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    22 AutomationSolutions integrating Miller weldingtechnology with Panasonic robotics

    49 Multimatic 200Versatile all-in-one, portable,multiprocess power source

    62 Trailblazer SeriesRedesigned welder/generators withindustry-changing technology

    87 Updated Helmet GraphicsProtection, technology and stylecome together

    82 FILTAIR 200012000 Industrial Centralized Systems83 FILTAIR Low Profile Hood

    On some devices, you may need to click scan andsnap a picture.

    Integrated systemwith superioraluminumperformance

    Weld fume extractionsolutions for cleaner,compliant workenvironments

    11 Millermatic 350P Aluminum31 XR-Aluma-Pro Lite

    30 XR-Pistol-Pro33 XR-Pistol-Plus

    Pistol-grip push-pull guns featuringultra smooth wire-feed performance

    79 Oxy-Fuel KitsRugged and reliable cutting and welding outfits

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  • 4MIG (GMAW)

    Easiest process to learn High welding speeds possible Provides better control on thinner metals Cleaner welds possible with no slag Same equipment can be used for Flux-Cored weldingPulsed MIG (GMAW-P)

    Flexibility and productivity nearly all metals can be welded in all positions

    Larger diameter electrode wires for higher deposition rates

    Virtually no spatter Welds thin to thick metalsFlux-Cored (FCAW)

    Can work as well as Stick on dirty or rusty material Out-of-position welding Deep penetration for welding thick sections Increased metal deposition rateStick (SMAW)

    Well suited for windy, outdoor conditions More forgiving when welding on dirty or rusty metalTIG (GTAW) AC DC

    Provides highest quality and most precise welds Highly aesthetic weld beads Allows adjustment of heat input while welding by use of a remote control

    Pulsed TIG (GTAW-P) AC DC

    More control on thin metals Less heat distortion on thin metals

    Resistance Spot

    Simple, easy-to-operate welder for light industrial applications

    Submerged Arc (SAW)

    High deposition rates can enhance weld speed and production

    Excellent mechanical properties for high-quality code and X-ray requirements

    Improves welding operator comfort and appealCutting processes

    Plasma Arc Cutting and Gouging (PAC)

    Use with any electrically conductive metals Small and precise cut Small heat-affected zone which helps prevent warping or paint damage

    Oxy-Fuel Cutting

    Cuts ferrous (containing iron) steels Requires no electricity Highly portableNote: Oxy-Fuel equipment can also be used for welding, heating, brazing and soldering

    Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging (CAC-A) AC DC

    Wide variety of metals Removes discontinuities or inferior welds

    Metal TypeSteel Aluminum Titanium

    Stainless Steel Cast Iron Magnesium Alloys

    Nickel Alloys Copper/Brass All Electrically Conductive

    Process Skill Level Low Moderate High1 Pick the right process for the metals to be welded or cut.

    Building an industrial system? Use ourquick and accurate system configuratorto get a customized solution for yourunique needs. Create it all atMillerWelds.com/equiptoweld.

    Personal user or light fabricator?Smart Selector can quickly guideyou through a selection processat MillerWelds.com/select.Its easy, fast and smart!










    S SS Ni

    S SS Ni

    S SS Ni AL CI CB Ti Mg EC


    S SS

    AL Mg S SS Ni CB Ti

    AL Mg S SS Ni CB Ti


    S SS Ni AL CB

    S SS Ni AL CB


    S SS

    Finding the welding or cuttingequipment thats right for youdoesnt have to be complicated.Use one of our convenient onlinetools, or follow the steps below.

    Welding processes

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  • 2 Evaluate your needs: input power, outputpower, generator power and portability.


    Input powerDoes your machine need to be self-powered, or will AC powerbe available at the location where its primarily used?

    For locations where an electrical hookup is not practical,consider a gas- or diesel-powered engine-drivenwelder/generator to supply welding and generator power.

    For locations where AC power is available, you need toknow its type and whether its a match for the machineyoure considering:

    Single-phase power is found in most homes and garages.Check to see if the machine youre considering requiressingle-phase power, and whether its voltage requirements(115 V or 230 V) are met by the electrical service at theintended location.

    Three-phase power is common in industrial settings. Checkto see if the machine youre considering requires three-phase power and whether its voltage requirements are metby the electrical service at the intended location.

    Output powerl Light industrial products are suitable for the homehobbyist or occasional user. They are designed to be easy tooperate, are affordably priced and typically have a 20 percentduty cycle and rated output of 230 amps or lower.

    l Industrial products are suitable for applications that do not require high-volume production. They typically have a 40 to 60 percent duty cycle and/or rated output of 300 ampsor lower. Industrial products are an appropriate choice forprofessional welders.

    l Heavy industrial products are suited to high-volumeproduction and/or welding of thicker materials. They typicallyhave a duty cycle of 60 to 100 percent and a rated output ofat least 300 amps. Heavy industrial products are designedwith the arc characteristics and product features professionalwelders demand for code-quality work.

    Note: Units listed in more than one classification share attributes of both.

    Generator powerOut in the field, you may need an engine-driven welder/generator to supply 120- or 240-volt AC power to run toolsand lights, or supply 12-volt DC power to charge automotivebatteries and jump-start vehicles. Millerwelder/generatorsare packed with power; larger units even offer option packagesthat add 10 to 20 kW of generator power.

    PortabilityCan you bring the work to the machine, or does the machineneed to go to the work? Check the Product Guide pages fortypes of portability:

    Shoulder strap, handles, running gear, carts, etc. Many engine-driven welding generators fit in the back of a

    pickup truck, enabling them to be driven to wherever thewelding is needed. Heavy-duty trailers are also available forengine drives.

    The Product Guides (at the start of each major section) brieflydescribe and compare power sources within that section.

    About duty cycles

    Duty cycle is an indication of how long a power source can continuously weld (at a specific amperage andvoltage) in a 10-minute period of time before it needs tocool down. For example, a machine with a 60 percentduty cycle at 300 amps and 32