18th International Meeting on Lithium Batteries (IMLB 2016)toc. 18th International Meeting on Lithium

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  • ISBN: 978-1-5108-3343-2

    18th International Meeting on Lithium Batteries (IMLB 2016)

    Chicago, Illinois, USA 19 - 24 June 2016

    Volume 1 of 2

    Meeting Abstracts 2016-03

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  • Table of Contents

    I1-Invited Talks

    1Batteries: Today’s Advances and Future Challenges

    Jean Marie Tarascon

    2US DOE Electric Vehicle Battery R&D Progress and Plans

    David Howell

    3Electrolytes for Li-Ion Batteries: Limitations, Challenges and Opportunities

    Isidora Cekic-Laskovic, Sascha Nowak, Falko Schappacher, Martin Winter

    4Materials for High Energy Lithuim Ion Batteries

    Il-Seok Kim

    5Lithium-Ion Battery Technology for Low-Voltage Hybrids

    Wonhee Jeong

    6Battery Safety Performance and Modeling

    Ted J. Miller

    7Strategies and Advances in the Structural Design of Lithium Metal Oxide Electrodes

    Michael M. Thackeray, Jason R. Croy, Eungje Lee, Joong Sun Park, Bryan T Yonemoto, Roy Benedek, Fulya Dogan, Joel D. Blauwkamp

    8Fundamental Aspects of Lithium Ion Battery Materials Degradation Mechanisms

    Hubert A. Gasteiger

  • 9A Reality Check on Battery Materials Development

    Petr Novák, Erik J. Berg, Claire Villevieille, Daniel Streich, Sigita Trabesinger

    10Market Trend of Batteries in Consumer, Automotive, and Grid

    Christophe Pillot

    11"Solidifying” Batteries – Solid Electrolytes in Lithium (Ion) Batteries

    Jürgen Janek

    12Operando Analyses of Reactions using Synchrotron Radiation and the Design of High Rate Capability Cathode

    Yoshiharu Uchimoto

    13Si Anode Diagnostic and Failure Mechanism in Full Li-Ion Cells Using NMR, STEM- Eels, XPS and FIB-TOF-SIMS Advanced Characterization Tools

    Nicolas Dupré, Dominique Guyomard, Philippe Moreau, Eric De Vito, Lucille Quazuguel, Maxime Boniface, Bernard Lestriez, Arnaud Bordes, François Rieutord, Sandrine Lyonnard, Pascale Bayle-Guillemaud

    14Highly Concentrated Electrolyte for 5 V Systems

    Minoru Inaba, Rin Masuhara, Yusuke Shimizu, Michihiro Hashinokuchi, Takayuki Doi, Hidemi Inoue, Katsuyuki Takahashi, Hiroe Nakagawa, Tokuo Inamasu

    15Interfacial Behaviors of Metal Lithium Anode in Solid Lithium Batteries

    Wenjun Li, Qun Li, Xiaosong Liu, Xiangxin Guo, Zhengwen Fu, Jian Chen, Guanglei Cui, Yongsheng Hu, Lin Gu, Hong Li

    16Glyme-Li Salt Solvate Ionic Liquids for Advanced Lithium Batteries

    Masayoshi Watanabe

  • 17“Water-in-Salt” Electrolyte Enabled High Voltage Aqueous Li-ion Chemistries

    Liumin Suo, Oleg Borodin, Chunsheng Wang, Kang Xu

    18Metal-Air Batteries

    Peter G. Bruce

    19The Role of Lithium Superoxide in Li-O2 Batteries

    Larry Curtiss

    20Probing Reactivity at the Electrode and Electrolyte Interface

    Yang Shao-Horn

    21Ion Solvation Effects in the Nonaqueous Li-O2 Electrochemistry

    Bryan D McCloskey

    22Advanced Materials for Future Generations of Automotive Batteries: Potential and Limits

    Peter Lamp

    23Making the Invisible Visible - Advanced Diagnosis Methods for Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Materials

    Ying Shirley Meng

    24The Intriguing Question of Anionic Redox in High-Energy Density Cathodes for Li- Ion Batteries

    Matthieu Saubanère, Eric McCalla, Jean Marie Tarascon, Marie-Liesse Doublet

    25Simple Metal Oxide as a New Cathode for Lithium Ion Batteries

  • Kisuk Kang

    26Electrolytes without Ethylene Carbonate for High Voltage NMC/Graphite Li-Ion Cells

    Jeff R Dahn, Jian Xia, Remi Petibon, Stephen Glazier, Kathlyne Nelson, Dan Abarbanel, Deijun Xiong, Leah Ellis, Alex Louli

    27Concentrated Liquid Electrolytes

    Atsuo Yamada, Yuki Yamada

    28Stable Operation of Metal Anodes for Rechargeable Metal Battery Applications

    Ji-Guang Zhang

    29Challenges to All-Solid State Battery for Sustainable Mobility

    Yukinari Kotani

    30Silicon Foam Anode with Stabilized Interface for Lithium-ion Batteries

    Tianyi Ma, Yuan Liu, Wentao Zhu, Xinping Qiu

    31Insights into Fast Lithium and Sodium-Ion Conduction in Solid Electrolyte and Cathode Materials

    M. Saiful Islam

    32Operando Diffraction During Li Battery Operation Using Neutron and Synchrotron X- Ray Radiations

    Christian Masquelier, Matteo Bianchini, Emmanuelle Suard, François Fauth, Laurence Croguennec

    33Possibility of Composite Cathodes with Sacrificial Salts

  • Shigeto Okada, Daisuke Tsunoe, Ayuko Kitajou, Hironobu Hori, Nikolay Dimov, Prabeer Barpanda

    34Sulfide Solid Electrolytes with High Lithium Ion Conductivities and their Applications in All-Solid-State Batteries

    Xiaoxiong Xu, Shao-Jie Chen, Xia-Yin Yao, Zhen Huang, Jun Zhu, Jing Yang, Xiao- Tian Chen

    35Li-Ion Batteries and Beyond (Li-S, Li-oxygen, Na-ion and Mg): What Are the Realistic Horizons?

    Doron Aurbach

    36Next Generation Battery Technologies based on Reversible Lithium Metal Electrodes

    Steven J. Visco

    37In Operando Studies for the Strategic Development of High Performance Lithium/Sulfur Batteries

    Chi-Su Kim, Hugues Marceau, Pierre Hovington, Wen Zhu, Andrea Paolella, Abdelbast Guerfi, Ashok Vijh, Karim Zaghib

    38Lithium- and Sodium-Sulfur Cells with High Sulfur Loading

    Arumugam Manthiram

    39Combining Reversible Oxygen Charge Transfer and Li-Excess to achieve High Capacity Cathodes

    Gerbrand Ceder

    40Understanding the Anomalously High Capacity of Li- and Mn-Rich Cathodes for Li- Ion Batteries

    Won-Sub Yoon

  • 41Hybrid Ion Conductor: Polysulfide Exclusion for Advanced Lithium Sulfur Batteries

    Hee-Tak Kim, Jinhong Lee, Hyungjun Noh

    42Development of Materials for Aqueous Lithium Batteries

    Nobuyuki Imanishi, Hui Wang

    43Li-S Batteries at a Crossroads

    Linda F Nazar

    44Suppression of Polysulfide Transfer by Polypyrrole Modification on Cathode in Lithium-Sulfur Battery

    Toshiyuki Momma, Natsuki Nakamura, Tokihiko Yokoshima, Hiroki Nara, Tetsuya Osaka

    45All Solid State Battery with LLZ Solid Electrolyte and Li Metal Anode

    Kiyoshi Kanamura, Takeshi Kimura, Mao Shoji, Hirokazu Munakata

    46Developments of Lithium Solid Electrolytes and their Application to All Solid- State Batteries

    Ryoji Kanno

    47On the Road Towards Ca-Based Batteries

    Alexandre Ponrouch, Deyana Tchitchekova, Carles Frontera, Fanny Bardé, M Rosa Palacin

    48Advanced Cathode Material with Full Concentration Gradient for High Energy Density Lithium- and Sodium-ion Batteries

    Yang-Kook Sun

    49Towards Na-ion and K-ion Batteries

  • Shinichi Komaba

    50New Insights in Advanced Fluorinated Phosphates As Electrode Materials for Li and Na-Ion Batteries

    Laurence Croguennec, Thibault Broux, Matteo Bianchini, Edouard Boivin, Tahya Bamine, Robert Messinger, François Fauth, Laura Simonelli, Mathieu Duttine, Elodie Salager, Michaël Deschamps, Emmanuelle Suard, Jean Noel Chotard, Rénald David, Dany Carlier, Michel Ménétrier, Christian Masquelier

    51NMR Beyond Li: New Approaches in Studying Na, Mg and Li-air Batteries

    Clare P. Grey, Tao Liu, Gunwoo Kim, Raphaele Clement, Phoebe Allan, Josh Stratford, Jeongjae Lee, Ieuan Seymour, Zigeng Liu

    52Operando Techniques to Probe Battery Materials

    Lucien Boulet-Roblin, Joanna Conder, Sébastien Sallard, Claire Villevieille

    53Visualization of Electrochemical Reactions in Battery Materials with X-ray Microscopy

    Jordi Cabana

    54Stabilizing High-Voltage Layered Oxide Cathode Materials for Li/Na Ion Batteries

    Yong Yang

    55Nanoscale Anode and Cathode Materials for (Li/Na/Mg/Al)-ion Batteries

    Maksym V. Kovalenko

    56Ionic Liquids - A Unique Palette to Create Advanced Electrolytes

    Adam Samuel Best, Marzi Barghamadi, Anand Bhatt, Candice Francis, Anthony F. Hollenkamp, Thuy Diem Huynh, Peter Mahon, Mustafa Musameh, Thomas Ruether, Neeraj Sharma, Nathan Webster

  • 57Ab-Initio MD Simulations of Redox Reactions of Liquid Electrolytes and SEI Formation

    Yoshitaka Tateyama

    58Ceramic Interface (Ceramic Coated Separator) and Li-Ion Safety/Performance

    Zhengming John Zhang

    59Materials Design for Battery Anodes: Silicon, Lithium Metal and Phosphorus

    Yi Cui