19 bathroom storage ideas for small bathroom

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  • 19 Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Bathroom

    Do you have a small bathroom? And did you find the problem to make it larger? You might

    have to design your small bathroom well to make it looks larger in space. You can decorate

    your bathroom interior design by adding the bathroom storage ideas. If your bathroom is

    particularly small, storage is an even bigger challenge. Storing as much as a stack of towels

    can seem like a huge feat in tiniest of powder room spaces. There are some bathroom storage

    ideas that can be your alternative in design your small bathroom interior design.

    Built in storage solution, one way that you can do is create your own bathroom storage.

    Bathroom storage ideas can be a permanent part of larger areas, such as the vanity or the

    closets. You can make a good storage decision from the start. Choose a piece with under sink

    storage to effective your space under the sink as your bathroom stuffs saving there. You can

    give the attractive color on your bathroom storage. Built in well to prevent the water splash

    fall down under the sink can make your bathroom stagnant.

    Other popular idea involves built in drawers that make plenty of your bathroom design such

    as hair styling products. You can also build in the bathroom storage that is made of wood

    without doors design. You can save your hair styling product on a rectangular baskets designs

    neatly. Add this bathroom storage design can be the one smart way to ensure your powder

    room is tidy. For other solution in design your small bathroom with bathroom storage you can

    build in the bathroom storage like a cabinet in vertical shaped. You can make some drawers to

    put your towels in it. Arrange your towel and other bathroom appliances neatly to keep your

    small bathroom still clean and comfortable.