1954 Summer Session

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Catalog of Pacific Lutheran College

Text of 1954 Summer Session

  • Pacific Lutheran College Bulletin

    Summer Session, 1954




    Regl: U';!I ion begi Ill! S: 011 a.m .. _____ ._. __ .. . __ ... _ ...... _. __ ._ .. _ ........ _... rOlHIRY. June 1-1 CJaRRell bpJ'!:"in 7: Il a.m .. _ . __ ._. __ ... _._ ... ___ . __ . ____ .. __ .... ___ .. __ .. ... .... .. Tups(lay. June 15 IntiellPntlelu'p Day . .... ..... _ ................ __ _ .. _ .... _ ......... _ .. _._ .. _ . . ... l1nday. July PI rSl Term enLlR . ..... ..... ... ........ . _ .. _ ......... __ ... _. ____ .. . . . ["riday, Jllly 16 Second Terlll cia lIes begin 7: 55 a nI.. .. .. .... .... .... ....... _ ...... __ I ollday, .!llly HI 'ummer Session ('lose", .... . .. ... . . .... .. .... .... .... ... ... Friday, A1Igust 20


    RegisLrRlioll and F'resllman OilY". .. , .. :\lollday. eIll. j 3 - }


    SUMMER STUDIES FOR . .. Teachers who wish to obtain requirements [or the general ('ertid

    cate, administrative credentials or who desire additional training for prolllotion and self improvement.

    Graduates w orking towanl a M aster of Arts degree in du('ation,

    Undergraduates working toward a Badtelor of Arts degree or a Hachelor of Arts in Education degree,

    Entering Freshmen who desire to initiate their college careers,

    School Administrators seeking practical courses which will aid them in their specialized tasks ,



    HARRIET CARMODY Education B, A., \Vashington State College, 197; .\1. A" Columbia U niversity, 1 !H2; graduate worl" Hniversi ty or Oregon, 19;l. Director of l{eading ]nstrunion, Ta('oma Pub lic S"hools.

    HAROLD F. GRAY Education II. A., Pacifiior of Education, Uni" ersity of Pennsylvania.

    M ELVIN SEVERIN MONSON Education lJ. S., IIlinob State ol'Jnal U n i versity, 192; J\l. A., Northwestern UIllu:,rsity, 19:11; Ed. D., Colorad0 State College or Education, 191. Associate Vrol'essor or r-:du('ation and .Psychology, .\'lontana Stale College.

    IRMA PAINE Art D. A., W estern \Vashingtol1 College of Education, 194G; :\1. A., \Vestern \Vashington College of Education, 1952. Director 01 Art, T a c oma Public Schools.

    HAZEL H. PFLUGMACHER Education II. A . . ('niyersity of Washington , 1934; graduate work, li nh'ersity of Wa>hingron, 19-16. Col lege or Puger Sound, 19I{H8. Principal. \Vainwriht 8(hool. Tacoma Public Schools.

    J. EDWARD TRI MBLE Education B. S., ('ol leg" of I'llget Sound; graduate work summer session, University of Washington , 1!l31, 19:18, 1941, Ifl17, 1948. Director of Au(lin-Visual Education, Clover Park High School.



    Under the direction of f[r. Theo. O. H. Karl, chairman of tbe department of speech, the snmmer workshop in drama will be an intensP. fiveweek study during the fin;t term. Two major plays will be prodn('ed dining that time by the members 01' the class.

    The ('lass II'ilI Ill' clividP.d into t.wo groups, each one to pnt on a




    Pacifil' 1,utheran College i located in Parkland, "\Vashington, a sublll-b of Taeoma. The campus i pig-Ill miles outh oE Tacoma's c,ity een ter, two bloc'k 011' I.he H. Hainier highway. Tacoma city buses run regularly to and from downtown, anti stop in front of the campus.

    The only Lut.heran senior ('ollege on tbe entire Paeific coast, P.L.C. is in the heart of the EYergreen Playgrouncl where the Sllll1merS are delightfully cool anei pip.Hsant. Sen'ral ereh and salt water beaclHls are nearby, just n fel\' minutes ctl'iYe frol1l the campus.

    CAMPUS The ('ollege buildings Oel'UllY a lush gl:een setting, studded \\'ith majestic

    fir trees, on a '\ 25 aere Illot. During the past decade over three mi l lion dollars has been spent for nel\' buildings and the refurbishing of the old.

    Major buildings inciuele Old Main, the Library, the S c ience Hall, the Cha!lel-'fusic-S[Jeech building'. the StI1 clent I.nion and M emoria l Gymnasium. Two new (Iol'lnitories, one to house 120 men and the ot.her 130 \\'omen, are unclp.r c'onstruction and will be reaely 1'01' oecupancy Sevtember 1st. Other stnwtul'es in(:Jucle pOItable classroom buildings, several bal'rack style dormitories for men, Crame r Cottage for women, the art building and housing units 1'0), married students. Recreational facilities include a nine-hole grass green g-oH [,OUl'se, tennis ('ourts, an athletic field, a cinder track, and a baseball diamond.


    Pacifie Lutheran College is fully accredited by the Xorthwest Association of Seeondary and Higher Schools a.s a four-year liberal arts ollege. It is aceredited by the State Board of Education as a Teacher Training institution offering a complete training program for prospee(ive teachers in the elementary etne! secondary schools. Parifi


    CHANGE OF REGISTRATION, WITHDRAWALS Any addition or witJlc1ra\\'al [rom a course must be made in the Regis

    trar's office. A fee o $1 i8 ('harget! for a schedule change made after completion of

    registration unless such change is requested by the college authorities. Students who register for first term only and later decide to enroll for

    t he SeCOlHI term may do so by adding tile desired courses and paying the balancE' of the fnll session fees . Students registered [or both terms who dedde not to continue in the second term must make an official withdrawal from the second term course.

    Official \\'iUllln,\\'als will be given any time liming the session it' the student i:3 doing satisfactory work. Dropping a course at any time without informing the dean's ornee will be elassifieel on the record as an TIl.

    EXPEN SES 1'lIi tion, per credi t hOllr.. :\,1 H trit-lIla t ion Fee" '''.'.'.'''' ' .' .. Audit. Fee. per nedit hour.. ................ , ... , . . ,

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ,$15,00 5,()O 6,00

    10.00 2,50 2,50


    Diploma and Graduation Fee for eaeh degree, ".,"""', .. ,"""""" Private Instnletion in piano or instrnment, per 'Iz hour lesson,."" Hent l'ee for piano, pel' term (1 hour per day), Board and Room, per term (2 in room) ................ .. BOHrel and Room, pel' term (I in mom) Special r"ees:

    Laboratory tee for Art 74, J09, 1-12 Laboratory fee for B iology 66, or Chemistry 61, 62, 13L""""""" Laboratory fee for Industri al Arts S71, 73"" ____ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,_,,,,,,,,, Fee fa!' Science 22... Fee for :\1 usi


    REGULAR STUDENT, ADVANCED STANDING Hej!ular students of PaeLie Lutheran College are admitt.ed lllHler the

    rules that apply for any selllester. Students who have done work in another alTI'edite


    the ummer session in which C


    ('ontinuous pUI"uit or gradual , \\"ol"k (Iul"ing the SUlllmer sessions, Proof of teaching status by H Jetter {'rom t.he superintendent lll11st be furnished at tllp tillle of application for summpl" t!'Hining-.

    VETERANS IN ATTEN DANCE N O W Veterans now atlen(ling PLC and gradua.ting i n 1951 must apply a t a

    date previous to their graduation to the Veterans Administration 1'0r graduate training benefits for lise in the fall of 1951.

    Graduating ludenls ( with the exception of teachers ) are not. eX[Jeeted lo ('ontinue training duri ng the sUlllmer sesliion following their graduation.

    Graduating Teachers are expected to continne training for at least a. 5-week period dur ing the summer session.

    Vetera.ns graduating at the completion of the Sllmmer session are required to a.pply [or graduat.e traininl" benefits on a (late previous to their dale of gntduation.

    Cndergradllates no\\" in attendan(:e need not attend slimmer sessions . They are eonsidered in ("(J:1tinuous training by attending consecutive I'all and :,;pring semesters eaeh school year. However. if lhey attend a summer session. interruption or such training 1I"0uid cau 'e them to lose their G.!. bene[i ts.

    REQUIREMENTS FOR SUBSISTEN C E Veterans eligible for bene!"its uI](ler PubliC'. Laws 346 and IG lIlay use

    these benefits for Summer Session work. To be eligible [or ['ull subsistenee benefits . the student must carry a

    minimum of 5 semester hour:' for the first term aIHI 5 semester honrs for the second tenll. or 5 hOlll'S 1'01' any one term.

    Gracluate students are requi recl t.o eRny 4 semester hours per term for [ull subsistente. Caution: Training iVlust Be Continuous.

    REGULATIONS FOR VETERAN S UNDER PUBLIC LAW 550 Apillications [OJ" training under Public Law 550 must be made at your

    neareRt Veterans' Administra lion ofl"iee. Do not wait unlil school starts. Vnblic La\\" 550 Veterans do not make original appli(:ations at t.he eollege.

    The Veteran musL aetually commence active pursuit or his approved pJ'Ogram or education or t.raining nn or before his delimiting date. i. e .. he must aetually enroll in amI begin the ('our,,, on or before August 20,1954, OJ' two yean; after


    the t e a c he r hol ding a qal i l'y i ng Certifica te when he has co m p le t e d the reqnirem ent>< neee. sary for a B . A. Degree in EducatIon.

    A Conti n uing Elementary Ce rtif icate may be i s s n ed to the holders o f it s i x-year e l em e nta ry c e r t i f i c a t e w h o c o m p l e t e t h i r ty semes ter hours i n a dd itioll to th e requireme n t:; for the o riginal three-year certifi ca te in confo r m i ty with s ta ndards a ppro ved [01' su perv ision of the fifth eo liege year in the pl'ogram 1'01' the