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  • VOL: 03 I ISSUE NO: 106 I REG NO: ANDENG/2011/38184 I 12 MAY 2014 I MONDAY I Rs. 2.00 I DAILY I PORT BLAIR I www.andamansheekha.com

    Endless sufferingsfor private Bus

    passengers in Andamans

    Port Blair, May 11: This hasbecome a common practice foralmost all private bus driversto illegally stop buses inmajor junctions in city, formore than 15 to 20 minutes tolook for more and morepassengers.

    A trip fromGaracharma to Chathamusually takes 30 to 40 minutesin a car but for private buses ittakes more than an hour,which often leaves passengersin trouble.Passengers complaint that thebuses usually stops in majorjunctions like Bhatu Basti,Dairy Farm, Goal Ghar formore than 15 to 20 minutes,until and unless all seats areoccupied. In between if theysee another bus of same routeis approaching from behind

    Mohammed SajidSheekha News Service

    they immediately start the busand drive too fast. This is thereason why most of the busaccidents take place in city,complained a passenger.Sadly the drivers of Privatebuses neither fear the StateTransport Service nor thePolice Department.

    If we protest, theyusually threaten us andmisbehave with us. Thereshould be a helpline, where

    such troubled bus passengerscan register a complaint ifbuses are stopped illegally inany place for long duration,said the passenger.

    However, theSecretary of Transport hasrefused to reply to anyquestion of AndamanSheekha, giving excuse ofModel Code of Conduct. Hopethe Traffic Police unit willatleast look into this matter.

    Deer in Ross Islandface shortage of food

    Port Blair, May 11: It isbelieved that due to increasein population, Deer of RossIsland are facing seriousshortage of food. The tinyIsland doesnt have muchgrazing land for the Deer,making things moredifficult for them, duringsummer season.Photographs available with

    Staff CorrespondentSheekha News Service

    Andaman Sheekha showthat due to shortage of foodDeer even enters inside thecampus of sailorsaccommodation at Ross andeat food stuffs and drinkwater from drain.

    Recently the daredevil act of two Deer toescape from Ross Islandalso indicates severeshortage of grazing land andwater at Ross Island. When

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  • 2 12.05.2014 Rs. 2.00 Andaman Sheekha Daily Port Blair

    Childrens Summer Sailing Camp at ANC ConcludesPort Blair, May 11: TheChildrens Summer SailingCamp conducted from 01May 14,under the aegis ofAndaman and Nicobar Com-mand, at Indian NavalWatermanship Training Cen-tre (INWTC), Port Blair con-cluded on 10 May 14. Thecamp was aimed at inculcat-ing a spirit of adventureamong children of variousage groups, and to promotewater adventure activities inthese emerald isles.

    The entire event wascoordinated by INS Jarawa,and was attended by 37 chil-dren, including 10 childrenfrom our civil fraternity. CaptKaranjit Sharma, Command-ing Officer, INS Jarawaflagged off the event on 01May 14.During the Camp,children were imparted in-structions, practical demon-stration and hand-on experi-ence on various sailing boats.The children werefamiliarised with the variousparts of sail boats,knots, sail-ing terms, boatmanoeuvring,rigging/unrigging, launching

    andrecovery, improvisation ofsailing gears, racing and rac-ing signals, emergency sig-nals, means of communicationand towing of sail boat. Apartfrom this advanced conceptsof sailing in different waterconditions, man overboarddrill and capsize recoverywere also taught. The chil-dren were given instructionson Enterprise Cass Boats,Laser andOptimist. Apartfrom this children were alsoimparted basic training onHobbiecat, Kayak andGemini. During the conduct ofevent safety aspects weregiven utmost importance.

    The event was con-ducted under experiencedand professional instructors ofthe Indian Navy, Shri SarojKanga Thakur, an ex-IndianNavy Sailor and Ms Tanaz KNoble, a professionalKayaking Instructor. TheClosing Ceremony was con-ducted on 10 May 14, inwhich Rear Admiral SudhirPillai, NM, Chief of Staff,Andaman and Nicobar Com-mand was the Chief Guest.Mrs Rama Pillai gave awaythe prizes to the winners invarious events. All partici-pants were given certificatesfor successful completion of

    the camp.Speaking on the oc-casion, the COS applaudedthe efforts of the Naval Com-ponent, INS Jarawa andINWTC(PBR) for conduct-ing event of such a magni-tude. He also commended theefforts and enthusiasmshown by the participatingchildren, and urged them tostrive harder so that our is-lands produce world classsailors in various categories.He appreciatedINWTC(PBR) staff for be-ing in the fore front inorganising sailing activitiesand promoting watermanshipactivities in the Command. He

    also appreciated INSJarawas overall logistic plan-ning, the coordination amongall Components and the me-ticulous and safe execution ofthe camp, which was a clas-sical example ofJointmanship. In past also,INWTC(PBR) has success-fully conducted var iousevents like Jal Kreeda Diwas,Power Boat Handling, ParaSailing, J-24, Enterprise ClassSailing Championships and ispresently gearing up for theforthcoming Asian Champi-onship selections being con-ducted by Naval Headquar-ters

    MOVING EYES.....

    Obstructive Parking, is the latest trend in city. Pic: Andaman Sheekha

    Andaman Sheekha contacteda senior Forest officer, he saidthat he cant comment on this

    issue as the Ross Island isunder Andaman and NicobarCommand.

    Deer in... (From page 1)

  • 12.05.2014 Rs. 2.00 Andaman Sheekha Daily Port Blair 3

    Port Blair, May 11: First roundof training to Counting Super-visors and Counting Assis-tants, engaged to assist theReturning Officer, A & N Is-lands Parliamentary Constitu-ency in counting of votes forGE-2014, was held on 09-05-

    First round of training to CountingSupervisors, Counting Assistants imparted

    2014 at the Conference Hallof the District Office, SouthAndaman.

    The Counting Super-visors and Assistants werebriefed about the arrange-ments at the Counting Cen-tre, various legal provisions/

    instructions of the ElectionCommission of India and theCounting process to be fol-lowed.

    A demo of the count-ing of votes and a presenta-tion on the subject was also

    Port Blair, May 11:Doordarshan Port Blair, willbroadcast live phone-inprogramme titled ApkeySawal on Every Monday,Wednesday and Friday from5.00 PM to 5.30 PM.

    On Monday(12.05.2014) Mr. V. Selvamof Department of Sports will

    Phone-in programme onSports Summer Coaching Camp

    be available live at DDK,Port Blair Studio, to answerall questions of Islanders onthe topic Sports SummerCoaching Camp.

    Viewers can call atPhone Number 03192 230798 to ask questions on theabove mentioned topics ongiven dates.

    N. Francis Xavier

    Viper Prison Break

    Part XXXIII, (Continuedfrom last week)

    Well before daybreak Hemrajroused the men. The whalerquietly slid into the channel,heading eastwards. Even ifSantiago was watching themhe would think they wereheaded for Burma. As soon asthey exited from the channelHemraj turned the boat into asecret cove. At the other end

    of the cove was a tidal creek.Hemraj guided the boat intothe creek. After half an hourthey re-entered the channel,well beyond the spot wherethey had left Santiago. Nowthey were headed west-wards. The sails werehoisted and the boat pickedup speed. In a few hours theywould exit from the channel,onto the western coast of theIslands. Beyond that lay thevast ocean, and freedom.

    The boat was caughtin a powerful riptide as itneared the western end ofthe channel. It threatened tocarry the boat towards acraggy island, the last outpostof the Andamans. Hugebreakers broke against thecoral beds that formed a for-midable wall all round the Is-land. The monsoon was at its

    peak.Hemraj struggled

    with the tiller to keep the boataway from the rocks. A nar-row inlet was the only safepassage to a patch of whitesand. The oars were broughtout and the men pulled withall their might to fight againstthe grip of the riptide. By thetime the tide relaxed its gripthe whaler was close to theshore. They must wait therefor the tide to turn. The menprepared to bring the boat toshore.

    Just as the bowstouched the sandy beach anear naked human form wasseen rushing towards them.

    It was clear it wasnot an aboriginal from thecolour of the skin. It carriedno weapons. Who could it be?The man stopped well short

    of the party, panting. Suddenlyhe recognized Hemraj.

    Hemraj, my brother!I thought you got away long

    ago. Are you still here?The men could now

    see it was Harpal, a sepoy

    Ban on Vehicles fromCarrying Protruding Rods

    Port Blair on May 11: Vide theGazette of India Extraordinary,Part II - Section 3 - Sub Sec-tion (i) No. 108, New Delhi,Wednesday, March 5, 2014, thegovernment has banned ve-hicles from carrying Rods,Pipes or any protruding mate-rials beyond the body frame.The Road Transport Ministryhas deleted the provision in theCentral Motor Vehicle Rules(CMVR) that allowed protru-

    sions up to one metre and de-leted Section 93 of CMVR1989, which allowed goods ve-hicles to carry poles or rods orindivisible load So long as theprojecting part or parts do notexceed the distance of onemetre beyond the rear mostpoint of the motor vehicle.

    The truckers andconsigners are advised to ad-here to the above notificationand refrain from any violation.

    Forest Department to exploreopening of new Eco-Tourism Sites

    Port Blair, May 11: The LtGovernor, reviewed the actiontaken on the instructions is-sued from time to time,achievements of the year2013-14 and the initiatives pro-posed for the year 2014-1