10 Things to Do in Benalmadena Marina

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<ul><li><p>7/28/2019 10 Things to Do in Benalmadena Marina</p><p> 1/5</p><p>b-met.com http://www.b-met.com/blog/10-things-to-do-in-benalmadena-marina/#.UaX8Pe4wkU4</p><p>10 Things To Do In Benalmadena Marina</p><p>by admin</p><p>Benalmadena Marina, is in the coastal resort o f Benalmadena Costa on the Costa del Sol. Several times</p><p>winner of the Best Marina in the World award, Puerto Marina is one of the Cos ta del Sols busiest and</p><p>most popular areas by both day and night.</p><p>The locality and overall architectural design of the marina really does make it one of the most att ractive</p><p>places t o visit while on holiday here.</p><p>Below we have put together a list of 10 things f or you t o do there.</p><p>Sea Life Aquarium</p><p>The aquarium is open f rom 10 am until 6 pm every day of the year except Christmas day. With more than</p><p>2,000 creatures o n exhibition, it is a great place to discover the amazing ocean world and get up close with</p><p>an amazing selection of sea creatures including sharks, rays, tropical f ish, seahorses , octo pus, eels,</p><p>ot ters and much more.</p><p>Feeding demonstrat ions are held throughout t he day and there are 36 spectacular displays, as well as the</p><p>rock poo l experience, where you can hold a crab or touch a starf ish. You can also take a walk through the</p><p>underwater tunnel and your litt le ones can play in the sof t play area.</p><p>If you plan your t rip and go o n a Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday you can see sharks devour their f ood at</p><p>f eeding time.Ticket prices are:-</p><p>Adult (12-65 years )..16.25 euro s</p><p>Children (3-11 years)..14.00 euros</p><p>Concession (65+ years)14.00 euros</p>http://www.b-met.com/blog/10-things-to-do-in-benalmadena-marina/#.UaX8Pe4wkU4http://www.b-met.com/blog/10-things-to-do-in-benalmadena-marina/#.UaX8Pe4wkU4</li><li><p>7/28/2019 10 Things to Do in Benalmadena Marina</p><p> 2/5</p><p>Guide.3.95 euros</p><p>Def initely one f or the kids!</p><p>Pirate Adventure Mini Golf</p><p>Next door to Sea Lif e Aquarium you will f ind the Pirate Adventure Mini Golf . It is open f rom 10 am every day</p><p>(except Christmas day and weather permitting) and is great f or a f amily day of f un!</p><p>Enjoy the lavishly themed nine hole course, where each hole has its own challenge and at the same time</p><p>learn about some of the worlds f amous pirates.</p><p>Ticket prices are:-</p><p>Adults ( 12+ years)5.00 euros</p><p>Children (3-11 years)..5.00 euros</p><p>Shopping</p><p>The marina has many shops selling perfumes, craf ts , clothes, local artef acts sunglasses, jewellery and</p><p>more. Spending the day perusing the shops will enable you to f ind those holiday souvenirs you are loo king</p><p>to take home and at the same time you may f ind something for yourself !</p><p>Feed the Fish</p><p>Children and adults alike enjoying f eeding f ish, so why not take a s tro ll along t he marina, grab an ice-cream</p><p>and feed the many f ish that swim around the luxury boats. You dont have to worry about taking your o wn</p><p>bread either as about half way through the marina heading towards The Metro restaurant, there is a small</p><p>bar that sells bags of bread to f eed to the f ish, f or just one euro!</p><p>Dining Out</p><p>The marina is f ull of f antast ic restaurants and bars that o f f er both lunch and dinner menus.</p><p>For those who want to enjoy some Spanish tapas, there are at least 20 little terrace bars scattered aroundthe marina for you to choose f rom. You can sample many types of f ish and other Spanish delicacies, while</p><p>admiring the fabulous selection of luxury yachts and boats moored in the port .</p><p>Night t ime dining brings a completely dif f erent f eel to the marina, with couples, f riends and families all trying</p><p>to decide between the many diff erent cuisines that are on o f f er. The air is f illed with the mixed aroma of</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 10 Things to Do in Benalmadena Marina</p><p> 3/5</p><p>Spanish, Greek, Italian, American, Indian and Chinese f ood, to name but a f ew, so you are certainly spoilt</p><p>f or choice!</p><p>Once you decide which is the cuisine for you, sit back and soak up the electric atmosphere of the port while</p><p>looking out over t he illuminated marina with its beautif ul Moro ccan architecture.</p><p>It is most def initely one of the liveliest , but at the same time most ro mantic places to dine, so close to</p><p>luxurious yachts and the twinkling Mediterranean Sea.</p><p>Take a Boat Trip</p><p>As you can imagine, being in a marina you are surro unded by bo ats. Many of these are privately owned, but</p><p>many also o f f er boat trips. Boat t rips depart every 15-30 minutes, some of f er you the chance to see</p><p>dolphins, whilst o thers just cruise along the shoreline enabling you to see the beautiful coastline of the</p><p>Costa del Sol.</p><p>One of the most enticing boat t rips is the glass bot to m boat where you can see what goes on beneath the</p><p>sea as you sail along enjoying the glorious sunshine. The children abso lutely love this one!</p><p>Another very popular boat trip is the pirate ship or Junco Chino (Chinese Junk). It was o riginally f rom China</p><p>and was built in 1972. The boat sets sail f rom the marina every two hours between 10 am and 8 pm and</p><p>takes you around the marina, then along the coastline of Torremolinos, giving you views o f the beautiful</p><p>beaches and Malaga.</p><p>Mississippi Willow Bar and Restaurant</p><p>An extremely popular attract ion at the marina is the beaut if ully restored American paddle steamer, the</p><p>Mississippi Willow. Transf ormed into a f loating bar and restaurant that runs an af ternoon cruise around the</p><p>bay, it really is a great way to view the port. If you want something a little bit livelier you could wait until the</p><p>evening when the atmosphere completely changes and it becomes party time on board!</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 10 Things to Do in Benalmadena Marina</p><p> 4/5</p><p>Benalmadena Beach</p><p>The Marina isnt just about boats , it also has a beautif ul sandy beach that s ince 1987 has consistently</p><p>been awarded the European Blue Flag for its excellent service and clean waters.</p><p>So tear yourself away f rom the hustle and bustle of the port , grab one of the many sunbeds and parasols</p><p>f or hire and lie back with a book and relax!</p><p>Night-life</p><p>There are nightclubs a plenty in Benalmadena Costa, some of the more raucous ones can be found in 24hr</p><p>square, just outside the marina, but the night- life inside the port carries on in a more upmarket,</p><p>sophisticated way.</p><p>You will f ind many Spanish people partying in the marina as there are lots o f Latin and Salsa clubs there.</p><p>Prices o f drinks however are much higher, with the price of spirits averaging 10 euros each, but this is</p><p>def initely the place to be seen amongst the power boats and luxury yachts.</p><p>The Tourist Train</p><p>Benalmdena has its very own tourist train that runs f rom Puerto Marina to Tivoli World and back. Tickets</p><p>can be purchased at the ticket-o f f ice in the marina and cost f our euros f or a round trip.</p><p>Each round trip takes 45 minutes, stopping at Puerto marina, Parque Selwo Marina, Parque de la Paloma,Telefrico cable car, Tivoli theme park and back again. It is a f un way fo r young children through to</p><p>grandparents t o explore the sights of Benalmadena, whilst waving at the onlookers.</p>http://www.b-met.com/blog/tivoli-world-benalmadena-theme-park-costa-del-sol/http://www.b-met.com/blog/benalmadena-teleferico-cable-car-costa-del-sol/http://www.b-met.com/blog/parque-de-la-paloma-benalmadena-dove-park-in-malaga/</li><li><p>7/28/2019 10 Things to Do in Benalmadena Marina</p><p> 5/5</p><p>We hope that the 10 tips above have given you some inspiration. Dont f orget that if you need</p><p>transportation to and f rom Malaga airport , we at B-MET would be happy to set you on your way. Visit us at</p><p>http://www.b-met.com f or an instant quote.</p><p>Images courtesy o f lism, Terry Wha and Sharon Ingerson.</p>http://www.flickr.com/photos/babywolf1/http://www.flickr.com/photos/terry_wha/http://www.flickr.com/photos/lastyearsgirl_/http://www.b-met.com/http://www.b-met.com/blog/new-malaga-airport-shopping-precinct-planned-for-march-2014/</li></ul>