10 Things to Do in Coorg

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  • 8/13/2019 10 Things to Do in Coorg


    The most sought after hill-station in the entirety of Karnataka, Coorg situated in the lush green

    terrains of the Western Ghats, offers an exhilarating experience unmatched in the whole of India.

    Being christened the Scotland of Indiaas well as the Kashmir of the South, Coorg presents a

    picturesque view of nature in all its splendour, with densely packed teak wooded forests

    decorated by a whole range of lush green valleys and coffee plantations alike with huge towering

    mountain ranges clad in between.

    At 3500 m above sea level, the cool and clean serenity of the place is a welcome relief from the

    heat and dust that you often face in the busy city roads. The alluring beauty of the place not

    withstanding, Coorg offers a lot of exciting activities to do, which makes it one of the best places

    to tour in the nation. Here are some of the best things you can hope to do, whilst you enjoy a

    refreshing sojourn at Coorg.

    1. River Rafting:One of the rare places where this adventurous sport is practiced, Coorg offers you the ideal

    way to get soaking wet. Surge your way through the frothing waters that the rivers provide.

    Drops in the rivers, called as rapids offer you an exhilarating experience, as being a

    mountainous region, Coorg has the ideal gradient suited to do these drops! Barapole, is

    considered the best river to do your rafting on, as it has the most turbulent flow amongst all

    the rivers, and the ambience that surrounds this stream of chaotic water is just surreal. This

    makes it one of the best things to do in Coorg!

    Prepare yourself for the trip by being clad in T-Shirts and Shorts with adequate foot wear like

    floaters while rafting. Loose clothing like Sarees arent recommended for rafting, and it is

    highly advisable to carry a set of dry clothes to change into after the Rafting. Get set for a

    surging albeit soaking experience as you fling yourself along the frothing waters of the river,

    and witness the awe-striking power of water at its mightiest in this adventure activity inCoorg.

    2. Quad Biking:Getting to explore the landscapes of Coorg takes a wild and fun turn as you explore the

    panoramic view of the landscapes abundant with green, fastened on the back of a Quad bike.

    Quad bikes are ATV(All terrain Vehicles) which like their name suggests are suitable to ride

    across a variety of terrains. Behold the scenic beauty of the place in a whole new perception

    as you make your way across ever green terrains, dunes constantly swaying from highs to

    lows, and get a view of the coffee and tea plantations clad on either side of the path.

    Catch a glimpse of wildlife scattering away as their sensitive ears pick up the drone of your

    Bikes 250cc engine, and humor yourself as you try to catch up to them. Heres an unique

    adventure activity in Coorg which promises to be both fun and exhilarating at the same time,

    as you explore Coorg like never before. Available in Chelavara region of Coorg, the ride is

    usually of an hour long duration and the only requirement is to have a valid license and you

    get to see nature on a whole different light, whilst on top of two pairs of rotating wheels!

  • 8/13/2019 10 Things to Do in Coorg


    3. Micro-light Flying:Rated as one of the best things to do in Coorg, Micro-light flying is one the most exciting

    thing that you may ever come across in your life. Take to the skies literally, as you soar

    through the air, the wind at your face as you make your way across paddy fields, brooks andrivers, forests and grasslands through the help of Micro-light flying. Silence the question that

    has riddled you since your childhood, as you take flight with the very birds that helped sow

    the fascination of flight in your mind. Feel the wind howling across your ears as you hold

    onto the flight for dear life, experiencing a thrill unique to flying alone, as you see mother

    earth from a scintillating altitude of 5000 feet. Immediately spiral dive to a height of 3000

    feet, losing two thousand feet in a matter of seconds. But no reason to be alarmed, the flights

    equipped with the latest GPS and Navigation systems ensure the safety of the pilot and you

    as you fly about the skies.

    The flight can go on up to four hours, and can cover a distance of 350 kilometers.

    Accommodating two people including the pilot, the flight can lift a payload of 250 kg.

    Youre required to wear tight fitting clothes, preferably in a T-shirt and a pair of shorts.

    Loose fitting clothes are prohibited, as one doesnt want that to be caught in the propeller of

    the flight. A trip usually consists of a flight of 15 minutes, but youre bound to enjoy every

    second of it as you fly through the very clouds that you used to gawk at from the ground.

    Know what Leonardo Da Vinci meant when he said He who has experienced flight will

    forever walk with his eyes turn sky ward. For there he has been and there he longs to return."

    4. Mountain Biking:Biking in itself is an exciting sport offering you avenues of adventurous fun complete with

    the scope as a good, sound exercise regime. Put Coorg into the picture and you get anirresistible activity that is great fun to do too! Cycle along the dirt roads that were built

    exclusively for this purpose. This ride of sorts will take you into the forest, bringing you in

    close proximity with the wildlife that is abundant there. Forge a tryst with nature herself, as

    you tread on the dirt roads with your cycle, and treat your eyes to scenic wonders in the guise

    of waterfalls, and small hillocks, that throng the two ends of the forest.

    Available in Chelavara region of Coorg, you will be required to wear safety gear such as

    helmet, goggles, and gloves (optional). Loose garments are strictly prohibited and youre

    required to be in an attire of T-shirts and shorts/tracks. Tight gripping shoes are mandatory,

    as one requires a sure footing on the pedals as you ride along terrains that are bound to give a

    bump or two. Enjoy a peaceful ride, that you cant get anywherein your busy city roads, as

    you take in the beauty and poise of the very best that nature can offer you. Remember though

    to adhere to the rules which youll be briefed about before you undertake the ride, as it is

    vital to follow them as you traverse across landscapes youve never come across in your life.

    Basic bicycle riding skills are adequate enough to go for this ride but it is advised to follow

    the instructions as the traverse around small hillocks can be fairly hard indeed. Ride along

    with nature for company in this exciting adventure activity in Coorg.

  • 8/13/2019 10 Things to Do in Coorg


    5. Camping in Coorg:Being one with nature has never been easier, than adventure camping on the scenic locales of

    Coorg. Be fused with nature and fall prey to its alluring beauty, as you stay in camping tents

    at top of green plains which give you a splendid view of the surrounding mountain ranges.

    Feel alive and rejuvenated as you rise to the chirping of birds calling out to you, as you feelthe chill crawl up your spine. Drape a shawl around you, as you set forth exploring the

    various mountain ranges, and hillocks that Coorg provides.

    Tread across winding roads, acres and acres of coffee and tea plantations adorned by mistily

    clad hills, and never ending stretches of paddy fields. Taste the water from cascading streams

    which are enriched with mountain minerals. Feel truly alive as you explore the paths in the

    forests, and catch sight of the wildlife that have made Coorgs forests their home. Warm your

    palms sitting around a hastily strewn campfire, and feel the heat flow through your palms to

    your chest. Reach into your very soul in a trip of a lifetime, as words fail you as you strive to

    describe the magnificent sight that meets your eye, in one of the best thing to do in Coorg.

    Stay at the heart of nature, and lose yours in moments by undertaking a camping trip inCoorg.

    6. Visit to Abbey Falls:There is nothing more refreshing than taking a cold, long shower to chase away any feel of

    laziness that one could feel. Or so it seems. Ever considered taking them under a waterfall,

    natures own version of a shower headshowering us with seasonal or perennial flow of cold,

    unadulterated, clean water? Then surely a visit to Abbey Falls is the best thing to do in

    Coorg, for you! In the case of Abbey falls, it is seasonal as several streams combine,

    swelling with the monsoon rains and plunge down the mountain slope at enormous speed.They smack into huge boulders and force through the crevices and ravines, which are in

    abundance in the mountains and hillocks that are in the Western Ghats.

    Get exposed to the scenic view of Abbey falls draped in a thick veil of mist, as the water

    flows into the Kaveri River. During the monsoon season though the flow of water through

    the falls is very high, and hence the falls are barricaded. In summer though, the flow is scant.

    Located in the midst of furrow clad coffee plantations with stocky coffee bushes, and

    thronged with spice estates with tress entwined with pepper vines, the falls appear suddenly.

    The water then cascades over several rocks and trenches before dwindling into calm pools.

    The falls are accessible from Madikeri, through a long winding road to the Cofee estate, and

    are a mere walk away from there. Find yourself lose to the power of the Abbey falls, as you

    marvel at the visual spectacle that a sheet of water hounding onto the rocks with amazing

    force can bring about.

    7. Tadiandamol Trek:Being the highest peak in all of Coorg, Tadiandamol promises a challenge like none another

    to the trekker in you. Standing at 5724 feet above sea level it is also the second highest peak

  • 8/13/2019 10 Things to Do in Coorg


    in Karnataka, increasing its stature in the eyes of an avid trekker. Located in the South

    Eastern part of Coorg, it is 35 kilometers from the town of Madikeri. Usually traversed till its

    two-thirds through the means of a jeep, it is the remaining portion which poses as an

    exhilarating challenge. The ascent becomes quite steep but with perseverance and little

    amount of skill in navigating around the hilly terrain, you can reap the due reward of scaling

    and conquering not only its peak, but a delightful 360 degree view of the surroundinglandscapes

    View plains abundant with throngs of lush greenery and feast your eyes to a scintillating

    view of mist covered mountain tops. Bear witness to small, meekly streams joining with each

    other, and forming large raging rivers. The Nalaknad Palace, built by Dodda Veerarajendra in

    1792, serves as the base camp for trekkers who can make an overnight stay before climbing

    the Tadiyandamol peak in the morning. Nalaknad Palace is a two-storied structure is situated

    on a precipitous ridge and not easily accessible. A steep winding path from the Nalaknad

    Palace, leads to the Tadiandamol peak. It is highly advised to carry a backpack, with

    adequate supplies of water, and food. It is also advisable to wear trekking shoes, and to carry

    an extra pair of footwear as an extra precaution. Truly one of the best trekking options

    available in the entire state, the Tadiandamol trek is one of the most exciting and best thing to

    do in Coorg.

    8. Trek to Kotebetta:Trekking has never been more welcoming as a trek to Kotebetta, the third tallest peak in

    Coorg altogether. Located at 22 kilometers from Madikeri, the trek covers an average

    distance of 10 kilometers from its base, making it one of the best sized treks one can everundertake on the mountainside. The trek begins uneventfully on an asphalt road, and

    eventually you make your way through the forest across winding paths which ultimately lead

    you to the summit. All along the trek you are treated to a panoramic view of the

    surroundings, lush greenery laced with scantily clad hillocks everywhere you see, and this

    puts it in the ranks amongst the best thing to do in Coorg, while youre there.

    The road does get to be a little slippery from time to time, and can prove to be quite a task

    indeed, but the visually bedazzling view one gets to experience at the top is well worth the

    trouble you go through. There is no official permission one has to get if one wishes to

    embark on this trek, but it is advised to be accompanied by a local guide as the conditions

    can be too hard to navigate through without proper guidance. One may bump into the

    occasional herd of wild elephants, or buffalos which can prove to a sticky situation if it were

    to happen. So being adequately prepared is a must, and also take plenty of drinking water

    with you, as you get to see the humidity and exercise drain the water level in your body.

    Being clad in a pair of shoes will help your cause as you make the steep climb upwards.

    Nevertheless, this is one of the most challenging and satisfying thing to do in Coorg.

  • 8/13/2019 10 Things to Do in Coorg


    9. Pushpagiri trek:Listed as one of the Heritage centers of the World, Pushpagiri is highest peak at the

    Pushpagiri wildlife sanctuary. Offering a rugged terrain which is as challenging as it gets in

    trekking, Pushpagiri is a haven for endemic birds and wildlife alike, the sightings of whichare sure to melt the heart of any nature lover, and thus labelled as one of the best thing to do

    in Coorg. The terrain that surrounds the Pushpagiri is in the guise of the Subramanya hills,

    which are also equally famous for trekking and wildlife sighting. It is advised to wear a T-

    shirt and tracks, along with a pair of sneakers and carry plenty of water with you as you make

    the strenuous climb.

    A whole range of birds and animals alike such as the Nilgiri Wood Pigeon, the Nilgiri

    Flycatcher, and other threatened species like the Grey-breasted laughingthrush and the Black-

    and-orange Flycatcher, Indian Giant Squirrel, Indian Hare, Spotted Deer, Sambar, Indian

    Muntjac, Gaur, Asian Elephant, Wild Pig, Giant Flying Squirrel, Otter species, Stripe-necked

    Mongoose and Mouse Deer, flock about the place merrily, presenting themselves to your

    eyes every now and then to your utter delight. Offering a stellar view of the surrounding

    mountain ranges, coupled with the rich wildlife that the Pushpagiri possesses, the trek is one

    of most adventurous activity to do in Coorg.

    10.Coffee Plantation Walk:However surreal a walk amidst the furrow ridden lush green coffee plantations, set in a

    breathtaking scenery all around it sounds like it is exactly whats going to happen to you as

    you undertake a Coffee Plantation walk. Available in plenty of private plantations, walk

    across coffee fields shrouded by the morning mist which is literally drooping from the clouds

    themselves, as you listen to the constant chirp of birds calling out to the skies. Let the smell

    of freshly brewed coffee stir your senses, and send your taste buds into a spiraling spin with a

    mere sip of the coffee which is as rich as it gets. Learn to differentiate one kind from another

    as you continue the walk exploring the different coffee bushes that litter the place.

    Laze around as you listen to the const...