10 Things You Should Not Do!!

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  • 1.10 Things You Should Not Do in Office ?There are a number of things that you should never do ata work place. This would of course include things thathave been detailed on your contract and would be a legalagreement. Employees are also generally expected tofollow the code of conduct and the contract and almostall of us do follow them like being in the office atagreed working hours, turning up for a meeting in time,calling up the manager if sick etc. etc. These are allcommon stuff that everyone is generally aware of andwould be happy to follow. But there are a few untoldthings that may not be expected out of an employee but iffollowed could help you in a number of ways later

2. 1. Dont forget your values Most companies have a document detailing the codeof conduct and the code of ethics. These explain theethics involved in doing business from a companyspoint of view and not from a persons point of view. Iam strong buyer of having a defined ethics foryourself. This could mean turning off the PC whenyou leave work, buying fair trade coffee for theoffice, running fundraisers and participating inevents, to name a few. You would probably do thesethings in your personal life then why notincorporate them in work life?Remember.everyone respects people with values. 3. 2. Never over commit Only commit what you can do. Trying to overcommit to impress managers is a very commonphenomenon at work. There are two problemsassociated with this - * You over commit and do not deliver and the projectgoes out of schedule potentially leading to a failure * You over commit then stress yourself and deliverand your manager is going to assume that is what youare generally capable of delivering. 4. 3. Dont seclude yourself Dont seclude yourself by having lunch at your owndesk and not being at a work gathering unless youhave a very good reason for doing so. You may beseen to be a outsider within the team and that issomething you would not want to be bothered with.Once you start moving with people, it makes it mucheasier for you to voice your opinion during meetingsand people will be more likely to accept your point ofview and will be happy to discuss ideas further. 5. 4. Never lose your self-respect Do not engage yourself in doing thing that wouldtarnish your self-respect. Sometimes being too down-to-earth can be damaging and one needs to balancehis personal preferences with his job role. Cleaningup the mess you created is no problem but do notoffer to clean up the mess someone else created thatis not your job! This doesnt mean you should nothelp others when they are in need of some help; but itis not a good idea to keep offering help and lettingother take advantage of your good attitude 6. 5. Say No to personal work This is one of the most important of all never do thisat work topics. It is better not to confuse the workplace with your home. Most of us will not workduring personal time, then why do personal workduring work time? This would include checkingpersonal emails, logging to social networkingwebsites, reading news etc. etc. That said, it doesntmean you should always push personal work afteroffice hours. There may be certain personal thingsthat might need immediate attention and you mightnot have a choice not to do it. In that case, do keepyour manager informed. 7. 6. Never poke into others business. Understand what your job role is and actaccordingly. Companies have various levels ofengineers and managers to split the job to bedone and get that done effectively. Trying toimpress the management by over doing thingsand by doing that, stepping into yourcolleagues domain / job role is an absoluteNO. If you have potential showcase it in whatyou are asked to do and not by doing someones job. 8. 7. Never lie Although companies do not use lie detectors to findout whether someone is lying about something theydid it is one of the most important aspects to build agood reputation within the company. If you havedone something wrong, it is better to put forward thecase with all the facts and then say you would takecare the next time. Doing something wrong and beinggenuine about it is much appreciated than lying aboutit or pointing someone else for your mistakes. 9. 8. Dont get into personal relationships Never ever think of misbehaving with co-workers and avoid entering into any sort ofrelationships at work. These relationshipswill invariably lead to messy situationswhen you have to be decisive with a personwith whom you are on a personalrelationship. And, the moment this storyleaks within the office, it is for sure going toaffect your personality and esteem . 10. 9. No backbitingplease. Talking about others behind their back iscompletely unprofessional and something thatyou should avoid. If there is a problem, bettercall the relevant people manager, supervisoror even the colleague with whom you have aproblem and sort it out right in front of theirface. The moment someone realizes that youare talking behind their back, they are going tomake you the last person on their muchrespected list. 11. 10. Dont steal Wellthis sounds straight forward. Mostcompanies have CCTV in their premises andalthough this is not to monitor what employeesdo they can indeed see what you are up to.Most of us would say stealing property likecables, stationary etc. are an obvious NO.But how about technology? Making a copy ofthe unreleased software that you are currentlytesting is of course a cause for concern.