10 Tips to Reduce Waste During the Holidays

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<ul><li> 1. Tis the Season 25% more trash andrecycling is collectedbetween Thanksgiving andChristmas The average Americanfamily spent $750 in 2012</li></ul> <p> 2. Tip 1: Think Outside the GiftBoxConsider gifts that dont have to be bought,wrapped and discarded such as: Spending time together Attending shows &amp; events Seasonal activities Going to gatherings Volunteering 3. Tip 2: Recycle These Packaging Materials Cardboard boxes Non-foil gift wrap Gift boxes Shoe boxes Candy boxes Craft paper 4. Tip 3: Use Reusable PackagingUse gift packaging that can be used again,such as: Sturdy gift boxes Gift bags 5. Tip 4: Recycle Things from the Mail Envelopes Greeting cards Cardboard boxes Catalogs and magazines Newspaper and ads 6. Tip 5: Recycle Items from Entertaining Plastic bottles and jugs Aluminum and metal cans Glass bottles and jars (any color) Food boxes (i.e. from stuffing and cakemix) Pizza boxes (no food or grease) Cartons (e.g. broth and juice) Paper grocery bags 7. Naughty List: Do Not RecycleDo not put these items in your Rumpke Recycling bin Ribbons and bows Foil and plastic wrap Packing peanuts and bubble wrap Plastic shopping bags Dcor (wreaths and garland, etc) Hangers Batteries 8. Tip 6: Reduce Food Waste Dont prepare more food than you need Look for recipes to utilize scrap ingredients Use reusable containers Send leftovers home with guests 9. Tip 7: Donate Unwanted Items Toys Books Electronics Clothing Dcor 10. Tip 8: Transplant a TreeThings to consider when purchasing a realor artificial holiday tree: Is it manufactured or grown? How long will it last? Are recycling options available? Where will it end up? 11. Tip 9: Do You Need More Decorations?Before you buy more dcor, ask yourself: Will you use it again next year? Do you already have one like it? Do you really need it? Is it worth your time to maintain and store? Can it be reused or recycled? 12. Tip 10: Make a Resolution to Recycle RightPlease Recycle: 13. About Rumpke Waste &amp; RecyclingRumpke Waste &amp; Recycling has been committed tokeeping neighborhoods and businesses clean and greensince 1932 by providing environment friendly wastedisposal and recycling solutions. Rumpke is one of thenations largest privately owned residential and commercialwaste and recycling firms, providing service to areas ofOhio, Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia. For moreinformation, visit www.rumpke.com. 14. Learn More Rumpke.com RumpkeCleanAndGreen.com Facebook.com/RumpkeCo Twitter.com/RumpkeNews Youtube.com/RumpkeCleanAndGreen (for recyclingvideos) 15. About UsAnne Gray,Education SpecialistRumpke Waste &amp; RecyclingSara Cullin, APR, Senior CorporateCommunications CoordinatorRumpke Waste &amp; RecyclingEmailFacebookTwitterBlog </p>