1948 Summer Session

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Text of 1948 Summer Session

  • Pa.:ifi.: L .. theraD

    0 lelie H .. lletin

    S Se44i

  • .2 i'.\ 'iFIC LUTliEI\,\l\' CULLEC;E



    lZeg'istration begins 8:U() a. Ill .. Classes begin 8 :()() a. 111

    First Terlll ends

    - 1948-

    Second Tl'I'lIl ('[as'cs hegill 8:0() a. Ill..

    :'Ionday, JUlle 14

    Tucsclay . .June 15

    Friday, July 16 . .. :'l()nclay. J lily ]\/


  • ;>.L\lEIZ SESSI N I:l JLLETI N 3


    Pacific Lu theran ollege is located in Parkland, Washington , a suburb of Tacoma. The campus is about eight miles south of the cen ter f the city, on Park Avenue, which is two long blocks west of he highway running from Tacoma to Mount Rainier.

    It is the only se nior Lutheran College on the entire Pacific Coast and serves a territory extending from Shishmaref. Alaska. on [he no[h, to San Diego, alifornia, on the south. and throughout the Rocky Mountain territ ory on the east.


    Pacific Lutheran Col le ge is accredited by (he Northwest A sociarion of Secondary and Higher Schools.

    It is accredited by the State Board of Education as a Teacher Training institution offering a fo ur-year curriculum for the preparation of elementary teachers in grades 1 to 8 inclusive . in kindergarten, and in the ninth grade if tba t grade is part of an accredited 'unior high school . Pacific L[\theran College recommends its graduates to the tate Superintendcn of Public Instructi n for certification.

    Pacific Lutberan College is also a member of the Association of American Colleges .


    According to the plan of certification for te aching in Washington. a three-year Elementary Certificate is issued on completion of a four-year curriculum.

    An applican t for the six-year Standard Elemen tary Cerrificate must presen t a diploma [rom an accredited teachers' college indicating the completion of a f our -y ear curriculum and must have had at least rwo years of successful teach ing experience upon a three-year Elementary Cer ificate.

    "War emerg ney certificates are issued on a year to year basis nd for s pecific teaching positions."

    Provision bas been made in planning the summer program LO include courses which may be lIsed in a pplying for principal's credentials.


    The Summer Session is an integra l part of tbe program of Pacific Lutheran College. It is divided into two terms of five weeks each.

    The instructional staff includes members of the regular faculty of' Pa cific Lutheran ollege and all laboratory, library and regular


    facilities are available . The standards prey iling during the Summer Session are the same as those maintained during the regular school year.

    Chapel will be held at 9:45 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the ld chapel n the college campus. The third and fourth period classes will meet thi rty minutes later 011 those dJYs.


    Students are admitt d to the Summer Se ssion under the following regulations;

    1. Regul ar students of Pacific Lutheran College are admitted under the rules that apply ror any semester.

    2. Those who enter as graduates of high schools and are applying for Freshman standing should make application on a uniform Washington tate application blank. which c n be obtained from t heir high school principal. or by requesting a copy from the college. In addition the college requires two character recommendation.s from individuals who are personall y acquainted with the applicant.

    3. ransie nt students or those who have attended other col-lege or uni ersi ties who wish to register at Pacific Lutheran liege for the Summer Session only a re not required to file admis 'ion credentials. Transcripts of work taken at other institutions shouJd be forwarded t the Regis t rar of the coil ge if the stndent wishes his former work evaluated.


    Veterans eligible for benefits under Public Laws 346 and 16 may use Lhese benefits for Summer Session work. To be eligible for su b sistence benefits the student must carry a full load.

    Veterans J ttend ing school under Public Law 16 are required attend summer school.


    Registration for the first term of the Summer S ion will begin at 8 :00 a.m. Monday. June 14. Classes will begin at 8 :00 a.m. Tuesd a y. June 15. and continue through riday. JUly 16. I 48. The second term will begin anday. July 19. and continue through Friday. August 20. 1948.

  • S M 'lER SE 51 T B LLETIK 5


    Tuition for a Summer ession is S I 0.00 per credit h ur. The laborat ry fee for art classes is $2.00.

    The typewriting fee is $3. 00. The charge for private instruction in voice or piano is 52.00

    p r lesson.

    A deposit of S1.00 for dormitory room key is required. Refund is made at he time of withdrawaL from school.

    Tht' biology and hemi ' try laboratory fees are 'i .00.

    'he Science 22 fee i .00.

    50 K STORE

    he college maintains a book store for the con vcnience of tbe students where books, stationery, and school supplies may be obtaine I. The book srore is operated on a strictly cash basis.


    Women students will be accommodated in the college dormitory. All rooms ar furnished with chairs, dressers, tables, beds, and mattresses, and are heated and lighted. All o ther necessary articles, including p illows, blankets, sheets, pillow cases, t wels. rugs. and curtains. mU'r be provided by the studen t.s . 0 extra elect rical appliances are allowed in the individual rooms except radios.

    Rooms for men are provided with beds, mattresses. chairs. tables, and dressers. All other necessary articles including piLlows. blankets, sheets, pillow cases, towels, anel reading lamps mlls be provided by the students.

    All single students living in the college dormitory or in the men's housing units must eat in the colLege dining room. 50ard and room for either term is . 50.00. Only breakfast is served on Sundays. afctcria meal tickets an availa ble.


    The courses [or the summer session have been pla nned to meet the needs of students who arc enrolling in college for the first time as well as those who are attending the summer session in order t accelerate their college program or teachers who are working for a degree or for certification requirements.

    The courses h, vc been arranged so tbat students may Lake classes which meet for the first five-week term, the sec nd five-


    \ ee term, or classes which meet for the full ten-week summer session.

    All courses giving two hours credit per term will meet six Limes per wee k . The instructor will arrange for the sixth period of class.

    Abbreviations have been made as follows: AB, Art Building; S, Science Hall: M, Main Building: L, Library; CB, Class Building: G, Gym; h., Chapd; Lab., LaboraLory: Len., Lecture.


    S55 FU D ivlE:':T.\LS OF I\RT. '1''''0 credit hours-. This is a course giving the basic fundamentals of art, including a thorough study of proportion, vah.es, composition, perspective, and color theory, which arc nccessar)' for creative expressioll . ;vi edia arc pcncil, charcoal, ,,'ater colors, and pastel. Secolld terlll. 8:00 to 9:45 a.m. Daily. AB, Miss Berg

    So J NI0H. HIGH SCHOOL f\RT. Two credit hours. A course planned for tbose 1"'10 int end to teach art in grades 7 to 9, inclusive , ancl planned similarly to ,Art 83. I'rcrcquisitcs: Preferably ;\ rt 55. Secunu tenn. j :00 to 2 :45 p.lll. Daily. 1\ B. 1>iiss Berg

    1 2 5 [Nn "TR I L _\ IZT. Two credit hours. T his is a course planned to "till1ulate creativc ideas and adapted to problems in crafts u itab le for children in the publi c schools. Articles, such as cau be easily obtained , are decorated in varions media and ll.ade attra cti 1 e for practic,ll usc, Second term. Y:50 to 1 1 :35 a.m. Daily. 1\ B. Miss Flerg

    BIOLOGY .6 GE1'EEAL ZOOLOGY, j'-our credit hours . . '\ comprehensive survey of the auimal kingclum. Tell weeks. Lect. 8:55 a.m. I\l1.\lV,F, Lab. 10:00 a,llI. to 12:(){) nUOll. M.T.\V.Th. 5-204, S-208. Mr. JOhW;(lll, Mr. Ostenson

    7S :\:\ T R, \ L HISTORY. Four credit hours. A field cOlilse co I'cring the s,tudy, cOlle ctiun and use of biological teaching ma t erial s . ficld trips will be takell to POillts of interest ill the Puget Sound region, First Sllllln. 'I' sessioll \\'ill clllpha iz aquatic environments; the secolld ,Ullllner ,cssion. terrestria l haiJitats. Tcn wed,s. Stnd


    108 CONSUMER ECCn;Ol\'IICS. Three credit hour;;. CIIllparativl: stlldy oi scales and standards oi living of different income clases. Indi\'idual and collectin: lJudg'eting-, spending and consul1I ing. [irSI terlll. S:55 and 10:45 a.m. Daily. ]\:f-20l. .Hiss Peck

    5132 STATISTICAL A1\Al.YSIS. T\\'o credit hours. Essential principie' of the statistical 1l1ethod, with special attention to its use in business. Graphic presentation and interpretation. For! llulation and usc of inde" lJllmbers. Statistical research. Second tCrIll. 1:5:; p.llI. Daily. -13.

    Mr. Patrick


    61 QUAL ITATIVE AK,\LYSrS. Four credit hour._. PrereCJuisite: Chemistry .;1, 52. I;irst term. Leet. 8:55 and 10:45 a.m. M.T.\V.F. Lab. I :UO to 4:00 p.m. Nl.T.W.TIt. S-305, S-302. Mr. Olsen

    62 QUA1\TITATIVE ANALYSIS. Four credit hours. \T olumeti ric 10:45 a.m. and gravimetric methods. Second tenn. Leet. 8:55 and

    M.T.W.F. Lab. I :00 to 4:00 p.1ll. M.T.\V.Th. S-305, S-302. l\.-1r. Ramstad

    DUCATION 103 EDUC\TlO),fAL PSYClIOLOGY. Two cred it hours. A consideration of the psycholo