10 Things You Can Do To Help Bees

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  • 8/12/2019 10 Things You Can Do To Help Bees


  • 8/12/2019 10 Things You Can Do To Help Bees


    ". #reate natural habitat.

    -f you have space in your garden, let some of it go "ild to create a safe haven for beesand other insects and small mammals ardens that are too tidy are not so "ildlife*friendly

    $. %lant bee-friendly flowers.

    You can buy "ildflo"er seeds from many seed merchants, and they can be so"n in anyspare patch of ground * even on "aste ground that is not being cultivated Some +guerillagardeners+ even plant them in public par$s and "aste ground

    &. %rovide a site for beehives.

    -f you have some space to spare, you could offer a corner of your garden to a localbee$eeper as a place to $eep a hive or t"o They "ill need to have regular access, sobear this in mind "hen considering a site

    . (ae a wild bee house.

    roviding a simple bo( as a place for feral bees to set up home is one step short of

    ta$ing up bee$eeping, but may appeal to those "ho "ant to have bees around but don+t"ant to get involved "ith loo$ing after them

    ). Support your local beeeepers.

    /any people believe that local honey can help to reduce the effects of hayfever andsimilar allergies, "hich is one good reason to buy honey from a local bee$eeper ratherthan from supermar$ets, most of "hich source honey from thousands of miles a"ay -fyou can, find a bee$eeper "ho does not use any chemicals in their hives and as$ for purecomb honey for a real treat

    *. +earn about bees - and tell others.

    Bees are fascinating creatures that relatively fe" people ta$e the trouble to understand2ead a good boo$ about bees and bee$eeping, and "ho $no"s * you might decide to *

    1,. ecome a beeeeper.

    -t is easier than you might imagine to become a bee$eeper * and you don+t need any ofthe e(pensive e&uipment in the glossy catalogues3 4verything you need to $eep beessuccessfully can be made by anyone "ith a fe" simple tools' if you can put up a shelf,you can probably build a beehive3 5or details, see www.biobees.com

    6 6 6

    %hil #handleris author of The Barefoot Beekeeper and has a busy discussion forum fornatural beekeeping on his web site at www.biobees.com

    Your contact for natural beekeeping in this area is:



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