12_Protecting the Endangered Animals

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  • 7/27/2019 12_Protecting the Endangered Animals










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  • 7/27/2019 12_Protecting the Endangered Animals


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  • 7/27/2019 12_Protecting the Endangered Animals



    Do you still remember the three classifications of animals according tothe food they eat? Study the picture below. Identify each as herbivore, carnivore andomnivore. Write the answers in your notebook.











    At the end of this lesson, you w il l be able to:

    Identify endangered animals and how these animals can be protected

    Try to


  • 7/27/2019 12_Protecting the Endangered Animals



    A specie becomes extinct when its member dies. Species consistingof only one or a few small populations. Living in restricted areas and maypossibly become extinct are called endangered species. Certain animals inthe Philippines are included in the list of endangered animals.

    Do you know the different endangered animals in the Philippines? Tofind out, read the selections below.

    Philippine Eagle


    Exploration Time

    The Philippine Eagle is one of thelargest bird in the world. It lives in therainforest of Isabela, Leyte andMindanao. With an estimatedpopulation of 100 today, the Philippineeagle is in danger of extinction. It isspecies in the Philippines, which if notprotected, will extinct.

    The flying lemurdoes not have wingsbut it can glide acoss 100 meters ofspace in a single leap. In Mindanao,people call it kagwang. Around theworld it is known as colugo or theflying lemur. Zoologist, however, claim

    that it does not fly and it is not a lemur.The continuous denudation of thetropical forests in the countrythreatens the remaining population ofkagwang, which is used to beabound in the wilderness of Basilan,Leyte, Samar, Bohol and Mindanao.

  • 7/27/2019 12_Protecting the Endangered Animals



    Scientist call Sea turtles as the onlyliving remnants of the dinosaur age,but maybe not for long. Unlesssincere efforts are undertaken, seaturtles might follow dinosaur intoextinction. Sea turtles, popularlyknown as pawikan found inPalawan




    The Tarsier is considered as the

    worlds smallest primate. It measuresonly about twelve centimeters inlength. Its two big eyes cannot moveso it has learned to turn its head 180degrees. Found in the island ofSamar, Leyte. Bohol and Mindanao,the Philippine tarsier got its name fromits elongated tarsus bone.

    People used to call Mindoro as theLand of the Tamaraws. Today, theTamaraws in the province are indanger of extinction, and Mindoromight lose the symbol that it onceproudly introduced to the world. Whileit shares many similarities with thecarabao, the Tamaraw is most known

    for its horns, with a V form, unlike thehorns of a carabao, which take acurved shape.

  • 7/27/2019 12_Protecting the Endangered Animals




    Philippine Mouse Deer

    Dwarf Goby

    Sea Cow

    The locally known butanding isconsidered as the largest fish in theworld. It is a group of 40 whale sharksthat visit the waters of Donsol,Sorsogon from Novemebr to May.

    South of Palawan, lies the Balabac

    Island, home of the worlds smallesthoofed mammalPhilippines mousedeer. Locally known as Pilandok, itstands only about 40 centimeters atthe shoulder level.

    The worlds freshwater fish isdiscovered in Camarines Sur. Thedwarf goby (Pandaka pygmea)measures 1.2 centimeters or less thanhalf of an inch. This the tiniest knownvertebrate is also called sinarapan.

    Dugongs or sea cows, the onlyherbivorous marine mammals, areoften sighted near Palawan provinceand southern Mindanao. It feeds onsea grass so it always reaches thebottom of the sea.

  • 7/27/2019 12_Protecting the Endangered Animals



    The endangered animals need our help. We have to do something in order toprotect them. Study the list of practices in the box. Choose the practices that will helpin protecting our endangered animals. Write the answers in a topic map like the onebelow in your notebook.

    a) Throw the trash in the rivers.b) Do not hunt the animals for fun.c) Stop cutting the trees in the forest.d) Abide on the laws that protect the animals.e) Exploit the animals by selling them to animal collectors.f) Do not take the animals away from their natural habitat.g) Stop making bags, shoes and others out the animals skins skin.h) Do not sell the animals the restaurants that cater exotic food.

  • 7/27/2019 12_Protecting the Endangered Animals



    Answer these:

    1. What are the different endangered animals?2. Where do these animals live?

    a. Tamaraw

    b. Dugongc. Tarsierd. Monkey eating Eagle

    3. Why are these animals endangered?4. What do you think will happen if the endangered animals will not be protected?5. What are the different ways to protect the endangered animals?


    Animals that are in immediate danger of extinction are calledendangered animals.

    Other endangered animals are:

    Philippine Bamboo bat. It is considered as the worlds smallest bats. Thisbat measures about 4 centimeters in length and has a wingspan of 15 cm. andweighs 1.5 grams.

    Giant flying fox and the Golden brown flying fox. They live in the virginforest of Subic Bay and Bataan.

    Calamain deer. It is found in Calamian, Palawan and said to have longer anddarker legs, compared with other hog deer.

    Palawan bearcat. This is neither a bear or a cat. Known in the Southeast Asiaas binturong it is found in the forest of Palawan, Borneo, Burma andVietnam. It has thick and black fur which hunters use for making clothes andcaps.

    Philippine cockatoo. It is one of the most endangered species of birds. It isexotic and it also called Kalangay. They are known for mimicking human


    Some more endangered animals are: monkey-eating eagle,kagwang, pawikan, pilandok, tamaraw, tarsier, butanding, dwarf gobyand dugong.

    Animals are useful to man. We use some for food. Some are farmhelpers and others are used for transportation. Men destroy wildlife becausethey need food and money.

  • 7/27/2019 12_Protecting the Endangered Animals



    A. Do you know the different endangered animals in the Philippines?Find out by answering the crossword puzzle below.

    Apply It

    Most species become extinct because people destroy their naturalhabitat by converting it into farmlands, highways or subdivisions. Wildlifeshould be saved. The proper protection given to them will ensure the survivaland growth of most of them.

    The following are ways of protecting the endangered animals:Preserving the wildlife habitatAllotting lands to be made into parks or animals habitatFollowing the laws that regulate hunting and fishingBuilding habitats closely similar to the natural of the animals

  • 7/27/2019 12_Protecting the Endangered Animals




    1. local name of whale shark found in Domol, Sorsogon3. P _ _ D _ _ _ _ pygmea; locally known as sinarapan which is found in Camarines

    Sur is the worlds smallest fish.

    5. worlds smallest monkey which is found in Samar, Leyte, Bohol and Mindanao6. endangered turtles found in Palawan


    2. largest endangered animal found in Mindoro4. seacows found in Palawan and Southern Mindanao

    B. Complete the topic map below by writing the different ways of protecting theendangered animals.

    1. Your mother would like to buy you a bag made of Palawan bearcats fur. What willyou say to your mother? Why?

    2. As a grade five pupil, how can you help in protecting the endangered animals?

    A. Write the letter of the correct answer in your notebook.

    1. What is one of the worlds largest eagles?a. chick- eating eagleb. monkey-eating eaglec. bear-eating eagle

    Test Yourself

  • 7/27/2019 12_Protecting the Endangered Animals



    2. What is the local name of the flying lemur?a. kagwang b. tamaraw c. dugong

    3. What is the smallest bat in the world?a. giant flying fox

    b. golden brown flying foxc. Philippine bamboo rat

    4. What is the largest endangered land animal in the Philippines?a. dugong b. pawikan c. tamaraw

    5. What is the worlds smallest freshwater fish?a. bangus b. pandaka pygmea c. gloriamaris

    B. Study the pictures below. Which of the pictures shows how to protect endangered

    animals? Why? Write the answer in your notebook.



    A B

    A B

  • 7/27/2019 12_Protecting the Endangered Animals




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