jazz age - this story is about a mysterious, rich man named Jay Gatsby. Fitzgerald surely has a way with words that thrills you."6. Hamletby William Shakespeare

"With this book, the question is definitely not 'to read or not to read'. Mr. Shakespeare was bound to get on this list and the tragedy Hamlet made the cut."

5. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finnby Mark Twain

"Being one of the greatest American Novels, there was no way that this book for both the younger generation and older generation wasn't going to get on this list."4. Lolitaby Vladmir Nabokov

"Now this book may have a few disagreements for being on this list but having read the book and fully understanding the concept of the book, I think it's a very good book and it's definitely worth reading. Famous for its innovative style and infamous for its controversial subject; this book deserves to be on this list."

3. War and Peaceby Leo Tolstoy

"It's one of the greatest novels about the story of Russian society during the Napoleon era."

2. Madame Bovaryby Gustave Flaubert

"The novel focuses on a doctors wife, Emma Bovary, who has adulterous affairs and lives beyond her means in order to escape the banalities and emptiness of provincial life. Though the basic plot is rather simple, even archetypal, the novels true art lies in its details and hidden patterns."1. Anna Kareninaby Leo Tolstoy"Another one of Tolstoy's masterpieces and actually his first true novel. It forms a beautiful bridge between the realist and modernist novel."