100 Greatest Artists of All Time

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  • 8/4/2019 100 Greatest Artists of All Time


    This is RS magazine's list of the 100 greatest artists of all time. 1. The Beatles - Makes sense. Some of the most influential albums of all time are the

    works of these lads. What else can you say?

    2. Bob Dylan - I could argue with this one. He's a legend, but number 2? 3. Elvis Presley - Very successful, the king of rock n roll of course, but he was very

    controlled by his manager. 4. Rolling Stones - Often called 'Anti-Beatles', definitely top 5 5. Chuck Berry - Probably invented Rock n Roll. Deserves to be here. 6. Jimi Hendrix - First guitar god, I believe. Revolutionary player 7. James Brown - Godfather of soul, is it? Great showman 8. Little Richard - American Rock & Roll/R & B singer and pianist 9. Aretha Franklin - I think she was the first woman to be inducted into the rock n roll

    hall of fame. I'll look that up later.

    10. Ray Charles - American R&B singer and pianist 11. Bob Marley - Jamaican reggae singer 12. The Beach Boys - Some of the catchiest songs I ever heard.

    13. Buddy Holly - Tragic death. One of the first to use a solid-body electric guitar. 14. Led Zeppelin - Possibly the 'fathers of heavy metal', but some might argue that Black

    Sabbath is.

    15. Stevie Wonder - American soul singer. Plays many different instruments, and haswon 22 grammy awards

    16. Sam Cooke - A founder of soul music. 17. Muddy Waters - 'Father of Chicago Blues' 18. Marvin Gaye - 'The Prince of Motown'. 19. The Velvet Underground - American rock band, formed in 1965. Regarded as

    highly influencial in the rise to punk-rock, and alt-rock.

    20. Bo Diddley - Legendary R&B singer. Known as the 'Originator' 21. Otis Redding - You might not know him, but you've probably heard 'Sittin' on the

    dock of a bay'.

    22. U2 - The Joshua Tree was one of my favourite albums 23. Bruce Springsteen - Born in the USA was overplayed. Good to see him make music


    24. Jerry Lee Lewis - 'Great Balls of Fire' was his greatest hit, and one of my favs 25. Fats Domino - Rock & Roll pianist 26. The Ramones - Regarded as the first punk-rock group 27. Nirvana - I swear, RS magazine has a hard-on for these guys. They put Kurt Cobain

    at #12 on their 'Greatest Guitarists of All Time' list, and now this.

    28. Prince - 'Purple Rain' is one of my favourite albums. He's also an icon in style 29. The Who - Should be higher. Rock artists still try to sound like them 30. The Clash - English punk-rock band from the 70's 31. Johnny Cash - The 'Man in Black'. Should be higher, since he's the equivalent of

    Elvis, except country. The only country singer I like

    32. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - American R&B group 33. The Everly Brothers - Country/Rock Duo 34. Neil Young - Candadian singer-songwriter. Influencial in grunge, though typically

    labeled folk/rock

  • 8/4/2019 100 Greatest Artists of All Time


    35. Michael Jackson - Would be higher if he wasn't wacko. Thriller was the best-sellingalbum of all time

    36. Madonna - I don't like her music, but she could still be higher. The 'Queen of Pop' 37. Roy Orbison - American singer-songwriter. Sang 'Oh, Pretty Woman' 38. John Lennon - Liked him in the Beatles, not as a solo artist. Imagine was a great

    song, however 39. David Bowie - Icon in music, as well as style 40. Simon and Garfunkel - Should be in the top twenty, in my opinion. If you haven't

    heard of them, you need to get some education

    41. The Doors - I'd put them top 30, but this is alright 42. Van Morrison - 'Van the Man'. Sang 'Brown Eyed Girl'. 43. Sly and the Family Stone - American funk band 44. Public Enemy - Not a chance. I'd say about 80, maybe 45. The Byrds - American rock group 46. Janis Joplin - American singer-songwriter 47. Patti Smith - The 'Godmother of Punk'

    48. Run-DMC - Biggest act in hip-hop throughout the 80's 49. Elton John - Should be higher. Not a huge fan, but I can appreciate his talent 50. The Band - Canadian rock band. They backed Ronnie Hawkins, and Bob Dylan 51. Howlin' Wolf- Blues singer. Another attempt to cater to the R&B genre. Every

    prolific classic R&B singer made it onto this list in some random order. They put Muddy

    Waters ahead of Marvin Gaye. Come on

    52. Allman Brothers Band - Southern-rock band 53. Eric Clapton - English blues-rock guitarist 54. Dr. Dre - Has numerous Grammys for rapping and producing 55. Grateful Dead - American rock band 56. Parliament/Funkadelic - African-American soul band 57. Aerosmith - American hard rock band 58. Sex Pistols - One of the first punk bands. Definitely one of the most prolific 59. Louis Jordan - Jazz musician. Not familiar with his works 60. Joni Mitchell - Canadian singer-songwriter 61. Tina Turner - American singer and entertainer 62. Etta James - American R&B singer. Sang 'At Last'. Should be top 90s if anything at


    63. Phil Spector - He's a producer. Why is he on here? 64. The Kinks - English rock group 65. Al Green - American gospel singer 66. Cream - '60's British rock band. Considered to be the first 'supergroup' 67. The Temptations - American R&B vocal group 68. Jackie Wilson - R&B singer 69. Carl Perkins - 'The King of Rockabilly' 70. The Police - Sold over 50 million albums world-wide. Highest paid musical act of

    2008. Biggest ego of a bassist frontman

    71. Frank Zappa - American composer. Phenomenal guitarist 72. AC/DC - They've had countless hits, and are one of the most popular bands around.

    I'm surprised RS didn't place them higher-glad they didn't

  • 8/4/2019 100 Greatest Artists of All Time


    73. Radiohead - Glad to see them gettin' some love, but they were placed ahead of somegreat legends. Maybe a few years down the road I would put them here

    74. Hank Williams - Country singing legend 75. The Eagles - Could be higher. Their greatest hits album was the 2nd greatest selling

    album of all time

    76. The Shirelles - Girl group in the 60's. The first to get a #1 single on the Billboard100. I would exlude them based on their lack of longevity

    77. Beastie Boys - Jewish hiphop group. Never would have guessed they'd be successful,but they were

    78. The Stooges - Highly influencial in punk-rock 79. The Four Tops - American R&B quartet. Are noted for having a baritone for a lead


    80. Elvis Costello - English musician, singer-songwriter 81. The Drifters - American R&B vocal group 82. Eminem - Has many awards, including an Academy award for 'best original song' for

    2002's 'Lose Yourself'

    83. N.W.A. - Gangsta-rap group from the eighties. Dr. Dre and Ice Cube were in thisgroup

    84. James Taylor - American singer/songwriter and guitarist from Boston 85. Black Sabbath - RS never really liked Black Sabbath. If memory serves me

    correctly, their first review of Sabbath went something like 'Should they even exist?...'. I

    would place them in the top 40 at least

    86. Tupac Shakur - Rap artist. The first to have an album go to #1 while in jail. 87. Gram Parsons - Country singer. Died at age 26 88. Miles Davis - Jazz trumpet player 89. The Yardbirds - English rock group. Introduced us to Clapton, Page, and Beck 90. Carlos Santana - Solo guitar player. His band has consisted of about 40 people over

    the years

    91. Ricky Nelson - American singer with over 50 Hot 100 hits 92. Guns n Roses - 'Appetite for Destruction' was the best thing they ever did. Too bad

    they weren't consistent

    93. Booker T. and the MG's - Instrumental soul band. One of the first inter-racialgroups

    94. Nine Inch Nails - Trent Reznor is Nine Inch Nails. He's pretty much the onlymember

    95. Lynyrd Skynyrd - American southern rock band 96. Martha and the Vandellas - Female R&B group 97. Diana Ross and the Supremes - Popular female singing group of the 60's 98. Roxy Music - English rock group from the 70's. Not top 100 material 99. Curtis Mayfield - American soul singer 100. Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Influencial figure in Reggae music Artists That Deserved to Make The List (At Least More Than Some of The Ones That

    Actually Did)

    Queen - Top 30 material, easily Pink Floyd - Top 50

  • 8/4/2019 100 Greatest Artists of All Time


    Metallica - I don't want to sound like another metalhead that doesn't shut up about metalgroups, but Metallica deserves to be somewhere on the list. In the 90-100 range at least

    Tom Waits - One of the most unique voices, and an amazing talent. Top 80, about Pearl Jam - They have Nirvana at 27, and Pearl Jam isn't on the list? Where is the justice? Willie Nelson - I'd put Willie on the list before I'd put Gram Parsons on, that's for sure

    Van Halen - I'd say somewhere around 80 Red Hot Chili Peppers REM Neil Diamond Creedence Clearwater Revival Rod Stewart Fleetwood Mac Judas Priest Wu Tang Clan Notorious BIG Waylon Jennings

    B.B. King Wilson Pickett Frank Sinatra The Cure The Smiths