101 quick tips to get laid, often

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How to get the girl in 101 easy steps


<p>Follow me: Twitter Facebook Buzz Email</p> <p>101 quick tips to get laid, often1. Every date is a learning experience. 2. It's a numbers game. 3. Always be on the prowl. 4. The worst she can say is "no." 5. Put urself out there (online dating, meet-ups, volunteer). 6. Confidence leads to momentum. 7. Google her before the date. 8. Research and pick a chill spot for the date. 9. Prepare a few after date options nearby. 10. Work is an applicable excuse for everything. 11. Get an apartment with a view. 12. Change ur sheets when expecting company. 13. Cold streaks and dry spells are to be broken by fat girls. 14. Work out at least 5 days a week. 15. Always seem busy. 16. Limit phone conversations to 15 minutes. 17. Never be abrupt or pushy. 18. Never get stressed out. 19. Every girl is a unique creature. 20. Daddy issues = short term fun; long term none. 21. Catch up on current events, just in case. 22. Learn how to cook one money meal. 23. U have the most interesting life in the world. 24. It's not cheating if u're not committed. 25. Never ask what r u thinking?" 26. First date = drinks; Second date = dinner. 27. Dont become Facebook friends.</p> <p>28. Ex-girlfriends are exs for a reason. 29. Chicks love attention. 30. Befriend a gay guy. 31. Lock all electronic devices (especially ur phone and laptop). 32. Gifts are for suckers. 33. Cut the nails, wax the back and trim the pubes. 34. It is always a game at first. 35. Dont make promises. 36. Throw a chick flick on ur Netflix queue. 37. Online dating: 1 face pic = fat. 38. Beware of the office hookup (proceed with caution). 39. Hide the porn. 40. Be nice in public and bad in bed. 41. Learn to snap a bra off with one hand. 42. Innocent fibs never hurt anyone. 43. It's not an interview. 44. Remove emotion from the equation. 45. Double book a night (proceed with caution). 46. Come prepared with interesting stories. 47. Walk the line between confident and cocky. 48. When in doubt, smile. 49. She already knows if she wants to bang u, so relax. 50. Look for signs (playing with hair or straw, lack of eye contact). 51. Stay clear of the friends zone. 52. Friends with benefits does not last. 53. Avoid Indian and Mexican food. 54. Take a preemptive dump. 55. Always have one drink before the date. 56. A girl who doesnt drink is a girl u dont want. 57. Show up 5 minutes late. 58. Greet her with a kiss on the cheek and mini hug. 59. Generic compliments do actually go a long way. 60. Take control at all times. 61. Break down her wall.</p> <p>62. Feed off body language. 63. Dont be a hero, refrain from offering advice. 64. Don't mention ur mom. 65. Bring up topics, but let her talk. 66. Do not ever bring up politics, news or religion. 67. Talk politics, news and religion if u want the date to end. 68. Never mention marriage or kids. 69. Throw out a subtle insult in an overly sarcastic tone. 70. Treat her and everyone around u with respect. 71. Take a bathroom break halfway thru the date to reassess. 72. Look for an opportunity to place ur hand on her thigh. 73. Never let her pay. 74. Tip 25% plus and make her see. 75. Dessert is to be served at ur apartment. 76. The application of lip gloss implies progress. 77. Eyes above neck (unless she walks ahead of u). 78. Know when to turn it on. 79. Choose ur words carefully. 80. She's as horny as u are. 81. Bring up drugs. If she smokes, get pot. 82. Women can smell desperation. 83. Win over her friends. 84. Absolutely no PDA. 85. Avoid overly affectionate words. 86. Her self esteem is as a large as u want it to be. 87. After the date say "I look forward to seeing u again." 88. End of night text I had fun no more, no less. 89. Always have a spare outfit at work. 90. Have an exit plan. 91. If it's not happening, just walk away. 92. U should know after two dates. 93. No sex by the third date, its time to move on. 94. Wait at least 1 day before responding. No more than 3. 95. There is always someone hotter. 96. A breakup text is an acceptable method.</p> <p>97. Someone always gets hurt. Don't make it u. 98. If she doesnt call u back after two attempts, forget her. 99. Avoid stalker mode. 100. Persistence is more creepy than flattering. 101. Ur first impression is a lasting impression. So dont mess up!</p> <p>Check out some of the girls I've dated in NYC More tips to get laid, often Submit ur date diary and make money Ask me a question about dating Follow me</p>